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    This is really important to me so hopefully you do read this.

    I am a 16 years old fan of yours and I really want a career in racing. My family’s not that wealthy that we can’t afford to join racing schools so that I can prove myself. I do know that I am different from other aspirants. I have this certain feeling of aggression when I go-kart ( since it is all we can afford ). How will I be able to land a career in F1? I really really really know that I am unique with my talent; I have a certain feel to racing that’s really indescribable. Please Mr. Lewis, help me with my problem? Any advice?

    Thank you, and good luck this weekend in Korea! I know you can do better next year!

  2. Well done today Lewis, a frustrating race I know, keep your chin up, you know your the best driver out there. Your the only one who races like a proper driver anymore, you should have been born ten years earlier when racing was down to the skill of the driver and less about ridiculous Stuards, unbelievable rules and team strategy. Keep up the aggressive pace and drive like you were born to do.You’ve got many more world championships in you yet!

  3. Hi Lewis
    My mother is a very young 70 yr old and loves you to bits. She has been following you for years and hopes you will win the Championship again. She never misses a race and is behind you all the way. Keep up the good work your the best.

    Viv & mum Dot xx

  4. Hi Lewis.

    I am appalled at the FIA and the lack of support that you have in and around the paddock from other team members. They must really be jealous of your talent and for what you have already achieved. Already this year you went from the back of the grid to 3rd that shows everybody you are not a fluke! You have real talent in the sport and no matter what people say about you just keep going and keep giving it everything you have because you are world No.1. When the aerodynamics on your car are sorted you will back at the top of the leader board, I anticipate this to be June. Good luck Lewis, play fair and stay honest becuase then nobody will have anything against you!

  5. Hi Lewis!
    My name is Amel and I am living in Bosnien and Herzegovina.Firstly this year has been exciting,by a lot overtake and can said a lot the penalty which not have needed.Actually this race in the Brazil has been one from the exciting races to last seconds and last corner,at the end races with full feelings and joy.Actually have beslavered this year that become the new world champion,after those years in which have been only other and unhappy gets lost the title above Kimi.I think that you will be realized all record who Mihael schumacher formerly has set with.God bless you and your family.By

  6. Lewis, I am your Fã, I am Braziliam but I like very much you race way and hope that God let you to be very more once Chanpion of the World….You be many happy

  7. Dear Lewis, I’m brazilian but I’m not part of those who hostilised you. I’m you fan and I love Massa too. You’re the best and be sure you deserve the prize you won. We are proud of you both. Here in Brazil many people including 2 of my 3 sons were ALL THE RACE shouting out loud your name. Brazilian Hugs and kisses for you…We really love you!!

  8. hi lewis let massa win dont push it remember 4th is good mate good luck tommorow and all the brazilians are dicks so take no notice be cool and its yours ok we love ya …..

  9. Hamilton has a stucked up attitude. How can he not appear at the President’s cahrity luncheon? Godfather of Formula one, Ecclestone, had asked all drivers to appear because it was their first time racing in Singapore and it would have been a nice thing to do. In the end all drivers turned up except for Hamilton and Kovalainen.

  10. hi lewis may i say what a drive today well done its yours for the taking now go and win it we love ya and also dont listen to these people who talk rubbish on here they are just so jelous because you got it all kid ……..!!! I will see ya at silverstone next year keep it up we are all behind you good luck matey!!!!!! no1

  11. I have just been reading the jealous racist comments, from (THE STIG)
    If you are over the age of 18 you need to grow up.
    maybe if you got ( your big fat butt ) off your chair, go and get a life maybe you could help people rather than insult them.

    and if anyone has alonso’s telephone no let him know i have a cleo 1300cc for sale he may stand a better chance

  12. Lewis may well be a multi-millionaire, living a capitalist lifestyle, but I thought I would re-paste The Stig’s previous message so that everyone can see that this is only the opinion of a racist bigot.

    • The Stig, on April 20th, 2008 at 7:23 am Said:
    It is lucky for you that you are of mixed race, cause a few notches the other way would have given you a `big black ass`, incapable of fitting into a small cockpit…..

    Lewis is where he is because he deserves to be, the rewards are high, because so are the risks.

    As for your “Future generations of schoolchildren will study our time and if sense has prevailed, will repel our ideals with disgust.” statement.
    What like Communism? Nice idea… Didn’t really work in practice though did it!? I seem to remember The Russian Revolution cropping up in A-Level History (as per curriculum10-15 years ago!).

    I think you are jealous… and misinformed… and racist… and a kill-joy!


    By Hayley

  13. for the third time

    Do you really believe that a multi-millionaire, is going to give up his grotesque capitalist lifestyle, where nothing is done without a paycheque or a publicity promo, to stop by this site and read your comments…??

    WAKE UP !!!, he does not know that you exist. “photo please, with my son”, you say as he blindly pushes past you because his championship is in tatters and the National Press are really on his back…then the excuses will come, he will take on a small part of the blame but will emphasize how difficult his task was because of a lousy car and lazy team, then off to the casino to show that he really is a winner…probably blowing more money on the many new vices that he can now afford, than we will ever see in 10 yrs, sounds all too familiar….and before you say it I am not the least bit jealous.
    The world is in danger, populations starve and these people continue because of your support and love of merchandise,`if I display this massed produced £70.00 toy racingcar in my home, friends will see what a real fan I am`. This world is full of overpaid, egotistical morons…singers,dancers,musicians,artists and sports stars all churning out escapism and demanding idolization, none of which will be of any use in the crisis we face. Future generations of schoolchildren will study our time and if sense has prevailed, will repel our ideals with disgust.

