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Also, best wishes to you, all of the fans here, Lewis, his family and his team for 2009! Can not wait for the next GP to start!

Me and my family met Lewis at “Stars & Cars” in Stuttgart last year in November and I had the opportunity talking to him and I gave him a CD-ROM from all the comments on this site which have been made after his World Champion Title win. I told him that this unofficial fan site, thanks to the moderator for this opportunity, is the best one for all his fans all over the world to share their views. He appreciated this present very much and he said to all of you “Thanks for your continuous support”.
He is a very kind person and has a nice personality and all the rubbish what has been said about him being arrogant is not true. He took very much time pleasing a lot of fans in Stuttgart with an autograph. I will never forget that day!

Tomorrow the new MP4-24 will be presented in Woking. I am sure also this new McLaren Mercedes will bring Lewis to the next Championship win!

God bless you,

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  1. Hi Lewis

    In reply to the ongoing banter re you leaving Mclaren the hype is expected as this is a signifcant move and I am of the opinion that Mr W is the one regretting this

    This is based on the following whichb is fact

    1 Mr W knows that Sergio P is no match for you and the rash decision to sign him up was in sheer panic as negotiations were very short

    2 You gave Mclaren ample opportunities to win more races and titles-constructors but you were let down albeit from mechanical failures but the fact is the car was not performing to it expectations

    3 Since Ron D took a back seat the team was never the same and weakness were identified with respect the the team principle decisions which were not inn the best interests for the team

    4 If you had of stayed for another season can you honestly see things improving ? With the best will on the planet i think the answer to this was inevitable so You won’t be regretting this

    5 That said if you accepted more favourable terms would you have been happy not knowing what might have been if the move was turned down IN ALL PROBABILITY I THINK NOT

    6 The tome was right to move and on the proviso of driving for a diferent younger team they will only improve especially as this season has been challenging watch this space all you Lewis fans

  2. Hi Lewis

    Just to say be mindful that the pressure is now on the others so take it as it comes, we know you have the tenacity, passion and determination to deliver what ever the challege is.

    Do not allow the title challegers to dictate the race and remain focussed on the task of getting in the mix for bagging points as each point is valid to bear witness that you never give up.

    The desire to show mercedea you are the one who can bring them into the frame will stand alone in 2013 so think positive and stay calm

    Regards A M

  3. Hi Lewis

    Another Genuine solid qualy today so credit where its due Lewis so lets yield the benifits and grab some secure points tomorrow

    Interesting to see you scrutinizing the red bulls as there is obvously a reason for the recent hike in the latest car performance, needless to say they have made some aerodynamic changes to the cars on a equal basis but this begs the question is it legal this time ? Rule Infringements cannot be ruled out i feel

    Time will tell as past experience tells us from earleir in the season that they are always prepared to take on the rule book interpretation risks so whatever the changes we know there are underlying facts which will come to light in due course

    The strategy will be critical tomorrow so this needs careful consideration to ensure the best options are assessed & reviewed with contingencies in place if we need to abort plan A ie safety car window is almost assured I think !

    A good start is paramount to stay clear of trouble as Alonso found out in Japan so be aware of those taking risks early on

    The race pace will be demanding so we must have pace at the end or we will pay for the early sprint hence tyre degradation and managing the boots will play a vital part of the outcome

    This is where Mclaren realize there number one is consistent and has always been at the forefront when the car is hooked up its taken for granted that driver and constructors go hand in hand

    There is no point in playing games so assumimng Mr W is honest and continues to give you the teams full support this may be one to be remembered inn the interests of both as teamwork gets results

    Regards AM

  4. Congratulation may man,you was my best driver of the whole week
    job well done good luck for 2morrow.
    lots of love from wolverhampton

  5. great driving lewis. Just do yourself a favour, get ron dennis back on scene in pitlane, cause that whitmarsh is gonna cost you championship, i dont think he’d know what a strategy is someone poked him in eyes with one, he has trouble copying red bulls nevermind actually out foxing them.

  6. Dear Lewis,

    Congratulations for coming in second at China!!!!!!!!!!!! You deserve to win though, too bad.


  7. hi Lewis,

    You been doing well testing. I hope you do well this season and win points enough to win you the championship.
    Teamwork for constructor’s championship will do, but for the title you gotta to work hard first races to prove your championship title you got in 2008 that you are indeed a champ. Hope your car will be good enough to work together with your skills. And i hope your dad will be attending some races too. Can’t wait to see you behind the wheel. All the best LEWIS C. Hamilton

  8. hi lewis. just want to say best of luck on the 2010 WDC. i believe you can do it, you can do ALL things through CHRIST who will strengthen you. keep the faith, work hard and it will pay off. continue to be a good role model.

  9. Lewis as a parent I know how hard this decision is for your dad and your self on this parting, he has done a superb job.
    Yet again, more strength to your character and how it will feel one day when you too become a dad, remembering what your dad has done for you both
    Bahrain will be difficult knowing he is not there on race day, I know you will want to win especially for your dad, and say thank you dad for the great up brining; and this is your achievement I look forward to it happening, hope this will be a victorious year for you!
    Oh, watch out for Kamai Kobauyashi, have fun and I am sure you will make every race exciting.
    Good Luck

  10. Lewis, it looks as if you have had a fairly successful testing session this year, and your mental attitude seems to be in a very strong and positive place. Best of luck, and have fun at Bahrain.

  11. Dear Lewis..

    awww thank you soooo much for your kind words!!!! x<DDDDD

    OMG..go for the WDC2010 you are the best and a big insperation!!!

    So love yeah and see yeah!!!


  12. Dear fans.

    This will probably be the last time I get to post here for a couple of months.
    Once again I visit my supporters and I get touched by your kindness everytime. I wish I could get more time to spend on my various fan clubs and forums but I’m afraid I just don’t get the time due to my busy schedule. Once again I am delighted you all keep faith with me during the good and bad times. I’ll do my best to deliver for you again.
    Thanks everyone.

    Lewis Hamilton.

  13. Yes, go champ. Win it back for your fans. Schumi, Schumi, Schumi, Schumi, Schumi, Schumi.

  14. ONE WEEK TO GO………Go Champ, and demolish your opposition. Win back YOUR Crown returning it to its Rightful Owner!

  15. Hey Lewis, so glad to hear you’re back with Nicole. Just wanna say good luck in Bahrain. You have the best car so go for it!!! You can win!!! LEWIS HAMILTON 2010 FIA FORMULA 1 WORLD CHAMPION!!!! No.2 this year… No.1 next year. Go Lewis GO!!!!!!!! p.s please go to Goodwood Festival of speed this year again. It was awesome to finally meet you last year having seen both your GP2 races at silverstone in 06 and your fabulous performance in the wet at silverstone in 08. DON’T GIVE UP!!!

  16. Dear Lewis,

    I am so happy that you’re back together with Nicole. Both of you make a great couple!

    I am happy also that you finally met your favourite football player, Thierry Henry! I see that both of you make great friends!!!!!


  17. Lewis…

    I really hope from time to time you look around here..

    I wish you all the best for 2010..I’m happy you got your smile back after get back your sweetheart…So let’s go for WDC2010 even I think Ferrari looks a bit better than McM..


  18. A great start for Lewis … on top of the last day of testing. Hope it is a sign of things to come for the 2010 season. Nevertheless, not matter how this season unfolds will still always support Lewis.

  19. wishing you all the very best for the 2010 season go show them how to win it dont be worried about button and shumacher they aint got a thing on you this yearxxxx

  20. oo lewis i’m so happy about you and nicole.i just read that you and nic were seen walking and kissing in LA,GREAT NEws

  21. i love you lewis im your bigest fan i watch you every race you so fantastic your the best driver ilove you so much xxx

  22. Hi Lewis,

    Good work at topping the tests in Jerez!!! All the best to you at Bahrain and the rest of the season!!! God Bless!!!

    Much love,

  23. for my view hamilton is the best for the formula one in the world, lewis is my favorite in the sport. this year lewis will be the champion , i mean 2010 formula one champion. lewis you are the best and you are also fantastic. i hope lewis his ready for this year. lewis i wish you the best and god bless you , amen.

  24. hi Lewis

    i have loved you since i was 5. i would love to meet you!!
    i have 3 posters of you in my room.although I’m only 10 i love you xxxxx
    hope to see you some day
    good luck to the furture

  25. Dearest Lewis,
    I met you in Nov 08, and asked you ‘please, please win next year’ and you reply “I will do my best” (with that handsome smile) A million thanks, if only you could see how proud and overwhelmed I was, to see such a magnificent and an incredible accomplishment. I love the new MP4-24 I will pray it will have the utmost you want from it, to regain the Championship, there is not other driver who loves and understand F1 like you. Your are simple the best!! the Navigator
    Good luck I am pleased that your wish to drive in races with Schumacher has come, but keeps safe!
    Looking forward to seeing you in Calalunya and Spa Francorchamps this year
    Marcia (from Bristol)

  26. good luck lewis for the coming season, it is fantastic that we have two british drivers racing in the same team, i wish you both a safe (and fast)season, go out and show shumacher and co. exactly what we brits are made of. hope to see you lifting the winning trophy.

  27. Dear Lewis,

    as I saw you during the test session at Valencia, you looked soo didnt smile and you looked really sad… I hope you get well soon!!!

    We love you u x<D..

  28. Lewis……Testing at Valencia looked encouraging……..Glad to see that you was on the pace right out of the box. It looks as if you may have a car that might give you another World Driving Championship.

    Happy hunting Mr. Hamilton.

  29. Dear Lewis,

    I hope that the new car is fast this year! Heard you had some input into it, good work!!! All the best for the testing and God’s Blessings!!!! May He keep you safe from Schumi who drives into people!!!

    Much love,

  30. Lewis..I looked at the video..the mp4-25 looks gr8,..I’ll bet you will absolutely win this challenge!
    I can’t wait to see the first race..
    Good luck at the training.
    May God Bless you and J.Button.
    Sweet Kisses from your N1 fan from Holland..

  31. hi lewis i went to silverstone for the first time the year you won there and also won the chamionship i hope you have a great season this year and work well with button and you win the championship all the best mark and by the way could i have a signed hat this year please am going to silverstone again

  32. Hi Lewis

    I have never been a fan to anyone before, i always used to criticise people for being a fan of someone until now. I can tell you with absolutely every fibre in me that i am TOTALLY your fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to like F1, but since i started watching you drive, man now i love the sport.

    You totally obliterate the competition. I believe you are the best driver on the grid by light years and i look forward to seeing you zoom past old Schumacher (used to like him but he needs to rest now). I would love to watch a grand prix live and just see the cars and hear them in life, I have totally fallen in love with the sport. I nparticularly show off about how during qualifying, you do one or two blazing hot laps and return to the pits and the other guys chase for a while. Am proud to be you fan and after every race i download pictures of your Mclaren and display in my office.

    point is bro, you are a great driver and i support you 10 000 0000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000%. even if the car aint got enough pace, the world knows who the real driver is!

    All the best in 2010, we will be with you every minute that the broadcasters allow from the otherside of the world.

    PS Could i have a signed picture of you in the maclaren (MP-25)?

  33. Hi Lewis,

    Firstly I just wanted to say how much I admire your superb driving skills along with your drive (excuse the pun!) and ambition.

    I have always been a fan of Ayrton Senna and can see that you are too, by the way you talk so fondly of him and your driving style is very similar to his.

    I am always very happy when I hear you talk about Ayrton, especially at the Monaco Grand Prix as I feel this is where you feel closest to him. Talking about him helps to keep his spirit alive.

    I hope you win the world championship this year for yourself and Ayrton.

    Best wishes

    Dave Jones

  34. hi lewis my son bradley is a mad fan of yours its his birthday soon n i want to get him a model of your car was wondering if u could tell me where i can get one please as it will make one 6yr old very happy
    he loves urll lego ad
    keep up the good work!!!!!

  35. Dear Lewis,
    It;s not easy to break up, but..I think you have made a right decision with Nicole, and now you can be more focus on your career.

    Life is like music in the air, you got to follow the rhythm!
    And I know that you are doing it gr8. By follow your dreams and achieve some goals if you are lucky!
    Do your things as usual, Listen to your favorite music that will give you good spirit..
    Remember: Be healthy and exercise regularly..your body and mind is the first engine!

