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Dear All,

Please leave any messages you have for Lewis Hamilton here. If its well wishes and how much you love him, by all means say as much as you want.

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Also, best wishes to you, all of the fans here, Lewis, his family and his team for 2009! Can not wait for the next GP to start!

Me and my family met Lewis at “Stars & Cars” in Stuttgart last year in November and I had the opportunity talking to him and I gave him a CD-ROM from all the comments on this site which have been made after his World Champion Title win. I told him that this unofficial fan site, thanks to the moderator for this opportunity, is the best one for all his fans all over the world to share their views. He appreciated this present very much and he said to all of you “Thanks for your continuous support”.
He is a very kind person and has a nice personality and all the rubbish what has been said about him being arrogant is not true. He took very much time pleasing a lot of fans in Stuttgart with an autograph. I will never forget that day!

Tomorrow the new MP4-24 will be presented in Woking. I am sure also this new McLaren Mercedes will bring Lewis to the next Championship win!

God bless you,

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  1. Absolutely quality in the qualifying of the first two races of the season, it’s such a shame you’re letting yourself down when it comes to the race. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you find that extra bit needed to beat Button. You’re everyone’s favourite, even over Button. Get your arse in gear! Haha

    Good luck and all the best.

  2. Hey Lewis,
    You did an absolutley amazing job last season, im hoping this season coming will be even better. All your fans out there have there fingers cross that the new Pirelli tyres will work for the greatest team in f1. Hope you had a great christmas and hoping your new year will bring joy and happiness to the hamilton family.
    cant wait to the new season

    Best wishes Dee x

  3. Hi Lewis
    thank you for the mesg you sent us it was great to hear you say it and happy christmas to you too and
    your FAMILY. and happy birth day next month i wish i can come on it. xxxxxx don’t worry about twitter haters they dont know what they want. God bless you we miss alot.

  4. Dear Fans.

    I’ve finally got a few weeks holiday. After the season ended, it was straight into testing followed by a lot of work for our corporate partners, It’s all done and dusted, I can look forward to Christmas.

    I have to say a big thank you for all the inspiration my fans have given me.
    It was very dissapointing to miss out on the title, I’m glad I was still in it at the last race at Yas Marina, but hats off to Seb, he did a fantastic job this year, so good for him.
    Next year is going to be a good year for everyone at Vodaphone Mclaren Mercedes. We have the brand new Pirelli tyres which are going to be interesting. Jenson’s imput into the new tyres are going to be vital for us, although I never raced on the Michelin tyres, it appears the Pirelli and Michelin tyres are similar. They start off very strong, then go off for a few laps then come back to us again.
    Our biggest advantage will be the return of KERS. We managed to be far ahead of our rivals when we used KERS before, so I think that will play into our hands for the coming season.

    On another note. I would like to mention my regret over my outburst on Twitter. I know I have plenty of fans and plenty of haters, but there was no excuse for my behavior and I am sorry for the offence that I caused. As a public figure, I know I will always be in the spotlight, it was a moment on madness which I will never repeat again.

    I wish everone of my fans and verry happy Christmas and wonderful New Year.

    Best wishes.

  5. Hey Lewis

    Just wanted to say well done for driving your heart out yesterday in Brazil – as your fans we always get 110% from you can could never ask for more – you are amazingly talented. Keeping my fingers crossed that McLaren can give you a decent car next year as you have driven ‘dogs’ for the last two. It’s testamount to your skill that last year you were in the title hunt and this year you are still in the title hunt. Here’s hoping you are provided with a car to match your skill for next season – I can’t help feeling that if you had been driving the Red Bull this season you would have won the Championship with races remaining!

    Here’s to a great race in Abu Dhabi – go and have some fun!

    Lots of love Nicola


  6. Hey Lewis,
    Congratulations today. i could see you were pushing your heart out on each lap.It was a struggle but dont give up. you still have a good chance at this. im crossing my fingers for you. you totally deserve this Lewis we’re all so proud of you
    i love and support you forever
    best wishes and good luck to you and the team

  7. (open letter to Lewis!)
    If you read this … hold your head up high, keep your spirits positive coz you can still win the title. Yes I know it’s only a very, very slim chance but you can still do it.
    Today’s race is best forgotten and I know you tried your best, sometimes it’s just not enough. Hope McLaren have a much better car for next year coz this one wasn’t good enough. As for the upgrades don’t know why they bothered tbh.
    Remember it’s not over till that Fat Lady sings. lol
    I will be rooting for you in Abu Dhabi and will always support you no matter what.
    Do your best as always.
    Love, hugs and kisses

  8. Hi Lewis,
    Congratulations on picking up enough points to keep you in for a good chance, a frustrated start being-stuck behind Hulkenberg, if only luck was there for you today, thank goodness that race is over now.

    We are pleased you still stand a good chance for next week, and hope luck or a miracle will be there for you.
    Keep being a strong contender and we know you will push even harder next week.

  9. Hi Lewis

    Really good qualifying today. Can’t wait for the race tomorrow, go get ’em – if anyone can you can. All your fans believe in you and will be screaming you on for a good result tomorrow and keeping their fingers crossed for lady luck to be on your side.

    Best wishes

    Love Nicola xxxxx

  10. Lewis,
    I fgot, careful Webber took you out before more than once this year, so becareful tomorrow.
    Still you wil nail it.


  11. Well done Lewis. Relax and you wil nail it tomorrows. All the best. Get as many points as you can.

    We love you xxxx

  12. Just want to say … Go Get ‘Em Lewis!
    Know you can do it, just need that bit of luck with you too. I’m with you all the way.

  13. I am a 15 year old boy and i really want to become a racer like you. I would want to know what kind of experiences did you have to becdome a race car driver

  14. Hi Lewis,
    Can’t wait for the next race.
    Wish you all the best in Interlagos!
    Your fans are always behind you!
    Go get’m! You are the most gr8ful driver F1 ever had!

    Lots of Love!!
    Missy from Holland (Kiss)

  15. Hi Lewis,

    Fantastic race in Korea and two more to look forward to !!!!!!!!!!!
    Good luck and the very best of wishes to you in Brazil and Abu Dhabi.
    As usual, we will be watching and cheering you on. YOU CAN DO IT.
    Lots of love xxxxx

  16. Hi Lewis,

    You can win the title and you have realistic chances to do it. I hope will win the title because you are the best and you really deserved it this year. But even if you dont win it your fans will never stop to support you and believe to you.

    I wish you all the best for Interlagos

    Lots of love from one of your biggest fans around the world


  17. Dear Lewis,

    I learned from my son last night that you lived in the same house in Shephall Way, Stevenage that I did in 1968/9 I was born in the village of Tewin where I lived for 23 years until I got married in 1968 I understand that your family now live in Tewin Wood, another coincidence is that my son is the propietor of an independant Mercedes Benz Garage in North Herts, what a string of coincedents, all the best for this year and for the future.

    Yours sincerely

    Graham P Tutt

  18. Hey Lewis
    Hope all is well, guess you can’t wait for Sunday?

    Remember the saying “Open the door and I will get it myself” As you know there are no favours in F1

    All our best wishes for a good weekend in Brazil go get those points now!!

  19. What did i say my lad GODSPEED JAH POWER.Them reap what them i am sure if Webber could have got it in the pits they could have fixed it man LOL.Also i hope Jenson will help you but we dont count on what you do best PUSH PUSH PUSH just watch your ride because i know there will be many too try and do you wrong because them cant handle we.LION HEART HAMILTON BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ONE LOVE.

  20. Hi lewis what can I say 2nd place is fantastic!! Bet your still smilling all now. My prayers are with you for next two races claim those podium points see you in brazil (from my tv lol) lots of love always xx

  21. Hi Lewis!

    Fantastic, keep fitghting you are coming close I still believe we can celebrate.
    what amazing race, ahahahaha, you were brilhant the conversation on the radio… hahahaha, you deserved the 1st place man we are proud of you.

    Mclaren what a great Pit stop congratulation.

  22. Hello Again Hammy,


    What a fab result. You had us all on the seat of our pants and continue to show us the professional driver that you are. All fans were thrilled with your performance and sheer guts and determination…….keep up the good work.

    All of your fans are rooting for you.


  23. Lewis another great performance, even though your intermediate tires weren’t being very coopertive on Sunday. I like many throughout the world…..throughly enjoyed hearing your response on the radio during the rain delay…..let’s get on with it…..while some were saying complained about the poor visibility. I laughed like hell when you said the visibility was fine, and Vettel declared that it was poor.
    I think that you have showed great maturity during an inerview when you said, ” it really is just about getting those points when you can…of course with luck I kept on pushing and tried to get that position you know, but sometimes you can be too…….Greedy “.

    I wonder if Lewis reads this site????

  24. What can I add to all those comments below? Nothing, just to reiterate you did us proud as usual. McLaren have to be behind you now and you just keep pushing and you never know … we could still be celebrating at the end of the season.
    I’m looking forward to the remaining two races, however, if it doesn’t work out I’m still your biggest fan and will continue to support you coz you will win a few more titles, that is for sure.

  25. =) YEEESS…!!!! 7X…” NOTHING is IMPOSIBLE “..believe with ” MIRACLE “’re REAL n’ GREAT driver
    BRAVO..!!!….SPIRIT…!!!! ” keep your FOCUS n’ SMILE “… don’t forget to say ” Thaxs GOD ” 🙂

  26. WELL DONE LEWIS…….XXXXXX got my fingers crossed, for your next race, you have got the heart of brilliant driver, keen to get on with it, not moaning about a bit of rain water, keep it up and you will be 2010 champ for sure………… 0—–0> LEWIS NUMBER ONE CHAMP

  27. Hey lewis,

    Congratulations on a amazing finish. Your radio messages to the team about the weather really showed how passionate you are about the sport and how amazing you are in the conditions.

    All of us fans are cheering you on, you can do this
    well done again, best wishes and see you in two weeks time. CANT WAIT

    Love biggest fan Dee x

  28. Well well well well DONNNNNNE L.H
    We won man, I enjoyed your race and I will keep praying for you to get all those last 50 points LH.I saw your face on the interview after the race man(you were happy inside, I can tell) and those Redbulls guys that had laughed at you before, now they are crying and they will be until the and of the championship. This is god around you and hes giving you a chance to win this championship. YOU ARE THE BEST LH…….

    God blees you Lewis ……

  29. Hi Lewis

    Spectacular race today – you were amazing. 2nd is a really great finish – especially from 4th and especially in the changing conditions.

    You have now got yourself securely back in the title hunt and if anyone can do it, then you can. Roll on Brazil – as all your fans know you’ve done it there before in 08 so hopefully 2010 will be a great race for you too and you can be well on your way to your 2nd WDC.

    You are truly fantastic and your fans adore you…….

    Lots of love

    Nicola xxxxxx

  30. Well done Lewis!! Great seecond place in Korea. Your well back into the hunt. Just need to pick up a win next race or beat Alonso and webber. You can do it. you’re the best!!! GO LEWIS GO! I met you at goodwood festival of speed this year. I met you in the top paddock and said to you ‘2010 world champion yeah?’ and you said ‘I’m working on it’ you made my day and also in 09 when i also met you there and in 08 when i watched you storm to victory at silverstone in appalling conditions. You are the best and you’re the man to do it!

  31. Hail to the Master of all conditions!
    Well done Lewis good race today, keep going almost there. A lot of recognition out there for you after today, you are unquestionably the best, and your list of fans has just grown even bigger!!
    What a man, what a man?

  32. Lewis … you did your best so little between you all and it’s the race that counts. I know you will do us proud as usual.
    Best of luck for Sunday’s race.

  33. Hi Lewis

    We were up early this morning to catch P2, you looked awesome, looks like the car is working well which is encouraging.

    We will be up early again tomorrow for qualifying – fingers crossed that luck is on your side – combine that with your natural skill and game on!!

    Good Luck

    Lots of love

    Nicola xxxxx

  34. Hi lewis hope your well rested and ready for Korea you drove as if you’ve been there before in testing (lol) I’m sure you’ll do very very well on Sunday well be pinned to our tv sets so do us proud all our love xxx




    DEE X


  37. Hi Lewis

    Race weekend again nearly upon us. We will be up early tomorrow for P2 and again on Saturday for Qualifying and Sunday for Race screaming for you and supporting you as always!

    Sending you all the luck in the world to compliment your natural talent, skill and ability.

    Go get em……………………….

    Lots of love

    Nicola xxxxx

  38. Dear Lewis,

    Just wishing you all the best for your race this Sunday in Korea!!!! Just focus and I know you’ll be able to win the race and be on par with Webber on the points. You still have a chance at the championship! God Bless!!!!

    Much love,

  39. Hi Lewis,

    your last race was amazing. 5th place without the 3rd gear and a five place grid penalty. You proved us why you are one of the best drivers in the F1. You have still a chance for the championship, just don´t give up and fight until the end.

    Best wishes for Yeongam

    one of your biggest fans


  40. Hi Lewis,

    I’ve only JUST been able to get to a computer! Alas, I was travelling and missed your Japanese race. I was so desperately unhappy, I worked myself into such a state that I ended in bed with a migraine!!! My friends are in disbelief that I would cancel appointments just so as not to miss the Grand Prix…

    From what I have read you did damned well finishing in 5th place. Hats off to you my man!!!!! Just proves what a brilliant F1 driver you truly are given all the problems you encountered!!!!!!!!

    Good luck in Korea this coming weekend. I am abroad and will be for a while. Unfortunately I don’t know if I will get to see the race, or the next two following that. I will do my damnest – or end up in bed with another migraine again!

    Alright, so there are still 75 points on the table for grabs and I AM NOT writing you off! Good luck to you and your team.

    Finally, I trust that your ear problem is better and you are in good health, ready and eager as usual to show these guys what you are made of.

