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Dear All,

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Also, best wishes to you, all of the fans here, Lewis, his family and his team for 2009! Can not wait for the next GP to start!

Me and my family met Lewis at “Stars & Cars” in Stuttgart last year in November and I had the opportunity talking to him and I gave him a CD-ROM from all the comments on this site which have been made after his World Champion Title win. I told him that this unofficial fan site, thanks to the moderator for this opportunity, is the best one for all his fans all over the world to share their views. He appreciated this present very much and he said to all of you “Thanks for your continuous support”.
He is a very kind person and has a nice personality and all the rubbish what has been said about him being arrogant is not true. He took very much time pleasing a lot of fans in Stuttgart with an autograph. I will never forget that day!

Tomorrow the new MP4-24 will be presented in Woking. I am sure also this new McLaren Mercedes will bring Lewis to the next Championship win!

God bless you,

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  1. dude, shit happens…. ho hum… snapped me thigh in 2 places, other leg snapped me tib and fib… me feet are, yeah. soar.. that was 17 years ago. still ride bikes like a happy child, a lot slower now.. i grew up in a little village you know well, bunked off school many times to see the fastest men on 2 and 4 wheels and it was just me and my mate, in an empty grandstand. happy days. enjoy what you got dude. keep that cheeky grin and hey, walk round the back off the motor home and laugh. cos hey, shit happens some days and,theres allways some one alot werse off than us. chin up on board, no coms, on me 42′ telly, wireless ear phones on. pure heaven. thanks dude, keep up the good work.and dont open ya mouth to change feet, leave that to olde gits like me.pps. f..k um dude your a world champ dude, cheers

  2. stay strong Lewis, you deserve so much more. You make me so proud to be British, you are the best!

  3. e da tanto che volevo dirti che sei il numero 1 di tutti i tempi ai grinda e bravura da vendere sei troppo forte al contrario di campioni divenuti solo x l’auto tu lo sei anche senza.e senza di te la f1 sarebbe noisa ti auguro vincere sempre perche lo meriti

  4. Lewis i love you and all but we really need something good out that new car of yours, testing isnt going well so far come on we can do this, give your best as we all know you do lets have an amzing year cant wait till 13th march whoooooooo

    Best Wishes and good luck 🙂

    love biggest fan dee x

  5. Please urge Bernie to cancel F1 in Bahrain. It would be grotesque and bad for F1. Remember England’s South Africa tour during apartheid? Ugly.

  6. Dear Lewis,

    Don’t you feel you should not race in Bahrein because of the way the government there is trying to keep their streets clean to have you all over?
    Or just because of the regime there, do you really need to make more money for those kind of people who treat their own people like that?

  7. Hey Lewis, I recently read that your brother Nicolas has recently gained a National B license, which will enable him to participate in The National Clio Cup………Best of luck to Nicolas and yourself in the upcoming 2011 season.

  8. I also hope that no lewis second in 2009 and well experienced with the tires get along. Currently it looks really not good.

  9. I’m concerned that Lewis missed out on a lot of testing opportunity on Day 3 because McLaren didn’t have enough spare parts. They were having more sent out for the next day, but that’s no good to Lewis as it would be Button’s turn. How can you test parts if they aren’t even ready? Hope this is not going to prove to be another 2009 season.

  10. I would like to say I was really glad to read that Lewis and his dad are reconciled. Looking forward to seeing Anthony at the track supporting Lewis as any dad would. Hopefully this is all good karma for our boy to challenge for the title.
    Roll on Bahrain coz I’m getting fed up waiting lol.

  11. Regarding Rafer Austin’s comment … thank goodness we don’t all think or like the same things. You are entitled to your opinion but don’t assume we all agree with you.
    Nicole may not be your ‘cup of tea’, but Lewis does and that’s all that matters imo.

  12. rafer austin,please don’t say like that!!!!let them happy….it’s not nice to say that thing,as a fan we have to support them whatever they did….last but not least,u are such an idiot!!!!

  13. Lewis, I know that you and Nicole are very much in love, but sooner or later you would realise that she is too old for you, there are lots of nice young girls that are available and will suit you better. I recommend Caroline Wozniacki, she is young fit and available and very pretty. Common Lewis, ask her out. Take it from me.