    I am more and more interested in you and your did amazing job since you interested and started in karting..You have a wonderful father and family that support you!
    This year I expect more spectacular races with your new car MP 4-25..
    Succes with your training days..
    You and Button..wauw..Cool!!..what a match!..
    This year the F1 wil be bigger and more exciting than ever bevore!
    I hope you become a champion once again!!! Even if you’re not, your stil on top!.
    Just make sure you stay inspired..(lol!)Because you are a real fighter..
    I stil wish to meet you once..
    Take care…
    I l.O.V.E you!

  36. Lewis I have a question..

    there is an account on twitter called @LewisHamiltonF1
    that are really your own account or just a fake??? Could you give us an answer on it?? Please do it.. thanks !!

    BTW.. see yeah and love yeah..I know you are the next WDC!!

  37. my friend i have only one song for you and nicole.’I spoke her name,then she turned to face me.For a second there was something in her eyes,nothing ever changed,WE TOOK OUR SEPARATE WAYS BUT IN OUR HEART WE NEVER CHANGED,WE THREW IT ALL AWAY,COULD WE GO BACK ONE AGAIN????i hope you understand.and good luck!

  38. Hi Lewis,

    Hope 2010 is going to be your year to be world champion again!! Show Jenson what you`re made of?!! You`re def the no.1 driver!! All the best for the 2010 championship. 🙂

    Love Nicola. xxx

  39. assalamualaikum…hi hammy…!!! i can’t speak english- just little. i just wanna say ..=> you STILL the best, keep your smile…’re LUCKY BOY with GREAT DESTINY……Spirit..!!!!!!! _CU_

  40. Dearest Lewis,

    All my love to you. You are a fantastic driver and a wonderful person. Just do your best and win this year’s WDC!!!!!!!!!! Your fans are behind you 110% and some 200%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Kick Button’s and Schumi’s asses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Much love,

  41. Hey Lewis – as the greatest racing driver in the world we’d really like your opinion on what makes a great motorsport circuit.

    We have an iconic magazine coming out in March 2010 (called Circuits, available in WH Smith and circuit VIP lounges) and would love you to tell our readers your personal criteria for what makes a great circuit. Can you help us out on this please?

  42. Lewis i think you are so influencial and you should be proud of your life. Ever since you started racing you have had this goal and you have stuck to it through out. I am impressed that you have come from karter to formula one racer. Good job. Your a really big insperation to me and my 2 best friends. You see they are both go kart racers and they both are nearly south agrican champians. One of them micheal taylor, has just traveled to italy and germany to racer and come back with wither 1 or 2nd place. The other one ricki, is older he is 16, but he is the most impressive, other than you, of course, racer i have ever seen. He says that racing is his life. The point is that they both adore you because of your dedication and courage to always get back up and try your best. I know that they would kill to see you. so if this is the real you plz email me at so that i can give u their email so u can give them great advice for their racing career if it kicks off. Thanks. Good Luck this year. I know you will be number 1 again. i will support u through out!!! lots of love taryn!

  43. Hey, Lewis

    It’s going to be a good year this year with MS back and Alonso at Ferrari, without a doubt you are the best and to do it this year amongest the best would finally shut up those who cannot drive or doubt you.

    Please feel free to show us the real moves when you get a chance to overtake either of them (Best move of the decade 2 years ago against Kimi).

    All the best.

  44. Lewis, you dont need a women to make you happy..!!! Go forward.. dont look back.. you will find a better girl..

  45. Dear Lewis,

    I’m so sorry about yourself and Nicole breaking up. I hope you will heal soon. With a decent car, you will be 2010 F1 Champion.

    Lots of love,

  46. Lewis I really hope you’r not feeling sooo alone.. stay positve.. you have a great family they will support you and love you.. you are not alone..ok.. you will be the next WDC!!!!

  47. Hi Lewis,

    its not a nice thing to breakup. But you will be ok after a while and she wil be ok too. Don’t rush into any relationships now. Take your time and good luck this coming season. I hope you wil really nail it on the circut. I hope it all goes well for you. I cant wait to watch you roll in your 2010 racing machine.

    love Toni

  48. OMG Lewis I hope you feeling not so sad right now.. ,maybe you and Nicole will come together one day again… I really loved you and Nicole sooo much.. I’m still a very big fan of you and Nic..!!!

  49. lewis i hope that you and nicole back together.i’m very disaponted with you.i thinK that nicole is immoprtant that carrer.NICOLE,you don’t need a men to make it happen!GO GIRL!

  50. Happy B-day 4 the 7th of January! Hope you had everthing you wanted and had a gr8 day!

    From Elis Hole

    P.S: Good luck 4 this years Grand Prix and I hope you win it 4 Great Britain!!!!!

  51. Hi Handsome Lewis,
    I hope you had a gr8 and succesful B-day
    I wish you all the best in your career.
    Believe in yourself and never give up.
    Stay strong.
    Sweet kiss and Hug…

  52. happy birthday lewis,
    hope you have a great day and really looking forward to next season. see you at silverstone.

  53. Happy Birthday Lewis, Just here to send some love and wishing you a great and funfilled day, love Sarah xxx

  54. Happy Birthday Lewis!!! How does it feel to be a quarter of a century lol? I remember freaking out a bit when I hit 25, but always remember that there are ppl about to turn 40 or 50 that would die to be turning 25 lol I can’t believe that you were just 22 years when you took the world of Formula 1 by storm! 🙂 It seems like yesterday although a lot has happened! Hope by next year this time we’d be saying double World Champion! Can’t wait for the 2010 season to begin, you’ve got a great line up at McLaren, 2 WDCs, the Ferraris, and Schumi in the Mercedes and all the new rookies and new teams – what a great mix! I pray that your car is competitive from the start and give you a chance to really go for it! And I know that you can turn the car around as we’ve seen in 2009, so all the best! Hope you have a great day and many more happy returns to come!

  55. Happy birthday Lewis!!!
    Wow, it dosen’t seem like yesterday when we saw you as a 22 year old rookie setting the world alight. Now you have a good amount of experience to take with you into the coming season.
    Good luck my friend, and can’t wait to see you go wheel to wheel with Schumi. You and him are my 2 favourite drivers currently 🙂
    Take care
    Stu from Middlewich, Cheshire

  56. Dear Lewis,
    Wishing you a fabulous birthday for today. May you always be be blessed with good health, lots
    of love and happiness. We are behind you all the way for 2010 and would like to see you as the
    world champion again as you are simply the best. Will most definately be going to a Grand Prix
    this year to watch you kick Schumi’s ass. Hope to have the opportunity to meet you in person
    one day.
    Much love,
    Liz (Cape Town)

  57. Happy birthday LEWIS for are my favorite drivrer,and i love NICOLE AND PUSSYCAT DOLLS.they are amazing group.I hope pcd come in CROATIA.GOOD luck in 2010.NICOLEWIS!<3

  58. I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! This means you growing older hence wiser. Be blessed my dear

    Lots of love

  59. First of all…I like to wish all of you Fans a Happy New Year!!

    Dear Lewis* * *
    I hope you had a lovely holiday..and I’ll guess you had a wonderful X-mass with your family and friends..
    I like to say to you..
    Remember,Life is short # friendship important # Forgive and forget Quickly # Love truly
    Hug & Kiss special friends # Laugh uncontrollably & Never regret anything that made you smile!!
    Have a happy # healthy # loving memorable & succesfull New year!

    You may be well prepaired to win the races (and I know you are for 101%), but the most important off all is that your car is being well prepaired as well..I hope so!
    I think you and Button are a strong teammate together…I wish both of you lot’s of succes!
    This year I will watch the F1 race live at Hockenheim..and I hope to have your autograph that day!
    Can’t wait to see you there..
    Good Luck 2 you, your team and family..
    … C you soon!!
    Bless You..
    Sweet kisses and warm hugs from Holland!!
    Your truly N1 Fan 4ever!..I.Th

  60. Dear Lewis,happy holidays to you,you’re family and NICOLE.i love her.she’s beautiful.NICOLE AND LEWIS are the cutest couple.i hope you’re win in 2010.

  61. A very Happy Birthday week to you, Lewis! I hope it’s another Happy Birthday week you’ll have with Nicole!!!!!!! May she cheer you on to win this year’s F1 Championship.

    Lots love,

  62. A história da fórmula 1 escreve-se com nomes” j.clark;R.Peterson;Senna;Hamilton”
    Espero que 2010 seja mais um ano de campeão.

    Boa Sorte!
    Luis Amorim (Portugal)

  63. Wishes everyone on this site a Happy New Year and may 2010 be a better and more prosperous one for you all.

    Happy New Year Lewis!!

  64. Just in case you do read these messages Lewis

    Here’s wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

    We know you will do your best to get that title back in 2010.

    x x x x x

  65. I am a huge Lewis fan along with the rest of my family, and we wish everyone would pay him more attention! Jenson Button got much more media when he won the world title, where as Lewis hardly got any last year, despite him having performed much better throughout the whole year!

    Merry Christmas to him and his family and good luck for next f1 season!


  66. Dearest Lewis,

    A Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year to you, your family and Nicole! May you win the 2010 WDC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Much love,

  67. Hi Mattikake,

    Any further retrospectives that you may produce regarding Lewis Hamilton, hopefully will include the 2005 F3 Euroseries race number 6 at Spa. The pass that Lewis makes on Adrian Sutil going thru Eau Rouge side by side….Eau Rouge….can only be described as…..breathtaking..!!

    Well known racing commentator Andrew Marriot said…….your not supposed to be able to do that…… your just not supposed to do that………brave, brave move..!!

    Lewis fans, make sure that you watch the start of race number 6, you will not believe what you’re seeing..!!

  68. Am a big fan of Lewis. He is not arrogant he is confident, theres a difference. And I wish people would stop being so blind. He is a real talent and formula 1 needs him and is lucky to have him. The haters don’t know what there talking about anyone who has met him knows who Lewis is and what he’s about. He is my idol and I enjoy him every sunday, good or bad.

    Lewis WDC 2010 .

    P.s I love everyone 😀 :}

  69. Hi all,

    If you enjoyed my Lewis Hamilton Overtakes (part 2) vid on youtube (part 1 was removed by FOM and ‘copied’ by several youtubers), you might want to have a look at . I will be populating this with video archive of his rise to F1 – Formula Renault UK 2002-2003, Euro Series F3 2004-2005 and GP2 2006.

    He was a star from the start…

  70. i think one should be judged after they their f1 career comes to an end because you can never know what will happen.

    for the record,the only reason i come here is because i dont like appreciation groups,when i watch races i watch it among mostly my family members or friends because they are mostly Alonso and Ferrari fans,i usually visit the pf1 and autosport forums as well,so i guess maybe those forums are the ones you are refering to as pro-hamilton….just because me and someone agree on something dont mean there is an ulterior motive.

  71. Fantastic video. I like the Australian GP the best. His overtaking was awesome he showed everyone just how to use the Kers button good and proper. Its a shame he got kicked out of the race for cheating.

  72. Ivy and MK, I’m glad that both of you have enjoyed the video, and yes MK I don’t mind at all………spread the link, especially to those non-belivers……so that they can hopefully one day see the light..!!

  73. Hello race fans,
    I am glad to see Jenson Button become Hamilton’s teammate. Someone said that the British press would favour Jenson, I don’t see it, If anything no one will be able to say McLaren are favouring Lewis. It should become McLaren’s greatest driver pairing ever. I think that they will complemt each other. Can not wait for the season to start!!

  74. Dear Arthur,

    Thanks for the video! Lewis is the best on and off the track. He’s an angel, he flies!!!!!!!!!


  75. Hope you don’t mind Arthur but shared your link with friends who are enjoying Lewis’ fantastic overtaking. Thank you again.

  76. Thank You Arthur for that video. Just a reminder, not that we need it why we love Lewis. The current Master of F1 will become The Legend of F1 in the future and no it’s not all about the car in my opinion.

  77. Lewis,
    I know you will be great next year – you always learn from your experiences so you should be all right with your new team mate. You will always be the best to us on this site.
    See you next year and look forward to enjoying your success with you.

  78. I love you Lewis. Be strong when the British media get on your back next year. When you come to Singapore next year, please give me your autograph?