    Love you loads xxxxxxxxxx

  41. hi lewis..
    SMILE……!!!!!!!!!!! :-)….SPIRIT….!!!!!!!!
    gdluck…YOU”RE GREAT BOY with GREAT DESTINY…!!!





  43. Sir Hamilton
    hope you ok we love you your the best in F1 and legend of F1 keep it up
    never mind the haters we don’t want them on here.
    you the KING of formula 1.
    xxxxxxxxxlots of love from emily
    middlesex london
    God bless you

  44. I know exactly what you mean MK, I also saw the car in today’s Guardian the Messerschmitt KR175, the bubble car.
    Just as well, Lewis saw the funny side of if and even if he wanted to show his emotions, he didn’t, as this would only give them cause to say he has a lot more growing up to do. It is a shame because

    Lewis is from the best of both worlds. I myself know that is why they are always means testing him.
    Hope he continues to stay strong and fight to fulfilled his dreams!!

  45. Hi lewis that was a fantastic race with all the problems you had you still prove to finish in the top 5 when the green lights went out your quick thinking maneuvering right at the start was fantastic but it goes without saying you are the BEST thing to ever happen to formula one you bring controversy and excitment then any other driver to the sport. Personally if you are to get another 5 place grid penalty for Korea then I think jenson should take it on your behalf since as you let him pass taking 4 place (lol) three races left and 75 points to be had you can do it we know you can so just believe that its done ok. All the very best for Korea. WINNER!! Love always from our family xxxxxx

  46. Hello Hammy,

    Firstly what a fantastic fight you put up…3rd in qually then 5 places back for gearbox change.

    But you nailed it to 4th!! Shame about having to give 4th to Jenson, but I dont know of any other driver that could bring the car home and grab 5th place, you said yourself you did not know if the car would make it to the finish. This is what we your fans love about you…you NEVER GIVE UP and you brought it home with some points!

    ‘It’s not over till the fat lady sings’ so the saying goes and there are still 75 point on the board up for grabs.

    So get em tiger………we your fans will always support you because we know you always give 100%+
    of your best and you give us such joy to watch your performance and style.

    More updates for Korea so charge on.

    Best regards and luck always,

  47. WELL DONE LH, WELL DONE…………………..
    Now we have 75 decisive points man. lets go for it. You did a great job in suzuka. I want you to drive your heart next 3 races, cuz you still can win, webber needs one win, but he wont get it, cuz i know you wont let him get that so easily. You gearbox is going to be hundred percent better than it was in japan. I am so glad you finished the race, cuz when i heard that you had probs in your gearbox that was bad, but you have next race to foccus on and lets go win those 3 races. your great moment is coming, youºll finish the championship winning all 3 races.

    God Bless you

  48. Hi Lewis!

    Its not over yet, keep fighting, you’re stronger than all this bad luck, you proved it this weekend, you’ve got some important points, and you were fantastic, thank you.
    if you win in Korea you will be the Champion, coz I know you will win in Abhu Dhabi.

    McLaren, well done you did your best.

    God bless you all

  49. I’m not impressed with the car they put you in for the Drivers’ Parade.
    Whilst others got Rolls Royces and Ferraris you got the Bubble Car. May I remind the person who did that that you may be a black, British driver but you do have feelings too.
    Personally, I would have been angry esp seeing what the others were in, and refused to sit in it, but in order to fit in you may not have had a say. You wouldn’t want to be accussed of being unsporting.

  50. I’m not impressed with the car they put you in for the Drivers’ Parade. Whilst others got Rolls Royces and Ferraris you got the Bubble Car. May I remind the person who did that that you may be a black, British driver but you do have feelings too.
    Personally, I would have been angry esp seeing what the others were in, and refused to sit in it, but in order to fit in you may not have had a say. You wouldn’t want to be accussed of being unsporting.

  51. Lewis another excellent start and performance on your part. To finish in 5th place without 3rd gear, is an accomplishment that only a very few select drivers on that grid today could accomplish. I was really getting exited when you started to run down and close in on Alonso, and I was hoping to hear again that familiar refrain from the Ferrari pit wall;
    Unfortunately though, your gearbox let you down, because I truly believe that you would hav e finished today on the podium in 3rd place.

    Keep pushing Lewis as I know that you will, because your hat is still in the ring to be the 2010 WDC.


  53. gear box shot again. thats another 5 position back at the next race if not Lewis will have to run on that one and risk its faliure during the race. no way in the world was he going to catch Alonso today let alone the other 2 front runners as for gained more points for the championship he has actually fallen further behind! third to fourth and further behind webber. championship over again this year. thats how it is!

  54. Hiya Lewis

    Well done Hammy absolutely fantastic drive today. You managed to bring the car home with a dodgy gear box – proving yet again how talented you are and that your absolutely the best driver on the track
    You’re still in it for sure so don’t give up just yet.
    Stay positive we all support you and always will
    stay well and we will see you soon

    i love and support you forever
    Dee x

  55. Hi Lewis

    Just wanted to say you were phenomenal today. When you came out of the pits it was like you had re-ignited your flame and were absolutely flying – you were catching Alonso easily and what a shame your gearbox started playing up and stopped you from having the chance to take him on – which would have been thrilling!! I’m devastated you had to concede 4th to Button because of your gearbox but there really was no choice. The fact remains that even with all the complications you suffered you still got from 5th to 8th and managed to bring the car home with a dodgy gear box – proving yet again how talented you are.

    Roll on Korea, surely luck has now got to be on your side for the rest of the season!

    Best wishes

    Love Nicola xxxx

  56. Hi Lewis
    What a weekend? New gear box, Nico Hulkenberg accusing you of blocking his qualifying position, then there was no 3rd gear, as Martin Brundle said lest hope you will not need another gear box for Korea? All is not lost, you have increased your points YEAH!

    Every thing happens for a reason, had Jenson not held you up, you may have pushed your gearbox into more problems sooner rather than later, not knowing there was no 3rd gear? Yet again Jenson has benefitted from you.
    I am hoping for a few miracles to turn your luck around, to enable you back into the drivers lead or not much behind, from Korea to Abu Dhabi.
    Lets all be positive for LEWIS, COME ON LEWIS!!!

  57. It’s okay hammy,… NEVER GIVE UP coz everything it’s gona be OK..!! :-)…you’re REAL racer, body but U…SPIRIT..!! n’ KEEP your SMILE…!! we love U…

  58. Well done Lewis,
    With all the probs this weekend to come in 5th was fantastic. I didn’t like it when you had to let Button pass, but you had no choice and it was for the team.
    I’m glad you got some points and hope the gearbox problem will be fixed for the Korean GP.
    You’re still in it for sure so don’t give up just yet.
    Stay positive we all support you and always will
    Again Well done today you did a great job in difficult circumstances.

  59. Hi Lewis,

    Well done well done. you worked very hard today. You made my day. Dont worry about mishaps.

    This site is to give him ideas negative or positive. So whatever you rate i really dont care. This is for LEWIS as his fans we are allowed to give him negative and positive ideas reason being we want him to get the best out of his talent and potential for us who love him to be happy. We can only be happy when we see him thrive. So being mad at him when he does not do it the way we expect him to perfom is allowed too. I am sure every child gets a hidding when they dont do right but this does not mean their parents dont love them anymore. So for cryiing out loud those who dont like negative and positive comments, know that you wil never grow in life. Everyone needs panel beating when they are not doing right. hope those who think giving sweets to kidz all the time even if they do wrong is building them to be the best get this right.

    We love you Lewis. We have loved you ever since you started.

    take care and c you soon.

  60. Hi lewis just want to wish you all the best for tomorows race in japan mark myself and his mum Who shouts at the tv screen come Hamilton she hits the table so hard you’d think she was playing dominos (lol) we watch you guys religously every week hope that the weather eases off so that you can do what you do best. RACE! So just relax your mind and focus and we shall see you on the podium. Once again we love you cause your an inpiration to us all xxx

  61. Hey Lewis…Today you wasn’t the only one who went off at Degner….your teammate being one, and a former 7 time world champion being another….you had some pretty good company. I was very encouraged to see how quick you was right at the start of practice, which is a positive sign of only good things that will come your way this weekend. Setbacks aren’t a stumbling block for you, which is a major strenght that you have, and goes along with your aggressive driving……characteristics which I hope that you will never lose.

    I hope that you get soaked with champagne on the podium this weekend.

  62. Hey Lewis
    Yeah we are all pleased it race time again!!!
    I have read that McLaren has brought loads of upgrades including the kitchen sing at it, so lest hope it all proves good? Shame they cannot make the cars a lot more robust with all the up grades!

    I thought pushing the car to its full potential was the reason for practicing, of course accident is more likely to occur and how to handle situations as it happens?

    We are all hopeful for you that your judgment will prove good, even if you decided to careful driveing as some of the other drivers do!
    All the best for you at Suzuka!!!!!

  63. Hey Lewis,
    I can’t describe how much I would love you to get back at those red bulls and alonso in japan
    I cried in my heart when I saw how despondent you were at that crash. But you know, you are a brilliant driver and should not give up. It may look right now as though you don’t have a hope in hell but YOU HAVE. There are still 100 points up for grabs and the excellent driver that you are, you CAN still do it
    Everyone of your fans out there are screaming at those tv screens and out on track we all believe in you
    goood luck Dee x

  64. Lewis,

    Relax and focus. All the best this weekend. will be watchin you. Plse dont disapoint me again!!!

  65. Hi Lewis

    I couldn’t believe it when I woke up to the news of your accident in P1 this morning. Nonetheless the whole family watched all of P2 keeping an eye on what was happening with you.

    You are right, they do say bad luck comes in 3’s and you have certainly exhuasted yours now, so head held high, big smile and onwards for qualifying – all your fans believe in you so fingers crossed for that run of good luck!


    Nicola xxx

  66. Hi Lewis

    Here we go again……really looking forward to seeing you race this weekend and will be up early tomorrow to catch Practice 2!!! Really hoping all the upgrades work and give you a world championsihp winning car to go with you, a world championship driver.

    Wishing you all the luck in the world to go with your natural talent and skill.

    Love Nicola xxx

  67. Lewis let’s add Suzuka on your list of wins at one of the classical and traditional tracks on the F1 calendar. I know that you are in a good frame of mind, and that you will give it your all, and your best. Good hunting and best of luck during qualifying and the race this weekend…I’m looking forward to seeing you on the top step of the podium this Sunday, and spraying champagne all over the place.

  68. hi this is warren and michael and at school we need to write a biography about a famous person and we chose you because we are your bigest fans

    GO MCLAREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Hi lewis. I can’t describe how much I would love you to get back at those red bulls and alonso in japan. In Singapore you where really unlucky when webber crashed into you. We all know you have such amazing ability. If you manage a podium finish Your right Back in there and I have so much faith in you so come on lewis let’s remind them who is top dog in f1. Good luck in japan from alex

  70. hi Lewis I know that the race in Singapore left you fustrated but I know that you will be extra careful in japan I know that you want to reclaim back the championship title so you don’t need me to remind to be totally aware of your surroundings while on track. You are a great driver and still stand every chance of winning so relax focus and enjoy yrself. Were routing for you lewis love chaz xx

  71. Hey Lewis,
    Dont ever change the way you race because thats what made you world champion.
    YOU ALONE are the reason my family and I are hooked totally on F1 Hold you head held high and smile that smile all your fans love
    Remember – YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST!!

    Good Luck for the rest of the season…..
    Dee x

  72. Hey Lewis,

    Watching you race that gorgeous mclaren is allways a thing i look forward too, you drive it to the limit, and sumtimes even beyond, dont ever change your style, thats what made you a world champion. You have indeed been unlucky last few races, but as you said, ‘thats racing’.

    Just keep doing what you do best, and win or lose this years world chapionship, hold your head up high dude, you have the best job in the world!

    You have a great team, car, team-mate, and above all else, talent and desire to overtake and win.

    Good luck,


  73. Dear Lewis,

    You know what to do, put the Singapore retirement behind you and race your heart out for the next four races! The championship is not over and you still have a chance at it. Keep on charging and winning!!!! Win Lewis Win!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the championship will be yours!!!

    Much love,

  74. Hi Lewis
    Treat every race as if its the last one to win the Championship, bearing in mind Korea might not pass inspection

    You are even more an enemy to the other four contestants now; they will not have any mercy towards you, simply because they know your capability! Remember the words of Ayrton Senna, “there is going to be an accident, choose if you want to be part of it” Don’t change your style of driving, the races are so dreary, cars just going round and round, you make every race magical and gripping to watch.
    The day you leave F 1 is when I stop watching and travelling to see you
    Wishing you all the LUCK IN THE WORLD

  75. Forget the bad things and live for the good ones!

    We’ll support you no matter what. Just keep doing your thing, and everything will come together.

    As far as I’m concerned, you are the winner of all F1 races since you entered the circus. Your driving style is what puts you above competition.

    Regards from fans in Serbia!

  76. Sir Hamilton ,
    You are more than a champion , you are a living legend . I saw an inspired clean pass in Singapore .
    If wasn’t for webber’s dirty and desprate move, to hit his breaking point then release, once he saw you’d gotten by and he saw an opportunity to give you a shunt .( If you had been ahead and he did the same it would have been a black flag no doubt . You had apexed he was entering off line.
    You THE RACER, only Anndretti or Senna even come close, don’t change a thing but tires.

    “looking for work”
    Patrick R.Gomez (fast)

  77. hii lewis…
    u’re great boy with great destiny

    sorry ..i know i love u, before i meet u
    my pray 4 u -always-

    i never hope…but it’s funny..
    u always in my dream… i see your face when i ” date with ALLAH SWT”
    succes, HAPPY n’ GOOD LUCK 4 u lewis

  78. Post-race debrief: Singapore Grand Prix

    Will these two recent collisions change your approach?

    “No. I’m a racer. I always race my heart out, and nothing will ever change that.”

