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Please leave any messages you have for Lewis Hamilton here. If its well wishes and how much you love him, by all means say as much as you want.

If you would like to make comments, then please be constructive and avoid any foul language as kids visit the site too.

If you have something against his colour, please keep the comments to yourself as it will be deleted.

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  1. HI Lewis,

    I am a fan of yours and I am rooting for you all the way, but I have to voice my dismay at the option of putting the intermediates on in Q3. Do you think Senna would have put up with the team dictating to him what kind of tires to put on?
    Not likely, and neither should you put up with anyone else telling you ‘the driver’ what kind of tire to put on, certainly it is open to discussion, but when you go onto a rain soaked track in Q3 put the wets on!
    You would have won that race or at least gotten second, don’t let Mclaren’s dithering stuff it up for you again which, in my opinion was the downfall of your 07 title.

    All the best.

  2. I think EVERYONE should all calm down and stop using this website as a ‘full on’ argument site!!! Sure people come on here who are obviously ‘Alonso’ fans such as ‘La Armada Espanol’ but the true fans who come on here should stick to ‘debating’ Lewis’ attributes and maybe his flaws! (not many I don’t suppose IN MY OPINION!!)
    This site should not be a battle ground and comments good or bad should be put in a ‘constructive way’ and the disgusting language I’ve seen on here the other day should not even reach this site!
    I understand where ‘JamaicaLady 55’ is coming from because a lot of this is about racism but too ‘in depth’ to argue about.

    Regarding autographs, I should take ‘Jamaicalady55′ s advice and write to Lewis’ London Office and you might be pleasantly surprised!

    Lets all get on and wish Lewis the best of Luck for Sunday. He really is a WORTHY person! IN MY OPINION!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. jamaicanlady55, as I think God is fictitious (I know Lewis believes and as much as I admire him, I still don’t), your argument that only he knows the truth is rubbish. If only he knows the truth, why turn on me when I accuse these troublemakers of masquerading. What a stupid argument – we both purport to love LH (well I do anyway) but it seems only I get incensed when I can clearly see when a lie is being told about him. I have been reading these messages for months now and the same thing happens whenever he attends an event – negative comments are posted about his “not signing anything”, children crying, disappointment, yada yada. This is EVIDENTLY NOT TRUE because there is video evidence on YouTube to PROVE IT, therefore I will counter these lies and presume the only reason they’re posting these lies is to make trouble for Lewis. I am surprised you are arguing with me and it seems pretty stupid. If you want to believe lies instead of video evidence, you go ahead.

  4. jamaicanlady55,

    “I know how cruel “White” people can be”

    I know how cruel people of all races can be. keep your racist thoughts to yourself.

    “these people are everywhere in the world because they do not like if “blacks” get a piece of their cake”

    “Do not judge anybody if you do not know the truth. You assume that it is like this”

    Take your own advice and keep your racist thoughts to yourself.

    Your discusting post should be removed beforre this site becomes a means of spreading racial hatred.

    To the moderator of theis site,
    Please remove the post below it is raciist and offensive.

  5. Oh, ‘A’ just save your breath. Not everybody with a different opinion is a hidden Alonso fan. Do not judge anybody if you do not know the truth. You assume that it is like this. Of course there are a lot of crazy people outside and try to put Lewis down especially the ‘racist ones’, but these people are everywhere in the world because they do not like if “blacks” get a piece of their cake. You tube is full of these Lewis haters and it makes me sick, too and I am not even reading these comments at all. I know how cruel “White” people can be. I am married to a Jamaican since 15 years I know what I am talking about.
    Look what the people said about “Usain Bolt”. Just because a few 100 + 200 m runners from the USA took dope and were tested positive is the evidence for them that every “black” runner is doped. Nobody acknowledges “God given” talent if it is coming up to “Black” people. Lewis has a “God given” talent, too and he is really the racer of all times!

    Coming back to “Darren” and “Rachael” .You put them in prison without seeing the judge and the jury.

    Only God knows if these two have said the truth or not.

  6. To SD, thank you. Yes, Alonso fans do masquerade as Lewis fans on here to cause trouble. It’s pretty obvious. You only have to see the YouTube stuff – I too saw the ‘Lewis Hamilton is Dead’ one. I was shocked and the comments are always racist and abusive. I so hope Lewis beats everyone this year as he deserves it for all the hate he’s got from so many awful people.

  7. I read very much like this page.

    To jamaicanlady55: Thank you for the address.
    I also do the fans tired of the long wait and not get autographs, but Lewis has almost apologized that he had unfortunately not every give an autograph. You can not him evil.

    I understand but also A: Unfortunately, many give F. Alonso fans here as Lewis fans and want it bad, some even had emails deleted.
    On Youtube, I have read: The Sims 2: Lewis Hamilton is dead! the death of Lewis Hamilton. Is not that terrible! Madness!

    I hope Lewis does and will be world champions 08.

    God protect him and his family

  8. To C, I don’t go on about how normal Lewis is – that is what someone said on the YouTube comment that I quoted. I actually don’t think Lewis is normal – I think he is extraordinary. Please read my posts carefully in future and do not misquote me. Thank you.

  9. To jamaicanlady55, rachael said, and I quote “you wouldnt sign anything we didnt even see you”. Video evidence says THIS IS UNTRUE. He DID sign autographs, so this rachael is lying. Why would a 13 year old lie? In order to cause trouble. Do you really think people on here are always who they seem? I can’t wait for the Lewis Hamilton fan club to be up and running with a discussion page that only those who paid the £65 membership can use, so that these awful people can’t post nasty untrue messages. This makes me so angry.

    DARREN said the same but there is VIDEO EVIDENCE on YouTube disputing this. I’m afraid I believe what is in front of my eyes, plus my own experience at Brooklands to people who claim they are something on this site. You believe what you like.

  10. C, I disagree with you. I think you are very naive to think otherwise. Every time there is an event Lewis goes to, the same stories appear on this site about how the children were crying and how he never signed any autographs. I will not apologise – how dare you say I should. They are obviously lying because Lewis does sign autographs wherever he appears. If they didn’t get theirs signed, it wasn’t because he “refused to sign anything”. That is a barefaced lie. It would be because there were so many people at the event. To suggest he does something he clearly DOES NOT DO is troublemaking. There are a lot a haters and racists and BNP types and twisted Alonso fans out there. If you’re not aware of it, open your eyes and smell the coffee. I will always defend Lewis because I don’t like to see a good person who really loves his fans and does all he can to please them, get attacked by liars. If you’re not a true fan, get off this site.