    Lots of love,

  79. I hate the fact that Jenson is joining Lewis at Mclaren just for the reason that the British media are going to be biased in their reporting. Wait and see the media will always give bad press to lewis and give praise to Jenson were he doesn’t even deserve it. I know Lewis will cope very well, he has been through tough times this year and he must be aware of the fact that Jenson is the darling of the British media. Bad press or no bad press just go out there and show the world that you are the BEST OF THEM ALL. I know it will be tough but give it all your best. Lots of love to you LEWIS.

  80. Dear Lewis,
    I’m a 15-year-old girl from China.I’ve been watching your races three years.I’ve learned a lot from you .You never give up.Your life experiences inspire me.Since i first watched f1,I noticed You.You have a lovely smile.My dream is to be an F1 team of staff.And one day,i hope to meet you.So,now i am working hard to achieve my dream .i believe that anything is possible !!! cheer up!!!!

  81. Dear Lewis,
    I’m a 15-year-old girl from China.I’ve been watching your races three years.I’ve learned a lot from you .You never give up.Your life experiences inspire me.Since i first watched f1,I noticed You.You have a lovely smile.My dream is to be an F1 team of staff.And one day,i hope to meet you.So,now i am working hard to achieve my dream .i believe that nothing is possible !!! cheer up!!!!

  82. hey.. I hope you and Nicole has a good time in LA right now!! I hope we see yeah soon again!! Have a good rest now!!

  83. Hope button does not join maclaren, i dont want to c him next to lewis please, kimi has to, he must stick to his team brown, anyway if he does, he wil be ashamed cos he wil be out classed by lewis descent drive, a proper champion by a mile compared to button who won this yr by chance and just luck cos the other cars were not competitive.
    Go lewis go………………… U are my champion, i adore u.

  84. Hi Lewis
    I hope you get to read this or someone who is in contact with you or your management team.
    My 16yr old nephew Joshua has been a fan of Formula One since he was a baby. Well its a long story and since then he has had numerous serious health concerns, from luekemia and heart failure to autism and a recent holiday to spain where he caught pneumonia and was put on life support for 18 days!!
    He is now safely back with us at home in Devon, England and has pulled through so many hard times in his life.
    We, as family, can honestly say that it was watching the Formula One dvds and playing with all his Formula One cars (of which he must have hundreds) that made him smile through it all !!!!
    This message may be in vain but at least I can say I tried to contact you!
    Even just a signed postcard would mean so much to him and to us! Thanks for your time.

  85. somebody tanks for the advise thats wat ill brobely do and ill see if my dad can take me and i hope u can get pit tickets so i can meet lewis

    Dear Lewis
    if u read this i do live in aus i hope ill see u in the the race if we can go
    ill have a poster with ur name on u are my big hero
    hope to see u in the race

    from kizza ur nom 1 fan hope u winn all the races.

  86. Hey Lewis…
    Sad to say,but the last race was’nt good this time….This year was an ambitious struggle.
    It is to be hoped that next year you will be more successful!
    And for sure…you got more skills than ever.You become more and more essential!!
    Lewis…enjoy your vacation and spend it all good…you’ll need it…..
    Come visit Amsterdam one day..hope 2 see you than……Please!!!

    Big kiss..(Nr1Fan!)Love ya
    Bless you!!!!

  87. Kizza.
    Lewis will be racing in Australia in 2010. Perhaps its best to watch him race there rather than go to England which in all honesty might not have a GP next year.

  88. dear lewis.

    i wish i could meet u 1 day its really hard coz im always at school and im in australia but im coming over to england in 2011 ill see if i could come and watch u race

    from kizza
    uuuuuuuuu rrrrrrrrrroooookkkkkkkkk

    mit see u in 2 years

  89. hi lewis,i am from india i watching full season of formula one 2009 but 2nd part of the season is more improving for vodafone mclaren mercedes’s mp4-24 the aerodynamics are better equal to brawn.for example hungary,valencia,singapore,japan.whitmarsh great constructor for vmm and heikki kovaleinen a great helper for points catching.dont worry the luck is with you.we are here for you 2009 msg was ‘hamilton never gave up his focus’ thank you,see you at bahrain,sakhir,march-2010.VIKRAM

  90. Well done Lewis, a pity the race didn’t work out but he was blatantly faster than anyone else on track. WDC 2010 For Sure!

    Posted by: SlowFezza | November 02, 2009 at 11:48 PM

  91. Hey LEWIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u cool now u Enjoy your Break Have fun Relax keep cool prepare for next season Make sure Mclaren develop a great car next season by the way Well done! Mclaren 4 this season’s Recovery and produce a good car and make sure you treat and welcome whoever comes 2 Mclaren as Lewis’s Team-Mate.Back 2 Lewis Spend time with who u care about and i hope u come 2 london 4 something 2 do with the Olympics or something Please Lewis Come 2 London not the mani part like Westminster.One day i will come and Meet u.PUSH 110% no matter how the car is

    From your Biggest Fan

  92. GO LEWIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your Break Have fun Relax keep cool prepare for next season Make sure Mclaren develop a great car next season by the way Well done! Mclaren 4 this season’s Recovery and produce a good car and make sure you treat and welcome whoever comes 2 Mclaren as Lewis’s Team-Mate.Back 2 Lewis Spend time with who u care about and i hope u come 2 london 4 something 2 do with the Olympics or something Please Lewis Come 2 London not the mani part like Westminster.One day i will come and Meet u

  93. Hey Lewis,

    Problem with your car made our day boring. however i loved to see Ron in the Pddck an to see you laugh an so much relaxed. No worries Lewis, you have a grt vacation an dont forget to keep in form while on vacation. I cant wait to watch you next season. For now i wl be watchin the past races i recorded and i wl enjy watching your skill.
    take care an tak to you soon.

  94. Well done! Lewis for the much effort your put in your racing after having such a bad car at the begnning. The fact that you came 5th behind the front runners this year tells a lot about your talent. Have a nice break, I can’t wait for the next season be blessed

  95. LEWIS,LEWIS,LEWIS,the only thing i can say is next year is your year again,coming to abu dhabi all the driver were on level playing field in terms of, the track is new to all the drivers and you throw that car around that track like a rag doll it was one of the most amazing thing to see,in a way i am happy you had a bad car,because how many other drivers on that track could be put in that car and get even a point at the end of the season.NONE apart from you and that just goes to show the CLASS driver you are,so no one can ever say lewis can only do well in a good car because they see what you can do in a car that was not fit for the purpose.thank you for some great entertainment in 2009.cannot wait for2010,my sunday will be a bit dull for the next few months, but i now for sure it will worth the wait,thanks to your family but mainly your DAD because you a product of hard work,SELF BELIVE and dedication,god bless you and your family,

  96. Dear Lewis,

    Enjoy your long break, will you be going to Finland to train though? Enjoy the holidays with Nicole and your family!!! Enjoy your “birthday week” next year and bring the WDC trophy home next year ok? Lots of warmth to you in the winter. May you not catch a cold.


    Lots of love,

  97. I was in F1 Track and i saw L.H in my Eye ( my Wish comes A True )

    but i Leave the Stadium when u go out

    Welcome L.H to UAE any Time 🙂

  98. Dear Lewis !
    I am you big fan, from Kazakhstan.

    Many tanks for a great 2009 season!
    You are the best !

    I hope GP 2010 will be yours!
    You will the winner !

    You are greate driver !

    Best regards, Eugen!

  99. Dear Lewis,

    Too bad you had to retire. I hope your team gives you a supper car next year. May you win the WDC next year!!!!!!!!!!!


  100. Thank you Lewis for giving us a fantastic 2nd half of the season, pity you couldn’t finish the race, but safety does take precedence.
    Can’t wait for 2010 season as you will be up there for sure. See you then.
    Enjoy the break!

  101. Hi Lewis..
    Good for you!!I’m so happy for you..
    I’m watching the race on tv right now.. and I wish you all the best at the final race!
    I’m still hoping to see you one day.
    Have faith!!

  102. Well done lewis you are the true champion and at only 24 years you are doing it big. Well done on the pole position hope u win tommorow and take good care of scherzinger. i am a pcd fan.

  103. Hey Lewis,

    Pol, Wow that was gd drive man. i loved it. I hope you win tomorrow. Jst keep your head up an you wil do it.

    It was grt to see Ron in the pdck as well.

    Well done Lewis. i cnt wait for tomorrw’s race. You wil win. take care an tak to you soon!!

  104. Dear Lewis,

    Topped the first Practice at Abu Dabi! Good Job Lewis!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work and win on Sunday!!!


  105. Dear Lewis,

    You topped the first Practice at Abu Dabi! Good Job Lewis!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work and win on Sunday!!!

    WIN LEWIS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  106. dear Lewis

    i need your help i want to follow in your footsteps but i cant because i cant afford a go kart a engine type so please help me call 016008609040 i really do need your help please

  107. Dear Lewis,

    The Abu Dhabi race draws near! As usual I’d like to cheer you on to win!, There are many slow corners there that are ideal for your car. WIN LEWIS WIN!!!!!! You deserve another win!!!!!!


    Much love,

  108. I think you are the best British driver we have ever had. You are a good person and good PR for this Country and I feel very strongly that when Jensen Button won the Drivers Champion, why does he get publicity!!! When you won in Brazil last year, we were screaming the house down and jumping up and down and was looking everywhere for some TV some coverage, anything we could find to watch, and there was very little. So why oh why does JB get the publicity when he is not even a nice person. Not a good PR person either. You should have won the Sports Personality of the Year but the Olympics took centre stage. I will be so so so angry if JB gets it. We need you to keep winning and come back next year and win the Drivers Championship again, but even if you dont my family will be right behind you all the WAY!!! You are great!!! We love you. 🙂

  109. Dear Lewis

    I hope your team give you a competitive car for Abu Dhabi because that’s all you need plus your natural raw talent to win the race there. All the best!!!!! WIN LEWIS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your fans are behind you all the way, 110%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Nicole is there to cheer you on too!

    Much love,

  110. Dear Lewis,

    I have to echo what Antje said: I’m soooooo soooo sooo sorry for you what happend after the race during the BBC interview..I hope you recoverd from this..

    The people who did that are uneduacated, boorish, barbaric, racists and morons. Thank God you’re not one of them nor will you ever stoop down to their level.

    Much love,

  111. Hey Lewis..

    what a really great race from you at Brazil.. you showed us and the world.. who is the best F1driver you are a true hero..

    I’m soooooo soooo sooo sorry for you what happend after the race during the BBC interview..I hope you recoverd from this.. Please not there are sooo many people outside who will never do it..

    Please go for Abu Dabi and show them all that you are the best… and next year maybe we have a world champion called Lewis.. that would be soo great.. btw.. there are soooo many Nicolewis fans.. we love you and Nicole soo much you are the best couple on earth!!. But first I love you regarding you are the best driver.. 🙂

    Good luck and all the best to you your girl, your friends and too your family..

    Antje from Germany

  112. Lewis

    My son looks the spitting image of you. He is also a massive fan which is the funny thing. Everywhere we go in the world people are always stopping him to say how much he looks like you, Nigeria, Spain, France, UK. It would be amazing for him to meet you. His biggest dreams is to be a Formula 1 driver and he does karting when he visits his grandparents in Spain. If he can’t meet for a picture, then maybe you could send him one. It was his 10th Birthday yesterday.

  113. salut je suis senegalais en italie mon nom est SERIGNE FALLOU SAMB je suis le plus grand fan de LEWIS HAMILTON je suis tres content de pouvoir ecrire ma joie de connaitre le plus grand champion

  114. Great drive Lewis, 18th to 3rd deserved much more attention from the media, and as for the interviews – who made that decision to cut you out!
    Keep up the good work, next year will be interesting – Jensen is already offering his excuses!


  116. lewis hamilton o melhor de todos você fez sua melhor corrida no domingo quase ganhando GP do Brasil
    a minha corrida favorita que você ganhou foi de MONACO em 2008 e a da ALEMANHA 2008 e tambem
    a de SPA BELGICA pena que no final não a vitoria ficou com felipe massa


  117. Dear Lewis,

    How is Nicholas? I don’t think I’ve seen him at any of the races this year. Is he busy with studies or work?

    My love to Nicholas.


  118. Irving Green I think all those who had the BBC coverage all saw that. I agree it would have been nice to have given Lewis the courtesy and respect to comment or just let the winner of the race speak, if they were running out of time, and not the other two. To leave one out was unfair, in my opinion. But that’s life!!!

