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Dear All,

Please leave any messages you have for Lewis Hamilton here. If its well wishes and how much you love him, by all means say as much as you want.

If you would like to make comments, then please be constructive and avoid any foul language as kids visit the site too.

If you have something against him or his colour, please keep the comments to yourself as it will be deleted.

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Also, best wishes to you, all of the fans here, Lewis, his family and his team for 2009! Can not wait for the next GP to start!

Me and my family met Lewis at “Stars & Cars” in Stuttgart last year in November and I had the opportunity talking to him and I gave him a CD-ROM from all the comments on this site which have been made after his World Champion Title win. I told him that this unofficial fan site, thanks to the moderator for this opportunity, is the best one for all his fans all over the world to share their views. He appreciated this present very much and he said to all of you “Thanks for your continuous support”.
He is a very kind person and has a nice personality and all the rubbish what has been said about him being arrogant is not true. He took very much time pleasing a lot of fans in Stuttgart with an autograph. I will never forget that day!

Tomorrow the new MP4-24 will be presented in Woking. I am sure also this new McLaren Mercedes will bring Lewis to the next Championship win!

God bless you,

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  1. Dear Lewis and Team,
    What a fantastic race season so far. Excellent driving you can see your passion when your in the driving seat. Cannot wait until qualifying and strategy comes together. With your driving it is going to be win win win.

  2. I was very touched by Harry Gregory’s comment. He reminded me of how I felt about Stirling Moss when I was five in 1954. I remember cheering Stirling on in the British GP at Silverstone on TV. For the first time since Stirling had his accident I think we have a driver of the same supreme quality. Last week in Hungary was like the Monaco and German GPs in 1961. Lewis is a supremely great driver. I am so glad I can watch GPs again and know I am supporting the greatest driver in the world; and he is British!!

  3. Congratulations Lewis glad to see you are back in your rightful place. All the best for the future.

  4. Fantastic win lewis, you looked at ease all through the race & wonderful afterwards! It’s so good to see that the car has improved, all systems go again now hopefully!

  5. Fantastic win lewis, you looked at ease all through the race & wonderful afterwards! It’s so good to see that the car has improved, all sytems go again now hopefully!

  6. The only thing I did after you took the chequered flag is pause the channel and kiss my wife since I can’t kiss you. Can’t wait to see you in Valencia. Good luck to all of you in McLaren.

  7. Lewis u the man ! what can i say you are an sxceptional driver the best in town with a competitive car… yeah boi….

  8. Excellent job Lewis and team ! Lewis….a though a tough 1st half for sure, but you have met the challange and shown the colors of a true champion, much as Alanzo did last season. Toughing through the development of a poor chassis, and rolling up your sleeves and doing your part to change that. Looks like you have learned a little in the process as well, as you were noticably smoother, and showed a more mature driving style yesterday. All marks of a true champion !! Well done Lewis !!

  9. Dear Lewis,

    Not a podium but a win at Hungary!!! How wonderful of you, Lewis! That’s why I love you! You’ll always be at P1, how fantastic!


  10. yippee !!! well done lewis i knew you would make the podium and well done to the team that worked so hard on improving the car for lewis even hikei did well getting 5th place lets hope for more podium wins 🙂 love you lewis xxxxxxxx from our family to yours tina and family xxxxxxxxx LEWIS NUMBER ONE CHAMP 🙂

  11. Great race Lewis, wow
    Absolutely fantastic!
    We were hoping for the podium, but you went and took number 1
    Now that’s a champ!
    We are so happy. Best of luck for the rest of the season

  12. Lewis your performance and win today at Hungary was absolutely BRILLIANT. Lewis you showed a controlled aggression, patience and a masterful display of car control. The pass on Webber in the beginning of the race, was a joy to behold, and one of your best passing maneuvers.

    The progress that the MP4-24 has made since the beginning of the season has been truly amazing. It truly has clearly shown how your car development skills with the team has grown, which must really infuriate your detractors.


  13. Well done mate i new if you guys just stuck at it that car would come too you. In Germany it was a sign of things to come and yesterday was proof that Mclaren is back in business and you are at the top. I hope now we get to see a full on duel between you and Button to see if Button really is as good as he seems to be.
    Good Luck for the next race bud, show Button how to win a championship

  14. Lewis, actually you made my birthday worthwhile. I enjoyed everything today and your win just made it even more special.
    keep winning!!

  15. Well done Lewis. As i mentioned beginin of e season, those infront should enjoy while it lasts. Now we watching racing. McLaren back an Ferrari. Interesting. Hope you win all of the races to go with Kimmi alongside. Hopefully Toyota will pull something including Williams Roseberg. I wish Massa was there today as he is one of the best. He is one of our best rivals and i just hope he recovers and heals well enough to race again in the races to come. It will be interesting. Otherwise well done Lewis and the team!! You did a great job today, at least they didnt get to knock your tyres off like in the last race. Well done!!

  16. I knew you would make a comeback in style. That was the best driving I have seen this season from anybody. Great start, great race, and it looked like you had so much fun doing it. I had so much fan watching. Wow, you stayed so calm when you were bumped by Kimi and made no mistakes during the whole race. And passing Webber on the outside was so briliant. Thanks Lewis for the great race and good luck during the rest of the season. You were briliant today, you made my week. Thanks.

  17. Well done Champ!

    After that great performance during the free practice session at the German GP I knew the car was back on track with its performance. If the puncture would not have happened you would have had a podium finish for sure. But I knew it would happen in Hungary, after that brilliant performance in all the free practice sessions and in the qualifying.
    Well done, Lewis! We are so proud of you! We were screaming the house down after you took Webber and we knew you would stay on P1. This was needed for you, your family, your team and especially for your dear fans who always stood behind you since Melborne.
    The Champion is back and he will stay on the podium where he belongs until the season finishes.

    History has been made for the first win of a KERS car.

    Can’t wait to see you in Valencia!

    Lot’s of love from all of us here in Germany.
    Inge & family

  18. lewis

    Oh yes! This is what we hav been waiting for,it should hav happened in Germany if it wasnt for that puncture. Well done lewis, we love u, we love so much. Its good and promising for our MACLAREN team,keep it up.

    Your big fan no matter what?


  19. Hey Lewis..
    Wooowww!!You made it..well done!I’m so glad for you and your team.
    Fantastic.Probably there will be more and more luck nex time.Yeah!
    I do know that you are the best!So.. keep the faith and the rest will follow!Yah Bless!
    Kiss from the Netherlands..

  20. Heeeeeeeee’s Baaaaaaaaaaaack!
    What a race. Well done to Lewis, Heikki and the McLaren team. I couldn’t watch it all – recorded it instead. With Lewis’ luck this year anything could have happened and at last something to celebrate.
    Looking forward to the rest of the season. Shame about the 4 weeks break though.

  21. He’sssssssssss Baaaaaaaaaaaack!
    What a race. Well done to Lewis, Heikki and the McLaren team. I couldn’t watch it all – recorded it instead. With Lewis’ luck this year anything could have happened and at last something to celebrate.
    Looking forward to the rest of the season. Shame about the 4 weeks break though.

  22. Well done! Lewis, that was kind of “sweet revenge” after what happened in Germany. I was so nervous before the start, once you managed to stay on course after the first corner, I relaxed. Go on Lewis.

  23. Hi Lewis, big congratulations to you and the McLaren team for today’s fantastic win! This one was extra special for me as it’s my birthday today and my dad is Hungarian – so big thanks to you for adding to my celebrations! Well done – great to see you on the podium again. Best wishes to you, your family and your team – onwards and upwards!

  24. You have definitely made my birthday extra special!
    Thank you Lewis and family.

    Your fantastic Massive respect


  25. Well done Lewis and Hamilton family youve stayed strong and come through. Massive respect to you and i wish your success to continue as i am sure it can not fault especially with your will, commitment, determination and constant win attitude.

    Glory Days Forever


  26. To Lewis

    I suport you beacos you are british and you are the best of them all. I love you.


    Harry (5 years.)

  27. Whoever does the picture which is great. Can you get one with the No1 on it? That would be fantastic!

  28. Hi Irene, I think you sent me a mail at Lewis Hamilton Facebook but I could not retreive it. Could you send it again, please?


  29. Hello Lewis,

    I was at the nurburgring in Germany, unfortionatly your tire was flat after the start. I wish you a lot of luck in Hungary and i hope you
    will win, remember your still the best driver in formula 1.

    good luck, Richard from the netherlands

  30. Lewis

    you are a great man. Full stop!

    Wishing you all the best in life and keep being strong and doing what you love… F1!!!!

    LOVE, Katy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  31. Dear Lewis,

    Too bad about the puncture early in the race, Lewis. Yeah, it’s somewhat disappointing. However, there are improvements made to your car and I just wanna say that your fans are all the way with you for the next race in Hungary – 110%! May you get the podium in Hungary!

    Much love,

  32. and Jazzy I doubt it was a waste of time for the team or Lewis. They would have used the race to learn a lot about the up grades and how the car is moving now. That way they can provide more appropriate up grades for the following races. So although it wasn’t the kind of race we wanted to see. We all hoped Lewis would be on the podium today it didn’t turn out like that, but a waste of time for all concerned. I doubt it!!!

  33. Lewis you had the right idea to start the race moving as many places up the grid as you could. You would have been first, but you got caught with that puncture. Don’t forget Webber was penalised for his antics and Raikkanon and Sutil?? are being investigated too. The puncture just shows what bad luck you are having this season. The car is now working better make the most of it in the remaining races please.

  34. Hi! Jazzy, I can understand your concern but Lewis was only trying to put himself in the best position to contend for the pondium. You do not have to be so hard on him. May be he should have been a little calmer that said, Lewis will try to make up for it in the next coming races given the fact that his car has been improved upon.

  35. Lewis

    They were all frightened having you start the race at P5. Dem lucky you get puncture, otherwise it would have been yours. P1 next time Lewis! That start had us jumping out of our chairs, pure skill. Two of your biggest fans

    One love x

  36. Dear Lewis! It is unfortunate that, that happenned otherwise you were heading for the best finish this season. That should send a message to your rivals for the remaining races coz it is clear that you are up there again ready to take them on. Never mind! Let us hope you get a much better starting grid position in Hungary i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd. I still believe in you. Love Irene

  37. Well done lewis you have done well to get 4th. Everyone was racing very well so congrats!

  38. Well done! Lewis and the Maclaren Team. Wishing you all the best tommorrow. I am picturing you overtake as soon as the green light shows. I can’t wait for that moment, Go Lewis!!!

  39. What can I say, but at last. All that hard work paid off for qualy and for the first time in ages, I’m going to say I can’t wait for tomorrow’s race. With the mixed weather report it’s going to be anyone’s. Hopefully Lewis will get a podium finish! The future is bright at last the future could be LEWIS’!! lol

  40. At LAST! Well done Lewis/Kovi/mclaren…maybe we will now see some points? aint posted for ages, been a hard season for the boys, and what about the guy at factory working 36hrs flat-out to get the new parts done for Lewis car, Kovi next? good luck for 2moz guys. hope you blow the red bulls & Brawns off the track…he he 🙂 can’t wait for race now!

    Go Lewis.

  41. Hi Lewis!

    Great! You came in first in yesterday’s FP2 and also today! Hooray! Looks like the car is getting better! Hope you get some points on Sunday!!!

    Lotsa luv,

  42. Hi Lewis and MacTeam,

    Good Luck and very best wishes in this w/e German GP.

    It looks as though all the hard work is coming together; so, go give it some WELLIE !!

    WVBW …………….. Edward

  43. Hi Irene!

    I know that you sent me a msg on LH Facebook and I just could not retreive it. Would you like to try sending me another mail there?


  44. Hi! Ivy, it is nice to hear that. Yeah, it will be great for us to know each other. Thanks anyway for taking an interest in knowing me. LEWIS ALL THE WAY. TC

  45. Hi Irene,

    I would like to get to know you, from one LH fan to another. Hope to hear from you!

  46. Lewis Hamilton (:
    u are amazinggg not only @driving but with dealing with
    all thattt pressure.
    good luck,
    your gorgeous

  47. Hi Lewis we are wishing all the very best for this weekend, we are hoping that you get near the front for quali, then hopefully you may get a podium win,god speed Lewis we love you with all our hearts, with love from our family to yours xxxxx 🙂 xxxxx 🙂 xxxxx

  48. Hi MK,

    I’m not very good with fan sites and facebooks. However, I’m pleasantly surprised to receive your e-mail. You may write to me at Lewis Hamilton Facebook and from there we can exchange e-mail addresses! Is it possible for us to communicate via the fansite? I’m a fan site virgin ha ha


  49. I am a huge Lewis fan and yes we could get to know each other better. We at least two things in common. Lewis Hamilton and GP racing.

  50. Hi MK and Irene!

    You sound like huge fans of Lewis too! I would like to get to know you guys. Is that possible?


  51. Go Lewis! GO!

    I wish you all the speed for your race next week! You can do it! All your fans believe in you and are behind you 110%

    Lotsa love,

  52. Wow!! Nice picture! Fed up having to wait another week for a GP. Hope McLaren working on upgrades for the rest of the season.

  53. Lewis
    U raced your heart out at Silverstone. Thats why we love you man, trying so hard even when you are that far behind

    We enjoyed the doughnuts you did at the end of your race, WOW
    You truly are a star!

    Actually that last bit of perfomance you did got me thinking, how come you guys never do this often
    We love it
    Its fantastic!

  54. hi lewis i wonder if you can help me,my father in law has cancer and has not long to live,one of his dieing wish is yo meet you in person,he has less than 6 months,if you can it would make his short life a happy one.plz leave me a message on my email address as soon as.all the best for the rest of the season.nic

  55. hi im doing a topic on u at school plz can u email my mums email and tell me something about u as my class mates will be well impressed thanks kaithen 10 yrs old xx

  56. Hi Lewis, I think what people are trying to do here is to tell you how special you are man, and how inspirational you are for young and old generation, I’ve see what you have done last GP round at Silverstone that made my admiration to you even bigger. (when you try to cheers up British supports with an doughnut in front of the crowd even finishing in the last row)
    I share the admiration that you have for Ayrton Senna, first because what he represented to his people in Brazil including me, and for his level of concentration on achieving his goals, I was I little boy at that time around 14 years of age and happened to me be around the area where his coffin was heading to the cemetery in Sao Paulo (our home town) and I saw how sad everybody were to lose someone so inspirational like him. I suppose I can see why you like his style, maybe because you have the same charisma as he had, and have power to move or push people to achieve their goals no matter how far they seems to be.
    To be honest with you I never care much about F1 in my years in Brazil, but after Coming to London and see few races of yours, now I become some sort of fanatical for it, and somehow I don’t want to miss any round, all down to you. (I don’t even like football), and you got me hook to car racing!
    I believe you time will be back, and more lessons we will be learning from a young boy like you. You born to be a winner!
    Congratulations Hamilton!
    You have an amazing father! and keep on making us happy
    Roberto Alves

  57. Hi Lewis,

    I like the doughnuts you did at the end of the Silverstone Race. A way to go Lewis!!!

    Much love,

  58. hey lewis i met you at the santander interveiw with louise goodman, you asked me for my question with out her asking first and i had no question, i was just dumb struck but in the end i got out ‘will you shake my hand’ i felt so stupid but i can honestly say this was my first grand prix after a life time obsession for the sport and you made my weekend your humbleness and love for the fans was just unbeleiveable and i k now nwxt year ith fota or the fia i will be there and this time i want a high 5 plus it would be good to know where i could see the interveiw

  59. Hi Lewis,

    We don’t have coverage of your race at Silverstone on Channel 5 in Singapore. I’ll just have to wait for you to come to Singapore in Sept so that I can watch you race on TV. I heard you fought it out with Alonso for 16th position. Good to hear you’ve still got the spirit!!!Yay! Lewis baby.

