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  1. Dear Lewis.
    I have just watched your Interview after the Monaco Grand Prix and have to say, you are correct when you say, Stewards are picking on you>
    I am so fed up or watching the races and seeing you either being held up or blocked and other drivers appear to get away with it, but for sure if it is you the stewards have a field day with.
    I am such a huge Fan and am so exited that after 20 years am actually coming to Spa for the whole Weekend.
    We are walking the pit lane on Thursday 25 08 11, and so hope to get a least a glimpse of my favourite team and their best Driver, although my Husband may dissagree as he supports Jensen. No pressure in our house then. Ha Ha.
    If there is the slightest possible chance of meeting you, it would make my Grand prix experience complete, but I am not stupid and am aware you must have a huge amount of these type of requests.
    No worries if not, it will be enough to see you live on the track i’m sure.
    Thank you so much for reading my message
    Judy Johnson.

  2. Lewis

    Feeling for you fella, that car is absolutely awfull and the things they are having to do to make it go round corners are stupid, we know youre good but man Mclaren have designed a donkey here

  3. Hi Lewis
    I have always been a fan of F1 but never as much as I am now – I would not get up at 4.30 in the morning to watch anyone else- You are a fantastic driver and a real joy to watch. You are the number 1 in my eyes ! What I do not understand is why you are treated the way you are by the other drivers and teams, I have come to the conclusion it is just sheer JEALOUSY! I think it is fantastic that we have a BRITISH driver winning his way to the top for all of us BRITISH people to be proud of you are putting us on the map !
    I admire your staying power because after the time you have had from other drivers and interveiwers if I had been you I would have given up by now. But boy am I glad you havent and in any case it is your dream isnt it. It seems the team to drive for is FERRARI as they make up the rules as they go along or play dirty. Well I have all the faith in the world in you and wish you every success in the next race I wont wish you luck because you are so talented that you dont need luck. This year my lovely Lewis is your year so get on and shpw them others how its done and I look forward to watching your next race I wouldnt miss it for the world.
    All my love and best wishes for your future
    Karen x

  4. Hi Lewis….dont know if you really read this…but here goes…
    I ve never watch formula 1 or been intrested in it, however im busy doing an assignment on you and have learned alot about the person you are. I have your book….anyway i just wana say I think your great from were you came from and were you are today….your a true inspiration any many levels….good luck with the rest of your season…..and keep on living the dream!!!

    Shone South-Africa

  5. Lewis.. Lewis.. Lewis…

    Hey there Lewis.. Dayah here… I’m ur FAN frm SINGAPORE… How hav u been ya?? Btw, i wanna CONGRATULATE U on ur WINNIN in gettin 3rd position in SINGAPORE NIGHT RACE… 🙂 … Even though i dont get 2 watch it LIVE, but i still manage 2 watch in the TV… WEE.. N guess what, Me n FAMILY was hoping u will get 1st position but it end up u got 3rd.. But hey, dont b DISSAPPOINTED ya… U did GREAT ya.. N u WON, i was HAPPY coz tat day i wasn’t feeling well but it happen the race fall on my B’DAY… Haha.. So at least U CHEER me UP By winning 3rd position than LOSING RIGHT?? Hmmm… U r MY IDOL… U r my HERO… So tat’s it 4 now… outzzzzz…

    Fan from SINGAPORE

  6. HI L

    I would very much love to meet you but I cant and thats why I am sending massages.I would very much love to see you win in Japan.

  7. go lewis go you can do it,you are the best driver in F1,you have battled against all the obstacles which have been deliberately put in your way and you are still leading the championship which shows you are the best F1 driver,people watching F1 can quite clearly see whats going on with the FIA and ferrari get your own back on the track,your the best.

  8. lewis hamilton is the best formula one driver in the world im cmon lewis u can win the champioship u the best cmon lewis

  9. Hey Lewis

    best of luck for the ramaining 3 races, i’m behind you all the way,

    i was gutted when your gearbox failed in brazil last year! 😮 to me you’re the champion 🙂 nearly won in your rookie season, just remarkable.

    you have a comfortable lead now but as you probably know better than anyone; anything can happen, so best of luck , and i’ll be waiting to see you as world champion at the end of the season!!

  10. Im A Great Fan Of yours From Singapore! But sadly i was’nt Fortunate enough too see you @ de race when you were here in S’pore! De closest i gotta see ya was from de tv! But dat was a great feeling as you were here in S’pore to race! Congratz for Your 3rd place! All de Best for your Future Races! My Dream Is to See You SOME DAY! Tk Care!

  11. Im A Great Fan Of yours From Singapore! But sadly i was’nt Fortunate enough too see you @ de race when you were here in S’pore! De closest i gotta see ya was from de tv! But dat was a great feeling as you were here in S’pore to race! Congratz for Your 3rd place! All de Best for your Future Races! My Dream Is to See You SOME DAY! Tk Care!

  12. you is the most tallanted driver that i have seen and verry cool headed i love your book . you will be champion this year man u do your best . i would love to meet you some day u go hard and win!

  13. Hi L
    I loved the way you ran away from massa
    I would love it if you could visit southern Africa and the country I would love for you to visit is Botswana cause you would very much love to see the different wildlife and I would very much be happy if you could come to southern Africa I am very sure you will see me and many of your African fans.
    Lewis it is good that you beat massa but you should try to win this time.
    Good bye my coments end but I still wont stop sedding coments.
    love you L .

  14. Well Done Lewis, revenge is sweet. We’re with you all the way to the next one. Keep up the good work

  15. I looked and I saw…
    I listened and I heard
    It was Lewis Hamilton for victory I saw.
    And the sound of joyful celebration I heard.
    Lewis you are a winner
    Go on winner and keep winning all the way

    Destiny Omoruyi

  16. Omg lewis
    GREAT race in singapore, i just couldn’t believe the luck you had, well you don’t really need luck your so brilliant, 3rd place and moved up to a 5 point lead in the championship! With 3 races to go, Lewis race like you did today for the last three races PLEASE! This championship 2008 is yours.

    One of your biggest fans


  17. well done lewis,just keep your points ahead of massa,the champoinship will be yours, only a few more races to go very best of luck goes to you,love from my family to yours xxxx

  18. Come on Lewis, You can win now 🙂
    Your the best ever ! Keep doing what you do 😀

    We all love you !


  19. Pls tell me it’s true: I heard Kimi is going to practice for the next race in Sunbury with a Tesco trolley, cause ones you can handle those you’ll surely be able to have a crash free race with a f1 car. Also, despite ferrari not following safety measures when they released the fuel hose (short sleeves and no fire-proof clothes) they are still going to blame Lew for causing Alonso to take off with the hose. I bet you no point deductions for Ferrari there. Anyway, natural justice for Lew all the way…one way to the Chamionship, love it!!!

  20. To all Lewis Hamilton fans…

    Charity auction website are currently auctioning a pair of Lewis Hamilton’s McLaren team shoes that he wore for the Monaco Grand Prix on the 25th May 2008!! They are a size 9 and the current bid is £600, with the money raised going to The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation so it’s for a great cause too! The link for the shoes is and they also have a signed Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Baseball Cap currently at only £215!!
    Get bidding now guys!

  21. Hi , Lewis

    Well done in Singapore. You did scare me a little in Q2, but it came all good at the end of Q3. Lady luck works in mysterious ways, i mean “they” took 6 points away from you in Spa, looks like those points just came back. Only 3 races to go and you’ll be the one who will be crowned this year.

    Well done Lewis i really enjoyed your driving again…..10/10

    True Lewis fan

    Gaboca ( 36 )

  22. Hi Lewis..
    1st time im watching LIVE F1 in my Life.
    u r awsome!
    Good Luck for the next race in Japan.
    God Bless u & family

  23. Hello Lewis,

    Really well done mate, I have been following you ever since seeing you on the local news programme all those years ago. Like every one else I wince at every overtaking move you do when you are racing and will you to win every time you are racing.

    Every penny you have earned to date you deserve every cent, you are humble in everything you do or say, for your makers sake dont let the new found glory go to your head. I want you to do something that possibly a very few drivers have done in the past and that is to prove the small minority of people wrong because they are only jelous little button pushers and thats all they are.

    I will allways follow you i will allways be looking out for you in willing you on in your young career.

    You can do this you can win the championship, and all the best of luck to you and your family.

    Kindest regards

    Adam J Kennedy

  24. Hi Lewis !!!
    very nice race you did today ! Have in your mind that God is a God of justice ! God has given to you the points that the FIA didn’t want you to have in order to be the virtual champion than Felipe ! A new history of formula1 page is going to be written I’m sure you will be champion. God bless you and good luck for the next race under rain like last year ! Go go go go !!!!!!!!!

  25. Well done Lew!

    3rd is not bad atall and I sense a bit of ‘inhibited’ driving by you now after them ‘idyats’ dragging you ‘through the mud’ so to speak! and I wouldn’t blame you if you just ‘went along for the ride!!!’ lol!
    I’m sure you will win this Years’ Championship, even without too much of an effort, God is looking after his ‘good’ people and that is why the Ferrari’s got their ‘just’ deserts.
    Remember, what goes around comes around!
    Can’t wait for your next race in Japan and hope you are well rested and ready to finish the season on ‘top form’!
    Go on Lewis show dem!!
    X 🙂 X 🙂

  26. Oh Lewis, that was wonderful. i missed it today. I didnt get to watch you but i am so so glad that you are leading and thanx for not overtaking tho you could have done it to Roseberg, thanx otherwise they would have found something to say an take yo points away again.

    Lewis, isnt God good. He is a just God. Ferraris’ thieving, costed them a loss on doubles. hahahah. keep up the good work mate. I will continue to pray that you win all the way and the championship is yos.

    Stay blessed Lew and love you lots.

  27. Hi! Lewis Well done today Their is a god up their Ferraris pay back for the last race Good luck for the next one.

  28. Quelle course folle ! Je suis sûre que tu aurais préféré arriver premier mais ce qu’il faut retenir c’est la bonne opération au championnat car tu prends de gros points. Tu as été sage et c’est très bien car il ne faut pas négliger les points intermédiaires, il faut viser le championnat. Il faut savoir parfois être raisonnable et ne pas tenter le diable et finir dans un mur. Félicitations Lewis, ALLEZ encore trois courses !
    Tiens le coup !
    Valérie (la fille au drapeau de Magny-cours qui était à l’entrée du circuit le dimanche matin)

  29. hey m8 u are one of the luckiest guys out there … not talking about F1 but your bi*ch man … u are 1 lucky fuc**er

  30. hihihi- boof!! into the wall… again!

    hey lewis!
    what a race! nice one. but shame i feel a bit sorry for massa even though he’s our fiercest competitor.. not so sorry for the other dude though..
    anyhow you were just awesome.. 7 points lead, well done!!

  31. hi mate im so proud of you all the best for the next races and dont worry your gonna win it just keep it together.Also dont listen to the rubbish people say about you let it go in and out ok mate goooooodluuuuckk .

  32. umm bit of a lacklustre race dont you think? youre a lucky boy that ferrari had problems because you were no match! and how come you maon about being stuck behind dc??? u have the best car on the grid howcome you couldnt get past???? alonso and nico were the masters of today! lewis you were extremely average in an above average car :@) luck will make you winner not skill.

  33. Well Done Lewis!!
    Where was Massa? Oh yes, last. If he was such a great chamption why did he not move up the grid like Lewis? This is justice best served. The six points taken unfairly and neither Ferrari cars anywhere near! Can’t wait for the last three races, but will be a long cold winter without F1.
    I nearly died when they gave Massa a penality – I thought I was dreaming, but I suppose they could afford the luxury as he was already last. Typical get again, gave Massa something that did not affect his race. However, Rosberg has a 10 sec stop and HE was able to come second. As one of the commentators asked “What does that say about Massa?” Well what does it say? That basically he’s c**p and needs the FIA to help him get his points. I think Kimi was asleep again going into the wall. Red not that lucky for them today.
    Again, well done Lewis you deserve you place on the podium and well done to Alonso and Rosberg too. It was a never ending track to race – time seemed to drag!!

  34. I Think Lewis Is really good, i hope he wins this year 🙂
    He is the best racing driver ever ! 😀


  35. coucou de la reunion ma fille et moi te souhaitons de faire une magnifique course comme d habitude mais sois trés prudent c est 1 circuit nouveau et trés dangereux . gros bisous et tchin pour le magnum

  36. Hi Lewis,

    I’m so disappointed and sad that you didn’t win te appeal. Actally it is not fair..I think they have to analyse those rules and the FIA immediately.
    But anyhow..You are so high talented, and I know you will make it possible to win the next race in Singapore. A lot of fans expect you to win, but don’t worry if your not..We still love you and stay behind your back.
    I’m wishing You and Heikki and the MCLaren team the best in Singapore.!!!! It’s a big challenge for you and the rest of the other teams.
    You are the fastest so far…and hopefully you’re doing well for the next day and of course on sunday. I will watch the race tomorrow and sunday.
    I just got more and more interesting in car racing since you got into F1.
    What a spectacle….I got your latest video,a nice Lewis cap, wich I was wearing at the grand prix of Belgium, and a jacket also of Vodafone MCLaren team…I LOVE IT!!!!
    Greetings and kisses to you Lewis,your dad Anthony,Nick and Linda and the rest of the family..
    Please!!! Lewis send me a message!!!(I wish)…
    LOVE YOU!!
    Missy I.Th from Holland.

  37. ALONSO 1

    McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton set the pace almost all the way through Friday evening’s second session of practice for the Singapore Grand Prix, only to be pipped at the post by his old adversary, Fernando Alonso.

  38. Well done, Lewis!

    Great first and second practice performance! Just keep cool and do the same tomorrow in the qualifying and you will win the race on Sunday.

    All the best!

    God bless,

  39. dont let all those b######s get you down lewis you are the best driver i have seen in the 28 years i have been watching f1 good luck in the night race all the best no 1 fan

  40. Lewis is like a messiah when he is in the crowd. I met him earlier at Silverstone he was protected by officials and I sigh: “Oh Shh” out of desperation for missing a great opportunity for him to sign my cap, He heard my plea, stop, look back, smile and put his hands out , took my cap and ever so cool and calmly sign it!!!!! I’ll never forget that, ever…Thank you Lewis. His whole family is an inspiration, each for different reasons. That day, they all allow me to take pictures with them:”Shhh” Dad Anthony and brother Nick, very approachable and friendly.

  41. Hi Lewis, Show em’ what you got on sundays race go lewis!!
    from Peter, Karen, Lauren, Emily, Conor (your biggest fan) Michael and Holly Good luck in Singapore!!!

  42. Food for thought if Lewis had been given a drive through penalty during the race surely he could have done it on the very last lap crossing the finish lane in the pits , so the penalty time would not have been the whole 25 seconds maybe he could have won the race in the pit lane?

  43. Hi Lewis ;

    This whole penalty issue was wrong, and i’m sure , that even a lot of Non- McLaren fans would agree on it. With only 4 races remaining, this will be another close one. I know you can do it , because you have the right ingredients. You have got the complete package inside you , Lewis, no wonder there are so many enemies for you out there. Every driver right now look at you as No.1, and they all measure themselves to you.

    I can hardly wait to see you racing again in a few days.
    C’mon , Lewis show them who is “the man” out there.


    GABOCA ( 36 )

  44. Lewis, it don’t take over rejection of appeal.
    As usual you will show in Singapore, that you have talent, you are prominent driver and you commute on 101%. Lewis, it don’t subject .We hold you thumb. Good luck !!!!!:-)

  45. Lewis , Sir Jackie Stewart and Nikki Lauda are the most experienced men in the sport – they said the penalty was wrong , your fellow drivers diasgreed but both Stewart and Lauda rightly but that down to jealousy – you’re much more professional than the rule bending schumacher ever was. good luck for Singapore.

  46. As an injured soilder, and part time race marshal when I can, I would just like to show my appreciation to Lewis, Jenson and David for showing their support for the Help for Hero’s charity.
    Cheers guys.

  47. Lewis don’t worry about the appeal just concentrate on the rest of the season, CONSITENCY IS KEY, LEWIS. keep up the good work. I have a f1 guidebook for this year and have been filling in all the places where the drivers have been finishing atall the races, i put you first at Spa and Massa third. In my eyes that was the correct result and it always will be. GO TO GOODWOOD NEXT YEAR I AM GOING AND I WANT TO SEE YOU.

    BEST OF LUCK FOR THE REST OF SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Mclaren are jinxed!

    Fernando Alonso, last year over “Ferrari Gate”. Of course the guy was willing to use the information to his advantage, but as there wasn’t any against his team mate, he started crying like a baby and blew the whistle to his mum and dad (the stewards). Little Baby!

    Ferrari seem to have F1 under the thumb, they always seem to get the stewards decission. I notice that same race, where Lewis was penalised, the Ferrari’s battled each other to the first corner and one made use of the runoff and benefitted from it. Where were the stewards then?

    Maybe F1 just want us to forget Max Moseley’s sex life (Sieg Heil) or Bernie Ecclestones haircut.

    Conclusion, over paid, self loving, tax haven living, angry, pompus pricks who drive around in circles while we subsidise their lifestyles. We sit through their races and interviews hoping that one day, we will be as entertained as we were during the race build up.

    Sadly, F1 for me is only good for watching in between cooking Sunday lunch. Who needs it, stupid petrol heads wasting our precious resources by using more fuel in 1 lap than I use in a week.

    OK, you know I’ll stil be watching 🙂 Good Luck Lewis

  49. Don’t let yesterdays verdict get you down. Go to Singapore and do what you do best……………….WIN!!! All your fans know you’re the best and we are all with you on the day hunny. GOOD LUCK hunny

  50. You have been robbed, and treated very badly.
    When you win the championship, you will have the last laugh.
    Take heart, that every thing you have and will achieve is down to you,r skill, you’r team and not because you drive a red car!!

  51. If only we had more names on the petition, the appeal would have been successful. Should we start another one?

  52. Hi Lewis

    Don’t let them bring you down. You can win this championship with your own mega skills.

    Show those Prancing Ponies what true skill is

    Goodluck for Singapore and the rest of the championship


  53. hi lewis u r the best driver in f1 and this year i think u deserve to win it becaus u have worked so hard just like all your team.

    u rule

  54. hi lewis u r the best driver in f1 ang this year i think u deserve to win it becaus u have worked so hard just like all your team.

    u rule

  55. Don’t let the appeal put your hopes down, you don’t need it anyway! You can still win the championship without their points.. Just as Lin said you can win on merit.. I hope you win the championship fair and square so that nobody can dare object.. You truly deserve it! We’ll be praying for you, and God is on your side, leave it to Him and do your best as always 🙂

    Can’t wait to see the night race! And good luck adapting to the weird timings lol! Having breakfast in the afternoon, super at 1 a.m., and going to bed at 3 a.m.- now that’s a challenge!

  56. Dear Lewis,

    You are my idol and I like you and your team. You are the best driver from these wordl. Michael Schumacher is not the best. If you will be in a so fast car likes Mercedes McLaren or Ferrarie, you also can be the best and you are it. The FIA is an damned organisation. I the biggest fan in my town from you, yes thats true.

    PLEAS send my an autogram from you. I know that you want your quiteness between the races. But it’s my biggest wish. Please!

    Here is my adress:

    Michael Sporer
    Schanzlgasse 19
    6263 Fuegen / A

  57. OK you need to put this behind you Lewis and use to win on Sunday. That way you show them you do your winning on the track and not in the court room or with ‘help’ from FIA. We ALL knew it was a long a fruitless chance, but you never know FIA might have done the right thing (lovl). You just need to concentrate on your racing now.Remember when you win the Championship it will be soooo much sweeter.
    We are all still behind you and supporting you all the way.
    Be strong, focus and win in Singapore.

  58. Hey Lewis,
    We are all routing for you, come on hun!!
    Show the ‘Prancing Donkeys’ as my dad has named Ferrari how Merecedes Mclaren wins the chapionships.
    I hate the stewards for their rubbishness at what was a blatent push by Raikkonnen!!!

    WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go and whip them out of the championship

  59. i am behind you my brother you gotta be strong.iam sure you will win this championship…you are a genious better than machael..they cant put you down.god bless you..welly from guildford


  61. I am not Lewis number one fan, but the 25 second penalty – drive through is not correct. Appelation inadmissible? For who? Lewis is the real winner at Spa. Everybody watch him behind Raikkonnen’s car after they crossed the finish line just before La Source. How far – according the judges – should Lewis stayed behind when he left Raikkonne to regain his position, twenty five seconds? Inadmissible! The Ferrari car was erratic under the wet track and also KR closed the door at the infamous chicane. How does FIA play the rules? Massa missed the chicane as well at Monza when Lewis was just behind him but I can see the marshalls kept silent. They also punished Glock at Spa, but they didn’t punished Alonso who overtook Vettel at the same spot-same lap. So who understand those race marshalls? Vox populi claims for Hamilton’s victory!
    Thank you Lewis for being a hell of a driver and you are still the number one contender for this championship! Even I am not your number one fan, you deserve it!

  62. Sorry to hear about the appeal decision. That’s utterly unfair, but what can we do against it? Now, leave this behind you and race. You will deserve even more your championship title that I am sure you are going to win.

  63. Yes, Liz, I totally agree with you. This was already decided before they even went to Paris. Well, of course they bought time, because McLaren Mercedes lost precious time with this court case. Why then first letting the appeal come into court if they will smash it out of court the next day. Mafia money is ruling the FIA and Ferrari. Mr. Thatti (steward from Monza)showed his face already with the FIAT boss and this proofs to me all the false in this system.

    Just check out this link

    “Money makes the world go round…” “If you can’t beat them join them. “This is the credo of all these big headed men like Mosley, Ecclestone and all their “zombies”.

    Lewis, just keep your head up and show them on the track who the born racer is. This is the only way to beat them all – if you stay cool and do not cut any chicane, because they are waiting for your mistakes, I think they have 100 people employed in order to catch every centimeter of what you are doing. lol!. You showed especially in Hockenheim and in Monza what your driving skills are about and this can nobody take away from you.

    You are already the world champion, not on paper, but in the hearts of your fans. You brought a lot of people back to F1 and without you driving they would not have sold so many tickets and would not have so many TV viewers at all!

    God bless you and keep you.

  64. So sad about the appeal, but you don’t need to win that way anyway. Just go out there and prove you can win on merit – you’re head and shoulders over the rest of them. The next 2 Sundays should clinch it!


    Lewis has lost the ‘Spa’ appeal!? What a surprise! RULES! RULES!, LEGAL ‘JARGON’ AND THE ‘TOP NOTCHES’ ARE ALL LINING THEIR OWN POCKETS!

    F1 cannot be taken seriously anymore. ‘Race fixing’ the lot!

    Sorry if anyone thinks I’m wrong and ‘courts’ make the last decision-Well-IN MY OPINION! LOL! – This is a ‘miscarriage of justice’ and it’s a shame that Ferrari and the FIA probably have more money than Mclaren and got the best lawyers. Wonder if they knew the judge too?!!!

    Next Joke please……….!!!!

    Bless you Lewis, Right is still with you!

    🙂 X

  66. I would just like to say, Lewis, I think you are awesome and a breath of fresh air to F1. By a whisker, you didn’t win last season, this season, I know you are going to win, irrespective of what happens in the Court of Appeal, which in my humble opinion should never have happened in the first place.

    Good Luck!

  67. Dear Lewis, your a wicked driver and the best man out there at the moment. Hope you win the appeal today and win the drivers championships starting from 2008 and up until whenever you decide to retire. P.S i met you at brands hatch, doubt u remember me but i’ll always remember that great moment of meeting my hero.