  14. To Lewis,

    I never really started watching Formula 1 until you were in it. last year I watched as much as I can .
    Hope the Colorado time is going well – sure wish i could visit there one day.
    Heres sending you all the best as you look forward to another season.
    Your career is a great inspiration to me- you can do it , you can do it ,yeah yeah !
    Lewis have a great winter.
    From your 100% fan.


  15. Happy Birthday, birthday boy hope you have a fanstatic day and ive got my finges crossed for 2011 cant wait

    Love biggest fan Dee x 🙂

  16. hepi birthday lewis..u will turn 26 years old but never mind,hope u will always be happy with your life..don’t get too stressed with all the nonsense news…just keep it cool and strong…u are the the youngest world 2008 champion!!!GO LEWIS

  17. Happy Birthday Lewis and good luck for 2011 season – you can do it this year for sure. You are an inspiration to many and my 5 year old godson wants to be just like you. I hope one day he can meet you. x

  18. to lewis happy Christmas no sorry happy holidays no happy birthday yeah that’s right isn,t it
    from your biggest fan

  19. Happy birthday Lewis Carl Hamilton. Hope you have a successful 2011 f1 season and win the championship. By the way what did u get for your present? would that be a mclaren mp4-12c that u wanted????

  20. Happy birthday Lewis and good luck with this year’s racing. We are counting down the weeks now. Additionally, my partner and I are the proud owners of tickets to the Turkish Grand Prix in May – can’t wait!!!!!!!

    Lots of love and best wishes for a happy, healthy, prosperous and winning 2011 xxxxx

  21. Hi Lewis

    Many happy returns of the day, and hope where every you are, you are having a great time!!

    From you Bristol (UK) fans

  22. Dear Mr Hamilton,
    I too bare the burden of having a birthday on 7th January. Not only do people try to pull a fast one by combining christmas and birthday gifts together, they also have zero funds due to their lack of financial foresight over the festive season and NEVER attempt a celebratory drink out on the town .

    So here is to 07/01 and many happy returns. I for one WILL be thinking of you mate!


  23. Hi Lewis

    Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday for tomorrow.

    Hope your training is going well and things in your personal life are sorting themselves out so that you are ready to go out there and wipe the floor with the other drivers and gain your 2nd WDC which is destined to be yours. We will be with you all the way and have already got our 3 day tickets for Silverstone.

    Roll on the start of the season!

    Lots of love
    Nicola xxxx



  25. hi lewis.i dont have much to say but all i can say is i am one biiiiiiiiig fan. weather you win or loose. and i would like you to win on the first bahrain race on the 13th march as a Birthday gift for me as it will be my birthday. good good. i have faith that this year is your year man. no more redbulls to rule the poles and stuff

  26. Lewis happy new year and happy birth day next month hope you enjoy every bit
    of it. God bless you and your family can’t wait for 2011 Go LH and mclalen xx.
    and thanx to ALL the fans you rock.
    love from london.

  27. Lewis…
    Merry Christmas to you,your family and for all the big fans here!!!!’
    Take care,be Good,Stay Irie and Jahbless!
    Big kis from Holland!

  28. Hi Lewis wishing you and your family a very merry christmas and a prosperous new year for 2011 all the best and loads of love mark Charlene and family Xxxxxx

  29. Lewis if you read this,
    I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New year. May you have a great time with you family and friends.
    Hope 2011 proves to be your year. You’ve done us proud my son.
    Merry Christmas everyone.

  30. hiya lewis,
    great to see you liking the new tires in testing, hope 2011 will be the year you take your second wc.

    have a good christmas with your family and keep the faith.

    love from jp and family

  31. Hey Lewis,
    I just have to say that you’re an amazing topsporter of all times.
    This is why people getting so interesting in high level sports.
    As I could imagine,you are exhausted,tired and did not stay away from all your qually’s and races.
    I know that you are celebrating your vacation somewere now.
    And I hope you and your family are doing fine!
    I am celebrating my vacation as well in Miami this year..
    Enjoy your rest!..but keep up in Charge!
    Next Year will be Bigger and Better!
    Big Kisses from Missy!!!
    Much Love!