    Lotsa luv,

  60. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Hi,Mr.Hamilton! Love! Love! and once again Love! Good Luck! Good Luck! and once more Good Luck! 3rd,2nd,1st 1st 1st! 🙂 Really: GOOD LUCK! Your fan.


  62. i attended the british grand prix at silverstone yesterday & would just like to say’ well done Lewis for showing your fans consideration with the interview you did on the Santander stand with Louise Goodman
    & the dounut you did at club corner.
    It was obviouse to see you were doing the best job you could with the car that you have at the moment, dont worry mate’ next years car will be back on form, im sure of it.

  63. Hi! Lewis, I just enjoy watching you race because you add some spiceful moments. What makes the sport enjoyable is when a driver like you push to overtake, it offers a moment for us as funs to cheer you, WELL DONE. We love you so much for that REASON. GO! LEWIS

  64. That’s our Lewis. Good to see he’s still thinks of his fans and shows his appreciation of our support. I just wish I was there!

  65. What a bloke comes 16th and still he says thank you to his fans. I was sitting in stowe A, and when he done his donuts it got the biggest cheer of the day, WHAT A LEGEND.

  66. Dear Mr Hamilton, I heard you signed off the weekend in style as you performed ‘donut’ turns at Stowe and Copse to say thank you to the fans in the grandstands who cheered throughout. If I were standing next to you, I’d give you the elbow (gently) and a hug, ha ha ha.

    Sweet love

  67. Cuando no tienes coche lo haces peor que tu compañero de equipo, en fin me parece que eres un piloto mas del montón que por las ayudas de su eqipo ha llegado a ser algo, si no pasarías desapercibido, por cierto vaya adelantamiento te a hecho Fernando Alonso ya podrías haber aprendido algo de el 😉

    Un saludo

  68. Lewis- You can do it. This was given to you because you CAN. You are #1 for many things in history. You are still young so many things can hurt. In life you either act or react. Let their negativity fuel your fire to do better. Focus on doing the best and nothing can ever stop you, especially people who could never achieve in their lives what the universe has allowed you to. Just remember to give back. Ask God for strength and give to those less fortunate otherwise more people will hate you than you can ever imagine. All paths to greatness have stumbles and falls, just remember to get up and keep going, every time better than before. FOCUS and PLEASE do not get side tracked by drugs, alcohol, women. Being the pioneer is hard work but you asked for this and can do great things. Set your priorities because only you are at the wheel.

  69. Hi Lewis,
    Keep your priorities and values like Rafa, home heart integrity honesty authenticity, be No.1 in your own life, and know there are always ebbs and flows. Look only forward, never look back, go beyond any negative attacks to pull you down. Know how to lose with dignity and your rise will be ever more awesome ! NO ONE can take away your incredible TALENT equal to any Schumacher, Prost, Senna as they too were less than integral at times – your slip up at beginning year is not same as pushing someone off the circuit (Schumi) or winning because team told Barrichello to let Schumi win… Everything is relative, just don’t go down to the critics level with them. STAY ABOVE IT ALL, BE HAPPY AND GRATEFUL EVERY SINGLE DAY OF YOUR LIFE FOR YOUR FAMILY, FOR NICOLE, AND FOR YOUR LIFE !! 2009 is learning time for you, like Rafa, you will both be back in 2010 !! WHEN WE COME FROM OUR HEART, WE ALWAYS WIN THROUGH SUPPORT FROM THE UNIVERSE – 21 June Summer Solstice VERY important energy day !!

  70. Lewis,
    Just enjoy the race and don’t worry about where you will come in the race coz your true fans will always support you.

  71. Hi Lewis, I would like to wish you the best of luck in tomorrow’s race. I know it’s one of your favorite tracks with your friends, family and fans cheering you on. Have the best time driving, and I will be watching and cheering you on every lap. Good luck Lewis.

  72. You are having a real rough time at the moment but, please, don’t give up. You deserve much better. I am a true fan, as is my family, and we, like all your other true fans, are behind you all the way. As I said last year, you are an inspiration to my grandson, Reece age 8, and I think you always will be, he says he wants to grow up to be just like you. Ignore the press, 99% of the time the stories they print are not accurate just their version of it because scandal and misery sells papers and makes them money. You are my hero and always will be.
    Chrissy xxxx

  73. Dear Mr Hamilton (my sweet and lovely baby)

    With all my heart I love you, baby
    Stay with me and you will see
    My arms will hold you, baby
    Never leave, ’cause I believe

    I’m in love, sweet love
    Hear me calling out your name, I feel no shame
    I’m in love, sweet love
    Don’t you ever go away, it’ll always be this way
    Oh your heart has called me closer to you
    I will be all that you need
    Just trust in what we`re feeling
    Never leave `cause baby, I believe

    In this love, sweet love
    Hear me calling out your name, I feel no shame
    I’m in love, sweet love
    Don’t you ever go away, it’ll always be this way
    No stronger love in this world
    Oh baby no, you`re my man, I`m your girl
    I’ll never go, wait and see, can’t be wrong
    Don’t you know this where you belong
    Sweet, sweet and lovely baby
    Stay right here, never fear
    I will be all that you need
    Never leave, `cause baby, I believe

    (Anita Baker)

  74. Dear Lewis,

    May each day of the week be a good day,
    May the Lord always watch over you,
    And may all of your hopes turn to wishes,
    And may all of your wishes come true.

    May each day of the month be a good day,
    May you make friends with each one you meet,
    And may all of your day dreams be mem´ries,
    And may all of your mem´ries be sweet.


  75. Dear Mr Hamilton, hope you have a day filled with sweets today: lollipops, cotton candy and rainbows!

    Love & kisses

  76. Hi Lewis,

    It seems that Mark Webber said this about you: “He’s had a few PR disasters, so he’s learning as he goes. Unfortunately he’s doing his learning in the spotlight,” to Zoo Magazine.

    Perhaps you would like to consider getting PR people to help you in any problems in future?


  77. Hi Lewis!

    I wish you all the best for Silverstone!!! May God give you and your car speed and may He keep you safe.

    Lots of love,

  78. Lewis I will always be a fan even what the media say or If the cars not preforming and one day i might even hopefully get to see to race live.As a child not may children see the point of formula 1 and the technical and stragey involved.

  79. Well well Lewis this message is for all in your family and the future just too let you know we are proud of all people in the Hamilton household BLESS. In my house hold and we give thanks to your mother and father for showing us all that in unity there is a champion in all children no matter the background.
    NOW lets see if i can light the fire of some thing new or old if my idea is so?
    A new team with an old name e.g. Lola sponsor money from people like Sean John/ feral/50cent/David Beckham/D&G/prada/jimmy cliff/Naomi campbell/Ashley Cole/the names go on, your father would make a great person at the top of a new team we could hold real result charity events.A new world inner city kart drivers championship the list is endless i would like too be an ideas promoter for this sort of motion you never know this could be the start of something great.Revenue can be made by having are own grandstands round the world to support are cause and that is just one of my ideas for this new approach.I’m not in this for money but something new.Who am i joe public.You will see that i an writing this in public this idea will come to light either by you and me or someone will take the torch.story of my life usually.BIG TIME BLESS TO HAMILTONS. AND ALL WHO READ THIS.GODS-SPEED LEWIS AT SILVERSTONE AND FOR YOUR DRIVEING TIME BEHIND THE WHEEL.:~)

  80. Dearest Mr Hamilton, I love your flawless skin, your long eye-lashes, dimples and side-burns. You really have distinctive and stunning looks.

    I saw a video once when you were in Finland and you were talking about Finnish Cinammon Buns, Korvapuusti that were fantastic – ah, you are as fantastic as Korvapuusti.

    Love, hugs & kisses

  81. Hello Mr Hamilton, I’m sorry, it seems that Adam Lambert admits that he is gay! Anyway, you’re a honey bear, keep being sweet.

    Lovin’ you

  82. It’s good to hear Lewis say that having to drive a less competitive car (actually, all of the cars are more competitive this year than they have ever been – usually within 1.5 secs/lap from 1-20 – so the MP4-24 isn’t really that bad, and it’s got the best KERS on the grid, but that’s beside the point) is important in his development as a driver. We’ve seen other drivers work their way up through their careers, proving themselves with difficult cars, and helping their teams become more competitive. With Lewis starting his F1 career in one of the best teams, there is nowhere to go but down. None of us, including him, should be surprised that he’s having a bad season. At least he knows that he’s going through an important part of becoming a better driver, that he had been missing in his first 2 years in F1. That shortcoming in his development was hidden by the performance of the car, and now that the car can’t hide it, we are seeing that he’s got room to improve. He says he’s learning from the experience, so let’s see what comes from that.

  83. Lewis, just heard you on Radio One. You sounded so lovely. I adore you. Loved to hear you speak about Nicole and that she will be at Silverstone.

  84. im a big lewis hamilton, he is the only reason why i even bother to watch f1, his driving style excites me like no other. whether its fighting at the front of the pack or at the back of the grid. sometimes God test our mettle, these things can only make him stronger. we the fans have to get behind him and will him to succeed and dont desert him at a time when he needs us the most, we win and lose together.
    lewis you are a breath of fresh air to the motor sport world. two many people are too quick to jump on the band wagon, if one person is doing better than another they are only too quick to switch ship but true fans stay true. good luck and god bless.

  85. Hi Lewis!!!

    It’s good to hear that you really pushed and pushed and pushed for the race at Turkey and that you will continue to push to the end of the year. That is a sign of a true winner, Lewis! You’re a WINNER and MY HERO!!! Yahoo!

    Lotsa luv,

  86. Lewis! I wish you all the best for silverstone! Whatever happens, be rest assured that your fans will not abandon you. We love you So! much, because you care about us too. By pushing all the time in that poor car it means you are always thinking about your fans. You do offer excitement to the sport. Remember that stint you had with Nelson Piquet Jr in Turkey, I enjoy such moments, they offer a moment for you as a fan to scream and bring out the joy of watching a race, other than sitting there watching uneventful and boring .., You know what I mean. Love you

  87. hi lewis, just to let ya no that im a true fan of yours and i adore you!i will be there supporting you at silverstone on 21st june, we are going down on da friday til monday camping lol and i cant wait to see ya im sooo excited! ive got my banner made already so luk out for a bright luminous yellow one lol, i would love to meet ya face to face so plz make my dreams come tru.
    keep ya hard work up and i will see ya in silverstone.

    love ya
    love shazza xx

  88. Lewis, it was great to read, even though the Mp4-24 was 2 seconds slower than Jenson, that you “throughly enjoyed” the race in Turkey.
    It shows that you have the right attitude which only helps the team especially when you say, ” To the guys back home I just keep pushing, keep your chin up “.

    Lewis that is the attitude which will bring you and the team back to the sharp end of the grid.

  89. Lewis hamilton is raw talent, he is defintily one of the best drivers in a long time espically for someone his age and its really annoying me how people keep going on about jenson button when lewis has won the world championship and jenson has won none, when lewis has a bit of a bad car at the moment, things change his one of the greatest (:
    and i wish him all the best at silverstone (:
    even if jenson wins, it will always be lewis’s track for when he done one of the most specialist performances last year in the great old british weather, WET!
    lots of luck, your still number one 😉




  92. Hi Lewis!

    It’s not your fault at all that you’re not doing well this year. You’ve just been given a weak car this year. You can hold up your head up high, my dear. I’m sure if given a decent car you will be winning races now instead of Button. YOU’RE AN AMAZING DRIVER. It’s too bad that at this time of the year you are looking forward to 2010.

    “Seize the day!” and “Jai Ho”(I think it means “May you have victory always”)

    Much love,

  93. You are so sweet Mr Hamilton. I want to squeeze you till you scream like Adam Lambert! Hee hee!

    Luvin’ you

  94. To: critics (ESPECIALLY ERIC CARTMAN)of Lewis Hamilton,
    F1 World Champion

    You’re kicking Lewis, THE F1 WORLD CHAMPION when he’s down and kicking a man when he’s down is not a nice thing to do. It only shows that you lack character.


  95. Change the record MK. I am NOT here to insight trouble. I am here to cast my view and ad some realistic comments to the Lewis Hamilton fans during these times of trouble for the World Champion.

  96. Hi! Lewis it was nice to see you smiling at end of the race. I just love watching you race, I normally have to attend half of the church service to come back home and watch you regardless of where you are on the grid.I will always support you and I wish you all best in the next race.

  97. Don’t worry Lewis, your fans will not desert you, we know you are trying your best. The car is terrible, no fault of yours, we can see that you are giving it all you have got. All the best.

  98. Hi Lewis, your biggest fan here. I guess these last three races have been really tough especially Monaco, but we your fans know how great a driver you are and are pretty sure you will bounce back in style. It’s good to know that you had a good time this race, I was starting to worry that you were not having fun driving especially since it was your goal at the start of the season. It’s a pity that the car is not perfect this year, but remember it’s not always about the car, it’s the driver. And that’s why I will always be your biggest fan. There are ten races left and I would like to wish you the best of luck for the rest of the season. My only hope is that you continue to do your best (as you always do) and enjoy yourself while doing it. Good Luck Lewis.

  99. Hold on in there lewis we will all still support you through good times and bad, keep your chin up.

  100. Hi Lewis,

    Your car does not seem to be performing like the driver this season. Not a great start, but i still have faith. Well done today in Turkey. You race with no fear and thats what i like about you. You probably dont remember me, but i use to go to the same primary school as you (Peartree Juniors School). I remembered you in the assembly’s on show and tell, showing trophies from your kart racing. I followed some of your progress through GP2 onto F1. I dont miss a race now days. Gonna try and get for tickets to silverstone 2010. Would be good to get a reply, maybe a game of golf up at Panzhanger, welwyn, when you return.
    Keep your head up fella, you have alot of support as you may well know. Good luck

  101. Still loving you Lewis. No-one could have got what you did out of that car today. You are beautiful in all ways. xxxxxx

  102. Dear Lewis, it is clear that your CAR is not performing at the level to match your ability. I would like to request that you should if you can and allowed just write 297 at the inner side of your right hand’s palm and then race in silverstone and if you are happy keep on doing it for the rest of the races. I wish you well and best regards to your family.

  103. I still hear your voice, when you sleep next to me.
    I still feel your touch in my dreams.
    Forgive me my weakness, but I don’t know why.
    Without you it’s hard to survive.

    Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling.
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    Want you in my life.

    Your arms are my castle, your heart is my sky.
    They wipe away tears that I cry.
    The good and the bad times, we’ve been through them all.
    You make me rise when I fall.

    Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling.
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    Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling.
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    Need you by my side.

  104. Dear Mr Hamilton, you’re going throught a difficult time, let me hold your hand and kiss your forehead.

    Love and kisses

  105. Hi Lewis,

    I’m so sorry I was reading from the wrong report when I last wrote.

    I wish you all the best for your next race. Hang in there, Lewis. You really have a bad car at the moment, just do your best because that’s all you can do. I really wish they’d either replace your car with a better and faster one or make major improvements with your present one.

    All my love,

  106. Dear Lewis,

    At times I have been disheartened by the way British media treats you. I stopped watching BBC the day when they didn’t report your world championship win as headline news in the 6 o clock news.