  68. Dear Lewis

    I do hope the verdict goes in your favour today – you deserve it. You are a truly inspirational driver and I sincerely hope you win the World Championship.

  69. Dont worry Lewis. You are already a winner. You have already shown the world that you can drive with the best. Be it good or bad, I read more about you LH than any other driver in F1 lately. Just do what MS did several times, dont go round them, push them off the track or better still block the track. He got away with it several times but then he did drive for the reds………bless em!! That bit about the stewards saying they will be ok in the coffee bars of Farari country because they penalised you, is that right? surely it hasnt come to this has it?

  70. Lewis, I noted early on that you gave God a “thanks” when you won an early race. This past week as you were interviewed by Speed here in the U.S. you noted your increase in your “faith” and “religion”. Would you be willing to expand on that. I am a very avid F1 fan and have frankly looked for men of faith in the paddocks for over fifteen years with little signs of any. I was pleased to learn of Ayrton Senna’s strong faith and have a quote from him with an autographed photo and a litho in one of my lanes at my ophthalmology office here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The quote basically quotes “Nothing can separate me from the love of God.” It was said of Senna at the time that the other drivers felt Senna believed he was invincible and they thought some of his wild moves were possible because of his incredible faith in God, always there to protect him. Interesting.
    Congratulations on such an incredible career and keep up the “faith bites” we are so encouraged by.

  71. In my humble opinion, I think that Hamilton deserves to win because he did not cut the chicane on purpose, but did so to avoid colliding. I know some ppl may say that he could’ve avoided it all together, and I’m not an F1 driver to judge.. I really wish that McLaren win the case tomorrow, and if they don’t my most important wish is that Lewis wins the championship. The points he may gain tomorrow would help a lot, but if he doesn’t get them back then I believe he can do it!

    Praying for you…

  72. don’t pay attention the na sayers, there just mad because he’s that much of a better driver. he is consistant every race, and he didnt cheat kimi just got out drivin and that bothers the other drivers. Sumi and senna went through the same torment of comments. i not sying he is sumi or senna, but if he keeps this pace up he will be in that league if not better.

  73. Lewis,

    Sometimes when the world and the people who try to control your life are against you the only thing you can do is rise above it all and just go one step beyond.

    Just do it.

  74. Julian D,

    Ferrari are not cheats for testing in mugello it is entirely within the rules. Any of the other teams are free to do the same. I suggest you check the rulebook before you post any more comments such as this one to avoid making yourself appear very foolish and compromise the integrity of this website.

    This is a Lewis Hamilton Inspriation site. Not a place to make Lewis hamilton and his fans appear foolish.

  75. Hi everybody,

    Does anybody have a clue about the result of the appeal?

    Normally the result should be reported tomorrow, but maybe something came out already???!

    Thanks a lot!

    Sky news showed a nice report about the race track in Singapore.

    All the best for you, Lewis! Just watch out for the “Red cheaters” they made tests in Mugallo in order to better their tyre performance for the following “wet” races!!

    Julian D. (your biggest fan from Germany!)

  76. Rachael .D,
    I don’t think the problem was giving the place back to kimi but how close lewis was after he gave it back. Had he slowed down and pulled in behind kimi insted of cutting the chicane he would have been nowhere near that close. Anyway we’ll see what happens today.

  77. To the moderator of this site,

    Please remove the racist post below from babuino,
    September 19th, 2008 at 12:27 pm.

  78. Sorry Dannyboy Lewis did not cheat he gave the 1st place back to Kimi.When Kimi came off the track Lewis won the race fair and square and Mclaren put the appeal in not Lewis.

  79. Hi Lewis, My brother called Elis always wanted to meet you. He couldn’t meet you at Brands because he went on holiday with my parents. I went to Turkey for three weeks. If your back, foot, neck hurts. My address is:

    30 Eagle Lane

    E11 1PF

  80. To the moderator of this site,

    Please remove the racist post below from babuino, on September 19th, 2008 at 12:27 pm.

  81. Dear Moderator,

    Couldn’t agree more with Destiny.O so please can you remove the post below:

    “babuino, on September 19th, 2008 at 12:27 pm Said: ”

    It is very offensive and racist, not what this site needs.

  82. Just want to quickly say this; please all Lewis Fan, Man or Woman Boy or Girl, Oid or young, Black or White, you all are great people supporting a great star, but let’s not lose focus of the main reason why we post our comments on this site, let’s put aside the wrong mind and attitude and hold on to unending support for Lewis.H

    I looked and I saw……..
    I listened and I heard…………
    It was Lewis Hamilton for victory, I saw, and sound of joyful celebration I heard.

    God does not see a white man and he does not see a black man, God sees his children that he created in his own image and likeness
    Let’s celebrate each other and not put each other down and indeed be our brother’s keeper
    Thanks to all you fan and most especially thanks to GOD Almighty for everything and for Lewis, his Dad his Boss, even his Team mate Hiki, and the McLaren team as a whole

    Winner just go win in Singapore and keep winning all the way

    Destiny Omoruyi.

  83. Lewis U r the best of them u r my role-modle and i want to be like you when i’m older but the only problem is that u need a lot of money to be an F1 driver. I really do hope that you will do good in the grand-pix this year (08). Keep up the Great driving!


  84. Hi “Lewis”,
    I just want to “say” that I think “you” are pretty good. I’ll “be” watching you “race” in Singapore, and hoping “that” it’s a clean, fair race. It is two “bad” that their are so “many” mentions of racism on “this website” because I dont thikn that “anybody” really cares about theyre “favorite” driver’s ethnicity, it “is” based on whether thay think that “a” driver has talent, and if they “like” the way “the” driver beehavs.
    Good “luck”!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Dear moderator,
    Please remove the post below which calls europeans and the FIA racists.

    babuino, on September 19th, 2008 at 12:27 pm Said:

    Babuinio, this is a lewis hamiltion inspiration site, not a place to spread racist thoughts.

  86. Hi Lewis Fans! and Carl Katz! 🙂 (i’m still around!!lol!)

    Well, the World didn’t end the other Wednesday due to the ‘manmade’ ‘blackhole’ or whatever it was?!?!

    And we now face a bankcrupt World!!

    So in ‘the Grand scheme of things’ we’d better hope F1 continues! (as Carl K mentioned previously.

    Forget the racism issue! we all have to stick together!!

    Roll on Singapore! before everyone goes bust!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 x

  87. the man is mix race, like me i cant say whos black or white in my family,if there is any racism people shoudnt forget who start this ,was europe 500 years ago ,now the world have other subraces.he is a british driver,european born son of slave with master not is fault.i hope fia stop been racists because they are paid ti worck not play gods,the kid is good ,alonso is good ,kimmi is mad,massa is good too so lets watch the race n enjoy the show,

  88. Dear Lewis,

    First I like to comment on those passage abouth racism.
    No matter what colour you are,either where you’re from.
    We all need eachother..we all deserve equal treatment and chances..
    This site is only for possitive comments and if you are a true Fan of Lewis Hamilton. And I hope it stay that way..
    Lewis You are still my number one fan! You deserve to be loved!!
    I was there at the Grand Prix of Belgium.
    I really enjoyed that day. It was so special for me,because I saw my fan from a short distance.
    It was absolutely an exiting race..and you did well. It was quite hardly at the end of the race.
    You had to decide fast on that moment. Hopefully you make the richt decision.
    This is I.Th. reporting from Holland!!

  89. Hi Lewis

    My name is Suzan. I am 20yrs old and i live in South Africa and i know you probably hear this every day but i am your BIGGEST fan.
    Not only do i think you are the best Formula 1 driver ever to grace our screens but i think you are such a nice person.
    Last season when you lost the championship it broke my heart coz i think you realy deserved it but i know and i believe that it will happen.
    So from me and the rest of your fans in South Africa I would like to wish you all the best.

    Lots of love Suzan

  90. Yeah F1 night Race…roll on next week…anybody know when F1 comin to the 360? still playing F1 career challenge on the Cube, but really want a Next Gen F1 game?.?.

    Glad to see some Happier Posts!

    stuck in waitin for the UPS…..Grgh!


    and i want a Mclaren(red?) winners T shirt to wear on race days

  91. I can hardly wait to see Lewis race again……….plus the first ever night race in F1. Exciting stuff.

    Go Lewis , show them how it’s done !!!!!!

    True Lewis fan

    GABOCA ( 36 )

  92. Thats a very good idea, now that those posts are gone hopefully the people responsible and their own private agendas will go elsewhere to. this site is no place for racist comments againts black or white people.

  93. Oh Dear, Looks like the situation getting out of hand. Let’s all start again and use this site only for postive things to say about LH. After all that is what it was set up for in the first place.
    Not sure if a good idea to reply to varoius comments as that only adds fuel to the fire. Best leave them alone. LH knows who his true fans are and what they really think of him and that is all that matters at the end of the day.
    Keep racism off this site

  94. Dear moderator, thank you for removing the insulting a racist posts however this one still remains:

    “Audrey, on September 7th, 2008 at 4:38 pm Said:
    Unfortunately, Fight the Power, racism rules again in F1. The white man still has the power and will do all in its disgusting power of preventing a black man from winning the WDC. I feel shaken and disgusted by this decision. The FIA should hang it’s head in shame.”

    Please also remove this one.

  95. Hey peeps, & Liz Jackson 🙂 hope all is well?

    Been reading a few!? of the posts left by otherz and “Liz Jones & Audrey” both have and make valid points it just depends on your views. and your own background. The World isn’t perfect and their are good & bad people, nasty and nice people, sad people, happy people, well fed people and starving people, black and white, pink and brown…..instead of arguing the toss people should TRY and make it a better place! (yes i know it wont happen?) but that is down to mankind and changes that people dont like….by the by any one thought of this….IF OIL,GAS prices and so on keep going UP? and the banks keep FALLING(failing) theyre might not be a F1 in the next few years due to WORLD WIDE PROBLEMS…now that would be a SHAME!



  96. Audrey,

    “I agree it is bad for someone to be racist, but to state the obvious is not bad”

    What you consider to be obvious is considered to be racist by others and what you consider to be racist may considered to be obvious by others.

    Can you really not see not see the racism in this:
    “The white man still has the power and will do all in its disgusting power of preventing a black man from winning the WDC”

    You said:
    “I agree with censorship when something racially abusive”
    Your comments ARE racially abusive, just because you don’t think so doesn’t mean they are not to others.

    And calling the bible a “fictional book” is very offensive to the many christians who post on here and lewis hamilton himself. Your attitide is extreme ignorance.

    Dear moderator please remove the racist posts highlight in my post:
    “Liz Jones, on September 18th, 2008 at 9:57 am Said:”

  97. Liz, what is bad with saying we live in a racist country? I agree it is bad for someone to be racist, but to state the obvious is not bad. Reality check!

    Most black people would confirm this from their own experiences.

    Are you going to add this to your list? I agree with censorship when something racially abusive, or sexist or homophobic has been said, but not when one is stating an opinion based on what they can see all around them and their own experiences.

    I wish this could return to being a LH fan and inspiration site, sigh.

  98. c’mon guys the moderators right, and 100 people banned(WOW!) and he’s got a job to do 2! How bout everybody stop bitchin at each other we ALL (well most of us) Lewis Fans….so lets keep the colour/religion/race OUT OF IT! time and place for that so to speak….But not on this Site(which is pretty good) Lewis is a GIFTED young man, and i’am sure he can fight his own battles (what ever they may be)
    So peeps dont get sidetracked on other issues….We are here to Support and show how much we Love our chosen Hero of the sport of the time…which is Now..

    Dont forget! Lewis is our man, if anyone can win this GP Championship Lewis CAN!

    Big up to ALL the Lewis FANS!


  99. Dear moderator,

    Here are some of the “really bad” posts that need removing:

    1. Fight the power, on September 7th, 2008 at 2:44 pm Said:
    Go Lewis, you showed all those stupid white boys that the black man is stronger and is coming to take control of F1.
    The white mans time is done, pretty soon F1 will be run by the black man and black drivers will dominate – just like every other sport.

    1. Audrey, on September 7th, 2008 at 4:38 pm Said:
    Unfortunately, Fight the Power, racism rules again in F1. The white man still has the power and will do all in its disgusting power of preventing a black man from winning the WDC. I feel shaken and disgusted by this decision. The FIA should hang it’s head in shame.
    1. Audrey, on September 11th, 2008 at 9:50 am Said:
    ….I have to conclude that it is because he is black and we really do live in an extremely racist country…..

    1. Audrey, on September 18th, 2008 at 8:04 am Said:
    Liz Jones, the truth is the truth. I don’t know about some passage written by some bloke thousands of years ago in a fictional book. But it is a shame that Lewis Hamilton fans can’t stick together and support him as one without having a go at each other. It reminds me of why the Left is always in trouble in politics – instead of fighting the opposition, there is a lot of infighting.
    Referring to this:
    1. “Unfortunately, Fight the Power, racism rules again in F1. The white man still has the power and will do all in its disgusting power of preventing a black man from winning the WDC.”

  100. Hi there, I have banned almost 100 people from posting on this site. I am a fan but I do have a full time job 🙂
    Do highlight if there is something really bad that needs to removed that I miss from time to time.

  101. Dear moderator,

    Please remove the racist post below from audrey, she is stating that it is “truth” that white people are disgusting and the white people in F1 are racists.
    This is very offensive and hurtful.

  102. Hi all ;

    I had read all the most recent comments again i must say that i completely agree with ” AUDREY ” & “carl(catz). I’m a hardcore F1 fan since i was 10 years old. I like all F1 teams, so i don’t understand that why peolple try to push down one team or it’s drivers. Every team has high & low point as the years are passing. just a way of life.

    If you look back in the history of F1, approx. every 20 years it would take, to see a new F1 driver like Lewis to enter Formula 1. People should be happy about it instead looking for all sort of nonsense to attack him with. Let’s face it: F1 IS NOT FOR EVERYONE !!!!!!!! If you don’t like it, move on.

    Just because Lewis is a mega-potential F1 driver who happens to be “non-white” , so what. Since when became this precious F1, a “white man’ sport” ? His colour has nothing to do with his appearance in F1. The skin colour would not be enough to keep you in even in a small F1 team, like Toro Rosso trust me.

    People just simply remember that how many times in the past SENNA or SCHUMACHER had been attacked for all sort of things. Ofcourse then they could NOT pick on a “dark” skincolour. The critics are never happy and they will alwasy find something ( some crap ) to nibble on.

    Let’s face it : Regardless who the title winner will be at the end of the year, there will people they will be unhappy. ( some of them probably never happy, anyway. )

    Like it or not, Lewis H. is tha “alpha”-male in the current F1 world and that’s why people try to fight him OFF the track. He is the No 1 target to beat, so that’s why some people find it hard to “like him”.
    After all McLaren pay him to drive to the MAX., instead of “to try to please everyone” out there.

    Go Lewis, you are No. 1 !!!!!!!!!!

    True Lewis fan ;

    GABOCA ( 36 )

  103. Audrey,

    You said:
    “What a shame that this site has descended not into a fan and inspiration site, but one where evil people can post hurtful and hateful things”

    You also said:

    “Unfortunately, Fight the Power, racism rules again in F1. The white man still has the power and will do all in its disgusting power of preventing a black man from winning the WDC.”

    What kind of inspiration is this then? Blatant racism is what it is. Calling white people disgusting and suggesting that they want to keep black people down.

    This kind of hypocrisy makes me feel sick.
    “Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?”
    Matthew 7:3

  104. Lewis, You’ve got to win the WDC this year Because my 3 year old daughter sits with me and watches every Grand Prix and gets so upset if you don’t come first. More importantly, I’ve bought a 6′ long McLaren flag + flag pole that’s going outside our house for a week in your honour when you win the championship in Brazil.

    Good luck mate, anyone who knows anything about F1 is routing for you. When Kimi left McLaren I was really upset but the team has been blessed with your services, you all deserve victory of the highest degree!


  105. I agree with Objective Observer on this one, any form of racism is WRONG! and to lower yourself with such comments is stupid and needless..never understand why people do this????

    Fight the power, on September 7th, 2008 at 2:44 pm Said:

    Go Lewis, you showed all those stupid white boys that the black man is stronger and is coming to take control of F1.

    The white mans time is done, pretty soon F1 will be run by the black man and black drivers will dominate – just like every other sport.

    Catz says TOTAL RUBBISH – “fight the power”??? wot decade you from????

  106. There are indeed a lot of inappropriate comments on here, and those such as the ones below are the lowest of the low; racism in any form is disgusting. The moderator would have a full time job sifting through every post but I can see what you mean about some posts needing to be removed, the below would def be one I think:-

    Fight the power, on September 7th, 2008 at 2:44 pm Said:

    Go Lewis, you showed all those stupid white boys that the black man is stronger and is coming to take control of F1.

    The white mans time is done, pretty soon F1 will be run by the black man and black drivers will dominate – just like every other sport.

  107. I agree with audrey –

    “because that is how these sick people derive their pleasure.”

    “Is there no way that you can remove these posts daily so that it can remain a fan and inspiration site?”

    Site does get ot fair share of Nasty little peeps leaving stupid remarks, which i bet the Lewis Fans wouldnt do on the Site of a F1 driver they are not so fond of?

    Lewis is young,and the young are often “cocky” of their ability sugar in response to your msg below that you left –

    – “Is anyone going to sugge LH learns some humility ?
    His lack of it is really turning a lot of people off him.”

    Lewis is not turning ME off him, and i think he has just the right balance for some one so young, who is truly gifted and under immense pressure. on and off the track!

    Lewis is very sure, and why not…have you seen him drive….


  108. Dear Moderator

    What a shame that this site has descended not into a fan and inspiration site, but one where evil people can post hurtful and hateful things about the beautiful Lewis in the hope that it will upset him or his fans, because that is how these sick people derive their pleasure.

    Is there no way that you can remove these posts daily so that it can remain a fan and inspiration site?

    Thank you

  109. Dear all Lewis fans,

    Maybe this article throws a bit more light on what “Lyman B.” said yesterday afternoon.

    Not even that the race steward from Kenya (Mr. Thatti) manipulated races in the past and has connections to FIAT, he was the only one who questioned Lewis after the race in Spa.

    Just get one point clear, Charly Whiting was the one who gave the OK for the falling back after Lewis cut the “bus stop” chicane and gave also his OK after Lewis attacked Kimi again. This Charly Whiting was also the only one who reported this incident to the stewards after the race (watch out for the FIA report check out the pictures for the race in Spa and this penalty document no.49) A kind of a “two-face” personality.

    Lewis is a racer and he is behaving like one on the track. The same like Michael Schumacher. He pushed Hill a lot of times from the track! Face this if you would like to judge him pushing Webber and Glock in Monza! This was nothing compared to Schumacher!

    Anyway, Lewis, you are the champion this year no doubt about it. Singapore, Japan, China and Brazil are yours.

    God bless,
    Julian (your biggest fan)

  110. Interesting comment sugar, if a little direct! Even James Allen, usually found elegising about him, remarked that he’s not top of the popularity stakes. You could say that’s because he’s a threat to other drivers I guess, but historically there have been drivers who’ve challenged others and not felt any degree of unpopularity. There may be something in what you say if James Allen has mentioned it too.

    Do you think there is a race issue?

  111. Objective Observer, Sept 16

    If it was genuine then no probs just that in my opion with whats been happening they should have had the safety car genuinely and then the race starts as they all get back to their grids with the safety car off. Not race starting with safety car. I stilll question that.
    And Massa stil with is cooked car, well he would never beat Lewis. If he was good, he would have been doing it all this time. But just having a one time thing chancer, it does not hold any water in my books. Massa who gets points by just being handed to, he never works for them, LEWIS works for his points. So to be honest with you Massa isnothing to write home about in my books. Thank you very much for you comments tho.

    Lewis, you will win it this time.

    You will still beat the Massas in their Ferraris’ that are knowin for pulling better on straight than any other car on the track.
    Good luck

  112. Man what is all this talk of conspiricy and racism in F1. Ya’ll need to come on down to nascar where the real men are. No cutting chicanes here it’s concrete walls all the way round. Lewis i am coming for you with a drive at toyota and danica is coming to honda. Watch out boy.
    I’d like to thank toyota and M&M’s for giving me such a great car to write this post with.

  113. I agree with GABOCA ( 36 ) last year was last year and Lewis wasnt to blame for others stupidity or disloyalalty, Lewis & Ron & Mclaren should have had a HUGE win and celebrations last year and instead were penalized in the harshest way, and ALONSO jumped(pushed?) Ship. Lewis, Heikki(who is just getting better & better) and Ron, and the Team have been doing a brilliant job this season considering the fines and restrictions imposed on them for last years”waterGate” 🙂
    I like ALL F1 Teams and I am in the Mclaren camp, but i still enjoy watching and talking about other Teams and Drivers, and I dont slag them off or go to their site and leave crap MSG about them, so why do other so-called F1 Fans feel the need to slate Lewis is beyond me?? ive seen it all on this site, peeps goin on bout his colour, his driving, his big head. and crap like “just do everyone a favour and hit a wall” all i can say to peeps that put such crap is please find another sport to watch because F1 doesn’t need people like you!

    Anyways Lewis just relax, get your game head on and show EVERYONE that you are a CHAMPION! you can do it!

    Dont lose sight of your DREAMS!


  114. Hi

    Someone on this page who recently posted a comment needs to go back to grade3/4 because his / her spelling is seriously S***. ( i don’t wish to name the person …. )
    Also, please DON’T bring back the Alonso “story ” from last year because it’s OVER. He can say thank you for himself, because he had created all that for him last year. He should be embarrassed for his childish play all season last year, and made a complete fool out of himself in front of the world. His last year’ acting would make other big teams to think twice to think about employing him in the future. So , please don’t try to drag Lewis into that crap. If you don’t like Hamilton then maybe you should NOT visit this website.

    Go Lewis, don’t worry about these “sensitive” fools out there….hahaha

    True Lewis fan

    GABOCA ( 36 )

  115. Let’s not celebrate too quickly. It is only a rumour at the moment. Wait till Friday and then we can crack open the champagne! Hopefully!!

  116. Great news! I just read that someone in the FIA leaked to the press that they are reviewing the various petitions that have been started in support of Lewis getting his points back from Spa! They hinted that a decision by the FIA may be announced on Friday, withouth the need for the hearing on Monday.
    Thanks to all who signed the petitions! It really seemed to do the trick. Congratulations Lewis, it looks like we helped you get back what you deserve.

  117. Toni – Sept 14th

    They used the safety car to start the race as it was considered too dangerous to use the normal start from the grid, given the attrocious conditions and extremely poor visibility. Also don’t forget that Massa pulled off a great overtaking manoeuver on Lewis off the start previously so he has some serious competition when it comes to getting away.

    Even after the safety car pulled in the conditions were extreme so it seems like a good decision all round if it makes the start safer.

  118. My name is Mr Bappalappa bobaloppa dingdong.. I think Hamilton is no Dingdong .. He is a clear Racer.. ALSO IF YOU DONT KNOW RACECAR backwards is RACECAR again.. Good aint it… Boppaloppa shoppaloppa bibababba nop.. i love Hamilton … Please may i borrow 16million pounds i want to buy a few things. …. New house car … few People fr myself …
    My number is 07818 456891
    Please call me i pay £2 a minute .. please call me HAMILTON I LOVE YOU LOTS!!!!

  119. Amazing drive Lewis at the weekend. You can beat Massa. If mclaren were allowed to have developed the car in the place you weren’t allowed you would be well ahead of Ferrari. The FIA either want to stop you winning the championship or they want to stop you running away with it. Kimi is rubbish in the wet so is Massa. How do you do it. Keep concentration 2 the maximum. YOU CAN DO THIS MATE. Come to Devizes school somewhen before May. Cheers mate.