  32. hi lewis just to say thankyou for all the excitement you have brought to f1 it is you that makes the sport so interesting. i love your attitude no matter how many times things go the wrong way for you. you are a great ambassador for the sport and a fantastic role model for young people. i know its only a matter of you havin the right car and you will be unstoppable.wishing you all the best for 2011.coming to see you at barcelona. happy christmas to you and nicole and respetive families. gary.

  33. Hey Lewis,
    Hope you Nicole and your family are well. It was great seeing you do your bit for children in need. The kids seem really impressed to see you who wouldnt because your simply the best.
    We also saw you on the xfactor supporting Nicole you too make such a sweet couple i love ya both…..
    I love and support you forever…..
    Dee your biggest fan in the world x

  34. Hi Lewis hope all is well with you and your family. I was wondering if I could make a request? Would it be possible for you to wish my husband mark a happy 40th birthday as he is such a big fan of yours and it would make his day. He’ll walk around with a big smile lol. His birthday is on the 14th December. I was thinking you could film it and send to my email address If possible would be so grateful. P.s any negative comments aimed at just use to push you to the next level. It’s always going to be a win win situation ok all the best xxx

  35. It was great seeing you and Button do your bit for Children in Need. You seemed to be enjoying yourself and the children loved it by the looks of it. They deserved that fantastic day with you both as unsung heroes.
    Pity your team didn’t win, was the lad on Jenson’s team really fast? Would McLaren be interested in him for the future lovvvl.
    Finally … thought it great that you still had the talent and skill to get the fastest lap … Button was surprised about that but even when you are having fun you proved you could be fastest on track. Shear brilliance and eagerness to achieve imo. I loved watching it.
    Can’t wait for the 2011 season when I KNOW you gonna be out there fighting from the first race to the last.
    Have a great off season enjoy your time with Nicole and your family.
    Your biggest fan

  36. hiii lewis

    arrrhhh i love you sooooo much ur the best ever
    might being going to see u race nexxt year
    every one whoo has wrote your the best thing that has happened to f1 are right it
    wouldnt be nufing with out you good lluck for next year really hope theres a mclaren ie lewis win the championship,, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’0x

    ilu soooo much tanya x

  37. Lewis, the way that you drove and carried yourself this year, are a couple of reasons, which has kept me being an ardent fan of yours. The MP4-25 that you drove this year clearly didn’t have the pace of Red Bulls RB6, but you was still able to grab your car by the scruff of the neck, and be a strong contender for the 2010 WDC.

    So thanks Lewis for a thrilling year, and your enthusiastic attacking and passing styles, which was a thrill for all to watch and enjoy…….Thanks.

  38. Dear Lewis,

    Great season, well done. Good Luck for 2011. I hope your car will be good enough to challenge Ferrari and Red Bull. Can`t wait to see you again in the cocckpit.

    Best wishes for 2011

    One of your biggest fans


  39. Hi

    Well what can I realy say that is a little different and constructive. Well im my opion you are one of very very few drivers who pritty much everyone is scaired of you are on a good day the match of anyone. I know your car has been just a little off the pace but somehow you always are up there. I wish my own skills could be of use to you but unfortuinatly they are not. To be precise I wish you well and hope for the best because you are the reason I watch with hope in my heart.

    God Speed and all the best

  40. Hi lewis you’re the best thing to happen in F1 it’s you i always watch it and you bring the whole world
    together every one supporting you making F1 intresting God bless you and the HAMILTON family.
    can you bring MR HAMILTON we miss him so much
    and your MUM some times your the best driver out there
    so take care have a good holiday my hero
    we can’t wait for 2011 to see you again.
    lots of love from london enfield.xxxxxxxxxxLEWIS THE LEGEND

  41. hi Lewis,
    Once again most exciting driver this year,without you would be very boring,you never cease to give us pleasure in your performance,wether it be in your encouragement in the team, at large, or your input into your own performance.It’s so easy to be world champion when you have the fastest car,but the test of a true champion having a car that needs constant updating from the start of the season and still being there with a chance at the end.Well Done
    I only hope that next year, both you and Jensen have a car in place that is worthy of you,and in the season ahead no crass judgements, by people who need more judgement,you have been let down so many times.
    Once again Lewis,many thanks, you always give us your entire best, without you there would be no F/1
    Looking forward to 2011 when you win the championship again Good Luck

  42. Dear Lewis, I think you had an excellent season despite having a car that was clearly slower than the Bulls. However the mark of a true racer and talented driver is someone who can still get results with a slower car and you really did this brilliantly and with a bit more luck and sometimes a better strategy I think you would have been much closer! We are all looking forward to cheering you on in 2011 and can’t wait!