    But I have great faith in you.
    I think you have enough and more in you to put the past firmly behind and silence your critics, however racist they may be.That will be the true mark of the champion that you are.
    Wish you the very best for tomorrow, the rest of 2009 and the future.

  107. Hi Lewis,

    I just read that you came in 12th at today’s qualifying. I’m sorry, it appears that your car, inspite of having reliability still does not have the speed. Until your car improves, I’m afraid you have to do the best with what you got. It’s very disappointing for us, your fans but perhaps the Lord wants you to learn something from this and grow?

    Much love,

  108. I am so in love with you, Lewis. You are so handsome and you look so strong and muscular. You’re so friendly and bubbly I wanna hold your hand and skip along with you. You give my life rainbows. I go to sleep thinking of you and wake up thinking of you. I spend the rest of my time loving you because you are so beautiful.

    Lovin’ you

  109. what a disgrace! THis was the worst performance i have ever seen.
    Shame on the team and the engineers who are not able to design a complete new car like Ferrari did not to lose their face.
    Poor Lewis and Heikki, even a talented driver is not able to get anything out of this car.

  110. Hi Lewis!

    I’m glad you’re pleasantly surprised with the pace of the car. Indeed, it sounds promising. Now, go get the podium for yourself, your team and your fans! Eye of the tiger.

    Lots of love,

  111. Hi Lewis,
    You are trying hard but the car is not just helping. Its jst got no balance. Even D.C. mentioned the rear is not stable. Hope you get a better car soon. Dont let it frustrate you, just keep focused. All the best still for tomorrow. hope you get some points.

  112. All the best of luck tomorrow and sunday Lewis
    We know you and the team can do it!
    Come on guys, we desperately need a podium
    Do it for your fans Lewis this Sunday

    Much love

    South Africa

  113. Btw,Germaine Lim of The Electric New Paper asked Nicole the question if she’s getting married to Lewis.

  114. While in Singapore, Nicole was asked if she’s getting married to Lewis Hamilton and her answer was “No”. Lewis and Nicole make a great looking couple and we wish them all the best. This means that Lewis is still available and I can hear a relieved sigh from his lady fans, heh.

    Good job Lewis! You came in second in today’s practice at Istanbul! There you see, you can do anything when you put your mind to it. A pat on the back for you!!!

    Much love,

  115. Lovin’ you is easy cause you’re beautiful
    Makin’ love with you is all I wanna do
    Lovin’ you is more than just a dream come true
    And everything that I do is out of lovin’ you
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    (Minnie Ripperton)

  116. Now Mr Cartman why would I want to eat Humble Pie? OH! Yes of course, you are the only one entitled to express an opinion even if it is on the wrong site. I’m not sure how to explain this to you but … This is a Lewis Hamilton Inspirational and Fan site. If you don’t like what you read go elsewhere. I however, am entitled to express my opinions on this site because they refer to the person it is meant for. You however just come on here to insight trouble!!

  117. Hi Lewis!

    Last night, Nicole and PCD arrived at Changi Airport, Singapore. Will you be in Singapore to watch their show tonight? I read that in Canada you surprised Nicole by turning up at the front row of her show. I was hoping you’d do the same at Singapore so that we can have another look at you or even talk with you!!! Heh. I’m keeping my eyes and ears open!

  118. Hi MK. Look forward to reading your comments and post race rants after the Turkish GP. I’ll order you a crate of humble pie.

  119. Hi Lewis, I wish you all the best. May the Lord guide you and give you all the strength you need. Love you

  120. Hi Lewis,just a quick message to wish you all the best for sat/sunday in Turkey.Give them hell.Good luck mate

  121. Dear Lewis,

    There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing you demonstrate that huge talent, true grit and desire of yours to drive the back-side off that Mclaren. It is a much weaker car this year and it aggrieves me that the designers have failed to bring the updates at such a rate as to allow you to fight with the Brawns – if I could wish for anything then it is for the Mclaren design engineers to work tirelessly to bring that MP4-24 to the standard of last year’s car – make it happen Lewis and inspire your engineers to work miracles for you.

    I desperately wish you all the luck for Turkey; and, I hope lady luck smiles on you for a first row qualifying. You are a real talented, fiesty driver and you deserve continues success for the man you have shown yourself to be.

    Focus those engineers and win some races for all your Welsh fans….!



  122. Hi Lewis!

    You are the most talented and gifted F1 race car driver ever. Nobody has the heart of a Champion like you do!!! You are the best F1 World Champion there ever was and ever will be.

    Lotsa luv,

  123. Dear Mr Hamilton, You are the most handsome, charming, sexy man in the world. I love you, love you, love you!

    Love and kisses

  124. Hi Lewis!!!

    Hello Magazine quoted Nicole as saying that she’d like to be engaged in July. What do you say to that, Lewis? Don’t let it stress you out cos you have a race this Sunday!!! Keep your cool, dearie.


  125. No Eric Chapman the reason why your postings are deleted is because you are NOT adhering to the site’s main objective which is supporting and inspiring Lewis Hamilton. Fans have set up this site so that they may express their views TO AND FOR HIM anything else is for another site you can set up yourself. If I want to read negative things about Lewis I just need to pick up a paper or go on to a site with people like you on it. I don’t want to read these things so am happy posting on this site. Your freedom of speech can be exercised in the right place. As far as I am concerned by coming on this site and doing the opposite you are inciting trouble not freedom of speech. I assume you are not a very good reader then or ignorant of long words like inspiring.

  126. Hi, David Birch.
    If Lewis would post here, he would probably be cool and humble and apologize to people like you. He’s apparently learnt the difference between feeling he deserves an outcome and getting that outcome by fibbing (or even induced fibbing). His fans here trust him on that and are giving him near-unconditional support; no fan is likely to keep supporting their hero if he/she never grows up, but we’ve reason to believe Lewis will keep growing.
    As Lewis has said, a lot of sacrifices and effort were made by his father Anthony to help him become a serious talent. He’s not likely to disappoint his dad.
    The same sacrifice and effort by the Brawn (formerly Honda) team in 2008 has produced results this year, as Ross has said. As a strategist, Ross’s experience has proven formidable, and his got good drivers.
    There’s more apparent respect amongst the F1 teams then there is amongst fans; guess that will always be.

  127. David Birch you presume too much. Go take your assumptions elsewhere. You ignorance of motorsport is proven by your stupid comments. To praise Lewis and his driving is the whole point of this site – in case you are THAT ignorant. We dedicate what we have to say to him via this site so that he knows there are people out there who truly support him. Your point in bring up what happened in Australia when it is now in the past is what? Now Get Lost!!!

  128. To David Birch, do you understand the ENGLISH LANGUAGE? what is meant by the word FANS and INSPIRATIONAL? If anything you are the one who seems like you support talentless people like the one you reffered to. Do NOT visit this site if you can’t stand whatever messages that posted here, these messages are meant for one thing only INSPIRING our man LEWIS, go on and find yourself someone to support.

  129. Hi Lewis,

    Will you be in Singapore on June 4 with the Pussycat Dolls? In any case, I’m rooting for you to do well in Turkey. Hope the team have made massive improvements to your car. Press on, Lewis!


  130. To: David Birch


    I’m not British & I do not watch Britian’s Got Talent!

  131. Hi Lewis,

    Still loving you, Lewis Hamilton, whatever you may choose to do. I saw the promo you did for your “Hilton Crib” – I should say you were really smooth, cool and professional!


  132. Dear Lewis, don’t heed what the British journalists say. They haven’t achieved what you have and never will. You inspire love and devotion in so many people. Keep going – we all love you.

  133. Hi Lewis,

    You really seem to enjoy golfing. You’re a young man, try anything you want while you’re young. Don’t wait till you’re old then it’ll be too late.

    Loads of love,

  134. lewis not release you are the best!don’t listen to the incorrect journalists!you are the best and me I believe in you!be forever the number one!go lewis go!from italy

  135. Lewis you are the best driver of Formula1! I want you to know I am your girl- fan. Lewis you are the sexiest one of all the pilots. I wish you good luck in your next grand prix. Kisses for you and Nicole. She is wonderfull woman and I am glad of you both! God bless you! Go Lewis Go!

  136. Hi Lewis,

    Yes, you were playing golf at the European Open Pro-Am. What can I say? You’ve really seem to have fallen out of love with F1. I wish you would focus on one thing although it is your life and you by all means should do what pleases you. Enough said, I’m sure your dad will give you good advice.

    Please don’t lose sight of F1, your 1st love.

    Lots of love,

  137. I take what the press write about Lewis with a pitch of salt. The journalist that wrote that Lewis was sulking and left Monaco early, is the same journalist that wrote that Lewis was partying with Jenson on Sunday and playing golf on Monday in Monaco. You see negativity sells and just like Lewis I take no notice of them.

  138. Go! Lewis,do not lose sleep over not retaining the championship, go into the next race with calmness. Relax and do what you do best-RACING.You are not the first and last reigning champion not to retain the title. The media talked of you sulking and leaving monaco at the earliest as you could,it is very healthy for one to express their inner feelings. It does you good, instead of preteding “all is well” like they normally do. That is why STRESS is a big killer in the UK because people tend to conceal their inner feelings.If you feel the need to CRY,do cry it is therapeutic. I LOVE YOU LEWIS, you’re my F1 champion,you introduced me to the sport. Be blessed

  139. In Addition, I’m not English. I’m Hungry and I’m not speaking perfectly English. Lewis, again /XD/, I love you. Go Lewis Hamilton and keep on pushing!
    Go McLaren! In Istanbul… you’re great… I feel… 😀 🙂 and I hope.. We are with you,Lewis and McLaren. :)(L)

  140. I Love You,Lewis. You are very good. And for me you are the best and the first. If You aren’t the world champion, for me you are the world champion. (L)
    Good Luck for everytime. Go Lewis! Go McLaren!
    Lewis Hamilton is the best pilot in Formula-1. 🙂

  141. Ò cara teu carro não anda! Manda a Mclaren pôr um motor do tipo da Formula INDICAR.

  142. Hi Lewis!

    Jenson Button may be doing well at the moment but please NEVER DISCOUNT YOURSELF. A couple of things I admire about you is your FOCUS and SINGLE MINDEDNESS you have about racing. You have HEART so GO FOR IT! You are a mean cool fighting machine!

    We, your fans are supporting you 110% all the way! Keep on pushing!!! The season is not over.

    May the Lord be with you in Istanbul!

    Much love,

  143. Stay happy, Lewis.
    Happy for the great team that you’ve grown up with.
    Happy for your long-suffering compatriot’s day in the sun.
    Happy for having learnt more about the workings of F1.
    Happy for Dan and Dennis having moved on to better things (one hopes).
    Happy that the mother and child are fine after THAT bad accident.
    Happy that you’ve such a close family and great girlfriend.
    Most of all, stay happy so that we can share in the human-bonding that real sportsmanship brings.
    Stay happy …. and then go demolish the competition with even greater joy 🙂

  144. i send you a message because i’m fan of you and i want to hnave the same job of you i’m french

  145. hi my name is morgan and i’m fan of you i don’t speak correctly english because i’am french . i send you this message because i want to have the same job than you . please lewis carl answer me

  146. Hi Lewis,
    May I wish you all the luck in the world for the rest of the season. I managed to save enough to go to the Spanish Grand Prix, my first ever visit and it was thrilling.
    The only sadness was the abuse and racism aimed at you, I was deeply shocked. I myself experienced a certain amount when I arrived in Gerona which I never experienced when growing up in London with mixed parents. However I tried to be positve and was amazed when you came out to your fans on the pit stop walk. Thank you so much for the excitment that you bring to racing, I will never forget my experience. Go for it it is “Not over until the fat lady sings” You always give 120% and we your fans greatly appreciate it.


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    The sooner we hear from you, the better!

  148. Hi Lewis,

    Since you mentioned what Rocky said about going to the end of the fight, I think Mickey (Rocky’s trainer) said something about “eating lightning and crapping thunder” if I’m correct.

    Anyway, sorry for not consolidating my msgs into one msg. My thoughts are coming to me in spurts. Please forgive me.

    Lotsa love,

  150. That was a hard day at the office,Lewis.Its how it goes sometimes,you work hard and get no reward.The best thing about the bad days is it makes the good days even better.So roll on Istanbul.

  151. Lewis did well today when you take in consideration how hard it is to pass at Monaco in the first place. Starting from the back of the grid, Lewis’s task was made even harder, because of the heavier fuel loads that the cars towards the rear of the grid tend to carry. When on camera he made as to be expected some very exciting Hamilton passes. Lewis has every reason to feel satisfied with his performance today……..Yesterday…well that’s another story which he will deposit in his memory bank and learn from.

  152. This message completes the first one, and I just need to tell you that I am French-speak, that why you find so many mistakes in the first message to Lewis Hamilton before I correct it.
    I wish all the best to Lewis Hamilton, and hope that soon he is going to win. I hereby to apply to MCLaren Mercedes team thinking about that situation and work hard to get a competitive car for next race. Hamilton is a Fantastic man wit a huge and strong heart. Hi is able to do the best that his entire fan hopes to get from him. I am his fan more than 200%, take care about my word. By the way it is really so hard for me to get sleepy or good mood when Hamilton is out of the points!! I wish him all the best for all next races.

  153. I wish all the best to Lewis Hamilton, and hope that soon he is going to win. I hereby to apply to MCLaren Mercedes team thinking about that situation and work hard to get a competitive car for next race. Hamilton is a Fantastic man wit a huge and strong heart. Hi is able to do the best that his entire fan hopes to get from him. I am his fun more than 200%, taka care about my word. By the way it is really so hard for me to get sleepy or good mood when Hamilton is out of points!! I wish him al the best for all next races.


  155. Lewis tried his best today and he did well considering. We can still get somewhere with the remaining races, we just need to have faith in Lewis. I am sure McLaren are working hard to get the car to run better. My last posting did not stay, I don’t know if it was removed but I asked Jazzy and Co to stop posting on this site. We do not want to discuss JB or any other driver for that matter on this site. This is for Lewis Hamilton and HIS fans. JB fans can find one of their own or set one up themselves. Now for Turkey!!

  156. Well done Lewis, you did your best and that’s all any one can do. It’s not really going your way this season, but chin up, next season is just around the corner. Relax and enjoy your racing best wishes.

  157. Jazzy whatever is what i willl say to you. your opinion dont really matter because what matters most is me supporting Lewis and his other fans just as you noticed. We love him and will stand by him despite all. And yeah he will definately win more championships and please as you claim that you watch f1, keep on watchin and you will see the results in the yrs to come.
    the car has not been competitive beginning of the season and still isnt. He won with more than 1point if you did watch all the races except that some points were given to Massa. as for wins one on one he won more races last year.
    However enough of this debate, Lewis remains the world champion making him your f1 champion too currently and everyone else. why, because it on record.

    Go Lewis go!!!!

  158. Well done! lewis, you once again raced your heart out, you did some pretty good times despite the fact that you were all the way back from the action. Stay focused,let us pray and hope that luck comes your way in the next races.LOTS OF LOVE

  159. Yeah LEWIS it was a tough race but i love the spirit in you, we will try again last year for a Monaco win. thats the SPIRIT and way to go.
    still you remain the best ever youngest WORLD CHAMPION!!!

  160. come on lewis you can find your form again…..put this season behind you and prepare for the next one by pushing as hard now as you did for the just need to re-group and learn to enjoy your racing and forget about pressure…the only pressure on you is what you put on yourself.GO ON DO IT FOR YOURSELF AND ENJOY YOURSELF AGAIN!!!!