    From S.L-LEWIS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. Wow, this site runs some pretty hardcore censorship, at least when when people criticise hamilton, looks like anything else goes though.

  121. Moderator for LewisHamilton, seems like some msg’s need removing again?

    John Barnes, on September 16th, 2008 at 8:39 am Said:

    “Dark Angel you retard,”

    not really the sort of comments this site wants or needs!

    and as for the rest of the points Mr Barnes…what a crock of S@#T!


  122. What is up with the other F1 drivers complaining about Lewis Hamilton’s driving? Surely, the stewards would have penalised him if they thought that he did something wrong, they haven’t wasted time in the past? Alonso, Webber, Glock – you are all sore losers. Face it, you can’t drive in the rain and you don’t have the skill that Lewis has and that is why you cry like babies. Alonso forgets very quickly that he also drove his heart out and that is why he won the championship twice. Schumacher used to also overtake like this but when Lewis does it, then there is something wrong. Give Lewis a break – he is out there to race and according to me racing involves overtaking else it would be so boring. All the driver’s complaining, please grow up and don’t blame Lewis if you can’t drive.

  123. taidat olla koko maailman kusipäisin kuski. Sun ajotyyli on sellanen, et tarttis ajaa 300km/h suoraa päin. Oot sen verran kusipää.Saatanan NEEKERI.
    Saatana isäs on joka kisas ollu valvomas. Vittu ootko sä edes mies. vai onks toi sun isäs joku sun panokaveri, eli joku insestipedopanokone. Niin se varmaan on. Saatanann Neekeri. Ei kenenkään muun kuskin isät ole joka saatanan kisassa mukana, mut sun saatanan kumihuuli on. Paneeko se sua perseeseen aina ennen kisoja.Missä sun ÄITIS on ? Onko se hakattu lyttyyn jonnekkin nurkkaan.Saatanan neekeri. Vittu et voin vihata sun todella törkeetä ajotyyliä. Kusipää.

  124. Dear Lewis,
    You are undoubtedly the best of all the drivers out there today, the only fact is you dont have to defend yourself everytime something goes wrong, we all know what you are capable of. When you try to defend yourself expressing your confidence people sometime take it as arrogance, even so there is nothing wrong with a little arrogance.
    But you it would be more pleasing if you just let your driving do the talking as we are sick of people who keep saying that you are arrogant.

  125. Dear Audrey,

    If wish to worship a dirty cheat despised by his pears in complete denial of his faults who needs help?

    Oh, but you don’t care about Hamilton or racing, just using him to fight your sick racist war.

    Seek help audrey bitterness will destroy you!

  126. Brilliant drive on Sunday, lets hope the appeal also goes the way it should! Cant wait for the Singapore night race! Your the best driver in F1, just keep entertaining us! My partner went to school with you in stevenage and says hello! Contact if want to know who, think i annoy her by going on about it! Keep it up! you will be champion

  127. Hello Lewis

    Still a big fan ……..but dont get side tracked its what lost you last years top spot….and your body lang is the same again this year…..feet back down….good luck

  128. you were just awesome!! i mean really now you were 2nd at one point now that is true excellence! im not too sure why they didnt put you on intermediates with your initial pit stop though..?! it just didnt look like it was gon rain. i just hope that they didnt crook the weather forecast just to throw you off. jus kiddin- but ive got a funny feeling about this!

    good luck for singapore..

  129. Very solid drive in those conditions. I really enjoyed every minute of your driving at Monza. I do a lot of reading & searching on F1 , and drivers, etc., and realised that most of those guys on the grid right now are sort of scared of you because they know that, you have got them in the bag. And in life there are a lot of people they are just not man enough to admit it. Just keep the pressure on these guys…….hahaha

    I just love your style and driving attitude. It’s very balanced, smooth but aggressive too which makes it very entertaining.

    Good luck in Singapore, Lewis.

    True Hamilton fan

    GABOCA ( 34 )

  130. Hey Lewis. Have to say Congrats to Vettel for the win, he kept his cool and made it to the finish in fine style. But, you were my driver of the day, providing thrilling entertainment with all the overtaking. You are still the rain master. all the best for Singapore!!!

  131. Glad I’m not the only one finding it difficult to get hold of Liz on facebook. I’ve given up! I’ve managed to find the petition site, I think and have joined the group. Anyway the Lewis Hamilton Appreciation Society is another one.

  132. Lewis,

    Many thanks for the entertainment you have provided in F1 (and GP2) so far. Amazing driving man, particularly in the last two races.
    You sure deserve to be champion.

  133. Lewis you are good and don’t let anyone take that away from you. You are a great talent and you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. A champ will always be a champ and hopefully this is your year. All the best in your next 4 races and remember I am praying for you.

    PS, hopefully you get your points back taken so cruely from you.

  134. Hey liz ive tried searching for you and under lewis hamilton, wouldnt it been easier if you put college or school info or the email or company details 2?

    Anyways GOOD run Lewis, i mean at one point you were 2nd, and thats from 15th, and to finish behind massa, when he started 6th and didnt gain a place???
    Your driving Lewis was AMAZING you really came ALIVE at one point and just cut through the pack like a knife through soft butter, it was COOL to watch…YOU ARE A F1 SUPERSTAR that is what you are! 🙂


  135. Dear Lewis,

    You are really the best racer among all the drivers in F1. Watching you overtaking all the drivers until you nearly caught up Vettel was great and reminded me of Ayrton Senna.
    Just forget what some drivers say they would love being in your position. That’s all!

    Anyway, the only thing what was not so nice since a few races are the pit stops. Sometimes it looked like your team was calling you in too late or too early and you were caught up in traffic after that and had to fight back your position.

    Just take it easy.

    God bless you, your family & your team

    Lot’s of love,

    I hope in the next 4 races everything will work for you 100 % and you will score 10 points in each race. Just try to get the pole position and show them all who the World Champion is.

  136. Hi Lewis

    It was a bad day for you at qualifying, but well done, you were the best driver today by far.

    And you are still in the lead, and I know you can do it !


  137. Dear Lewis Fans & FACEBOOK USERS:


    SEARCH: LEWIS HAMILTON (and join group)



  138. Dear Lewis, You would have won if the weather had rained as predicted. I have never seen a driver carving his way up the field as you did. You were the best racer out there today. Bring on the next 4 races.

    You showed yourself to be the best today.

    Love Audrey

  139. Superbe course Lewis ! C’était un remake de “la chevauchée fantastique”. Je suis sûre que tu aurais préféré arriver sur le podium mais à ce stade de la saison il ne faut pas négliger les points intermédiaires et en partant 15 ème, tu as limité les dégâts avec ta 7ème place car au final tu ne perds qu’un point sur Massa. Le principal est que tu reste le leader de ce championnat. Il ne faut pas oublier que le championnat s’est joué à un point l’an dernier. En tout cas, Bravo pour cette belle course. A bienôt pour Singapore !
    Valérie (la fille au drapeau de Magny-cours qui était à l’entrée du circuit dimanche matin)

  140. hi lewis,
    i hope yu are doing okay after thegrand prix, you were good i loved the way you just went from position14 to 7 that was preety impressive any way you still lead with 2 points. you rock!!!!

  141. I have been watching F1 — every race, every season — since 1997. Lewis Hamilton is one of the best drivers I have seen in over 11 years as a devoted F1 fan. He is making longtime veterans of F1 look like rookies.

    Here’s my take on Spa: If someone tries to tell me that, in that race, Kimi Raikkonen would not have done exactly what Lewis did were their positions reversed, I would laugh out loud.

    I would ask everyone who can get their hands on a race tape of Spa-Francorchamps to watch closely again that disputed segment. Kimi did push Lewis off the track – you can see his left front wheel turn out toward Lewis’ car. When Lewis got ahead again after the turn, farther down the track, Kimi rammed him from behind. All this is on the tape – I watched it 5 times, during and after the race. So, in my view, Lewis did the best he could under the circumstances and deserved the win. Kimi, of course, also got his just deserts by not completing the race at all.

    I was very surprised to hear during the race today at Monza that Lewis may be investigated for another infraction, in that he supposedly pushed David Coulthard off the track. I wish people would watch the tapes carefully. Lewis did not deviate one tire-width from his track line. Just watch his left front wheel – it didn’t turn toward David’s car at all. David tried to get around him on the outside, bumped into him and bounced off. That is all. If Lewis gets another penalty for that incident, I will have to reconsider if I want to be an F1 fan next season.

    The young drivers on the circuit this year have been a much-needed shot in the arm to F1 fans, teams and sponsors. I congratulate Sebastian Vettel on his win today, Lewis’ teammate Heikki Kovalainen (my second-favourite driver this season), and Robert Kubica on their podium finishes. All well-deserved. I would have been happier to see both Lewis and Heikki on the podium, but oh well, there are four more races to go.

    Singapore, the night race, will be a challenge for all the drivers, and I’m sure Lewis will be successful with at the very least a podium finish. He has the skill, smarts and quick thinking to win, with a reliable car under him. Go Lewis! I’ll keep watching this season no matter what happens to you.

    Your devoted fan, Carol

  142. Dear Lewis Fans & FACEBOOK USERS:


    SEARCH: LEWIS HAMILTON (and join group)


  143. MK

    soz U can’t find the petition on ‘Facebook’. Think you have and ‘yes’ its join the GROUP. Thats how it works. Thanks and hope you put your name to it.

  144. Hi Lewis,

    You did well today. Fantastic job. hahah, they playd the safety car trick knowing when it comes to takin off you are grt they were worried u wld beat them. anywys u stil did a splendid job. only if you didnt have to pit again js to change tyres u wld hv bn on podium. hahahah
    cnt wait to watch u next race. Keep it up. you re gd.

    hahaah you jlous. he is stl leadin and he will win this year.
    Those who just chance shld enjoy while it lasts. Lewis is a true CHAMP and will prove you in a few wks time.

    Go Lewis, you re the winner this year.

    all e best for the next race. you are so so good its ublvable.


    You played it your way today and have made some personal, tactical moves. Smart! you’re still leading the Championship, you gave them a bit of a ‘Hamilton styley’! mid-race (just to prove you are still the best!) and you must be sick of that podium Champagne anyway! lol!
    There is a ‘nice’ petition supporting you on last weeks ‘injustice’ in Spa ‘winging’ its way to your London Office tommorow! So, hope the appeal gets you your points back that you ‘fairly’ won or maybe the FIA better revise the ‘rule’ book and decide if its actually a ‘competitive’ race or just a pre-planned race ‘fix’!! lol!
    Perhaps they’ll provide all of you drivers with an ‘Fia Handbook’ that you can ‘pull over’ and study if you have time!!!!!! Not forgetting to hand the stewards one too!!!
    I see the ‘FIA’ were ‘out in force’ today, especially Max Mosley!!!Don’t know how they can show their faces but they were on ‘their friends’ turf weren’t they! Don’ think they would have stepped out in ‘Silverstone’!
    Anyway, good luck with your appeal and look forward to seeing’our’ Lewis back on ‘top form’ in Singapore in 2 weeks time.

    X 🙂

  146. Well done Lewis, you showed them how it should be done. You kept your head and played safe where necessary which was important as points are now vital. An exciting race throughout. You did well to get to second place pity about the lack of rain, but again this is all good experience for you. You moved up 8 places whereas Massa stayed in the same place.
    Roll on Singapore. Also congrats to Vettal for winning.

  147. there are drivers and there are winners ….. today’s top 8 are clearly the drivers who can drive in difficult conditions with sometimes a little weather luck combined with their strategy.

    Well done Lewis on hunting your way through the pack and finishing the race in Massa’s mirrors. The highest mover on the grid! Bad luck on the lack of rain.

    glad to see you defending your place on the track — no more Mr Nice Guy, if you have the driving line defend it … a leaf out of Schumacher’s book!

    I’m off to pack now — see you in Singapore

  148. The win should have belonged to Lewis at Spa – I believe the decision was political to keep the F1 battle for the lead more exciting for the spectators hence more sales! Sucks.

  149. You have resurrected the interest in this elderly F1 fan. Been captivated by the sport since JC in 1964 at Brands Hatch.

    You have brought back into the sport the quiet composure of a true sporting gentleman.

    You need little advice – as you are mature beyond your years. Just keep doing what you best enjoy & put the politics behind you.

    Am praying for you to win the Championship this year as it will be the perfect result both for you and Ron Dennis – who had such a rocket ship ride last year. Go Go Go….

  150. Hiya Liz,
    Been having a lot of problems finding you on facebook. Have managed to join group PETITION TO OVERTURN LEWIS HAMILTON BEING STRIPPED OF HIS WIN AT SPA, BELGIUM GP LAST SUNDAY’. Unfortunately, there’s no link to add name to it unless joining the group is the petition. Yet again, you do not come up on search friend. Not sure if facebook’s problem or something else. Anyway, I’ve joined another group.

  151. maybe you should get yourself some patience before shooting off with your objective opinions!

    then just leave the People in glass houses……. ALONE!! we like it very much here in our our glass house.

    looking fabulous in my lewis top.. now im just off to the mall for a couple of goodies and envious eyes!!

  152. Dear Lewis Fans & FACEBOOK USERS:




  153. Hey Lewis!
    Luv u SO much, my whole family do! We cried after the stewards result at Spa, totally unfair, but we knew u wud cum bac stronger and better!
    Bad luck in qualy but u cn bounce bac nd win, itll jst make for a very xciting race!
    Forget about all the idiots not supporting u nd remember ur the most luved f1 driver eva! Keep ur chin up and keep doin wat u do best; being an exceptionally talented driver!
    Gd luck, i know u can do it, and proceed to win the championship!
    Luv Hannah XXX

  154. Hi Lewis

    Don’t worry about today’s qualifications, keep your chin up (:

    You can do it !

    Good luck


  155. Hi Lewis,

    I have followed F1 for over 25 yrs now, supporting Michael for a lot of that time so when he stopped I hadn’t a clue who to follow then you came along and filled that gap.

    I hope you can be just as great as he was and on the evidence so far I’m sure you will so keep up the good work.

    I would just like to say that I think the stewards where completely wrong with their decision last week. Funny how Massa was only find 10,000 euros for, in my opinion a far worse manoeuvre. It’s nice to see how many people agree you acted fair and square but I feel ashamed that your fellow drivers, especially the English ones have not come out to support you. Are they completely blind!

    Don’t let it get you down, all the very best in tomorrows race, give them hell. Nicki

  156. Hi Lewis!

    Bad Luck for qualifying today but I ‘feel’ that you are not on ‘top form’ because of last week at Spa and you must be under so much pressure particularly when you have all of the other drivers’ saying you were ‘wrong’ last week! Lewis, Truss, they are only saying it because they ALL want to win (obviously) and you know the money that’s involved and the ‘jealousy’ that creeps in. You probably thought they were your ‘friends’ and now you probably feel ‘back stabbed’ by them. Don’t worry, the support is out here with your fans and as we know now, F1 doesn’t do ‘fair’!
    So what if you don’t want to speak to the press, it must feel like the ‘World is against you’ but don’t let that drown you, you are the BEST Driver that F1 has seen in a long time and today was just a ‘blip’! Personally, I don’t think you wanted to be ‘Pole’ today because your ‘heart’ wasn’t in it?! You’ve got to give the others a ‘go’ I suppose! But hey Lewis, get back your fight and let your trusted family and Nicole and your true fans support you.
    Go out there and ‘do your best tommorow’. Blank all the negativity surrounding you and just liaise with Ron and your team! You can do it!
    x 🙂 Good Luck!

  157. Dear Lewis Fans & FACEBOOK USERS:





  158. “We thought it was the right way to go at the time because it was getting drier, but the grip level was poor so I came in and switched to extremes.

    “By the time I got out, it had begun to rain and I just missed the window when the track was at its fastest; it was also very hard to pick out the braking points.”

    Hamilton said he would not dwell on the disappointment and is confident he can carve through the field on race day.

    “It’s the first time this has happened to me in Formula 1, so I can’t really complain,” he said.

    “Tomorrow’s another day and we still have a fighting chance to make our way up the grid.

    “I’ll be doing the best job I can.”

    McLaren boss Ron Dennis said the team had simply been caught out by the changing weather conditions, but that more rain on Sunday could play into Hamilton’s hands.

    “The weather conditions made things difficult for everyone, not only us, and in addition to that we were caught out by a less than fully accurate weather forecast,” said Dennis.

    “As things turned out, there was only a narrow window of opportunity in which to cut a quick lap, and things didn’t fall kindly for Lewis.

    “But the weather may be unsettled tomorrow, too, and if so he should still be in a position to score a good result, even though he’ll be starting from a lowlier grid position than he would ideally have preferred.”

    I found this on ITV – about 5mins ago, so Mr Objective observer…you are not that observant! Huh 🙂


  159. Hiya Lewis,
    Don’t worry about today’s qualifications. We are all entitled to a bad day at the office, but if we know you you will do your best tomorrow, but if conditions bad you just take it easy and finish the race. Lots of drivers will make mistakes which you can use to your advantage you just need to be in there. Keep your head and keep it cool tomorrow. There are other races to truly fight for. No point taking unnecessary risks for tomorrow. I hope all goes well for you and weather what you want. Be positive you can do a lot from 15th. You’ve been there before and done well – just keep you head!!
    We all still love and respect you.
    Forza Lewis

  160. Bellet Valérie, on September 13th, 2008 at 4:37 pm Said:

    You did your utmost during the qualifications, you were given thoroughly. You do not have anything to reproach yourself because the conditions were so extreme, if you went more quickly it were the wall and the destroyed car! Then now, it is necessary to forget these qualifications and to think of the race, concentrates you on this race. Especially your confidence in you does not lose and does not let itself influence by the media and the badly disposed people who will make very to destabilize you. Me and all your fans are with you and let us support you. You are our champion. I would be with you in the car tomorrow. Good courage for the race which will be surely very hard and tiring. SINK LEWIS GO Valerie (the girl with the flag of Magny course who was at the entry of the circuit Sunday morning)

    Just 4ft i would see what the translation was 🙂

    Nice 1 mbali -“lewis today was just one of those hiccups.. that you often so brilliantly get yourself out of.. and give us a thrill in watching you do so.”

    so many detractors leave MSGS here and for what??? Lewis has WON loads of races in 2 seasons since coming to F1 and everybody has a bad-day, like you said he bounces back from these hiccups with some truly amazing performances……GO Lewis! watch the traffic that aint moving as fast as YOU when you blast from 15th to 1st 🙂


  161. gee wiz i wish you’d go be objective elsewhere!

    he’s obviously in no mood to talk to the press, so what! he’s a bit frustrated and disappointed. duh!!

    he’s human and didnt sign a contract to let everyone know what he’s feeling or thinking all the time..

    and incase you didnt notice other title contenders didn’t do all that great either.

    lewis today was just one of those hiccups.. that you often so brilliantly get yourself out of.. and give us a thrill in watching you do so. goodluck!!

  162. Tu as fait ton maximum pendant les qualifications, tu t’es donné à fond. Tu n’as rien à te reprocher car les conditions étaient tellement extrêmes, si tu allais plus vite c’était le mur et la voiture détruite ! Alors maintenant, il faut oublier ces qualifications et penser à la course, concentre toi sur cette course. Surtout ne perd pas ta confiance en toi et ne te laisse pas influencer par les médias et les personnes mal intentionnées qui feront tout pour te déstabiliser. Moi et tous tes fans sont avec toi et te soutenons. Tu es notre champion. Je serais avec toi dans la voiture demain. Bon courage pour la course qui sera sûrement très dure et fatigante. FONCE LEWIS GO
    Valérie (la fille au drapeau de Magny cours qui était à l’entrée du circuit dimanche matin)

  163. No word from you yet about the disastrous qualifying at Monza, unusual as you’re usually only too willing to talk to the press, maybe it’s because you’re trying to figure out what went wrong. Tho I can understand that it must be really embarrassing when you made all those comments after Spa such as “I’m great in those conditions…I know where to find the grip” and also criticising Kimi saying “if you don’t have the b*lls to brake late thats your problem”.

    I guess you’re hoping the press don’t give you too hard a time about those things; it’s difficult to make such claims and then qualify 15th I suppose. Heikki did a great job today and was a solid second, I don’t know how much info you share but perhaps his engineers could let you have his settings for the race.

  164. Bad luck Lewis, hope it was just a car issue? didnt seem like it was under you?
    maybe a bad decision on the tyre front??? who knows…

    Just Get to the front of the pack as and when you can(without penaltys???)
    and GO-FOR-IT!

    Go Lewis YOU can do it!



  165. A pretty big mistake to make with so much at stake, it will be interesting to hear who made the tyre call.

  166. Lieber Lewis,
    du bist für mich der kommende Weltmeister 2008. Die Skandalentscheidung in Spa ist eine Sauerei! Ich wünsche dir alles Gute für den Rest der Saison 2008. Mach weiter so und bleibe wie du bist.

    Gruß vom Bodensee / Deutschland

  167. To all Lewis Hamilton fans

    Read teletex last night and Lewis appeal is on September 22nd just thought to let you now.

    Lewis good look with your appel on the September 22nd.
    Your biggest fan Rachael D

  168. Liz have tried sooo many different ways to join you on facebook or even sign your ‘small’ petition, but you simply do not come up on facebook nor does your petition. I’ve given up and have joined the Lewis Hamilton Appreciate Society instead!!
    Noticed Belgium petition going nicely! I hope many of those people also wrote individual letters to FIA. That would really make them sit up and listen not that they are not aware by now. Read article in autosport. Who does Moseley and crowd think they are fooling? Not us.
    Forza Lewis a Monza – just win it babe!!

  169. Hi lewis may i say your the greatest and i love ya sorry about spa it was not fair to see that happen to you you won in my eyes and i would like to say all the best in the next races and go on and win it good luke mate…..!!!!!

  170. Dear Lewis Fans & FACEBOOK USERS:




    Liz 🙂

  171. Hi Carl! 🙂

    Nice to see you too putting your comments regularly on the page!
    Hey Carl: have you tried:

    Elizabeth (Not Liz?) A Jackson, Dunstable, Bedfordshire,UK?

    Elizabeth is my real name!!! lol!

    Best Wishes,

    Liz! x 🙂

  172. Hey Liz, glad to see you back, did try and find you on faceBook, even joined up, found a load of Liz’s but didnt say Dunstable?

    Stephen Jennings, on September 12th, 2008 at 6:40 pm Said:

    Lewis Hamilton and McLaren should take a step backwards and look at yourselves,so imature thank god your English and not Scottish.You should all grow up!

    Another waster leaving msg’s on a Lewis Hamilton Fan and Inspiration Site??? can’t you people read????
    “Please leave any messages you have for Lewis Hamilton here. If its well wishes and how much you love him, by all means say as much as you want.

    If you would like to make comments, then please be constructive”

    It pains me to point out that your remarks are not even constructive, and in no way are Lewis or Mclaren immature(not – imature) F1drivers and F1 Teams are highly skilled people, unlike yourself! – “thank god your English and not Scottish.You should all grow up!” so you are mature then?!

    go away and play somewhere else!


