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Also, best wishes to you, all of the fans here, Lewis, his family and his team for 2009! Can not wait for the next GP to start!

Me and my family met Lewis at “Stars & Cars” in Stuttgart last year in November and I had the opportunity talking to him and I gave him a CD-ROM from all the comments on this site which have been made after his World Champion Title win. I told him that this unofficial fan site, thanks to the moderator for this opportunity, is the best one for all his fans all over the world to share their views. He appreciated this present very much and he said to all of you “Thanks for your continuous support”.
He is a very kind person and has a nice personality and all the rubbish what has been said about him being arrogant is not true. He took very much time pleasing a lot of fans in Stuttgart with an autograph. I will never forget that day!

Tomorrow the new MP4-24 will be presented in Woking. I am sure also this new McLaren Mercedes will bring Lewis to the next Championship win!

God bless you,

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  1. vergognati VERGOGNATI

    le gare si vincono correndo correttamente e non scorrettamente come si è gia’ verificato in piu’ volte nella tua carriera ti stai bruciando da solo , sbaglio o il tuo idolo era il grande AYRTON SENNA ? be prima che tu possa diventare come lui devi prima pensare a correre correttamente, come faceva lui, e ce ne passa prima che tu possa essere tutto questo.

    un tuo ammiratore

  2. hi Lewis very happy for you, you deserve to be number “ONE” again….well done..God Bless.
    Lewis if by any chance can you please post me that cap you’ve worn today, with the champagne..

    Thanking you

  3. Well done Lewis, well done!! Great drive, great drive, great win. We needed that!!!
    Thank you Ron D, for being there in Canada. We needed that!!! Hope you win next race too!!!
    Keep focused!! And Eddy Jordan thanx for your comments!! all the time positive!!

  4. well, good luck at the race and have you got a child with your Nicole your girlfriend ??????????????

  5. Good Luck Today Lewis will be watching the show cant wait.
    ps:pushing your car back yesterday was a great laugh and shows how much you love the sport
    well done best wishes great performence

    love Dee x

  6. Well done Lewis – pole position! Good luck to you for today. It was great to see Ron Dennis standing there again and yes, as MK said, let’s keep an eye on the race strategies today!!!!!!!

    ps: you pushing that car was a pretty picture – shows what a fun spirit you are and the roars of the crowds showed their love for you…… once again, GOOD LUCK TODAY!

  7. I want to wish Lewis good luck for today. To MK I think its sweet that your coming to the defence of Whitmarsh. Brawn and co including Eddie Jordan they are all being disingenious. Team orders in the Maclaren pit appear to be ‘disadvantage Lewis to the advantage of Button’ – while the British media all look the other way.

    But hey let us not dwell on unpleasantness. Great poll by Lewis – I know what you mean about watching almost can’t bear to myself.

    I am so glad that I found this site its great to hear from other Lewis fans.

    Good Luck to Lewis

  8. Well done Lewis for Pole, now go and win the race today. I don’t know if I can watch … my heart can’t take it anymore. lovl
    Isis in Whitmarsh’s defence (I’m not a fan of his) he can’t come out and say “Yes we have team orders” coz it’s against the rules, so he’s covered himself. As Brawn said it is difficult to establish what are team orders and informing the drivers the best they can, He gave some examples I can’t remember.
    I love the fact that Ron Dennis was there yesterday and did you see him nod his head when Lewis went top. Fantastic! Ron should be there EVERY race for Lewis. Now to see what the strategy will be for today.
    Good luck Lewis

  9. Good Luck Tomorrow Lewis
    i know you can do it. Hope you and nicole are ok will be watching tomorrow’s show cant wait
    love you lots and good luck

    love dee xxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Hi Lewis,
    Well done good performance today at Montreal, you truly gave it every bit of energy today, and it definitely showed how much you love the circuit, and enjoyed being back, and wanting to rekindle the memories of 2007. I sincerely hope that tomorrow will be another remarkable day for you at Montreal, and your strategy works, on this occasion I agreed with you on the chasing not leading, but I know you will be doing your utmost best tomorrow.
    Please God just keep the two mad bulls away from you at the start and during the rest of the race, particularly when Sebastian Vettle starts his madness, as I know he will still want to be the winner, nothing wrong it wanting that, but it’s the disarray of taking the chance away from you!
    Good luck again, and continued being as faultless as you have been performing
    Love Marcia (Bristol U K)

  11. Well Done Lewis!

    You certainly showed the Red Bulls, whose a better driver. Lets focus on the race, and go for the win and most importantly stay out of the Champions Wall, I know you’re a Champion but the best champion avoids the wall, right?

    Good Luck Lewis 🙂

  12. Hi Lewis

    Just wanted to say, been a BIG fan since your first season. What I admire most is that you have always and still do, thank your team (your mechanics) very publicly.
    Watched the qualifying for the Canadian Grand prix and you pulled the rabbit out of the hat when it matter……..Well Done, you are the man to beat this season!!!
    Would love to meet you and shake your hand, keep on doing what you do and know you make your Dad feel 10ft tall, as my son Tom (at uni) does me.

  13. That was soooooooooooooo good Lewis, best of luck for tomorrow I will be watching avidly – stay safe.

  14. Wow, well done Lewis. Am glad you nailed it. Keep focused tomorrows and you will win it.
    Great to see Ron D. in the paddock. Its going to be a great race tomorrows.

    Go Lewis.!!!!

  15. I have just seen Martin Whitmarsh being interviewed. Hilariously he said No when asked should there be team orders, and then ended with I don’t think there are any at Maclaren. (or words to that effect).

    He does’n’t think!!! His words inspired zero confidence in both his leadership qualities and his backbone.

  16. Hi Lewis, good luck in Canada this weekend. Put the negatives behind you, focus on the positives and kick some ….. We’ll be watching and routing for you all the way.

  17. Hey Lewis!

    I would like too wish you the very best of luck for Canada , lets hope you can achieve exactly what you did in Turkey.

    I think you are the most talented driver in the paddock, and one day I hope I will get the chance to come meet you at Silversone, I shall wear my Lewis T-Shirt every race weekend to show my support for you.

    Again, I wish you the best of luck, and Lewis I wanted some advice how to get into F1, if you could give me some that would be amazing, email at

    I know that racing can be highly frustrating to say the least but I believe if you have patience everything will come to you namely in the form of 2010 FIA world champion.

    Your biggest fan in the world 🙂

  18. Hi Lewis!
    I would like too wish you the very best of luck for Canada , lets hope you can achieve exactly what you did in Turkey.

    I think you are the most talented driver in the paddock, and one day I hope I will get the chance to come meet you at Silversone, I shall wear my Lewis T-Shirt every race weekend to show my support for you.

    Again, I wish you the best of luck, and Lewis I wanted some advice how to get into F1, if you could give me some that would be amazing, email at

    Your biggest fan in the world 🙂

  19. Hi Lewis,
    Hope you are doing just fine!
    I Wish you good luck in Canada.
    Be self-confident..and may God bless you.
    (stil want to meet you dear)
    Take care!!
    Your n1 fan!!!

  20. Whitmarsch´s days in Mclaren are numbered.Wish Lewis partners with Ross Brawn or /and Adrian Newey one day.
    Martin Whitmarsch is an insecure SOB.He still sees Lewis as Ron´s protege.

    Like minds attract each other,mediocres too.Just like Whitmarsch and Button.This Whitmarsch just
    can´t be in the right frame of mind.Picking the mediocre Button over Kimi ?!
    He must nuts.

    Wish Ron still ran things.

  21. Lewis the days u where in your house or working and thinking every day I want to be a champion.well that’s me I used to race rotax max and left due to’s all I think about it’s all I am good at it’s just so mind controling I just can’t work everyday without thinking these things.I work round the clock and just can’t seem to get back in the seat.what can I do ? Ps your racing lines are sweet as well in for the no 1 this year. Thanks for Reading marc

  22. Read this guys: a quote from one sports reporter Allan Davies:

    “With the next race in Montreal next month likely to suit the McLaren MP4-25, either Hamilton or Webber could be in pole position in the title race come the presentation ceremony after the Canadian Grand Prix on June 13”.

    No mention of ………………….. (fill in the gap)

  23. Lewis!

    Do not fret, put your trust in the Lord who created you and gave you, your talent. Forget about those people who say your are manufactured. If you ever read the bible always read Psalm 35:1 – 28 ,

    Verse 1 goes “Contend, O Lord, with those who contend with me; Fight against those who fight against me”,

    Verse 19 – “Let not those who gloat over me, who are my enemies without cause; let not those who hate me without reason maliciously wink the eye. They do not speak peaceably, but devise false accusations against those who live quietly in the land”

    Verse 25 – ” Do not let them think, “Aha, just what we wanted!” or say, “We have swallowed him up.”
    May all who exalt themselves over me be clothed with shame and disgrace.”

  24. Martin Whitmarsch?I just don´t trust this sneaky SOB with funny eyes.If he employed the mediocre
    JB,then he´s in the wrong business.How on earth could he have picked this mediocre over the Iceman.

    Why was he not on the podium when Lewis won?I still haven´t found a single picture of his,with the orange T-shirt beside Lewis in Istanbul.

    This Martin can´t fool all of us all of the time.The team has become quasi so “liberal” open to every Tom,Dick and Harry.Wish Ron still ran things.

    And the so called F1 pundits…….why hasn´t it been mentioned that Lewis has given the mediocre JB
    some beating since China?

    The truth always prevails.

  25. well done lewis you race your car too the limit.i just cant get why the team hold your drive down why why why .it is blatant they tried too do you up in turkey and there has been more in the my house you are the best because no matter what they try you remain smiling and makes you a true gentleman.Any way you never know lewis may be Mercedes-Benz or redbull or Ferrari next year if McLaren don’t want you too stay but don’t be surprised if or when you leave McLaren that you may not have a drive?.or drive a low contender team if this is so take the drive mate.just one more thing too all that see this.lewis was not the
    only driver too get arrested in aus so was too all news papers and bbc stop cutting lewis at
    interview’s and trying too do him down in the papers. Any person can see that lewis has true racing spirit and thats why lewis will always be the peoples driver.yes we love jenson but we dont like how
    you push too polish him it looks fake. push for them both.