  161. I agree with Irene, this is a site for Lewis’ fans and for us to write inspirational words for Lewis. We’re not interested in Jenson Button though Lewis seems to be fond of him.

    Hi Lewis, Not to worry there is still tomorrow.
    Don’t be too disappointed about crashing out at Monaco. There will always be other races. I’m behind you 110%!

  162. Lewis you are the best and most exciting driver on the track.You just seem to be a bit short on your luck at the moment,so i am sending a bag full with this e-mail.Hope it helps to get a point or two.

  163. Lewis,

    I’m still aching since you went into that barrier 🙁 All I can say is ouch! It really hurt to see you crash out like that in such a simple way. BUT! Aren’t you glad that this didn’t happen during the race?! At least now you can still race tomorrow 🙂 Remember anything and everything can always be worse, so always thank God that it was what it was 🙂 I’m really sorry that you have to start last because of the gearbox change, but I’m 100% that you’ll make the best out of every second tomorrow – and that’s what matters! So “race your heart out” as you say and we’ll see where you end up tomorrow, you just never know what can happen in Monaco! 🙂

    Bon Chance!

  164. Hi, this is LEWIS HAMILTON’s fans inspirational site, so I see no reason why some people start discussing Jenson on here.Give us a break! all we are interested in is Lewis’s perfomance and offering him inspirational messages whatever happens. For those of us who support Lewis, do not care however well a certain JB is doing because our support is not for him. So LEWIS, do not give up my dear, today was disappoting because you were really set for the pondium but never mind, this is yet another lesson learnt. ” Experience is the best teacher” we are not giving up on you. Good luck, for tommorrow take it easy

  165. jazzy, what a sad person you are. To make the effort to come on an LH fan website to post nasty stuff must take the mind of someone insane and perverted. Normal people who don’t like someone, just avoid their fansites and post on the sites of people they do like. You even admit you are a troll. So pathetic.

  166. Toni and May, I totally agree with you. But you know his fans will always be there for him.

    Site moderator, can you ban that jazzy please? He/she keeps going on about Button and we don’t want that in this site. I can’t stand Button anyway – he’s only up there because of his car. Barrichello is up there too and where were they both last year? At least Lewis gets more out of a poor car than Button ever could. Button never praised Lewis last year the way Lewis has praised him this year. Button was definitely jealous the last 2 years and laid into Lewis in Japan 2007. Never liked him after that. Button is a substanceless fool. The British media is vile and there is a taint of racism in a lot of the negativity. We all know it.

    Lewis, we know what you can do. You have won everything you entered and you have a huge heart and devoted support. So don’t let it get you down.

    Lots of love and support!

  167. Mk, I’ll tell you why I am surprised, I have followed this sport since 1990, nearly 19 years. And I have never seen any driver receive the treatment that Lewis is receiving from the media and some F1 fans, It’s unbelievable. Lewis broke so many records on his way to WDC,I have lost count. You would think he would be treated with respect but he is not. For the first time I am losing interest, not because he’s not winning, because I know he will win again in the future. But the constant negative reporting from the media, it is as if they want to turn the remaining fans against him. To be honest I would not be surprised if Lewis moves on from F1 sooner, rather than later. I wish Lewis all the best and I hope he can stay strong and positive.

  168. Jazzy, LEWIS HAMILTON, remains the greatest and ever youngest World Champ so far unless Vettel wins it this year!

    Otherwise good luck to Lewis, McLaren and Ferrari!!! and also Rosberg.

  169. Nothing bad mouthing on JENSON in the first place. all i said was where is Button, because he was one of the main culprits that really threw daggers at Lewis 2008 season and that you know. check driver’s comments last year each time Lewis won!! .Lewis still remains the best, and the likes of Kimi, Massa, Rosberg, and even the retired D.C. to say the least. and the reason why i put Button, its his words last season that its the car that does the job, not the driver so i reffered to his words not mine. As we alwys beliv its both a good car and a good driver. But he argued that last year. So i did not attack him like you attack Lewis. was it you on 30june 2008 who said these worsd, ‘“The constant support of the crowd gives you a boost throughout the whole weekend….., but it does make you that bit more determined to succeed.

    “It gives an extra boost to your confidence to know you’re getting more support, and it seems to make you perform better. Last year I found the support was immense and made the weekend a lot easier to get through.’, or it was Lewis words. so we support him to boost him.

  170. Lewis you still remain the best. The youngest ever world champion. Go Lewis!!!
    practice you did very well. You were just unfortunate today, but it happens. Focus on tomorrow and just work on getting points.
    Well done to Kim unfortunately Massa didnt get on podium. However the race will be interesting tomorrow. Will miss you at the fron row because you desrved to be there as the car proved to perform well during practice session. And good luck to H.K and McLaren team.

  171. Jazzy,
    whatever you say. if you listen to Lewis talking he is always joking and people who have no sense of humr alwys turn his words into how they wnt to hear them.
    so the lie gate. who has not lied in life. you have and you know that in your heart of hearts.
    Jenson i wil say this again, he threw daggers at Lewis last year so many times he did except for D.C. i dont remember where i ever heard D.C. throwing daggers at him do you??
    However if you want to praise Jenson, do it at his site he actually has a blog site for his fans. This is LEWIS HAMILTON’S fan site where people who love him encourage him and praise him and leave constructive word of advice for him.
    not talk down on him and demorilise him. So i do preach what i do, however i will not support a person who has thrown daggers at Lewis, that you can actually forget to ever hear from me. So i am here to encourage Lewis in a way that will motivate him as you heard him if you ever listen to him really all the time, he said and ‘thanx to my Fans who also stood by me during that difficult time’, meaning those who praise him and stand by him during victorious momments, painful momments and the darkest days of his career. So please leave this Jenson business when on this site an concentrate on constructive messages for Lewis. Thank you very much. Lewis remains a lovely person in and out of sport. He was told to do so, because when he got out of the car, he told reporters exactly what had happend. however goin to stuwards, he was told to say what his boss said. what wld you have done yourself in that position?? I wonder??

  172. Lewis, sorry dearheart for the crash. however you were set for the top today. the car was very good. and my heart really goes out to you.
    however try an focus on tomorrow’s race.

  173. Dear Lewis, so sorry about your crash out at Monaco. You are still the best driver and your fans will always root for you, win or lose, because we love you!


  174. I’m getting fed up with people coming on this site and discussing Button. May I remind them this is a Lewis Hamilton Fan and Inspiration site. Why are we talking about Button? His fans can go find one of their own to make these comments or better still – design one of their own.
    Guys, Lewis will not let us down – he’s down at the moment but he will be there tomorrow fighting for the team and us as usual. It’s one of his favourite racing tracks. Don’t give up on him!!
    Bring it on Lewis baby!!

  175. May the media turning against Lewis so quickly should NOT surprise you. They are a fickly bunch. Quick to put you on a pedastal and quick to bring you down which is why I ignore them. Half the things they write are made up the other half misquoted, etc.
    Lewis is very positive about Monaco GP which is good, hopefully he will get a podium place on Sunday. He deserves it.

  176. Jazzy, as a fan of Lewis why would I want to as you say ditch him? Lewis in his recent performances has done a terrific job with a mid field running car.

  177. It’s a hard season for Lewis that’s for sure, but he’s working that car like crazy. What has surprised me, is how the media has turned so quickly on him, I can’t believe it. Any how good luck to Lewis, it would be fanatic if he could turn it all around and retain his title. But I don’t think it will happen, so I’m looking forward to next season.

  178. Toni, Jenson did initially walk towards Lewis to congratulate him, but stopped when his car was on fire to call for an extinguisher. Jenson did make his was towards Lewis tapped him on his hemlmet and shook his hand.

  179. Eric Cartman, these are a few comments made by Lewis Hamilton regarding Jenson Button.

    Jenson’s win at Australia. ” Also my heartfelt congratulations to Jenson he’s driven brilliantly all weekend and both he and his team really deserve theis success “.

    ” I think Jenson’s got a great chance, a great shot at it so I wish him all the best ” and ” I think if I were to wish anyone…else… to win the title it would be Jenson “.

    ” Jenson is doing a great job ” he asserted. ” I’ve always had alot of respect for him. I’ve known him since I was about nine or ten years old and I wish him all the best “.

    These quotes by Lewis seem to contradict your statement that Lewis never has had anything positive to say about his fellow countryman.

  180. i think Lewis is an amazing driver so hot to lol…
    keep up the great work babe you can still win this. cant wait for the next race you gonna smash it good luck truly are the best xxxxxtiaxxxxx

  181. Eric, maybe you forgot, Point of correction, the first driver to congratulate Lewis Hamilton last year was Glock, i recorded that whole race i still have it. Then Nico Rosberg. Those are true drivers who are not jelousy or anything. the only two drivers who really went out to say congrats to Lewis as he got out of the car, Glock was first then Rosberg. I never saw Button going to him to congratulate him unless he did it much later. And if you read much about Jenson’s comments about Lewis last year, he really threw daggers at him. I have not fogotten that, why because i am Lewis’ fan and i remember pple who really threw daggers at him last year. Kubica was one of them too and a number of them. except for pple like D.C and a few other good drivers. Thank you very much. If you are Jenson’s fan, please dont coverup for him when he does wrong. he did say bad things about Lewis last year. i remember it all too clearly!

  182. Eric Cartman, I have been watching F1 for a number of years – stopped when it got boring!! I was referring to your comment ‘worthy’ chamption. Lewis is a worthy chamption I don’t recall Button being in the ‘darling’ of the press!! Good on you Arthur – the comments from some people do not portray the Lewis we know. He has always paid tribute to the team’s efforts. I suppose we all ‘pick and choose’ what we would like to recall and comment on. I do not like Button which is why I post my comments on this site and not one of his. I do not think he has proved himself. Quoted from a reporter when Button won his first GP he had ‘gained more points in that moment than in the last TWO PREVIOUS seasons.’ I rest my case on that quote!!

  183. MK. Just how long have you been watching F1? Do you not remember how well Jenson performed in 2004 and 2005? It seems like your memory span is very small. And in 2007&2008 Jenson had a car which was described as a “dog” but on more than one occassion Jenson got into the points, which by your reckoning is an ok thing to do if you are Lewis Hamilton, but if you are another driver it means nothing. Wake up and smell the coffee there is more than one driver in F1.

  184. F1 fan, Petulance was Fernando Alonso throwing his helmet around and tearing down a bathroom door in the Mclaren pit area in China because of being out qualified by Lewis in 2007. That’s.. petulance.. and Lewis Hamilton has never ever conducted himself in such a manner.
    F1 fan you said, ” his growing petulance at not being in contention at the front, ” can hardly be sustained by the actual quotes expressed by Lewis at a post race interview at Barcelona… Lewis said, ” To finish ninth at a circuit we knew wouldn’t suit us wasn’t the end of the world, ” he adds. Most importantly, it’s a big improvement fot the guys in the team. I just want to say that the whole team has done a fantastic job – they really have, since I’ve been in this team I’ve maybe had one or two reliability issues with the car in 40 races “.

    Many of Hamilton’s detractors like yourself, apply a double standard to Lewis that you would never apply to any other driver.

  185. Jazzy, because i am an f1 fan but mostly Lewis’ fan, i watch from practice to the racing day mate. and i will say good job to practice sessions too because thats where it all starts. Still Lewis remains the champ. Lewis has been in F1 how long Jazzy an already a world champ?? so i will shout as much as i can whenever he performs great!! SO we will watch when he races an come lk for my msg again!! you will see it definately. He is a champ!! with a 1 on his car!!! i do understand that practice is where they plan strategies to use during the race. so i am not really lost Jazzy!!

  186. MK I wish i could echo your sentiments re a worthy champion, and at one point I would have done but I’m afraid after watching the post race interview after Barcelona, along with his increasing unavailability to the press and his growing petulance at not being in contention at the front, I can’t agree with you.

    Everyone is in the same boat. The politics are there for everyone. So why doesn’t everyone behave like he does in such an apparently unpredictable and immature manner? Because they’re not so immature I guess.

    My support stays with Jenson but I’m afraid I can’t support a driver who behaves like lewis does. If and when he grows up and stops blaming, and takes much more care about what he says and how he says it, then maybe I’ll change my mind, but I doubt it. This is serious brown up stuff, and lewis appears unable to be a part of it in a grown up and professional way.

    I’ve supported and followed F1 for more than 30 years, seen em come and go, but rarely have I witnessed such an attitude.

  187. Eric Cartman – Lewis IS a Champion we ARE proud of. Button was nowhere until he got a car that works. Lewis has proven this year he is worthy of his title by coming in the points in all bar one race with what even McLaren admit is a poor car.
    Be Proud of the Worthy Champion Britain already has. LEWIS HAMILTON!!!

  188. Hey Lewis,

    I am so proud of you. Monaco is a circuit where true champs an true drivers show who they are not js the car. So today, you proved in the practice. and where was J. Button by the way????? Is it the car?? Or its Him??? With you Lewis, its alwys you and your talent, with Button, its the car for he failed to prove he can drive better today. Barachello was at the top because he is a good driver an more experienced an got a good car as well. I would love to watch you win this weekend Lewis, But if R. Barachello wins no probs because he is good as well and not just the car. top drivers in F1, Lewis Hamilton, F. Massa, N. Rosberg,K. Raikkonnen R. Barachello and M. Webber. Goodluck at Monaco guys.

  189. Tough times don’t last but tough people do!
    Just thought I needed to correct that statement!

  190. Tough don’t last, but tough people do!
    My interest in the sport lies in the fact that your parentage of Caribbean background, and being a person of colour. Congrats to u and your team because it is a team effort.
    Best wishes and God’s blessings to u for this current season & the rest of your illustrious career!

  191. Hi Lewis, I got interested in F1 when you guys came over to Singapore last year for the first night race. You were the first F1 race driver I knew off and I quickly became your fan. I wish you all the best for the rest of the F1 season and I hope that you’ll be able to get a podium at Monaco! The PussyCat Dolls will be here in Singapore in June, will you be able to make it to their show here? If not, catch you in September!!! Lewis, you’re a great guy! Remain true to yourself!!!

  192. hey lewis we r like ur biggest fans i no everything about u!!! lol u r the best driver in formula 1 a the mmment and we relyy think u can win the championship again u r really fit(L) (sex God) lol no affence u can do way better than nicole u should down to s. peters in compton someday 4 a visit me and my friends would love it ecspecially us!!!!!! love me and gabby

  193. hola lewis , soy de nacionalidad colombiana , vivo en madrid españa , hace años sigo la f1 . y en mi opinion , eeres una gran promesa
    y un exelente deportista , aun q tengas dificultades , confia en Dios
    , el te ayudara y te dara fuerzas en esta vida , espero q sigas siendo el joven alegre y espectacular , Dios te aompañe en tu carrera como deeportista , with dear andres.

  194. Hi Lewis
    I’ve been following your career since you were in GP2 (not that long, I know) and have the greatest admiration for your dignity, honour and sheer talent. It was really sad to see you so down on Sunday; I know it was just after you’d been slogging round for near on 2 hours for nil points but even so. Keep your chin up, mate, the good times will return. You are too talented (and your dad’s too wily an old fox!) to keep down for long. McLaren are racers through and through and will return to the top in time – but pain and disappointment will make you stronger. It’s easy for me to say as I’m an old bird (at least 52 – probably ancient to you!) but it’s all life experience and you can only count it as wasted time if you don’t keep learning and getting stronger. Here’s hoping for better in Monaco – but if not, then Silverstone, Turkey, Germany, Hungary etc etc. Keep that smile on your face and you’ll come through it.