  173. Dearest Lewis!

    Just to wish you all the best for Sunday at Monza. I know you have the ‘Spa’ incident hanging over your head but PLEASE ‘truss’ that you have soooooooooooooo many people supporting you and you are in the worse place you could be this weekend (Ferrari territory) BUT REMEMBER – You must not let this ‘rock your boat’ because ‘right will always prevail over wrong’ and you are a GOOD person. I pray that you win Monza (because you deserve to), I pray that the ‘Italian’ masses don’t distract you and that your ‘appeal’ for Belgium is successful. The support you have outweighs any of the few ‘negative’ people which are the ‘devils’ of this World. As you know, there are plenty of them, some of them being the ‘FIA’ who let you go through the ‘Winner’ protocol only to demote you when the race interview was over!’ Sick! Every ‘dog’ has its day, as they say!! (mind you, that’s an insult to dogs!) lol!
    God Bless you, your family! and keep you safe while you forge ahead and win Monza GP on Sunday!
    X 🙂 X 🙂







  175. Lewis Hamilton and McLaren should take a step backwards and look at yourselves,so imature thank god your English and not Scottish.You should all grow up!

  176. Priya Patel, you’re no.491 of the signatories supporting the penalty, aren’t you? Did you know that the number of people against the penalty is 57,416 and rising by the minute? I think you need help.

  177. Dear Lewis,

    Well done in the 2. Practice. Let’s wait and see what tomorrow brings. The forecast looks not so good. It should be the same like today, but the rain should come down in the afternoon.
    Even if all of you have to use “heavy wets” for the qualifying it doesn’t matter. Fact is that the one who can handle these weather conditions will get the pole. And there are only a few (you can count them on one hand) who will manage it. Just imagine the conditions in Silverstone and you pulled away like “Lightening Bolt” from his starting block! lol!

    All the best for tomorrow!

    God bless you and keep you.

    Lot’s of love,

  178. sergio penna, on September 12th, 2008 at 2:37 pm Said:

    its language is very sharp against the pilots of ferrari, penalty that its technique is micha. who was that it delivered a championship, that not aguenta the predog? to speak is easy, wants to see vc to make with the mass

    ?????????????????least i think that is what the person said????????? translation not very good???????????

    and still dont get what he is trying to say??????????

    🙂 CaTz

  179. sua lingua é muito afiada contra os pilotos da ferrari, pena que sua tecnica é micha.
    quem foi que entregou um campeonato, que não aguenta a preção????
    falar é facil, quero ver vc fazer com o massa.

  180. Formula 1 Gran Premio Santander D’Italia 2008

    Second Practice Session Classification

    1. K.Raikkonen 1:23.861

    2. R.Kubica +0.070

    3. N.Heidfeld +0.086

    4. L.Hamilton +0.122

    5. N.Rosberg +0.249

    6. F.Massa +0.386

    7. H.Kovalainen +0.504

    8. M.Webber +0.660

    9. A.Sutil +0.808

    10. S.Vettel +0.912

    11.D.Coulthard +1.239

    just thought let peeps know how the practice runs are going? c’mon Lewis? or are you just trying to lure the REDs into a false sense of security? Hmmm

    Anyway all good!

    So go for it Lewis!!!!!!


  181. Please stop for a minute going on about the penulty and remember the absolute genius in the manner in which lewis controlled the car while he dodged collision in the trafic, while he avoided collision with kimi swinging his car around and while he pushed on aganist the odds to cross the finishing line. For me it was difficult to watch a very young mind trying so hard to beat the odds and overcome such difficult driving conditions to reach his destiny. I solute Lewis Hamilton with adsolute sincererity and admiration and pray for his safety while he entertains the world like no other. go lewis.

  182. Hello LH fans. I too feel your anguish with what happened in spa. i watched the race from start to finish and i had a blast especially with the drama and the last 2 laps where the better man came on top. well that said, i agree with Aubry that the British media just don’t apprecite the hero in LH who is working so hard and who manages to have the British Flag risen in so many races. I watched sky news and BBC 24 immediatly after the race and prior to the penalty being anounced they had given hamilton’s legendary win 5 secs of airtime but brged on about Andy Murray qualifing for the US open fianals allthe time. But both news broadcasts anounced the penalty in form of braking news for 45 mins and called out critics to give their viws which were so heart breaking to watch. if only you too were born black.

  183. Objective observer, on September 11th, 2008 at 9:29 pm Said:

    Not sure who f1 earth are bu to suggest that Massa is a cheat is ludicrous. What was he sposed to do, refuse to accept the victory?

    And Carlcatz, I’m not sure what your point is.

    Hi, there wasnt a point, only wanted to show peeps what comments some others had said on other sites, i do a lot of surfin and it seems that Good or Bad? lots of peeps are talking about the Belgian grand prix..

    here are some more Facts i have found (NO POINTS,JUST INFO)

    Lewis in the dock

    March 22, Malaysian grand prix
    Given a five-place grid penalty for impeding another driver during qualifying

    June 8, Canadian grand prix
    Shunts Kimi Raikkonen at a red light in the pit lane and is given a 10-place grid penalty for the next grand prix

    June 22, French grand prix
    Incurs a drive-through penalty after stewards rule that he cut a corner on the first lap of the race

    August 21, European grand prix
    Fined €5,000 (£4,000) after arriving three minutes late for the official FIA press conference in Valencia

    September 7, Belgian grand prix
    Charged with cutting a corner and handed a retrospective 25-second drive-through penalty

    Wonder if ANY other driver had this many Penaltys this season? just goes to show really, and Lewis has got a BIG heart to keep bouncing back.
    Dont GIVE UP, The Championship is still yours for the taking….Hope the free run/pratice going ok for you and good luck in qualifying.


  184. I really wish you non-LH fans would bog off from this site. Can’t you read – it is for LH fans. I wouldn’t go on Kimi’s or Alonso’s fan sites and write nasty stuff, but then that just shows that Lewis fans are nicer, more decent, are all about Lewis, are not childish and vicious. Why can’t you post on your own fan sites? Because you are just really horrible people who have a pathological hatred for our hero, and maybe you all need to go and see a shrink to get over it.

  185. Dear Lewis,

    All the best for today’s free practice! I am not sure if it started raining already in Monza, the weather forecast said it should start today, but for tomorrow there should be heavy rain and thunder. I hope this will not cause any trouble for all of you.
    You are the “rainman” and you will get it done on Sunday! All your fans are sure of that!

    God bless you, your team, your family and Nicole

  186. Thanks to you all Lewis fan and those who believe in truth.
    I personaly respect all F1 drivers because its a sport that takes a lot of nerves and great techniques, more also, it involves risk, we all know everything in life involes risk but some risk carries more strength.

    I also believe all the drivers are good, but there are those who stand out to be first among equal, without doubt Lewis is first among equal,
    there are so many qualities to outlin about him and truly those with the professional eyes of morto competition specifically F1, will agree with me that Lewis is indeed a unique F1 driver

    I want you to know Lew, not every one would clap hands for you to win, but don’t let that hold you back, let your focus be clearer and always have Christ in mind, Trust in God and believe in yourself you will win this years F1 world championship, I wish you all the best and just keep wining non stop. success in Italy and we will sing the England national anthem with you again as the winner, God bless
    Destiny Omoruyi.

  187. Hi Lewis,

    I am from Brazil and I am your big fan.

    Hey man, dont mind you are the best racer of this championship, nobody cant stop you if you dont want it.

    Show them what you are made of; you were born for this man — born to win.

    You gotta win this championship and show them that a new history is being created.

    And you are the witer!


  188. They have made a big mistake letting this gezza run
    he is too young and prepotent… can he control such a powerfull car if he cant even control his tongue even if it is for courtesy sake.

    Anyways lets all remember this is a gentelmens sport and always has been and hope that little kidd o doesnt get nervous an generate more accidents

    Wish you luck Lewis

  189. Not sure who f1 earth are bu to suggest that Massa is a cheat is ludicrous. What was he sposed to do, refuse to accept the victory?

    And Carlcatz, I’m not sure what your point is. The drivers you quote seem to be in agreement that Hamilton was in the wrong don’t they? If they think the penalty was harsh then the alternative is 10 grid slots at the next GP, as Lewis well knows, bin there done that got the T-shirt. So either way they’re saying he was speculative at least, and ill-advised at worst to behave as he did. Buttons point is what it boils down to, and Hamilton did not take into account the implications of those facts, or if he did he simply hoped he could get away with doing what he did.

    As for asking Charlie Whiting for a ruling, well he’s the race director NOT a steward, and as such he has no authority in that respect. It may be unfortunate that the outcome is a retrospective penalty, but the bottom line is, he gained an advantage.

  190. Ha Lewis, I am a Designer in uni and would like to no if you and the rest of the drivers like drinking hot or tepid water when you drive?. And if it was possible to have cold water when you do drive would you like to have it in the car?. And haw hot does a f1 car get to?. I no its a lot to ask and this message mite not get to u. But would be grateful for any response from anyone. I think the hot-wheels car is cool. would be better if it was one seated though. thanks for your time Richard

  191. Elwis sucks!
    “That is how he drives. If you don’t have the balls to brake late then that is your problem!”
    Luckily Kimi is not an asshole like this pr-boy.

  192. had the pleasure of meeting you at monza last year was thrilled to bits thanks for the memories unfortuantly i will not be watching you race at monza this time due to been totally pee’d off with whats happened after spa best wishes for the rest of the season and i hope you win the championship

  193. And found
    Conspiracy, controversy, confusion. Perhaps Formula One should be re-named Formula Con.

    The fall-out from Sunday’s Belgian Grand Prix has sparked outrage, anger, widespread debate, leading to an appeal which means the race will now be won or lost in some London law firm’s office.
    Without a shadow of a doubt, that is wholly unsatisfactory, and not the way one of the most enthralling, dynamic finishes to a race for many a year should be concluded.
    But that is the road the sport now finds itself heading down, as it did last year with the messy, muddled, and somewhat unsavoury ‘cool fuel’ row.
    That was a vain attempt by McLaren to see the classification of the season-ending Brazilian Grand Prix altered, one that would have led to Lewis Hamilton being crowned world champion weeks afterwards.
    Rightly, and to his credit, Hamilton insisted he did not want to win the title in a courtroom, that it should be won on the race track.
    On this occasion, Hamilton will claim he has already won the grand prix once, and so in many respects there is a case to answer.
    But it is one that needs to be viewed objectively, not just through pro-Hamilton rose-tinted sunglasses, or the shade of scarlet worn by Ferrari fanatics.
    For the sake of argument, and credibility, we have to believe the stewards of the FIA – world motorsport’s governing body that often has been saddled with the joke moniker Ferrari International Assistance – acted totally impartially and with impunity.
    We also have to put to one side the fact Alan Donnelly, perhaps not the wisest choice as stewards’ chief, previously made money out of Ferrari’s road car division.
    The charge imposed by the stewards of ‘cutting a corner and gaining an advantage’ has to be taken at face value, because in the wake of the subsequent 25-second drive-through penalty administered, there was a great deal of hot air wasted on conspiracy theories.
    Viewed in context, and applying the rules, Hamilton clearly cut the final corner of the Spa circuit after failing in an attempt to pass Kimi Raikkonen around the outside.
    The 23-year-old claims he did so to avoid going over the kerb and so potentially colliding into Raikkonen and sending them both out of the race.
    But you view any footage of the incident in slow motion, and there is a case for saying Hamilton had a chance to brake and file behind Raikkonen through that closing chicane, rather than the sharp left- turn he eventually executed.
    That is the hardline approach, one that strictly adheres to the FIA rulebook, with the stewards then having a choice of penalties, the one they eventually imposed or a demotion of 10 places on the grid for the next race.
    But in these cases, surely the human element must be factored into the equation because you can bet your bottom dollar no steward has ever faced the situation Hamilton did at that moment.
    With just over two laps remaining, the slowly falling rain making the circuit greasy, and with a win on the line, we are talking about Hamilton making a split-second decision as his heart pounds inside his head and the adrenaline is coursing through his veins.
    If you were in your own road car and you sensed a collision was imminent, you would take evasive action wouldn’t you?
    And then there are the moments that followed, the contention that Hamilton did not hand back enough of an advantage to Raikkonen.
    However, there is nothing in the FIA regulations that specifically states what constitutes a fair advantage, and in this case, data shows Hamilton was almost seven kilometres per hour slower than Raikkonen when they crossed the line.
    I have seen and heard the argument that Hamilton attacked too soon in his bid to gain the lead, but again there is no mention of just how long a driver is meant to wait before making a renewed bid to pass.
    We are talking about racing drivers here, whose job it is to race because that is what Formula One is supposed to be all about.
    Heaven knows there has been enough talk over the years about it being boring, that there is no overtaking.
    Yet here we have two men providing the thousands at the track and the millions watching on their television sets at home the kind of sporting drama we all love and demand.
    Let us not forget that on that penultimate lap and because of the conditions, Raikkonen went on to pass Hamilton again prior to his eventual slide into a wall.
    That was a mistake of Raikkonen’s own making, with what transpired just 45 seconds previously with the corner-cutting manoeuvre was, to all intents and purposes, irrelevant.
    Hamilton’s victory was justified, and certainly should not have been taken away by faceless stewards two hours later, akin to a winning goal being disallowed long after the final whistle has blown.
    Such a decision makes fools of the fans, whilst the sport – and the FIA in particular – attracts the kind of criticism that has been meted out these past few days.
    The bureaucratic stewards should have realised Hamilton’s move had no effect on the result and that a reprimand should have sufficed.
    On the contrary, if Raikkonen had finished second behind Hamilton, then that would have been a different matter.
    But that would have been applying logic, rather than the rulebook, and how often do the regulators of any sport ever apply logic?

    Just thought I would post it for any peeps that havent seen it…

    Roll on saturday and sunday!

    Go Lewis!

  194. Hey peeps found this at PA Sport :-

    Giancarlo Fisichella (Force India): “I have only seen pictures, and maybe he took a small advantage. That’s why he had the possibility to overtake in braking for turn one. But a 25-second penalty was quite a strong one.”

    Pat Symonds (Renault director of engineering): “As it happened in real time, we were talking on the intercom and said: ‘Wow that was definitely a situation where he has to give the place back’. I guess we weren’t surprised when the stewards were found to be investigating it. Having looked at it again, I feel very, very sorry for Lewis. I think he has been very hard done by.”

    Sebastien Bourdais (Toro Rosso): “I think the rules are very clear. Maybe the penalty was a bit hard, but he’s made the same mistake twice. He did it in Magny-Cours and again in Spa. The penalty is really rough, but in the end it’s up to you to give the position back or not. Pretty straightforward.”

    Niki Lauda (three-times F1 world champion): “This is the worst judgment in the history of F1, the most perverted judgment I have ever seen. It’s absolutely unacceptable when three functionaries (stewards) influence the championship like this. Hamilton did nothing wrong. He was on the outside, he then let him (Raikkonen) by, which is the rule, and afterwards he passed him.”

    Nico Rosberg (Williams): “He did get an advantage because he would not have been that close behind Kimi had he not cut the chicane. But I also think the penalty was a bit harsh as that did not have such a big effect on the actual race result in the end.”

    Jarno Trulli (Toyota): “The penalty was quite big, but I’m not a steward and I cannot decide what kind of penalty should be given. On the other hand, it is very clear he got an advantage out of it. If you cut a chicane and get an advantage you have to give back the position. In Lewis’ case he shouldn’t have attacked straight away at the next corner.”

    Fernando Alonso (Renault): “Lewis had an advantage. If he did the chicane properly, he would never have crossed the line one metre behind Kimi. You lose five or 10 metres and you cannot overtake in turn one. We have said we would give back the position, but at the same time you cannot take advantage of what you did a corner before. If you give back the position, take the slipstream and overtake the guy into the next corner you still have an advantage because of what you did.”

    Jenson Button (Honda): “It’s about gaining an advantage, and with F1 cars, you head into a slow-speed corner and the guy in front pulls away, gets on the power first, and that’s the way it works. A 25-second penalty sounds quite a lot, but that’s down to the stewards.”

    and i found some more reactions to the race which i will post in-min.


  195. Save your breath my friend!

    Why are you wasting your time if nobody on here wants to listen to your crap.

    Go and support the driver you like and write on his fan site and leave us, Lewis fans, alone.

    Go on Lewis, shut all these people up by winning the championship fair and square! Hope a lot of rain will be during the next races. The forecast for Monza is already positive for it and in Japan and China it is always raining.

  196. Dear Inge

    Thanks for those links too. Unfortunately Lewis is very poorly served in his own country by the news. When he was given the penalty, Sky News and BBC News 24 just said he was given a penalty for cutting a chicane. They didn’t say that he gave the position back and that the result is controversial, so people who don’t watch F1 will just be under an illusion that he was cheating. And since then, we have heard nothing except that McLaren are appealing. There is nothing about the petition, nothing on the broadcast news about how unhappy people are. F1 is a marginal sport in the UK, but even so, with a sporting hero such as Lewis, you’d think they would report more about him. I have to conclude that it is because he is black and we really do live in an extremely racist country. It is really sad that Lewis is given more airtime in Germany and other countries than in his own country.

    Anyway, us Lewis fans seem like really decent people, unlike the fans of some other drivers I could care to mention, and we should be proud about how we support him. He must know this, but you can write to him at the McLaren technology centre I think or send an email to them to keep them posted.

    Love Audrey

  197. Hi

    I just wanted to let you know the exciting news that Lewis Hamilton is very kindly supporting The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation’s new fundraising campaign, De-Feet Lung Cancer, which kicks off on Friday 12th September with an on-line auction. Lewis has very generously donated a pair of his shoes, worn as he won the Monaco Grand Prix, to be auctioned – so everyone can have a chance of bidding to own (and wear!) Lewis’ winning shoes!

    The site goes live this Friday and visitors to the site have 3 weeks to bid for their favourite celebrity shoes. We are inviting all Lewis’ fans to visit the site and make a bid on his winning shoes.

    For further information and to place a bid (from Friday onwards) please visit

    Best wishes and many thanks,

    Matt Boyle

    Community Fundraiser

  198. Thanks for the link, Audrey!

    Our petition was reported all over Europe in the news and the newspapers. Just check out some links below.(some are in German),,CmC=702022.html

    Hey Lewis,
    The weather forecast says that it will rain from Friday till Sunday in Monza.

    The victory is yours like last year. You are the F1 “Rainman” and you will beat them in front of their home crowd! This is what they deserve!

    You see God is watching and he is in control! He sends rain exactley on the spot.

    Lot’s of love and all the best from Germany!

    God bless you,
    Inge Douglas & Family

  199. Thanks for this link, Audrey!

    That proofs again how wrong and unfair Lewis and his team has been treated!
    Charlie Whiting is a cheat and also on the pay role of Ferrari.

    Even Ferrari fans start saying now that this was an unfair move against Lewis in Spa. If that does not “ring a bell”?

    Big newspaper publisher and TV broadcaster in Europe and what I saw in the internet also worldwide are talking about our petition.
    Check out some links below (some are in German),18954,3213_4126449,00.html

    Everybody who said that it is nonsense to start a petition got now a slap
    in the face.

    We have nearly reached 50000!


    Hey Lewis,
    The weather forecast says it will start to rain from Friday till Sunday in Monza.

    The victory is yours, because you are the F1 “Rainman”! Beat the Ferrari’s on their “home ground” like last year!

    Lot’s of love and all th best from Germany!

    God bless you,
    Inge Douglas and family

  200. Dear Lewis,

    You are a RACING driver (and a very fine one at that)! You are NOT a follow-your-leader driver (as FIA may want you to be?). You deserved to be awarded the 10 points for your win at Spa, and to me you are the still the victor (albeit, wth the silliness of the FIA, it has to be a moral victory). Keep at it! Your fans believe in you a million times times more than they believe in the FIA! Go, go, go!!!

    W x

  201. Mosley, Ecclestone Ferrari all with a hand in the pot of corruption
    only way to beat em get out in front and whip their ass (dont invite Max he might enjoy it ) good luck lew .

  202. dear Lewis
    everybody knows that you won on sunday- i dont know how theyve got the front to deny you the win-it was blatantly obvious to all that you did nothing wrong-1 rule for ferrari and another for mcclaren-pathetic- i was absolutely livid- how dare they- i hope that they can be shamed into reversing this penalty
    Lewis you are a true racer and a true winner
    I totally admire you
    your confidence and your eloquence are to be admired
    your strength of character-more people should be like you
    I THINK YOU ARE GREAT-want to meet you one day soon
    love watching you- you brought me to F1-thankyou-I am your bigggest fan
    you handsome boy
    you show them on sunday-get poll- and take off from the front and leave them all lagging behind- you show them!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lots of love Lisa XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  203. lewis without a doubt you are the master of f1. no wonder schooey retired when he knew you were coming and he cheated loads of times and won and got away with it. it must be in the ferrari contract that it says IF U CANT WIN FARE THEN CHEAT . U DROVE ONE OF YOUR BEST RACES SUNDAY AND THE FIA MUST BE TAKING BACK HANDERS FROM FERRARI. the championship is all yours for the taking. you make me proud to be british and i hope you wave as u pass massa on sunday coming.

  204. Hi dear Lewis fans, I’ve just read some fantastic news. Pat Symonds who is Alonso’s director of engineering at Renault has just come out in full support of Lewis, saying the decision was wrong, that this sort of thing destroys F1, that he did give back his position correctly, and then did a legitimate overtaking move on Kimi. It’s in black and white here:

    All those morons who think that he did wrong and think they are experts and love to put the boot in because they have a pathological hatred for this wonderful man, now you have a true expert opinion in current F1. Not only Niki Lauda, and Jackie Stewart, but now someone who runs a current team in F1. This means that Lewis knows, as we all do, he won in Spa and that Massa is an opportunistic cheat with his cowardly comments about Lewis being “optimistic” at overtaking. I think those at the top of F1 need to get a large broom and sweep out these useless stewards who know nothing about racing, and employ permanent stewards who have actually been in an F1 car.

    But isn’t this brilliant news?

  205. I normally follow bike racing, but i think Lewis was unfairly done by.
    If kimi can’t drive in wet conditions then thats his problem. It was him who was slowing up, with Lewis gaining ground with every second.
    What is Lewis supposed to do, sit behind him until the finish?
    Lewis in his efforts to pass Kimi, went wide to advoid a collision and in doing so cut the corner, not deliberatly, but immediatley gave the lead back to Kimi, who could have cleared off, if he could drive in the rain, so Lewis over took the “mobile” road block of the Ferrari, and went on to win the race fair and square.
    What annoys me even more is that Massa was given the win, when he was well out of the race for 1st and 2nd places.
    If this grossly unfair result stands, then the 25 second rule should apply to anyone who accidently cuts corners, what ever position they are in a race.

    I will now get off my soap box, and get back to the bike racing.

  206. lewis you rock totally mate! keep up the good work- don’t worry about Spa-the FIA are biased. Just concentrate on the championship and no silly mistakes! Seen you at silverstone this year. you were absolutely amazing. cheered you on since Gp2 2006 and think you’re the best. Best of luck mate!!!!!!!!!!!

  207. lewis can u cum 2 coney hill school in gloucester because year 6 are learnin bout grand prix and we have posters everywhere of you!!!!!
    from charlie x

  208. you were bad done by loads of drivers cut that corner and action was not taken, you have in my mind won spar, and i dont give a toss what and corupt fool writes

  209. Hi Lewis
    Good look for the week end your fans know you can do it.
    You are a fantasic driver and no matter what do not let anyone tell you diffrent.
    It’s all in your favor we checked the wether and it’s in your favor GOOD LOOK.
    Your biggest fan.

  210. Massa was was finned with 10 000 euro for that mistake…
    Anyway is better 25 seconds penality than 10 places drope on the grid for the next GP.