  11. That is exactley the same opinion I have, “C”! Well said!

    How can anybody insult people who are not belonging to the “happy ones” with an autograph? I think there are still hundreds who are disappointed waiting 3 hours without any autograph at all and they went there in order to meet Lewis not Alonso! Screw your head on, “A”!

    “A” what you are doing is really bad. You can not insult “Lewis fans” for that. They bought their tickets as Lewis fans and had the hope getting in touch with him during this DTM event, but did not get the chance at all. This is disappointing. How would you feel in their position? I think the same way. They only wanted to use this site to express their feelings towards that frustrating situation.

    Before you open your mouth you should first think of the situation from different angles. Put yourself first into the shoes of them in order to make such kind of bad and insulting statement.

    Lewis ahs always a tight schedule and there are more fans coming to these kind of events he will never be able to cope with and I think he tries always his very best, but you can not satisfy everybody. This would be a fulltime job. He is the only one in F1 at the moment who is spending so much time for his fans. Nuff respect, Lew for that!!

    Dear Darren and Rachael, I feel ashamed what “A” said and I hope she or he will apologize to you! Keep your head up and just try to write to his company address what I gave you yesterday. Have a nice day!

    A great race is just around the corner, just concentrate on that and give him the support as a real and true fan!!

  12. ‘A’ how can you be so insulting to the people you refer to? They simply had a different experience to you so you immediately cast aspersions on their credibility by questioning their honesty and suggesting they’re Alonso Fans causing trouble.

    Isn’t it possible that they’re just normal folk who are telling the truth??!! He isn’t god you know, and you socalled “fans” would do well to remember that. You’re always going on about how ‘normal’ he is, well normal people screw up, so maybe he just screwed up like we all do.

    I think you should apologise to them.

  13. To Darren and Rachael

    Please see these comments below from You Tube by people who also went to the DTM. Seems like they had a very different experience from you, as I did when I went to Brooklands and Lewis spent hours signing autographs. Surely you’re not Alonso fans stirring up trouble again???

    “Was there today got my hat and book signed by him and his dad what a top man!!”

    “What a top day got autographs from lewis, his dad and ralf schumacher!!”

    “Yeaah! Was thre too! Didnt get my hat signed, but was immense to see him!! Such a nice normal guy! I was there too as he and his mum and dad got into the big black GL! 😛

    Was great to see him just as a normal person after all you see on TV!”

  14. To Darren and Rachael,

    I can imagine how you are feeling right now and you seem to be really disappointed.
    I will not even say that Lewis did this on purpose, because he is always trying to take a lot of time for his fans, but there will be always some people who will not have the chance to meet him personally due to the tuff schedule he has organization-wise.The best way to reach him for a nice autograph is to write to his office address in London. I got already 3 times personalized autographs of him (I sent pictures to the office with a ‘post it’ on it and the names I would like to get the autographs for and also included an envelope for them).
    Lewis Carl Hamilton
    Lewis Hamilton Motorsport Ltd.
    c/o Corporatec Ltd.
    32 St James’s Street
    London, SW1A 1HD

    Good luck!

  15. i went to the dtm on the 31st of august, me and my dad waited for 3 hours to see you and get an autogragh, but you wouldnt sign anything we didnt even see you. what a waste of 3 hours!!!!

    from an angry 13 year old

  16. Hi lewis, i’ve just come back from the DTM at brands hatch on the 31 aug, where you was suppose to be seeing all your fans and signing autographes, as you advertised on the television. I stood there and queued for over 3hrs to get to see your face or even get a signing, but you came on the stand see the 40-50 people that pushed in and didn’t queue signed for them and went. it was a case of sod the rest of the honest and faithful fans that were queueing and didn’t even get to see your face. saw you then drive round the course done all your spins up the paddock end in front of the stands and nothing for the rest of the fans that was standing elsewhere my 3 kids and other kids around us was very upset and crying that they never even see you and never got a autograph. i have been a fan of yours for years and this was the one chance i would get to see you and was disappointed with the result and the organisation of it all. hope you read this message and get back to me. Thanks Darren,Sue,Sophie,Chloe,Adam.

  17. Cheers liz, you are right i know, but its very hard not to reply to these mindless HATERS, i like ALL F1 drivers and Teams and have a huge amount of Respect for them all….even Alonso…Just because Lewis happens to be my Fav, he (and some of the other NEW talent) have made F1 Great again! it was so boring for years..maybe the wrong term, but it has got me Hooked again, and even my EX watches it, Lewis is Great! and a LOT of people can see the Talent and Quality that this young F1driver brings to the track & sport. he should have have WON last year, but that didnt happen because of a few stupid mistakes…only human..unlike some peeps that post on this site?? and the paint the car RED was just a joke…and it does seem like ferrari can’t do any wrong! mind you kinda evens out what with all the engine probs they have had?? oh and to “johnsonville” Ron did report this incident and mclaren were punished fairly or unfairly depends on which way you look at it?

    Anyway goin to make a drink and check my eBay, To ALL the Lewis Fans keep backing our man..He will be a Champion of this i have no doubt..and i supose that some peeps will allways have some negative comments…sad but true..

    To Lewis great performances and results dont happen on their own…you have made them happen and no-one can take that away from you.

    Good luck for next GP.

    CaTz 🙂

  18. HI! ALL LEWIS FANS! (and Carl Katz and BB!)

    Listen CARL and BB – do you know what mate, i used to defend Lewis against all these rude, disgusting mouthed ‘facists’ but they are not worth your breathe! They are more interested in a good argument with foul language than F1 and you’re best not to feed their ‘sad’ ego’s.

    It is frustrating not to reply to their ‘torts’ but you just keep writing your ‘positive’ comments and ignore anything these ‘sad’ people have to say because we all know and you do that these people crawled out from underneath some ‘stone’ somewhere and need to go back!

    Yes, it is a World of ‘Free speech’ but as we’ve all kept saying: THIS IS A LEWIS HAMILTON INSPIRATIONAL SITE so maybe they can’t ‘comprehend’ this in their tiny minds! THE WORDS SAY LEWIS HAMILTON and OK its alright to put ‘negative’ criticism in a CONSTRUCTIVE way as the ‘moderator’ requests. Quite honestly if I had such a hatred for a person (Lewis), i wouldn’t even bother to ‘gode’ them on a website and I know you wouldn’t either.