  195. this is unacceptable!!
    i better see change real soon, you just cannot have a world champ driving the car you driving!
    ive had enough and my patience has run out, your friends at mclarren better do something real quick!
    im sorry but i cant take this any much longer.. just cant!!
    really the last time i even stayed long enough to listen to the podium interviews was like um… in 2008!!!
    and why is that country is stil hosting f1! just dont get it..

  196. Hi lewis,

    I really hope this gets to you somehow! i just want to say I’m coming to Silverstone for the first time this year and am supporting you all the way! I believe that you will come through the hard time you are having with your usual grit and determination.

    I understand your frustration about the car and the team when being interviewed and your honesty is refreshing – it shows that you are passionate about what you do and the performance of the car. It is refreshing. I also believe that you are not being disloyal to the team, just honest.

    I will support you whatever team you choose to drive in but don’t give up. You are the F1 World champ and will be in the future, I know it.

    Finally, well done for the honesty about the situation in Australia. I will not go on about it cos you gotta look forward. but i do want to say that I do not believe you lied delibrately; that everyone makes mistakes and what you did to rectify the situation was a good reflection on you.

    Anyway. I look forward to seeing the race at Silverstone and to seeing you on the podium.

    Gemma 🙂

  197. Hi Lewis! We love you very much. It makes no different`ts what the media or the Reporters say about you.We are right behind you.Because we know that you allways give onehundertprozent.we even love you if you not win.There is a saying”Don`t worry be Happy!”

  198. Hi Lewis! We love you very much. It makes no different`ts what the media or the Reporters say about you.We are right behind you.Because we know that you allways give onehundertprozent.we even love you if you not win.There is a saying”Don`t worry be Happy!”

  199. Hi Lewis! We love you very much. It makes no different`ts what the media or the Reporters say about you.We are right behind you.Because we know that you allways give onehundertprozent.we even love you if you not win.There is a saying”Don`t worry be Happy!”

  200. Hi,
    I’m your huge fan ! I love Formula 1.
    It was good race and don’t worry :)will be well!
    Next race in Monako.I think, that now there will be better only.
    I believe, that you will stand on highest degree of dais soon.
    GO LEWIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good luck !

  201. Well done! again Lewis, your fighting spirit is so evident when you are racing that poor car. Given the fact that there are two of you in the same boat and yet you come out with decent performances that makes me BELIEVE more in your personal capabilities of racing. I wish you all best in Monaco. Do not lose sleep about not retaining the world championship title. I WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU

  202. Lewis we all know you gave it your best shot today. Pity about the car. When exactly is Mclaren fixing the car? What’s the hold up?
    Ferrari seems to be getting theirs right!

    We’ll keep fingers crossed that the car is better in Monaco

    Good luck for your next race. Keep your head up
    We love u

    South Africa

  203. We know you raced your heart out Lewis – you always do. Shame the car is not as it should be. What a silly question from the broadcaster. What did she expect you to say when you were lapped? Yes, I enjoyed it!!! Also I should think the last thing at the moment is defending your title – how can you with THAT car. Remember, this is all a learning curve and you will come out of it a better person. We already know you are a great driver so no worries there. McLaren hurry up and give Lewis the car he deserves!!

  204. Hi LEWIS,

    You do try your very best. an yeah the car lets you down. Whatever is goingon linked to the car, God is watching. Just do your part an it will eventually workout for good sometime soon. Hope you go on the podium soon.

  205. Dear Lewis,

    I totally agree with Norbert Haug…this performance is not acceptable at all…not for a World Champion team…
    I have never seen that a reigning Champion has such a bad car…
    But, this is how it is at the moment…we hope that the team will provide a better car for the next races in order to score some points to catch up a bit…Brawn is far gone so they might win both titles this year…
    Anyway, Lewis, we still believe in you and hope that we will see you again on the podium this year.

    All the best for the preperations for Monaco.

    We will cheer you up there again…

    Lot’s of love and God bless,
    Inge & family


  207. Hiya Lewis, you go for it now – you’ve had worse starts than this. Keep the faith. You will get there in the end I just wish McLaren and work out what’s wrong with the car and improve it sooner rather than later!!

  208. Hi lewis! well done ma dear! I know starting from the 14th position is not good for you but this sends a very good message to Marclaren that they have got to do good improvements on the car. You have been trying your best and I know you tried you best today but the car let you down, I just pray that something magical happens tommorrow. Good luck Lewis.

  209. hi lewis, im a very big fam of yours, i wish you all the best in your formula 1 career, be strong and remember the race is not for the fittest neither is the battle for the strong but those who can endure to the end, may GOD continue to bless you and be with you and your family. all we ask from you is that you go out there and give 100% each time, we are really proud of you and the things you have achieve so far. remember the race isnt over till the fat lady sings and she is not about to sing any time soon. hold your head high my friend you can still achieve it with the help of GOD ALMIGHTY

  210. Hi Lewis

    Starting 14th on the grid has never stopped you before so go for it, but stay safe. I will be watching you all the way.


  211. Patrick 75, it is true that Vettel’s father is not around, but the fathers of Jenson Button, Felipe Massa, Nico Rosberg and Nelson Piquet Jr. attend their son’s races. It looks as if Lewis is not alone in that catagory, and his family attendance seems to help motivate him.

    lewis good luck during qualifying and the race on Sunday.

  212. Hello Mr Hamilton.
    I’m Great fan of Formula 1 since 30 years…I saw you driving to the 1st Try in Spain this morning.You are not doing Well.


  213. Hey Lewis,

    Jus’ keep up the good work. All your true and loving fans here know that you will catch up soon…stay determined, stay cool and be always true to yourself.
    There is always a way, does not matter how stoney it might be, but you will walk it to the end with your head up high!

    We will cheer you up tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday!

    Love & God bless,

  214. hahahahah Barney, how so correct on one thing, Lewis will never be like M.S. for real. You know why, because Lewis is Lewis Hamilton, and is unique in his own way, not the M.Schumacher way. He will be alwys the great Lewis Hamilton, who made most drivers in F1, 2007,2008 mourn on the track as they cldnt believe that a rocky like him was flying an topping the chats of F1. Trials are there in everyone’s life. And for him its just the few of more to come and they will only make him stronger as he is destined for great things to come not just in F1 but even out of F1. Just watch him Barney an if i were you, i would jst shut my mouth an watch. Because last year plenty pple’s hearts were broken as they wished him bad luck and plenty pple’s mouths were shut. But we rejoiced when he won the championship despite all he faced throughout that season, because we love him an support him. careful, it might be another dramatic win again for us. watch this!!

  215. And Arthur, let’s not forget what DC said in a BBC discussion at the time. When you go into the Stewards room you say what you need to to get what you want – more points. IMO that implies that all drivers are economical with the truth to get that extra point, etc. However, due to the relationship between Ron Dennis and the FIA (esp Bernie) McLaren were made to suffer even more. Typical!! I don’t know where Barney is getting his info from but he’s obviously only looking at it one dimensionally instead of taking the whole on board before making his comments. Enough time has been spent answering Barney’s daft accusations, leave it. He will get fed up when no one answers to them.
    Now for Spain. Apparently,Spain want to carry out the Champions Ceremony as usual. McLaren still need to reply. Now that will be interesting!!
    Bring it on Lewis we know you can still do it!! But will still support you if you don’t.

  216. Dear Barney, Regarding Hamilton’s so-called lack of respect from the F1 community. I would like to offer to you some comments made by Mark Webber, which may challenge your assumption.

    MW: ” I think it’s normal that when someone comes in and is successful pretty quickly in any sport there can be alot of jelousy”.

    MW: ” For me, the way Lewis came through the ranks so quiokly, he had a pretty smooth run. He came through the junior ranks quickly, but in the best equipment-not many drivers have that option. However, the acid test came when he was appointed driver of the Mclaren team- and he delivered”.

    MW: ” We know Lewis is a very good driver and this year he was the best. Mclaren and Ron Dennis deserve all they get from Lewis, because they took a chance on him, and holy hell, has he delivered”.

    MW: ” He’s done some exceptional races this year. Lewis has made his pitch there at Mclaren, showed his skills and galvanazied the team around him”.

    The comments of Mark Webber, a driver and member of the F1 community seem to disagree with your remark regarding, the supposed lack of respect that some members may have towards Lewis.

  217. Barney, what is this “F1 comunity” of which you speak? As far as I can see, Hamilton is pretty much respected and if you don’t respect him, don’t assume that others don’t.

  218. Dear Arthur. Some of the stunts that Schumacher pulled throughout his career were bang out of order. I will never forget what he did to Damon Hill in 1994, Villeneuve in 1997 and the Monaco incident, but you are wrong I cursed that cheating punk for his actions, and his reign as the best ever driver will always be tarnished by those 3 acts of disgrace. But one thing. Hamilton will never be what Schumacher was. And that is respected by the F1 comunity.

  219. Apparently, not sure if true, but when Lewis was asked the question about overtaking Dave Ryan answered for him, leaving Lewis in a very difficult situation in front of the stewards. Obviously Lewis did not want to call Dave a liar in front of them, but at the same time how could he get out of this problem? He couldn’t without calling Dave a liar.
    However, the situation has been dealt with now … we all know Lewis’s integrity is strong and that he will ‘be his own person’ from now on, he always learns from his mistakes. People like Barney are lost causes they need to get a life and live it rather than condemning people all the time. We all have our ideals but in difficult situations we don’t always behave the way we should.
    Lewis all the best in Spain.

  220. You will for sure do it again in style this year, please don’t forget to say your prayers.

  221. Barney, Bernie Eccelstone said, “Okay he cheated. That’s clear. But he’s been caught and he’s been punished. It’s history now, so let’s move on”. These comments by Mr. Eccelstone weren’t directed towards Lewis Hamilton but to Michael Schumacher’s actions at Monaco in 2006. If you remember Schumacher lied when he said, “You push and you go for it and I think you’d better look at the pictures. You’ll see me locking-up and running out of road “. This was a 7 times World Driving Champion allegedly losing control of his car, on a clean dry track, at 10 miles an hour at the Rascasse corner. Schumacher not only lied and cheated, but by blocking the track in his reckless manner, which could have caused serious injury to fans and fellow competitors. I can well imagine Barney that you didn’t call for the banning of Miohael Schumacher then as you do Lewis Hamilton now. Whose action’s Barney were worse, and posed more of a threat to competitors and fans? Hamilton lying to the Stewards or Schumacher blocking the track?

    Lewis …I’m glad that april 28 has passed, and that no draconian actions was taken against you….Good Luck in Spain.

  222. The nightmare is over now Lewis, head up and do your talking on the track. If at all possible keep away from the press, only say what you have too. Good luck Lewis.

  223. if barney do not know what the hell he is saying then he should get if facts right before mouthing off,first of all LEWIS did not cheat he drove his guts out and find himself in a position where he would get some points.if the other people around him done what they were suppost to do LEWIS would not be in this action show that he is a great team player and people like barney should just back off.I KNOW FOR SURE IF IT WAS LEFT TO LEWIS ALONE NONE OF THIS WOULD be happening BUT guess what people would still find something else to try and drag this young man down.but words of advice for LEWIS they cannot beat you so guess what at some they will have to join you STAND TALLER than the rest.

  224. dear lewis
    i have been a fan of yours since you entered F1, you did well last year, amid the contraversey try to let your talkin be done on the track. keep your chin up,and dont forget we love ya kid.

    p.s bernie ecalstone and heir mosley are destroying the sport i hold so dear.

  225. Finally a fair sentence! I’m really happy for you Lewis and for the team! 🙂 Now you can clear your air and concentrate without any worries 🙂 Looking forward to see more developments to the MP4-24, can’t wait to see what Barcelona has in stall for us!

    All the best!

  226. Hey Inge dont worry about peeps like barney, lots of em on the planet, i dare say barney has never done a bad thing or been caught out in a lie. Lewis should have never been put in that position in the first place, and if i recall He(Lewis) told the camera interviewer the correct version of events straight after the race- now is it mclarens fault that charlie(race control)cant be bothered to monitor the race properly and answers questions put to them on the fly? and act at the time?? also Toyota STILL overtook under safty after leaving the track?? F1 rules and regs suck and i just hope that Lewis/Mclaren can stay of their radar for the rest of the season. suspended 3race ban maybe a enforced if mclaren do ANYTHING wrong?? – ‘find further evidence’ is a bit worrying MK.

  227. Barney just shut up …he apologized for that …just forgive and forget … Just think about that “He who is without sin cast the first stone” John 8:7

  228. I wish he would have got banned. He cheated and lied so he should have been made to pay the price. He knew what he was doing when he cheated, so saying “Dave Ryan made me do it” is a complete joke. If Dave Ryan had told him to jump off a tall building would he have done it? Your guess is as good as mine.

  229. lewis hamilton,yow, big up your father,mother,brother. mr,mrs hamilton respect and honor,you have two good minded youth and dem heart clean. so jamaica a sey,vrroooom,vrroooom to the world.tek care.

  230. Hi! Lewis, I am so happy that you can now concetrate on what you do BEST. Remmeber everyone in Formala 1 is looking at you but that should not make you lose your focus. Play to the rules always, let your talent answer those who are working for your downfall. I wish you all the BEST.

  231. Lewis,
    I am one of the many few millions that adore you and what you do and from that i have seen that you have inspired many young people (male/female) to notice such a thrilling sport.
    A few years back i never knew what f1 was but one day at a families house we endend up watching a race and your name ‘Lewis hamilton’ kept coming up and i was curious to find out who you was and what you was doing. So every sunday or every other sunday i use to sit and watch your races and watch you performane, i was shocked that me a 16 year old girl was glued to a ‘mans’ type of sport. I am probably now one of your biggest fans, i buy every newspaper or magazine which has an article about you in i watch every interview with you on and mainly i watch all of your races. Your total dedication to your job is amazing and it shows that you are a true sports man who absolutely loves what you do so keep up with it and enjoy every second of it. All the best x

  232. Good news from the FIA at last. However, I don’t trust Bernie and Co., what worries me is the bit ‘find further evidence’. What does that mean? Why did they have to add that bit? I wonder if that’s in case Lewis does do well. Oh! Look! more evidence. I also think it wasn’t as bad as we expected coz Bernie and Max got what they really wanted – Ron out of F1. Whatever their reasons Lewis should not have been ‘pit in the middle’.
    I was really glad when he said that he was staying coz of all his fans. He really does appreciate our efforts. We all know Lewis can do it. Now he can get on with winning those races and giving Jenson Button a run for his money. Championship Title No.2 coming up for Lewis.

  233. Roll up he MP-24 and show them the world champ good luck. Keep on pushing i`m with you.

  234. just to say,lewis the last few time i’ve seen you on the look so down, but guess what with your dedicated fans behind you just hold your head up as you and only you know how.people need to understand thing for themself and not swallow what the media feeds them with, as they are so misleading and the biggest lier,anyone in that situation would have done the same thing but how many people would have the balls to put there hands up and say i made a mistake.NOT A LOT,you have being brought up the right way and you will get through this do not let these people push you out of the sport that your father work three jobs to get you in.rember you have nothing to prove just to continue where you left off.LET THEM TIRED FI SI YU FACE CAUSE THEM CAN’T GET YOU OUTTA THI RACE.GOD BLESS AND KEEP you and your family for giving hope THE OBAMA OF F1 BREAKING EVERY BARRIER.