  211. Lewis was treated VERY badly!!! Massa committed an offence which he should of been penalized for but he wasn’t!!! Lewis did gain an advantage BUT!!!! he gave Kimi the lead back which as a spectacula sportsman that he is was a very mature and sportsman like thing to do. How did MASSA NOT get penalized for his breaking of the rule when leaving the pit lane and HAMILTON did after he corrected his MISTAKE!!! TOTALLY unfair for Lewis Belgium Officials should be ashamed of themselves. But if they need to cheat to stop lewis becoming WORLD CHAMPION then so be it!!! As if not this year he WILL BE WORLD CHAMPION there is no stopping that!!!!!!!!

  212. In my opinion it was mistake to pass Kimi on that strait line. You gained advantage
    by shorcuting that sicane and to by not pennalised it was necesar not to give back the first position to Kimi but let him to regain that 0.4 second wich he had before your attack. You give 1st place back to Kimi and immediately lunch a second attack being beneficiary of aerodinamic flow of aspiration and small power on your engine because you was in rear of Kimi car and this is not right.
    This is my opinion and I am sorry if you are not agreed with this, but this is may way to see this situation.
    I am McLaren fan from the days when Senna competing for this team , Is a good team and I wish all the best to you, Kova, and the team.

    You made good job, keep it that way and goodluck in the remaining races ! Be careful!

  213. Lewis and McLaren hold your head high, Ferrari can’t cope with Lewis talent our the strong McLaren package. As for Massa I notice the lowlife is keeping a low profile, the man is lower then dirt how can you claim something you never earn. Lewis you are 78 points in every really F1 fan book. Lewis to strong to good for ferrari mafia cheating dogs.

  214. John Barnes you seem to be missing the point. People, both Lewis fans and general F1 spectators were appalled by the decision on Sunday. We have every right to express our feelings on the matter. Petitions may not change the results but it will let FIA know that they are seen to be unfair to certain drivers.
    This has also been verified by ex-F1 drivers who are beginning to ‘see’ our point of view which was helped by Sunday’s decision.
    If you do not like what you read on this site, do not visit it -it’s as simple as that. This site is for fans who wish to air their views and read and respect the feelings and views of other fans and F1 spectators.

  215. John Barnes,

    How current F1A management are running this sport is seasonal, a season of corruption. It will soon come to an end one way or the other.
    It can not go on forever get this right. We will soon enjoy sport again. And not this rubbish they are doing. Already they know even if they wont admit it in public but they know the damage its causing to them, fans and the sport.
    The management there must start packing their bags because there soon will be management (genuine) with this sport at heart.

    you must be from Ferrari Management or the current F1A management. This means it has hit you, cos you noticed it. so you had to come on this site and put yo crap on, we dont need it.

  216. John Barnes,

    you are just one ass who wants to discourage people from picking wrong things when they are done. so why dont you shut your gob and go to another site an write yo crap.
    The petition was written even if its 3people it stil makes a difference. The fact tht someone mentioned it makes a difference. Even if it was one person who had raised tht complaint it would stil make a difference. If what they did was so right, why is it that even ex F1 racers who have won a couple of times said it was wrong. You have never gone on that track so yo crap u put on this site shld js be kept to yourself ok.
    Even if it wont change, they know tht what they did is wrong. and Lewis will stil kick Kimi an Massa’s asses in the next races. They are not good drivers they js drive a Ferrari that pulls better on straight tracks, otherwise they have not skills na tactics.
    Besides Ferrari are being handed points. Massa was not penalised last race before the belgian one when he almost caused a horrible accident in the pitlane. he got away with it. They points are not genuine points. they never worked for them. they were handed to them.
    has it occured to you tht some people out there have no access to the internet, so they cant say how they feel. Stil what they did is wrong and you yorself know tht its wrong deep down your heart you know the true winner of the last race is Lewis.

  217. Thanks John, for this nice essay about statistics!

    And Thanks, for the nice compliment (“hardcore Hamilton fanatics”)

    If you do not like our way of support and our way of thinking try to keep your comments to yourself or share it with mind-like people.

  218. Formula 1 has a worldwide audience of 200,000,000 people (200million).

    30,000 signatures on a petition is 0.15% of that audience.

    The FIA will not take any notice of such an insignificant number. They will just put that number down to hardcore hamilton fanatics.

    It not even representative of the people in the UK. There are 60miliion people in the UK, those 30,000 signatures, even if just from the UK are 0.05% of the UK’s population. Tells a bit of a different story than the press who say “the whole of the UK iks outraged” doesn’t it!

    There are people involved in formula one outside of the website you know !

    Even if the petition was 50, 70 or 90% of the F1 audience the FIA would still not change their minds. Formula one is their sport. They created it and run it, if lewis hamilton, ron denis or anybody else does not like the way they run it they are completely free, as is everybody on this website to start their own motor racing series and run that however they want.

    Many people have tried this but without the genius of bernie eccelstone and max mosley all have failed.

    Remember though your petition is a very good indicator of how many people who follow F1 think differently to you, 99.85% of them, although i suppose this is hard to remember if you submerge yourself in this site.

  219. To every Lewis fan here on this site,

    I heart yesterday evening that McLaren Mercedes (Ron Dennis) informed the racing management directley after the incident in the “bos stop chicane” and Charly Whiting (racing management!) gave his OK the way Lewis was giving Kimi the advantage by falling back behind him after the finishing lane!
    I think this is it and no race stewart has a foot hold in this case now. The FIA has to give Lewis his points back!

    30656 so far this morning! This is great! Let’s fill it up to 50000!!!

    Great support from all of you!

  220. Gosh, 30,000 plus people have signed the petition. Surely, we all CAN’T be wrong. Well done Niki Lauda for speaking up. I was glad that he said that at first he doubted what people were saying about bias, etc. but after Sunday’s decision even he was beginning to question motive! We need more like him to speak out.
    However, Lewis and co are unable to as it would definitely affect their relationship with FIA and we do not want that so we, his fans and general spectators, need to do it for him. Keep up the good work guys even if it may fall on deaf ears. They cannot say they do not know how we feel after this.
    Hope the appeal is successful, but truthfully I can’t see FIA backing down! Hope I[m proved wrong. They should overturn their own stupid ruling and next time they shuold think before they act!

  221. Hi Carl (Catz),

    I think you are searching for the “facebook” of Liz. She will not be able to answer you until Saturday, because she is in vacation. I am a good friend of her and I kindly would like to let you know the reason why she will not be able to give an answer.


  222. Lewis, you are the winner of the Belgian Grand Prix no matter what anyone else says. You have single-handedly changed F1 and made it so exciting. FIA is out to get you but don’t let them – show them that you are the champion.

  223. Dear “Objective ocserver”,

    First of all I said not that they ARE jealous, I said “it SEEMS that they are jealous of him”. There is a big difference. Anyway he did not do anything wrong to nobody.
    Everybody here on this site who is a true “Lewis Hamilton” fan knows what kind of person he is and there is nothing to say negative about him.

    Anyway, just check out the news properly before you start judging Lewis for any fault. Charly Whiting (racing management!) gave his OK to the manouver while passing Kimi on the “bus stop” chicane and falling back at the finishing lane behind him.

    Who is blaming who?

    What you say is not objective at all and I think nobody here is interested in your “negative views”. Listen to Nikki Lauda or some other experts they have a lot of knowledge and experience.

    Just leave this site and chat to people you can impress with your views!

    Have a nice day!

  224. Inge – you say that Lewis has not so many friends amongst the other drivers because they are jealous of him???? Is that really the best you can do? Could it not be that they don’t find him as amenable and his behaviour in general not as acceptable as that of the majority? Why must EVERYTHING always be somebody elses fault? when does Hamilton start taking responsibility for himself rather than blame circumstances, people, stewards, other drivers and just about anything that isn’t attributable to him?

  225. @ Steve i totally agree, that decision takes even more respect out of f1 for me.
    Anyways Lewis you are abosolutely amazing and don’t let all this bad s*** keep you down

  226. In 24 years of watching F1 I haven’t felt so strongly about such a lousy ruling as that given against Lewis on Sunday. Shocking. If anyone has doubts, listen to Niki Lauda, there is a man who knows what he’s talking about. More than can be said of the stewards on Sunday.

  227. enno144 dont talk rubbish dont bother watching formula 1 then if thats how you see lewis just go away put on another channel we are behind lewis ok

  228. lewis no matter wat you do and how many races you win it seems that someone always finds something wrong with your racing and it always in volves a ferrari behind you .i saw kimi try and take you off the track and so did millions of others and i hope the appeal goes well for you .wen it rained you shone like the true star that you are you reeled kimi in like a fish he stood no chance against you good luck mate and make sure u beat the ferraris on sunday

  229. Lewis, absolutely disgusted by the decision made this weekend over your win. Have been watching F1 for the last 15 Years and never felt so strongly over anything to do with this sport before. Your are an ambassador for the sport. The FIA should be disgusted with their decision. Lewis go out there this weekend with your head held high and win this next race with complete pride … show them who is the proffesional , SKILLFULL driver that you really are. The nation is behind you…drive carefully.

  230. Lewis you were the winner of the Belgiun grand prix,it is sad to see what is going on to help ferrari. Regards John.

  231. Well what a day? weather Pants! our towns river Flooded, well bad?

    Started to revise my eBay Listings so that the Links for the PETITION and NIKI LAUDA interview are included in the listings(so hopefully, if ebay dont moan?) all the peeps that look at my items for sale can if they want to Join us in our Fight for Justice for Lewis and Mclaren.

    Liz tried to find you on FaceBook? sent a MSG to 1 Liz jackson? not sure if it is U?? Lol 🙂 never used FaceBook before!

    To Lewis & Mclaren & Family…More people talking about this than EVER! which means that the FIA will have to watch what they say and do towards you from now on…because the WORLD is WATCHING..Them!

    To ALL the Fans…Great site…Great people…Keep it up!

    Justice will be Done!

  232. Babe hold your head up high, I know you can do it, thank God for your family and close friends.

    5 more to go and you will win this title if there is any justice in the world.

    As the saying goes ‘ you can’t keep a good man down’ and that is exactly what you are………I can only imagine what you’re going through right now I had an instant migraine on hearing the news.

    I really feel sorry for people like the FIA, stewards and other sad losers who agree with them like Massa etc. How many more points are those nutty stewards going to hand to Ferrari? It’s sickening. Surely if you’re a true racer you want to win ON THE TRACK.

    As your Dad said Lew they can take away your points and penalise you all they want but no one else but YOU won that race.

    Good luck with the rest of the season.

    Love Ya Loads……….. xoxo

    ps say hi to Nicole 🙂

  233. Outrageous, fia ruling against Lewis. The World watched and heard the rules (via ITV / other commentary), yet Lewis is ruled against again. What does Lewis have to do? drive a red car where fia clearly seem to let off the ‘big / dangerous’ mistakes, like in the pits in a previous race!

    Lewis didn’t do any thing wrong, let him have the win.

    Graham Bishop

  234. What do you expect, John, Jarno Trulli is Italian.

    I heart that Alonso must have given the same statement today. What can you expect?!

    Lewis has not so many friends among all the drivers. It seems that a lot of them are really jealous of him.

    Come on Lewis, you are the best out there. It does not matter what anybody says.


  235. Lewis,

    Further to the obvious nonsence of the FIA stripping you (I wont add to it but I think it is obvious how the public feel), are you aware that the FIA are using your picture on the front page of thier website to promote themselves? The very day after docking you.

    This is a farce, lets boycott the next race

  236. “Jarno Trulli says he has no doubts that Lewis Hamilton did gain an advantage by cutting the chicane at the Belgian Grand Prix.

    As the controversy rages over whether the race stewards were right to hand down a 25-second penalty for Hamilton’s driving, Trulli thinks that the McLaren driver did benefit from missing out the final corner.

    “In my opinion Hamilton got an advantage by cutting the chicane,” Trulli told Gazzetta dello Sport. “Had he stayed on the road, he wouldn’t have had the speed to overtake the Ferrari.”

  237. Hi Ian,

    Thanks. I think I wrote already 5 times and it is great to see how many people are behind Lewis. I hope that this petition will make these wicked people think about what they have done.

    God bless all his fans!
    I saw a nice comment (21145):
    What a disgrace for the Motorsport. Let the politicians make their jobs and let drivers make theirs. Of course rules and regulations have to be set, but if there is no breaking of rules why then giving any penalty. You are all bias against McLaren and now it it visible for the whole world. What a shame for all of your people. How can you still look into the mirror, or maybe all of you are already dulled and is it normal to be evil. You have to give account later in your life for that. Every injustice will be judged by God. Ready to meet your maker, or do you better would like to change your attitude quick and give Lewis and McLaren Mercedes back what they deserve? I think all of you are driving a Mercedes?! Better for all of you to buy a Ferrari! This car suits you more!

  238. Hi Lewis,

    I just want you to know that it is a season of corruption in this world of today in so many areas. Unfortunatly u have fallen under this thing of people who abuse their powers and misuse it just to frustrate other people and have their way where they shouldnt.
    F1 bosses, their stwards, Ferrari Domi… whatever his full name is, abuse their power just to rob you, your team and your fans of points and the joy. However when the ferrari knocks the walls again and the engine blows again in the next races to come we will see how they will use their powers to say oh they got 10points and strip you of the comin points again. We will be watching and God is watching too, God is a fair and just God, one way or the other we will get the points back and you will be champ this year because a series of last year whre they handed it to Kimmi is not goin to happen again.

  239. Dear Lewis,

    I know you will show in Monza who was the true winner (and still is) last weekend!
    What does not break you will make you stronger! And I believe in you
    100 %. You are a born racer with an extraordinary, “god-given” talent.
    Just trust and believe in God and he will show all of them who really is in control!

    You will make it in Monza this weekend! Pole (I hope “double pole) and we will listen to the great British anthem on Sunday again!

    Lot’s of love from Germany!
    Inge, Denis, Miles, Dwayne & Aaliyah

  240. hi Lewis, I wish you to be the world champion for 2008
    as you are the best pilot and also very regular .

    It is so unfair what has happened to you aT SPA and this is
    politics, as people want ferrari to win !!
    it is a shame as the race was so exciting and you dominated it !
    everybody in FRANCE tells it is not fair at all !


  241. A few of the comments fron this site have been quoted in today’s Times, so our message gets across!

    I cannot understand why people refer to Lewis as being black, he is of mixed parentage, hasn’t anyone seen his Mother at the races? Lewis is a glorious colour, but it aint black!

  242. Elizabeth, I have been unable to find you on facebook, I even opened up a different account as apparently mine was one of the few servers facebook were ‘working on’. I still can’t call you up.
    I’ve signed a few other petitions though so hopefully the idiots at FIA will realise that this time they really did overstep the mark!


  244. Lewis Hamilton is the greatest grand prix driver of all times (Senna a close second) – I just cannot believe that the brillient performance from Hamilton was questioned at all. The whole thing is shocking. Last year was bad enough as Hamilton was robbed of winning the 2007 and now this!!!!! How can we show how cross and upset we are with the F1 decision and the 25 second penalty – we must surely be able to do something – just comments are not enough, we need to have some action – but what is there to do? Is there an action group or something we can sign – the F1 people need to know how we feel – if there is no action to change the penalty, I for one will not ever watch F1 motor racing again – I love Lewis Hamleton I think that he is an outstanding person and a very talented man – this type of victimisation will only make him bitter and that would be an absolute crime. What can we do now and in the future to stop this victimisation?

  245. I said to you Lewis some time ago that you should go and win so that we will hear the England national anthem for you again and indeed it was so.
    You said in you comment that you prayed for rain and the Heaven opened, indeed the Heaven opened on you and gave you victory, and because the eaven can not be closed there for you winning the championship this year shall not be taken away from you
    I know this is a man made game of sport, but some time good things do not come easy, just like David the shepard boy was anointed to becom king, but he went through hell and at last he became king, no matter what is hapening now, trust and believe God, with the talent he gave to you and the effort of your dad, your boss, and the good team, you will not only win this year but you will continue to win always
    Go on winner and just keep winnin, I am very suer in Italy we will hear the England national anthem for you again good luke and god bless
    more grace to your ability and consistency.

  246. Paul Reid, Thanks for your comment but I want you to know this:
    Lewis may pent his car RED, but it is Mecedez benz / Mclaren engine that runs the car.
    Lewis may turn his color to white, it is the blood of a black man that flows in his vain.
    So it is not about the colour of the car or person even though, there is now need for people to openly think and speak that if is about the colour of lewis
    I think it is about a young man blessde by God, anointed by the father and launched out for greatness, there are some unscrupulous element trying to stop him, but they can never be able to do it this time, because the eyes of the world are now open to F1.

  247. I feel really sorry for you Lewis – you deserved the victory but I still think you made a mistake that was asking to be punished. Kimi gave you no choice but to cut the chicane, but only relinquishing the position for a few seconds isn’t sufficient. You should have waited until getting a run on him down to Eau Rouge or up the hill towards Les Combes.

    To the rest of you who are outraged – you will argue that Lewis would have passed him anyway…..probably, but do you know that for sure? It becomes a different mindset and a different situation for each driver when the positions are reversed.

    I’ve watched it a gazillion times and objectively I think the stewards made the right call….albeit a harsh one. There is a lot of emotion that is clouding peoples’ judgement throughout the media. Apparently Felipe Massa has said that this has issue of cutting chicanes and giving back position has been discussed in pre-race meetings and something like what Lewis did in the race was deemed to be illegal.

  248. I have enjoyed F1 more than ever since you came on the scene, I love your driving and the way you carry yourself, just keep doing what you’re doing. I will not have anything else to do with F1 until they correct this unjust act, and let me tell you I love racing! Anyway I love your driving even more. By the way there seems to be this debate about whether you’re good or great, you proved you were great your rookie year by having the best rookie season ever.
    Thanks for everything,

  249. Cheers Liz 🙂

    Love this site and reading the praise and support for Lewis.

    Some nice (if thats the right word to use?) points Trevor Marsden.

    Will sign up on your Facebook petition 2 moz Liz.

    CaTz. x

    THANK YOU! 🙂

  251. Lewis
    My wife and i are great enthusiasts of formula one, and nothing gets in the way of cheering you on in qualifying and of course the race. We are totally stunned at the decision by the stewards after your fantastic drive at spa. It is all well and good for the armchair pundits to break down the action retrospectively. To handle a racing car as you do in those conditions, takes ability that very few people possess. Do the stewards want to promote the excitement of motor racing and bring it to an ever wider audience? or as it seems in this case turn people away from the sport. I am sure that the values instilled into you by your father would not allow you to win by unfair means, after all that would have no meaning at all. Drawing a comparison to the previous race at Valencia when Fellipe was released into the path of another driver by his team. This was a safety issue and there was still at least a third of the race left, in which the stewards could have taken action. This would have been harsh on Fellipe as he did drive an excellent race, the fault was of his pit crew, however as you often say the team are as one.

    If i were in Fellipes’ position and went on to win the world championship by less than the penalty incurred at Spa, i would refuse the title and say that Lewis Hamilton was the deserved recipient. After all the issues surrounding the 2007 season, you said that you wished to win the title on the track and not at a stewards inquiry.

    You are one of the most talented of British sports people, do not allow this experience to detract from fulfilling your dream, all fair minded and impartial Brits will be cheering you every step of the way. My wife and i are not impartial because we always wish to see you pass the chequered flag first. IF THAT WERE BY DISHONEST MEANS, then we would not be interested. Pick yourself up Lewis and listen to the people you trust and win the world title for us. I have tried to remain fair minded but if all else fails, ask Ron Dennis to spray the cars red and converse in Italian. Only joking Lewis, all the best to you and the McClaren team, you will succeed.

  252. Well Folks ive tried to leave a MSG with the Link to the Radio interview with Niki Lauda and it wont let me? not sure why? so if you want to hear it go to BBC SPORT MOTORSPORT or

    Great interview and the voice of reason.


  253. Lewis,

    The FIA would love to drive your “mind”. Dont let them!!!!

    Your brilliance is not per incident, but every time you get behind the wheel!!

    Make them work for their money!!! Let them have sleepless nights!!!



  254. Well done Lewis WINNING the race at Spa,shame the Reds can`t admit loseing,The FIA must have been watching another race

  255. Normally I wouldnt chip in on a website like this….but thankfully I looked, and I found you all…thinking the same way as I do about the injustice of the FIA ruling at Spa. Any straight thinking person will be astonished at this decision. Millions witnessed on tv what really happened when Lewis played by the rules and endured the collosal pressure of that final lap coming out on top. The question is why were the red team not penalised the previous race after almost causing a serious accident in the pit lane with one of their cars, and minutes later cutting down their own gallant fuel hose operator under the wheels of their other car, yet the Stewards administered this penalty to McLaren!!!
    OK. The only way to deal with this is on the track. To all of the McLaren team be confident stay focused and do what you do best. The loosers shall be Ferrari and the FIA.

  256. I think that the Niki Lauda BBC radio 5 broadcast pretty much SUMS IT ALL UP FOR ME!!…YES YES YES his brains have been slightly roasted in the past.

  257. Lewis has had more steward enquiries than most drivers that have had a long career, is this because he is a bad driver.? especially at overtaking cars where he has only a small car advantage, does he stick his nose in gaps that are guaranteed to close, only a few weeks ago he nearly caused mayhem at a chicane. Has his ego become so inflated that he beleives everyone should just get out of his way.? PROBABLY

  258. Don’t let the b******s get you down Lewis. You won fair and square, absolutely no doubt about it. Don’t you EVER sign for Ferrari.

  259. just got back to the uk from spa spent many thousands to watcch a fantastic race was sat in the stands at the end of the start straigt turn one watched the first man cross the line the winner hamilton .Then for someone off the track outside of a car to be able to change the outcome of the race is ruining the sport ,lewis won fare and square i feel robbed so i hate to think how lewis feels maybe he should move to ferrari or change the colour of his skin good luck lewis coz your gona need it

  260. Lewis great racebrilliant car control in the wet we all know the real result of the race so onto Monza so do your best show them what best talent in F1 can do.
    As regards the stewards I agree with Nicki Lauda they should be the same stewards at evey race, but I think they should be made up of ex F1 drivers.
    Good luck in the next races we know you can do it shame about the FIA maybe a break away series would be better after all.

  261. Lewis – thank you for one of the all time great races. Despite my Italian origin, I would love to be in Monza cheering you on next Sunday – in fact I was seriously considering going until yesterdays ludicrous decision. You won that race fare and square – now go on to win the championship. One day we’ll see you in a red car and then you won’t have these problems – Italy and the world will be yours.

  262. lewis babe no letter or card i write to you
    says half the things i want them too
    for how can words reveal a part of all the feeling in my heart
    a pray, a kiss, a smile, a touch
    proves i love you oh so much.

    babe i am very disappointed on how you have been treated by the fia because of kimmy. hes just a baby you do what your told to do and he still crys. we are all backing you lewis and the fia are trying to put you down , well babe good luck in the next few races and take care
    love you always

  263. Lewis,
    its easy just win the last five races.
    The whole world saw you win at spa look at the press and the blogs.
    The FIA cannot take that away , but they will not make a decision on the Spa race until the season has ended, so win the championship before they mess it up again.
    look forward give them NO OPTION !!!!

  264. Lewis you won FARE and SQUARE, those stewards are fools, need their eyes tested! The race was fantastic, a lot more excitement than usual, i would love to see more overtaking, it brings the race alive. I reckon the F1 stewards are anti Mclaren and are taking back handers from Ferrari!! Why didn’t they deduct points from Ferrari the other week for pit incident?
    Lewis, Ron and team, that first place is yours, don’t let no one take that away from you.

  265. Absolutely gutted, I stopped watching F1 because of the red domination and only started when they came off the top. What a nail biter of a race and a fantastic win for Lewis. Even though the stewards think differently, Lewis you did win.