    Forget these people Carl and just keep your eyes focussed on Lewis and you see how these ‘Fools’ try to wind you up!!!

    Best Wishes to U, BB and of course to Lewis for the next GP!!!

    Big up to Lewis!!!!

    🙂 🙂 x 🙂 🙂

  19. kjkjgh, johnsonville,the teacher what a bunch of time wasting sad people who fill a LEWIS HAMILTON FAN AND INSPIRATION SITE with garbage and the crap you guys come out with! dont even think you went to school eh TEACHER! –

    “you should view such letters as an opportunity to teach people what you think you know about hamilton that makes him so amazing, instead of instantly getting defensive and vehement.
    or maybe i just missed the note at the top of this website that says no comments to be submitted by anyone over the age of ten.
    come on, grow up.”

    Nah i dont need to grow up, old enough thanks! but fed up with Lewis hatters and SCUM just posting stupid remarks, go and find a site that is for peeps like you, you are not a FAN of Lewis…yet you can’t stay away from the site for his fans..nothing to do with being a control freak…you FREAK!

    Dear All,

    Please leave any messages you have for Lewis Hamilton here. If its well wishes and how much you love him, by all means say as much as you want.

    If you would like to make comments, then please be constructive and avoid any foul language as kids visit the site too.

    If you have something against his colour, please keep the comments to yourself as it will be deleted.

    Moderator for LewisHamilton.Me.UK
    August 2008

    Well had look at the top of the page and i was right the TEACHER can’t read and is just plain STUPID!

    As for The Ghost of Ayrton SENNA said of this site “Never before have a(shouldnt that be I) a website of such tossers..” well i think that for saying its a Lewis fan site…The only tossers on this site are ones that post crap about Lewis and his WHY do you come here???


    Hi, Liz n ALL Lewis’s FANS 🙂

  20. I watched formula one avidly up until Ayrton Senna was killed, at which point I vowed I would never watch it again, and up until you came on the scene I stuck to that vow, however you have revived my passion for the sport and for that I thank you. I’m not sure my Husband thinks it’s so great though as he once again has to endure me screaming at the tv every time something exciting happens!! But I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I am sure if Senna were alive today he would be tipping you as a future champion for maby years to come. Drive safe

  21. Some said they think you did a good job, well; that is fare enough, but after watching the Europe GP, I know right away that you did a great job not because you were not feeling fine health wise, but that you kept a great pace with Massa and kept the rest drivers behind, also not making any mistake indeed prove your professionalism.

    Anyway for those who think you did a good job and for those that know you did a great job, thanks to all, we are all together supporting you Lew, and I must say please befor you go to bed say your prayers and always have Christ in mind

    Truly you are a great star with uncommon talent, more also you are the number one as regard to F1 Motor racing, more grace to your ability and success in the next race.
    Thank God for you Lew
    Destiny Omoruyi

  22. Hey Lewis,

    I Have Just Got To Say, You Are The Most AMAZING Person I Have Ever Met (Talent-Wise) Like, I Saw The Original Videos Of You Karting Around When You Were Young And Have Inspired Me To Have A Go, I Would Kill To Meet You And Kill More To Have The Talent To Make It To Formula 1 And Race As Your Team-Mate, But The Chances Of That Are About A Billion-To-One (1,000,000,000 – 1) So I Just Want To Say You Have Raced Brilliantly And I Hope You Can Win The Championship This Year!


  23. Dear Sweet Lewis,
    How are you?
    I hope that you are getting better.
    Even when your in bad condition,your still succeeded!! It’s not bad for a secound place at all.You did your best very well this time.
    It’s so important to be motivated and to get a lot of self-conscious. And winning is your ambition.Ceep on exercise and practice as much as you can,because practice makes you perfect..Right??
    ..I got tickets for Belgium..I will be watching you.. and i’m so exited.This will be my secound live experience at the grand prix F1.
    I wish to get in contact with you and to have your signature.That will make my day complete..
    You and The Mac L.Team are amazing.And of cource your dad,Nic and Linda are still terrific.

  24. Hi Lewis ;

    Beautiful race in Valencia. Well done. I already know that you’ll get the title this year. Please keep it up, it’s a real pleasure to watch you racing…………..10/10

    True Lewis’ fan


  25. Hi Lewis! (and carl catz!:) !)

    Well Lew, i think you done admirably considering, i read, that you had ‘pneumonia’? and was very ill. I am very shocked that you was so ill and I hope you have fully recovered from that because that race must have been so hard. And, you still came 2nd! (a questionable ‘2nd’ with the ‘Reds’ making some silly mistakes). I really think you ought to paint your car Red!lol! still, your fans are still there for you so don’t worry about ANYTHING and just stay well and don’t over do it. Keep focused on your aim to win this years Championship and i’m sure you will.

    Still hoping that one day I meet you in person!!


    Liz X 🙂





    GUDLUCK!!!!!!! 🙂

  27. Hey peeps, wasnt the most exciting race, but a good result for lewis & heikki. and points for Ron…so not a bad day by any for the pits..well what was going on in the Ferrari camp??? massa SHOULD have been given a drive-through-penalty??? he DID get a fine much later tho, well that’s what it says on the F1 site. Lewis would have got a penalty???? paint the car RED?? they leave you alone then…you could even smash into the back of a Force india car at 180mph and as long as you are in a RED car it will be ok! 🙂

    Dont matter Lewis can win without others getting penaltys…and does Satoru Nakajima hit somebody every race or is it just me??? poor alonso

    2 weeks till next race cant wait..

    Any good F1 games for xbox360 or ps3 with Lewis yet??? any 1 know??

    hi Liz

  28. Well done, Lewis! Congratulations!

    It was not a very spectacular race, but I was glad for you not pushing to hard and making a mistake and lose it. You kept your focused and this is what counts. Consistency! Also a great job from Heikki!
    13 points in the constructor championship and still 6 points in front before Massa is great.
    What the Spanish fans did on Sunday was really bad! They will never change as long as you are driving in F1. They have a strong racist hate inside them which is really sick and stupid.

    In Spa you will get back your pole position and you will win the race.