    That answer… is what makes me a fan and Lewis the best driver… or should i say “racer” 🙂

    The best of the season’s driving is yet to come!
    Go Lewis!!!

  79. Hello my name is Nishith Gokul i am currently doing my major project, where i must create a game.
    I have chosen to base my game on the thrill of driving its self rather than the competiton factor driving.

    I am doing a survey to find out what makes a thrilling driving experince.

    If it is not to much trouble could you please tell me in your opinon, in as much detail as you can what you feel makes a thrilling driving experince, and provide an example of this.

    if any one else could take the time to write their opinon to this it would be most apprciated, please send your answer to

    thank you very much for your time
    Nishith Gokul

  80. Nicola what beautiful and inspiring words. I could not have said it any better. You sure made me feel better. Hope Lewis reads your and all his well wishers words on this site, it can not fail to inspire him.

    Keep striving Lewis – I know you can do it.

  81. I don’t understand people who say that LH shouldn’t try to overtake MW, that he could have points for 4th place. For me main purpose of F1 is RACING, and the only guy for past 4 years who knows that purpose is LH. All other drivers always calculate something, salvage points, watch for tires… There is no RACING there. I think that you are doing the right thing, you are driving as a real RACER, not like all other CAB DRIVERS on track.

    Please, maintain your driving style all the way through your carrier, so we can watch interesting races.

  82. Hi Lewis!

    I couldn’t watch the race because I was flying back to my country From JHB.

    What I just want to say is that keep fighting you are a Champion. NEVER GIVE UP
    we are with you AND WE LOVE YOU.


  83. Hi Lewis

    YOU ALONE are the reason my family and I are hooked totally on F1 and have attended Silverstone for the last two years and will be attending next year for the sole purpose to support you.

    You are the most amazing driver out on track currently and when you drive it is electrifying to watch. Don’t ever stop fighting, come back strong and show your critics just how amazing you are – all your fans know it anyway and will always believe in you and would never want you to change your driving style – it is what makes you who you are.

    Hold your head up high and smile that amazing smile – knowing your fans will be with you every step of the way – forever.

    Remember – YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST!!

    Good Luck for the rest of the season…..

    Nicola xxx

  84. Dear Lewis

    I cried in my heart for you when I saw how despondent you were at that crash. But you know, you are a brilliant driver and should not give up. It may look right now as though you don’t have a hope in hell but YOU HAVE. There are still 100 points up for grabs and the excellent driver that you are, you CAN still do it.

    Put on that brave, bright and positive smile that so becomes you and try and put the past out of your thoughts. Believe in yourself as we will never stop believing in you.

    You are an excellent, and the best driver on the track, and totally deserves to be at the top of the podium as the World Champion. Right now on one can match your spirits or your drive and their only way of winning is by pushing you out…

    Stay strong and positive. Go back with a renewed energy and challenge and show those cynics out there who the REAL CHAMIPON IS………… Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  85. Dear Lewis,

    I am so sorry for this incident with Mark. But we (your fans) will allways supprt you and believe to you. I wish you good luck for Suzuka, Yeongam, Interlagos and Yas Marina circuit. You are the best driver in the F1. You can win the championship and I am sure you will.

    Best wishes

    from one of your biggest fans.


  86. hi lewis

    remember to keep your head up high and keep moving forward to the end you also know that all of the world most of it is always behind you in all of the races that you do and we all hope that you beat webber to the end and win the world champion title again so just remember that were all behind you so enjoy that last 4 races.

    big fan kieran

  87. Dearest Lewis,

    I’m so sorry your overtaking of Webber did not turn out to your advantage. My heart aches for you. Please don’t give up on the championship. Keep the positives remember? Hold your head up high because you know that you are the best F1 driver out there. I hope Ron Dennis consoled you and Nicole gave you a lot of tender loving care! Look forwar to Suzuka!!!

    All my love,

  88. Gutted for you today Lewis. You did your best. No point going on about the accident nothing can change that and we now need to look forward to Suzuka. Hope those upgrades work.
    You are still in contention this year and until it is impossible to win the title I believe you can still do it.
    Keep your spirits up!

  89. Hi Lewis
    hope you ok these things happen so take care you can still beat them you’re the best
    out there.
    Emily mason

  90. Dearest Lewis

    Plz plz don’t give up! We as your fans will simply not allow that!! We are with you all the way till the last minute of the last lap of the last race!! We were with all you in Brazil 08 and we are with you now!!

    We’re confident a 100% that you can still be champion this year!! As “Marcia” said there are still a 100 pts. to be won, and with this year’s points system a win can do wonders!

    Please see yourself as a title contender, and take each race with care. Remember damage limitation is key! Yes it’s great to overtake, but it is more important to finish the race! Preferably in the points as well..

    Just as it went wrong for you in the last two races, it can also go wrong for the others as well. One never knows what can happen!

    Keep your hopes up!! You can do this! You know you can!! You’re a phenomenal driver that deserves to be a multiple champion! And I think this year it’s yours!!

    I’ll be praying hard for you!!

    Lots of love & support till the checkered flag at Abu Dhabi!



  91. Am so mad at MARK WEBBER, remember most of the so called championish contenders do not like you cos You are the naturally TALENTED F1 driver. Take your time, do not rush, CALM down for the next four races, aim for the best points available to you, I WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU.

  92. Hey Lewis, ( Im too much sad but……………………….).
    Man today I am really sure that those guys are there to not let you make points, it is not a just a simple accident you have been pulled out by your enemies, I think that F1 department or whatever sholud pay more atention on it. I know that they put in their mind that whatever happened they will never let you make point or win, even if they are not going to. The race that vettel kicked button out, that was too much envy of you 2 and the team. Dont forget that you are the obstacle for them to win, thats why they are going to do alot of bad race against you. And without webber being penalized that was out of the range man. I watched and I undertood your interview, I want to tell you that we have more 100 points, and those 100 are there for you. Be focused on that 100, cause their are ours 100. The championship still open, lets go get our hundred point…
    God bless you

  93. Hi Lewis

    You are a good driver and I know in my heart that you can be No 1. again. Put today behind you, stay focused you have a much chance as any one of the top five to take the Championship.
    Great Britain is behind you all the way.
    Take Care
    Keep Smiling.

  94. Hey Isis….you may have been right, greed isn’t the right word for Lewis actions today, but….stupidity is more appropriate. Lewis with some patience could have easily taken 3rd place from Webber…easily. Webber pitted on lap 4, and Lewis on lap 29, and had the advantage over Webber with less tire wear. Why…why make a passing attempt in such a crowd, with a person with a notorious reputation for blocking passing attempts. Lewis could have left this race today at Singapore leading the championship, but because of his own stupidity, he has thrown away any chance at the 2010 WDC.

    Oh Isis….when Lewis pitted and went to the prime tire,… Hamilton picked up 4 seconds on Webber before the safety car……and could have picked any easier spot to make his pass.

  95. Sorry fans and my apology to Toro Rossa, meant Virgin car got into the way then Webber pushed Lewis into damaging your car.

  96. Webber took you out of the race and now its considered a racing incident, in whose favour?? Had it been you who hit him, would they have made the same decision???? Think Lewis and remember keep focused. This hurts me so much. This is why we urge you to keep focused and keep calm.

  97. Dear Hammy,

    So gutted for you over Singapore result! We your fans feel it as much as you do!

    But all is not lost, life is not a straight line for any of us.


    All is not lost and you give us all so much plesaure with your racing.

    Chin up and march forward…you can still do it !!!!!!!!!

    Best wishes and peace.


  98. that is so not kool Lewis you definitely had race line and they didnt even give webber a drive through i just want button to get past webber and push his points down before the time runs out. I know its really hard so give it your best and try and win this once and for all.

    big fan kieran

  99. Hi Lewis,
    Please, please don’t beet yourself up, still 100 points, you can still do, do not let another set back get the better of you, we all could see it WAS NO YOUR FAULT!!

    I know the Toro Rosso’s were in the way, but Webber should have yielded all Webbers fault. I wish they would take the points away from Webber, he is an absolute nightmare when, do not know who is worst him or Vettle, another incident for him to take to his grave.

    And there is a surprise not ACTION TAKEN!!!!!!!!!

  100. Anger gains you nothing other than drag you down! Bear this inmind always when getting on the track. Whatever happens on the track, in the pits, you should learn to keep your cool as a professional Lewis and this will help you finish your races!

  101. Hey Lewis,

    Webber, Massa all of them are FULL OF CRAP Lewis. You need to let those pple go Lewis they wil never be nice to you. How do you want us yo fans to advise you!! your moves hurt us too. so plse when its too tight let them go!! you jst need points now you given it all away again. How do we win the championship when you allow yo enermies/competitors to take you out alwys!!! He (Webber) was interviewd and he said if he needs to be selfish to win this championship he wil be. Why do you think pple are like you, Mr nice guy!! Stop playing Mr Nice guy Lewis and race to win!! We support you because we want you to win and we know you got the talent to do it so geton with it and just win this championship not keep throwin away races!!! Now an Alonso who was nowhere is at the top and wil be leading you after this race. why Lewis why!! are you not getting enough montorship??? This is very stressful for us. We stop everything to watch you and this is what we get? No Lewis!! We want to be smiling after every race even if it means you are not on podium but got points. Now i am upset and this has spoilt my whole week til next race. We wil c what you wil give us in the next race.

  102. So if the race finishes as in qualifying that’s OK coz you will have got more points than Webber. So as everyone else has said here be calm at the start the race is a long one and anything can happen.
    I know you will do us proud as usual.
    Will be cheering you on from behind the cushion lovl.

  103. Lewis another great performance on your part, in a car that isn’t the fastest car on the grid. Toni brings up a good point regarding Mark…. so do your best as you always do. Tomorrow hopefully you will give your fans throughout the world, the joy of another repeat win.

    Good luck tomorrow.

  104. Hi Lewis,

    Well done for today. Plse b calm tomorrow on the track. Keep focused Lewis. Remember you racing Mark and he is behind you. The front runners for tomorrow you can beat them on strategy if your team decides to work with you tomorrow. If you cant beat them, dont worry, an opportunity will come in races to come. Just focus on keeping the position you are on best an keep Mark behind you.

    All the best tomorrow.

  105. Hi Lewis,
    Well done in qualifying tonight, during the press conference I could see that your thoughts were already ahead for tomorrow’s race.
    I pray that tomorrow you will be on the podium again, and that BABY Alonso and Vettle won’t carry out one of his insanity drive during the race, has he too has a lot to loose!!

    Be calm and we hope every opportunity you see work in your favour tomorrow. Your fans will be wishing you all the luck there is in the world for you, which is all you need, your bit is do what you do best!!!!!

  106. Hi Lewis Hamilton the name is Shawn I am from Singapore currently doing National Service for 1 year plus already is good to have you back here in Singapore to race for the third time. Lewis I am very pleased with your peformance for this season so I would like to ask you some questions you are currently in second in the drivers championship with 182 pts after a did not finished in Italy what are you chances here in Singapore but I hope you can do well and win the drivers title no.2 after your first drivers title two years ago. Lewis I being supporting you for three years already since you came in 2007 so Lewis you and Jenson Button are team mates for this season well done thats really cool. Lewis you came to Singapore just recently on Tuesday so I try my best to pray for you and Jenson Button your team mate also battling for the drivers crown this weekend and good luck to you Lewis I will be routing for you this year and Jenson Button . Lewis if you have time today just read it what i say and send it to me to this email address I would be very happy to see it and if you it just send it to my email address . thanks and good luck for the race this weekend Lewis Shawn (Singapore)

  107. Hey Lewis,

    Hope you rested enough and plse plse dont get distracted by anything this wkend. We need a win or any podium position if you dont win the race. Dont get upset because you wil lose focus. Keep your cool nomatter wot and keep focused Lewis. We need you to win this championship this year pleeaaaseee!!
    All the best!!
    love ya xxxx

  108. Dearest Lewis,

    I hope you get pole on Sat and win the race on Sunday! I also hope that you win this year’s WDC!!!!

    Much love,

  109. Ivy,
    Keep looking they may announce something later in the week. I would be surprised if he didn’t make at least one public appearance tbh.

  110. Dearest Lewis,

    No publicity of your appearances in Singapore, so I might not be able to see you in person and ask for your autograph. That’s my loss, sigh* I still love you and Singapore loves you!!!!!!!!!!!! Win Lewis Win!!!

    Much love,

  111. Hey Lewis,

    Hope your ok and everythings well. Cant wait for this weekend i just want to see that smile that lights up everyone of your fans tv screen.

    Lewis, you are the bestttttt <3
    we all love you

    Dee x

  112. Hi Lewis

    GOOD LUCK and the VERY BEST OF WISHES to you in singapore this coming weekend…….

    I am sure you have now put Monza behind you. Pick up from that mistake and place it in a positive stance. As you said, you are now heading into this coming race with a “renewed confidence”.. We have confidence in you and we know you have the ability to come flying through that final lap – in 1st position !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WE LOVE YOU AND LOVE WATCHING YOU RACE….cant wait xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  113. yes lewis keep up the push.please invite Damian Marley to your garage some time this season.keep your feet on the ground fellah gods speed. all the best to you your father & brother & mother plus your fam. McLaren make lewis & jenson your left & right arms need them both.

  114. Hi lewis hope you ok we miss you already and your smile can’t wait for sunday BEST DRIVE out there
    the next WDC. good luck the GOLDEN BOY YOU’RE XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
    from emily mbabazi and mason
    in london middlesex.

  115. Lewis, ofcourse when something like what happened at Monza happens we all get disappoited. But it is important that we move on and hope for the best for the next race. So cheer up everybody, gear up for fireworks at Singapore. I know it is going to be an up hill task for you= Lewis but we are hoping the Team comes up with some good strategy. Lots of love

  116. Hey ISIS, hysteria is more on your part, and something that you really need to deal and come to grips with. It Lewis seems that agrees more with me when he said, ” I had a good start, up to forth and should have stayed there for awhile “.