    Please please please challenge the decision.

    Don’t let them drag you down, you have the gift and you are truly an inspiration.

    Thank you for some cracking drives.

  266. lewis i know you wont prob ever see this but wot the hell is going on your the best thing that has happend to england for quite some time. so wot the hell are thay doing to you are thay not english or something, or thay just paln stupid any one can see that your a winner.

    sorry all this has just made me so mad.

  267. Mr Hamilton
    A good race yesterday (apart from one indiscretion!) and then it got better a couple of laps from the end.
    You have been robbed by the Ferrari loving powers that be. This must be stopped. Otherwise I will stop watching “Ferrari One” after over forty years (I have seen on TV, tape, live and as a marshall every GP during that time).
    Do not lose faith, don’t let the team lose heart. Those red things can and must be beaten on the track.
    Keep up the good work

    Steve Randall

  268. Lewis..its obvious the girls in the red cars are struggling to cope with the threat that they are about to be beaten by the finest F1 driver yet.Both in the car and out you are a winner.If my sons grow up like you i’ll be a happy chap.Thanx to you,your family and especially big ron for making F1 what it should be.With you every mile .Mark..

  269. I’m a white, English caucasian and a big supporter of McLaren and Lewis Hamilton because they are both fantastically exciting, progressive, professional racing enthusiasts and British. (I like all of the other teams as well, by the way). The Spa decision to penalise Lewis 25 secs was a disgrace – it’s just completely wrong!! Raikkonen held the racing line thru the chicane, which I feel was fair of him to do. Lewis may have been a little bit ahead of Raikkonen turning into the chicane BUT Kimi fairly had the racing line so Lewis could not have overtaken, so in regulation terms Lewis could be deemed as being behind Raikkonen. Lewis took the exit road, coing out ahead of Kimi, thereby gaining an unfair advantage. Lewis correctly gave back his position to Kimi. Kimi opened the door at the next corner by moving over to the left and then, CRITICALLY IN MY OPINION, Lewis OUTBRAKED RAIKKONEN into the corner. The reason it looked bad to the stewards was because of how EASILY Lewis passed Raikkonen, leading the Stewards to INCORRECTLY deduce that he had not properly given back the advantage he had gained prior to overtaking – but the ease of Lewis’ pass was NOT down to the advantage gained cutting across the chicane, it was simply due to the fact that Lewis was BLATANTLY + CLEARLY SO MUCH FASTER IN THE WET than Kimi in every possible sense at this stage of the race. Faster into corners, faster out of corners, faster on acceleration, faster on the straights AND CRUCIALLY, FASTER ON THE BRAKES. The stewards have either made an UNBELIEVABLY INCOMPETENT decision or they have been influenced by someone who is not a supporter of Mclaren or Lewis.
    I think that the Niki Lauda BBC radio 5 broadcast pretty much SUMS IT ALL UP FOR ME!!
    Lewis, you outdrove everyone, you raced supremely, you excited the whole F1 community around the world, you gave us the most exciting race I have ever seen and due to INCOMPETENT stewards and or high-level anti-McLaren/Hamilton FIA cheats, you have been unfairly penalized.
    You must be feeling furious, confused, helpless and a bit depressed at the moment!!! BUT HANG IN THERE, MATE!!! Hold on to your INNER BELIEFS, hold yourself together, stay calm, and in time you will come out the other side of this FIASCO feeling fine. YOU CAN STILL WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!! I REALLY HOPE YOU DO!!!! BEST OF LUCK, MATE!!!

  270. Hi Lewis,

    It was a brilliant race. wonderfl you kicked Kimmi’s ass just like that. fair an sqaure as even the commentators said. That was a great job. you re jst talented an guess what nomatter what they do to frustrate you an us yo fans they can never take the fact that you are talented and have great skills that no other driver has so far in this f1 season. Probably they want to give Kimmi the Championship this year just as they robbed you of it last year.
    Its not yo problem that Kimmi is not a good driver and only manages to drive in hot weather becos the car allows him to, other than that he is crap.
    I was so so frustrated but i can only imagine what you and yo team are goin thru. Tell you what dont let it pull you down still, just keep the winning spirit in you an keep working very hard. They didnt like the fact that you beat their special boy Kimmi, proved that he does not have the skills that you have even driving his Ferrari. Like he said to you last year that ‘you are nt a good driver its js that you drive a good car’, well this statement applies to him (Kimmi) He is not a good driver and has never been and will never be. The Ferrari and F1 stwards help Kimmi and his team win points. Which is so so unfair to people who love this sport. Its so disgusting and so so disapointing to watch such a sport with so much corruption that anyone even an 8year old can see thru. What a shame and how sad. Rotten F1 stwards and their bosses. Spoiling the whole entartaining sport just to please Ferrari. I hope both Ferrari’s blow up next race just to justfy this cheating goin on. We have had enough of it.

  271. Is there a conspiricy against McLaren and or Lewis Hamilton, what must be done for them to progress. I have been a keen Formula 1 spectator for more than 20 years and I have in the past admired the management of the sport and the upholding of the rules and regulations but perhaps no more. How can they uphold the stewards decision the sport is called motor racing. Lewis was fairly passing Raikkonen on the left side at the Bus Stop Chicane the Ferrari moved over and Lewis took evasive action to avoid a clash of cars. He went through the Chicane to avoid a clash and gave back the lead to Raikkonen before taking it back. I understand that the rules states that if a lead is gained by taking the chicane then as long as the driver gives it back there is no penalty.

    Let me make one thing clear I have always supported F1 drivers who are racing drivers and still gentlemen on the track and drive to the rules therefore my next comment is not bias.

    Now to the favouritism of Ferrari the previous race there was clear neglect in the Pit Lane with a Stewards Enquiry into the incident when Massa was released too early causing a near collision in the pit lane – Stewards decision nothing to answer to. Then again Kimi went too early and injured a mechanic. How come these are not investigated with the same gusto and outcome as Lewis/McLaren incidents so to speak.

    I’m raving – are they trying to break the spirits of Lewis and McLaren and the true meaning of motor racing.

  272. Hi Lewis just to let you know Ron is buying a job lot of red paint from me.
    I have sent the spa stewards all invitations to go to specsavers open day.
    What a race, what a driver, shame about the officials.

  273. Roberto,
    Grazie per le tue parole. Che peccato che tutti oggi parlano di questo ingustizia e non dello sport. Io non fa il tifoso per Ferrari da quando stava Shumacher perche lui e noioso!
    Forza Lewis!!

  274. Hows this for freedom of speech. I sent an email to the bbc, pointing out the injustice of it all, and that if Lewis drove for Ferrari then maybe he would have got away with it. The fair minded bbc sent me an email back to tell me that they would not be posting my comments as they went against their rules of encitement. The only people enciting any kind of arguement is the FIA.

    Perhaps when Ferrari get tired of winning by default, they will put a stop to this blatant victimisation.

    Love you Lewis and keep the faith.

  275. oh my all my life i never thought lewis would be at the wrong end of the stewards once again and when the red cars do anything like dat,they are just fined.not once has a red car got a been watching f1 once forever but at the moment i don’t even wanna have anything to do wit f1.I don’t trust the stewards myself now coz i thought they were good uys but now i don’t’s like they don’t kno wat they’re talking about.everytime any car is likely to bit the red cars to the championship,it given a penalty never a fine and it mostly when it’s at the end of the championship dat drivers get penaltys so dat gets me thinking watsgoing on and can we trust the stewards?and where’s f1 gonna end up if things are like this.all people i know know just hate the sport now untill they hear about the appeal.this is gonna harm f1 niki lauda said.

  276. I fought F1 was a fair and unbiased sport; It’s easy to see it’s not. Lewis Hamilton was incorrectly penalising at the Belgium GP yesterday. I have been watching F1 for over twenty years now, and the only way I can see the sport surviving is the weeding out of the corrupted FIA. It saddens me to see a once beautiful sport corrupted by men in suites

  277. FIA Rule 395:At no point in a race is a car allowed to overtake a Red car except if the car is also a Red car. Any car that overtakes a Red car will be penalized by 5 Championship points, except any McLaren car which will be penalized by 10 points. If the McLaren driver’s first name begins with the letter ‘L’ and ends with the letter ‘S’ 15 Championship points will be deducted. The deduction of Championship points may vary depending on the positioning of the Red car within the championship table

  278. How about asking McLaren if on their next update they paint the car red? I don’t think Michael Schumacher would have won ANY titles if he’d been treated like you…..I always thought it was motor racing……well it is if Ferrari win……otherwise there’ll be a protest. I’ve been an F1 fan for about 30 years but I’ve had enough. Fair isn’t fair any more. Why don’t you sign for Ferrari if you aren’t allowed to win the championship this year-you’d be laughing then. Anyway, keep driving like you are- it’s great to watch, don’t let them grind you down.

  279. Innanzi tutto mi scuso con tutti non parlo inglese scrivo queste righe per un solo motivo
    sta dimostrando di essere un grande campione e merita il mondiale sinceramente io sono tifoso FERRARI ma voglio dire solo .
    LEWIS è un grande campione e merita il mondiale molti remano contro e belissimo vederlo correre però mi inchino alla sua bravura serietà e onestà

  280. Dear Lewis I have watched formula 1 for years now and I have never known a driver and his team get picked on like you and mcclaren. It would be terrific to see you stuff 1 right up em all and take the title1

  281. I don’t understand why my comments are awating moderation, but if I have offended anyone I apologies. However, from what I have read I cannot see what the problem is. Please advice me so that I do not make the same mistake twice. Thank you.

  282. Tracy, can you translate the headings as I think I signed the petition but did not see my name on the list? Pleaes can people move the links up so that we do not have to trawl thru so many comments? This just shows how disgusted we all are. Keep up the good work at least Lewis Hamilton will see we support him although we can’t do much, but it must be a help to him.–WINNER-petition-petitions-7f5bb75c4141e9aa4ebedf96fd334ebb.html

    Also write to the FIA – it takes a bit more time and a 50p stamp (or just use 2 x first class stamps) but you must do it if you want to see justice in F1:
    8, Place de la Concorde
    75008 Paris

  283. hey Lewis
    see you at brands awesome didnt get sig the line was far to long
    dont let the fia get to you ,you should of won last year
    best of luck for rest of this one you can do it

  284. To adam biles and george, again your mistaken views are not welcome or needed, this is a Lewis Hamilton Fan and Inspiration Site! which you two are NOT!

    Find a site that welcomes your sort and stick with yeah, just because you(the minority) believe that lewis is a cheat or crap or should just hit a wall??? dosent mean WE at this site want to hear(READ) your CRAP MSG’s that you post, by the way, Lewis didnt gain a POS because of coming of the track, and Kimi had every chance to WIN….and then SPUN IT! more than once before hitting the wall…and how you can wish any F1 driver to hit a wall???(adam biles)”He should have just stuffed it into the wall. That would have been much better.” JUST SHOWS YOUR MENTALITY!! why dont you stick with NASCAR or what ever crap you watch.



  285. Justice will be done….or should I say HAS BEEN DONE. You got penalized for what you did, and that’s that. Nobody believes that “I let him pass…” story. You cut through the chicane “PERIOD”.

    A true F1 fan from NY.

  286. Hi lewise, i know you were robbed but pls take heart. i know you will win regardless of what they do. i know god hates people that cheats. sometimes i wounder for we the blacks. my advise to u is that belive in god and he will surely answear you. if you can fast for a week or two before the race it will be good. if u can start from 6am to 12pm belive me you will see the outcome of it.

    may god bless u.


  287. This was the worst case of unsportsmanlike conduct that I have seen.
    I have been watching F1 for over 20 years and I think that they have just lost me.
    It is obvious that the sport is corrupt.
    To penalize the driver after he passed him twice leaves little to the imagination to wahts going on.
    This is s one of the greatest injustices that I have ever witnessed about.
    There should be an investigation into the stewardship of these events.
    This is patently unfair

  288. Hi Lewis
    Good look for saturday and sunday and no matter what you still won i my eyes and your fans.We are 100% bhind you and always will be.
    I am your biggest fan lewis

  289. I believe that the decision is fair enough. He should have just stuffed it into the wall. That would have been much better. What would Lewis have done at the chicane if there was an Armco barrier there? He’d have crashed. Lewis Hamilton, Britain’s next idiot in a long line of sporting failures, is nothing more than a cold-hearted, corporate cheat. Why doesn’t he just move to America and never be seen again.

  290. Like everybody I’am a huge Lewis fan, I’am fed up with the FIA being harder on Lewis than other drivers, its a complet injustis to the nicest guy in F1.

    Keep smiling Lewis were all behind you and we all look forward to you wining the drivers championship xx xx xx xx

    PS who at the FIA is taking a back hander?

  291. I agree – the petition should be at the very top of the page.
    What we need is a very good letter writer, to compose a letter to the FIA that can be printed off by anyone to use with thier own name and signature.
    F1 is getting a bad name.

  292. LEWIS,
    You drove amazingly yesterday. It’s not your fault that the fools in the red cars – sorry Ferrari drivers, Ha, Ha, can’t drive and keep crashing. I think you give me back the coner and let Heikki pass you, however, you regained the lead.

    Anyway, rise above it, your still in the lead and that’s want the F1 die hards don’t like – remember you are challenging a sport that has never seen the likes of you before.
    Stay true – keep going!

    Is anyone on this site organising an email, phone or letter writing campaign to the F1? We need to take positive action that is tangible, rather than just ranting on a forum, albeit a good form of release.

    I have just scrolled through the message from yesterday. Glad to see a petition has started. I will also write to FIA.

  293. What a disgrace.

    In the Valencia race, the Ferrari pit stop the rules were clear. But the FIA chose a different punishment???

    I think the reactions on this page speak volumes regarding the last race (Spa).

    If it wasn’t for Lewis Hamilton F1 would be very boring. I believe the audiences will follow Lewis Hamilton and not F1 – If a fair future in F1 cannot be realised then there are other Formulas for Lewis. Lets hope they see sense.

    Petition the FIA

    Also write to the FIA – it takes a bit more time and a 50p stamp (or just use 2 x first class stamps) but you must do it if you want to see justice in F1:
    8, Place de la Concorde
    75008 Paris

  294. hey lewis!!

    you’ve already won this round in my eyes! the remaining races are just following protocol.

    if i had it my way, i would have all the fans boycott the remaining races and expose the maFIA for shame they bring to the sport. utter disgust!!

    to think.. i watched the race twice yesterday and still couldn’t get enough of your sheer brilliance. and am probably still gon watch it again. that was by far one of the best races i’ve ever seen!!

    good luck for sun.. sure you can see you’ve got so much genuine support.

    lewis, this championship is yours!!

  295. Lewis you were ROBBED!!! You drove a blinder of a race!!! Fantastic driving!!! You handed Kimi the LEAD BEFORE THE WHITE START/FINISH LINE!!! It was FAIRLY DONE!!! You then done a fantastic move on the Ferrari driver!! Again all done fairly!!!!!!! The FIA seem to have it in for Maclaren!! Ferrari are BAD LOSERS!!! This was a great race, but has now been spoiled by the FIA!!!!! SUCH A GREAT SHAME!!They certainly know how to lose fans!!!!!! ANYHOW YOUGo for it at MONZA!!! You show them!!! Very best wishes to you and the Team!!!

  296. Absolutely disgusting treatment by the FIA. There’s something going on behind the scenes – biased towards Ferrari me thinks.
    He won fair and square.The race was one of the best yet.
    No matter how much they bend the rules to aid Ferrari, your the best.

  297. Lewis did give Kimi the pole pos back and over took him again, and a short while after this Kimi had the Lead again and SPUN IT! Lewis DID-NOT GAIN A POS by going off the track and was punished to the MAX! no 10,000 euro fine cuz its Mclaren and Lewis! Makes me see RED! Like Ron said “we are a racing team, and will focus on the next race” Bring it on Lewis….No mistakes! No contacts! Dont overtake FERRARI! just BLOW EM OF THE TRACK…DONT GIVE THEM AN INCH! Ron said it’s a WAR..

    Ferrari OR FIA wont STOP Lewis OR Ron OR Heikki!

    Mclaren THIS IS YOUR TIME! YOUR SEASON! and the competion(Ferrari) dont like it, i TRULY felt sorry for Kimi..was a good run(and he still could of won it, if HE hadn’t spun-it)


  298. Yet again – but more so than ever – I am disgusted with the decision of the FIA and also with Ferrari’s decision to accept those points. If they had any kind of sporting pride they would reject them as Lewis won fair and square. Both FIA and Ferrari should be ashamed of themselves. They won’t be though – they don’t know the meaning of the word. Schumacher was always a cheating b***ard and now it looks as though they’re pushing their current drivers down the same path. Heads up Lewis and McLaren – we know who the true sportsmen are.

  299. so if the FIA see it like that why is it that lewis or mclaren always get max penalties to impeed them while others are let of or given penalties not to impeed them what is money to a f1 driver in respect of points or grid places or time penalties take your red glaces of and see the facts!!!!!

  300. Okay, this is how the FIA saw it:

    1. At the bustop Hamilton went for the outside leaving Kimi on the racing Line

    2. Knowing there was a huge run-off area Kimi held his line which caused Hamilton to use the tarmac outside the track thereby missing the second element of the bustop.

    3. Kimi accelerated away from the corner and caught Hamilton once more.

    4. However, instead of lifting totally and simply waiting for kimi to repass him and restoring the status quo, Hamilton also accelerated but pegged his increase in speed until Kimi was just past him

    5. In doing this Hamilton conserved the majority of his momentum and was able to be in a position to attack once more at La Source

    6. The advantage gained by Hamilton in utilising the escape road was huge. Consider the absence of tarmac and the presence of a sand-trap or even simply grass.

    7. Hamilton had a clear choice as to how and when he challenged Kimi. He chose to do it in the way he did knowing he had a get-out-of-jail-free-card in the form of the run-off area, and this fact had a huge influence on his decision to stay with the manouevre and try to intimidate Kimi into giving ground

    8. Kimi didn’t give any ground, he wasn’t obliged to, hence Hamilton took the course he did.

    9. Had Hamilton lifted totally and let kimi repass at his full racing speed before getting back on the gas, Hamilton would not have been penalised.

    10. He drove in a way which minimised the outcome from his transgression, rather than in a way which maximised his mistake in terms of other drivers

    11. ergo…he gained an unfair advantage in that he avoided the consequences of his own decision by cutting the corner and that he then benefitted from that decision in the manner in which he recovered from the situation.

    Those are facts not opinions. Kimi did nothing wrong other than racing. Hamilton made an agressive choice, gambled, and it didn’t come off for him.

  301. lewis you were done by the worst decision ever in f1 history i think ferrari knew when you let him over take you you would take him back asap so they told him to slow down to make it easier for you to get a penalty …keep it up son you will still win the title but you dont just have to beat kimmi and massa have to beat the stewards who ferrari have in their pockets ..keep it clean good luck

  302. people who want lewis out of f1 want him out because nobody can beat him on the TRACK so why dont you shut up unless you have something just to say.I thought it was about racing not curruption and all those who supported ferrari for many years you cant help it if you cant think for yourselves and have to let the FIA do it for you and the team lol .


  303. This was the most exciting race this year so far. And the FIA just ruined it. I understand that a lot of people want to see ferrari to take the title again but there is a limit on everything.
    McLaren had won this race……..big time.
    Another example of “how politics affect F1”.

    This penalty was bull****.


    True LEWIS fan Gabor ( 34 )


    If this decision is not overturned I will never, never,never support formular one again!

    I will never buy tickets and I will never buy merchandise from any company associated with F1

    Lewis I really wouldnt blame you if you go race NASCAR in the states then put up with this kind of corruption!!

    Vote with your feet!

  305. I am absolutely disgusted at the treatment of Lewis by the FIA. He won that race fair and square and nobody should have the right to take that away from him, not even the FIA. The race was one of the best yet and, no matter what the FIA do, Lewis will always be a winner in my eyes


  307. go for it lewis i think lewis has what it takes to win the f1 trophy this year i agree it seems that stewards in spa are treating him diffrent to all the other drivers if it had been someone else then it would have been tut tut dont do it again but becouse it was hamilton the steward punish him go for it lewis you can do it

  308. I’m not a Lewis fan. Not for any other reason that I believe he needs a little more experience before he deserves worldwide acclaim. Too much interest too soon has often destroyed Sports peoples careers.

    However, here I have to draw the line. The decision in the Belgium GP was blatantly biased towards Ferrari and the FIA have for many years favoured them. After the last Ferrari Fiasco, in Spain, when the man who gained this time was the protagonist (he escaped then) I was disillusioned. Now I’m just stunned that this travesty carries on.

    Lewis. I’m behind you all the way now. Go show them that no matter how much they bend the rules to aid Ferrari, they’ll still not win!

    Just do me a favour. Never EVER go drive for Ferrari.

  309. What happened on Sunday was an absolute injustice…. It makes me think of the penalty that Massa did not get last week for the incident in the pit, which was dangerous. The 25 second penalty at spa was wrong.

  310. The FIA do not have a direct contact email for the public, I have found their site admin email instead, if this is the only way to make them listen then we should email our protest to them here:


    I would like to report a problem with the site:

    It says that Phillipe Massa won at Spa and that Hamilton came third.

    This is an absolutely disgraceful decision, I believe that the FIA are unduly biased towards favouring the Ferrari F1 racing team, I will boycott my support of F1 until such time as the decisions by F1 race stewards and the FIA appear consistently transparent and fair.
    Ps please can you provide a direct contact email for the public to voice their praise, concerns or views, as fans we deserve our voice to be heard.”

  311. I am absolutely incensed. The finish at Spa was the best and most exiting I have seen in many a year, posibly ever. Lewis acted in an exemplary manner and won fair and square. I am disgusted that the FIA deceided to impose a penalty for such proper behaviour. Someone please tell me that the FIA are not biased towards Ferrari yet again. It makes you want turn away from F1 and look at Indy which is a shame after being an avid follower of F1 for many,many years !!

  312. Dear Lewis

    I’m deeply disappointed with this crazy decision from the FIA. You had won fair and square. It’s crazy because even a child could see that there was no need for this penalty at all.
    I believe that this incident will make Lewis even more committed. The people who came up with this crazy & unnecessary penalty idea should be ashamed.

    True fan GABOR ( 34 )

  313. Why do people have a problem with Lewis? His approach to the sport and his sheer love of racing has been such a breath of fresh air in a sport that was becoming very stale post-schumaker.

    For all those people who claim to be “true” F1 fans, telling us all that lewis has no place in F1 and that we are bandwagon jumpers I say that they are the same breed of elitist fascists that appear to run the FIA; vainly trying to cling to the status quo that ensures their people win. And if Lewis has attracted new fans to the sport then I can’t see that in anything other than a positive light, I have watched F1 for the last 20 years and am sickened by the negativity that Lewis sometimes recieves. No-one should feel that because they have only watched the sport for 1 year that their views are not valid, welcome to all I say, it might help dilute the fascism that seems inherent in the modern sport.

    F1 has had so many scandals over the last few years, Schumaker for all his incredible skill and nerve was sometimes the most outlandish cheat. Remember when he ‘crashed’ at monaco?! When he ‘accidentally’ collided with damon hill? completely blatant, Hamilton may have a similar competitive streak, but he is a pure racer who will put everything he has into every inch of the circuit, and by that I mean that the operative word with hamilton is “race”.

    I think he will be a classic British F1 champion regardless of how the authorities attempt to curtail his burdgeoning skill and confidence.

    Don’t let the man get you down Lewis!!!!!!!! We are cheering you on all the way!