    Lot’s of love,

  29. Hey lewis i would just like too say he s one of the best talents i ve seen in f1 since shumy and there big boots too fill for any one he is the only driver on the track thats gave us somthing too tune in for every race and the fact that he s so young just makes it all the more worth watching dont stop wot u do lewy we love up in scotland P.s GETTING RID OF THE DRIVER AIDS HAS MADE F1 GREAT AGAIN dont change nuthin its been an osum season

  30. it was not massas fault for the error that was down to his team,saying that if lewis or his team had made the same error, he would of got a penalty for sure,why did massa only get a fine,? keep up the good work lewis look after your health, be well for the next race xxx

  31. Well done Lewis, another sterling drive. Loved your comment in today’s Times, about Kubica’s teddy bear, & that you don’t carry yours around with you!!
    ‘Dark Angel’ – Massa was not fined, it was the team, had the two cars met, then doubtless Massa would have been fined. A very narrow pit lane, it was amazing that the incident only happened once.

  32. Hey Lewis. I think you did an amazing job this weekend especially since you were not feeling well. You have just proven that you are a true champion as you go out and give it your best despite all the hurdles. I just have to comment on the FIA and the stewards inconsistency when it come to Ferrari. The FIA are extremely biased – Massa should have definitely received a drive through penalty for the incident in the pit lane or even a 5 place grid penalty fo the next race. Instead, he gets fined a mere 10,000 euros. These racers have a lot of money and this is not a sufficient penatly. If it was Lewis you made that error, then it would not even have taken the stewards 5 minutes to make a decision. It is shocking to see that the rules are not applied consistently in Formula 1. Although Massa drove very well and deserved the race, Lewis still kept it consistent and is still leading the championship. Lewis, all the best for the forthcoming races – you will definitely be a champion this year!!!

  33. Lewis,

    Not too bad atall ay? but i think you had ‘Nicole’ withdrawals why you felt ill !!!! lol!
    Seriously though, 2nd is good enough and you’re still leading the Championship so your still in the top runnings.
    Just next time, don’t overdo it with your PCD!she must be taking you for a ride!!!!

    Only 2 weeks B4 the next race, lesser time to get 2 ‘off the track’!
    Lewis, you have all Winter to relax and recover. PLEASE win this Championship!!!!

    All the Best.

  34. Lewser got beaten fair and square by Massa today…

    Lewser is arrogant and disrespectful to other drivers…

    “Monkeys at the back” at Monaco is one example.

    Another was his criticism of Massa at Germany.

    Good thing Massa showed him who’s boss for two races in a row

  35. Hi Lewis

    You are still the leader of the points, next race show those ‘red cars’ what for.


  37. Les fans espagnols sont racistes et anti sportifs. Ce genre de personnes n’ont rien à faire sur u circuit automobile. Ils sont une honte pour tous les vrais fans de formule 1. Lewis, il y a beaucoup plus de personnes qui t’aiment et admirent ton travail et ton pilotage ( et j’en fait parti) que de personnes stupides qui ne sont pas fair-play. Il devrait y avoir une sanction prise pour éviter ce genre d’agressions car cela fait deux fois que tu est victime de propos incorrectes. Dans tous les cas, j’espère que tu as passé de bonnes vacances bien reposantes. C’est la dernière ligne droite pour le championnat. Cela fait du bien de voir un championnat se jouer sur la piste et non devant une commisssion de la FIA.Tu nous reviens en pleine forme car tu as fait une très belle course.
    A bientôt pour SPA !
    Valérie de FRANCE
    (La fille au drapeau de Magny-cours qui était le dimanche matin à l’entrée du circuit)

  38. Les fans espagnols sont racistes et anti sportifs. Ce genre de personnes n’ont rien à faire sur u circuit automobile. Ils sont une honte pour tous les vrais fans de formule 1. Lewis, il y a be

  39. Hey,
    I just wanted to say congratulations, great race and I can’t wait the next one….
    All the best from Croatia!

  40. sorry audrey my son has pointed something out to me, it seems somehow the message i put on here has been put on google search results sorrrrrry 🙁 i should of read it carefully not that good with computers xxxxxx

  41. Hi Lewis,

    great job. u did very well. oh i was so so disapointed tht they changed positions on track, where u were to start off fm, an swapd to be Massa’s startoff point, hahah. The Ferrari cheats, incident with Massa and Sutil, had it been you, you wld hve bn given the penalty right there as usual. But the cheats are allowed to get away with it so tht you dont get a win hahahah. amazing F1 heads. Until Ferrari stop cheating their cars will kp blowin up. All the best to you an the team. Hope u keep scoring more points an remain at the top.

  42. audrey i was a bit upset to see that you said YOUfound the pic on flicr as i was the one who told you if you recall, check the 4 of august my message then check your reply on the 6 of august it would of been nice of you to mention my name in that finding 🙁

  43. you can win today lewis, concentrate on the road ahead don’t do anything silly and you will be fine. you have the grippiest line from the grid so you may be able to squeeze pasy massa from the start, just hope you can win. you are an inspiration to us all, do your best mate will be watching and wearing my t-shirt to give you that little bit of extra support.

  44. Hi Lewis,

    You did yo very best. That was good. Just relax and know you will make it and the important thing remember is to get more points for championship. So dont stress about not being on pol today. All the best for tomorrow. Racing is just a game remember that. You win some you lse some. But you will do well just stick to your best takeoff as alwys.


  46. hi Lewis,

    The practice was tight today. Hope u will manage to get a good position tomorrows. All e best.

  47. Hi Lewis,

    Cant wait to watch you ths coming race. I hope u have rested enough and will get us more points and please make the best drive as usual. All the best yeah.

  48. In my opinion you are the best F1 driver out there and i suspect that you have the same opinion because in your interview with itv before you got the drive at Mclaren, you spoke of the william sisters, tiger woods and how you were kicking down the door of F1. You were surely right then and i am sure you will go on to put it all on display for the world to see.
    I love the way you drive that car and all incidents which occur around you, positive or negative, it has all made the F1 show more of a spectacle.
    Keep enjoying it Lewis.

    Best of luck

  49. Lewis i hope you have put ‘Madame’ Nicole down now and are ready to win Valencia?
    Don’t let you career and your fans down with your ‘focus’ on being a ‘loved-up’ loser than a focused ‘Winner’.

    The very Best of Luck anyway!


  50. hey lewis,
    wat’s up don’t you ever try to contact your fan’s
    n well all the best for your races.