  235. Lewis, today I am happy for you and the team, it gets very
    unnerving watching,waiting for results to turn out well when
    so much could have gone badly wrong, now just keep your eye and hands
    on the task in hand and go for it, next time ask your dad for advice before you say anything! We all love and support you to the maximum.
    Take care Lewis, billion dollar F1 man!

  236. Hey Lewis, great result for you and the team today! 🙂 ….. i can’t wait for you to be back winning again. you and the team are doing a great job, keep pushing hard….. you have so many loyal fans, were here for you mate! come’on mclaren! good luck buddy, we believe in you. scott x x x

  237. Lewis great day for us all who love and support you. So now like i said before, lets just focus on winning the championship. I hope you will have a good car from next race then we can start being on podiums again and hopefully another dramatic championship win this year. just rest enough an be focused. cant wait to watch the next race. it will be interesting. hopefully Ferrari will have sorted their cars as well so that we can really start to watch racing!!!xxx

  238. hi lewis!! i’m a your italian family supports ferrari but i support you. you are and you will always be the best driver in f1.
    I love you
    by ele

  239. Hi Lewis.
    I am so pleased for you.
    There are a lot of people out there who hav’nt managed to meet their dreams,DON’T let them get to you,you’ve done more so far than them.The media has to spice things up a bit,thats their job and they dont’t give a dam.Hold your head up high, you’ve done nothing wrong,your one of the great drivers on that track.You have a lot of people behind you,so just think of the positive and you’ll win through,just don’t leave it till the last race again please,I don’t think my heart could survive it a third time.Oh, just one another thing.Watch your back luv – there are some other drivers out there that would be quite happy to see that suspension take place.Don’t worry though,ALL your fans will also be watching your back if you need them.
    Take care.
    Mandy Keir

  240. Hi Lewis, yes i think so to. Just stick with it we all know you were hung out to dry by McClarren. And we all know that you cn prove yourself again, I have fallowed your carrear from the start,1 of 2 of my sons betted each other last season that you would win, one of them said you had no chance, but as we all know he was wrong. Just hang on in there my love and you will win in the end, you are level headed and broad shouldered, try and not listen to the nasty comments that you hear and concentrate on you love of racing.just race your heart out. Not just for yourself, or your family, but for all your supportive fans aswell, I consider myself one of you bigest fans. And i pray that both championships remain for McLaren after the ruling on the 29th, it’s just the beginning of the season! Don’t forget even though they did commit a huge mistake, they are still the same team that have supported you, nurtured you, and provided you with a winning car all along your racing career! I hope this will turn around and help you build a better relationship with the team and feel more comfortable and focused than ever

  241. Dear Lewis,

    I am so pleased for you and the team! Thank God that the outcome this time is fair. Just stay out of trouble and study the rule book until every single rule sticks in your memory LOL! 🙂
    Now you have a free mind to concentrate on the next races…I know that the team will do a great job on the car in order to bridge the gap to reach the 100 % in performance again…then the others will have a hard time on the track and we will see you dominating again.

    Rock the track, Champ!

    Love and God bless,
    Inge & Family

  242. Hi Lewis

    I can’t believe what is happening to you and Maclaren. This is not your fault. A silly mistake was made, caused by other people who you respected. Looking back, yes it could all be avoided. But at the end of the day, it was all on camera and you should have had third place in that race. If it was another team I don’t think anything like this fuss would have been made.

    It’s time to put it behind you and learn the hard lesson that you must trust your own instincts and everyone knows that you are truely one of the most honest and respected sportsmen we have.

    It’s too easily forgotten that whilst you are gifted and a brilliant driver, you are also a young chap, and I bet you haven’t made many mistakes compared to others of your age.

    Please forgive yourself and smile again and show us forever more what a fantastic person you are and how much better than all the rest!!

    I look forward to you winning many more championships!! Maclaren had better start to look after you again.

    Love and best wishes always
    Penny 48yrs (Your biggest fan)

  243. Best of luck for the rest of the season. Hopefully now you can put this all behind you & do what you do best – winning! You are the best!

    Your fans are with you all the way!!

    Go Lew!!

  244. “McLaren has been handed a suspended three race-ban by the World Motor Sport Council for misleading race stewards in Australia and Malaysia.”

    O.M.G. i nearly had a fit till i read the last bit! So worrying! but they seem to have been quite fair? just stay out of Trouble Mclaren/Lewis. dont know what i would have done had Lewis been made to sit out three races?? to much politics in this Sport? i thought it was the on-track action that was meant to make your heart race!

    All i can say is thank god that is out of the way and now Lewis & Mclaren can start to enjoy themselves and Race without a huge black cloud on the horizon.

    Win in Spain now Lewis and put this whole Nasty mess behind you, the car will be ready and faster and the win will boost you and the team, you know you can do it.

    Go Lewis.


  245. Dear Lewis,

    Wish you and the team all the best for the hearing! No matter what the decision is, please remember that it won’t change anything with your fans. We believe in you and are behind you all the way! Whatever they decide on, always remember that they cannot take away your strength, your spirit, and your dreams and aspirations!

    I too, like Inge Douglas, listened to the BBC interview and was really touched by it! I was touched by you mentioning how important your fans’ support is 🙂
    I was also touched in a sad way when you said that you aren’t that hyped about being in the world of F1 anymore because of all the politics. The F1 world was always tainted with politics long before you joined, this is how the sport is, unfortunately! So don’t be bothered by it! It’s no use because it will always be that way. Try to find a way of ignoring it all.

    Also, in the world of F1, the more successful you are, the more drama there is. So just take it as a sign of success! 🙂

  246. Just wanted to say all the best for tomorrow…will always be behind you seeing as the day I got into F1 was the day you won silverstone and the day my little girl was born…wouldnt be the same without you… Take care and all the best for the rest of the season

  247. The Championship is ‘not over until the last corner of the last Race’. Iam besotted with F1 and that is down to when Lewis 1st appeared. My heart has never raced faster till I got involved. Thanks Lewis for bringing the drama, madness and excitement into my life. I know you have a lot on your young shoulders, dont worry it come with the package. You are my hero and made me believe in something again. The Championship is yours again for the taking. Lots of love to you, McLaren, Family and of course your gorgeous Nicole.x

  248. Great result Lewis, would have been nice to see you on the podium, dont be down though, was a great run and with not alot of package updates(12?)for the MP4-24, double diffuser for spain? could make all the difference, the car is starting to come alive now, and IF you can keep up…You can Win..cuz its Lewis and the way you drive and think is what makes you a Great Driver/Racer…still time for the championship standings to change, Brawn lead at the present, but who knows what the next few races may bring.
    Stay Calm, believe in yourself and the Car & Team and it will all come together im sure of it.

    Good Luck 2moz mclaren/Lewis hope they dont come down on the squad to hard???


  249. Dear Lewis, Keep up the good work moving up the hill. Don’t quit F1 and McLaren. All the fan’s are behind you. And, since you’ll be having a new engine for Spain, don’t forget to push to the max. Cheers Buddy

  250. I’ve never done this before … but I just wanted to let Lewis know that I believe in your integrity – from your reactions post Australia it’s blatantly obvious that honour, truth, sportsmanship etc mean the world to you.

    Unfortunately we all make silly errors in life – which I believe this to be. It was a split-second decision possibly based on knowing you were in the right in the first place, and one that was probably exacerbated by having been at the wrong end of steward’s decisions previously.

    I really feel for you. I saw your interview yesterday and you can tell how much this has hurt you. I wanted to add my support and hope that you can come through this even stronger mentally.(BTW – last week when my mum and I watched China together we both agreed how lovely you are).

    Anyway – where was I – whatever happens this week, please know that you’re still held in the highest regard, you’re a true racer and F1 would be a very very sad place (for me) if you weren’t in it.


  251. Think that u have proved to be the best driver in F1 at the moment with yr excellent performances in a very sub standard M’claren, Sure that u will be bouncing up and down on that podium soon, and hopefully yr 2nd title… Good luck Mr Hamilton

  252. Hey Lewis,

    Congrats to a great race…unfortunately the podium was not possible this time. The middle sector was the problem where you lost a lot of time, but well done, my dear!

    I said to my hubby on Saturday after the qualifying that you will have a good start and you will try to find a space on the right side in order to pull in front…and you did it…after you nearly got Glock we were screaming…you are such a phenomenal racer and I love watching you driving…it is only a pity that the car has not a 100 % performance like last year, but I know that McLaren Mercedes will do everything to improve the little gap to close up to 100 % as quick as possible…and you will be on the podium again…I read what you said to BBC and it really touched my heart… **)

    Thank you for staying in F1…it would not be the same anymore if you leave.

    Lot’s of love to you, your wonderful family & your team

    “But Hamilton has made up his mind. “I definitely have,” he said. “And it’s because of my fans. Regardless of what anyone else says, I’m going to go out there and give it 100% always, there will be times when I don’t do so well. I’m human, you know.
    “But there’ll be times when I rock the socks off it. And I hope you enjoy it, they’re going to continue to support me and I really just want to embrace them and say thank you to all of them. They’ve been fantastic.”

    “My commitment should never be questioned because I’m very committed to the sport and I’m very, very committed to my team,” the 24-year-old said. “I love this team. I have been here for many years. Since I was 10 years old I said this was who I wanted to drive for and I’m driving for them now.
    “We won a world championship together. We just missed a world championship together and there’s going to be many, many more years when we win and lose. We’ll have bad seasons. But the great thing is that we’re a team. It’s very much a family environment.”

  253. F1 is about great racing drivers, and there are none better than Lewis.Lewis sets agreat example on and off the track.This seasons car is obviously under performing and only lewis could keep in touch with the leaders.Looking forward to the rest of the season and the best of luck to Lewis.

  254. Dearest Lewis,

    My boyfriend and i continue to support you over here in NY. We feel your pain in the struggles that you’ve had to deal with in recent weeks. You shall overcome Lewis. YOu are and will always be a brilliant brilliant racer. Sending our world champion lots of love, luck, and good wishes.


  255. well done lewis, your getting closer ,next race you will be on the podium, all our love to you, we love you lewis and always will, forever and ever xxxx your number one fans xxxxx

  256. Great job today Lewis! Flawless performance.. It’s a pity the MP4-24 wasn’t as quick as the front runners, but 4rth is the highest possible score for the moment, so good job! 🙂

    I hope that going back to Europe will mean that there will be more developments made to the car, and hopefully you’ll be winning podiums in no time!


  257. Well done Lewis! on coming 4th today, you are making very good progress. I liked your interview with the BBC guy. Never give up! my dear. I pray that your team continues making better and better progress because your are heading in the right direction.I see the podium coming nearer and nearer. We love you, press on for us.

  258. congradz…………u did well in bahareinnnnnnn,,
    take care…keep it up..hope u b the best wishes,,,,

  259. Considering that Heikki Kovalainen came 12th in Bahrain, Lewis’s fourth place was nothing less than sensational! Heikki is a good driver, but Lewis’s performance toady, after all the dreadful pressure he has had to deal with this season, shows why he is a very worthy world champion.

    I am also certain that Lewis will take the world championship again in the future but possibly for this season I suspect he may have to lend it to Jenson Button, who is an equally great driver. However, it’s an utter delight to have two such brilliant British drivers flying the flag in Formula 1, particularly given the extremely high standard of drivers like Vettel, Trulli, Alonso and all the others. Keep up the great work Lewis – you have many many fans who, like me, know that you are a great driver, a great world champion and a very personable and pleasant man.

  260. Hey Lewis,
    I was lookin forward to a podium finish. well the traffic vettel an Truli held you back while Jenson was pulling away. Anywys, 4th is not a bad result at all considerin the car you driving. So i hope from next race we will be getting podiums for a dramatic championship win again ths year.
    Well done well done Lewis. We will catchup soon.
    keep focusing on racing.

  261. All the best to you and your team pray that u get a good result in the future. and could you please help me i want to study formula one but i dnt no what to do if you can get any info please email me at

  262. yo lewis jus wanted to say i think u r a sick driver an im glad u race lik ur ment to do …. (race) good luck with every race u do all the best lez

  263. Keep your chin up Lewis, you can beat this, i have great faith in you. Cant wait to see you back at Silverstone. All the best Pauline

  264. Well it’s nearly time. Lewis/Kovi you can do this, toyota will have to pit before you guys, so if you get your strategy right you might be able to pull off a 1 – 2 but you will need a good start and Kovi will need to be your wingman “proper” instead of being halfway down the pack.
    you say you are happy with the car, and i think you have done a great job even when the car has not been so competitive.

    Go Lewis!



  266. Well done Lewis,on qualifying 5th for tommorrow’s race. I do wish you all the best.Yuo are the reason why I gained the interest of watching formuala 1 racing. So do it again for me, I love watching you racing that car. I can not wait for the day you will take pole position again.

  267. Hey Lewis,
    great job great job. concentrate tomorrows. you re the man. a true driver with a car that is not so competitive, you beat some double dfussers, well balanced cars, hahahaah. I cant wait for your car to get sorted an Kov,Kimi and Massa’s cars too. then we will start watching proper racing. Go Lewis, WORLD CHAMP, McLaren and another dramatic championship win this year.

  268. You are a great inspiration to many. You made me a Formula 1 junkie. You have come through it all. Do what you do the best. Just race. Let the other matters not affect you. You rule every race circuit:)

  269. I know you wont show this as no one can say anything negative about lw.
    This is why everyone i know thinks he’s got his head up his backside.
    How can you have a blog that will only praise the cheat.
    Good luck trying to change his image.
    Good luck Jenson

  270. Well all I can add to the many other messages is: –
    Good Luck Lewis, you are getting closer and closer to that podium finish. There’s still a long way to go and you never know what may happen …
    Best of luck for the Bahrain GP I know you will be racing your heart out for everyone.
    Best of luck for 29th too!!

  271. Dearest Lewis,

    Wishing you the best of luck in Bahrain 🙂 The car seems to be be improving a lot, hope you get to score some decent points, hopefully a podium finish.. I just want to let you know that we are all with you during these rough times approaching the 29th, and that we’ve accepted your apology from Melbourne 🙂

    No matter what happens in the near future, keep your head high and continue to take the best possible action given at any point in time. As long as you continue to give your best, nobody will be disappointed in you.. I read in an article that you’ve recently recalled your meeting with Nelson Mandela, and that you’ve taken inspiration from him to never stop learning everyday of your life.. We all live and learn, but the main thing is to learn from our mistakes and move on, dwelling on them will just suck you deeper into the hole.. Believe in your self and know that you’re not alone.. Looking forward to seeing the qualifying..

  272. Lewis, I’m glad that you have come forward to stop the rumors that you maybe leaving Mclaren. The people who have pushed these lies have only done so, as to destabilize your relationship with your mechanics, other team members and the public. Lewis my respect for you only grew more when you said, “I’m here,I’m enjoying myself and my time at the team. I don’t abandon my team when times get tough” and “We ride the bad and good times together, so I am happy where I am”…….well said.

    Oh…That 1:33.647 which you did and topped the timesheets during the 1st practice session was superb, especially considering that you did it on the PRIME TIRES. During that session the only cars to get down in the 1:33’s were the BMW’s on the soft tires.

    Good luck this weekend……..Mr. Hamilton.

  273. This has been a great season so far. Your driving on the rain soaked and dry tracks has been excellent. Most important, you are always the sportsman and roll model F1 really needs for both the young and old fans. This is your best season so far so keep going strong.