  117. Lewis made a few mistakes the past weekend that cost him a lot… as most supporters would probably not feel too good about it…

    but He is focusing on moving on and learning from those things…. He will only be a better driver at the next race! so let us focus on encouraging him for the future…

    Singapore might not suit a mclaren as the monza track… but we all know that lewis can change things around and come out on top…

    keep pushing mate!!!

  118. I think you’ve back tracked enough Arthur – its getting boring!

    Anyway onwards to Singapore – GOOD LUCK LEWIS……

  119. MK, maybe greedy was too strong of a word to use, and as you say, ” just a little too ambitious “, was probably a little more appropriate. I’m confident that Lewis will win the 2010 WDC, and I look forward to celebrating his victory with you on this forum.

  120. hi lewis

    just 1 question to ask if you can still remember, what make was the go kart that you had or started with?

    and i i am enjoying your bio its so good and I’ve also got a monaco +gp3 go kart and im loving it its the best i see why u did it

    nice race on the weekend

    big fan kieran

  121. Well done Lewis,
    You beat Facebook.. Must have felt sooooo good after a disappointing weekend; must have done your confidence the world of good … and now for Singapore.

  122. Hi Lewis,

    All of us have good and bad days and sunday ok was your bad .But everyone makes mistakes and you learn from every single one to get better at it next time.
    So leave the past behind you and give us fans that smile that we all enjoy to see.Keep your head held high and focus on the next races to come.Get the points you truly deserve, We all love and support you through the good and bad
    We your fans love you no matter what. F1 is not exciting without you Your the best F1 driver
    Dee x

  123. Dearest Lewis,

    Put Monza behind you now. Focus on Singapore and guess what? SINGAPORE LOVES YOU!!!! All the best and I hope you win again in Singapore this year! PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR AUTOGRAPH THIS TIME! I couldn’t get it from you last year and was heartbroken. MAY GOD BLESS YOU!!! Hope to see Nicole too!


  124. Hi lewis don’t worry too much about monza well have to put it down to experience so don’t let it play on your mind ok you can do this you can still win the championship this year. I believe in you so big smile and all the best for Singapore. Love charlene xx

  125. Hi Lewis

    I am sorry that you crashed out of the race yesterday. But you are a racing driver and that is what racing drivers do – take chances – sometimes good, sometimes bad. So what, you made a mistake. No one is perfect and am pretty sure that people like Arthur ”live in glass houses”. Damn, talk about putting the boot in when one is down – no love there!!!!!

    You are second on the leader board and there are still five more races to go. YOU CAN STILL DO IT……………………..

    I cant begin to imagine how low you must be right now. Put the past behind you, stay focused and you WILL achieve that goal. We your fans love you no matter what. F1 is not exciting without you participating – weaving in and out and taking chances. Keep your spirits up and I look forward to watching you in two weeks time xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  126. Arthur go and lie down somewhere. How can you possibly describe lewis attempting to gain a position as greed. This is motorsport – racing, fighting for position are all part of it. Some you win and others you do not. Thats life, rough with the smooth etc. You came across as hysterical in your message.

    Is your life mistake free – so what Lewis made a mistake (if that is what it was), we all do. Unlike him though we are not constantly under the spot light and do not have a rabid media screaming hysterically at us because they don’t like our brilliance or the fact that we are in motor sport.

    Get over yourself Arthur.

  127. Lewis!

    That was a weekend to forget and start to plan 26/09/2010, please stay away from 3 Fs ( Fernando, Filipe and Ferrari) you are a target to beat ! Don’t facilitate.

    Manage every race as the final race, because there is no time for mistake anymore,” Mark is doing this, in 2 or 3 last race he is not having a good start. why? because He is avoiding accidents, He wants to end all the races to be consistent, He does not want to take any risk, He knows he needs each points at this time of the season, but getting it in safe mode, and I believe that You know how to do this better than Mark because you are a CHAMPION, and you will be TWICE this season.

    Now raise your Chin up and show to all world you are better than everyone and you deserve this championship. I believe we are going to celebrate here, in our houses with our family, crying and smiling full of happiness.

    McLaren, good Job Congratulation

    God Bless You all

  128. Arthur,
    I didn’t mean it that way I meant that Lewis would know he made a big mistake and didn’t need all that negativity imo.
    He knows he’s let us, the team and himself down, that’s why I didn’t write anything for a while. I was just as disappointed and angry. I wouldn’t have called him greedy, just a little bit too ambitous imo.
    I look forward to celebrating his 2010 WDC with you on here.

  129. MK, I don’t think there is anyone on this forum who is a bigger fan and supporter of Lewis than myself. Criticizing Lewis for making a bad move doesn’t mean that one, has lost support for him, and will not continue in that support, whether times are good or bad.. Lewis is in second place and only 5 points behind championship leader Mark Webber. Mistakes like today as Hamilton admitted himself, could cost you a championship, with only 5 races left in the season.
    Mclaren and Lewis have made great strides with the development of the MP4-25, and if Lewis is given a cometitive car that challenges the Red Bulls in the next 5 races……..Lewis as the best driver in F1 today, will win the 2010 World Driving Championship.

  130. ISIS, Lewis as usual made an excellent start, but became too greedy…..and it was that greed, which put hm in the gravel. Felipe was clearly too far ahead for Lewis to make a pass in turn 4, and all Hamilton had to do was hold back, because eventually Lewis would have passed Massa. As Hamilton said, ” I had a good start, up to fourth and should have stayed there for a while “.
    During qualifying Alonso was only .122s faster than Jenson to take pole position. Lewis I believe could have taken pole position, if he had used the higher downforce setup with the F-duct, which he later admited was a mistake on his part not to use. During qualifying Hamilton is usually at least .250s faster than Jenson, and if that trend had continued, Lewis could have beaten Alonso for pole position. If Lewis had started the race from pole position, and didn’t have any mechanical breakdowns, or a terrible pitstop during the race…..that race was over at the start, and a good chance that, it would have ended in a Hamilton victory.

  131. Some angry people on here venting their frustrations. I was upset for Lewis and just as disappointed as he was. He didn’t deliberately go out of his way to mess up … it was just one of those things and don’t think for one minute he’s not hurting coz he knows the consequences. We all make mistakes it’s just Lewis’s is there for all to see.
    So come on everyone … keep the faith. Lewis will be there doing his best in Singapore. He is still in the title race so keep supporting him.
    Lewis I will always support you through the good and bad times.

  132. Dear Hammy,

    What’s done is done and I guess today at Monza it was not your day.

    Have to take the highs and lows and ok today was a low. But fast forward to Singapore and put today behind you.

    Second in the championship is not a bad place to be and you can still win it.

    Best wishes for Singapore,

    Take care

    Kindest regards

  133. Hi Lewis,
    Really gutted for you today, you did what you thought was best, if your strategy worked, you would have been hailed a hero.
    I know if you were leading the race today you would have fought for your position, unfortunately your teammate had other excuses, and gave up quite easily. He felt no shame whilst congratulating the Ferrari team; he was over them like a rash on the podium. I wonder, if Ferrari is his next move.

    There are still enough races for you to win the Championship, please! Please! just try and gain the points now, it was hard enough when it was 1 point to win the Championship. We know you can do it!!!

    Have a good rest and can’t wait to see you racing in Singapore!!

  134. Hey Lewis,
    This is Sid, I am Angolan living in Canada, I just wanna say that you are one in F1 Championship. I would like to say too that you this is is yours again. I am confident about it. I know that today wasnt a good day in Italy(12-09-2010), you are going over this next last races. I praying for you. I would like to watch you racing but…………. one day I will.
    God bless you…….

  135. Hiya Leiws,

    Sorry about today. But dont give up everyone has good and bad days and today was your bad but your skills and talent of the sport will get you through the next races.Just focuse and dont give up, the season isn’t over yet there are still point up for grabs.

    Just learn from your mistakes
    Good luck for the next races we still believe in you


  136. Arthur what is the point of that message at 12.32. Did you not notice the great start by lewis or indeed the ferrari contact that put him into the gravel. Unfortunately as all fans of this sport have noticed these things happen. It was far too early in the race to suggest that lewis’s race set up would not have been good enough to gain points and stay ahead of Webber.

    I myself am gutted as I am sure Lewis and all his fans are – but season is not over yet nor indeed the title.

  137. hi Lewis,

    Sorry about today. DNF DNF, nomore dnfs Lewis. Just collect the points pleeeasee. Diplomacy diplomacy in this game remember that!!
    Remember to keep your cool and keep focused. To win or earn points you need to keep cool an focused.
    All the best for the next races to come.

  138. Lewis you could have easily won this race, but you was full of bad decisions:

    1. Blew qualifying

    2. Blew the race

    3. Blew the championship????

  139. The more I think about it the more I don’t understand why McLaren decided to ‘experiment’ on a track that is supposed to suit their cars best!!!
    Never mind it’s done now and we know Lewis will give his all. We’ve seen Lewis come from way back … 2008 a prime example so 5th not too bad … could have been better, but it’s the race that counts.
    Com’on Lewis … You can do this!
    Good Luck and will be watching from behind a cushion. lovl

  140. Hi lewis just want to wish you all the best for tomorrows race at monza. Fith place isn’t a bad position for you cause you are a fantastic driver who will be on that podium tomorrow. all my love charlene xx

  141. Hiya Lewis,

    Dont worry about qualy just concentrate on the race dont do anything to stupid. Just show your skills and the amazing talent you have to come out on top.

    Good luck and concentrate on the race

    Dee x

  142. Hi Lewis,

    Dont worry about the qualy. You will be ok tomorrows. You shldnt have accepted to have the car without the fdct thing. Anywys, next time never agree to things that dont suit you. the team must not experiment with you. time to experiment is the time you do practice, when its time to race, you need the real thing alwys. So keep your cool and keep focused we are all watching. The world is watching too of those who love you and your talent.
    Hope you win tomorrows and make no mistakes. All the best, remember its MONZA anything can happen!!!
    We love you xxxx
    c u!!!

  143. All I’m gonna say is … take it to them Lewis and Good Luck!!
    Will be with you ALL the way.
    Hope Ron and Nicole there as your lucky charms lol.

  144. Hellooo Lewis,
    Hope this weekend is going to be a good one you deserve every single win your the best F1 driver there as ever been.
    Just to see that smile on your face lighst up the world
    hope to see that smile again this weekend

    Good luck

    Your biggest fan Dee x

  145. Hi Lewis,

    First of all… I like to say that I was totaly surprised when I saw you’re message..that
    means that you have a good heart for your fans..It’s nice letting us know that you do read these message of your Lovely caring fans..Thank you thank you thank you really much Lewis.Fantastic!
    You are my favourite f1 driver,because you are truly amazing!!
    Keep on continuing the good work,you are very talented!

    I visited the race in Germany,and you where Gr8! I really enjoyed that weekend.And ofcourse I was wearing my fan-shirt and victory cap to support you and your team!
    Lewis..I wish you good luck for this weekend in Monza!!I’ll watch the race this weekend.

    It’s great to hear that you’re comming to visit Amsterdam this week for a demonstration!!
    whoohoo!!…I hope to see you!!!

    Lots of Love from your fan from Holland!
    Missy I.Th

  146. hi,luis!!!!good luck at monza!!!!…..!!!!…italy and greece wants you to be winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….!!!!!!!

  147. Hi Lewis

    I just wanted to say good luck and all the best for a safe race in Monza this weekend.

    As usual, we will be watching – from 1st practice on Friday through to the end of Sunday’s
    race – and have already got the drinks ready to celebrate your win!!!

    You are our number one star – good luck all the way………

  148. Dear Lewis,
    first i want to congratulate you for the belgium grandprix… really deserve that yellow helmet. i think you should watch SENNA races in wet conditions and how he used to lap his rivals. i can see this natural talent in you too.
    some say that you dont have a good tire management but i say that tire management is for coward drivers and not for talented drivers like you who keeps attacking all the race.
    you deserve the championship more than any other driver ……good luck

  149. hi Hamilton i just want to say that yo ma best in racing cars it really makes me happy seeing you race on TV. you know in Uganda we don’t have people racing cars like those you do race but still we do enjoy watching formula1. pliz promise me that you will win this years championship because it will make ma year. but in ma heart i do have a feeling 100% that you will win it. wish the best in all the remaining races.

  150. hi Hamilton i just to say that yo ma best in racing cars it really makes me happy seeing you race on TV. you know in Uganda we don’t have people racing cars like those you do race but still we do enjoy watching formula1. pliz promise me that you will win this years championship because it make ma year. but in ma heart i do have a feeling 100% that you will win it. wish the best in all the remaining races.

  151. Guten Tag Lewis Hamilton. Wir führen am 21.11.10 in Gachnang bei Frauenfeld ein
    Weihnachtsmarkt zu gunsten krebskranker Kinder durch. Bin eine Mutter die ihr Sohn mit 7 Jahren
    an dieser Krankheit verloren hat. Diese Kinder brauchen dringend finanzielle Unterstützung.
    Meine Frage : Besteht für Sie an diesem Tag eine Autogrammstunde zu absolvieren.
    Es wäre für unser Markt eine grosse Unterstützung. Hoffe auf positive Antwort und grüsse Sie dankend
    Silvia Lutziger 052 375 15 44

  152. Ive always wanted to come
    and see you on track but my family lack in money so ive got to hold back
    I watch every race with joy and
    because you the best ive always wanted to be a special guest
    Last week at spa you went very far you
    went into the race with such might but you gave us fans such a fright
    when you went off track and into the gravel
    But you came out on top to win the race your car had ggression and pace
    so when I’ll meet you i will say that’s the Lewis i really want to meet one day
    So when i lie in the sun I’ll know that Lewis is the best champion that’s ever won
    So remember lewis at the end of novemeber you could be a second world champion
    contender that everyone will remember so keep going a do your best
    With only a few races to go do the best you can to get the points you deserve to come out on top
    and show the other contenders you won the whole lot


  153. Hi Lewis hope you ok spa was greeeeat!!! you gave me a heart attack when you went off the track but as a
    great drive you made it back good job
    you’re the best in F1 you cool you made the BRITISH proud your the LEGENG OF F1 God bless you and the
    HAMILTON family.
    Em from london middlesex

  154. WOW, Fantastic, wonderful and simply brilliant. that was the most important and amazing race of this season, because you lost the leadership in the last race it was important for you to return in great force to rescue the first position and you did it very well CONGRATUALATION. all of us suffered when you visited the gravel but your drive skill showed us how blessed you are. keep going, this year you will be the Champion again, I believe.