  51. Steve, Usain Bolt has become the Olympic Champion, and holder of the world records in the 100m and 200m. He has proven himself to be the best. Lewis has not yet become F1 world champion, so I would cut some slack to Usain Bolt.
    Lewis, I wish you all the success you deserve.

  52. Usian Bolt was as disrespectful to the other runners as Lewis is to his fellow ‘monkeys at the back of the grid’. (His words, not mine)

  53. Dear Lewis,

    I saw that you are interested in the Olympics especially the 100 and
    200 m

    You saw how focused Usain Bolt was at the Olympics last Saturday (New world record !!)? This is total commitment to the sport!
    Sometimes I have the feeling you are taking it too easy!

    Hope you will have the same focus (especially at the start!!) for the next races in order to take 10 or 8 points in every race otherwise somebody else will be more focused and take it like Massa nearly did it in Hungary.

    All the best for Valencia and the following races!

  54. hi i have checked on( the show fifth gear) and its on there now, click on (show all favorites )scroll down and you will see lewis click on the picyou will see that part of the show with lewis at brooklands,hope this is useful for those who missed it, tina xx


  56. Hello Lew’ what’s up?
    I know you had a lovely break and lots of fun, well time for business again on the G.P trak, please makes us all proud again and be more focus this time because it’s kind of getting hot, But there is one thing I know, you are a winner so that gives all your fan a lot of confidence, that you always deliver, as always; your family are behind you, so are all your fan, above all, the most high , I mean the all in all, GOD almighty is by your side, so go win and keep winning, always have Christ in mind.

  57. Hi Tina S, I saw you and my friend on the TV ‘Fifth Gear’ – unfortunately I am too short to be seen. Brought back memories of a fantastic day and showed what a wonderful guy Lewis is. Wow.


  59. Hi Lewis,

    Why did you refer to the drivers further down the field as “the monkeys at the back of the grid”?

    This is a really dissapointing attitude to other drivers who have not had everything handed to them on a plate. Especially as you aren’t that skilled at progressing through the field without missing corners.

  60. Hi Lewis

    I enjoy watching you on the track you really got me into formula one you sexy.
    Good look for the qualifying and the race on sunday the 24th.
    see you on the t.v with bated breath.
    lots of kisses you biggest fan


  61. For those haters out their,

    You obviously have nothing better to do with your time! You are all just jealous that you haven’t been able to or can’t do anything that this yourselves. Because YOU want to be able to get all the fame at such a young age. Because YOU want to be the best in your industry. Becuase YOU want to be earning millions at a young age. And guess what???? YOU CAN’T!!!!!!

  62. guys!
    i think this idiot and many more like him just get a kick from getting you all worked up..!! im thinking- please just try to ignore them and their comments! i dont visit this site often but its such a bore to always find you guys justifying to these pricks how great lewis is..! no matther what and how much good you say about lewis.. they are not ever going to agree! why they dont go voice their nasty opinions about lewis on the very popular lewis player hater’s site beats me!
    i dont know but i dont think these idiots are worth our attention.
    just a thought!

  63. Hey Lewis

    It’s kinda sad knowing i won’t see you makeing history for 3 weeks. But anyway you need the rest. Have a great short break as you would call it. But come back geared up ready to make a satement.


  64. Hi Carl(Catz) and Toni

    Well said and you nailed it to the point. Especially the fact that – “God chooses and favors you before you are even born!” You will still make it despite what people say or think!”
    This is what counts in everybody’s life if you like it or not. God has a purpose for every human being here on this earth. “He pours rain on the just and the unjust.”

    Lewis is a prodigy and his talent is awesome, because he was born be a F1 driver and a Champion!

    This is what counts! Everybody has to acknowledge the facts. Monaco, Silverstone and Hockenheim – a pure demonstration of his phenomenal driving skills!

    All what he is doing aside the track especially his private life should not he judged from nobody here on this site, because he can do whatever he wants to do and he can date whoever he wants to date (we are not married to him, we are not relatives or friends of him and we are not McLaren Mercedes or any of his sponsors). We as “real fans” and also the “haters” should be interested in, is his performance on the track. Nothing more!

    Dear Lewis,

    Best wishes for the next GP in Valencia and the ones which will follow until November 2

    You are the GREATEST and we love you all!

    God bless you,

  65. Dear Lewis ;

    I read your book twice, and been monitoring your racing career path heavily for the last 3 years. I saw you winning in Melbourne this year, that was simply brilliant. You are my favourite right from your 2007 Melbourne race. You were simply born for F1. There is so much people can learn, but you have much much more……
    It is is a real pleasure to watch your brilliant performances race after race, i wish i could talk to you just for 5 minutes. Maybe one day. Please keep it up, you are already No.1 for a lot of us………

    True “LEWIS” fan

    Gabor Szabolcs ( 34 ) AUSTRALIA





  67. Heloo those who dislike Lewis so much.

    whatever Lewis haters say he will still make it to the top. Because if God chooses and favours you before are even born, you will still make it despite what pple say or think.

    He was born talented and he will make it to the top with all the criticism and hatred.

    Those who love him an support him will still give him courage and strength to make his dream come true. A champion and yeah he is one because he was born one. Its js a matter of time. Being trained to be a leader and being born a leader are two different things. He was born with that talent and the help of all the training all these years, that is why he can display the skills on the track. So a champ he will be sooner than you know. Wther pple like it or not he will be a champion. And oh about money he will actually make much more than he is now. This is js the beginin of the best to come. Watch him!!


  69. Oh nearly forgot Great Result Lewis, Considering how the race went. and you still finished 5th and still top of the board.

    Congrats to Heiki as well. And poor Massa great run, shame bout the Car! letting you down?

    Hi Liz

  70. The ghost of Ayrton SENNA, on August 11th, 2008 at 4:51 am Said:

    “Never before have a seen a website of such tossers..”

    Seems to me YOU are in the above mentioned category!! Your comments are rude, offensive and plain stupid! IF Ayrton Senna was alive today, he would see Lewis for what he is… A Talented Young F1 driver, with the Quality, Passion and Skill to become an F1 Champion.
    Your referrals to T***, P***** & Women giving Birth???? What’s wrong? Not seen the Shrink this week??? I wonder what Freud would make of your dispostion and train of Thought.

    Did Eminem’s mum achieve her life long goal having HIM? And, what if Hitler’s parents had used contraception??? What if your parents had too?!
    Giving birth is only the (hopefully) inevitable outcome of pregnancy. Raising a child well is the achievement!