  274. Hey Lewis,

    Well done today…the first practice was amazing…have not seen the session on TV jet, but I was following the live report…the first session was a demonstration of what is more to come performance-wise from your team and you as our champ…in the second session it seemed that the brakes were not functioning 100 %, but anyway, nothing what your team will not be able to work on tonight…tomorrow you will show it again…Hope that Heikki will catch up too…

    All the best…
    Love & God bless,
    Inge & family

  275. HI Lewis,

    Great job on first practice. i hope you keep up the pace this whole weekend an soon be back at the top.
    keep concentrating as much as you can and i know you will do it.
    Hope Ferrari gets back at the top too to make the races more interesting.
    Just note this Lewis, its going to be a dramatic championship win again this year. Just keep pushing. when you comeout of this dark period, you will be stronger in every way than ever before.

  276. Good luck Lewis in Bahrain
    Win this one please!
    We will be rooting for you all the way here in South Africa

  277. Good luck Lewis it was great to see you trying in china when others were happy to sit back. Some of those moves around the outside realy showed your class and the fact that the car is moving forwards. Heres looking forward to your coninued sucsess as the car and areo package keep on improving so i am certain will your results.
    I hope the d1ckheads who abound in the higher echelons of F1 dont get you down too much and you stuff it to them by carrying on winning you know thats what they hate most of all.
    Good luck

  278. lewis the last race was not that good so u wiil need to work on your race not the girls you see i love your raceses but the last one i did not love it,i what to see you win the next race so don’t let me down, go lewis go!!!!

  279. Hope mclaren have added the add-ons for the MP4-24 in time for practice 2moz, cant wait to see Lewis & Kovi fly, i still believe Lewis/mclaren/Kovi have every chance of winning this Championship, Brawn have grabbed some points and now Redbull have too,unlike the remarks by some in the F1 paddock i dont think it is over till its over, and because it is not one team that have grabbed all the points so-far, it means that mclaren/Lewis/kovi only need to win 2 or 3 in a row(and we know lewis can do that)to catch up or be at the front of the pack! Cool Runnings Lewis! Go get em!


  280. Dear Lewis,

    All the best for the weekend…we will cheer you up from Friday until Sunday… just leave all the negative stuff behind you and keep in mind that everything is possible…you are the world champion and you deserved it more than anybody else among the drivers…you are the best and you are a true racer (your overtaking manoeuvres are what we love to see)…watching you is always a great pleasure

    …just stay focused as usual, Champ!

    Lot’s of love from your no. 1 fans from Germany!

    God bless you, your family and your team!
    Inge & Family

  281. Keep it up. We are all behind you. At our offices in London, we now have 4 screens and the entire staff at Golden Dimensions ltd does not miss any of your races.
    We are true fans of u…. looking forward to share thoughts.

    Night shift co-ordinator
    Golden Dimensions

  282. Very good performance in China despite the rains. It is not over yet, we have got Bahrain on the 24th, 25th and 26th of april 2009.
    I am confident u are going to win this race…. I am very much looking forward to it….
    Go and get it boy!

  283. I have been reading about you tuff break but if you stick at it and is your mum and dad alrighr black father and white mother people say you are the ultimate black racing driver ni the world EVER and good work on top gear i have watched in 15 times in the past a wet and oily track i 1 44.7 now thats quick

  284. you ruled at all of your grand prix and in another 10 years i hope too race for mclaren mercades i do all my school work on you and just now i was told to write ten lines about someone famous and i wrote 10 pages on you good luck in your next race COMEON LEWIS HAMILTON YOU RULE

  285. good luck lewis, hope you get first place,we love you loads all our love to you and your family tina and dave xxxx

  286. Hello, Lewis, I love you much and keep praying for you. You are the BEST, do not be distracted by those who thought “WE CAN’T”, “YES WE CAN” because you are the world champion and you will do it again and again. Just stay calm, do what you know is best that is steering that car to VICTORY, do not let things which have happened in the past distract you. I can’t wait to CHEER you on next week. Go boy!!!!!
    Blessings Irene-Birmingham

  287. Hi Lewis,it is a pleasure to comment about you,i am living in spain but iam from cameroon.i have a group of 9 friends and we are all great fans of yours.i think i have never been happy in my life like the day you won tha formula1 championship and as well as the day Obama won the elections. this start of season has not be very good,but you have to keep you head up even when tha blow is hard,said by will see that this season will make you even stronger and better driver.i would personally advise you not to leave mclaren no matter the is a good team,your team. if you start changing teams you will find it dificult to regain your equilibrium like alonso. last week you made few mistakes because you were very anxious to gain positions,you are a fantastic driver that’s why you always want to obtain more than what the car can give you at the patient,your car will soon be as fast as you need and want.
    good luck in your career and i will surely go and watch you in the valencia GP,you are the best and i am vere proud of you,you enlighten my weekends, thank u soooo much for that.

    greetings and much love from spain.

  288. Hi Lewis,
    Many congratulations on your 6th place,think you probably thought you could have done better.The season still has a long way to go, all i can say to you,is that we all have so much faith in you,never ever lose sight of the boy with all the dreams, because they are our dreams too.Goodluck in Bahrain, we are all with you.
    A fan for life Wendy x

  289. My little 6 year old son absolutely adores Lewis. He asked Santa for a Lewis Hamilton Scalextrix set and everytime Lewis is on the television, we have to bring out the set so he can race like Lewis. Toysrus ran out of Lewis Hamilton costumes over Christmas – we hope they come back in stock Christmas 09 – otherwise Santa will have some explaining to do!

    We love you lots Lewis.


  291. HI Lewis,

    Glad you got some points today though you were spinning. Just concentrate on your racing and try to forget the past. Visualise a better tomorrow for you to be stronger in mind and spirit, for you to perfom better.
    The car is improving and soon you will catchup. Just keep getting as many points as you can in every race.
    Take care.

  292. Lewis I feel like your driving style doesn’t suite the car your driving. I think you have to focus on driving the car more smoothly than trying to swing the rear end of the car out.

    Happy to help
    Paul A.K.A Lover of Lewis and Mclaren.

  293. Lewis I know your struggling with the car at the moment but I’d like you to know me and my my dad are backing you up for the world championship all year round.

    Have a go!
    Your Number 1 fan always.

  294. Lewis, it was good seeing you toping the timesheets during the first practice session, and finally advancing to Q3. I’m encouraged by the progress that the MP4-24 is making, and it will not be long before you will be fighting for pole positions and race wins. Lewis you have #1 on your car, and you are still #1 to your legions of fans from around the world.

    Lewis good luck at the race tomorrow, and just be yourself during the race, because that could only mean again another one of your dazzling performances.

  295. Lewis,
    I know that you will get there in the end. This season is a slow start, but it’s the finish that counts. Baby, you can do it. You are a legend, hero and star.

  296. JUST WANNA SHOT OUT TO HAMILTON – heard that your doing ok in the practice rounds of the Chinese GP just wanna wish you all the best for the rest of the weekend mate al be routing for you on my sofa you could do with a break mate with all of the double defuses on the other cars, you just use your KERS system mate an you will do fine. . hope you do ok cus i got a wager on at work with the other lads. im betting that your going to pull it of later on in the year on make it no2, just think only one more then you get that car in the merc headquarters


  297. Great first practice run Lewis 🙂 137.334 right at the top of the board! glad to see you feeling a bit happier with the car. though even with the car not feeling right you did a great job in the first two races. stick with the Tyres you used in the first practice for qualifying and try to get the best out of them in the race(seems the switch to hard tyres in 2nd practice didnt help???) the overall times we have seen so far suggest this will be a close run race, but it will be YOUR ability behind the wheel that will shine through.

    Go Lewis! Go mclaren! and Button 🙂 oh what a great season,would be wicked to see Lewis and Button on the podium together.


  298. Hi Lewis!
    I admire you as much as you after all the verbal abuse your job so well out of them.

    I greet all Lewis fans.

  299. Dear Lewis,

    Just stay focussed throughout the season…show your best performance even if you will not fight for the title this year…there are still many to come…of course it is a pity for you being the reigning World Champion and the situation looks hopeless according to the diffuser legalisation…I am so sorry to hear that Ron resigned from F1… it makes me sad a little bit, because he was a remarkable personality in F1 and it is a loss in many aspects…so life has to go on, as it says…I and my family will always support you, because you are the best driver out there…

    All the best for the weekend! We will cheer you up!

    Lot’s of love and God bless,
    Inge & family

  300. hi,it funny am sending u this mail.i dont know anythingabout F1 but i guess seeing u i the magsine,tells how far u are going with it.this u time,try to utilze ir well and wisely.i dont kow what drew me to send this messag.but in case u read it urself.i will begreatful n thankful.try to always hav GOD FIRST urself,humble,simple and generous as God has created u.stay blessed sir,n know that someone cares n that this person is GOD.STAY BLESSED.JALLO ,GHANA WEST AFRICA.

  301. Lewis can and will overcome his current problems, bad press et al. He is a great driver as stated by Sir Jackie and Eddie to name just two. I look forward to watching him win many more F1 World Championships before my time is out. I get rather bored by the BBC presenters blowing hot and cold. Yes a lie is a lie but who can hold up their hands and deny they have never committed a “sin”. I do not condone it in anyone but do we really know the truth, Do we do as the “boss” says or do we call him a liar? None of us were privy to final instructions, all we know is what was heard over the team radio when Lewis was obviously concerned that he adhered totally to the rules and regs. Yup, still more to this lot than meets the eye. Race Control and Charlie were unobtainable when serious answers were needed immediately. I still believe there is something sinister with the FIA and the overall control of F1. Hey, one minute Bernie is on air saying Lewis is the CEO for McLaren and the next he is changing his mind. Are we really supposed to take the F1 “BOARD” seriously.

    As for the diffusers, surely the rules and regs should have been so set down that there was no doubt about what was permissible. To find even four teams interpreting the rules in a way that has caused this latest debacle should not be accepted. I always understood RULES ARE RULES – no leeway for any other interpretation. Once again the F1 so called Governing Body (the know alls) have caused dissent and confusion. If they don’t get their act together like yesterday then this great sport will simply fall apart and dissolve. They also have to be shown to be clean, we are all tired of the anti-McLaren witch hunt. McLaren have done so much good for F1 over so many years. So Good Luck Lewis and McLaren. I still have faith in you.

  302. F1 NEWS –

    “The FIA has declared that the controversial diffuser designs used by Brawn GP,
    Toyota and Williams are legal – rejecting an appeal from rival teams.

    The decision now puts the protesting teams under pressure to follow their rivals’
    lead and develop their own versions of the taller ‘double decker’ diffusers, which
    are widely thought to have been key to Brawn’s dominant start to 2009 and Toyota
    and Williams’s improved form.”

    c’mon mclaren get that car Retro fitted and lets see Lewis tear up the times on the next race. hope they can work that quick, but if not a least should be ready for the race after this one??

    Least button gets to keep his wins and the rest of the pack know where they stand on the matter.

    Go Lewis! Go mclaren!


  303. Wow Catz you tell ’em. I think there is too much power in too few hands. The sport will be killed off if nothing is done to stop this. I don’t understand Bernie and MAx’s hatred for McLaren. They, imo, have become transparent in their dislike of the team. Can someone explain to me why though?
    Catz people are quick to forget that Lewis is a good driver in a rubbish car as you pointed out 18th to 3rd, 12th to 5th before race stopped and who knows where he could have ended up if it was restarted!!
    Lewis is a brilliant driver and I think once the ‘hanging’ is over on the 29th Many will forget it, unless you are a journalist or press coz they sure seem to want to stick the knife in every time. I was pleased to read what DC said – good for him in a way sticking up for Lewis. Now Lewis H get lost!!

  304. Yeah and it sure as hell wouldn’t miss the likes of you! the figures and stats speak for themselves! (even Bernie has said that Lewis is an ambassador for f1 & Bernie has said that Lewis is GOOD for the sport and he acknowledged that fans were actually ‘drifting away’ from the sport). I wouldn’t normally waste time responding to this guys msgs peeps, his arguments are rubbish and can’t back himself up. i wont be after this post, will just see what other peeps have to say to your nonsense.
    I can’t think of any other sport where one person seems to exert so much influence in the way bernie does or one where decisions/punishments seem to vary so much for similar offences.
    Despite everything still looking forward to next race.
    Happy Easter peeps!

  305. Moderator why has “Lewis H” remarks not been removed the guy is so NOT a Lewis Fan! and if we are all “sad sorry self centred individuals” what the hell does that make you??? Lewis has got heaps more talent than Button (and i like him aswell) the sport has changed since Lewis came onto the scene, and i beg to differ “the sport wont miss any of you” duh! so what about ticket sales, merchandise sales, Tv viewing figures, sponserships and so on. and how do you know how many peeps have or haven’t watched F1 untill Lewis started racing??? i for one have watched F1 since i was a kid, and will continue to do so even if Lewis was to leave, That dosent mean that a lot of Fans new to F1 wouldnt stop watching if Lewis left, and it would make a Dent as you put it. and if you cant see that their is a problem with “conspiracy” among the Stewards and officials that control this sport then you are blind (sorry if i upset any blind peeps) or stupid or maybe both? Kimi takes out Force india (monaco last year) and get a 10’000 euro fine – Lewis hits Kimi in pits (pit entrance open/exit closed???) and gets grid drop and penalty. Lewis had WIN taken off him for letting ferrari pass him more than once after lewis cut chicane, then ferrari hit Lewis on the first corner after the start/finish line. when ALONSO and FERRARI was caught out in SPYGATE episode why was it just RON DENNIS and mclaren that got the bad press and still to this day the others “alonso/ferrari” never get mentioned??? if you care to look at the penaltys that mclaren have had over the last two seasons…its a joke “though not funny” and the RULES as they are called are NOT applied in a uniform manner to say the least. and when all the teams are fitted with the diffusers that Brawn have,and the other two teams we shall see if Grid dont change….oh and if the mclaren has not been as fast as it can be, then dont you think Lewis’s 18th-3rd / 12th-5th(b4 reshuffle) results speak for themselves. Lewis is a natural born racer, been doing it long enough, and unlike you a lot of people still believe he can win the Championship again this year.

    by the way – FAN AND INSPIRATION SITE! which i believe none of your comments are!

    CaTz – True F1 Fan

  306. Actually lewis h which I can only image what the h means! Bernie himself has said that Lewis is a great ambassador for the sport. He did more for the sport than the current world champion at that time which was Alonso, if I recall correctly in that intervier. Imagine what he has done since becoming world champion? Bernie has said that Lewis is GOOD for the sport and he acknowledged that fans were actually ‘drifting away’ from the sport. You can’t tell me that many have simply returned. Due to what??? Others have started to watch because Lewis has made the sport exciting. That is why many drivers were annoyed with him because he became the ‘darling’ of a lot of fans, he raised the profile of the sport and now the FIA are determined to drag it down in the sewer again. You can’t tell me what they are doing is good for the sport? You may not like the man but you should give him credit where it is due. Lewis IS a good, exciting driver. He has given the sport what it lacked – excitment!!!

  307. l think the whole f1 has turned into a silly sport, its sole purpose seems is now to insure lewis does not win the title at all costs, rather than getting on with the racing, the points have been stripped lets get on with it, lewis will win it again and again trust me, the f1 has distorted the meaning of competitive sporting, we want to watch racing at all costs, abolish the safety car and let them race till the last man stands….good luck lewis….win it for us

  308. Inge, I just think what happened with Lewis has been blown way out of proportion. If he is not allowed to race, it isn’t just you and me who will walk away from F1. Millions will. I would not be able to switch on the TV and watch one iota of F1.