  119. It was once said, a true world class driver will win at least one race, no matter how bad the car is. Lewis didn’t just win the one he has won two and I’m sure he’s going to win in Abu Dhabi.
    Credit is due where it is deserved, Jenson had a good year. 6 wins 8 podiums and points scored in every race but one, so in my eyes he’s deserved it. I hope Jenson keeps that title nice and clean, all ready for Lewis to take it back next year.

  120. I want to make an observation. Was it only me bit did anyone else notice how rude the BBC transmission was during the Drivers’ POST Grand Prix Interview. The coverage included an interview with Mark Webber and Robert Kubica but omitted the interview with Lewis Hamilton to show the Button celebrations.
    I congratulate Button on his win but he is hardly a world beater. 10 seasons and one world championship is hardly a convincing record.
    Lewis Hamilton as outgoing world champion should have been given the respect to have his say in the POST race interview as a minimum.
    Lewis will come back stronger Next Year because of not only superior ability but frame of mind. Imagine this Lewis Hamilton robbed in 2007, Won in 2008, Top 5 finish in 2009 (Only because Mclaren never gave him a competitive car halfway through the season.
    Which F1 driver has scored the most POINTS in the second half of the season?
    Lewis Hamilton.
    Driver of the day at Brazil Grand Prix 2009 Lewis Hamilton 18th to 3rd and on the podium.

  121. PS Everton, I don’t need him to write regularly on here to know he is a wonderful person. Being a true supporter of his, having stood by him through good and back times, I know already he is a good, thoughtful person. I know he thinks of his fans and appreciates their support he says so often enough in his interviews, in fact he says that in ALL his interviews. That’s good enough for me.

  122. How sure are you it IS him? I would doubt that but Inge (admin/creator/writer of this site) would be able to confirm if it is him. You see I am cynical in that it may not be Lewis, but if it is I apologise to you and Lewis. The reasons I doubt it is because if he writes/comments on this site, he will have to do the same on ALL the ewis sites as it wouldn’t be fair to single one or two out. How can he write on ALL the sites?
    Also I’ve been on this site for two years and in that time Lewis has NEVER written to us as a group. Now it may be him, but why would he start now? By doubting him I’m not being a hypocrit I’m questioning the authenticity of the writer. Too many people go on these ‘open’ sites pretending to be someone they are not. So I apologise to you for offending you but those are the reasons why I am caution that the author of those comments may not be who he says he is? And I have a right to express those concerns – if it makes me a hypocrit so be it.

  123. Now who is the hypocrite? Lewis takes the time to come here and thank people for your support, then you go and throw it back in his face by calling him a fake. I don’t care what you people say I am grateful that Lewis can take the time to thank his fans. Shows what a wonderful person he is.

  124. Lewis I’ve been following you for years I have a grandson older than you are but.I still would like to ADOPT you.(SMILE).send an e-mail whenever you’re coming to Florida.I would like to meet you Sir… God Bless You and DRIVE ON…………………

  125. At last sanity has come back to this site. You are so right Everton this site is for Lewis fans to show him the positives not negatives. In case anyone is wondering my comments were directed to a Tony Spall whose comments, I assume, have been deleted by the moderator.
    I found him to be verbally abusive towards me and although he went on about freedom of speech and standing up for the rights of individuals he was quick to criticise my comments in a nasty way, I assume, coz they didn’t agree with his. Those who post regularly on this site know me and know where I’m coming from. I’m just hoping Mr. Spall had a bad day and wanted to take it out on someone otherwise his behaviour is totally unacceptable.
    Now to the positives, last race and Lewis and McLaren could end up 3rd in the constructors table, that would be good news for them. Heikki also had a good race would like to see him stay at McLaren for another year and hopefully he will be more competitive.

  126. lets keep this real,this is a LEWIS fan inspiration web site,so if it is not positive take it else where as we do not need negative thought as this give negative energy.LEWIS is all about positive things so let us keep it that way.LEWIS you drove the stocks off that car,you alway give it your all and that is what we love about you,it just goes to show the race is not for the swift nor the battle for the strong but who can endure to the end.and that was what you did ,you are in a league on your own.GOD BLESS

  127. That was the whole point of it – to sound realistic or maybe I was using it as a sounding board to explain things! You don’t know what my strategy was maybe it was a way of calming things down!

  128. hahahahahahah You’re so funny. Trouble is you can’t read very well. I said I did NOT think it was the REAL Lewis, but there is nothing wrong in playing his game. And I am very happy to amuse the ‘Lewis’ on there, something to do with freedom of speech. Why would I need Inge here? What’s she got to do with it? Now who’s dragging other people into this.

  129. No I did not think for one minute it was the REAL Lewis. You seem to want to state the obvious for some reason.

  130. What a hypocrit one minute you saying about having the right to freedom of speech and then you telling me to keep my opinions to myself. Seems like you’re the only one allowed to make comments and express opinions then.

  131. Lewis,
    Dear Lewis,
    Can’t speak for others, but hoped until the last possible moment that you would be able to retain your title,and it was a shame that you couldn’t, but it will make next year even more interesting. We look forward to you getting the title back. This year has been an important learning curve for you, and us, which will make you stronger for next year.
    As you can see there are a lot of passionate people on this site and sometimes comments are misunderstood or misread, but from me none are meant to offend or upset anyone. You must wonder what is going on sometimes when you read some of these comments. You know from my letters to you that I have nothing but respect and admiration for you and I will defend you to the hilt before I defend anyone else.
    You have given us two fantastic, and heart stopping years of enjoyment in F1 may you continue to do so.

  132. Hi Guys,

    I am really pleased that you are still my biggest supporters, it has been a really difficult season this year. The whole team has worked away in the background and without their help I could not have succeeded as we have done of late. We had to accept early on that holding on to my title was going to be difficult but with improvements to the car we have begun to show the performance we knew was there.
    I am sorry that I do not get to post here as often as some of you want, it as Colin Brittain suggests not related to my finances or contractual restrictions but down to the time I have available. I take on board all the comments here good, bad or indifferent. I am permitted to post comments as when I please as long as I am not revealing personal or material team matters.
    There are always going to people who seem to criticise my ability or personality such is life. This is one of many fan sites I have come across and on the whole there are more positives than negatives. With your help and messages of support perhaps next year we can all celebrate my return to triumph.

    Kind regards


  133. What a hypoctie you are Mr Spall one minute you saying iIshouldn’t presume to assume and then you say Lewis would agree with you. You don’t know that for sure, you just think you do.Ever thought of the fact that Lewis would not want to get involved! What’s freedom of speech got to do with Lewis siding with you?
    You’ve twisted things I’ve said to suit yourself. In some of those posts I was replying to other people’s questions.
    Me I’m looking good in that mirror!

  134. Tony Spall I didn’t realise you had nothing better to do with your time then look through all those posts. I hope you take the same amount of trouble to read Mark Hughes article too.
    Just ot clarify some points I called some people morons because they were making fun of Lewis who had crashed and was out of the race. Those posts were deleted.
    Can’t find loser anywhere so can’t comment on that, and yes I don’t know Button and making that comment was sweeping.
    I love what I see in the mirror coz I will admit and apologise when I am wrong.

  135. I would like to make it clear to everyone on this site that I posted comments that came from an article.
    The article was from the BBC Formula 1 site titled How Good is Button? It was supposed to open up a discussion, instead I received verbal abuse from a Tony Spall who then went on to attack some of my previous posts and mentioned Lewis’ (still don’t know why he brought him into this). Tony maybe you would like to send your comments to Mark Hughes who wrote the article.
    However, this personal abuse towasrds me highlights the immaturity and narrow mindedness of some people on this site. It seems you are unable to make a comment unless it is in keeping with like-minded people. If you do write something not in keeping be prepared to be shouted down. Tony Spall ignored the posts where I have explained myself clearly but then that would take away his negative comments.
    Lewis quite frankly would be disgusted with your comments especially in light of the fact that you misread the point of the comments. I’m sure Mark Hughes would appreciate the abuse you will hurl at him!!!!

  136. You seem to think I’m upset about Lewis losing the crown well shows how little you know me. Since virtually the beginning of the season we on this site realised Lewis would not be able to retain his title so my not appreciating Button’s win has nothing to do with that. But then you know everything don’t you.

  137. I’m not unsporting and nor am I a hypocrite. I’ve never liked Button so to then commend him would make me a hypocrite not that you would understand that.

  138. How dare you Tony Spall I have every right to say what I think and quite frankly your comments disgust me. Just because I do not agree with you doesn’t make it wrong. If you saw something I didn’t then instead of writing a whole tirade of abuse why don’t you explain what you saw and then give people a chance to comment? Instead of just shouting people down, then you have the cheeki to accuse me of doing that. You are the hypocrit
    What’s Lewis got to do with my comments? I wrote my personal views I did not base it on what Lewis would want us to write. Why bring him into this?
    I’m not contesting Button’s crown and what a bloody nerve to ask what have I done successful you don’t know me and what about all the other people who have been abusive on this site you not picking holes in them and their comments were worse than mine?
    How can you tell I ‘shout people down’ by my writing you psychic or something and you obviously miss the ones where I stand corrected. I also give credit where its due but of course you won’t bother commenting on those.
    I have a right to say what I think without being shouted down, just because it’s different to your views doesn’t make it wrong, it just makes it different. and why you brought Lewis’ name into this is beyond me. I didn’t ask his permission to write what I said here and he’s not responsible for it. I don’t like Button and that’s it they way you don’t like some people. So if I was you I’d grow up before you make your next pathetic comments.

  139. Dear Lewis,

    Thank you for your message. It means a lot to me and I’m sure to all your fans that you listen to what we say.

    You’re the best and we stand 110% behind you. You will win the championship next year!!!

    We love you.

    Much love,

  140. I can’t speak for the others but it is not sour grapes. Well aware early in the season that this was a washout for Lewis, which was a shame as he couldn’t defend his title and naturally felt sorry for him for that. Yes I’m looking forward to next season when the cars should all be on a more level pegging and Lewis will definitely be up there fighting for that title again.
    In fact I’m looking forward to a few scrapes between a number of drivers inc. Lewis

  141. Thank you very much for your kind messages.
    Its great knowing I have my fanbase following me. Its not very often I get to pop my head into my fan-clubs but I really do appreciate your support and kind words. This has been a tough season but a good learning groove for me, although I try to win every race, I’m afraid it has not been possible this year as the new rules affected us at the start of the season. Not to worry, we will be back next year and hopefully fighting at the front again. It has been hard not being able to defend my title the way I would have liked to but hats off to Jenson, he did a fantastic job this year.
    Dear Kerry. I do remember you, I used to be so scared going to the dentist, (sometimes I still am) in a way I wish I could live back in my old stomping ground but its not really possible (well at least until I retire) I wish your son the very best.
    Thanks again for your kind words and it is touching that my fans make the effort to come here and spend time saying kind words about me.
    Next year I hope to make you all proud.
    Kind regards.

  142. When this happens, his various team-mates usually manage to go faster and it is probably not a coincidence that Button was clearly faster than Barrichello this year when the car was at its best, but the positions were reversed when its competitiveness dropped off.

    Button is not therefore as reliable a performer as Hamilton or Alonso, who can always improvise some sort of performance from their cars, can always access most of what is there. But give him a well-balanced car and he is devastating.

    There have been many less gifted world champions than Jenson Button. The length of time it has taken is nothing to do with lack of ability, everything to do with how the talent ladder of the motor racing system works – or doesn’t.

    Mark Hughes has been an F1 journalist for 10 years. He is the award-winning author of several books.

    Says it all really

  143. Button must be a slow learner then coz it took him 9 years to achieve the same thing Lewis did in 2! I read an article which I’ve posted here says it all really!
    It took the fluke of circumstance that is Brawn Grand Prix to finally get him into a good car. In it, he won six of the first seven grands prix this season – a sequence that stands comparison with any of the sport’s greats.

    Irony of ironies, he was then accused of winning “only because of the car advantage”. Which was to ignore the previous eight seasons when he’d been prevented from success by the car disadvantage – and that he was blitzing team-mate RubenAll of which is not to say that all of the criticism of Button is misplaced.

    For someone of his immense gift, he is generally overly sensitive to a car’s characteristics. He needs the car to be exactly right to have access to his full talent.

    If the car is anything other than that, if it suffers from any measure of instability at the rear under braking or into the corner, then he is not good at improvising a different style
    s Barrichello in the same car.