    Being a good parent and raising your child to be a decent, upstanding member of society, far outweighs giving birth… Thousands of teenage UK/US girls have opened their legs (thanks to baccardi breezers?) and spat out kids, who to go straight to a County Care home… do-not pass Go… Do not collect $200… ah the miracle of life……

    “What does he do?? he drives fast..thats it..”

    Another Stupid comment, so F1 drivers just drive FAST??? Yeah, and the car steers itself?? Forget the little matter of obtaining a Super License or the years of training.. You seem to have little understanding of F1, or any appreciation of what the participants of this Sport undertake in striving to achieve their Dream of becoming the next Champion.

    This is not just my opinion, my Girlfriend (who has a child) sat and helped me write this. She agrees with me and everyone else who is a Lewis fan… THIS SITE IS A LEWIS HAMILTON FAN & INSPIRATION SITE!!! Can’t you and your like minded philistines READ!! Did your mum drink Barcardi Breezers too??

    CaTz n BunniBoila


  72. To the ghost of Ayrton SENNA, in case you can’t read, or are stupid or something, I must inform you that this is a fan and inspiration site. There is a clear message at the top of this page explaining this. Fan sites usually have people posting on them who love the person it is a fan site of, in this case Lewis Hamilton, ergo there will be messages of love, support, admiration and awe for Lewis Hamilton. If you don’t like it, get lost and post on that horrid anti-Lewis Hamilton site, or the Alonso fan site. When will you Hamilton-haters stop inpinging on Lewis fan sites – it’s so pathetic when you have plenty of other forums to express your nasty, racist, cruel, twisted opinions.

    Don’t worry Lewis, there are thousands of us out there who love you dearly.

  73. Never before have a seen a website of such tossers..all of you get a life.. he is only a mere mortal..a human being…just like you lot..
    Im sure that there are better human beings amongst you who Lewis can only inspire to. What does he do?? he drives fast..thats it.. and for him to get all this glory, money and adulation saddens me.
    You women out there will or have achieved more by giving birth. Surely that could never be surpassed by the twat.
    Thats more than 50% of the world that will achieve more..
    Ayrton was a REAL man.,..Lewis can only aspire to becoming a pussie at best.
    And most will agree that he is already there..

  74. Lewis is a grown man, whoever he chooses for his girlfriend is his choice. The current one may not be to every one’s taste, but it’s up to him,
    she seems to make him happy and that can only be good for him on and off the track. I’m only interested in what happens on the track, his private life should not concern anyone. Would anyone of us want anyone to tell us who to date? no I do not think so. Good luck to him with his next race,
    hope he wins or scores as much points as he can.

  75. To Audrey

    I don’t want to ‘criticize’ Lewis’ girlfriend because ‘Yes’ of course he can date whoever he likes but this is just my opinion and all I would say is…………. watch this space……………….
    See if my prediction is right. She is not good for him.

    Just my opinion!

  76. To anon re. Lewis’ girlfriend, I am disappointed in what you say. As long as a woman makes him happy, does it matter who he dates? He is committed to F1 – just because he is not a monk, why does it mean he is less committed? In his busiest week, he won Silverstone and then 2 weeks later, he won Hockenheim. All the other F1 drivers have glamorous girlfriends, why can’t Lewis? All I hope is that she doesn’t hurt him.

    To Zak, I am intrigued by your message. What is “p”, and what is the “st 170 doe” and why should that make Lewis scared? Please answer because I like to know what Lewey does in his spare time.


  77. Lewis

    Very disappointed in your choice of girlfriend. She is going to be the ‘downfall’ of you. Don’t mean to be malicious but my opinion is that if you lose the Championship this year, it will be because of your connections with her.

    Be true to yourself and go back to the Lewis we loved with that ONLY commitment to F1!

    Good Luck Anyway!

  78. A message from a Young Aaron Basden who inspires to be just like you but unfortuatly has been cleared of a tumor and cancer but now has had his left leg (above his knee) ambutated due to an infection. At only 14 would like to hear from him for encouragement. His address is as follws:
    Master Aaron Basden
    4 Tonbridge Way
    Kent, TN2 35HW
    He has been in hospital and the address is:
    Stanmore Hospital
    Brockley Hill
    HA7 4LP
    I understand this is unauthodax method but hope it get through to him. Good luck for the furure he will be watching win and succeed. Best Rgds Mark for Aaron Basden 🙂

  79. Dear Lewis ,
    i ‘ m 1 of your biggest fans . Good luck in your racing carrer .
    You are a very talented driver and i’ m shure you will finish first in many races . Even if you did’nt finish first in the hungarian grand prix your performance was amazing . Even with the flat tire that occured you managed to finish fifth . Good luck at the next grand prix of europe in valencia .

    love John

  80. Hi, I dunno if you’ll read this but never mind…. i just wanna say simply that your probs the best driver atm and the way you drive in the wet is just unbelievable also you are by far the fittest driver out there 😉 good luck n all x

  81. Dear Mr Hamilton

    Not being Formula One fans ourselves, it is only in the last few months that we have been aquainted with your name; a name which in all honesty we hear atleast two times a day! Here’s the thing, we live with one of the most extraordinary young woman in existance; people often say things like this but she really is one in a million. Her name is Noxolo Serene Ntshaba and she has to be one of your biggest fans. It would mean the world to her, and therefore to both of us, if you would somehow contact her, a once off “hi” would be more than we could ask for. We know we are being cheeky but you must understand how amazing this girl is and how far she goes for her friends, and so we are taking a chance – please please spoil this girl!!! With such high hopes, Nox’s digsmates – Jess and Phillippa

  82. This guy on ebay is using your name to sell caps that are not yours.
    his title line reads
    British Grand Prix F1 Base Ball Cap NEW Lewis Hamilton Item number: 130244486893
    I have reported it to ebay but they have not removed it may be you can put more pressure on them.

  83. sorry about hungarg but you did well
    what do you think about the night race what is cumin up !!!!!



  84. AUDREY glad you got my message ok, also glad you got the photo,did you download it as we did, i am so glad that we got to meet such a fantastic f.1 superstar, he has done so well with his races, i hope he becomes 2008, world champion,i have some good pics of lewis, but i dont know how to put them on flickr ,take care , tina.s and family xxx

  85. TINA. S, just seen the photo you told me about. Thanks so much – I can’t see much of myself as I have my hand in front of my face but can see you and your hubby and my friend.