  26. Wonder if you read the same article Isis coz I had the same feeling when I read an article and thought straight away that Whitmarsh was pulling a fast one. Either he’s worried that the FIA could interpret the discussion as team orders or he’s showing his hand as a true Button fan, whichever way, I’m not pleased with events so far. We must remember Whitmarsh wanted Button to join McLaren and not everyone is a Lewis supporter.
    My annoyance comes from the fact that Whitmarsh thinks he can fool Lewis’s fans. We can’t all be wrong surely? Why is it that a lot of people are saying roughly the same thing? Are we all interpreting these events wrongly? I don’t think so.
    Me … I’m a Lewis fan before a McLaren one and if Mr. Whitmarsh wants to play dirty with Lewis to the point he leaves I for one will follow him wherever he goes. It would be a pity coz Lewis loves being at McLaren but if he has to play 2nd fiddle to Button I would prefer he left altogether as it’s not good for his morale and career imo.

  27. The motive behind the appointment of Martin Whitmarsh and the removal of Ron Dennis have been laid bare during this 2010 season. The Turkish Grand Prix just another one to add to the growing pile. I’ve just read a transcript of the Whitmarsh interview on the up and coming Canadian grand prix. His answer to a question regarding the Turkish grand prix and the relaying of messages between the drivers, was pure fluff. An insult to the intelligence and I must say a sad reflection on his own.

    Clearly Mr Whitmarsh is prepared to sink to depths Mr Dennis could not.

  28. Would have to agree with Joysp … Whitmarsh never seems as excited when Lewis does well nor does he use the same positive language. Listen next time. He’s always bigging Button but seems more subdued with Lewis. Sometimes he goes on about something and then realises he hasn’t praised Lewis’s good work.
    If I was Lewis I wouldn’t put up with it. He must know that his fans will follow him wherever he goes. I sure would.

  29. Funny Carl mentions doubts about ”Martin” – my sentiments exactly!!!!!!! That man never seems ‘pleased or excited’ for Lewis……..couldn’t even honestly answer the questions put forward to him by the BBC crew at the end of the race… all I can say Lewis is WATCH YOUR BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Lest I forget,vis-a-vis your team,watch out for the sneaky mediocre JB and others who don´t have your interests at heart.Trust no one,except Andy (perhaps).
    I don´t know why,I seem not to trust Martin.Wish Ron still ran things.

  31. What can I say?It isn´t fair to compare F1 pilots from different generations.Lewis isn´t just the best thing ever to sweep formula one,but the greatest and the best F1 pilot of all time.I dare say better than Fangio,Senna and Schumacher (a fellow countryman).You may be modest enough to think that that was an exaggeration,but it isn´t.

    My daughter Sofia (3) of mixed races,whenever she sees you on TV,she shouts “papa,Lewis is on TV!”
    You shall be world champion this year,and that isn´t just a wish,I know that because I can feel it.

    Too much to say,but short of words.At this juncture,I can only say go get ´em and show ´em what racing is all about.Another 25 in Montreal (your circuit).Don´t let the “hamilton bashing” get you down.I lock horns with anyone who has got nothing constructive to say about you,and that includes some BBC F1 presenters.Lost count of the e-mails I sent them.

    Whatever you touch shall prosper.Go Lewis!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your numero uno enthusiast in the whole world.

  32. Inge Douglas is a big hypocrite she is Big one fan of jenson Button!
    Only Lewis !! Go Lewis!!!!

  33. Ange Douglas is a big hypocrite she is Big one fan of jenson Button!
    Only Lewis !! Go Lewis!!!!

  34. hi Lewis u star in the santander banks well i dont think they should be allowed as they was supposed to have opened a bank account and they have never opened this account for her so why should they get away with this they was supposed to be opening this account on 20/05/2010 but never have all i can say is never open an account with SANTANDER in Bolton they are rubbish best of it all they have £5 of her money and we can’t get it off them for her to open an account elsewhere for her

  35. Another fantastic racers performance in Turkey which we all hope will give you great momentum going into Canada.

    Being the site of your first ever F1 win I truely hope you can make it 2 out of 3 in Canada!

    Best wishes!

  36. Hi Lewis!

    I steel enjoying the victory, but also focus on Canada, that will be your 2nd victory and the assault to 1st position at the championship. Do your best on suturday 12th in order to have good chance to win on sunday 13th.

    you know better than anyone that with a competitive car you are strong and nobody can stop you because you have natural talent.

    God bless you

  37. Just had a funny phonecall with the office from Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and I was gutted.
    Was just asking about a racing line I was missing from last year and asked for an autograph from both drivers, you know what they said to me?? “The drivers are not here to give autographs and sitting in the office to do that, they get paid to win races nothing more!” And what the hell is the membership which is not really cheap for??? That cant be in the interest of Lewis, cause he is doing everything to please his fans… If I get the chance to meet him this year I will tell him that or send a letter to his office to let him know about that kinda statement…cant believe that…

  38. I agree with many of the contributers I smell a big smelly rodent. Thought it was typical of the media that they should soley concentrate on Vettle and Webber, when in my opinion there was not one but two major stories to discuss.

    I particularly enjoyed that move you pulled on the oh so sneaky Button. You always have to work so hard, but then when you are that good – what kind of test do we imagine God will give you!

    Onwards to Canada. Here’s hoping for another Lewis Victory. ( lewis the man who really got me into F1, (except for last year – dullest season ever, sensationally forgettable.)

    Oh can someone please tell Button to stop whining after he comes second to Lewis, it really makes him look small and somewhat spineless.

  39. Lewis absolute brilliant drive and win……I just loved the repass that you had made on Vettel at the start of the race, and Button towards the end. I also loved the patience and maturity you had shown through turn 8, by not throwing it off the road….Lewis let’s make Canada your first repeat victory.

    Good luck in Canada

  40. dear lewis,

    first of all congratulations,
    now you have the first win grand prix, its up to the next, and you will see, you will be world champion again,
    it was nice that nicole was there, you must say to her, that she must come every time and you will win every grand prix,
    i am a big fan of you and nicole, my husband also and our little daughter from 6, and she dreams of meating you and nicole
    so up to canada for the winning position
    you can do it
    good luck to you

    lovely greets from belgium
    kim amber and dirk

  41. Well done Lewis, you deserve that first place even though you were almost cheated of it !!!!!! You always have to race your backside off because you’re either called in too early or told to ”slow down”. This is only so that you could make way for others!!! As usual, it’s one rule for one and one for the other! You were instructed by your control room to slow down to preserve fuel and that both you and Jenson were riding on the same fuel load. At the time we thought ”then why have they not relayed the same message to Jenson!” It became blatantly obvious after Jenson overtook you. Most definitely Jenson was also given the same message, but ONLY AFTER you re-took and maintained your position. Quite honestly we now 100 percent believe McLaren have already decided who they want to win the championship!!!!!

    You are the best driver in F1, no-one shows the same driving or over-taking skills which you possess. Stay positive, put the upsets behind you and focus on the next few races ahead. You can still win the championship. Although Jenson seemed an innocent party to Sunday’s ploy and you both seem to be good team mates with good team spirit there are others lurking in dirty waters! Watch your back!!!

    Finally, it was good to see Nicole at your side. You look sooooo happy together. Keep love strong, and keep up the fighting spirits on the race track. We your fans will be right behind you too………

  42. Lewis, you kept me on the edge of my sofa, through out the race, lucky with the red bulls guys and jeson almost jumped you, i loved your comments on that as well. I pray you do well in CANADA, no mistakes, burst tire, engine problem, Lewis give us your fans something to smile about. wish you Good LUCK.

  43. Hiya Lewis,

    What can I say it was the race of the season so far!! I was on the edge of my seat at home. Such drama and overtaking skills…wow!

    Absoutely delighted for yourself and the team, splendid job. You brought the car home fair and square kept your head, bided your time and the opportunity was there. Well done I am delighted for you. Car seems to be improving and closing the gap between yourselves and Red Bull.

    What was that with Jenson??? supposed to be saving fuel then he jumps you. Like some of the other contributors on this site do I smell a rat in that department…watch your back Hammy.

    Fab to see Nicole at Turkey and congrats to her winning DWTS, waht a wonderful time for you both.

    Good Luck for Canada and God Bless


  44. Hi lewis well done excellent drive in turkey about time boy (lol) hope you have the same victory in Canada. Don’t worry about that little stunt jenson pulled I’m sure you’ll both kiss and make up after all you are a team and I like the chemistry between you both. All the best and all my love chaz xxx

  45. Hey! You have re-ignited my love for Formula one, I take part in hillclimbing and the odd sprint- wasting petrol is my favorite pastime! How come you didnt seem to be happy about winning at the weekend? You had a great drive (amazing re take of position from Button- it doesnt count unless you make it stick!) Good luck for the rest of the season! Jus.

  46. Lewis,

    What an awesome driver! Me and my brother Eddie were totally gripped by the race at the weekend, and we were both really chuffed you won. Loved the racing with Jenson too, was awesome to watch!

    We are both massive fans and wish you the best, and hope you win the title 🙂

    Best wishes!

  47. hi lewis,
    well done! congrats on your drive and win. i know you felt that you inherited it but without your brilliant driving the red bulls wouldnt have cracked. just make sure you dont underestimate jensen’s underhanded strategies to win. he is not the team player he pretends to be. good luck for canada.

    best wishes,

    ps loved your answer to nigel mansell. it’s obvious he is suffering from an attack of jealousy.

  48. Well done Lewis!!! What an amazing result, you thoroughly deserved a win after all of the entertainment you’ve have provided coming back throught the field. You ARE the best driver out there and you will win the championship. Show them all Lewis! Your car is AS good as the Red Bull’s now so now you can finally take the fight to them and show them who the real champion is! 🙂 I hope you have a great time in the car and wish you all the best for the future, both on, and off the track. God bless you Lewis, everyone is with you! Cya at Goodwood!