  144. Lewis, You’re a GREAT FIGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From 18 all the way up to 3rd at Brazil, you’re FANTASTIC!!!!! YOU ARE A TRUE CHAMPION!!!!!!

    Much love,




  146. MK,

    I totally agree with you, I watched the BBC interview and I felt the same about him, he is too smug for my liking. Anyway how long has it taken him to gain that status ?and how long did it take for Lewis? We all can see the reason floating in the air. Even some media headlines putting it that “JB a world champion with skill and intellingence” . If he had skill and intelligence would it have taken him that long????

  147. Irene Lewis did try to congrat button, after he’d done the same to Rubens, but Button ignored him and walked off. Lewis even walked into the camera for his troubles and yo could tell from the body language that Button didn’t want to be congratulated by Lewis, so be it butLewis congratulated him in his interview that’s good enough after being ignored by button earlier. So those who say otherwise get your facts straight.
    You are right about the body language Button doesn’t like Lewis and I think it’s coz he’s jealous that he won the title before him and in a shorter time>
    I don’t like button in the BBC interview he said “I persobnally deserve the title. I was best !! 17 races”. Oh really, coz yesterday Lewis and Vettel were best. Why? coz Lewis went from 17th to 3rd starting behind and finishing in front of Button and Vettel started next to him and finished in front so they were the best yesterday so that one race down already.
    Button not a popular person because of his arrogance and cockiness. and I think he has a vindictive streak in him as shown by the way he treats Lewis and others

  148. Actually Irene he did try to congratulate him after he congratulated Rubens. Button just ignored him and walked off. Lewis walked into the camera too next time I wouldn’t bother if I was Lewis Like you said body language tells you a lot and Button is very, very jealous of Lewis. Why? coz he got the title before him!!

    Lewis congratulated Button in his interveiw and that was good enough too.

    I don’t like Button his is arrogant and cocky. In the BBC interview this morning he said “I personally deserve the title. I was the best ?? 17 races” Oh Really, well yesterday both Lewis and Vettel were better than him.. Why? coz Lewis went from 17th to 3rd – he started behind button and finished ahead of him and Vettel was next to button and finished in front of him. So for me they were the best yesterday, so that’s one race down already!! Can’t stand him!!

  149. I mean Jenson not Jensen in my earlier post. Sorry for that error, I do not pay that much attention about him that is why

  150. Why are people going on about Lewis not congratulating Jensen, did they expect him to go running after Jensen just to show good sportsmanship. In any case he did it as he usually does in the best, genuine manner. Why do they want to dictate what Lewis has to do just to please others. I have never heard Jensen say anything good or positive about Lewis even his body language around Lewis tells a lot about his feelings towards Lewis. Well done Lewis, on finishing on the podium. Wish you all the best in Abu dhabi, I hope you get a good result to firmly secure your team that 3rd constructor’s position.

  151. dear lewis

    u are my hero i wish i could race for u 1 day and to follow ur footsteps.
    i wish that i could meet u 1 day and talk to u and watch u race.

    from kieran

    U ROCK THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. Read other sites and it appears Button shunned Lewis when Lewis went up to congratulate him. A number of people saw this and commented on it so if that is what people are talking about then Button is a bad sportsman. According to them Button totally ignored Lewis and in fairness to Lewis he did congratulate Button in his BBC interview.
    Wonder why I dislike Button a lot?

  153. Actually Lewis did congratulate Button in his own interview – the same one where someone threw something at him. So before you put your foot in your mouth again, make sure you have all the facts.
    Lewis always congratulates
    If you expect drivers to go around chasing each other to congratulate them you are not living in the real world. Button would have wanted to mix and celebrate with his own team. There is a time and place for others to send their regards. Why would Lewis be misearable? He won here last year and he will win again next year he has nothing to be miserable about.
    So those who have been writing rude messages on here – go find a site with like minded people coz we don’t do that on this site.
    And Finally you are the true losers coz you don’t understand how people behave in various situations

  154. Well done Lewis. you alwys the best. great drive as usual. from the back to the top.

    Lewis can not chase after Button to congratulate him. However he did say his congrats so if some pple missed that they shld just shutup on this site an not tak crap as Lewis is not a lser. He is the current world champ for 2008 and Button’s one will start when the last race finishes.

    Otherwise Lewis, keep cool as usual. Chill as usual. Dont bother abt narrowminded pple who will alwys have something negative to say. And abt Brazilians throwing staff at you ignore as this will not take away not even a penny from your salary, neither your talent. God blessed you with it all so enjoy it. Those who wont be happy with you will just be miserable as your success will alwys be hurting them and will alwys bring joy not just to you, but to us your loved ones and fans.

    Talk to you soon Lewis. Hope you go on podium the last race.

  155. Dear Lewis,

    Hopefully the team will set your car to the weather correctly for the race later on. I wish you all the best and I hope you do well.

    You said you want to finish the season on a high, show you’re still No.1 and can still carry the No.1 at McLaren. So all the best to you too at Abu Dhabi! Enjoy your races, Lewis!!! Your fans are behind you all the way, 110%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Much love,

  156. Hi Gorgeous!
    I was a bit worry abouth you.Things went wrong for a while,but now you’re on top again.
    You are an absolutly kind ,strong and talented driver.Ofcourse you can win this challenge.
    I was so glad to see you on pole again.Please continue! I know you are trying hard!
    Sometimes you fall..I understand,but please be conscious about your mistakes..
    It’s so impressive how you ceep yourself up again and again..
    You always show a gr8 deal of spirit,no matter what you do..
    Turn me on with your skills!!
    Good luck in Brasil this weekend especially on sunday, and big kis to you’re family and team!

    Your number 1fan from holland!
    Bless you!!

  157. Lewis animo!!! soy su fan number one la pena no poder escribil¡rle directamente a el, champion do mundo LH!!!

  158. Dear Lewis,
    hello again. I know you did karate and I Ju-jitsu( I’m doing my grading on Sunday)
    Good luck on Sunday.
    come on LEWIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. Hi

    Goodluck Lewis in the last two races and have fun.You’re a huge inspiration.I cnt wait for next year,ure gonna rock it!!!!!!

    Love you

  160. Come on Lewis Bring home a win in Interlagos Congrates on yr 2 wins i hope u win the title next season from one of yr biggest fans

  161. Dear Irene,

    I replied to your mail on Lewis Hamilton Facebook but it doesn’t seem to appear at all. Anyway, I said something like I hope Lewis has fun at the race this Sunday and that it would be great if he wins it at the same time! Sweet, beautiful and lovely Lewis


  162. HELLO from Ukraine! We trust in you every race!
    You still ?1!!!
    Good luck in Brazil )))
    Hope, you win….
    Promise, that You finish you`re career in Mclaren!!!!

  163. Good luck in brazil! I hope u do well.


    Elis Hole

    P.S: Tell Jenson Button that i say good luck 2 him 2.

  164. Dear Lewis,
    you are the biggest insperation ever in my life.
    I really hope you thrash Shumi’s record of seven championship wins.
    Good luck in Brazil.

    COME ON HAMILTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. Massa was not robbed by the “CRASHGATE”. He himself can’t get a good pitstop and already lost the championship at the pit. Furthermore, Glock did not give way to Lewis. Anyone who watches the race closely would know that Glock has not changed his tyres when the track was wet. And the funny part is the entire Ferrari team was also not watching it closely during the race since they started to celebrate after Massa crossed the line.

  166. Dear Lewis,

    You are so hot and handsome. I love you more than words can say. Nicole is a very lucky lady!


  167. Dear Lewis,

    You are a wonderful human stay as you are. When I met you last year and you too could become acquainted with a little bit, I was blown away. I was so glad when we had seen each other again but unfortunately it does not work. I hope I see you again soon. love you see you

  168. sideshowbob who were you directing your comments to? Not ‘go get your brain’ I hope. I reiterated what you said to him as some people seem to think what Massa said was justified. However, as the rest of the F1 community have noted one crash will not determine you losing the title as Massa commented. It does make you wonder who he has been talking to and if he really understand the concept of F1. IE you need to score more points to win the title. There will be incidents that help you get those points and incidents that won’t. To say that the crash lost him the title is daft coz you don’t know what Lewis would have done. One think is for sure HE WOULD NOT HAVE SETTLED FOR 5TH IN BRAZIL if he needed more oints.
    Also Massa seemed to forget the Kimi allowed him thru’ for 2 extra points and Lewis was stripped of his win at Spa allowing Massa more points and then Massa tried to push Lewis out of the race so if anyone should be aggrieved it should be Lewis. Or maybe Massa realised his only opportunity to win the title has now gone coz Alonso will be the #1 driver for Ferrari.
    Go get your brain was extremely rude and ignorant although he says you can win/lose a championship by one race to blame it on an incident when ALL drivers were affected was daft. Massa wasn’t the only one hindered by it.

  169. hi lewis, well done for the 3rd place spot on sunday, another great performance. just keep pushing. two more races to go and i wish you all the best……roll on 2010 🙂

  170. Well according to your statement Massa nearly cost Lewis the title when he pushed him off so maybe it’s karma. He got what he deserved. If you don’t care what people think then you are a narrow minded moron and it would be better to keep your statements to yourself because you obviously cannot hold a decent argument without resorting to personal attack and abuse. Or maybe you should ‘engage your brain’ before hurling abuse at people who are entitle to express their opinions without disgusting comments like yours.

  171. Actually ‘go find your brain’ you misread my statement. If Massa blames his losing on the crashgate incident he should look back on that year, coz it takes more than one race to lose a title. He went on about how that ONE race cost him the title. When in fact it would have been other things that ‘helped’ him lose the title. If he blames ONE race for losing the title then he doesn’t know what he is talking about coz it’s not the only factor to be taken into consideration. Like when he says that incident meant his mechanics were ‘unprepared’ for him, well neither were the others teams ‘unprepared’ for their drivers, but no one else made such a massive mistake. Why weren’t they ready for him, they knew he had to come in? Maybe they (team) cost him the race too. All drivers and teams were in the same boat. Or maybe they rushed him to get ahead of Lewis and that’s what happened. McLaren didn’t cock up their refuelling.
    And I find your intro offensive and rude but then people like you are ignorant and rude maybe you should take more time reading the statements before jumping up and down in anger.

  172. Dear Lewis

    Ur an amazing driver u were the best when u won the championship in go-karting and ur the best now in f1, and a well loved person by all ur fans, this year has been really hard but you have done so well. i like the fact u dont blame your team members in the garage if there is a mess up with ur car u stick by them and suport them no matter what 🙂 Good luck in next years season 2010 cant wait for it to start, and go and get ur number 1 back 🙂 u deserve to be NUMBER 1

    Jess xx

  173. sideshowbob, we on FB have thrashed this subject out for days and the conclusion was … Lewis would have continued to race for the necessary points to win the title. Does Massa really think Lewis would have stayed 5th in Brazil? Does he not realise that Lewis would have gone for Pole and eventual win if that was what he needed? So to say that crashgate lost him the title shows is lack of understanding in F1. I always thought you won the title because you got the most points. If Massa looks back thru’ the 2008 season he may be surprised to note that he and his team lost him the title due to driver error or pitsotp errors NOT crashgate.
    Enough said Lewis is WDC for 2008. End of. Massa GET OVER IT!!

  174. Dear Lewis,

    Don’t bother about Felipe Massa saying he was robbed (crash gate). He’s just a cry baby.


  175. Dear Lewis,

    Good job Lewis!!!! coming in 3rd. Too bad, you had gear box problem and your Kers shut down. WE LOVE YOU NO LESS!!!!


    Much love,

  176. oh boy,lol that is the analogy of someone on another planet,again i ask you do you anull a football game because one person cheated? Renault didnt cost Massa the win,the pit crew did,a pit crew is supposed to be ready to any conditions,and that includes SC stops,they made two mistakes,left the fuel hose on the car and released Massa into another car,but i don’t expect you to realise that as it wouldn’t give you an opportunity to bash baselessly,other teams seem to handle their pitstops fine.if i was a Singapore organizer i would sue FIA/FOM if the race is annulled as that would mean there was no race so i should get my money back for organizing it,and what team would actually give back the prize money? or do you expect points money would be given to the teams and not asked to return it if the race was annulled?,and you cannot say Lewis wouldnt win the title if Massa had won because you have no clue what would have happened in the next race.