    Peter, Debbie, Freya and Heidi xxxx

  43. Hi Lewis!

    That was a great race, the car was fantastic and you …as always… a Genius, formidable, the strategy of pit stop wasn’t good, because you were so close to Vetel about 1s that in my poor opinion you should entered in the same time with him for not losing him of view as it was happen before the pit stop but it was very nice to see you on the podium and fernando down . I still was believing in you wining the shampionship this was not possible I was frustrated but I’m ok now and my comfort was to see fernando crying.
    I look forward to see you in the next season with a better car to make history.



  44. Hi Lewis,

    I will start by congratulating u for your extra ordinary performances throughout this season (2010) despite of some difficulties, you are such a great guy.

    I am one of your numerous fans who can not stop but always thank you for being a F1 driver. I never knew F1 was this insteresting, Thank God for you. You are always a delight to wacth.

    Looking forward to seeing you next season. Wishing you a successfull 2011. Keep the brainllant work going. Dont change anything about your racing, that is why you are Lewis Hamilton and we love your unique racing appraoch.

    You have given the fans such a wonderful season and driven your heart out we have enjoyed every minute of it. So have fun during the break and looking forward to next year

    With love from me and my family

  45. Well DONE your drive was super and look how it ended three champions on the podium yes it would have been extra sweet if you came out on top but for me it was still a win for you and all of us. It was one of the best seasons ever and i am so proud there is this young man who has come too be in this sport. You are an INSPIRATION in many ways too many people Lewis and the Hamilton family well done.

  46. Dear Lewis you did so well at Abu dhabi you should be proud of yourself although you had a few DNF this season you still came out tops. So still very young in f1 but have already won the championship give yourself a pat on the back you are an excellent driver. I will try my best to come out and support you next season at one of your races I came to Silverstone this year and it was amazing to be in the midz of the action and the week before that my husband myself and children had the pleasure in meeting you at goodwood festival which you took time out to talk to us meanwhile I recorded the whole conversation on my phone and shared it with friends and family and we told you to look out for us at Silverstone which I think you did see us at copes. My point is we are dedicated fans of yours and you will always be our no1 champion. All the best and see you back next year rearing to go. Love chaz and family xx

  47. Just want to say Well Done Lewis. You gave your all in the final race and did us proud as usual. I was pleased to see you finishing in good spirits and already looking forward to next season. I can’t wait to see you and hopefully you will get more podiums.
    A true champion and I’m proud to say your biggest fan.
    Forza Lewis

  48. Valeu Lewis, Você saiu bem na foto do Pódio!
    Demostrou espírito esportivo ao comemorar juntamente com Vettel. Parabéns!
    Feio ficou para Alonso.

    Bjs e até 2001 com uma carro melhor!

  49. hello lewis how are you doing well done to ending the season on a high your my faviorate driver in f1 cant wait until next season starts.

  50. Lewis,

    THis has been an interesting season but you can still hold your head high. You are an amazing driver and its been a pleasure to watch you grow with the sport. Even when the media was cruel, you still showed you would come back fighting and be a better driver.

    You have a talent that not many people are born with. I hope to support you for many more years to come.

    I look forward to watching you live in Barcelona next season May ’11 and it will be an honour to have my father next with me to share the experience and have one of my dreams come true.

    Good luck you will be No1 again. Your fans are behind you!

  51. Hi Lewis,
    I love you so much, you are my favority driver on F1, since you started recing.
    I would like to leave here my short comment to help you make a great championship.
    I heard from you once an interview that we make ourselves luck, is not true my friend, there is something more that we need, and can help us, GOD, You miised this season to miss luck, you can be a briliant driver and get a wonderfull car, but if the luck is not with you, you can not go so far, because not depend of your will. Please make a serious refletion about the season and you will find points very interestint that will help you to prepar the next season.
    I know that you will thing that I am a fool guy, or not will take seriously my advise, but I want to see you win the season 2011, and making all of us very happy with your sucess Lewis

    Good luck for next season and give us for all of us that have you our best racer on formula one.