  314. Please don’t let the detractors of Lewis get us wound up, they know that they should not be engaging on this site. The pleasure they derive from us answering them back only fuels them with more aggro against Lewis. Ignore them, they are so ignorant, we after all wouldn’t go to another driver’s site & blast that driver, we are more adult than that, we are only interested in Lewis on this site. I was taught that if one doesn’t have anything good to say about someone, then one should say nothing.

  315. To all beloved and dearest Lewis fans,

    I was really shocked yesterday and today morning even more, but it makes me happy now to see how many fans are backing Lewis and his team! It is great being part in this community and to see that there are so many loving fans out there.

    The FIA might have closed down their mail system since yesterday.
    I signed too for the petition. It is amazing how many people already signed there. The FIA might not take back what they decided yesterday, because once they said something they stick to it.
    It is really obvious to see what their way of getting Ferrari to the Championship and Constructor win is and they are only out there to check what the McLaren Mercedes drivers are doing and if it looks a bit like “rule breaking” they will penalize them straight away.
    They could have fined Lewis for this like they did with Massa and he could have kept his win and the points, but in order to get Ferrari closing the gap they had to step in, because driver-wise they are nowhere near on a par with Lewis. Kimi knows what was going on yesterday, but he will never say anything against his team. No way! Domenicialli said that they did not inform the stewards, why should they, they paid already the stewards and they are working for them in every race.

    Lewis will come back more stronger now and he will get the double pole with Heikki and he will win the race and show the “MaFIA” who the real and honest Champion is.

    God bless all of you!

  316. Lewis won that race fairly; he did give the position back after being squeezed off the track. They should look in to some of the unsafe driving by a certain Ferrari driver who nearly pushed is own team mate off.
    Come on Lewis and win the world championship, you have THE gift to do

  317. That last bit was a bit OLD oops…

    But just found another site with lots of peeps saying some interesting things –

    Ferrari refuse to comment – that makes a bloody change as they comment on everything. It goes to show that they are prepared to accept the points weather it is fair or not.
    I used to be a Ferrari fan last year, but I gave that up as a bad joke as they were the cheats not mclaren. This year we have no spy scandal just blatent cheating. Hamilton has a right to be aggrieved as this stinks of corruption. Ferrari are too embarised to comment and know that this will all get swept under the carpet like it usually does. The only way to hit the FIA is boycott the races.They dont give a **** what anybody thinks anymore, which is obvious by their actions.

    Posted by cupid stunt

    Keep up the postings guys gals…Give Lewis your support.


  318. We all know that Lewis won fair and square – He is a great driver and a great guy. My daughter and I had the opportunity of meeting him at breakfast before the Spanish GP in Barcelona this year.
    This will only make him more determined than ever to prove the Ferrari team and their FIA lackeys who really is supremo out there!
    Go LEWIS!

  319. And this at –

    Martin Brundle has hit back at the FIA following the news that the sport’s governing body intends to sue the Sunday Times over one of his articles.

    In a new piece today entitled “How can Formula One justify blatant double standards?” Brundle defends his earlier claim that the FIA is engaged in a witch-hunt against McLaren and cites its failure to prosecute Renault over allegations of spying to be further proof.

    In the article he also reveals that this is not the first time his journalism has been criticised by the FIA:

    I expect my accreditation pass for next year will be hindered in some way to make my coverage of F1 more difficult and to punish me. Or they will write to ITV again to say that my commentary is not up to standard despite my unprecedented six Royal Television Society Awards for sports broadcasting. So be it.

    He describes the McLaren judgement as being about “negativity and suspicion of possible use of Ferrari information” while the Renault investigation has an, “understanding and supportive nature and one only of occasional ’strong disapproval’.”

    I’ve not quite made my mind up about the Renault verdict just yet – it’s a gigantically complicated affair and I don’twish to jump to conclusions. In between writing this article and the inevitable festive shopping I’ve been poring over the available documents and am preparing what I hope will be a very thorough analysis of them.

    Brundle however has set down his case quite clearly and is tackling the FIA head-on. Good for him, I say.

    If the FIA are happy they’ve delivered a fair verdict, they have nothing to fear from the kind of logical, rational, transparent criticism that Brundle’s broadcasts and writings are renowned for.

    So ALL you Lewis haters going to argue with this man…Dont think so!


  320. Found this at

    Lewis Hamilton has had his victory in the Belgian Grand Prix taken away from him by the Belgian Grand Prix stewards.

    The stewards added 25 seconds to his race time for cutting the chicane while battling with Kimi Raikkonen, leaving him third behind Nick Heidfeld.

    This is an absolute travesty of a decision which mocks the notion that the FIA stewards are fair arbiters of the sport.

    Hamilton cut the chicane on lap 42 of the race while alongside Kimi Raikkonen. Raikkonen forced Hamilton off the track by swerving across the front of the McLaren. Hamilton had been entirely alongside the Ferrari going into the corner.

    Hamilton then let Raikkonen past him and re-took the Ferrari driver at the following corner. Despite taking the standard course of action to let Raikkonen regain his position, the stewards have stripped Hamilton of his win.

    After letting Raikkonen re-pass him, Hamilton was no closer to the Ferrari driver than he had been before they went into the chicane. I do not agree any advantage was gained by Hamilton.

    I also think it is disgraceful the stewards feel Raikkonen was not at fault in forcing another driver off the track. A similar piece of driving at Eau Rouge or Blanchimont could have lethal consequences.

    Whether the stewards have done this to keep the championship close or keep their friends at Ferrari happy, this is an utterly lamentable decision.

    It comes only two weeks after the stewards avoided stripping Felipe Massa of a win at Valencia for a clear infringement of the rules. This very weekend we saw further evidence that decision was bogus.

    It is quite clear Ferrari can rely on the FIA to give them a favourable hearing at appeals.

    “Everybody Talkin bout it…..” – CaTz

  321. well said MK

    God Bless ALL Lewis FANS

    I feel sorry for Kimi and Masa, you guys dont need Ferrari…. Kimi was just unlucky trying to impress the Boss, so they back him? find another Team guys! one with some Respect and Honor!

    Lewis the TITLE was yours and the PEOPLE know this.

    FIA needs some one to WATCH them and oversee their decisions..because they CAN-NOT BE TRUSTED…..Anymore

    As for Lewis Haters thats your opinion and you should post it where others like you can have your say – LEWIS HAMILTON FAN AND INSPIRATION SITE!!!!! HELLO CANT YOU READ!!!!


  322. Liz Jackson, tried to join you on facebook, but there are soooo many liz jacksons. Can you be more specific ie do you have a middle name otherwise I will have to trawl through them all.


  323. I signed petition too, but don’t hold up too much hope as yesterday’s decision clearly shows which side FIA is on and it’s not Lewis’.
    Still unable to put in a personal email to FIA, assume they either closed their email address or it has crashed due to the numbers trying to do the same. I will keep trying.
    To those who keep saying he cheated by going across the chicane – open your eyes!! If he didn’t do that both cars would have crashed. Is that what you want? To those who say he is a dangerous and aggressive drive – No he’s not he is always in control – do yu really think he would put himself and other drivers at risk? I don’t think so. Your just knarked that a young, talented driver has shown is mettle and is better than the Ferrari drivers. The cheats are Ferrari and drivers who need all the help they can get to win the Championship. Such hollow victory and not good for the sport!

  324. Lewis the cheat, on September 8th, 2008 at 5:38 am Said:

    Good ruling, Lewis How many times have you got to try and cheat? Then you complain when you get punished for it.

    From the biased british commentary and press and the controversy you cause on the track. Why don’t you just quit, F1 was better without you, and would be better if you left





  325. Lewis, I watch the race twice last night and found it the most awesome brilliant driving I seen from you so far. when I was on the train this morning and checked my blackberry I couldn’t believe it that they took your first place. We all know that the FIA are connected with Ferrari.

    Mate, dont let this get you down as I know it wont as you are a fighter. Show them who is the boss and dont let them get you down. Win the championship and that will shut them. They tried on Ron Dennis with the last year fiasco.

    They are scared and they know that you will shatter them. You are the man that all will compare themself to.

  326. What a great move by Lewis Hamilton. We want controlled aggression in F1 that is what racing is all about. We should take the electronics out of F1 and let the drivers DRIVE. I will no doubt hear from those who grind on and on about innovations being used to develop road cars. RUBBISH traction control and so on is only used on high priced sports models not to the advantage of the average driver.
    I am far from being a Luddite and of course there has to be technical progress but let’s get Formula 1 back to a motor car race between racing drivers. Lewis Hamilton proved himself t be a racing driver yesterday by simply keeping an F1 car fitted with dry tyres on the black stuff in wet conditions. What a skilful driver absolutely beautiful.
    I feel the FIA are saying Ferrari SHOULD have won because they were TECHNICALLY better they have totally ignored the skills of the driver.
    As for those who cry cheat every time Hamilton wins should look back at the antics of Schumacher.

  327. Good ruling, Lewis How many times have you got to try and cheat? Then you complain when you get punished for it. F1 as been a circus since you arrived, you are bad for the sport. From the biased british commentary and press and the controversy you cause on the track. Why don’t you just quit, F1 was better without you, and would be better if you left. You show no sportmanship when you dont win, you have always got an excuse, instead of admitting that YOU was’nt fast enough, you blame the tyres or come up with some other reason. Lewis if you read this, PLEASE PLEASE leave F1, all the true F1 fans don’t like you, only the British bandwagon jumpers support you, i for one can’t stand you.

  328. lewis cannot just bump and grind his way around the track, take short cuts through the chicane and expect to get away with it. all the time. He is being way too aggresive and as such is a danger to himself and the rest of the field. Everyone backs down when Lewis challenges because they dont want to forced off the track and end up in the wall..He needs to calm down and think about what he does BEFORE he does it.. There are many other drivers out there with years of experience that dont do what he does and thats why they still race. If Lewis keeps these antics up he is bound to have a major accident. And i wouldnt want that to happen to anyone let alone Lewis..
    Stop the aggression Lewis….

  329. You are amazing! I truly believe that you have the power to overcome this ruling. You earned the first place and I truly believe that you have the will get what’s fair – that you one today!

    Good Luck and see you on TV next week in Italy!

  330. WOW what a race, you are a true racer,

    I was sat there, the last few laps, nails digging into the palms of my hands
    (still have the scars almost 12 hours later LOL )
    willing you to stay on the track, heart in mouth, cheering you all the way (felt sorry for Kimi) but lovin you, pure pedigree and total dominance

    FIA Hmmmmm Ferrari International Assistance say no more

  331. Thanks Lewis – the last few laps today were the most exciting I’ve seen in years. Great drive from both you and Kimi. You both showed today what F1 should be all about.

    We all know there’s something dodgy going on behind the scenes at SF/FIA, but today’s outrageous decision has made it particularly clear. It’s almost like they’re not even bothered about hiding it anymore.

  332. This is uterly stupid and clearly a political decision made to demote Lewis Hamilton. I suggest that the Stewards and F1 govering body which is part of FIA be desolved as it is clearly a pro Ferrari body!
    My sport goes to Mclaren and Lewis Hamilton who won that race fair and square. If there is a formal website where we sign into a Petition please let write I to inform all the Mclaren and Lewis Fans.



  335. I’m an F1 fan, and don’t really care who wins, as long as there is good racing.
    But what’s going on here then?
    It’s OK for Ferrari to perform a dangerous Pit Lane manouvre (getting what amounts to no penalty) in the last race, yet
    McLaren give us an exciting (and fair) Driver, and get penalised for what everyone knows was a good move – It was never going
    to affect the outcome anyway, as Raikkonen was always going to spin (reference to excuses given for Massa’s non penalty at Valencia).
    What have Ron Dennis/McLaren et al done to F1 that deserves constant victimisation of this kind?

    I’ve been watching F1 since the Mansell era, but that’s it for me – I quit. Politics is getting in the way of racing – If the Drivers can’t
    attack and overtake without the worry of a Stewards investigation, what’s the point. That’s not motor racing, just a procession of fast
    cars, with Ferrari programmed to be at the front.

    I thought last year was rigged for Ferrari to win, now I’m convinced of it this year. An absolute disgrace.
    Bernie Ecclestone hang your head in shame!

    Aside from the quite obvious slant towards ferrari, I thought motor racing was about Drivers trying to overtake, man and machine
    battling against eachother in a fair, but tough fight to win. The most Lewis Hamilton is guilty of is racing hard, and wanting to win –
    If that is now deemed against the rules, what entertainment value does F1 now hold? The answer is easy:NONE! A thoroughly exciting climax
    to Spa was ruined by politics.

    And F1 wants to make the sport more exciting, bringing back overtaking and proper racing, instead of the dullard processions we see all
    to often – Well how on earth is that going to happen, when Drivers get penalised for doing exactly that! Oh, sorry – I forgot that it
    would have been alright had a Ferrari Driver been doing the overtaking. Cynical? – It’s the truth.

    Is it the new F1 policy that Ferrari must win, no matter what? Who’s paying who? I am totally disgusted.

    McLaren: You have my sympathy for this and all the other decisions that have gone against you.
    I wish you and Lewis the best of luck in the championship, but I can’t watch anymore. It’s farcical, and I feel cheated.

  336. I am absolutely fuming at the ludicrous decision made by the FIA to penalise Lewis!, They have actually made a complete fool of themselves in doing so, and I sincerely think this is not the end of this.

    I believe they have opened themselves up for severe abuse in the way they operate. I really hope someone somewhere sorts this out as I am an avid fan of F1 and I cannot stand seeing what a saw today and watch the FIA ruin the sport!

    Did they watch the same tape that we saw!?! I can only think it was swapped by someone at Ferrari maybe?

    How can you take the sport seriously when we’ve all watched a smashing race which later you find out may as well not have happened because the FIA have found a stupid rule no.345.b/123 that states”blahblahblah”

    I think you’ll find that reads…”What lewis won fair and square, but at the expense of a Ferrari?…Ok Penalise him”

    Please someone sort this shambles out before everyone refuses to watch it.

    We need a petition of somesort to be sent to the FIA, maybe Mclaren will start one? Anyone any ideas?

    A livid F1 fan

  337. I think lewis drove a good race today in a great car ive followed the sport for 20 years and think the guy is too built up but is from england so enough said.With all the great drivers they have all stood out in not the best cars shumacher bennetton,alonso minardi,raikkonnen sauber the list goes on this guy jumps right into the best car.Have a think back when his cars not been perfect or been in traffic he didnt stand out at all fact.But compared to his competition he makes less mistakes so reaps the rewards and has a massive arrogance to match and they slagged schumacher of for the same thing.I do think he will win the title at some point as damon hill did but as soon as his car gets less competitive i honestly dont think he will drag the car up.

  338. Dont let them get to you. Just keep doing what you are doing and you will win through. Hope the appeal is succesful.

  339. My commiserations to Lewis.

    Nothing before has driven me to type out an email to such an injustice as has happened today. It is a dull day for the FIA.

    Having experienced racing in a championship when everyone else is out to get you, what I saw with the penalty today is just the sort of thing the Ferrari owners in the FIA just love to do.

    Lewis, the world saw how you can drive in the wet, and even allow Kimi to overtake you after he clearly couldn’t take the corner in that big red bus of his (no disrespect to him – HE can drive well), and the very next corner, he braked so early you nearly hit him as he parked it, shame the bus stop was the previous corner…

    It seems that you should have parked up got out of the car, ran round it 3 times, bowed in apology, swear allegiance to the Ferrari International A******* club and promised to let them win next time, to have got away with it.

    25 Sec penalty……good luck in the appeal – may common sense prevail….

    Good luck in the rest of the season. You will triumph like no other and it will feel sweet!

    PS – What bad luck Heikki…..

  340. Dear Lewis,
    You had a great race today, my three boys and my husband were screaming like mad when you overtook the Ice Man. I just remembered then when you said a few weeks ago “this motor racing just give me a good and I’ll do the job”
    You were wonderful, but then too good to be true they took it away from you.
    My father past away last May and his last words were “God is the only master on board and without the master there is nothing we can do” .

    So Lewis, I believe in God and I can tell you the Devil is a liar, they will not steal the title from you as they did last year. This year is your year, they can saw whatever tares they want they will not succeed because You Lewis Hamilton are the Apple of God’s Eye and he will not let the enemy win.
    Matthew 13:24-30.

    Let it go, Leave it to God, He who started the good job will come to finish it.

    God Bless You, your father and your brother and the rest of your family.

    God is with you, the next Grand Prix is arond the corner.

  341. What happened today to Lewis Hamilton is absolutely and utterly unfair. When are the powers to be going to realise that they need to be consistent, when it comes to handing out punishment. If it was a ferrari that did what Lewis done today (to avoid an accident), they would have been let off, just like Felipe Massa was. This situation makes me sick to the stomach and not consistent, and you know what this makes me feel like doing? giving up on watching the sport I love, the boss I love, the team I love and the driver I care so much about. Bernie ‘E’, Max ‘M’ take note, I am so angry, its unreal. Give it to em Lewis, you will be world champion, I truly believe that. Mr Powell

  342. Lewis

    they are doing their best to stop you winning the championship. God only knows why.

    best of luck in the remaining races -go out and prove them wrong

    to many times penalised this season its an absolute disgrace


  343. Lewis,
    YOU probably don’t remember me, my son Jack raced karts and we attended many races with you.
    I think you have single handedly raised the viewing figures for F1 manyfold. Today’s decision by the FIA simply demonstrates what a bunch of Nazi’s they all are! Seriously, it seems they impose penalties just to raise the competition to gain revenue for the moguls. If I was in your position I would give the FIA and ultimatum, play fair or you throw your hand in! best not make it public because that would back them into a corner and they would call your bluff. Of course they may do that anyway! I feel they would back down. Frankly it would throw a cat amongst the pidgeons. I think the viewers have had enough, I remember when Max Mosely told everybody that “F1 was like chess, you don’t need overtaking to make it exciting, the pit stops are what count” With a geriatric baffoon like that in charge, little wonder it has become such a rolling goat fxxx!
    Best of luck, remember your advisors are in it for the dosh.

  344. Just another day mate, we all know you wee correct in what you did.
    go get ’em………prove the point
    Ride free, ride safe

  345. Dear Lewis, it was a marvelous race you had but unfortunately I don’t know the rules but as always take it in your stride. Let this set back inspire you more than ever and like you know its not over until its over. Keep going boy, its your year this year and nothing and no ploy of man would take this championship from you.
    You are the reason I had gained interest in F1, from when you came on the scene last year. I adopted you as my son from your first race and had felt your loss and your wins very strongly. You are my son’s role model so please please please don’t ever be discouraged no matter what happens,
    Good luck and keep your eyes on the trophy.

  346. highway robbery.i thought i was watching f1 not cheaters Hamilton won fairly and you should hold your head high. they cant help it if they have to beat you off the track or bend the rules to suit them. just hope they impose more penalties during the race for other using the same bit of track to aviod an accident and gaining a place watch the race again at the first few laps.

  347. Dude we are in full support of your appeal to the FIA. I hope you get your points back and a deserved win, it just seems to me that Max like to have his all mighty say in the matter.

    Good Luck In Monza and all the best !!!!


  349. I notice some people here think Lewis is big headed, arrogant etc., so do some of my mates. I disagree.
    He has been in racing, with immense sucess for most of his life.
    I just think he is assured and supremely confident of his own ability.
    And he has reason to be.
    33 starts, 11 Poles ,9 or 10 wins. Check the stats.
    I’ll admit its a bit like starting your career at Man U. but its still impressive. And he is a superb driver.

  350. Read the Belgium Grand Prix – Lewis Hamilton was unfairly stripped of his win Petition

    KEEP IT GOING ………..

  351. When I take my dog a walk over the fields she eats Horse Shit.
    Does that qualify for election to the FIA??

  352. hi lewis tough luck mate but i was wondering seeing as it is now obvious that the majority of f1 hates ur guts maybe you could buggar off to america and inflict ur big headed obnoxious attitude on the gobby yanks (u will fit right in there) cos apart from the few sad saps on this site that seem to hold u as some kind of hero, no one else wud wee on u if you were on fire! watched ur fantastic gp2 race at silverstone in 2007, awesome! couldnt wait til you hit the f1 circuit, seriously looked forward to some terrific driving. but you soon showed how big headed and arrogant you are and how you are equally capable of driving like a total mumpty, i mean u have made some blinding c*ck ups!!! but rather than keeping ur head down and driving you spout utter s**te and have made a hell of a lot of enemies! so do everyone a favour n “do one!” f1 will be so much better without ur smug irritating ars* in it :@)

  353. Lewis was penalised for ” Gaining an unfair advantage”. What is unfair?
    Did not Kimi gain an advantage on Lap 2 when Lewis spun. Is gaining an advantage from others mistakes unfair or not?. What I saw is probably the most exciting last two laps since Hunt/Lauda in the 70’s.
    I didnt see anything wrong. Lewis went wide, Kimi carried on the line, Lewis let him back into the lead, and then outbraked him inside the corner.. That is what racing is all about….
    TO THE FIA.. You wanted racing to be more exciting, now it is and Ferrari are crying
    I can only think that Ron Dennis should spray the cars red.
    How much longer are the FIA going to suck on the Prancing Horse’s Ass.It happened time and time again with Schuey.
    It is time it stopped.!!!!

  354. As someone whos life began when I visited my first formula one race at the age of 6 months and the 25 years to follow that I have spent thousands travelling to just under half of the races on calender every year today I lost my love for formula one. And I can only take solace in the fact that my grandfather (a lotus team mechanic from 63′-70′) died last month so that today he did not have to witness what I witnessed and see his heart break over a sport he dedicated his whole life to.

    Today should have been a great celebration on a fantastic winning drive in extremely difficult circumstances by Lewis. Instead as I am so often finding I am left with a some what bitter taste in my mouth. I can think of no reason nor explanation as to why formula one has become such an unfair and unjust sport. But today was a disappointing turning point in the sport which I am unsure it will in my eyes recover from. The FIA has lost all respect. What is the point in formula one being part of a federation that the drivers, teams (apart from ferrari. ) and most importantly of all the fans are rapidly losing faith in. Bernie Eccelston needs to strap on a pair and breakaway after the whole max mosely saga its about bloody time and would be a move forward for the sport. I think the sport needs this matter to be resolved asap to salvage any sort of reputation as a ‘first class motor sport’.


  355. I am absolutely outraged at the decision taken today.
    firstly that it was even looked in to and secondly the
    ridiculously harsh penalty.

    when are the FIA going to be forced into treating Mclaren
    equally to ferrari. How anyone has the audacity to call Lewis
    a cheat, when it is blatantly obvious to anyone with a brain that
    F1 is plagued by nepotism, is completely beyond me.

    When Lewis won, i was screaming at the TV because that
    was the most courageous and skilled drive i have seen in a long time.
    Only to have it slyly taken away!

    For Mclaren to win they have to be lap perfect, yet ferrari have carte blanche
    to do whatever they want (including, it seems, injure their team) and they get
    away with it, time and time again. Can anyone see Lewis being able to drive with
    part of his car hanging off like kimi? without being penalised, why can ferrari
    get away with dangerous decisions like that? More importantly, why are the FIA
    not being held to account for this appalling injustice. could it be due to the fact that
    max mosley sits on the board for ferrari?

    What is the point in watching F1 anymore? it always leaves a nasty taste in the mouth
    due to this bias!

    wake up FIA!!!!!

    Lewis you are the best and most intuitive driver in F1, don’t let them get you down, just think
    of us, all routing you on and wishing you the best.

  356. Lewis you are LEGEND!

    I am your fan from Serbia. I watched the whole race and I was amaised by your driving. I have no words to say about what they have done to you. You are good men and very good driver, thats just not fair. Whole Serbia is behind you.