  177. it doesn’t taint anything because Massa wasn’t crashed out of the race,he was leading the race and his team choked under pressure,the crash didn’t cost him the title,his pitstop did,the field was bunched right back up twice and he lost his motivation,if i remember correctly Kimi lost out alot in the pitstops but he didnt back off when the SC came out,he charging through the field and was up to 6th before crashing out,imo that is the difference btw Kimi/Alonso/Hamilton and even Vettel and Massa and why Massa would never be a champ,he needs people to push him and he looses his motivation very quickly.

  178. Massa lost his cool in Silverstone 08 he is known to always need comforting and support,i dont need to remind you of the radio transmission where he sounded like he wanted to cry because he couldnt see properly and it started raining.

    Pink Panther,i would just respond to you for the first and last time as you seem to be in another dimension all together.
    if Massa won in Singapore then Hamilton wouldn’t have a 7point advantage and Mclaren would be looking aiming for podium instead of 5th place in hungary,you are the one who has failed to see reality.

  179. Hi Lewis,
    Congratulations on ur 3rd today.
    My son is 4yrs old and he is ur biggest fan in the house, i missed the chance to take him to the launch of ur clothing range at M&S in Oxford street, now all Noah wants to know from me is ( mom when can we ever see Lewis Hamilton again?) is there any chance we can go somewhere in London in the near future where u might be showing up?

    Thank u in advance,
    on behalf of Noah.

  180. Well done Lewis,
    Great race, just keep getting the points for McLaren. The higher up the constructors table the better.

  181. Well done! Lewis on getting the car to P3, you are in a very good position to gain some good points tomorrow, 1st, 2nd and 3rd are all within your reach, go for it in a steady manner. Wish you all the best .

  182. Lewis well done for getting third.
    Now just go out and enjoy the race, it looks a brilliant circuit. Don’t need to win, but would be great for your points standing.

  183. Lewis you’re in third for tomorrow’s race, just get the car to the end. Thank you. Hope you enjoy the race the circuit looks awesome as the Americans say.
    Enjoy it!

  184. Dear Lewis,

    I hope the team gives you a competitive and strong car for Suzuka. It will be your first time racing at Suzuka and I know you will win there too! All the best!

    WIN LEWIS WIN!!!!!

    Much love,

  185. Lewis, absolute brilliant Stirling performance at Singapore, and one of your best, Domination of the field, excellent tire management, beautiful car control on display by you over the weekend, on a course where any mistake can have dire consequences.

    Well Done………..Mr. Hamilton!!!

  186. Hi lewis. Great job yesterday, i was really happy 4 u.

    From Elis

    PS. Maybe if u hv time u could visit me in school in London. My school is called Normanhust School which is in Chingford. I lv drivin faast cars. I drove a ferrari last year 4 my 13th birthday and i went up 2 100mph and i was only surpose 2 do 80mph. Oh well the instructor didnt know!


  187. Lewis, great drive! Great win!!!! Congratulations on your Singapore GP win! I was on trackside, Friday evening. Am not sure if you recall during Friday Practice, but on the straights, after Turn 13 along Esplanade Drive, you went slow right in front of me while I gave you a wave. It was the moment for me! Well, that was the closest I got to “meet” you after I wasn’t able to turn up to see you in person when you made your appearance at the Paragon.

    Next up, Suzuka!! Where Senna has excelled and earned great victories. I’ve a gut-feel that you’ll win there too! All the best!!!

  188. Hi Lewis,

    Brilliant. that was good, well done. Its a pity Vettel and Rosberg ended with issues, it wld have been much interesting and nicer to see you three chasing each other. As usual, i know you wld have won it.
    I hope you win the rest of them races left.
    keep well and doing your very best. see you soon.

  189. What a great performance, Lewis!

    Pole position, race win, that is what we are talking about. You are a true racer!

    Thanks for this wonderful race and special Thanks to your team who made it possible that the car had this very good performance!

    Next race wins will be Japan, Brazil and Abu Dhabi! Go for it!

    Sending our love from Germany!
    Inge & family


  191. Dear Lewis,

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You won the Singapore race in true style! You were so steady from the beginning of the race to the end. I knew you could do it!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND
    SINGAPORE LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A whole lot of love,

  192. Well done! Lewis, that was brilliant to watch you leading all through the race with a comfortable lead after vettel had to serve his penalty. Brilliant!!!

  193. Thank God that was over. I couldn’t watch it all just in case, but now I can truly say well done Lewis and well done McLaren team for getting the car to run better after Friday’s disappointment.
    A good win, Lewis was always in control, no one was able to touch him.

  194. Congradulations!!!

    Im so happy for you getting first, you really deserved it. I was watching the race, willing you on every minute!!!

    Love from stephanie!!

  195. i would like to know if your spoken for not for any perticular reason. i am just curious. now a days there is always bad review about these things.bachelors are always more appreciated.and another thing .your colour is more then perfect in your case. i have read about your background and liked that you were a car racing at about 14 years old . the more i found out about you and being for me the number one racer , i wish you more then good luck . maybe you can send me a mail at

  196. Hi Lewis


    Me and my family are HUGE LH fans. I took some great shots of you coming through the shicane in front of Singapore Cricket Club before Anderson Bridge, one or two good enough that I would like to send to you to sign two copies. [Subject to your response, I can scan copies for you to view and then courier the hard copies – still using old fashioned film!]

    WAIT! There is a good reason for this.

    Last November 27th, my good friend and colleague, Ms LO Hwei Yen, a lawyer, became the only Singaporean ever to be killed by terrorists, in the Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai aged 28yrs: A great shock to her family, husband, friends and colleagues. Since then, I have been trying to raise some money to set up a memorial scholarship in her name in perpetuity at the National University of Singapore Law Faculty, in maritime law – her special interest. NUS fully support this idea. It is quite expensive to do. I would love to be able to do this before the first anniversary of her sad early demise and one way of getting great publicity and support would be if I could auction the photo(s) in Singapore.

    If intellectual property issues prevent this idea from bearing fruit, I fully understand, but if you can help, I would be eternally grateful.


  197. Dear Lewis,

    Pole Position – FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE YOU WIN TOMORROW, LEWIS!
    WIN LEWIS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SINGAPORE AND I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Much love,

  198. Hi Lewis
    Just watched the time trials – well done. I wish you all the best for tomorrow or rather tonight.
    You can do it and stay safe.

  199. Hi Lewis. I wanted to say that u and jenson button are my favorite f1 drivers. I know this year was bad luck 4 u, but next year might be good luck.

    From Elis

    ps. Come on do it for Great Britain!

  200. Wuuiisss…..
    Take back your strong and spirit to make a best race ever in GP Singapore… Make your own race… We’re your fans want to see ur good race again… Just forget ur last race and make that to be a lesson to you to make a best race for you, for your team and for all your fans of course….

    Coz You Know What??

    Your best fans….

  201. Ivy,
    Does he have other public engagements you could go to? It is so disappointing when you miss Lewis, but he tries to please so many people. The PR personnel should have moved him around a lot more. I hope you get the chance later in the week. Will you be going to the GP? Maybe you could try there.

  202. Dear Lewis and MK,

    I was and am very disappointed. Lewis, I brought two books for you to autograph and I bought a camera especially to take picks of you but you did not come to my side of the crowd. I couldn’t see you face to face and speak with you. We were shouting and clapping for you, “Lewis Lewis” but you did not come over. I am so disappointed and sad.


  203. hi lewis.
    am a big fun of you and formula 1 and i would like to ask you for a autograf.anything.
    please make my day by send it a autograf of you to me.many thanks and all the best.
    many thanks
    jose luis
    send a email and i will reply with my adress

  204. Hello Ivy,
    You must be really excited to get to see Lewis. I hope you get the chance. I’m sure he will do well in Singapore. His car is getting much better and with the next lot of up-grades it will be interesting to see how it runs.
    Wave andI might see you on the TV.

  205. Hi Lewis,

    Singapore loves Lewis Hamilton*!!!!!!* A Warm Welcome to YOU in Singapore next week!!!!!!!!! I’m looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday, 22 Sept at Paragon Main Atrium (6.30pm) and Wednesday, 23 Sept at ION TAG Heuer shop opening for a press conference!!!!!!!!! I HOPE YOU WIN AT SINGAPORE THIS TIME!!!!!!!

    SINGAPORE LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Much love,

  206. Lewis will be at the Westfield Shopping Centre in London at noon tomorrow (Saturday) in case anyone wants to see him.

  207. Congratulations Lewis
    you did not finish, but you have prove one more time that you are good when you are in cockpit
    in this sunday you shall for every budy that is not only necessary have a good car but yes a good pilot
    you did not finish this race but the next with same exercise of preparation i think that you are going to be in top again because we trust you!

    good luck brother

  208. Sonia I wouldn’t dream of giving up on Lewis. I did feel for him though having done all the hard work. He drove a great race. He looked so forlorn walking away from the car. But there’s nothing he could have done. No point dwelling on it. We all know he gives 100% plus. I just hope he’s having all the bad luck this year and next …
    Am looking forward to Singapore.
    Lewis if you do read this don’t beat yourself up over Monza just look forward to Singapore coz you win some you lose some, that’s life. I’ll still support you and think you’re great.

  209. Lewis,

    I think you are an absolutly AMAZING driver and ordinary person. You always deserve to win every race nomatter what. I love your talent and your gorgeous good looks! Good luck for ever and ever. xxx

  210. hello everyone, i would just like to say that lewis did a great job at the italian grand prix, the strategy that mcclaren had was flawed from the start because it means he had less fuel and he had to play catch up with the brawn duo. lewis drove his heart out, lap by lap he was gaining on jenson and i felt that if there were a few more laps he would have catch him. the reason hamilton had the incident at the end was because he was pushing the limits of his mcclaren. a driver like hamilton gives it 100%everytime, he doesnt do things half heartedly. its all or nothing and that was set him above th rest. i know he is having a horrible season but this f1, things will start to pick up. a true hamilton fan support him in the good times and even when the going get tough. dont give up on him now guys.

  211. absolute respect should be given to lewis for his drive at monza today. although he lost it going into the first lesmo, his 110% commitment should be praised. All the greats have had these moments of highs and lows. Also great to see martin whitmarsh backing him too in the interview that followed the race too.

  212. Inge Douglas is correct, and let’s hope, and I know that he will learn from his mistake, because Lewis is still a work in progress.

    Most of the blame for Lewis’s mistake rests on his sholders, but some must fall on the pit wall for not slowing him down in the last 2 or 3 laps of the race.

  213. Expressing disappointment for some people is a way of getting over it, it doesn’t mean that we are withdrawing our support for Lewis, we so much want him to win or get decent points for himself as well as for the team. Lewis is the best, I love watching you race.

  214. I´m spanish and an Alonso fan, think his the best driver of the moment, but Lewis it´s not far, it´s a champion, always ambitious, so fast, always pushing near the limit, sometimes even a little too much for his own benefit, but that´s makes F1 much more interesting with Lewis, so thanks!! . Things as today happens when you assume risks, man that´s what makes you a great champion

  215. I’m surprised how hard some of you are on Lewis. He lost 3rd yes, but he drove a great race. He is a racer, he gives it 100% all the time. In hindsight he should have backed off and settled for 3rd, as 3rd is better than nothing. But he did’nt he went for broke and it did’nt work out, but that’s what makes him a great champion, and the result is what it is.
    It’s not been a good year for Lewis and now with the latest about his private life, I just hope he can get his self together for the final push. So that the team can secure 3rd place in the WCC. Keep going for it Lewis!

  216. Folks ~Don’t think for one minute Lewis is not beating himself up about this either. He will have learnt a hard lesson but it is done now and can’t be changed
    Well said Toni no point going over it Martin Whitmarsh will say it all not that it needs saying. Learn, prepare for next race and hopefully he will do well.
    He sure was on fire this weekend, but there you go chalk it down to a bad season but at least the car is running good!!
    I felt so sorry for him as he walked away, my heart went out to him coz he knew he threw it away and let everyone down including himself. He doesn’t need us to tell him.

  217. I do agree with Inge. I regret missing church just to watch him crash just a few seconds away from the finish line. There was no point of him pushing to hard, coz he had already secured a podium position anyway.

  218. inge
    i agree with you totally. there was no excuse to throw away a garanteed third place with kimi so far behind. push yes, but have the brain to accept what was going to be a certain outcome. there was no way he was going to catch button let alone manage to overtake him aswell in the time that was left of the race.