  52. Hi Lewis
    Well done it was lovely seeing you on the podium to end the season.
    It has been a very frustrated but most all an eventful year, you have shown us share determination, and strength you never let any thing brake your spirit, please stay that way, it’s what makes you the way your are.
    Thank you so much for an enjoyable season, yes it was sometimes very difficult, flogging a dead horse, but hopefully next year you will be a winner again!
    Enjoy your well-earned rest; it will be lovely to see your dad a bit more next year please, Mr Hamilton Senior.
    We will watch all the races from this year, until 11th march 2011.
    See you in Monaco!!!!!!!!!

  53. Lewis i would like to say I love you for all you do behide that wheel you r AMAZING big fan forever xxx keep up the great driving!!!!

  54. HI LEWIS from Wolverhampton a Big Congratulation To you First and the Mclaren Team…GO And have a great Holiday of the year after a long and tough season,We love you and ready for next season GOD BLESS…

  55. hey Lewis,
    great qually. whatever the outcome of the 2010 season im still very proud of you and the team. you’ve gave us some thrills and spills over this year. its been amazing to watch
    good luck best wishes hope u win u deserve it
    dee x

  56. Hello Lewis Hamilton,

    Welldone..!Welldone!…You’ve really done your best to win.
    It was a nice Qually..I’m very happy for you.
    Grab your chance!
    Maybe it would not be easy,but ….Good luck!

    Much Love(Kiss)…Missy I.Th

  57. Hi Lewis just want to wish you all the best for tomorrows race a miracle is what you need so ill be praying that you win have fun and don’t over do it just focus and Stay relaxed. Let’s hope that red bull and ferrari just suddenly stop half way in the race because they think that they’ve completed the race but really it’s a mirage lol (stranger things have happened) a bit of light humour. I do sincerely wish you the very best at Abu dhabi make this your best race yet cause next season I want to see no1 on your car lots of love as always chaz and family xxx

  58. Dear Hammy,

    Well done for getting second pole at the last race of the season. Best of luck for Sunday.!

    Whatever the outcome of this last race of the 2010 season, I would just like to say a huge thank you for such a fantastic effort on your part and that of the team. You have given us thrills and spills along the way and throughout the season and the excitement has been beyond words.

    You have given the fans such a wonderful season and driven your heart out we have enjoyed every minute of it. So have fun tomorrow God Bless and looking forward to next year.

    Best of British Luck,


  59. I have my champagne on ice in anticipation of the greatest miracle on earth.
    Best of luck for this weekend.

  60. Hi Lewis, (No. 1)

    I’ve been behind you ever since you began F1 racing!
    You’re the best racer in my mind, you have the right mind and attitude toward F1 racing, You are the best! All the other racers need to talk to you for advice, otherwisae they don’t know what they’re on a about.
    You are the WINNER!!!!

    All the best
    Biggest fan, Ian

  61. Dear Hammy,

    FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT! Anything can happen and anything is possible. Yes it’s down to the wire but you always give your best and you are a fighter….always have been and always will be.

    Reliability could be the key this weekend and we do have good straight line speed. As you quoted you have nothing to lose and will fight to the end.

    Perhaps we will see some smoking Ferraris and Red Bulls???

    Keep safe, God Bless and BEST OF BRITISH!!!


  62. Hi Lewis,
    Me and my son Ricky cheer you on everyy race including this sunday even though like
    you say it will take a miricle.

    Here is hoping you get the car you deserve for next season. we know you can be world champ
    again very soon.

    take care
    love chrissy

    ps we live in kent just down the road from buckmoore park and ricky is doing a race night in december would be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool if our number 1 racing driver turned up xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  63. Hi Lewis,
    Me and my son Ricky cheer you on everyy race including this sunday even though like
    you say it will take a miricle.

    Here is hoping you get the car you deserve for next season. we know you can be world champ
    again very soon.

    take care
    love chrissy

  64. Hello Champion are you!!! Brasil was not bad but you manage to gain some point that takes you to the last race of the season with high hope…So let the game begin we know you can do it again just put every things that you know best in this race and make it a winning one. ALL THE GOOD LUCKS ONES THAT YOU CAN NEED IN ADU DABI GOD BLESS… From Wolverhamptom All the Best

  65. Dear Lewis,

    Just have fun in Abu Dhabi and do everything you can for the championship. But even if you dont become the Champion, you made us very proud to be your fans. The championship would be only a nice bonus for a fantastic season. You had not the best car but you fighted until the end and you never gave up, that really admirable. You are my Idol.