    McLaren well done, this is the Team I Love ,very good strategy and you guys did a great Job to put the car in its best, that reminded me the good times of Ayton senna.

    thank you and God bless you all

  155. Hi lewis that was your best race this year again you have showed how skillful you are. A well deserved win. Shame about button but these things can happen in your line of bussiness. Hope it’s a one, two at monza see you then love charlene xx ps keep that smile

  156. Hi Lewis

    Whoa! like the other fans my heart stopped, my pressure went up but, the superb driver that you are, you manoeuvred that car out of the gravel pit – straight back to the front and the rest is history…..

    You drove a truly masterly race from start to finish – unstoppable.

    Well done!!!! Many, many contratulations indeed.

  157. Hiya Hammy,

    Well they say the Hand of God for Mardona, I say Hand of God for Lewis. How on earthy did you manage to get the car out of the gravel and back on track and still leading first? My blood pressure went off the scale.

    Well done and my heartfelt congratulations! You did the fans proud. It was probably the sweetest race of this season for you.

    Thanks to the team as well, fantabulous result.

    God Bless and MONZA here we come.



  158. Hey Lewis,

    I’d like to say well done in the Belgian Grand Prix. It was a Good Drive by you, and the race was very exciting to watch. Keep up the brilliant work as I would love to see you at the top of the F1 Championship 2010 at the end of the season and Crowned King No. 1. All the best.

  159. well, well, well!!Magnificent Lewis. You were mighty. I already said that you were meant to be on pole yesterday but the course of the race today showed how second spot qualifying made almost no difference to the result today. Thanks for giving us a great race once again, even with the visit to the gravel which added to prove how great you are. I am sure someone else (no names mentioned) would have lost it there. You kept your cool and put it back on track. Well done. It is definitely a very sweet win for all of us. Monza? bring it on. Another win in view as I equally trust the team to give you another reliable car underneath you. Say hi to Phil phew (I like that guy’s simplicity) and was very happy to see how you both enjoyed the visit to the podium today.

  160. Hi hammy
    well done on your win at spa enjoy yourself i’am enjoying my self thank you for winning good luck on championship.xxxxxxxxxx

  161. OMG Lewis, I nearly had a heart attack when you went off and was too busy screaming keep going, keep going instead of blowing the car back on the track. lol You kept your head and put the car back on the track.
    Well done for a great race and great victory. There was a lot of action behind you involving some of your competitors which made for an interesting race.
    What a race! Could we have a less stressful win in Monza? Ta!

  162. Magnificent …..absolute magnificent drive and win, but Lewis do you really find it necessary to give some of you fans heart failure during the course of a race? ha ha ha Today’s performance was that of a world champion, and good to see you again on the top step on the podium, especially when you consider the outrage committed against in 2008 at this very same track.

  163. Hey Lewis,

    Absolutely amazing race today in spa,oh did my heart stopped for a minute when you went off track and into the gravel but amazingly you got back on top ,feeling absolutely ecstatic great win today
    hope everything goes as well in monza
    Congratulations on a stunning performance and a much deserved win. Onwards to Monza

    Great win hammy

    Best wishes biggest fan Dee x

  164. Great job. well done Lewis. All the best in the next race. Keep winning or getting points!!

    C you soon!!!

  165. Vroom, Vroom Lewis
    Well done Lewis, an incredible day, another victory tidily done!!!!

    You were exceptionally calm bringing the car out from the gravel, oh did my heart stopped for a minute, but as I watch intensely, I realised that you had it under control.

    Nice One Lewis, Nice One Lewis lets have another one, Monza, Oh man I can’t wait!
    Just as well Monza is 2 weeks away, you sure do deserve to be smiling for a while, WELL DONE!!!
    Bristol UK

  166. Hi Lewis,

    What a fantastic race. What a fantastic drive. You looked in total control throughout much of the race. The weather caused its usual problems but you were able to deal with them – I won’t dwell on that heart stopping moment before your last pit stop. Thankfully you got out of that one with your lead in tact.

    Congratulations on a stunning performance and a much deserved win. Onwards to Monza.

  167. Vroom, Vroom Lewis
    Well done Lewis, incredible day, another victory and so tidily done!!!!

    You were exceptionally calm bringing the car out from the gravel, oh did my heart sank, but as I watch intensely, I realised that you had it under control.

    Nice One Lewis, Nice One Lewis lets have another one, Monza Oh boy I can’t wait!
    Just as well Monza is 2 weeks away, you sure do deserve to be smiling for a while, WELL DONE!!!
    Bristol UK

  168. Lewis, Congratulations on winning the Belgian race!!! You’re back in the championship lead!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. Hiya Hammy,

    It made my heart sing to know that you found the time to read the messages from the fans ( Aug 12 2010.) We all appreciate it! Thank you!!

    Well done for 2nd on grid for Spa, we all know you drive your heart out and to the limit…well done. Should be an interesting race tomorrrow and I know you will do well and of your best.

    God bless and best of British luck.

    Kindest regards,


  170. Hi Lewis,

    Good job. Well done for the position you held today. Hope tomorrow you can win the race. Wish you all the best tomorrows. The car seems suitable and good for this track.

    I cant wait for tomorrows.
    Go Lewis!!!

  171. Should be an interesting race tomorrow especially with the changeable weather. I have faith in Lewis to do his best as usual and hope to see him on the very top step.

  172. HI Lewis
    Good that F1 is back after your well-earned break!

    A fantastic 2nd place on the grid for Spa tomorrow, Lewis with a bit of luck your car will also help provide you with a win, whatever the weather tomorrow.

    Its good to be watching you again!!
    Marcia Bristol

  173. Go Lewis
    See it as a fresh start and remember last year Lewis picked up the most points second half of the season. If you do that again you will be Champion. Can’t wait to celebrate that one.
    Firstly though, All the best for this weekend. I know you will do your best and push that car to its limit.

  174. Dear Lewis,

    I hope your car is competitive with the Red Bulls and Ferraris. May God bless you at the race this Sunday in Belgium! It’s time for you to win and take back the championship lead!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Much love,

  175. Hi Lewis

    Just wanted to say hope you had a good break and that you are refreshed and ready for your return to the track beginning this weekend.

    Good luck and best wishes for a safe and successful remainder of the season. Hopefully your car will be much more improved than at the first part of racing and you are on course for winning the championship……………

    Good luck this weekend………………

  176. hi Lewis,

    Hope u rested enough and on fire for this coming round. hopefully you will have a car that will finish the race!! All the best an am looking forward to the championship win. Go Lewis!!!!

  177. At Last Spa is just around the corner and I know Lewis will always do his best. I hope the break has given McLaren the space they need to improve on the upgrades. Can’t wait for this weekend.
    Best of Luck Lewis and would love to see you on the top step again and again and again. lol

  178. Hi Lewis
    Would just like to add to the comments above.I am so looking forward to this weekends racing ,i have butterflies all ready.You are a fantastic driver Lewis, always the gentleman,and well rounded,you are wonderful to your loyal followers and level headed.
    May you have a very long and happy career and i will be watching you in quali and also the race,stay safe and drive like you always do ,ie on the edge.
    Stay safe and lets make it another world championship under your belt.
    Good luck Jayne xx

  179. Hey lewis,

    The patience that you have clearly displayed this year in certain situations, shows how you are positively maturing as a driver. Lewis your starts are very exciting and absolutely brilliant to watch, and your passing manuevers which are amazing keeps me on the edge of my chair. These are certain attributes that you have, which I hope that you never lose, and can only approve on….if that’s at all possible.

    Best of luck this weekend Lewis, and I hope to see you on the top step on the podium….AGAIN….at Spa.

  180. Dear Mr. Lewis Hamilton, we know that you loved South Africa after your recent visit earlier this year, and thought that you may consider purchasing 1 Km of South African coast line in one of the major cities called Port Elizabeth, recently renamed as Nelson Mandela Bay. It consists of a prestine 61,5 Hectares (615 000 sqaure metres) of valuable vacant property situated between and bordering two exclusive suburbs of this city that hosted 2010 World Cup Soccer games. It could be turned into a very exclusive and secure Private Estate with the most beautiful views of sea, dolphins and whales at times.

    The price would be very attractive, and aerial photos would be sent upon request by email, together with further information. I own a business as can be seen from the above website, and have owned this property together with my wife for 16 years. We are genuine sellers.

    We look forward to any further communication.

  181. Hey Lewis,
    It was so lovely to have read your message to us, your adoring and dedicated fans, what a lovely surprise!! Thank you so, so, much, this shows that you are truly a very appreciative person!

    Thanks for enlightening our minds to the progress of the upgrades, cannot wait for race day at Spa. CHEERS and here is to you, (hopefully) finishing the next 7 races in as many of these orders as your car will allow you to achieving these podium places,1st, 2nd and 3rd.
    God bless you Lewis you certainly have cheered me up, can’t wait to hear from you again at the end of the season!!!

  182. Hey Lewis,

    I pray for you before every race, I’m proud of you as a young British driver of colour who has already overcome a lot in your career. May God continue to bless you and all you do, please stay humble and keep doing what you do-“driving the best you can in every race”. I love watching you, your the reason I got into F1 now I love the sport. I wish you the best with Nicole, ya’ll make a cute couple, and please, please, please, please, try to win the championship this season. Believe and pray, you can do it, all things are possible. All the best

  183. Hi Lewis

    It was brilliant reading your message to us, your fans. You took the time out in your holiday and busy schedule to respond and that means everything to us…….

    Three weeks is such a long time!!! but we know you deserve a break too and we anxiously wait with baited breath for your return on the tracks.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday and all the very best for a most successful second half of racing. We know you have it in you to win the championship and we will be supporting you all the way.

    With very best wishes…………………

  184. Hi lewis thank you so so so so much for your mesage it meant alot to me you don’t know how i, fill reading that you showing us your biggest fans that you care thank you my the lord bless you and your family. We miss u soooo much me and my son who want to be THE NEXT LEWIS he’s eight year old but he keeps asking me to take him to karting and i can’t afford but keep it up your second champion is on the way soon you know it and every body does. Enjoy your holiday but don’t forget the u keep us your gowing each year. xxxx

  185. hi lewis,

    I just wanted to wish you good luck for Spa Francorchamps and the rest of the season. You are the best driver for me.

    best wishes
    from one of your biggest fans.

  186. Hey Lewis,

    Congratulations on your Lorenzo Bandini trophy award . An amazing achievement we are all so proud of you congratulations again i hope everything is well and you are enjoying your time off.

    Cant wait till the next race

    Best wishes Love Biggest fan Dee x


  188. If that really is you Lewis. Thanks.
    Nonetheless, I don’t need to to tell me that you always try your best and give your all … I know that already.
    Hope the second half of the season is more productive for you.
    Don’t forget folks Lewis got the most points in the second half of the season last year and he’s not that far behind at the moment.
    Best of Luck for the rest of the season. I for one will still be supporting you no matter where you finish, but first is always good. lovl.
    Your biggest fan

  189. Lew,
    thank you very muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch for your message. It shows us your fans that you at least read our messages. We will always be behind you. on every practice, qualifying and race, we are always following the silver car with the “magic yellow helmet”.With you, we will always be number 1. have a great time off.
    God bless you always.

  190. Dear Fans.

    It’s now the mid season break so I get some time to reply to my fans.

    Once again I would like to thank you for the time and effort which you all spend on me.
    So far, I am happy with the way my races have gone. The start of the year was very challenging for me and I didn’t get the results I expected but I managed to score some points early on so it has enabled me to stay in contention for the title. At the moment the Red Bull’s are the team to beat and Ferrari have staged an amazing fight back. I never once wrote off the challenge of Fernando and Ferrari so things are going to be very tense towards the end of the season.
    I am enjoying my time off but I can honestly say, I can never switch off from Formula 1, I can’t wait to get back into the car, we have some exciting upgrades coming between now and the end of the season which will allow Jenson and I to be more aggresive during qualifying and should give us a more stable platform for out and out race pace.
    No matter what happens, everyone at Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes will continue to fight until the very end and I’m confident as a team we can win both titles this year.
    Once again, I would like to say thank you for your kind words and the effort you all make to spur me on.
    Speak to you all after the season end.
    Regards and thanks.

  191. Dear, Lewis

    I am 13 years old and I think your a great driver because your very competitive and talented. I dream about starting go- karting but my mum and dad have told me that they can’t afford for me to do it. I’m starting to feel like my dream it melting away because I only have one chance to do this in life but it’s too expensive for me to do so I was wondering if you would support me on following my dream all i have and ever will dream of doing is racing. Many of the people at school think I’m stupid to want this so badly. I am begging you to give me my dream because I know that your the only person that can make my dream come true. Nobody notices how much this means to me, I would give my life and soul to have just even a shot at this.

    I hope you reply to this.
    Alex (

  192. Dear Lewis My name is Justin Hanson. I am 9 years old. I am from jamaica. I’ve been watching you race since 2008. I would like you to come to jamaica when you want okay. I want to become F1 driver like you. My favourite sports F1 and football. My dad went to see you when you won your first grand prix in canada. I would love to sit in your and even later on I can drive. I would like to stay in the garage during the grand prix weekend. I’ve got F1 2009 on wii with a wheel and you are on it so you can drive as yourself.