  49. (referring to martin brody’s comment on 18th April at 12:57pm): You should be careful what you say. I mean, can you actually back your statement up? Name one time Lewis has hit into the back of another car this season and taken them off? Who has provided all of the overtaking this year because to be honest this season would be the dullest I’ve ever seen without Lewis! Lewis isn’t the kind of guy who would cheat, in fact he is probably the most disciplined and caring guy in F1 and there aren’t many people who would disagree. Also this is a site for Lewis Hamilton FANS not anti Lewis people, hence the description: FAN AND INSPIRATIONAL SITE!! Many of the people writing responses on this site will agree with me so if you don’t like it get lost!! Moan over with, end of!

  50. Superb Lewis. You and Jenson showed those Red Bulls how racing should be – but you came close too and had us all sitting on the edge of our seats and chewing our nails down to the quick!

    Keep up the good work with your team for the rest of the season – but stay on the black stuff. We are all rooting for you down here in the depths of Sussex.

    Best wishes, Killy

  51. Lew you showed us how good,skilled and competative driver you are by keeping pressure on REDBULL THAT PAVED WAY FOR YOU AND JENSON WELL DONE and keep it on mate.make sure know one cocks up with you are plans of being a champion again xxxx,,,,,


    OMG Lewiiee 🙂 Im Sooo Happy That You Won Yesterday, Your Thee Reason Im So Proud To Be British 🙂 Me And My Dad Are Massive F1 Fans And Im A MASSIVE LEWIS HAMILTON FAN :D:D

    i think that McLaren may have been trying to cheat you yesterday though as much as im a McLaren fan Im A Bigger LEWIS fan =D and i didnt understand why you couldnt stay out an extra lap or why you and Jenson were both told to save fuel but Jenson though it would be ok to overtake you, but you showed him Lewwiiee =D But then again you do like a good race with plenty if overtaking and fighting for 1st place 🙂


    Two Weeks Time Lets Do It Again =DD


  53. HOoooooooooooooo, Fantastic, brilliant, spectacular. Congratulation Lewis you deserve that . Wow! Very good weekend you were fabulous attacking Mark and Vetel I loved that race.

    Congratulation McLaren you are improving the Cars on right way and you are doing very good job but be careful dont make the same mistake as 2007, you didnt do good job at Hamilton pit stop and He lost the 2nd place and then you said to Hamilton to save petrol and He did like you ask for what we saw Button overtook him (I thought both drivers needed to save petrol!????!) I didnt understand that kind of strategy for hamilton… only after Lewis fight and get back the 1st position you said to Button to save petrol… I really didnt understand that and this could put in danger that excellent result for the time

    Happy birthday Mr. Hamilton and go back to Manage your Son’s career pleeeeease .

    Congratulation Nicole It was nice to see you there.

  54. Happy birthday, Anthony! Lewis dedicated his win in Turkey as your bday present…well deserved, cause without you he would be not where he is today! All the best and enjoy the day!

  55. What a great victory for the drivers, the team and their families…the second time this season and many more to come…the RB are not so strong and as always McLaren is working hard to find the tenth of a second to close the gap between their rivals and they did a phantastic job…it is always good to see like @Irene says, looking down on the pple who dont like to see Lewis on top of it is shutting them up very quick…he was the best driver in Istanbul park and he is always fighting to catch up even if he is more back on the track and we see the best overtakings always from him…that proves he is on the best way getting the title this year again. There are still 11 races to go and it is very exciting this year to see a lot of drivers lying very close together in points…what a great championship to watch…all the best for Lewis and Jenson and the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team…lets fight for a 1, 2 in the drivers championship (of course Lewis will be number 1…lol) and also for the constructors championship…go for it, you deserve it more than anybody else…love to all of you and all of your fans.
    Inge Douglas, Germany

  56. You and Jenson showed Red Bull how two team-mates can battle cleanly and both stay on the track. Good for the two of you and I’m glad you and Jenson get on so well.

  57. Fantastic Lewis! You gave those Red Bull’s hell all weekend. You pushed them to the limit which caused them to make a huge mistake. You deserved that win.

  58. Well done Lewis. Great race in Turkey, keep up the absolutely fantastic work you are delivering for your team.

    Wish you all the best for the championship,

    I’m rooting for you to Win the 2010 championship.

  59. well done lewis u truelly for ur deserved victory. u make so many people happy watching u race. you have the talent no matter what some people say u r a true champ keep it up. gob bless

  60. Have a read of this quotation from Men in Suits by Jeremy Rowe

    “Hamilton may not win the Drivers’ crown this year. The Red Bull team and their drivers, Sebastien Vettel and Mark Webber look to have the best car this season, and Hamilton’s team-mate, Jenson Button, has taken to McLaren better than anyone imagined. But all of that is just the sort of challenge that brings the best out of Lewis Hamilton. On the track he always seems to be at his most potent when he’s chasing a lost cause and so it may prove with this year’s championship contest.

    There are a number of supremely talented drivers in Formula 1 (don’t believe the cynics – it’s anything but boring) and it’s always a pleasure to see them at their best. But nothing makes me smile more than seeing Lewis Hamilton look down on his critics from the top step of the podium.”

  61. Hi Lewis,
    Well done Lewis. hahaha, fuel, easy on it, so y……??? anyways, u got a win. thats all we wanted. gd job. keep focused an u wil get there!!
    see u, next race.

  62. Good to see your win today so pleased for you and now you and Nicole can truly celebrate both your victories.
    Keep on eye on Button … if he’s disobeyed team orders he’s showing not to be a true team mate for you.
    Glad you paid tribute to your dad, he’s done so much for you.
    Loving the race.

  63. Horaaaaaaaaay Lew, well done mate! This is great. As Irene said, when you gained the lead after the red bulls kissing eachother, I was shouting loud and jumping all over my lounge.Great for you, your family and all of us your fans. We all deserved this win and it came for the right time. Hmmm, Nicole your girl, yeah you are a charm for each other. She should really be coming to races with you more often. and why not the rest of your family as we used to see them!Remember there is no YOU without THEM. On this, it was moving to dedicate your win today to your dad on his 50th. VERY HAPPY DAY for him tomorrow and all your family.
    Now, about Jenson daring go past you. Definitely as other fans have signalled, there is more to let us smell a rat at mclaren. So called mistakes they do on your car, they never do on Jenson’s; they (whowever that may be at mclaren) give you one information to follow and seemingly give a different one to Jenson…plenty of question marks there and it is sad to see that the BBC cover it up as well in favour of Jenson!The BBC should get their acts together and revisit the rules of fairness.
    Lewis, keep it up on the track for us please. You are the BEST and whatever may be pushed on you, be it from the team or any hater, ignore and respond in the best way: accumulating POINTS for that trophy at the end of the championship. God bless you always.
    your fan no1

  64. Hey Lewis you are, our no1!!!
    What a wonderful day in Istanbul Park for you, your family, fans and Nicole, and you dedicated your victory to your dad’s’50th. I think he will always remember this day, as it was your first win in Istanbul and for the season. A million congratulations, it has been so long.

    I knew Jenson would try to take his chances, keep your wits, and watch him and the team closely.
    I think the team was hoping, by telling you to watch your fuel load, Jenson would see this as an opportunity to spoil your win, but good for you, you showed him! He did not appear happy during the press conference, but who cares, and they say you are spoilt?
    Keep picking up the greatest of the points and your journey to win should be easier to achieve.
    Hope you, a jolly good rest until the Canadian race that will bring some memories back?
    Best wishes
    Marcia (Bristol UK)

  65. Lewis well done today i can’t stop smelling so happy you did a good job you’re the best driver god bless you
    love u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lots

  66. Hi! Ivy,

    Nice of you to say that, I have missed you too, am so happy for Lewis today. When Nicole won DWTS with Lewis watching her in the aundience in my mind I knew that would spur Lewis on for the race in Turkey and Yes he went on to qualify 2nd the best he has done this season and thank God, he went on to the race. HALLELUAH!!

  67. Bravo! lewis, When you took the lead after that misfortune happened to the red bulls, my neighbours must have wondered what was going on as I SHOUTED and JUMPED UP and DOWN in my living room as I could not contain the happiness that you were leading for a WIN, however when your teammate had a go at over taking you I was so cross at your team for letting that happen, when we had just experienced what had happened to the red bulls. That could have cost you the much needed and well deserved 25 points. I smell a rat at Mclaren i.e favouring one JB.

  68. Hi Lewis
    Well done today……………………….
    You always deliver for your fans. Your a guttsy driver and always exciting to watch. Looking forward to Canada


  69. Dear Lewis,

    Congratulations on your win at Turkey!!!!!!!!!!!!! You deserve it and it was about time! Nicole should come support you more often. It seems that you and Nicole are good luck charms for each other, ha ha! You deserve to win and may you have more wins coming up!

    Lots of love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    P.S. MK and Irene, I miss you guys. Have difficulty writing to you at LH Facebook.

  70. Lewis Hamilton led a McLaren one-two after an extraordinary race at the Turkish Formula Grand Prix

    Hamilton had to hold off team-mate Jenson Button who surged ahead on lap 50 before Hamilton regained his lead.

    Latest F1 race results.

  71. Good Luck Lewis for today … know you can do it, would be great if you won so that both you and Nicole can celebrate your achievements. Well done to her for winning Dancing with the Stars.
    I just hope the team have a good strategy and don’t make any mistakes.
    Will be rooting for you as usual.
    Your the best

  72. See, it’s happened again. I was sure that Mamasox was going to win, for sure she has more talent tha Lee Dewyze but as last year when Adam Lambert came second it proves that it’s not about talent, it’s about who the fans like. I for sure won’t be watching idol anymore, it won’t be the same without Simon. I will focus my energy on Lewis instead.

  73. Lewis,

    well done. hope yo car wont have issues tomorrow so that u cn get more points an probably a win.
    kp focused.