    Good luck for Abu Dhabi and have fun out there.

    One of your biggest fans


  66. lewis hamilton !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please let me chat with you on face book. I am one of your greatest fans around the world. I’m in india-kerela.when you came to chennai I couldnt come to see you and i was extremely sad. You must win abu dhabi gp – Yas Marina webber{w} should be in 6th position after the race. vettel should be 3rd f-out

  67. Lewis was voted 5th Person who makes you Proud to be British.
    This from a survey of North Somerset children who only put the Queen, Princess Di, etc higher.
    I’m impressed by that, but I would have placed Lewis Higher.
    See you on the podium

  68. Don’t know what’s happened to the other posts, but I would like to say Well Done Lewis for being in contention throughout this season with a car that’s not the best on the grid and the upgrades proved to be no good at most tracks.
    IMO you still have a chance albeit a very slim one. I believe you can still achieve the ultimate prize in Abu Dhabi.
    However, rest assured I, for one, will always support you and look forward to next year when, I hope, McLaren brings a competitive car to the grid.

  69. Hold in there. its not over yet lad.SO FIGHT TO THE VERY VERY END.YOU REMEMBER YOUR A CHAMPION. ITS ALL IN TIME.ITS DO WHAT YOU WANT TIME.SO YOU GO GIVE THEM WHAT THEY GIVE YOU.PUSH PUSH PUSH. remember he who dares wins.luck favours the BRAVE.That is where we may be at lad so grit and grasp may be and jenson are champions & no one can take that from you.i will always chant for you. Lewis of the Hamilton clan. one love. bless.

  70. Dear Lewis

    You did good in Brazil considering the problems with lack of grip in trying to overtakea and getting stuck behind Hulkenberg. You scored some important points and we are not writing you off. Anything can happen…

    To Alonso’s (Mr. Smiley) horror during the interview following the race, Vettel joked maybe he “will see some Ferraris smoking”. Well I’d like to go one better and say, maybe we will see some Redbulls and Ferraris smoking!!!!

    Good luck in Abu Dhabi, Lewis. Continue being positive and competitive. We look forward to seeing you at the TOP OF THE PODIUM in Abu Dhabi.

    Lots of love and the very best of wishes to yi=ou.

  71. Hi Lewis

    Well done for keeping your championship hopes alive yesterday!

    Good luck for next Sunday at Abu Dhabi – Just remember its not all over till the fat lady sings!

    Go for it!

    Dey Wilcock – A fan

  72. Hi Lewis!

    Absolutly that was not a good race for you and for me too, but you did a good job gaining some important points that gives you a small chance to win the championship in Abu Dhabi, I believe in miracle and on sunday it can happen, DO NOT GIVE UP just run run run.

    I look forward to see you on the podium

    God bless you all

  73. Hi Lewis it’s just down to you now to bring home the championship this weekend at Abu Dabi you drove very well considering you had no grip early on in the race but you did your best. I’ll be honest with you I’m hoping that fa,mw,and sv end up with a (DNF) I pray you’ll win at Abu Dabi were routing for you as always so get some rest and come back fighting for that title Lewis love always chaz n family xxx

  74. Hi Lewis,
    Congratulations on picking up enough points, a frustrated start being-stuck behind Hulkenberg, if only your car had the extra grip and power when you wanted during overtaking, at least Brazil is over now and you know exactly where you stand to gain the Championship
    We are so very please you still stand a good chance for next week, and hope luck or a miracle will happen for you.
    Continue being a strong contender, we know you will push even harder next week.

  75. Hi LH sunday you did a good job God bless you and your family
    those moves over taking was great.
    go and blow every one away.
    lots of love big fan. xxxx

  76. Congratulations Lewis, it was an awesome race in Brazil, lets hope you finsish 1st in Abu Dhabi and the other 3 don’t finish 🙂

    Best Wishes
    Lewis Hamilton. Me . Uk

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