  193. Hi Hamilton you’re the best driver on F1 every one knows it so good luck handsome
    we miss you when you not driving on holiday God bless you and your family can’t wait for SPA from now on you’re the F1.xxxxxxxxxx

  194. Dear Lewis,

    I am from Maldives island and i would like to invite you to our country. Please advise me the dates so that i can arrange your holiday for free of charge in a 5 star resort island.

    thanking you,
    Abdulla Sabeeh

  195. Hi Lewis, i just want to tell you how much i respect and worship your skills as the best, infinity world class champion driver always and forever, i watch every practice session, quallifying and race of every season and fully support you in your racing career for as long as it will be, and i am looking foward to cellibrating all of your race wins and championship titles, so comeon Lewis, win the next two championships so Ron Dennis will have to give you that orange Mclaren car. with more respect than you could ever imagine, your biggest fan, Lee France.

  196. Hey guys

    I don’t think anyone is to be blamed for what happened. We can start pointing fingers but that won’t help anything. Lewis knows the guys in the garage always gives their best every weekend.

    Yes… It was very frustrating, for the fans and I can assure you that the mechanics feels much worse after all the hard work.

    We should remember that everyone makes mistakes. I know the team will move forward from this incident and get the car up to speed!

    Lewis… you’re the best driver out there… We know you will be at the top again very soon 😉

  197. Hi Lewis,

    I join the queue of fans who are totally gutted at the results of your race in Hungary. To reiterate, why , oh why didn’t McLaren check your car thoroughly – after all THEY are the engineers and mechanics and if you report a problem then THEY are responsible for locating that problem and fixing it, especially at such a crucial stage of the race! The mind boggles!!!!!

    Lewis, please take comfort in that although you have dropped to the second position there are still seven more races to go. Hopefully McLaren will pull out all the stops to get the cars sorted and you back into the lead position again. We all know that Red Bull and Ferrari are faster cars (at the moment) but McLaren CAN work to bettering your cars to keep up with the pace of the other two. You have done it in the past and more.

    You are the number one champion and we, your fans, love you and love watching you on the race track. We will be supporting you no matter what. Stay positive, determined and focused. In the meantime, have a super holiday with your family and friends. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  198. Yes I am equally gutted for Lewis. How can the “only hope” car capable of salvaging more points out of a race can have such a mechanical failure? (bearing in mind that Button had qualified hopelessly!) For me, and I am sure for many of you fellow Lewis’s fans, the race was simply not enjoyable after Lewis’s retirement. I still cannot undertand why the mechanics could not make sure the car was ok( thourough checks) the morning of the race, particularly at this point in the championship when everything is hotting up with the RB and Ferraris! Anyway, Lewis, we still have hope. We hope Mclaren will turn up in Spa with a much improved car and reliable as usual so that we can regain the place N0 1 because that is yours. You will always be no 1 for your fans, no matter what.
    Lew, have a well deserved break, with Nicole and family. We loved you all. God bless you always.

  199. Yes I am equally gutted for Lewis. How can the “only hope” car capable of salvaging more points out of a race can have such a mechanical failure? (bearing in mind that Button had qualified hopelessly!) For me, and I am sure for many of you fellow Lewis’s fans, the race was simply not enjoyable after Lewis’s retirement. I still cannot undertand why the mechanic could not make sure the car was ok( thourough checks) the morning of the race, particularly at this point in the championship when everything is hotting up with the RB and Ferraris! Anyway, Lewis, we still have hope. We hope Mclaren will turn up in Spa with a much improved car and reliable as usual so that we can regain the place N0 1 because that is yours. You will always be no 1 for your fans, no matter what.
    Lew, have a well deserved break, with Nicole and family. We loved you all. God bless you always.

  200. Hey Lewis,

    sorry that car didnt go far. But you will be alright. more races to come. just rest during this break an get ready for next round an you wil be fine. keep focused remember.

    see you soon!!!

  201. Hi lewis you started of so well n got yourself into fourth place shame about the car letting you down the points between you n webber n red bull are marginal you are in my opinion one of the greatest drivers in f1 in a long time up untill a few years ago f1 needed some new excitement n along came you so stay focused n keep doing what you do best DRIVE!! Lol have a lovely rest take time out with yr family n other half n come back totally ready for Belgium lots of love chaz n family xx

  202. Hi Lewis!

    I am so frustrated about this race, but I think nothing is lost You did your best with this car ,you are magic you can not invent ,every one do his job and you are doing your job better than anyone, raise your chin up you are a champion..

    unfortunately I have to agree with Marcia… something strange.

  203. Was gutted for you yesterday especially as it was the last race before the break, but these things happen. Have to agree with Marcia Whitmarsh didn’t look too bothered, maybe he knew but there was nothing they could do so late in the date. That’s the problem with mechanical failures … they just go!
    Anyways hope you all have a great break and come back refreshed and ready to race for the title.
    Enjoy everyone!

  204. Don’t know about the rest of Lewis’s fans I am really sad and will be for a few weeks, I am always like this when ever nothing goes well for Lewis. What a day, just wish it was one of the other drives who were at the bottom and stand no chance of winning today and not Lewis, I feel he has had enough bad luck from the past and it should be just minor things now.
    I do not expect Lewis to win every race, but come on, why, oh why, could Martin Whitmarsh not try to do more, the car was reasonable good after qualifying, so what happened over night, I feel there has been some deliberate interference, Martin Whitmarsh did not look practically bothered, when Lewis came off the trace, or was it my imagination?
    I hope you are ok Lewis, and in a months time your chances will be in a much better form with that struggling car. Those engineers should not be having a holiday, they should be getting their heads together and make use of the time they now have, to get the performance right for the next race!
    Wishing you all Gods blessing Lewis!

  205. Hi Lewis,

    What terrible luck you have had to endure. You must be gutted as am I. But now, a few hours after I pressed the off switch on my tv with the sad site of your car – not moving, I am feeling much more confident. Why, because of you, your spirit and impressive ability – keep strong, and keep believing in yourself and your team.

    Oh and just a word to Mr Whitmarsh, time to get your finger out mate. I know its hard to put out a car that will compete with the best at the moment, but nevertheless, we have come to expect more and we need more Lewis needs more much much more.

  206. Dear Hammy,

    I am so gutted and upset about the Hungarian race for you!!! BLOODY TRANSMISSION.!!!!


    God Bless you and all the team .x


  207. Hiya Lewis,

    Well Done very difficult weekend great pit stop early in the race. Great try just focus on the next race and have a great rest

    Well Done

    Love Biggets Fan Dee x

  208. Hiya Lewis,

    Well done today great position after a difficult weekend. Keep focused tomorrow try your absolute hardest as we all know you will and get more points for the championship.

    Good luck tomorrow best wishes

    Love Biggest Fan Dee x

  209. Great job today Lewis, 5th is very good seeing that the car is not great at the moment.
    All you have to do is finish ahead of your qualifying position tomorrow. Stay out of trouble and collect as many points as you possibly can
    Best of luck

  210. Hey Lewis,

    Welldone, welldone welldone, good position after a difficult weekend. Just keep focused tomorrow and get more points for the championship.
    all the best for tomorrow.


  211. Hey Lewis!
    I wish you all the best in Hungary!Good luck to your team!
    From now on you did the best you ever could,..Amazing results!!
    And the most important is to win the championship.. you are almost there..ceep on doing well!!
    Yes..I would rather see you win on each race..
    Yah Bless!!
    Much love from Holland..

  212. Hi Lewis,
    In my opinion there’s nothing left to say. You are the best driver ever seen in the formula 1. I hope you’ll win the championship and good luck for hungary =P

  213. Hi Lewis, I’m a great fan of yours, even though I am 71. I take great interest in your progress and I hope you will win this year’s Grand Prix. I will be the happiest person. Good luck. Keep up the good work. From Sheila

  214. hi lewis there are some good drivers in f1 at the moment but you are a racer once the team get your car spot on know one will catch you good luck lad you are the man,

  215. you are the best driver in the world, i wish you to win this championship and some day be more times champion then Michael Shumacher .its your falt that i like f-1 if not you the formula wouldnt be so interesting good luck to you your family and team.
    Your fan from lithuania.

  216. Hi Lewis,

    First of all, congratulations on an excellent drive last weekend which saw you come fourth, but still maintaining your championship lead, given the pace of the Ferrari’s and Red Bull’s…very well done indeed!!!

    Although it is now water under the bridge, I just wanted to add It was unfortunate that you crashed during practice but I admire so much, your spirit, your ambition and your thirst to win. You truly are a star finishing 7th – even after the smash and only 13 minutes of practice remaining. Your team is fantastic, getting you back on the track so quickly. Well done to them.

    Finally, I would like to wish you good luck and all the best wishes for a safe weekend in Hungary. Hopefully your car will have faster pace and you will be at the top of the podium. With your driving skills a good car will see you being unbeatable.

    GOOD LUCK ALL THE WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  217. Hiya Lewis,

    Firstly well done to the team on rebuilding the car after your practice smash in Germany. Fab race and we are still leading.

    But how I wish your car was faster, I know you give your all and get the best that you can from the car but we need more speed come on McLaren pull out all the stops, competition is creeping up and overtaking us.

    Best of British for Budapest this weekend.

    God Bless, Amelia

  218. Hi Lewis!
    Unfortunately this weekend I lost my F1 first race, I was in the Plane while the race was happening, the reason why I don’t have much say about this, but reading the newspaper I could be informed. starting on 6º and end on 4º I can say It was absolutely a great result because you win 12 points and you have been being consistent and this is the behavior of a champion. CONGRATULATION.

    McLaren; You’ve been doing a great job this season but there are still 8 races do not accomodate yourself You need to improve the car in order to win the two championship and I believe you can do this to make us happy at the and of year.

    God bless you all

  219. Hey Lewis…

    Fantastic drive once again, the car really didn’t look good all weekend but those are 12 valuable points. All the best for you and Jenson on next weekends race. We are still top in both championships!

    I know you will do your best once again! The guys in the garage are probably hard at work now… i hope those upgrades and changes goes well for the next race… we need a competitive car to stay ahead!

  220. Hi Lewis,
    Again you made our sunday. My 12 years old son and myself are great admirers and supporters of you. We pray every time you race and keep fingers crossed. You make the F1 funky ! All drivers are good but we s^love you. God bless you!

  221. Hi lewis it just goes to show what an excellent driver you are to finish seventh in testing with less then nine minutes to play with. Although you didn’t quite reach the podium your still a big fret even to the winner of today’s race in germany. Hope maclaren improve both yours and jensons car before Hungary. All the best for next weeks race xxx

  222. Well done Lewis for maintaining the best position you could today and still leading!!
    It was a lacklustre race, had the blown diffuser worked,Lewis you would certainly have given Alonso and Vettle a good pacing today? When the McLaren cars have the supremacy Lewis will always give us a good race day.
    Come on McLaren’s Engineer’s, the staying power is seriously missing the power in those blow diffusers. Hopefully Hungary next weekend?
    Bristol (U K)

  223. Hey Lewis,

    Well done today so proud of you and the team.Still great to see you on top of the board keep up the hard work

    Best wishes good luck for the next race

    love biggest fan Dee x

  224. I know this isn’t the site, but I feel so sorry for Massa. Imagine being Alonso’s partner for another two years. How sad is that?
    Well done Lewis you did your best and still top of the board. Keep up the good work Lewis

  225. Hiya Lewis,

    Hope your ok from fridays practice Good luck in quali and the race. I Will be supporting you as always What a magnificent 10 lap performance it shows your simply the best f1 racer ever.


    Biggest fan Dee x

  226. Hey Lewis,
    How unfortunate for you and your car yesterday, but all is well now, the mechanics do need to keep their experiences in tact, as it is often said, you never knows what’s round the corner.
    What a magnificent 10 lap performance, that shows you really know what you can do and how to do so too!!
    Good luck in qualifying today and even more luck to finish on the podium hopefully a 1st tomorrow.
    Bristol (U K)

  227. Hope you are ok after first practice today Lewis.

    Good luck in quali and the race. Will be supporting you as always.

  228. Hi Lewis, good luck this weekend in Germany…….go kick some butts, ha! Show them what you’re made of and who the number one champion really is!!! The team is planning on using the blown diffuser this weekend; we hope it works but either way, diffuser or not, you are the fastest on the track and you proved it at Silverstone. Very best wishes and, once again, good luck.

  229. Hello Lewis,

    This weekend is going to be an exciting race The German Gp is on the road and ready to see to some action.Hopefully you will win.Its so good to see you on top of the Championship
    cant wait for this weekend

    I’ll be watching the race GOOD LUCK
    Best wishes

    Love Biggest fan Dee x

  230. Hi Lewis.
    The German Gp is on the road,and I can not wait to see that.
    Hopefully you and Button wil feels good to see you on top of the GP
    I’m going on tour this weekend to the German Grandprix..
    I wish you Good Luck!!!Keep working on it!!

    Lot’s of Love…

  231. The German GP coming up. Hope the upgrades prove better than at Silverstone.
    Forza Lewis coz we know you the best.

  232. Salut Lewis, Excusez-moi,je parle français. Très content pour vous pour avoir pris la 2ème place lors de la dernière course.Vous avez fait avec les moyens du bord malgrès que votre monoplace soit un peu au-dessous des red bulls.Je sais que vous êtes bien capable d’aller les chercher une fois que votre mclaren est bien au point. J’apprécie votre esprit sportif.Ne changez pas.Bon courage et bonne chance.

  233. Hi Lewis!

    MY admiration on you is becaming stronger day by day, You are proving for everybody your drive skill is incomparable,you did a great job on sunday. what a wonderful start ! congratulation, keep consistent and You will be the Champion again, let’s hope that the car will be better in the rest of races in order to fight Mano-a-Mano against Red Bull.

    well done Mclaren good pit stops

    It was nice to see Mr. Anthony there, Thank You Lewis.