    Heads up till the next race!

  357. To Liz Jackson,

    Hamilton is a cheat and was punished. Wouldn’t want any young people to learn bad habits like cheating from him. I’m glad he was punished for cheating, this is not accaptable behaviour.

    I don’t think you even understand how he cheated. He made up time by cutting the chicane. If he slowed down and pulled in behind kimi insted of cutting the corner keeping up his speed he would not have been close enough to pass again so quickly.

    If you do not want me refering to your name then stay out of arguments that are nothing to do with you!

  358. I can not understand how the stewards have decided to demote your fantastic first place drive in belgum to third. It truly is a discrace. I have been a fan of formula 1 for nearly twenty years and i can honestly say i have never seen anything like it. it now makes me wonder am i watching a sport that has become corrupt.
    were all behind you Lewis.
    a brilliant drive Lewis you have been robbed.

  359. Hello Lewis,

    I think you drove an excellent race and deserved to win. I cannot see why you have been penalised. I wonder what would have happened if it had been the other way round? Nothing I’ll bet! Ferrari seem to get away with it every time – talk about bias.

    Keep your chin up, and good luck with the next race.

  360. Guys,
    we have to remember, Lewis is in a totally different field. The BEST.
    What I want to know is why Kimi did not support him? Why has he kept quiet? He could end this disgusting situation, but won’t as mentioned already Ferrariy don’t care how they win – by racing or by cheating!

  361. Lewis put Spa and those Ferraris behind you , thats all we ask. Keep out of the politics and listen to Ron R
    Keep rolling!

  362. Lewis,

    You are a truly wonderful ambassador for Britain and Motorsport, keep up the Good work.
    I cannot understand why the FIA seem to wish to discriminate against you at every opportunity!
    I look forward to seeing you win the Championship.

    Best wishes


  363. Yes, I too have been trying to email as Liz Jackson and it has been returned. I think they switched off because they knew there would be a lot of disgusted people out there wanting to air their grievances.
    Well that must tell them something!
    If McLaren staff read this then I think McLaren should put in an appeal themselves. The difficulty is if Lewis actually wins the Championship. I can see FIA taking it away from him on a technicality
    How can sooo many people be wrong. Simple answer – they can’t we all know the real reasons behind the constant penalities given to Lewis, we are not stupid.
    Remember Lewis you are still OUR champion and always will be we know the injustices done in your name!


    FOR GOODNESS SAKE THINK HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  365. La marea azul,

    not sure if you are the Spanish (alonso) or the Massa (Brazilian) supporter .. but this is a UK (Hamilton) site!

    Alonso is clearly a cheat in the sport – seen last year.
    Massa is unfortunately part of the whole Ferrari “cash” bias that seems to exist in the FIA world.

    Hamilton however, has already won the championship if he had been allowed to get on with racing and not been subjected to every opportunity to penalise by FIA.

    The Ferrari era of blond drivers in red suits driving red cars ended with Schumacher … the new legend is LEWIS!

  366. I cannot believe the stewards decision! After a remarkable finish of skill and bravery, this would put you off F1 all together.

    Lewis, Don’t let the Stewards!?? get you down.

    HAVE I MISSED SOMETHING…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JUST A THOUGHT !!!!!!!!!

  368. I can’t believe it! This has spoiled one of the best race finishes I have seen in a long time. You deserve to be the winner. Good luck in your appeal.

  369. La marea azul, on September 7th, 2008 at 6:19 pm Said:

    JUSTICE exists, Hamilton is a CHEAT.

    You will NEVER be a champion.

    La marea azul, on September 7th, 2008 at 6:23 pm Said:

    What happens?. Don’t you like listen the truth?.

    What Truth is that then? that you are not a lewis fan? can you read what it says at the top of the page?

    Get a Life, Lewis didnt cheat, HE GAVE the lead back before the start/finish line and then overtook again! by the way Lewis dont need to CHEAT!


  370. Lewis I am your greatest fan I love to watch you drive you are totally awsome you have true grit but still manage to be an extremely nice guy I hope that doesn’t sound patronising but I just love you to bits so you’ll know how hard it is for me to desert you I can’t bear to watch to see what they’ll do to you next. I hope you can carry on in the face of extreme adversity. I hope Ron carries on too I know he’s your second greatest fan!!
    Love you to bits. Just can’t bear to watch Formula One anymore.x

  371. I am absolutely outraged and disgusted by FIA.

    We all know that you were the true winner today, Lewis.


  372. Previous race Ferrari nearly cause a collision between two just refuelled cars in the pit lane – no penalty.

    Spa and Lewis is pushed, legitimately off the track, surrenders the advantage this gives him, and then sees the Ferrari pull off inside line leaving him a clear run up the inside and he hains the lead – penalty to Lewis of 25 seconds. Perhaps FIA needs a new title. I would suggest Enzio has a ring to it!

  373. Dear Lewis,

    I registered with your fan club today because I am so cross about Ferrari and their complaints about you in today’s Grand Prix. I think it is incredibly unfair and I just hope you will have the courage to put it behind you – where all your admirers will be as you take on Ferrari at Monza next weekend. Keep vroom-vrooming ahead of the rest!

    God bless you and your family!

  374. Hi Liz,

    Yeah i think it worked, aint had any msg or beep? or Not sent error msg?

    I bet the server they have got has been shut down or give up the ghost with all the incoming mail 🙂 hope so.

    FIA will turn people off the SPORT in the end?

    God Bless all the Lewis Fans that believe and leave MSG’s

    Lewis WILL be CHAMPION!

  375. I’m not really surprised at the outcome, Lewis has a fight on his hands not only on the track but with FIA. Lewis will not be allowed to win the championship. It’s a great shame, for Lewis and his family and fans. But you know what, Leave them to it Lewis and walk away.

  376. Dear Mr Hamilton,
    having watched your tremendous performance today I am completely gutted, as I am sure you are, by the decision of the stewards.
    Who are the stewards? Surely the time has come to investigate this mysterious body. Congratulations on your win. I, along with so many others, am with you.
    I will spare no effort to harass these foul cheats.
    Sincerely, Howard Miller.

  377. Hi Carl!

    I am livid with what has happened but I tried to mail the FIA and it come back from the web PostMaster as wrong e-mail address????
    Did it work for you?

    Liz x 🙂

  378. Dear Andrea Harvey,

    I have tried to mail the FIA at the address you put up, it is coming back as not registering???
    Are you sure that is the right address or have they had to stop all e-mails because of so many complaints!!! lol! Gangstas’!

    Liz Jackson x

  379. Well what to say that the people aint already said! Thanks to Andrea Harvey for Link, I have just left a MSG for the FIA guys.
    Shameful really, and STINKS of that Grey Haired muppet, who said ALONSO deserved to win last year in the second-to-last race, or the last one?? not sure without checking….how many times HAS Lewis been penalised by the FIA…seems like a lot to me…even at the qualifying yesterday the program started with the guys down at track side talking about the Ferrari favouritism??!! why is that i wonder.

    Lewis Won..Lewis Won..Lewis Won..Lewis Won..

    Dont care what the FIA say’s they are WRONG and biased!


    Hi Liz 🙂

  380. I have never been so annoyed about a decision, that has made me want to air my views and do something about it. MK is quite right about mclaren setting up a petition about this.Lewis had nowhere else to go and clearly made no gain as he gave back the place straight away.There is precious little overtaking and excitement in F1 anyway. They would never do this in motorcycle racing.But then Bernie and the FIA dont`t run that. Rant Rant Rant from MR reallly angry!

  381. Come hell or high water F1 are determined that Ferrarri will win!

    Show them otherwise at Monza

    What a great race at Spa, marred only by this moronic Stewards’ decision

    The championship should be yours

  382. As followers of F1 for more than 4 decades we see the spirit of racing in .Today will not deminish his resolve.He is still ahead and has proved once again his outstanding skill and promise,Go Lewis !!! we are with you

  383. I have just watched the race, having recorded it earlier. Fantastic skills in what became very dodgy conditions. I then went to the news to see what the outcome of the investigation was. I should have known. The disgust that I felt about the descision cannot be put into words. I have watched F1 racing for many years now, and have seen that whenever a problem occurs, one can see that there is one rule for McLaren and one for the red car. This is not discrimination as some folks think, its been going on for far too long. No, it is bias in favour of the other lot.
    Lewis, dont lose sight of things. That was one Hell of a race. Thanks.

  384. Hi. Just wanted to register my disgust and dismay at the stewards intervention of todays G.P. result. The incident concerned was clearly seen, so was the action of you and the McLaren team in giving the place back to kimi, by a worldwide audience. I have been a follower of F1 for 30 years, both on TV and trackside. I really believe there are forces at work here that do not want you, or your team, to stand a chance in this (or last) years world championship.
    If this had been any other sport, as other people on here have said, this would be considered “fixing”. It’s a disgrace.
    Keep up the good work Lewis, and the McLaren Mercedes team. We will support you in any protest you should wish to make.

  385. Be strong and be calm because you are one of a kind.They are trying to put you down but they wont succeed because I know you can do it,you’ll be the champion.Im so angry because you deserved to win but FIA loves Massa too much and its clear they are desperate for him to win but he’s not.God bless you,because you are one of a kind.

  386. The FIA and the choosen team in red from Italy should all give up. I thought the idea of RACING was to try and get passed the person in front. Lewis did this in true style and onced forced off gave the place back like a true gent. Its not Lewis fault that he then beat the boring sod in a red car. This sport is fast becoming all one sided. Please keep your head Lewis. We know it and you must know it.Your No1 and will be crowned world champion very soon. Good luck.
    Hope Nick is keeping well.

  387. hi lewis
    really good race today .
    i cannot belive the fia again it was not long ago i saw something happen and the driver walk away with a 10 grand fine and now they do this to you. good luck with next few races we will be watching and supporting you. takecare x x

    🙂 X 🙂 X 😉

    oh and to: Lewser Hamiltwat (I hate even writing it)


  389. hi LEWIS.

  390. Disgraceful show of FIA’s lack of integrity where Ferrari is concerned. Had the incident happened with any other team it would have been considered compliant as you gave the position back. Shame on you FIA for favouring Ferrari in every challenge/whinge/complaint.

    Lewis you provided the best and most entertaining racing of the season today — only to be robbed by FIA yet again!

    My family aged 9 to 73 gather for every race — either at the race or round the TV — and today’s decision after last year’s debacle confirms our belief that the F in F1 must stand for Ferrari controlling FIA.

    You continue to prove race after race that you are a winner – a future legend – with the skill and integrity rise above the manipulations which unfortunately exist in professional sports to continue to win against all of the adversity.

    Without all of FIA’s biased and poor penalty decsions against McLaren you are already this season’s Champion .. leaving the Ferrari kids in your dust!

    We’ll be cheering you from the stands in Singapore – as you continue to build the gap between the Silver and the Reds.

    Proud of our British Driver in our British Car
    The Costelloe Family

  391. I have written to FIA too and appear to agree with M.T.. I believe F1 are no clearly showing ‘discrimination’ towards Lewis Hamilton.
    I am really disgusted and have asked McLaren to start up a petition to show our disgust.
    Obvioulsy F1, Ferrar and Massa are really worried that Lewis will win the Championship that they are putting as many hurdles as they can to stop him. Well, if Massa wins it is a hollow vitory – not that he will care.
    Lewis Babe, just keep you chin up. You will win the Championship. Take this unjust and unfair ruling as it is – They are scared that you will win the Championship so are trying to stop you anyway they can. Even casual spectators can see what is happening here.
    Lewis Be cool and do what you do best – Drive brilliantly and you will win.

  392. Hi Lewis, The previous comments say far more than I can say, but one thing I must reiterate is that the FIA MUST, and not SHOULD hang their heads in shame on this decision, and if Ferrari were decent and honourable they ought to get along to the FIA and get this totally unfair decision reversed.

  393. Dear Lewis,

    What has happened today is a total travesty of justice – you won fair and square!

    Pl;ease do not give up in your quest – the people running F1 will, eventaully, get their just deserts – as will you when you become champion.

  394. Thankyou Lewis for a great exciting race.A great finish,and a well deserved win,But you forgot to realize,that F1 seems to stand for Ferrari first.You were robbed.Dont give up the fight we are all with you.God bless.

  395. Sent to the FIA

    “The decision to strip Lewis Hamilton of his victory at Spa, despite the driver allowing Kimi Raikkonen to retake the lead after Hamilton was forced across the chicane shows a clear and dangerous level of bias. There was no fault there. With this constant penalizing of Lewis Hamilton, you are erring very close to discrimination.

    Why not fine the driver for the perceived error as Felippe Massa was previously fined, and allow Hamilton to keep the victory? Surely he did not gain 25 seconds at the chicane, nor did it put him in any position from which to win.

    This has obviously caused a lot of outrage. You should be ashamed.”

    We all know you won, Lewis.


  396. what an absolute farce!! lewis was pushed no crash where was the fine then oh no unlike massa it was a stop go penalty. this just proves the the fia are gunning for mcclaren and lewis. why ruin what was probably one of the most exiting gps this season they need to watch themselves

  397. what a corrupt sport f1 is massa gets a fine to make sure he won the spanish grandprix and you get demoted to3 place some one in f1 has it in for you and mcclaren we are disgusted

  398. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha RESULT!!!!!! big mouthed big headed “i dont get over taken” Lewis hamilton, set himself up for another fall :@) total LOSER!!!!!!!!

  399. Here we go again in the “Max Mosley hating McLaren Style”.

    Mafia is ruling the FIA and the F1 & Ferrari and there is no way for nobody on this planet (except for God) to change this kind of unfair play.

    Lewis, you should take it as a man and try to beat these cheaters in a fair manner in Monza to show them who a realy born racer is. Be glad that you have not sold your soul to Satan like some people in F1 did!

    God is on your side and as long as you believe in him he will guide you through this championship and nobody can mess it up.

    It was a great race today and you are really the born champion. If these unfair FIA people will not let it be, all your true and dearest fans know that you won already last year.

    Keep your head up!

    God bless you, your team and your family!

  400. To Liz Jackson,

    I am very sorry for insulting ‘Stuart Smith’ and calling Lewis a ’smug, unsporting Boy!

    I am on very strong medication which sometimes cause me to think in jumbled ways, confuse reality and talk utter rubbish.

    Please forgive my blasphemy, i did not mean to insult our Lord and Messiah Lewis Hamilton.

  401. Lewis,

    that was the most exciting days race watching I have had in a long time.
    When you overtook Kimi, I was screaming at the screen for you to suceed. You were truly outstanding!!!

    Soon as you finished the race I had to call my Dad in France to tell him what happened as they dont have a telly where they are. He was cheering down the phone at the news.

    Well done, and thank you for a fantastic race.

  402. Well done Lewis, great race. What is meant for you no one can take it away. Kira, how sad and small you must be. I hope that post will be taken down and reported to the police. I don’t know if you are aware Kira, anyone can be traced on the internet, so the police won’t have any trouble finding you.

  403. well done lewis for a top race.the last race,really had its preasure.and you handled it well,you have got what it takes,to be the best.i have watched every race,this season.i love formular 1.I wish i could you see win it trackside,i believe that you can now win the championship,go for it lewis

  404. Lewis, I’m so happy, my heart is leaping. Well done – you show skill where others have none.

    To the Moderator, please remove the threatening message from Kira and I hope you can report her email to the police. It’s disgusting, frightening and shows how depraved Hamilton-haters are.

    Anyway, well done Lewis. You are a star that shines above everything!

  405. What a thrilling race and a GREAT performance!!!!! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!!! Those last two laps were unbelievable!!!! Thank you for pushing till the end!!!! Now this is what I call good racing!!!

    Can’t wait till I see you again on the podium in Monza! You can do it!!! 🙂 You’ll be in our prayers…







    X 🙂 X 🙂 X 🙂

  407. to: Lewis Hamiltwat:

    How dare you insult ‘Stuart Smith’ like that and call Lewis a ‘smug, unsporting Boy!

    Maybe Stuart Smith is ‘dislexic’ (if you know what that is?!) and their is so much ‘hate’ in you that a ‘decent’ person’ would not even write on ‘Lewis Hamiltons Inspiration Site’ so it looks like you are just ‘pure’ jealous of Lewis’ success!

    Are you secretly one of the other F1 drivers (no names mentioned!) with a vengeance against Lewis!!!!!

    Whatever you say, Lewis is the best driver F1 has seen in a long time and he is probably going to win this years Championship (God Willing) and thats because he is the best and deserves every moment of it.

    Now I’m going to watch Lewis win todays Belgium GP (all going to planned) and can’t wait to see his ‘true’ smile on the Podium!!

    What are you doing? thinking of some more hate mail?!lol!

    Good Luck Lewis! and God Bless!

    x 🙂 x 🙂 🙂

  408. oi Lewis!, você ainda não sabe mais serei muito importante em sua vida! Breve você descubrirá! kiss,madalena souza.Recife Pernambuco BRASIL!

  409. Stuart Smith,

    “you are an insperation to everyone in great britian”

    Speak fo yourself, i am from great britain and he’s no inspiration to me. I can’t stand the smug little unsporting boy. And learn how to spell Stuart.

  410. Only the haters again jumping on the site!!!!

    Well done Lewis! You prove every time what a talent you are and I’m glad you’ve got that big smile on your face because there were a few ‘sour’ faces around you!!!!lol!!!!

    You know ‘God’ is looking after you and you will prevail and win the Championship because you deserve it.

    Good Luck tommorow!

    God Bless and Protect you!

    x 🙂 x 🙂

  411. Gudluck! lewis hamilton i wish u the best of luck in spa, and thankyou for making f1 more intrigin again! I hpe 1 day i will see you! Dont let massa get on your nerves his just tryin to intimidate you and i know you are stronger than him!?! 🙂 gudluck you hve my support win or loose! Your dad is the best he made you what you are today cheers to him and thumbs up for both of you! 🙂

  412. hi lewis

    you are an insperation to everyone in great britian, your talented, love what you do and want to make great britian a proud sporting nation, your a great amassador for your sport, you have mde f1 great again i wish you the best of luck on sunday, you will do it mate, you have a great nation spuring you on, we want you to succedd through your hard work and efforts, oh and by the way i think your dad is a top bloke too,

    good luck, dont put too much pressure on yourself, enjoy it GB is behind you all the way

    Stuart Smith

  413. HEY LEWIS!!




    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  415. hi lewis ,it has been a long time since we saw u @CHEQUERED flag!your driving was better than ever.i think massa had big bangy days.its an awesm scary ,competitive year..Gp..JUST KEEP A BIT PUSHING K?NO MATTER WWAT ILL BE YOUR NO 1 FAN..THATS FINAL.HOPE U WIN THE NEXT GP.ILL BE ROOTIN AS HARD AS EVER 4 MA FAVOURITE,INCREDIBLE,EXTREAMLY CUTE F1 RACER.SEE U AT THE CHEQUERED FLAG ON SUNDAY..



  417. Hello lewis,ve been yo fan since i was young so it’s a longtime. u gave f1 something new.and i got new fans for u now these people just can’t wait to see u race.they never liked f1 and now they love it. we all wish u best of luck at yo next race just do yo best and don’t push yoself too hard.i think i was one of the first fan group but never could even get close and say hi but i won’t give u till i do.u seem t understand yo car in a way others don’t at list not yet.the team has been great.and i thank yo dad fo go though all that with u coz i know that gave u a will to be who u are today.i wish i had a dad like yos.though bad times and good times u’reboth there to lift the other one up when they feel down.i ve to say u bought the best out of me.we all behind u .should we meet someday u will ve a lot to from oxford

  418. can you confirm to me that you were promoting in Hull today or was it a look alike

    was a big debate about this within my lot

    thank you


  419. Good Luck for this weekends race. I am a Brit living in Florida and I get up early to watch your races live with my Husband. I often have to cover my eyes though!! I don’t know how your Dad can keep his calm watching from the pits, he must have nerves of steel!

    You are awesome and a great role model to the young, kind and always gracious. You are are a credit to your parents.

    Love from Janine (-:

  420. I’ve just received my welcome pack for the LH Fan Club – it is fantastic and such good quality. You get an LH cap, LH polo top, magazine ‘Racing Line’, LH mouse mat and a letter and membership card.

    Just like to say thank you to Lewis for having such a fab, classy fan club.

  421. Hello winner,
    How are you doing?, I hope you feel good now, last race was 8 point, that was good, but the next one in Spa is 10 point for you , you know Spa is one of the best place you like and I am very sure you will show your skills and give it a professional touch again, please remember to say your prayers; ok, greatings to that great man called Hamilton and also to your mum
    We will hear the England’s national anthem again for you in Spa, good luke and God bless, more grace to your ableness.
    Destiny Omoruyi.


  423. Dear Lewis,

    Thanks for the nice personalized autographs which your office has sent to a very good friend of mine in Bedfordshire. Great that you always taking your time to please your dearest fans! We all love you for that!

    The next race is just around the corner and I wish you all the best! I think Spa is the longest track and I hope you will have the pace like in Hockenheim in order to get the pole position and to win the race!

    You are a born racer and all what you set your focus on came true (Monaco, Silverstone, Hockenheim) and the last focus is the championship and I know you can do it and you will do it!

    God bless you, your team and your family and also your nice girlfriend Nicole (all the best for both of you)!


  424. Hey peeps good to see some positive chat and messages on the site, been getting a bit Dark and Bogged down by Negative remarks of late, can’t believe people be low enough to make NASTY utube clips and stuff? dont know what it is and dont want to, shame on you people that done it though…..4ft we was a Global planet…livin in the 21st century…

    Lewis is uber-cool and makes it look easy???? that in itself is amazing…F1 cars are super fast and so must be your reaction times.

    nuff said, cant wait for the next race..

    Good luck Lewis (not that you need it!)


  425. Lewis good luck on the next race .I did not know much about Formula 1 and
    then came Lewis Hamilton I have seen every race since your first win in
    Montreal and my son and i just love you .I know God will take care of you
    we pray for you always Lewis you have brought another chapter to F1 thank God .My son is 6 years old we have your hats shirts and flag and we always get dress-up for your race win or lose .there is so much love for you.and i know the lord is looking out for you.Anthony keep up the good

  426. Thanks for lewis Too Visit my Mate 🙂 Arron bassden ive played Football with him for a couple of seasons and he left and soo did i and i only heard about you talking to him And ive heard hes not Well Soo It was a suurprise for him Like you Said Stay and keep Strong all the way 🙂

  427. Met Lewis in Monza on friday.
    He was really very friendly, cordially, disponible, a real good person!
    I was amazed: he spent a lot of time with his fans, and all the childrens.
    I supported Ferrari until friday, when i’ve seen with my eyes a great boy that deserve to be loved.
    I hope to speak with him just a few minutes on the Monza GP’s friday.

    Forza Lewis!

  428. jamaicanlady55,

    “I know how cruel “White” people can be”

    I know how cruel people of all races can be. keep your racist thoughts to yourself.

    “these people are everywhere in the world because they do not like if “blacks” get a piece of their cake”

    “Do not judge anybody if you do not know the truth. You assume that it is like this”

    Take your own advice and keep your racist thoughts to yourself.

    Your discusting post should be removed beforre this site becomes a means of spreading racial hatred.

    To the moderator of theis site,
    Please remove the post below it is raciist and offensive.

  429. Dear Lewis

    Best of luck in the remaining 6 races. You have brightened up thousands of people’s lives and we all love you for it.


  430. Met Lewis and his dad at Brands, both signed my book, they were very friendly!

    Very strange feeling meeting your idol, still cant believe it!

    Thanks Lewis and good luck!

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