  74. Absolute brilliant performance today Lewis in Turkey. To be only 0.138 behind Webber’s time, shows great strides that you and the team have made. Best of luck tomorrow, but Lewis be careful with your radio communications that you may have with your pit wall, because the FIA are just waiting to give to the general public any negative comment that you may make… careful….and again good luck during the race tomorrow.

  75. Lewis I’m sooo happy that u’re girl worked it out!!! Got she was sooo amazing.. She really deserved it!! And I’m happy for u that u could be there too support her!!! 🙂

  76. Dear Lewis,

    I notice you have a beard and now your ear is pierced. It’s good to see you expressing yourself like this. You are being a darling supporting Nicole on DWTS. I hope she wins!!!! Will Nicole be supporting you at Turkey this Sunday? I hope so!!! I hope you win at Turkey! God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  77. Hello Lewis ,I am a very big fan of you and love to watch your races .I wish you good luck for Istanbul . You are an awesome driver and i hope you will be the F1 champion 2010. GO LEWIS !!!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!

    Go To
    Men- Discrimination Against Men for the full article and otherson the subject.
    We need a champion, someone already a celebrity , who can advance the cause of Discrimination of Men.
    Could you help?
    Give time and money to an organisation that would have clout in Parliament and in the Media?
    Featuring someone with a personal grievance and experience of discrimination.
    This is a single issue campaign to combat the inbalance in favour of woman’s lib.
    In my own case I am a pensioner, twice divorced and now remarried to a Philippine girl for two years.
    I own a 300 year old cottage in North Hykeham and have a second home in Thailand
    Giles Wynne

  79. Hi Lewis,

    Plse keep focused next week. Just concentrate on your race and do the best you can to get more points. All the best next week.

  80. Hi Lewis!

    that was a boring race yestarday, with lots of accidents, and no competitive overtaking, but you did your job very well, let’s hope that McLaren improves the car for better races.

    at the end of season YOU WILL SMILE because YOU ARE THE BEST F1 DRIVER.

    God bless you and gives you patience.


  81. Well done
    Lewis you could not have done any better with the performance the car gave you. Hope the team can improve the car a lot better, shows there is still a long way to it right. The other teams are alway a step a head with their improvement.
    Keep it up you are doing extreamly well!!
    Best wishes Marcia (Bristol UK)

  82. Hello Lewis;
    My mother and I are/were great fans of you.
    She lived a life of pain(and “forgot” a bit of it when watching you !) and has now died.
    Win this one for her !!! I wish you a lot of luck and a good race.
    Greetings from Holland;Eric.

  83. lewis,
    you are trying to get the best out of ur CAR.i just want you to remember the gp2 race turkey 2006,just trust yourself and iam pretty confident that what you need is not the best car but the best of yourself.
    show the world again what you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Hi Lewis
    I was on such a high last week watching you in Barcelona, and all went wrong, it was such bad luck so near, I pray for you that there won’t be anything like this happening for the rest of the season to you.

    I hope every thing will go extremely well for you during qualifying and during the race on Sunday. I am so longing to see you to get a win, its well over due. Wish I were there to see you this weekend.
    Keep calm and gods blessing be with you for a good finish in Monte Carlo.
    Love Marcia (Bristol UK)

  85. Hey dear L.Hamilton,

    I Hope you doing fine by now..
    I was shocked last weekend,when i heard that you had a crash in Barcelona..
    I did not see the race,but i was a bit worry abouth you…you was determined to win the pole,but you didn’t get far..that was a big disappointment…
    Hopefully the car wil not fail anymore.
    Very clever that you keep on racing and you have such a good confidence in your car..
    I still love to watch the F1… i follow every race if i can.
    The F1 is one of the most exciting and expensive sport in the world.
    There are so many ways to reach your goals..i’m sure you have such a good talent..but don’t be to rigorous for yourself,be allert,have confidence
    .. and may God bless you, your team and your family…
    Take care..and have a good race in Monaco..we all standing behind you dear!!!
    MUCH LOVE…Missy

  86. hi lewis are you 2day hope you doing just fine…as we back at monaco this is your circuit all the best on sunday GOD bless. from wolverhampton toussaint ltmba

  87. Good luck Lewis you’re the best prince take care out there without you in F1 is nothing every one knows that cant wait to see you there. You keep us going every year .xxx Is mr Hamilton coming back?

  88. u r such an amazing driver i wish u all the best of luck in monaco it was very unfortunate what happen in spain it was so unlucky anyway best of wishes


  89. Hi mr Hamilton
    Hope you ok lewis because that trouble you had on sunday i got sick when you had it we want you to win but when you ok i was asking my son if you alright and he say to me that he’s fine but still i wasn’t sure. you know what i don’t want any thing to happen to you because your the lagend of BRITAIN we love you so much no matter what. we miss Mr HAMILTON YOUR DAD CAN YOU PLEASE BRING HIM BACK. my son Mason loves U to beats and my family we watch you on tv no one else can’t wait to see you on weekend. i have alot to say but my english is not good so i have to go but my heart is with you the BEST F1 DRIVE THE WORLD LOVE YOU ALOT. xxxx god bless u out there. you’re BIG PERSON IN OUR EYES

  90. Hamilton why did you destroy your tyres? You need to learn when to push and when to take it easy

  91. Hi Lewis, You drove another brilliant race yesterday as you always do. I was gutted for you that you didn’t get the podium you deserved but so proud of you that your post race interview was positive, responsible and as always gave credit where you think it was deserved. You showed yourself to be not only a great driver but a graceful competitor. Keep it up, you will have the last word where it counts – on track 😉

  92. Dear Lewis,

    I am a great fan of yours and for me you are the best F1 driver I have ever seen. You really deliver and meet the expectations of your team, much more exceeded the expectations at all times. Your skills and qualifications in driving is far beyond compare and it truly commendable.

    Life has sometimes given as trials not to break us but make us and I find it very admirable that despite the recent setback you had faced in Spanish Grand Prix, you manage to put a brave face to speak out politely and professionally, noteworthy for a true gentleman. I make sure I follow your racing career and always watching every single race and no doubt to my mind that you are truly gifted in racing. Take it as another challenge and hopefully you will get a podium in Monaco which I am hoping and praying. I dont want to be in tears like the Spanish Grand Prix as I could not believe and find it so unfair that it had to happen but I am optimistic that I can have a big smile after the result of the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend.

    Also, l am wishing you and your lovely girlfiend Nicole, the best of everything in your relationship. It is nice to know that Nicole has a Filipino father because I was also born with a Filipino parents. You look very beautiful together and make it as part of your inspiration. Goodluck in Monaco and look forward to your trophy there.

    Yours sincerely,

  93. Hi Lewis!

    my congratulation! you drove very well yestarday as I always say you deserve a 125 points. I WANT McLarem SAYING SOMETHING ABOUT THAT UNFORTUNATE because I’m getting crazy… always you….I broke many things in my house yestarday.

    Be patient and keep your chin up you are the best, you gonna make it.

    all the best in Monaco


  94. That was a great race you drove yesterday. I especially like how you took second place from Vettel. That was awesome; it was the best highlight of the day. It’s unfortunate what happened, but I know you will put that behind you and drive the best you can like you always do. The season’s still young, and I believe the best is yet to come. Good Luck this weekend, and as usual, I’ll be watching and rooting for you all the way.

  95. Hi Lewis,

    great drive today Lewis. Its unfortunate you didnt get to finish and not yo fault. Dont worry, you will cover it up cos there is plenty more chances to come. Just keep your cool and you will make it. Remember just pick points whenever you can, you will win some soon.
    All the best next week.

  96. Hi Lewis,

    What can I say except you drove a brilliant race, took your chance and got to second base. How maddening is to have a puncture at such a crucial time?? Cannot believe the bad luck.

    But chin up you are a fighter and will always give of your best and we the fans know this. So dust yourself down put it behind you and march on. Monaco here we come.

    Best of luck


  97. Hi Lewis
    My 12 year old son and myself watch you every race you are an amazing driver with such skill, my son told me he wants to be just like you, a F1 driver 🙂 you are an inspiration to him and he told me he would love to meet you one day, me to for that matter lol….i am so sorry about your race today, i’m just glad you didn’t get hurt and that your ok….Monaco next and i know you will do well, keep your chin up and good luck for next weekend.

    A devoted fan
    Ali x

  98. What can I say Lewis? Truly gutted for you … hope you’ve had all the bad luck now as you deserve some good luck now.
    You drove a good race couldn’t believe it when they said you had a puncture … next week is your turn to get that win.
    Button learnt a very important lesson today … take your chances, even EJ said he was disappointed saying that if that was you behind Shumi you would have overtaken him and we know that because you had a good scrap with him already.
    Wishing you all the best for Monaco. You will get that win I’m sure and be up there challenging with the rest coz you are the best.

  99. Hey Lewis, Awesome drive today mate, So unlucky not finishing, that was a fantastic drive to secure 2nd all the way through the race especially up against those Red bulls. Lets hope you get a bit more luck bring yourself to the front of the championship like you rightly deserve.

    A stark reminder for Jenson that he is a mediocre driver, at one point he was about a minute behind you on track, as he was stuck behind schuey because he still hasent mastered the concept of overtaking.

    Chin up hammy, Get to Monaco, and destroy the field like we are so used to seeing you do.

    All hail the king!!

  100. HI lewis i am so devastated for what happen to you 2day the devil is a liar GOD did not bring you this far to leave you no matter what comes your way you are simply the best dont give up hope just keep pressing towards your goal .days like this will come but dont give up no matter what the critics are saying just keep doing what you do best driving.I see in the news they are criticizing your driving let them talk they cant stop you from achieving your goal and because your are unique: special smart your above never below dont change your pattern or style of driving for no one thats the type of person you are just be your self.i like the way you stand up for your self when they are criticising you LEWIS THEY ARE ALL JEALOUSY OVER YOU BECAUSE YOU CAME ON THE SCENCE CHANGE FORMULA1. THEY DONT LIKE THAT BUT THATS THEIR BUSINESS.DONT LET NO ONE OPPRESS YOU OR STEAL YOUR JOY THEY DONT WORTH IT. YOU TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR SELF AND I WISH YOU GOD GUIDANCE AND PROTECTION IN MONACO AND EVERYWHERE YOU GO TO RACE.STAY STRONG BE LIFTED.