    God Bles you All

  234. Well-done,
    Lewis congratulation and thank you for a fantastic day, coming 2nd was still a good position, any podium position is always welcome in my opinion where you are concerned, when 1st is not possible, and especially when your car was not able to give you the speed you wanted from it.
    Silverstone is a fantastic track and we were so proud the British circuit is one of the best!!
    We saw you trying to overtake Mark a few times but the car were just lacking the pace, the last few laps the gap was widening, we were a bit worried, but then thought perhaps you were nursing the tyres to settle for second hopefully the upgrades will be up to it for Germany.
    Maybe,the Red Bulls are giving the cars a few cans of of heir energy drinksRed Bull before the races? I could not believe the speed they have compare to the McLaren’s, yes please more upgrades!!
    Bristol (U K)

  235. To those who look after this site. Thank you for the like and dislike buttons. I’ve been through a few but will keep more up-to-date with comments from now one. I love it. It means I don’t have to repeat what people have said,. I just click the button.
    I will continue to put comments in so that Lewis, if he reads this, knows I’m still one of his biggest, if not the biggest, fan. lovl.





  237. Wish we had a like button on this like Fb.

    Lewis you are a gentleman wishing you a win in Germany to keep you at the top where you belong.

  238. Congratulations, Lewis, another great win (even though it was secopnd place).

    As you said in your interview, Red Bull is driving a faster car at the moment but you manage to keep on their tails and, with your team’s planned upgrades, you will be able to match these guys eventually.

    Keep doing what you are doing now and you will make it to the end of the championships – as the leader !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  239. Loved the Vodaphone Camper trip to Silverstone Video……fab. Hope you both get time to do more.

    Best fo British for Germany…….YOU ALWAYS GIVE YOUR BEST AND MORE.

    Good Luck for rest of the season which I think is going to be very exciting and close.


  240. I hope after today alonso has accepted yu r better driver than him.What an angry man, Instead of alonso driving off today at the grid . He found himself yielding kubica and rosberg as he was worried if yu had passed him .And as for he told his mechanic not to talk to him until the race is finish .Now ferrari will understand what Ronn Dennis was going thru with Alonso. I feel sorry for alonso,this is something else beyond racing.Montoya left F1 angry man.Who is the angry man on the line to join Montoya?……lol

  241. Hello Lewis,

    Congratulations great race today well deserved 2nd place, its great to see that you’ve extended your lead in the championship. Lets hope your upgrade goes better at the next race.Its was good to see your family this weekend i love you all

    Keep up your hard work, have a well deserved rest

    can’t wait till the next race in two weeks time
    Love biggest fan Dee x

  242. Well done Lewis on a hard fought 2nd place. Fantastic to see that you’ve extended your lead in the championship.

    As for A Psychiatrist : Whoever this poor person is. If this site is all too much for you find another, there are plenty that will accomodate your foolishness. Did you exhaust yourself conjuring up the text for those messages? perhaps a lie down in a darken room, conserve that brain cell, you never know when you might need it.

  243. Hey Lewis,

    Welldone Welldone Lewis. Great job, keep getting points. All the best in next race.

  244. Well Done Lewis, you did us proud. Such an exciting race and those Red Bulls. Damn! One day you will get past Webber til then enjoy your racing and keep collecting those points.
    Beautiful race.
    I also like the pub quiz thing too, very funny. Wish you showed your fun side more often.

  245. hi man… that was a job well done fatastic driving enjoy ur self the rest of the week then germany to come…keep cool see yo

  246. Well done Lewy. Fantastic show for Silverstone fans. Great results considering the dissapointments for yourself and Jenson with ther upgrades not really coming up to scratch. Plus still leading ………..Fantastico!!!!

  247. hello lewis well done mate …you can do it just focus if you get a chance take it, all the very best luck. from wolverhampton wst mdland we love you God be with you

  248. hello lewis well done mate just …you can do it just focus if you get a chance take it, all the very best luck. from wolverhampton wst mdland we love you God be with you

  249. Good luck tomorrow Lewis, you have shown today why you are miles ahead of Jenson, your simply a much better driver, love ya, will be rooting for you tomorrow xx

  250. Hiya Lewis

    Well done today.The car is not its best this weekend bt hey as long as we get some points and you enjoy the race and the atmosphere of the fans and dont do anything stupid we will be ok.

    Hope the best for you tomorrow,good luck

    Love biggest fan Dee x

  251. What a disappointed the upgrades proved to be but Lewis wasn’t. Well done Lewis for getting 4th position even though the car proved to be a nightmare. Good luck for tomorrow and stay out of Alonso’s way … he’s not a happy bunny atm. Even today he complained about a driver! You stay clear of him coz he could be dangerous tomorrow in his desperation to move up the grid. I could be wrong though. We will see tomorrow.
    All the best and we know you will give your all as usual.

  252. Hi Lewis,

    Well done Lewis. The car is not good this wkend bt hey, as long as we get points and add to wot we have already. keep focused and it will all happen. relax!!!

    all e best for tomorrows Lewis

  253. I wish you every success Lewis, in quali and the race. Don’t worry about things outside of your control and above all enjoy – God willing.

    Again I wish you good luck. I will of course be routing for you – as always.

  254. Hi Lewis
    Hope the upgrades will be worth the wait at Silverstone this weekend.
    Please! Please! Stay focus and remember there will be stewards and drivers who will be watching every move you make and do tomorrow.
    It’s lovely to see you have included your grandparents home flag on your impressive helmet!
    Driving is in your blood Mr Davidson Hamilton he too was always up for a challenge and loved riding on his motorbike, yes let us hopes for another 2008 repeat at Silverstone on Sunday.
    Lovely to see your dad during practice on Friday, have fun and do both countries proud!!!
    Marcia (Bristol U K)

  255. Good luck and all athe very best of wishes to you, Lewis, this weekend at Silverstone.
    We will be watching and routing for you – all the way to the first place!!!!!!!!

    Additionally, it’s so cool to hear that you would be sporting the Grenadian flag on your helmet
    – I cant stop smiling…………

  256. Come on king of F1 go get e’m you ur the best no matter what we lov you u make F1 fun fun some thing that we always can’t wait to see so good luck……………LOL

  257. Arthur is very astute Lewis not only do you have to be careful of Mansell but Alonso too. In fract be careful in general as there are a lot of people out there wanting to see you fail. They still can’t get over the fact that you have come into this sport and proven to be a gifted driver.
    Hope you do well to try and silence these critics.
    Good Luck for the whole weekend.

  258. Lewis, this weekend be very….very careful at Silverstone, because Nigel Mansell wil be a race steward. I truly believe that he doesn’t truly care for you, and would rule against you in any sort of incident.

    Best of luck at your home GP, and let’s have a repeat of your 2008 win.

  259. Hiya Lewis,

    Just wanted to say good luck for the weekend, i am looking foward to the race very much its my highlight of the week for me. i also wanted to say concentrate dont do anything stupid just focus on the race and win.

    good luck best wishes

    love biggest fan Dee x

  260. Hi lewis just want to say that it was nice to see you at goodwood on Sunday it was lovely of you to talk with us and sign our kids caps and book they’ve been telling all there friends at school wish you all the best at Silverstone there’s nothing to stop you from winning but yourself so relax and do your best look out for us at copes lol will be rooting for you as always all our love xxx

  261. Szia Lewis!Sajnos nem tudok angolul,de nagyon remélem,s?t szeretném ha megkapnád ezt az üzenetet!Egyszer?en fantasztikus pilótának tartalak!!Nem tudom elképzelni,hogy ne te nyerd meg a világbajnokságot.Nem hagynék ki egyetlen egy F1 futamot sem,és soha egy pillanatra sem hagynálak cserben,vagy pártolnék máshova!Imádom ahogy versenyzel,fantasztikus,a mentalitásod,a kitartásod,a rámen?séged!így kell,csak így lehet!Kérlek maradj mindig ilyen!!Rajongód vagyok,és egy percre sem gondolom,hogy csalódást okoznál,mert Te vagy a legjobb,és nem csak idén,mindig is Te voltál!Más tészta,hogy tavaly nem Te nyertél,de ez nem is számít már,akkor is megérdemled,hogy büszke legyek Rád,mert bár lehet hogy mások nem így látják,Én mindig hittem,és hinni is fogok benned,mert látom a tehetséget,és tudom hogy élni is fogsz vele!Maradj még nagyon sokáig a F1.ben,mert Te teszed élvezetessé számomra az egészet!Idén nem is kérdés hogy megnyered,Én tudom!És maradj ilyen optimista!!Ha csak fele annyira bízol magadban,mint Én benned,még legalább 4x világbajnok leszel,meglátod!Én szurkolok Neked,teljes szívemb?l,mert megérdemled!!SOK SIKERT!!Puszi!!Krisztina )) MERT MEGÉRDEMLED LEWIS!ÉN TUDOM!!))

  262. Hiya Lewis

    Just wanted to say that i cant wait Silverstone, unfortunately i cant come but i promise i will be watching at home on gutted as im a very big fan of you.

    Best wishes

    love Biggest fan Deex

  263. well said Patricia, Lewis needs some kind of protection as alonso and the spanish people are out to do anything to stop Lewis from firmly establishing himself as the BEST of the BEST in F1. If they can throw a dangerous weapon like a glass bottle on the track. But you know what Lewis, God will protect you from those who hate you

  264. hi babe, jus want to say cant wait to go to silverstone, unfortunately i cannot afford a ticket and im gutted as im a big fan of u, even called my cat lewis lol.

    i will be there at da camp site right opposite da track watchin u on da t.v.

    good luck babe

    hope i will get to meet u soon n see u in person one day.

    love ya loads

    love shazza from nottingham xxxxx

  265. all the best in your career and expect the giant obstucles on yuor way to success.luv you.

  266. I think you need to have bodyguards,i#m worried about Alonso’s crazy fans, i don’t trust them.Alonso is starring the whole thing.

  267. Hiya Lewis

    Could you please send a very happy birthday to Nicole cant wait to silverstone lol

    best wishes love you both

    Biggest fan Dee xx

  268. Hello Again Lewis,

    Congrats on your performance at Valencia and well done to be leading the championship. Looking forward to the updates at Silverstone which promises to be a very special race.

    Regarding the Alonso saga it still hurts him deeply that a rookie beat him in 2007 and 3 years down the line he cannot move on. Overtaking the SC wasn’t clear-cut or blatant, and you served the penalty.

    Perhaps Alonso should have concentrated on the racing and avoid being rookied by Kobyashi. Oh how I loved that piece of overtaking!

    Best of British for Silverstone,



  269. hope you have spolied Nicole rotten today Lewis. Wish her a happy birthday from everyone

    good luck in the next race. It will be a big one.

  270. Joysp makes an excellent point about the bottle. I remember asking the question how did that bottle get there,had someone intentionally put it there, if so who and why? (considering the stewards and security not to mention cameras) ironically I asked these questions as Lewis whizzed passed it. What a terrible thought that maybe there are those who would be prepare to meet out injury and perhaps worst to determine the outcome of a race or championship. Terrible, God willing there is some innocent explanation for that bottle – but it won’t rattle my world if our suspicions are justified.

    My new name for Alsono has to be cry baby. What a shame he cannot take it like a man. Should take a leaf out of your book Lewis’s how to handle pressure under the most extreme of circumstances.

    Well done Lewis…….

  271. Hi lewis
    well done on sunday alonso is a baby and sick so take care your the great of

  272. Hello Lewis,how are you?I’m from South-Africa in Gauteng,Vereeniging.I don’t miss one F1 race,your my insperation.I’m a 125 MAX Challenge Go-cart driver and 18 years old,I wish that I could race Formula One some day.Bad lozers always moan, but don’t mind them, just be who you are because who you are is just great! You and McLaren is the best and I know your gonna be 2010’s world champion!

    All the best from your biggest fan

    Stan Hatem

  273. Eres lo peo*, un tranpa* y un niñat* consentido. Das pen*.
    Al fianl del camino cada uno tendrá lo que se ha ganado y tú te lo estás ganando a pulso chavalote.

  274. hey lewis fight fight fight each race as though it were the last. Dont concede any points if possible no matter how minor.

  275. Hi Lewis one other comment – an important one……. That bottle on the road in front of your car, we believe, came from the Spanish stewards;

    (1) there were no spectators visible where the bottle was dropped
    (2) if it had been dropped it would have smashed to bits as it would have come from overhead

    That bottle was rolled onto the road ‘in fornt’ of your oncoming car, a serious incident which should be looked into. Maybe Spain should be omitted from future F1 races !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  276. SIR Lewis hamilton

    with my poor english difficult to explain my happness, fantastic win in valencia , prefer the win in her rather canada , but what can i say in my life time i witness the cry of this century ( i dont know why ferrari allow baby boy on their cars, i thought that car belong to ,,,,,,,,,) , you are a man , sir lewis ,with the potential to be 7 times champion on lance armstrong bike in f1 race , dont even look at the cry of alonso and his ppl as victory coz belive me my beloved sir , their only histroy is to cry up on looking a man like u,

    SIR LEWIS ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, COZ OF U , i will add 10 to 15 year on my age, u make my dream came true( i wonder if your grand grand father is from eritrea ) not only beat but make them cry , forget alonso( or the 2 bulls in his flag) know think of been 8 times champion , wise man have wiser enemy dont even call alonso enemy he is a baby boy give him chance to mature

  277. Well done Lewis – another well deserved win!!!!!!!!!!

    Even though you had to do the drive through penalty because ”Mr. Smiley” could not stop whining, you once again demonstrated that you are the best driver – straight back into the second position – though we firmly believe if it was not for that penalty you would have been the winner….Mr. Smiley needs to stop asking ”where is Lewis”; stop whinging like a kindergaten pupil (though that’s an insult on the kids) and concentrate on doing what he gets paid to do – shut up and drive. Failing that, he should retire because the pressure is ”too hot” for him….