    Lewis’ fans will always support him 100% and know he is a wonderful man, and fantastic racer.

    I hope the FiA uses common sense at the end of the month. Surely disqualification and media bashing are enough punishment for Lewis and his team?


  309. Exactly Catz!! Truilli said he thought there was something wrong with Lewis’ car. Well it was obvious there wasn’t why didn’t he give the place back to Lewis? I wondered why it was reopened when Toyota said they weren’t going to appeal too? Unless of course we all know the FIa will try anything to stop Lewis retaining his title!! I could be cynical though.
    Lastly, we all thought Lewis had done another good job from 12th to 5th, but apparently, the rules are they go back to the last WHOLE lap raced which is why some people were then ‘out of sequence’. I think they make the rules up as they go along personally which is how McLaren got into this mess in the first place.
    They were so scared of a repeat at Spa they did what they did. Doesn’t make it right, but … Personally I think it is very harsh, esp when you see what goes on in other sports. The blatant dives, the goals that never were, the ones that should have been.
    Bernie and Max couldn’t be more transpart, imo, of their dislike of Lewis and McLaren.
    Personally, if they do ban Lewis they will regret it with the 1000s of people leaving the sport so they had better think long and hard before making THAT decision!!!
    Keep you head up Lewis, nothing stopped you winning the championship title last year, let’s hope nothing stops you retaining it this year!!

  310. Exactly Catz!! Truilli said he thought there was something wrong with Lewis’ car. Well it was obviously there wasn’t why didn’t he give the place back to Lewis? I wondered why it was reopened when Toyota said they weren’t going to appeal too? Unless of course we all know the FIa will try anything to stop Lewis retaining his title!! I could be cynical though.
    Lastly, we all thought Lewis had done another good job from 12th to 5th, but apparently, the rules are they go back to the last WHOLE lap raced which is why some people were then ‘out of sequence’. I think they make the rules up as they go along personally which is how McLaren got into this mess in the first place.
    They were so scared of a repeat at Spa they did what they did. Personally I think it is very harsh, esp when you see what does on in other sports. The blatant dives, the goals that never were, the ones that should have been.
    Bernie and Max couldn’t be more transpart, imo, of their dislike of Lewis and McLaren.
    Personally, if they do ban Lewis they will regret it with the 10000s of people leaving the sport so they had better think long and hard before making THAT decision!!!
    Keep you head up Lewis, nothing stopped you winning the championship title last year, let’s hope nothing stops you retaining it this year!!

  311. I have followed F1 for over 50 years. Lewis is the best natural and instinctive driver since the great Jim Clark. In his short time in F1, and tender age, he has driven like a master. In the British GP last year he was in a class of his own, in Italy he overtook many cars from well down the grid to second place. Vettel, also a great driver, won in Italy but it was from pole so he didn’t need to pass anyone.
    Lets hope Lewis can live through the present problems and we see his skill for many yaers to come.

  312. Glad to see so many peeps still behind Lewis, what i dont get is – Trulli still overtook under safety! Lewis DID say in first interview what had happened, Toyota didnt appeal against their penalty?so who asked for the transmissions to be checked and for the stewards to re-open investigation?? and whatever was said off the track dont change what happend on the track. and i thought Lewis was 5th in last race and so did he in interview…what went on in the reshuffle??? F1 Rules are STRANGE! and how come whenever they mention the mclaren SPYGATE case – ALONSO or Ferrari are never mentioned??? funny old game.

    Stick with mclaren Lewis, DONT talk to the Press, just Drive your heart out, and the WINS will come.


  313. Hi Lewis,

    Good luck next week, Just keep your head, ignore all the pesimists and their nasty comments, especially about where you live.
    Just ask them where does Jessen Button live? Why….down on the Sunny mediteranean, thats where. and why not.
    Your talent will shine through over the season, just remember
    “One Swallow, does not a summer make.”
    Good luck to you and yours
    Eileen Adams

  314. Having read the comments. I am sooo glad that most of the people are still behind Lewis. Whiting admits that Lewis felt uncomforable in the meeting and that he was ‘fudging’the answers. That is not the same as lying. However, the damage is done. I think the FIA are always out to ‘get’ Lewis. They think we don’t see that, but we do.
    I have written to Lewis at Woking to express my hopes that he stays at McLaren to prove that he is a ‘team player’, he has no where to go this year and that I felt for him in the press conf as he looked and sounded sooo sad. I would be very surprised if the FIA ban the team and him from sports. They are not stupid they KNOW that most of us have started watching or returned to watching the sport because of Lewis and many of us will leave it if he goes. I for one will not watch it again. I hope the FIA are aware of this because I thought I was the only one, but reading the above and from my FB sites I realise I am not the only one who will leave the sport. Shumacher was a ‘cheat’ but cos he drove a Ferrari he got away with lots and lots of things. Or maybe the FIA are …..?
    The FIA with their farcial diabolic way of running the sport is bringing it into disrepute in my opinion, but they don’t care!!!
    You are allowed to make mistakes in life.
    Lewis babe you keeping driving the way you know best, with all your heart, cos we your fans will always be with you, through thick and thin.

  315. dear lewis

    I never use to know anything about f1 and racing cars. You are the reason i started watching this sport. All i want to say is, this storm will be over ,from it you will come shinning more than the world will expect. Cool down and be patient all your fans are by your side no matter what lewis,my heart is bleeding because u dont deserve this after such a fantastic race u deliverd in australia.

    Be strong lewis will support u always and wish u all the best in your career,remember even a honest steward can take instruction from his master.I cant wait to see u over come this. me and my family lv u a lot

  316. Dear Lewis my husband and i are still behind you 100%,we hate to see you so sad, we miss seeing your wonderfull smile but are praying that everything will come right in the the end, we enjoy watching you race around the tracks, you are such a skilled driver,please dont ever leave lewis as you will break our hearts, it would never be quite the same without the world champion LEWIS HAMILTON we love you lewis god bless to you and your wonderfull family xxxxxx ( hi inge hope your all well tine xx)

  317. Hi Lou I am one of your very supportive fans, I am deeply saddened by the recent turn of events, I do hope in my wildest dreams that this saga is put to rest sooner than later. One thing I must stress that there are plenty people out there who are very glad to hear what has occured, but those feelings are due to pure jealousy,deceit and race related. For me I wish for you a speedy recovery with the MP4-24 and take your driving to the next level. (This is what I am taking about).


  318. Lewis the rumors are flying about your future with Mclaren and F1. One being that you was overheard saying in a Kuala Lumpur lobby about the possibilities that may exist for you in the american racing scene. Lewis, there is nothing for you here in the USA….nothing. Many of the Indy Car and IRL drivers were, and I don’t mean to be condescending, F1 aspirants and rejects. If you go down the line and ask any of them, which series did they dream of participating in, and I assure Lewis it was F1.
    I believe it would be a public relations disaster for you if you chose to leave Mclaren now. Your critics would be howling from the rooftops, declaring your lack of character and how quick you would run when the going becomes tough. Lewis show your strength of character by remaining with Mclaren and making it again one of the top rungs on the winning ladder of success.

    Hang tough Lewis and continued success.

  319. Good evening Lewis, family and friends:

    I am sitting here in the States reading, but not fully understanding the “technicalities” of what has transpired. I am probably one of the older if not oldest persons to post here so I am asking you to bear with me.

    If I say, “this too will pass”, I certainly don’t mean it in a trvial sense. Is it fair to say the eyes of the world are watching you and listening to every word you say from here on in? Will your every word and gesture be scrutinized and analyzed? Absolutely.

    “To thine own self be true.”

    Just spare me a moment to share a story. When I was a little girl, one of my classroom assignments was to write a story about what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was a big Jackie Stewart and Graham Hill fan and therefore wrote this paper about how I wanted to be the first woman to win the LeMans Grand Prix or at least say that I had driven a Formula 1 race car. That was too much for my teacher. After all, I was a “girl” and a “colored girl” at that. Whatever could I be thinking? A letter was sent home to my parents expressing “concerns” about how unrealistic my choices were.

    I am thrilled to have lived long enough to see you take your rightful place in the world of Formula 1. You will continue to inspire young men and women to pursue their dreams. YOU DID and for that I THANK YOU.

  320. possibly one of the most exciting drivers ever. Brought back excitement to formula one,after a dreary procession of one certain driver, who used all means possible,without penalties to secure his world championships.The FIA are’nt stupid they know that if the biggest draw to Formula One,walks, they will lose their greatest asset,and so will Maclaren,So Lewis and your father please stay with us, not sure if it should be with Maclaren though,think you have paid your debt to them.Good luck and please stay with us.from a fan since bthe early days.

  321. sorry, the site was a bit crazy and my comment has been send now 4 times…very sorry, about that!!

  322. Thank you, Lambert for your nice mail.

    Just a link to the latest motorsport news to underline what I said about the penalty they might get.

    Of course it is all about, forgiving and forgetting, that is correct, but where do you think this will end with this team. After 2007 they should have known and after all the penalties they got in 2008. It seems that something different is going on in the team and I might be wrong, but Mercedes has a big ownership in it and here in Germany work places and share holder benefits are going to be in danger. After the shareholder meeting yesterday in Stuttgart it was clearly said that the recession is hitting so hard that they can not guarantee the work places any longer. This shows me that the money they are winning and mostly losing with McLaren has a big impact. Even the 100 mio $ penalty from 2007 was hitting them very hard and there is a penalty definitely to come again…
    I have no confidence in this team any longer and I think it is the same with Lewis and his dad. The best step for him to take is to go to Brawn GP (2 British drivers in a British team and with the best car around) :). The FIA will not penalise the diffusors…trust me…

    I will definitely pray for Lewis, his dad and his family to make the correct decision for his future…and I will also pray for McLaren that they start being honest in all aspects even if Lewis will stop driving for them…this is my duty as a christian, but the confidence in the team is far gone for me and my family…

    This time nobody can blame the FIA… they digged their own hole.

    Thanks one again for your nice mail…it was highly appreciated.

    I wish you a nice easter!

    Love and God bless,
    Inge & family

  323. Is it just me or have the FIA taken all of this way out of proportion ? If Lewis had his finger nails too long I think the FIA would find this in breach of the rules or find it as an un sportsmanly like tactic ! It just seems that Mclaren and Lewis get the full force of the FIA in the way of punishments and penalties, in Australia Rubens (who I also like as a driver) made contact with other drivers and caused several cars to leave the track on the first corner and also had contact with a few other cars during the race – and yet not even the slightest hint of an investigation – had this been a certain other car with a number 1 on the front, I’m sure it would have been a different matter. All of the scnadal of the legal/illegal letting past etc would have been avoided if the race officials could have given clarification on the incident straigh away – so surely in the interest of the sport they should take some of the heat for this – put it down to experience, and get on with the real reason everyone is there and that is to race – all this politics and power mongering is spoiling what could be a great season.
    All the best to Lewis and co.

  324. Dear Inge,
    Thank you for your thoughts. All of us are angered by what happened to Lewis and his team. It is very good that Lewis apologised for it. As you mention, the team has let him down, especially when you remember how well he drove in the very race which became later on the “haunting one” for him and us his fans! mclaren could have acted better that they did, not only before the meeting with the stewards but already at the time of the incident. However, mistakes happen. This was the second team’s mistake after the one in 2007!Having said that, If we are really behind Lewis as his loyal fans, we are also behind his team, no matter what. It is true they failed morally but who does not fail there? Look at the FIA themselves; Even these medias, the same ones to scrutinise Lewis and Mclaren, do lie to us everyday and purposly!! Let us forget and forgive. We can do this by forming a “front” against the medias themselves, by opposing their views.
    As to if Mclaren is excluded from the championship, i doubt this. F1 is not yet ready to do without either Mclaren or Lewis, even for a year. What I do sense is that they will be fined heavily but not excluded from the championships.
    Let us pray that our Lewis will come back even stronger, his team as well.
    God bless you and your family.
    (By the way, I also came to love F1 because of Lewis and so if at all he was to leave the sport, I will turn my back from it as well!!)
    Nice day and Happy Easter.

  325. To all the beloved fans and friends,

    I hope that everybody here is aware of the situation Lewis, his father and his family are in right now…and also Heikki, of course. I am totally disgusted about the McLaren team and I am not willing to extent my membership with them. If they want us to believe that it was only Dave Ryan who caused this problem they think we are all stupid. This lying scenario was coming from higher places in this company. In the worst case, and I believe that this will not be too far away to take it into consideration, is that the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team will be disqualified from the Championship this year and also fined on top. A word champion without any seat to drive…this is disgusting…
    I feel so sorry for Lewis and can not describe it in words…he was the reason why I started watching again…and if he will not drive anymore I will definitely watch it no more…
    I do not know how all of you are feeling right now…I just wanted to share my thoughts…

    Love & God bless,

  326. Dearest Lewis,

    Our prayers and thoughts go out to you at these difficult times. Thank you for your honesty and for sticking to what you said you’d always do: owning up to your mistakes. I’m sure all your fans really appreciate the fact that you actually apologized! We are with you no matter what! Please try to remain calm and focused on why you entered the world of F1 in the first place, to race and enjoy the thing you love the most!

    Every successful person has to go through tough times, but it’s these tough times that make us people grow stronger! It’s easy to just give up and fall victim, but you are stronger than that! Don’t let anyone stop you from what you do best! You’re not a quitter!

    After all everybody makes mistakes! We are all human, it’s just much worse for you because anything you do is scrutinized to bits in the public eye. The more successful you are, the more there are people out there just waiting for you to slip so that they can bring you down..

    This is not the 1st time anything like this happens in the world of F1, but you took it harshly because you are a genuine and honest man – and your fans know this and appreciate your honesty!

    Ignore the media as usual! Be yourself because you’re a wonderful guy and we all know it! Keep your head high and race race race…

    I pray that both championships remain for McLaren after the ruling on the 29th, it’s just the beginning of the season! Don’t forget even though they did commit a huge mistake, they are still the same team that have supported you, nurtured you, and provided you with a winning car all along your racing career! I hope this will turn around and help you build a better relationship with the team and feel more comfortable and focused than ever..

  327. F1 Racer…Lewis hasn’t quit and neither has he deliberately run into an opponent in order to secure a championship like Schumacher.

  328. Look Lewis, We all know you are having a hard time, and pretty much all of us wish that you weren’t. We just want you to forget anything that happens, or is happening outside your f1 car, and just race your heart out. Not just for yourself, or your family, but for all your supportive fans aswell, who will support you all the way and forever. Before you came along lewis, i didn’t actually know a lot about formula one, but I saw how you raced and it inspired me more than anything else I know. I wish I could be as good as you but, we can’t all be that good. Just race for your fans, friends and family.


    One Of Your Biggest Fans. =]

  329. lewis six the best always, six victim of a plot of maFIA and ferrari, that want to estrange you from the mclaren, but you not to release we are always with you.the hopes that understand this message of mine because I don’t know how to speak English!GO lewis FOREVER!!!

  330. Hi. Stick at it Lewis. You were hung out to dry by McClarren. Prove yourself yet again in the car, and show your talent to your critics. How about batsman who don’t walk. cricket catches that don’t stick, footballers who dive, football managers who use underhand tactics to intimidate referees,athletes who take drugs, or others in the pit lane, now and in the past, who have been less than honest. The list is endless,but they all try to cheat. You have probably the highest profile of all, and so you have been pilloried by the press. Bet they don’t publish your side of the story.
    regards Bernard aged 75 who grew up near Silverstone! )

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