  101. Dearest Lewis,

    I am so so sorry and gutted that you didn’t get to finish the race 🙁 You did an amazing job today! You were up there with the Redbulls and managed to match their speed, excellent drive. These things do happen unfortunately, but thank God it is still early in the championship so you can easily bounce back up. Monaco is next, one your favorites, I’ll be praying that you win there!

    All the best! See you next weekend

  102. Hi Lewis!

    Watched the race and was gutted for what happened.
    Keep your chin up and come back strong next week.
    We know you can do it.

    God bless

    Eve and Stephaniexx

  103. Hi lewis,
    just watched u in Spain. I’m gutted for u as u did so well all day. There is always the next race and I hope u do well next Sunday. X

  104. Hi Lewis, I finally get to watch you drive on a chanel that doesn’t show commercials during the race (shame on you SpeedTV). Good luck in Spain. I know I say this everytime, but I really believe that this race is it. Your first of many wins this season. Goodluck honey, all the best today.

  105. Hi lewis,
    Good luck this Sunday in Spain. I have watched u race since u started in f1. My 4 year old son sits with me for every race and when you a shown on the tv he shouts your name. I was very lucky last year to pay a visit to the plant at Woking. I have a photo at home standing next to the car that u won the wolrld title with. I hope that 1 day u could pay us a visit at goodwood motor circuit. I’m sure the marshals would love to see you. All the best for this weekend and good luck. Respect to u and your family. Chris.

  106. Hi Lewis,

    All the best for tomorrows preparing for Sunday’s race.

    Keep focused an keep smiling.

  107. Hi Lewis,
    I am a big fan of yours and I am of African decent. I have been watching you right from the time of your entrance into formula 1. You are a rare gem and a proof to the fact that backgrounds doesn’t count so far you believe in yourself and make some effort. You have been and you will ever be an inpiration to every kids around the world.May the good Lord keep you safe, bless and give you peace always.
    Please I have got a little counsel for you, please note that I am writing out of pure love and admiration for you and your career. Please make peace with your dad, no matter what he has done wrong to you. Please ensure that there is no disharmony of whatsoever kind between you and your dad.He has sacrifices so much for you, ensure that you don’t loose atleast his good will toward you. If I may add, you are all he had lived for, he may not be perfect. Remember his blood flows through your veils, you will need his good will at all time. Please make peace with him, now. may the Lord bless you and give you the grace to do so.I will continue to pray for you and may the Lord grant you wings and favour to win in Spain. Ayo

  108. dear lewis what a pleasure it is to have such a fine young man racing for have been so patient when asked by mclaren to make certain moves which are not to your is so difficult to be a public figure with everything you say and do being scrutinised .I love listening to Martin Brundle because he is your champion as you are his! the best of luckwith your marvellous driving.God bless you and keep you safe.

  109. Hi Lewis,
    You need to step things up now, as you know for this weekend! To enable you to achieve the fastest qualifying if you are to gain a win. Points make a good champion. we don’t want you having a repeat of the last 2 seasons.
    We are really looking forward to seeing you this weekend in Barcelona.
    You will know we are there, as it will be the loudest cheers you will ever hear, especially when you win!
    Keep focusing as you always do, stay calm and ignore those BBC turn coats comments, along with all the other bias idiots out there, you will always be the best; ignore them long enough and they will go away! They are only trying to break your concentration when they know you are more likely to win a race every time.

    We are looking forward to seeing your accomplishments, this weekend; Hope you will have fun and God will shine his face on you to win on Sunday, good luck!!!
    Marcia (Bristol UK)

  110. I honstly thought that Micheal Lynch would have been eliminated. I’m dissapointed that it was Siobhan Magnus, but hey, nothing goes to plan. Come on Lee Dewyze, I know you can do it.

  111. Hi mr Hamilton i have alot to say but a’m a BIG FAN of you hand some me and my son we love watching you drive you ‘re the best thing to happen to F1 you ‘re the best . I would love to meet you thats our dream. You ‘re good i like your skill my son Mason always say he want to be the next lewis god Barnie was right for the first time to say that people should back off iwonder if you ‘re not inF1 it will be boring God bless u out there l0ve……….you and we miss you’re DAD

  112. Hello Lewis,

    Just wanted to say thank you for such an exciting race in China. Your overtaking was awsome and I was blown away by your outstanding driving skills. It was such an exciting race to watch.

    Good luck for Spain and all the very best for the season. Keep strong keep pushing.


  113. Lewis you have driven some fantastic races this year. It will only be a matter of time before you win your 1st race of the season. You are due a win very soon but you do need to grow up a little and play by the rules. You are giving your critics plenty of reason to question your driving style. Please remember, children all around the world look up to you as a sporting hero, you are a hero in our eyes ever since you came into F1, you are a fantastic driver and nobody can overtake as good as you but I just wish you will calm down a little and not be so angry towards everyone.


  115. hi lewis,there is no F1 without you.your personality and driver style is awesome and even though u havent yet won a race.just hang on in there,ur time is coming i wish u all the best for u and ur family in 2010.

  116. Great race lewis, but the incident regarding yourself and Vettel wasn’t necessary, and could have cost you a well deserved second place. Vettel was slightly ahead of you , and was wrong to try and squeeze you into the edge of the working part in the pit area. Lewis with all due respect, you should have just follwed him out of the pit, because you was much faster than him, and passed him with ease 4 laps later…. Lewis don’t make it easier for some officials to penalize you, especially in the pit area, because they will if you give them that excuse.

    Good luck in Spain……and be cool.

  117. Hi Lewis, I’m not good enough in english (I speak Portuguese, from Angola) but I’ll try to to explain what I am feeling in a few words, you are the best, you are brillant, you give emotion back to f1 congratulation. with all you’ve done this season you deserve 100 points, but something wrong is happening in the time It’s not fair they give all the great strategies to Button and you have to do the hard job its unacceptable. spain will be you time to win God bless you Lewis. You are strong !


  118. Hi ma darling,you are such a blessing,don’t let nothing hold you back yeah,I will always be praying for you to excel and for God to protect those beautiful features u’ve got.Please promise me you won’t get scars on ya sleek body.You are gonna be successful this season yeah,don’t give up no matter what and don’t lose concentration yeah.I’ve got only one wish from you,and is”I wish you could give me a baby gal who looks like you lol.And wish we meet anytime you come to london lol,I’m not a star or famous but hope you’re one day gonna give me a chance to be your friend,other than that I’m gonna be a mucisian in other to meet you one day lol.You could also check me out on Face book. Say Hi to my father and mother in-laws,lol .Cheers

  119. Hi, Lewis! Just to say you are a brilliant F1 Racer who deserves all the accolade you get from your fans and people who loves F1 racing. Yes, some of your manoeuveres at times might be risk, but, that is part of F1 professional racing. You are courageous, brave and good at your profession. You have not become a racer just to make up the numbers and place it safe, although good tactics requires you to play it safe at times. Now that Justin Button has joined McLaren, he is proving an attraction for some who would want to rubbish your driving skills, competence, level-headedness,, techniques and prudence. It is disheartening to hear some of the comments some of the BBC’s commentators have been making in unfavourably comparing you with Jason Button. Jason is good, but, notwithstanding his two wins sofar this year, You are Better! You are the Man and You, and not Jason, will Win this Year’s Championship!! You will do it without the support of some of the detractors amongst the BBC’s commentators. Keep your self-confidence going. Your results sofar this year bears testament to you as still the best F1 Racer on the tract.

    Keep it Up!


  120. Well done Lewis, great race mate, awsome over taking manoevres. You were right to let Button win though and not risk the maclaren 1,2.

    You need to learn from your experiences thus far this season with ref to tyres and strategy.

    One more thing, be patient, i’m sure the victories will come.

    Well done.

  121. I hope that Whitmarsh gives you good strategies so that you can win at Spain. It’s not fair they give all the great strategies to Button. Win! win! win!

    All the best to you and your family. I hope Nicole supports you at Spain!


  122. Well done Lewis you did us proud.
    Good to see you taking on Shumi … as Brundle said you gave him too much respect the first time round, second time you remembered you had a job to do.
    Considering you stopped four times you did well to come in second within seconds of Button. Well done your win will come just be patient.
    Vettell you need to be more careful as you could have caused a very serious incident. All worked out all right but you never know.
    A brilliant race imo. Keep it up.

  123. Please, don’t disappoint me this season you are the best, I am counting on you to win the race this season.

  124. Dear Lewis You are zajebana murzynska pala. I wish you umarl na raka a potem spalili by cie na stosie frajerska murzynska chamska palo
    We Love You in Poland! 😀

  125. Toussaint: just wanna say well done that was just a start lot to follow GOD bless peace@love.

  126. WELL DONE LEWIS YOU ARE A GENIUS ! you did great today i am so proud of are simply the best i am always praying for you that GOD take care of you in every race you race and he is answering my prayers. LEWIS YOU ARE A BLESS BOY NEVER FORGET THAT.all the best for the rest of the season.LOVE AND PEACE

  127. lewis is a cheat ! he never plays by the rules, and in almost every race he screws up!! not to mention the 4 incidents today!!! the kid is an idiot, i dont blame the other drivers! he needs to put in his place, hes only been in the sport 5 mins!!!! and surley if u r good enough to be in f1 you should not be driving into the back of people the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! prick!!!!

  128. Hi Lewis,
    What a tremendous day, it was great to see you on the podium again! What a fantastic performance your manoeuvring was so perfect! hard luck Schuemacher.
    There is no time to show any drivers respect if you are to regain your crown, shame the tyres wore so early, but you did every thing correctly today.
    You are definitely better at chasing, well done; still a lot more work to do from the team, it’s hard but it can be done,TEAM WORK!!