    What a wonderful day that was – I’ve never felt so in awe of someone before in my life. Only those of us who adore him know what it feels like.

    Thanks again. I have some quite good photos of that day but am not sure how to put them on that site.


  86. Dear Lewis,

    I am from Mauritius, Indian Ocean. I am a great fan of you. I watch the F1 every time and very exicited to see you on the track.

    Here in Mauritius, we have a lots of fan of F1. Most of them are for Ferrari but I love Mac Laren. I have learnt a lot about F1 and your example has gave truth to many youngs of our country. That is if we tried hard we can succeed.

    I wish you good luck for the next race. One of my dream is one day I could be able to watch you in real.

    Cheers from all fan from Mauritius.


  87. hello lewis comment vas tu ? je veux bien te rencontré un jour . comme tout tes fans si tu me dis hi par e-mail c’est pas mal aussi …. salut

  88. Hey,
    Hi, m Prachi Palande, m from India [Gujarat (Vapi)].I saw u in Times of India a newspaper, n you were in a cap i just went nuts wen i saw u in dat cute cap of yours,but d next day i went online n was just trying to get some pic’s of yours but wen i really saw you on da net i just thought if it were not you, cause you were really looking so bad without your cap but then i .i just like u in dat cute cap of yours Bye

    Prachi Palande

  89. Real bad luck for you on Sunday, Lewis, but a good result for he McClaren Team with Heikki winning. You are still top of the Drivers Championship, and the whole of my family are rooting for you t win it. You are, and always will be, the top of your league for us. Godd luck for yoyr next race honey, ad give all our very best wishes to your family

  90. hi lewis.. i love you.. i’ve watched every race since you started f1 .. i really do believe you will win this year.. you deserve to anyway x

  91. I am a ferrari fan (Kimi) ; but i would like to say that Hamilton *even though he was 5th* has actually driven a good race; he kept the car fast after the tyre puncture; pits in and out and then starts from 10th *i think so* all the way to the fifth ; even team radio were warning timo glock from Hamilton closing up wen glock was in 3rd and hamilton was in 7th or 6th…………amazing performance amazing race and well done Kimi closing the gap putting the next 7 races on fire……

  92. well done lewis for a good race ,at least your still on top of the drivers championship,good luck for next race in spain love from my family to yours xxxx

  93. AUDREY I FOUND A PICTURE ON click on IMG 0815 then type in brooklands lewis hamilton keep going ontill you reach pge 5 then click on IMG2624 enlarge pic you hopefully will be surprised you and your friend and me and my hubby are on this pic let me know if you find it ok, love from tina s

  94. It was dissapointing that you end up 5th place in the last leg at Hungary. Hoping that you will soar high in SPAIN… Keep the fire burning!!! You can do it !!!!

  95. It was dissapointing that you end up 5th place from the last leg in Hungary. Hope that you will be able to sore high in SPAIN. keep the fire burning!! I konow that you can do it!!!

  96. Dear Lewis, I have never seen so many people wanting you to win as well as me and become world champion. You have the ability to achieve it as you have a natural talent.
    Good luck.

    Mike Falla

  97. Dear Lewis, a small message from France (from myself and my family) :

    Let me wish you full success for 2008 and I hope you will be
    the Champion . You missed this last year, but you will be the
    ONE this year !

    You are the best pilot actually , and you have an excellent car as well .

    Great races in England, in Germany .. and some unfortunate event (tyre) in Hungory, but you are still the first , and you will remain it hopefully.




  99. Not the best race for you this time. Hope the next one is kinder to you, your fans all know you are a winner. Take care.


  100. Well done even if it was’nt what you wanted. The fact is, even in defeat you took points and increased your lead. Not by much but every little helps.

  101. Lewis, don’t worry about today. Keep your head down and you can do it this year. We all love you. xxx

  102. Well done to Heikki 1st win good news for the team. Lewis recovered very well and still leading by 5 points. All points counts towards the end result. Lewis cannot win them all, it’s not possible, but he did a good job so what more can anyone ask, just keep getting the points that’s all he has to do.

  103. Hi Lewis,
    This day was not so easy for you! But anyway…you’re still on the top,and I know you can make it..
    Every day is a big experience..and believe in yourself!
    Good Luck for the next race!
    Kiss and lots of love from Amsterdam!!

  104. Don’t worry about this year Hungary. You still on the top.
    You inspire us. Thank you. Keep going! and don’t loose concentration!
    Good luck for the next race (for you and for Massa)!
    You’re the best!

  105. NO WORRIES LEWIS!!!!! 🙂

    Well, a very unexpected race result today, all round but you still done very well considering and at least you are still leading with points.

    Congrats to Heiki! and I know there is a mutual ‘respect’ between the pair of you so at least he got some points for McLaren!

    You said before the race that ‘anything’s possible’ and that’s what happened today but every race is different and each race is not won until the ‘chequered flag’ has gone down. That’s why I think you won’t be too disappointed today because you have learned the ‘etiquette’ of F1 and matured accordingly and now you are up with the ‘top’ players (or above!! in my opinion!) so you can ‘ride’ the ups and the downs. Well done Lewis and I think you have already ‘made your mark’ on F1 and will go down as an ‘all time Legend’! I think you will be around for a long time yet and have got so much more to show us all. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy either.

    I see ‘La Armada Espanol’ are writing crap on here again. They’re sick and ‘jealousy’ will get them nowhere! I said before, we sunk their ‘ship’ a long time ago!! lol!

    3 weeks now till Valencia! Have a chillin’ time and be ready to continue your fight for the title, I know you’re gonna get it!!


    I sooooooo want to meet you one day!! XxXxXxXx 🙂

  106. Uhhhhhh, the “Spanish Armada” is trying to spit poison again!

    You know what? What you wish to others with a bad heart and mind will fall back on you sooner or later!

    And maybe you understand it better in Spanish!

    ¡Uhhhhhh, “la Armada Invencible” trata de escupir el veneno otra vez! ¿Usted sabe qué? ¡Lo que usted desea a otros con un corazón malo y la mente echará la mano a usted tarde o temprano!
    ¡Tenga una tarde agradable!