  219. Lewis dear,

    For me this whole wkend you were on fire man. That was good. I enjoyed it till a few mins ago. I was worried abt the tyres but well done still. You made the wkend for me exciting from practice sessions, qualifying and the race today til last min. However dont beat yourself abt it, it happens. The thing is you drove well all the way. SO i am happy with your drive this weekend. Dont take it too hard, relax and prepare for the next race. You will win again soon and you will be on pole again soon.
    see you soon Lewis.

  220. How stupid!!!!
    To throw away a secure 3rd place just like that.
    I can’t say anything more. First Heikki was not able at the start to keep the Brawns behind and then something like that. How could you led your team and your fans down like that.
    Shame on you Lewis!

  221. Arthur I am also a huge fan of Lewis and agree he is a work in progress. You are right when you say he has learnt to be patient. In the past he would have been reckless in trying to overtake places lost, but in the last few races he has bidded his time and overtaken in more appropriate places. He can only get better as time goes on and experiences gained. I for one will certainly look forward to watching his career pan out experiencing the highs and lows with him.
    I hope he does well today.

  222. And Arthur, from the start of his young career, Lewis has always shown great spirits, and projected a positive image. ALWAYS.

  223. MK, I had a fine day after Lewis took pole position at Monza today. I am a huge fan of Lewis, and have closely followed his career since 2004, when he won his first F3 race at the Norisring. I started my subscription in 2004 to Autosport so that I would be able to closely follow his career. He hasn’t diappointed, when he won the 2005 F3 Euroseries championship, the 2006 GP2 championship, his outstanding, unbelievable F1 debut in 2007, and incredible win in 2008 to become the youngest driver to win the 2008 World’s Driving Championship.

    There is no question that Lewis is an exceptional, talented and great driver whose headed to be in the company of the greatest names in the sport, but he isn’t there yet. I can see a definite improvement in his driving in 2009 opposed to 2008, because one thing he has become more patient. His race win at the 2009 Hungarian GP is an excellent example of that, when he put on a beautiful display of car control, tire management and patience. When Mark webber took second place from Lewis at the start of the Hungarian GP, he didnt immediately try and retake the position back. Lewis waited…… waited and showed the patience that I think he needed, and executed an excellent pass on Webber for second place, and eventually going on to win the race. So Lewis is a work in progress, he will continue to grow, and one day be classified with the great names of the sport .

    This year with all the adversity that he had faced, Lewis showed great spirits, and projected a positive image which has helped the team during it’s difficult times

    Good luck tomorrow at Monza………..Lewis..

  224. Arthur might have been having a bad day, but he made some good points esp the last paragraph.
    Forza Lewis per domani!!

  225. Lewis,

    Just want to wish you all the best for Monza this weekend. I love your style of driving and you are a fantastic role model for all young kids out there.

    All the best God Bless and keep safe……………………..havea fantastci race.

  226. Well said Arthur. Many fans, including me, returned to the sport because Lewis made it more exciting and worth watching. Now the other drivers are becoming more competitive too, they are not prepared to play second fiddle to a team mate. Good for them.
    And Patrician I agree – when you listen to Lewis he obviously loves racing and speed. It certainly comes across most interviews. He always races to the best of his ability and we support him for the above and so many other reasons.

  227. Arthur people know talent when they see it, I know talent when I see it. Lewis has nothing to prove. All he has to do is go out there race the best he can and enjoy doing it. We his fans can feel the fun he is having while driving, and indeed Lewis is exciting to watch but he is more than that; that’s why we watch him and support him through the good, the bad or ugly times. He is the BEST, that is my opinion and if you want to wait 2 decades to acknowledge it, that is your choice.

    Good luck in qualifying tomorrow Lewis, practice looked great.

  228. To Realistic Commentator…..Since the establishment of the WDC in 1950, it’s impossible to say that one driver will remain the best ever, because you can’t compare eras. The element of danger that a driver faced in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s was at a much higher degree, more than what today’s drivers have to face. Michael Schumacher said that he would have been afraid to race the Ferrari that Patrick Tambay drove in 1982. Michael can be considered the best of his era, but the best ever, better than a Senna or Fangio……not hardly.

    Lewis has many years to go before a judgement can be made, about what effect he will have made on the sport of F1.

    I can tell you this though, lewis without a doubt is one of the most exciting drivers to watch on the track today, and a reason for the expanded interest in the sport.


    This is what Sir Stirling said about Lewis “Lewis is one of the REAL racers out there. He is exciting to watch and that is a sign of a pretty good driver. Go on LEWIS! I wish you all the best in Monza, you are the best out there. I can’t wait to watch you right from Friday practice to both Saturday morning and afternoon practices to the race on Sunday. That is how hooked I am about watching you race. To HELL with those who do not see the raw TALENT you have got.

  230. Realistic commentator,
    You are right I stopped watching the sport when it got BORING! I was referring to the various rule changes over the last few years, go back and look them up which everyone has commented on over the course of this seaon. Cars have had to be developed from scratch. The drivers, if I recall correctly, have to ‘drive’ the car. These are comments from the drivers themselves. Again if I recall correctly even Martin Brundle has said that driving today is difficult and he wouldn’t want to do it.
    You are entitled to your opinion, but do not call people who post on this site muppets or stupid. If you do not like what you read just sign off, it’s obviously not to your taste. I am entitled to think what I like just because it is different to yours doesn’t make me stupid and I can assure you there are others who agree with me.
    Finally, You also forgot to mention Lewis missed out by a point in his rookie year.

  231. Neither did I Patrician and agree with you. He realised he isn’t as good as he thinks. Driving in F1 then was very different and I have read a lot easier.
    Forza Lewis

  232. You’re right MK he is better than Shumacher! Even Shumacher knows this and that’s why he chickened out of a come back. I don’t buy the injury excuse for one second. No disrespect to Shumacher, but Lewis is the man. Can’t wait for Monza. I know Lewis is going to win. I can feel it.

  233. Dear Lewis,

    You can win at Monza! All of your fans are behind you 110%. I hope Nicole can see you win again.


  234. Hi people, just wanted to say DO NOT READ TABLOIDS, it’s all junk. LEWIS YO ARE THE BEST. Can’t wait for Monza.

  235. guys, even though lewis is not having a great year in f1 please dont give up on him, just keep willing him on to greatness. he reads all our comment and is really inspired by it especially during the difficulty times. dont give up now. these things that he is going through is character building experience when he rise from it, he will be a more stronger and determine person. keep up the good work guys. rock on……

  236. Irene,
    I am glad you understand. As you get to know me you will realise how much I admire Lewis and all his achievements. I think he is a great role model for the younger generation. He inspires them to realise their dreams.
    This site is here to inspire him and to give him the chance to read what some of his fans think of things concerning him and motorsport. We try to inspire and motivate him when he is down and congratulate him when he has done well. We share his trials and tribulations.

  237. MK, Thank you for that explanation, I beg your pardon too, that makes it clear coz I was wondering what post cld have called for that kind of response. If you have noticed in the past am one of those Lewis’s fans who wld not hesitate to get back to people who post messages which are not meant to inspire Lewis. Blessings

  238. PS I started watching this sport again because of Lewis too. I am not ‘clued up’ with everything and appreciate it when people come on this site to explain things or give their interpretation. We all learn something that way.
    I would NEVER call a true Lewis fan any names at all that is not the point of this site. I have, however, called other drivers a few names on this site (lol).
    I hope you now understand my first post!

  239. Irene, I was not referring to you or any other genuine members of this site. There were two comments which have since been deleted that I was referring to. They were making fun of Lewis crashing out of the Spa race. You obviously did not see them. I thought it was unfair of them to make such unnecessary comments after an incident like that.
    You must be new because you would know that I only say things like that to people who come on this site to make fun of Lewis, laugh at accidents that he is involved in and make fun when he loses a race.
    We have asked these to be removed, but that can take time.
    I apologise to you if you took offence but please be assured we encourge new members to join us. However, we do not encourage ‘nasty’ and unnecessary comments, especially when it involves accidents!!

  240. This is to MK!

    Do not call others morons if they genuinely were not aware of the contractual rules barring him, remmember some of us have just gained interest in F1 because of LEWIS! We have not had that much exposure to the sport, we are only getting to know and learn how it works. By posting some views which you consider “stupid ” which in my view was just something I wanted to know why he couldn’t then people like Sonia and Dave Richards explaining it to us is better than you lashing out.

  241. Hi Lewis, it must have been a really tough weekend for you, but no one should doubt your resilience. I sure don’t, and i’m sure your biggest fans don’t either. I’m sure you are going to put this weekend behind you and compete at the highest level (as always) and have a great race at Monza. Go Lewis, and the best of luck in Monza.

  242. As usual the morons are on here again.
    Pity about the race Lewis the inexperienced drivers took you out, but there’s always next time.
    You expressed yourself well on the broadcast, very mature as these things happen. We all make mistakes better luck next race.
    Keep up the good work

  243. hi lewis, shame about the accident at the start but we are all still rooting for you. this is life, these things do happen but never mind. keep up the good work and keep pushing, look forward to seeing you in monza. i had the privilege of meeting lewis at bancosantander british grand prix launch in 2008. although our meeting was brief it was really remarkable, he was really polite and humbled by the devotion and loyalty of his fans. believe me guys when i say he does read this site and appreciates all our message. its just that is maclaren contract stipulates that he cant provide comments or leaves message on unofficial web sites. just one of them things.

    keep posting, he really appreciates and adores all his fans. dont belief all the bad press about him because most of it isnt true. alot of people might say he is arrogant and cocky but that isnt the case. when you get to meet the person in the flesh, he is truly charismatic and down to earth and he is a real hottie. very handsome in the flesh….:)

  244. It is a nice thought but it would be against his contract. A millionaire in his situation is very regulated by what he says and where he says it via his numerous sponsorship contracts. Plus this is an unofficial site, he saying something in writing means he is formally endorsing the site. The site is not regulated by his team which means the site owner can then use the site irresponsibly if he chooses to. I would say he or his family members read it regularly, as this site appears to be his no1 unofficial fan site based on the google searches. It is also his only open channel to hear from the public. Anyway lets hope he reads it, I would think he would, I beleive he did mention to someone in Germany that he knew about this site. Anyway good luck Lewis for the weekend.

  245. Yes! I do agree with Thandi, it would be nice for Lewis to post a line or two onto this site just to let us know that he cares to read our inspirational messages. Not that he has got to read all the messages given his busy life, something to indicate to us that he vists this site. What do you think folks?

  246. Does Lewis ever look at this site?
    Does he even care?
    Don’t get me wrong
    I love him and everything, but i kind of childlishly hoped he would post something here
    even if its once a year

    Is he really that busy??

    He could get his people to post on his behalf u know
    We wouldn’t know any better

    Just a thought

    Anyways, best of luck to you Lewis at Spa

  247. Congratulations Lewis!!!! You did an outstanding job! Faultless performance! 2nd place is still great! Only 2 points difference, it ain’t that bad, and the fault wasn’t yours.. Plus we never know Barrichello might have actually been faster anyway and would’ve passed you.. It amazing to see you on top again! Can’t wait to see you on top again at Spa! Hope this time you get the first place you deserved in Valencia! Wishing you all the best!! 🙂

  248. Great race Lewis/Kovi, shame the pit / wall crew wasnt up to speed….what a B@lls up, dont care what whitmarsh says (eddie didnt agree) im sure Ron wont either.(and he “whitmarsh” should give Kovi a break – – jumping on the lets get rid of Drivers that dont always perform Band Wagon-The mclaren car has been a three legged dog for the first part of the season!) Bye tha Bye 2nd was still a Great result and 4th for Kovi wasnt bad,getting better! Chin up guys and good luck with next race..aim for the least if you miss you will be among the stars! everyone wants to Win…but a 2nd or 3rd is still a good result.

    just try a get a nuffa good qualifying position and go for the win? points?….


  249. Well done Lewis you raced brilliantly. Good to see you back where you belong – on the podium. And good on Heikki for doing his job keeping Barichello back, job well done.

  250. Hey Lewis,

    Well done! We all went crazy on the tele after we saw that the mechanics had not the tyres ready. From that moment it was clear u would end as 2 nd. But Barrichello was very fast in Valencia and I had the feeling that the pace was not really there to enlarge the gap during ur first pit stop.
    Heikki did well in keeping him back in the beginning, but I think and agree to what Martin said.