  129. Hey Lewis,

    Well done Lewis, well done. i am happy you showed and proved that you are a true Champ. True champions alwys work hard to be called champs. You re indeed one best driver. hahaha. I am so happy you managed to fight your way up more than once today. The race was very interesting. Rember be yourself, those who love you will love you for you, those who dont will never nomatter how much you try to please them. so be yourself always man. you good!! You just made my wkend and wil be happy. See you in 3wks time. Relax while on break an keep focused always.
    love you !!!!

  130. Lewis you are the best F1 driver and as soon as your car becomes more consistent you will be F1 Champion again. Ignore all the critics you are an inspiration to so many that with hard work and determination anything is achievable !!

  131. Hey lewis just want to say,if it true that you say to the media that you and your dad not speaking,please just stop giving these people thing to say just go and do your thing on the track man.They just want to tear you apart from the team principal to the media and fellow drivers as well,what ever is going on with you and your dad jus leave it behind close door,for your fans sake and your sake i hope it is not true because the journey with both of you is just one of a kind,whishing you all the best for race and god bless.

  132. Hi Lewis, good luck to you in Shanghi. You are better looking, very much more talented, and so much more charismatic than any of the other drivers. They are all so jealous of you. Please do not listen to them. Whats more we share the same birthday so go LEWIS go. Say hi to your dad I really miss his smiling face on the TV, hope your brother is in good heart and spirits. We all love you xxxx

  133. OK Lewis don’t worry about the drivers and their comments. You learn from situations and as usual they try to put you down; playing mind games with you – don’t let them get to you. You are a threat to them that is why they do it, but then all drivers are a threat to each other … they all want to win.
    6th not where you want to be but you’ve proven enough times that you make the most of where you are, and always race your heart out for fans. It is a long season you will get your win. Enjoy the race and we will all always be with you.
    Good luck and I know you will do your best.

  134. Hi Lewis

    How do yu put up with those BBC presenters those three are so anti – yu – go on and prove them wrong

  135. Hope is a good thing Lewis- What you have done and achieved in a short space of time is amazing – i wish you all the best for sunday. You are the best driver and yu make a slow car look fast.

  136. Hi Lewis!!
    You did Gr8 today..(the fastest of them all)
    I Hope you do Fantastic this weekend…Go for it!!
    Take care!!

  137. Lewis,

    Wish you the best this wkend. Hope you get more points. Aim for podium though. Remember keep focused and be yourself. Just be yourself always.
    Practice you been good all the way, i hope nothing hinders your perfmance on qualifying and on race day.

    All the best.

  138. Lewis..rain maybe being forecasted for China this weekend during qualifying. Let’s not have a repeat of Malaysia’s Q1 disaster. If there is a drop of rain,.. a drop during Q1 a time right away, because as you found out if it starts to rain, it may get worse towards the end of the session.

    Lewis….Q1…..rain….bank a time right away.

    I have a good feeling that you will be on the top step of the podium this weekend.

    Good Luck Mr. Hamilton

  139. Good luck in China this weekend Lewis. We will all be watching and willing you on to that deservedly 1st place….LOL……

  140. Hi Lewis and fellow Lewis fans, just wanted to say hello. Dull week, no race this weekend. Can’t wait for next weekend. I can feel it in my gut that it’s going to be a great weekend. China is where Lewis is going to get his first win of many this season. Love you Lewis and fellow Lewis fans.
    Remember, it’s all about L.O.V.E.

  141. Hi Lewis, I am Andy from Malta. last year I whad the great ooportunity to come to the Barcellona F1 race and for me it was one of my best days especially when I got your autogragh. this year I will be present for sure to attend to another F1 race, probably in Silverstone or Monza. I have a great wish , which I would like to meet you and have a photo toghether because I am having my son Shaun with me as a birthday present. please Lewis if possible to have a photo with you , I amsure my son and I will be the most lucky people for that day. Thanks and KEEP IT UP. best wishes

  142. Lewis love guitar like me, and in Spanish interview, speak about one of the best known Spanish guitarplayer, Robert Rodrigo.. Cool Lewis.

  143. Lewis greetings from Greece :)!!!!…Keep up the good work,you are the best driver in the world!!!!You have many fans here 🙂

  144. Good luck Lewis! I’ve loved you ever since I found out about this sport two years ago!
    At first it was just a crush I had, but now I am a true fan and I will always love you.
    I never thought F1 would be something I’d be interested in but you have made it enjoyable for me.
    Best wishes for the 2010 season. Hugs and kisses x

  145. Hi Lewis, great job yesterday (as usual). I still believe in you and I know the championship is yours this year. I can’t wait to see you in two weeks. Man can you drive. I am so proud to be your fan. Great job Lewis, great job.

  146. I love you like my own brother and I will always be behind you in whatever you do. Be proud of yourself and your dad, you turned the whole world into F1, didn’t you darling?


    God Bless!

    Much love!

  147. Hi Lewis,

    Well done Lewis. Good job. are you talented or what!!! that was grt driving and continue being you. dont try to change for anybody. Just be you, we love you as you are. I enjoyed the race. Well done. you will be winning soon, on podium soon!!! just keep focused!!! keep getting points!!

  148. Hey Lewis
    A bad judgement during qualifying yesterday, knowing McLaren, the radar must have been pointing, in the wrong directions, it’s not just the cars that needs upgrading
    Points make prizes and you achieved that yet again today in Malaysian, yes you would certainly have been on the Podium if, Sutil’s car did not have the same engine with other technical parts as the McLarens.
    Fingers cross for team to keep improving the cars ready for Chinese race.
    I was pleased to hear the BBC commentators saying good praises about your strategies, after the race.
    Well done yet again!!!

  149. Lewis,
    You turned a bad qualy into a brilliant race. Well done. Don’t worry about not getting higher you did us proud anyway. 20th to 6th is no mean feat … you kept your cool and got the best you could today. We all know you ALWAYS race your heart out for us and we love you for that.
    Loved that bit at the end of your interview sending love home to your family and the friendlines you have with Sutil and Button … it is nice to see.
    I look forward to China and hopefully it will all come together for you.
    Keep up the good work.
    PS Happy Easter to you and your family.

  150. Gosh Lewis what’s up with u’re “Team”.. from my way.. I dont wanna call it “Team” u know why.. Martin Witmarsh is talking about sooo bad!!.. Did u read the headlines from the Telegraph..

    It looks like u are just a toy for them.. not a human beeing.. OMG Lewis I’m soo sad for u!!! If I would have kids I will never let him go to just that man.. he is just using u’rs..All I want to say to u.. Go u’re own way.. dont look back.. they all just used u, thay earned a lot of money with u and the never care about u as human beeing.. go Lewis.. go u’re own way..

    P.S. LA is a nice city and the NASCAR a great way too!

  151. martin witmarsh and co.what the hell are you playing at,all the work should not be left up to lewis to do,the team need to get a grip of what need to be done,getting it wrong one too many times just not acceptable for such high profile team.COME ON LEWIS DO WHAT YOU DO BEST.good luck.

  152. Hi Lewis,

    Not to worry about this position. you will end up infront anywys.
    Can you just go back to the real you. Dont listen to what most people say because you will just end up being confused. Just be you Lewis. The Lewis we know. remember you can not please everyone. Its best to be yourself and people should like you for who you are or hate you for just who you are but plse just be you all the way.

    good luck Lewis, we are behind you all the way. That talent is what we are behind. you got it an we know it.

  153. Hi Lewis,
    Hope you a fantastic win and the team make all the right decesions for you this weekend, as you so deserve a win!!
    Have lots of fun and I am sure you will make the race very enjoyable for all your fans!

  154. Dear Lewis,
    I wish you all the best in Malaysia.
    I was there 5 years ago..and it is really nice in Malaysia, and hot there on the sircuit of Sepang.

    Make a stunning race of it..and WIN ..WIN.. WIN!!..You and J.Button.

    Much love..
    I.T from Holland..

  155. Hi Lewis,

    Amazing race last week end in Australia, I have watched that race 4 times now. What a fantastic race that was, one of the best performace i have ever seen. I would say you are beautiful to watch when you are hunting for positions. Also the race winner supposed to be you, you deserve it. I was not upset when webber pushed you out when you did that brave attempt pushing hard to beat Alonso, Not every f1 DRIVER can do that its only YOU. Remember even when you start from P24 in the race, we always believe that you can reach podium and you fight for it. Thats the expectations I and every fan has it on YOU. So as always Never give up. All the best for sepang.


  156. Lewis and Nicole No.1 this weekend… yeah u’re both are rocking u do at the circute and Nicole at the dancefloor 🙂

  157. Dearest Lewis,

    All the best and may God bless you and keep you safe at Sepang this weekend. You deserve a win and I hope you get it at Sepang. It can’t be soon enough.

    Lots of love,

  158. Lewis, from what I understand, the FIA is in charge of releasing, the radio communications between the driver and the pit wall, to the tv audiences. Anytime that you say something on the radio that can be construed as being controversial…the FIA will release it to the tv audiences, to try and reinforce your so-called petulant image. Be careful Lewis and remember it’s sad but true, that you cannot say or do things that other drivers can, because you are being held to a different standard.

    Australia was one of your best performances, and your passing during the race was breathtaking especially that move on Rosberg.

    Good Luck at Malaysia Lewis, and be mindful of that radio.

    aqui tienes a una fiel admiradora y seguidora desde españa,te deseo lo mejor.eres mi idolo.