    Anyway, Lewis, CONGRATULATIONS and good luck for the next race in 2 weeks time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  278. Hi lewis well done race well earned it’s very obvious that alonso is very jealous n bitter about you but don’t let all this discourage you use it to step up the game (he’s such a cry baby) he abviously needs to practice abit more (lol) all the best love chaz xx

  279. Hi Lewis

    Here we are again, pleased to say CONGRATULATION HERO, fantastic and fabulous drive, I always say with a normal race you are the best nobody can stop you, please don’t listen what that kid is saying that’s the real shame a kid crying by his 9º position and you were penalized, taking us the oportunity to wach a very good battle for 1st position and I know You would win. The kid is worried about you because YOU WILL BE TWO TIMES WORLD CHAMPION LIKE him in fewer time. Let him grow and do his job.

    Good job McLaren things are going to normal and we are expanding our leading.

    Once again It was nice to see you there beautiful Nicole, stay close to him always.

    God bless you all

  280. Hi Lewis,

    Well done well done. great drive even after bitter Alonso’s drive through penalty issue. How can one be bitter about old staff. He must grow up.~(Alonso) Well done anywys Lewis. keep up the good work and keep getting points.

    c u in the next race.

  281. What an incredible drive Lewis, despite the harsh punishment of a drive through. I wonder why the other cars were charged with driving too fast behind the safety car – the punishments to be dealt out after the race!!!! Nevertheless you always give everything you’ve got and my goodness – thats a great deal indeed. And you’ve extended your lead in the drivers championship. Good luck for Silverstone.

  282. Well done Lewis,
    You might have won that if not for the drive through. Better luck at Silverstone.

  283. Hiya Lewis

    Today was a tough race, fantastic job by you as always and the team.Well done, we were all pleased that you and the team managed you to regained your position, after that drive through penalty in my opinion you didn’t deserve it and as for Alonso he’s just in a mood because your ONE HUNDRED TIMES BETTER than he is.Lewis please stay focused and ignore the other teams and drivers they will always try to break your spirit so you can fall from regaining the Championship but i know you will do everything you have got to be champion again in my eyes you will always be the best champion F1 as ever had. Great race today will deserved points cant wait to Silverstone
    Best wishes have a good rest number 1 fan Dee x

  284. Hi Lewis,
    Well done, we were all pleased that you and the team managed you to regained your position, after that drive through penalty!!!
    Hear we go again you are leading the Championship, there’s a surprise Alonso still had a grudge with you and McLaren, we hope others are picking up on this, I was pleased that Eddy Jordan also mention this after the race!!

    Lewis please! please! stay strong , the teams and drivers will always try to break your spirit so you can fall from regaining the Championship, I am sure your dad will tell you this also. They will soon want to penalise you for breathing next, when they run out of excuses.

    Alonso showed himself up by saying that you made him not being able to focus on the race. Was he not a two times world Champion, he should be use to Gran Prix pressures by now, oh excuses, excuses, for letting himself down on home turf. The Ferrari boss he too was not saying any thing, as he was unhappy, did the upgrade did not worded in their favours for cars, poor Ferrari. They would not have won, anyway ,even without the unfortunately incident with Webber.
    Hope you will have a good rest and put all this nonsense behind you ready for Silverstone.
    Marcia (Bristol U K)

  285. Hi lewis,

    I wish you all the best todays race in Valencia, you can beat the bull fighters to the game, no body is better than you on the track and they all know it, You have made a difference to my life and you are my role model, I love you so much, may God bless you.


  286. Seems like everyone has already said it … Good Luck for the race Lewis. We all know you can do it.

  287. Well done Lewis, wil be waiting for tomorrow’s race. Hope you win it again an hope you dont get messed up in the pits.

    All the best tomorrows.

  288. Hi Lewis,
    So pleased that you are in the top three-pole position for Valencia tomorrow, hope you can make it three wins in a row, which would be so wonderful for you and the team.

    We are hoping tomorrow you can maintain the race in the manner you have been performing so far this season, and you will have a spectacle and enjoyable day tomorrow.

    Good luck and trust there won’t be too much difficulty in overtaking when you see an opportunity and the team will do their bit to help you also!
    Marcia (Brstol UK)

  289. Hiya Lewis

    Just wishing you good luck for tomorrow, you can do it ,lets show everyone what we’ve got
    i will be watching every bit of the race

    best of luck biggest fan Deex

  290. Lewis you can win it 2moro, push those red bulls like you did in Turkey until they cracked again. All the best.Lots of love

  291. Dearest Lewis,

    May you win at Valencia tomorrow and this year’s championship.

    Lots of love,

  292. Good luck lewis this year to winning the driver’s championship for the 2nd time. It does prove your better than everybody else.

    Good Luck 🙂


  293. Hi Lewis..
    I Wishing you Good luck for this weekend!!
    Loving you!!
    Greetz from missy..

  294. Hiya Lewis

    Good look all weekend babe i will be watching every bit.Try your very best like you always do just have fun and enjoy doing what you do, just remember that all your fans will be very proud what ever happens because we all love you

    Best Wishes and good luck

    Dee x

  295. Hi lewis good luck on sunday my dream is to watch you no one else in silvastone.xxxxxx

  296. you are my adiction to me

    i preyed for so many time for my people and those who are like as ,why as and so on? but he answered me on pointing to you lewis , i am from one of the poorest nations of the planet ( Eritrea ) where there is no sport car in her, but you make me proud of been the one , for the last 3 year , you are specail lewis , my God in jesus bless u brother , ( and ur family specailly ur father to be with u on the screen agian )

    the true africans ( the Eritreans ) loves u lewis, you are our symbol of been specailly in every aspect of the game or in life,

    what ever happens in valencia or the next race , you are still my adiction lewis , waiting for ur game for atleast 10 hrs on my room for u, you are the salt of the F1 race , go lewis yellow is ur helment and golden ie ur hand . what ever happens we are alll on ur side , Hamilton,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  297. well done lewis u r a great driver Jesus bless ur heart wish u all the best with Nicole and every happiness

  298. hi lewis me and my daughter big fun of you and love you so much. congratulations for being number 1 agan.

  299. Alex,
    Well done Lewis, you are not only the proud of young generation, but of the black people too. Canada was a fantastic win. I watch the race several times during the week. Congratulations from a french guy living in the UK.

  300. Hi lewis we love you every were i go every one talking about you you’re the lagend of britain at your age it
    sound great can’t wait to see you at the next race.xxxxxxxxx .

  301. Hey Lewis

    I just want to say that im a very very big fan. I have been ever since your started F1 congratulations on your win.Me and my family scream at the tv when we watch the races and we are all very proud of you keep it up.
    wish you luck for the next race you can do it

    your number 1 fan Dee x

  302. Hey Lewis im a very very big fan. Been a fan since birth and my 7 year old son is a big fan of yours too. I just wanna congratulate you on the Canadian race and i want you to know that you make my son and i very proud keep it up. I cant wait till the 27th because its my birthday and the best present would be another Lewis victory. Thanks my friend.

  303. u r de best in f1 uv made black very proud i hope de youngsters learn something 4rm u all de best

  304. Hi mr hamilton
    well done you the king of F1 you drive you handsome we love u and dont stop we enjoy your skills
    you the best thing to happen in F1 good luck in future but i wonder why your pit stop always not good?
    your team should do more let me hope you get time to read all msg we send to you.
    I cant wait for the next race.xxxxxxxxx

  305. Lewis

    Congratulations number 1 again and will always be in my eyes great weekend fantastic race and team well done love you all.Have a nice break relax and have a good time cant wait till next race.
    I was on the edge of my seat, it was so exciting for the fans, wish I could have been there to soak up the atmosphere.

    Your number 1 fan Dee x

  306. Lew, that was SUPREEEEEEEEME. hi hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, as you always let go on the mike during the “warm DOWn” lap after a great win. This one is VERY SPECIAL indeed. All the haters have gone speechless since last sunday…and will be until the season end when WE WILL BE WORLD CHAMP again (We= LEWIS + ALL HIS TRUE FANS).
    Keep up the greeat work.
    Your fan no 1

  307. Lew, you drove with controlled aggression when it was needed, tempered by patience and discipline when those qualities were required. Like Martin said in his statement after the race. These are exactly the qualities a world champion should have…go for the title, Lew and Jenson for vise WC.
    Thanks to the team for all the efforts they made and are doing all the time. Totally focussed and determined in all areas…Valencia is the next step and then your home GP. Go for the title, Lew you deserve it so much.

  308. Hello, Lewis !

    well well well done hero, what amazing day, brilliant, excellent .You are the one, fantastic. what a wonderful pole on suturday and exciting race on sunday definetly the best one of the season till now.

    congratulation McLaren for great jod you’ve been doing, you see no mistake good result for all time.
    wellcome Mr. Ron Dennis I saw you On suturday it was nice to see you there and “you brought us the first pole” hahahahaha. beautiful Nicole always stay close to your man He needs you to have good performance

    God bless you all

    thanks a lot Lewis For giving me such happy days.

  309. Lewis Hamilton the Gentleman…

    We met Lewis Hamilton at the Pierre-Elliot-Trudeau airport in Montreal on Monday June 14 2010.
    I went to talk with him and he start to chat with me.
    I asked him if i could have a picture taken with me and he was very happy to have this picture taken with one of his greatest fan.

    Thanks Lewis for your time and your generosity.

  310. has a F1 forum on which many, many violently racist comments are made against L Hamilton (“monkey” is one of the less obviously racist ones…). There is no way to contact the people who manage forums, but if somebody would like to inform lewis or his lawyers of this state of affairs, I’m all too happy to assist with screen prints of future offenses. People will drop filthy comments, but that the same guys are allowed act again and again w/o any action being taken is criminal.

  311. well done,what a huge success ,practice laps ,fantastic drive,well fought race success,you truly deserve to be champion again,great drive,congratulations once again jon

  312. Hiya Lewis

    Over the moon yesterday great win. Congratulations always number 1 in my eyes well deserved win.
    Wish you all the best for the next race going to be watching. Say hello to beautiful Nicole for me best wishes to both of you

    love Dee x

  313. very good site, like my driving style. Very similar indeed. Thanks for all the fake messages to a fake world champion (soon to be double champion)

  314. Hi Lewis,
    I was over the moon for your win yesterday. what a fantastic finished and great outcome. That was a fabulous result with excellent and superb job delivered. You really deserved it. Great to see you at the top of the podium with amazing smile from you. Marvelous to see you at the top of the leader board again. May God guide and lead you to victory. My regards and love to NICOLE your lovely princes.

  315. Hiya Lewis,

    Firstly congratulations!!!!!!! What a fantastic weekend and outcome. Fantabulous result and of course you can manage your tyres this just proves it. I was on the edge of my seat, it was so exciting for the fans wish I could have been there to soak up the atmosphere.

    Also glad you shut Mansell up the other week. You are not manufactured, you have fought and clawed your way into F1 through sheer hard work and the support of your family.

    It is a luxury sport usually only open to those with mega finances even if they have no talent. So hold your head up high and be proud, we all know the sacrifices your family have made. Yes Mercedes sponsored you, so what they spotted the talent and nurtured you…nothing wrong with that.

    So race on and win the Championship this year.

    All the best,

  316. Congratulations Lewis, a hard fought and well earned race. Great to see you standing at the top of the podium – trophy in hand and that huge smile (maybe that Ferrari guy should take a leaf out of your book and smile a bit too!!!). Anyway, Lewis, brilliant job!! great to see you at the top of the leader board…..

  317. Congratulations Lewis

    Excellent race i know you’ve got it in you to win the F1 2010 Championship.

    All the best.

  318. Lewis the entire weekend you have shown to be a master of your sport. The myth that you aren’t capable of managing and maintaining your tires, because of your so-called aggressive style has been laid to rest. What a weekend for you……1st place in both qualifying and the race. Magnificent performance on your part, and congratulations for taking the lead in the World Driving Championship.

    Lewis…great win for you and your many fans.

  319. Hi Lewis,

    Just like to say great bit of drivinng in the Canadian Qualifying and it’s good to see that your on pole position, and I wish you all the best for sunday, I do hope you win.

  320. LONG LIVE THE KING-KING LEWIS.They aint seen nothing yet.Good Nicole was there again.
    Better Ron was there.Wish he still ran things.

    I can just feel it,said it once,won´t mind saying it again,YOU SHALL WIN YOUR 2ND DRIVER´S TITLE this year.This aint just a wish,I know it.

    Now go get some rest you need it.Valencia is next as you know,go get ´em and show ´em what racing is all about.You just make me proud.

    Your numero uno enthusiast on the globe

  321. Congratulations Lewis spectacular race, edge of the seat stuff and a well deserved win. Fabulous overtake on Alonso. What an exciting season this is turning out to be.

    I echo some of the other contributers it was great to see Ron and Nicole there.

  322. YES you did it again great fantastic job u made us fans vey proud. great job by you and the team god bless you cant wait to next race lets show them red bulls what we can do

    best wishes love dee xx

  323. Yes Yes Yes…you did it again!!Back on the track!!
    I really enjoyed the spectacular race were definitely the best!!whoohooo…
    Lots of LOVE and wishing you many sunny days agead and ofcourse lots of points for your team!
    Bless you!
    Your fan from Holland!

  324. Well done Lewis 🙂
    You thoroughly deserved it, you worked hard and I am glad to see you lift yet another trophy 🙂 Lets keep it up and show those Red Bulls whose boss!

  325. Well done Lewis.
    You drove yet another fantastic race and made us fans very, very proud of you. Methinks Nicole needs to come to the races a little more often. lol
    It was also good to see Ron there. You were obviously very relaxed and confident.
    Well done.
    Forza Lewis.

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