    Anyway, 2nd is also great after a great performance in Hungary. U are back where u belong, Lewis and we love to see u racing again in the front!

    All the best for Spa. Even if it might seem impossible to come on the podium this time, but u never know. Sometimes the impossible become possible.

    Stay blessed, Champ!

    Lot’s of love from all of us here in Germany.
    Inge & family

  251. Hi Lewis!! Well done!
    It’s good to see you on top of the list again! I’m so happy for you.
    I always believe in you!
    Big kiss!
    Your NO. 1 FAN!!

  252. hi lewis, well done on coming second, must say i was a little disappointed that they didnt win because of the team pit stop error but never mind, its good to see you back at the front where you belong. all the best for the next coming race. i know spa is a difficult track that requires a lot down force, hopefully your car will meet that requirement. once again well done, cheers to another GREAT day at the office. im truly delighted.

    Love Peta ( probably your biggest fan)

  253. WOOOO Lewis, you almost had it. I realise the five seconds you lost during the last pit stop cost you winning the race, but you have to admit the driving you did in the last few laps was awesome. you cut the it down to two seconds! A few more laps and you could have won the race. Second place is not bad, you could have easily just let the pit crew mistake get to you and drop more positions but you didn’t. You are for sure the best driver I have seen in my lifetime and I look forward to seeing you race again and again and again. You are one hell of a driver and so much fun to watch. I love that fighting spirit you have. Keep up the good work Lewis. You’re the best.

  254. Hi Lewis,

    You raced well. You were just too good. However the pitstop issue messed up e race because they wasted time which wld have made Barachello 2nd because his car was good as well but he wld have never beat you that i know. I hope you will get a better manager with good leadership qualities soon and one who takes responsibility for their mistakes. All the best for next race and the future. If only you were driving for Ferrari it wld have been a different story. They love their employees and are supportive of them. I love you and i hope God who gave you this talent will make a way that your career goes far.

  255. Helen, should the team have felt that Lewis had let them down when he crashed this year at Monaco during Q1? Lewis drove an excellent race today, and realizes that during the course of a season, mistakes will be made by himself and the team.

    Lewis, it’s good seeing you again running and winning at the sharp end of the grid.

    you did well hami boy!!!well done…2nd is a good rank….next 1st…we want u to b the champian!!
    and feel sorry for massa…like him too..u 2 rocks F1..thats it

  257. Hi Lewis

    You must be choked at the performance of your own team and the subsequent interview given by your boss. You would have won if it had not been for the delay in tyres and refueling. This is not the first time Mclaren has let you down. It was lovely to see your pleasure in Barracella’s win, that’s why we all like you. Go for it next weekend and good luck.


  258. HAMILTON.

    I have followed all the formula one race and I am Yuor Fan indisputable. What we saw today let clearly that the fact your won the last year and a great conspiracy and noticed that the problem is inside your own team. THINK YOUR LIFE FRIEND, the best and dropout is team that has not wish you well.



  259. All the best on the Valencia GP in a few hour’s time. Bring home McLaren’s first one-two of the ’09 season! Will be rooting for you all!!!

  260. I guess Schumacher chickened out. I know practice didn’t go well today but I still think you can win. Good luck Lewis.

  261. Lewis,

    You’re an incredible driver and my respect for you has grown tenfold this year when you’ve had to compete in an underperforming car. The last race encapsulates what a thrillingly brilliant driver you are.

    Here’s to another great success this Sunday.


  262. Hi Lewis, just wanted to wish you the best of luck this weekend. I know you can win the race while having the best of time. Are you excited to compete with Schumacher? I’m sure you are going to show him that you are the best. Best of luck Lewis.

  263. I’ve been away and not able to post but thank you for the picture. It is a good one that displays our Lewis’s true standing – #1. It is good to have a picture with the #1 on the front. Lewis worked so hard to get it and my nerves were shattered watching him win it too. (lovvl)
    May he win a few more races before this season ends.
    At last a racing weekend; these last four weeks have dragged by.
    Nothing surprises me anymore Jennie when it comes to Lewis – too many people; too shortsighted.
    Hello Ivy, long time no hear, hope you and your sister are well. Singapore not too far away for you to enjoy watching Lewis race. Hear from you soon.

  264. I can not believe this subject has come up about brundle’s jealousy towards Lewis. If you can rewind F1 back to Lewis’s 1st year you would be shocked with the negative digs aimed at Lewis from brundle through his commentating. To affirm this Lewis was on Top Gear, (2007, I think) interviewed by Jeremy Clarkson who said to Lewis do you think Brundle is jealous of you….? The interview with Clarkson is available on Utube. Keep on shining Lewis, your No.1

  265. Hi Lewis!

    You are so beautiful and wonderful. Now that the team got your car fixed, carry on winning every race till the end of the season. Please win especially in Singapore, I’ll be watching you hopefully, ha.


  266. soz your dentist was either paul walder or a south african but there were so many lol,good luck.and wow on your girlfriend lucky man.

  267. lewis i was your dental nurse in stevenage,refsons at the time u went there with your brother nick,you told me you would be famous one day,and i said if u did remember ur dental nurse,well im still waiting for an invite to see u again,my son is four and he wants to be a racing driverlike you,would love to hear from you,hope your family well,maybe if in stevenage we could meet well come to my house andf will cook you food,well done for what u av done and will do in future,love kerry,your dentist

  268. Lambert B to give you credit it is true that Brundle seems to know his stuff, which does make his comments more annoying. It’s like to praise Lewis sticks in his throat but I don’t know why unless it is pure jealousy because in my opinion drivers should respect the talent of others. They know better than anyone the difficulties of racing. Unless Brundle feels that Lewis has had more support and money thrown at him from McLaren, but then that’s the luck of the draw surely.

  269. yes, it is true that Martin Brundle seems to dislike our dear Lewis. It is a pity because Martin is one of the best commentators in the paddock (this is noticed whenever he does the coverage around the cars on race day before the actual race start and also when he is in the commentary box with mr Legard).Despite all that, he shouldn’t have such attitute towards Lewis. as u mention guys, he may be jealous because he never made a name in F1. Tough luck to him.
    Lewis the best and tough luck to the retractors.
    God bless him always and you the fellow fans.

  270. Yes Aveli we did notice – this includes Lewis himself. He mentioned during last year’s season that the only time Brundle interviewed him was when he had lost. (I think it was when they did a special on Lewis’s season after winning the title).
    You know you meet people like Brundle all the time, you tend to ignore them as you know what they are like. I think he’s just jealous coz he wasn’t as successful as Lewis is. He retired a nobody and yet Lewis is already a somebody. Being criticised by people like that doesn’t hold water in my opinion.
    So dont worry Aveli even Lewis had noticed!!

  271. martin brundle is so reluctant to praise hamilton but so keen to criticise him. hamilton won a flawless race in hungary yet martin couldn’t wait to criticise him on the forum. it is still available on the bbc website. he pretends to praise hamilton but goes on the onslaught.

  272. martin brundle is bent on discrediting hamilton. he seem to be reluctant to praise hamilton but so eager to criticise him. has anyone else noticed this?

  273. Hi Lewis

    Great to see you back where you belong at the front, it must have been a little ‘trying’ for the last few months. Hope you sort out elderly German gentleman, that would be worth seeing as I consider him to be little more than an unsporting cheat.

  274. Lewis, I can’t wait to see you race in Singapore soon! All the best for the rest of the season. And congrats on a fine win in Hungary!

  275. GET IN LEWIS!!! Back on the top step!

    From the wheel to wheel battles with Piquet in GP2, your first win in Canada, your heartbreaking 2007 Brazilian GP to your World Championship your true fans will remain….

    and you remain an inspiration to your true fans who drive each corner with you!

    You are a class apart as a driver and a man!

    10 points in Valencia will do nicely.

  276. Hi Lewis

    Well done in Hungary. It was brilliant, I’ve been waiting for this kind of performance from you, and McLaren. Please keep this up for the rest of the season…..I love it.

    True fan

  277. hi lewis, im really please for your victory at Hungary, i wish you many more success in the future, trust God, Be of good courage. i cant wait for the duel with you and schuey, that should be interesting.come on can do it. Hopefully the car will be in good working order

  278. STILL NUMBER 1 in this household Lewis. We fly our Union Jack for you, just remember Lewis you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and SCHUMACHER has had his day. YOU are now the World champion. Glad to see you and the team have found your mojo.

  279. Hi Lew i am immensely proud on your win in Hungary. I am not surprised at all that you won,I know that was around the corner to happen although you have struggled so far in the new season. Time is real essence, as i have said “FORM IS TEMPORARY, BUT CLASS IS VERY PERMANENT”.

  280. Hi, I was just wondering wether you reply to any of these comments? My partner is opening an indoor go-kart track and seeing as though that’s where it all started for Lewis, would you be able to find the time to open the track when it is ready?
    The website is almost ready but you can look at the progress,

  281. lewis,
    like jp has commented im sure some fans without any true dedication may have lost faith and turned to button in slightly technical annoying times.
    just to say that the majority of us (with any balls of course!) never have and never will lose faith.
    weve stuck by you in an unfortunate start to the season, and will continue to if god forbid there are any more.
    being realistic, incidents do happen, but thats just competitive racng.
    we aint goin nowhere.
    long live lewis.

  282. lewis i m doing karting i live in portugal i realy wanted to be like you. i realy want to do karting my dream is meeting you. if i had this dream it will make me push my karting to the future plese reply i know you get thousands of emails but give me your phone number i promise i will not give it to anyone and wont be anoying you i will call you 1 each month if its to much i will do 1 each 3 months if i dont agree i wont be a good karter reply please
    im 11 not racist my best freind is black

  283. I was happy of your glory in Hungary, Lewis. I hope you always give the best to your team and your fans. I’ll always trust to you.
    I don’t know what will happend in the next race to you. And i don’t know what will happend when you make a race with Michael Schumacher. But i always stay to support you. You’re not alone. All your fans will support you when you get bad or good. Thanks again for your glory…..

  284. Hi lewis,

    just wondering when you lived in Stevenage as a child, when ur mum and dad own a pub called the pear tree. Can u remember playing with a lad called kyle who is the same age as you and another lad called james murser. Kyle’s dad was friends with ur mum and dad who is called Tom he used to drink in the pub.

    cheers kyle

  285. I knew you’d come back, lots of people lost faith in you and became jenson fans, but it just shows what being fickle gets you. Celebrated with my hat, my team shirt and my beach towel. I got so mad with the last race, and im so glad you finally got the win you and the team deserve.


  286. Video around showing Lewis and Martin thanking the team at Woking for all their hard work. Don’t see too many of those from the other drivers. What made it more special was the smile on his face. And the banter. Lewis has hopes and rightly so. Well done to everyone at McLaren.

  287. Video around showing Lewis and Martin thanking the team at Woking for all their hard work. Don’t see too many of those from the other drivers. What made it more special with the smile on his face. And the banter. Lewis has hopes and rightly so. Well done to everyone at McLaren.

  288. just wanna say, as i sit in the canary islands in my vodafone mclaen mercedes team tshirt!! even though lewis had an unfortunate start to the season after being provided an under performing car, he is still the best driver out there.
    he puts passion back into f1 like the days of senna and prost.
    hes gonna kick ass the rest of this season and be world champ again next season.
    just wish people would take more interest in their own lives and just let him get on with it.
    Lewis rues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  289. Knew you could do it – back in your rightful place No 1. Good luck against Schumacher. I’m sure you’ll show the old boy who’s best


  290. What a brilliant picture! It says it all really from Lewis to all his fans. At last he not only got on the podium but won the race. Well done Lewis and nice picture. I’ve had a smile on my face ALL week. I bet Lewis has to and his fans …
    Well done Lewis!!

  291. Hey Guys, n Gals schuey takin massa drive for the remaining races/or untill massa well enough to drive…who would have thought it Lewis & Schumacher on the Grid at the same time…this is goin to be Great for F1 and i want a Ticket!

    Lewis – Button – Kimi – Webber – Alonso – SCHUMACHER!? and the other guys.

    can’t wait to the next Race……

    want it to be NOW!

    “This season has been the most unpredictable chapter in F1 history”

    and it’s GREAT!

    By the By Hope Massa is able to race again at some point.

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