  160. bonjour monsieur L.HAMILTON j’espre que tu va tres bien par la grace du seigneur just after the autralian grand prix…we still all behind you all the way to the end of the road(season) as you say on regading the team strategy let it behind is the past concentrate to the coming race we just love you champion you are. a long way to go you can still do it let GOD be with you and all your family and the Mclaren team all the best to the malaysia circuit….from wolverhamton TOUSSAINT LUTUMBA ALLER ALLER ALLER LEWIS HAMILTON rapporte la malaysia

  161. I am a matured Grenadian woman who started watching F1 mostly since Lewis started racing. I worked for the airlines a few years ago and listening to the boys discussing the races back then gave me an insight into F1. I perceive Lewis as a son – he is the same age as my daughter and younger than my son. I get palpitations watching him race, egging him on to the finish line as I do my son on the football pitch. I believe Lewis SHOULD have been on the podium on Sunday in Australia and WOULD have been had he not been cheated of that right – an act which I thought was deliberate and smells of conspiracy! Lewis needs to put this all behind him now and concentrate on the races ahead. He IS the most brilliant driver on the circuit right now and will be for a long time. He brings excitement into F1. I sincerely wish him good luck and all the best for the rest of the season. I am a number 1 fan and will be watching him in every race as proves to his conspirators that there is no-one better than him.

  162. Hi Lewis,
    I’ve kept up to date with your formula 1 career progress from the start and think that you’re driving and rate of success is second to none. I watched the Australian qualifying and I noted the problem you had in qualifying, ”where your tires were over inflated”. And watched live coverage of championship, and I am extremely disappointed that you were robbed of the chance of winning. Again it was an issue with tires. I think the evidence speaks for it’s self, they just didn’t want you to overtake your team mate as I am quite sure you would have given your performance on the day.

    Nevertheless, as you stated on the day you drove your heart out, and that for me is the most you could have done given the circumstances.

    In my opinion I think it’s political because again you were robbed of the 2009 championship, maybe your face is not the face they want representing GB.

    All the best for the future, but I would not risk life and limb for a team that does not support me 100%,
    No matter how much I enjoy doing what I do best.

  163. Wow! Lewis,
    You cheered me up today with your racing … a great race.
    I’m sure you must have been frustrated and annoyed about the decision … we were in this house … but you need to put it behind you … you can’t change what has happened … you just need to let the next race do the talking.
    One thing … I agree with Arthur you shouldn’t have complained on the radio … leave that for after the race, but I also understand your frustration … I would most probably have done the same thing.
    I believe you were right to question the team’s strats in public after all you always praise their efforts too. Hope they apologised to you for messing up your race after all that hard work. You didn’t let us down at all we know you always race your heart out for us fans and we appreciate that.
    Thank you for giving us a great race.
    Hope you win in Malaysia but if you don’t be assured we know you will win this season … just need a little patience.
    You will always be my star and legend.

  164. Hey Lewis, hope you are feeling a lot better today, can’t imagine how your nights sleep must have been! I think Martin Whitmarsh decision to stitch you up shows that he wanted his Lucky Button to win just to prove a point!
    I hope he stick to his word and let you both make your decisions as and when? After all, if Button is such a perfect driver why should there be any sacrifice to prove a point between you both?
    If my memory serves me correctly every season the team has made a lot of incorrect judgments which has caused you endless wins including an early championship in 2008.
    Every race I question what excuses the your team will come up with robbing you yet another race win?

  165. I forgot to say one thing Lewis… Absolutely AWESOME overtake on Nico Rosberg. Around the outside! Oh My God! How did you do that? Just shows your; motivation; commitment; determination; bravery and sheer excellence! Keep it up Lewis, you’re the only one to overtake on that corner surely?

  166. Well done Lewis you absolute LEGEND. You will go down in the history books as THE BEST overtaker in f1 ever. An absolutely awesome race on Sunday, you rock. You should have won that race in my eyes or at least have come second. Why did mclaren call you in again. You didn’t need to. You were ahead of the ferraris in third and no one overtakes you because you are the best! You would have overtaken Kubica in the next couple of laps and could then have chased down Jenson. Mark Webber needs to learn how to brake. Nah, just jokin, he’s a good guy, just a shame he took you off as you were just about to get past fernando. Oh well, at least you scored points! Well, good luck for malaysia! You can do it Lewis. You are the best and if anyone can win its you! good luck mate, stay cool, focus and go show them all who is the boss. Go LEWIS Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. Wow wow wow wow Lewis. That was one of the most exciting races I have seen in a very long time. You were by far the best driver on the track. It’s unfortunate the wrong decision was made by your team. There is no doubt in my mind that you would have won the race if it wasn’t for that decision. Whoever thinks you would have come in second to JB is delusional (no offense). The team better not be trying to make you the #2 driver. I better not jump to conclusions. It’s too early in the season, and knowing you (or thinking I do), you are going to go out there, drive the best you can, have so much fun doing it and dare I say, win the championship. Yes, I know you are going to get it this year Lewis. JB and his team can keep dreaming. He can come in #2.
    Man i’m I so proud to be your fan and thank you very much for that race sunday, it was one hell of a race. It may have not ended as we all hoped, but if that’s a sign of what’s going to happen this season, I am fastening my seat belt. I’m already saving money to throw a championship party at the end of the season. No pressure.

  168. Dearest Lewis,

    I am so sorry that your team used the wrong strategy and brought you in for a pitstop unnecessarily. We all believed you could have been second. I hope Nicole and your dad supports you. That’s what you need right now. Be strong, dear Lewis.

    Lots of love,

  169. Dear Lewis..

    That is what u’re girl wrote on Twitter


    Congrats to my man for racing his heart out last night at the Austalian Grand Prix. I am so proud of you and your family in LA loves you!

    There are no more points.. she is soo right..

  170. Hi lewis how are u doing today after what happen in australia yesterday i know you feel a bit disappionted. but let no one take your stride and let no one steal your joy . you are the best thing in formula 1 without apology dont let the stoppers stop you from achieving your goal i know you are a true champion because winning is your style. i wish you all the best for the rest of the season. even when the odds are against you stay focus you will get their in the end.ALL THE BEST FOR 2010

  171. Dear Lewis

    My wife Sunny and I have been following your career for a few years now. To lend support we flew over to Bahrain for your first race of the season. Fantastic experience!! For our money you areTHE BEST DRIVER in the world and nobody can ever take that away from you! It also made us very proud to be British as you are a great English ambassador especially in our weird, troubled times.

    Yes we agree, you did drive your heart out at the Australian F1. Had you not been called in for a 2nd time, you would have made the podium. Bad judgment from your command post but what is done is done. Mark Webber didn’t help the situation but at least he apologised. That’s fine.

    It was delightful to see the fire in your belly as you spoke up and expressed your opinion. Nothing whatsoever wrong with that. The fact that you made the comments on open air, unrehearsed and spoke from your heart with passion and the will to win, not at the expense of any other driver either, will perhaps wake a few of your support staff up for the next race. It is wonderful to have a team of 800+ behind you but each individual must keep awake and alert,for without you McLaren have nothing!!

    Stay focused, stay cool, remember one of your objectives is to attain WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP status in 2010. You WILL defintely make it this year!!

    We will be thinking of you and willing you on at the next race. You have got it all. Keep visualising receiving the winner’s CUP and LAUREL WREATH being handed to you at the end of the last race.

    Very best wishes
    Ron and Sunny.

  172. Hi Lewis,

    Well done! You have got just about the right mix in terms of your supporters. Even those that criticise
    you in a negative way. I firmly believe that at the end of your reign others will be judged by standards
    you have set. Sometimes, to be great, personal sacrifices have to be made.

    HOW GREAT DO YOU WANT TO BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  173. dear lewis,
    your drive today was one of the best and you did deserve more. a pity that poor mclaren strategy robbed you of a victory or at least second place. despite this and the other difficulties you faced in melbourne keep your chin up and stay focussed. always believe in yourself and do your talking on the racetrack where you are second to none!

    all the best and looking forward to seeing you at silverstone

  174. Hi Lewis

    Sooooo impressed with your drive today, you done absolutely brilliant. I have never in all my years watching F1 and you have I ever felt so much anger (at all that was happening outwith your control) and pride at the way you drove. Don’t let them grind you down! Wait till Malaysia then you show them and all the doubters that you are the best.

    Wish i could havegiven you a big hug

    Take care

    Karen, Scotland

  175. Lewis, forgot to say I love you like a brother . I will be praying for a good performance in Malaysia!

    Take care always


  176. Lewis your driving today was one of your best and absolutely stunning, but certain comments should be made during a debrief, not over an open radio radio.

  177. Lewis, not for the first time, in the face of adversity, you have shown the world, with you skills , bravery and determination… in sum yes Jensen won…but in hearts of hearts there was only one ever real winner- the one and only Lewis Hamiton! God bless you Lewis. Stay strong !

    Lewis … you were robbed today! You were easily the best driver on the track!

  179. Hi lewis me and my sun r big big fans I think you have done very well for finish 6th and piting 2 times you have don amazing job we support you all the way and you deserve better. god bles you and keep the good job you do. Best regards. Sami and alexandro and cristiano

  180. Great job Lewis, excellent drive with the crap they pulled on you.
    Sod what people think, you with your Dad make a great combination.
    Keep up the good drives Man!

  181. Hi Lewis, i was so gutted watcing you race today March 28th 2010 I felt so sorry for you being called in to a pit stop and then you losing time for when Mark Webber bumped into you.

    Really hope things go better for you in the next race

    Take care and stay cool

    jenny x

  182. Hey Lewis well done yet again for doing what you do best!!

    Considering the decisions is left up to the drivers? congratulations to McLaren for making yet another wrong judgement, as usual it would seem that you are still the Guinea pig for the team.
    Don’t let this atrocious weekend break your strength, good luck in Malaysia next weekend.

    Message to all the PEA BRAINs, who thinks you are a daddy’s boy, at least your dad believes in your commitment.

  183. Lewis,

    well done for more points. Though being hit left right an centre, you will survive. Just like in 2008, you will survive. Keep focusing and you will be fine. Its not going to be easy, but you will be fine. wish you were driving for a different team.

    love u to bits!!!!

  184. Hi Lewis, my name is Angelika from austria (Vienna).
    You are the best Racdriver for me, i am a big fan from you, i wish you good luck for the Season 2010.

  185. Well if you ever come to read this Lewis I would just like to start off by wishing you all the very best this season with team mate jenson button, I have only just found this site so my message is a little late, but as usual I will be at silverstone this year for the weekend and I am also hopig to see you in Turkey.

    Also to the website owners and moderators i would just like to say thanks for providing such a great fan site.