  107. Dear Lewis,

    Anyway, there was no podium for you today, but you are still leading the championship.Congrats to Heikki. This victory for him was well deserved after your unexpected damaged tyre problem. Good luck that you could come back to the box and could fight back to position 5. This is racing and there is always something which can happen. You saw what happened to Massa and nobody would have ever thought that his engine would blow up just 3 laps before the end of the race! Now you have 62 points and your team had stil a victory today. First Heikki won the race, second you scored 4 points and third your team is second in the constructor championship. This is great Lew!

    Valencia is the next race and you will show your great performance again there for sure. This race is new for everybody and everything can happen there.

    You are a winner and God is always on your side!

    Have blessed summer holiday!

    Lot’s of love from Germany!
    Inge & family

  108. Hi Man,

    Well done today, You are well on your way to win the Championship. Come on !!

    All the best


  109. Well done for a great race not a win but still points in the bag, have a great respect for you and the team you keep on going and i am sure you will win the wdc and mclaren will win wcc good luck for the next race.

  110. hey lewis………….well just wana say ur doing great im not that much up 2 date with raceing but my 4yr old is his names brandon and he gets realy excited when ur raceing i would love 4 brandon 2 see u raceing just wondering where ur raceing dis year??????keep up the good work ur a champ also would it be possible 2 have a autograph 4 brandon i think he would love it its hard 2 get brandon in2 things that interest him as he autistic but u defo make his face light up so thankyou hugs xxxxxx uf family mustbe proud xxx

  111. Hi Lewis,

    Oh what an unfortunate day for you. You could have made it stil. Anywys the puncture mssd everythin up for us bt dont worry. Like i said to you before, its all about the points. U got some points and are stil the leading Champion so far.
    All the best next race and i know you will make it.
    you did well cos you managed to move to no. 5 fm the back. You alwys do a gd job.
    and gd job H.K too, more points for the team.

  112. Hey!

    Nice race today!
    Well, you didn’t won but you did it great.
    Good luck in the future and I believe you’ll be the winner of championship in 2008!

    Maaike Xx.

  113. good luck for the future i think you are going to be
    a grate champion keep cool and calm like you
    all was do and have plenty of pole positions
    you are up there up there with the grates
    and you all ways give excellent performance
    all the best to the team hope to meat up
    some day


  114. Dear Lewis,

    Great qualifying mate. Remember dont over do it just focus and have a great race.

    Good luck be careful of Heiki but you will get it all right

    Loads of luck from me mate

    From Kai in England

  115. Dear Lewis,

    CONGRATULATIONS for a job well done today…. You won’t believe it but my family and I have been praying for you especially during GPs. Praying for your protection and success for tomorrow. May you be covered by the blood of Jesus. You are already a WINNER….

  116. Félicitations pour ces qualifications. Toi et ton équipe avez fait un super travail. Bon courage pour la course qui s’annonce dur à cause de la chaleur mais je sais que tu arriveras jusqu’à la plus haute marche du podium ! Allez encore un peu de courage c’est bientôt les vacances. Alors, avec un peu d’avance : bonnes vacances ! Reposes toi bien car tu le mérites ! A bientôt, Bisous
    Valérie (la fille au drapeau de Magny-Cours qui étaitcà l’entrée du circuit le dimanche matin)


    KNEW YOU WOULD! ALL BEING WELL YOUR IN FOR A WIN AND A ‘HAT TRICK’ TOMMOROW AND FAIR PLAY TO YOU!! (Ignore the crap written below again from the bad losers/haters, you’re above that!) la Armada Espanol??!
    You are on a ‘roll’ and providing the team don’t make any mistakes on the car, we will see your lovely smile again on the top of the Podium!
    Hope Heiki does well too because your a ‘team’ McClaren and you are ‘doing it’ this year. Hopefully 1 and 2 tommorow!

    Good Luck and Bless! for the Race!


  118. Hi Lewis,

    wish you the very best for tomorrow. You will make it again. more points to the World Champion title.

    will be watchin you and supporting you as usual.

  119. Nuff respect, Lewis and also congrats to Heikki and your team!
    Like I said yesterday, you will get the pole and Heikki will come second!
    And tomorrow just keep pushing and try to get such a big advantage that it will cover your first pit stop and you will finish 1. and 2. like today!

    The “HAT TRICK” is yours and you will be in a very good Champion Ship lead!

    Just give Praises and Thanks to your Maker, because he is the “One and Only” who made everything possible for you and will still continue doing it!

    Have a blessed day tomorrow!

    Lot’s of love from Germany!

  120. Yes!! Thank God! 🙂 Congratulations on P1!! 🙂 I hope you win tomorrow!!

    Wishing you all the success for the race!

  121. Hi Lewis,

    wow that was beautiful Lewis. I knew you were goin to be on pol again an you wil be again an again. hahahah
    great job.

    love ya

  122. Hi Lewis,
    you are cool, sweet and hot!
    I pray every day for you and your familie!
    Good luck!
    Love Ricke 12 from Germany

  123. Hi Lewis:

    I don’t think there is much to say before ‘Hungary’ except ‘Good Luck!’ because you and the team know what you are doing and thats all you need because my prediction is you will win again because you are the best driver!! Nuff said!!!

    Best of Luck! Bless!


  124. Dear Lewis,

    Great race in Germany some nice overtaking there mate. Nice move on Massa you fully deserved that win. Good luck in qualifying tomorow wish you loads of luck.

    From Kai

    P.S: I know your going to get pole cause your a great racer still loads of luck

  125. Go on my son sock it to them red devils.
    Good to see someone taking points off them.
    Will be watching Sunday
    All the best

  126. Dear Lewis,

    Great start today! You showed an excellent performance and the car looked very strong and stable on the track!

    You will kick it tomorrow to pole and Heikki to second and on Sunday to the next fantastic and exciting race. Get the 10 points this weekend and hopefully Heikki will get 8 points and your team will get second in the constructor championship! The goal is not so far for both titles and you and your team have the ability to do it!

    God bless you, your family and the team!

  127. dear lewis

    you are the best driver this year because you have a very good car i hope win the race this weekend just go for it boy

    from david

  128. Dear Lewis

    I am a fervent fan of yours, and have every faith in you winning the WDC this year. You have got a great car, but your ability to control it is mesmerizing. Good luck for Hungaroring Practice 2, go on and nail them all in the qualies, and win that race. Don’t you let these Crimson cars get the best of you now…

    Take care


  129. Dear Lewis, you are a great driver!
    I wish you good luck for the next race in Ungarn!
    I´m shure you will be the first!
    Love Ricke 12 from Germany

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