    Oh and Lewis I hope I see you this year at Silverstone as you and Jenson was the only two drivers I didnt get to meet after qualifying leaving the circuit. but I know you wasnt in the best of moods that day and saw your brother driving around on the golf cart thing.

    Anyway good luck


  186. Lewis,good luck for to-morrow. Hey everybody, don’t do to lewis what was done to Tiger Woods,okay Tiger did massive damage to his family,but he is not a god, we put these sports people on a pedastal and can;t wait to knock them down.I do not excuse Lewis he did wrong,he should apologise especially to young kids who love him, he should warn them about doing what he did,but at the end of the day he is a young man,with his mates in the car egging him on.We have young lads around my way who are always doing it, and I always say,silly b-gg–s there goes a new set of excuse but it sounds like where he is now has quite a lot of it going on around there, you can tell he is a lovely caring young man respectful of all people and would not intentionally harm or put down anyone. He seems to be doing some of the things he would have done as a normal teenager which he hasn;t had the chance to be,okay no excuse for driving disrepectfully on the road but lets leave him alone now and accept his apology I;m sure he has learnt from it and will be doing his best to make us proud on the track…GOOD LUCK LEWIS……….

  187. jody you seems to be carrying around a massive chip on your shoulder,take it else where. you are the brainless one, as this is THE LEWIS HAMILTON INSPIRATION FAN site,the only empty head is you.we will support lewis through thick and thin so GET USE TO IT.GOD BLESS YOU LEWIS GOOD LUCK we got ur back.

  188. Lewis! Just focus on your racing, your are not going to please everybody! Remember you are viewed as one of the best driver’s on the grid at the moment so any pitfalls on your side is an advantage to the other good drivers. Therefore let your racing talk, do not let others CAPITALISE on your mistakes. One request though, turn tomorrow’s race into an interesting one by overtaking, we are all routing for you, hopefully that will be possible if it doesn’t turn into a procession like it was in Bahrain.

  189. Actually I think he could have been given a verbal warning which would have been enough for him. He would have been mortified and knowing Lewis it would have been to entertain the crowds. As Brundle said boys will be boys.
    It’s done now … nothing can change that Lewis just needs to put it behind him and concentrate on the race. Last year he was at the back and ended up 3rd technically in a rubbish car. This year he can still get there. He has more say in the set up for tomorrow too. Not all bad then.
    I still have faith in Lewis and his abilities … he’s never let us down yet and he won’t tomorrow either.

  190. Cant believe the melbourne police took the merc off you for doing a little skiddy, it is absolutly rediculous! You are part of something that brings in millions of dollars in revenue and they do that.

    Some people may say its wrong to turn a blind eye but comeon Melbourne Police if he wanted to he could have easily got away and you would have no chance of catching him.

    Any way go hard Lewis

  191. I watched you for the first time two years ago when you won the championship. Last year I got as much fun and fascination doing the same even though you didn’t win. Your character inspires me and helps me focus on how I want to be with my work. I am an artist, oil on canvas. Lewis, I want you to keep going. Best Regards.

  192. Lewis Rocks!

    Podium FInish in the first race is really amazing!

    Waiting to watch you in Aus GP this sunday!

    All the best!

  193. If anyone can transform the Mclaren into a winning car, its you Lewis.
    If anyone can transform the dull season opener into a brilliant spectacle, its you Lewis.
    If anyone can win the WDC this year, its you Lewis.

  194. Hey Lewis, please always ignore the british media. They are so biaised and would like you to be second to JB, which is B S…(sorry for the term!did not find better!). They choose to ignore the facts that you are in a class of your own, if at all not with Alonso (to mention someone!retractors should remember you also beat FA in the same car while JB was beaten by RB most of the second half of the season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Lewis, you are the best and will always be for us your fans (very committed fans:-). we definitely know your car still needs to get some more speeds to catch up with the redbuls and ferraris, but we have no doubts you will go for it in Oz. So if not try for a win, then salvage a good chunk of points. Business as usual.
    Take care.

  195. Well the star of vodafone, the darling of the brit press, the primo, the head cheese!

    The battle will be a tough one, with the Alonso’s, Massa’s , Vettel’s, Scumi’s , Webber and the Renaults showing some speed. But in the end the fans will be there, with the press, helping you along the way!

    With less distractions this year, I am sure you can concentrate on pushing to the maximum, and don’t worry Jenson will always come second to you!

  196. Well, well, well. What can I say Lewis. You are an absolute mega-star! Your third place at Bahrain was a great way to start the season off so CONGRATULATIONS!! Put it this way, in my opinion, and probably everyone elses, if you hadn’t got stuck behind nico and overtaking was actually possible you would have finished higher up and if not then you would at least have been closer to the Ferrari’s. You’re the best overtaker in f1 so if you can’t overtake then that means that it is impossible to do it. Good Luck for Australia, go out and win! Show those ferraris who you are and wipe the floor with them…Go Lewis Go! We are your true fans and we all back you 110%!

  197. Congratulations on getting 3rd at Bahrain!!!!!!!!!!! Good work, Lewis. All the best for Melbourne!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love & kisses

  198. hi lewis…
    well done…
    i’m so HAPPY 4 u.
    u’re LUCKY boy with GREAT DESTINY
    my pray 4 U…-always-..
    take care,…hve nice days…be happy..!!!!

  199. lewis cannot manage his tyre,SO THEY SAY,but guess what!!!! on one of the longest track ,and you do what you do best MR Hamilton let the car do the talking and those tyre was well manage HIP HIP 1-0 to lewis

  200. Hey Lewis,

    Well done for your first podium of the season..
    Whohooh…21 world championship points….Good job!!
    I ‘m so happy for you and Button…
    Also good luck for the next GP!
    Big Kiss!!

  201. Hi Lewis
    Well done on the first race of the season, your performance was exceptionally well, you were calm and that was immense
    However, yes, I too agree keep pushing from the team to get a greater performance from your car.
    Ferrari changed both gear boxes on their cars, to enabled a podium finished and it worked hopefully McLaren’s teams can enhanced the cars, for you and Jenson for the next race in Australia also the timing into the pit stop?
    Show your competitors who is the best and good luck in Australia!
    Marcia (Bristol)

  202. Well Done Lewis,
    Third is good … all points count at the end of the season. Personally I don’t like the no refuelling rule … I think it makes the drivers more cautious as they have to conserve the fuel. As proven you just never know what’s going to happen in a race 4th seemed to be heading your way and then … felt sorry for Vettel … but, as usual, you did us proud again

  203. Sorry I said driving with Michael again. I know it’s your first time driving with him in the field.

  204. Yeah Lewis Yeah (I’m actually screaming in joy), P3, great drive. You proved the crtitics and hataz wrong. How great was it driving with Michael again? I can imagine the excitement. Awesome job today. This is going to be a great season; I can feel it.

  205. Good drive Lewis, to end up on the podium with a car that isn’t a front runner….yet…., clearly shows why you are a serious candidate for the 2010 WDC.

    Lewis you surely have silenced your critics today regarding, your so-called inability to manage your tires without destroying them.

    Good job today…..Mr. Hamilton.

  206. Hi Lewis

    Many congratulations on coming third today. I think you did very well. That’s a warning to your competitors for the rest of the season. I will be following you closely and cheering you on at every circuit. The highs will rejoice, the not so highs will pray that it will be better next time.

    You may not remember me, the name is Roger Paul (Irva Hamilton’s cousin) who lives in Lincolnshire. I met you in Grenada with my two sons at the Calabash some years ago.

    Wishing you all the best for the next race and I am confident that Lewis will do his very best. Best wishes to Anthony and Nicholas and also your mum and step-mum. I hope that some day we will meet up socially with your dad, of course, and I am also looking forward to Silverstone which is on my patch.

    God bless.


  207. your family believe in you,MAINLY YOUR DAD,you believe in you and guess what WE believe in you,just go and do your thing,we are behind you all the way god bess

  208. Dear Lewis,

    All the Best for 2010 I and my son Hayden know you are going to do it again like the prevoius racing. God will be there and will protect you all the time. You are a Great Ambassador for the British People.
    You are the Best Warrior to win this race. Feel confident that you are going to the top of the Pole this Sunday because we will pray for you.

    All the Best

  209. Dear Lewis,

    Here we are, almost the first race of the season. I wish you all the best for the race on Sunday and may you win it at Bahrain and the rest of the races this year. May God Bless you and watch over you!!!

    Lots and lots of love,

  210. Hey Lewis,

    All the best. Dont get frustrated. Chill and try to get the job done whichever way, you will manage.
    I cld write so much, but just this short note you will know what i mean. Take much more care of yourself and focus on what you need to do only. This central engineers’ island is crap you will see why lateron.

  211. Hey Lewis,

    All the best. Dont get frustrated. Chill and try to get the job done whichever way, you will manage.
    I cld write so much, but just this short note you will know what i mean. Take much more care of yourself and focus on what you need to do only. This central engineers’ island is crap you will see why lateron.

  212. Good Luck Lewis,
    I know you can do it … won’t be easy though and don’t think you’ve let us down if it doesn’t work out … coz we will still support you.

  213. Hello Lewis dear, hi everybody , I just want to wish Lewis the best of luck this season. Great practice today. I wish you the best this weekend. Let’s start this weekend with a bang. Like Everton said, GO GET THEM.

  214. Hey Lucky Lewis!
    I don’t have to ask you what your biggest wish is for your future..because i know that winning the championship this year is the first on your list..
    Unfortunately last year it wasn’t your best..But after all seen,you did a great job…
    It want be difficult for you to win.. especially if you are in a good team..
    There is always pressure,but don’t be to much distracted..(not easy)..i know you are good in that..
    Wish you all the best in Bahrein!

    Take care of you and your team and family!!
    God Bless you
    …….Much Love!..Your n1 fan..(from holland)

  215. lewis all the best for 2010 have a great season. and at the end LEWIS HAMILTON 2010 WORLD CHAMPION.
    How good does that sound. take care god bless to you and your family.

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