    He will not lift the championship, maybe Ron should have picked someone with real fight, his half-brother Nickolas.

  14. well had a day to kool-off??if i cheesed of any Alonso fans the otherday then soz…was just fed up with the Negative Remarks about Lewis, anyway just wanna say Lewis have some beers, chillout and look foward to the next race, and i Hope your Team-mate is ok? that was some speed he hit the barrier?
    oh yeah and to ALL F1 Drivers Big Respect! you guys are amazing…what a sport 🙂

  15. nice_gurl, WOT THE HELL YAH LIL FREAK I AM YAH LIL GIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=@


  17. Hi Lewis,
    First of all i want to say you drove a amazing race in spain!
    I was so happy you got 3rd after Bahrain.
    I have read through a few of the messages people have left and your fan base is amazing! I have followed your career since your F3 days and I watched the first race in 2007 but the race that got me completly hooked on not only on you but on F1 altogether was the Monaco race it is amazing so extravagant and glitzy you even have diamonds on your helmets there! So keep doing what your doing and wether winning or losing I will still love you and the team!
    Jenn x

  18. Hi Lewis,

    My name is Ewelina (17 years old) from Poland and a his great fan. From when I saw you competing in the first races of F1 had a great admiration for you why you are not only a competent pilot . I love you so much!! You are very special for me. I would like kiss your sweet lips!!!Lewis,you are the best!!!!

    Good luck!!!!!!!


  19. In response to –

    • La Armada española, on April 26th, 2008 at 5:18 pm Said:
    Ooooolé Lewis !
    Have you seen to Alonso today?. We can send you a photo.
    Oh no, it’s true. The only thing you need are his settings. Pathetic !
    Don’t forget push speed limit buttom tomorrow !

    • ALBERTO, on April 28th, 2008 at 11:43 am Said:
    Those who thought that Hamilton woudn’t know how to do it without Alonso are right.Hamilton is third, fourth, second… event the first one in podium but he’d rather get accustomed to these little victories because it is all he is able to do, he won’t be champion. Any pilot driving a McClaren has chances to reach podium, Hamilton too, but he cannot add anymore because of his own incompetence. He is not at the level of Raikonnen, even Alonso keeps on better than him despite the spaniard is driving an experimental car. Hamilton and the whole McClaren team accounted on the support of the best pilot, Alonso, during last year. This year they don’t have nothing like that, and that’s the reason why they are so happy to be third in Barcelona. Congratulations, losers.
    HE IS AT ONE WITH THE CAR(which by the way thanks to ALONSO’s txt msg deceit last year means McClaren are not allowed to use certain ENGINE management designs)

  20. oo,SARAH NO 1 FAN,thats bullshit,u dnt love Lewis as much as i love him,so stop saying that u are his biggest fan,cuz thats not true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    btw.Lewis,you are the best!!!!

  21. Those who thought that Hamilton woudn’t know how to do it without Alonso are right. Hamilton is third, fourth, second… event the first one in podium but he’d rather get accustomed to these little victories because it is all he is able to do, he won’t be champion. Any pilot driving a McClaren has chances to reach podium, Hamilton too, but he cannot add anymore because of his own incompetence. He is not at the level of Raikonnen, even Alonso keeps on better than him despite the spaniard is driving an experimental car. Hamilton and the whole McClaren team accounted on the support of the best pilot, Alonso, during last year. This year they don’t have nothing like that, and that’s the reason why they are so happy to be third in Barcelona. Congratulations, losers.

  22. barbara a.k.a hamilton girl, <— wth ? “hamilton girl” am lewis’s hamiltons biggest fan and am not that sad 2 put hamilton girl just leave yah name not a.k.a coz at the end of the day its stupid he loves his fan but not lyk that hes lush ano but i lyk him more anymway

    SARAH —*

  24. Congratulations Lewis!! I’m so happy for your podium finish in Barcelona!! 🙂 Can’t wait to see you on the podium in Turkey! Your performance was excellent, specially in the start of the race when you overtook Kubica. I wish you all the best of luck in continuing to improve the car’s performance. Specially after today’s accident! I’m happy and relieved to hear that Heikki is doing OK, I wish him a speedy recovery.

  25. Hello Lewis,
    My name is Karoline am Brazilian and a his great fan. From when I saw you competing in the first races of F1 had a great admiration for you why you are not only a competent pilot but also a very special person, and I know that the title of 2008 will be yours and nobody can remove, even if in some races of 2008 you have not obtained the results that he waited, have faith that of here you will overcome all forward of the challenges.
    Think that you were born to shine and to run.

  26. Hello Lewis,
    My name is Karoline am Brazilian and a his great fan. From when I saw you competing in the first races of F1 had a great admiration for you why you are not only a competent pilot but also a very special person, and I know that the title of 2008 will be yours and nobody can remove, even if in some races of 2008 you have not obtained the results that he/she waited, have faith that of here you will overcome all forward of the challenges.
    Think that you were born to shine and to run.

  27. hey,Lewis,sweetie
    you are the perfect guy,no matter what other people said,for me you are the king of the world
    I love you so much!!
    Your girl Barbara

  28. Ca fait plaisir de te revoir sur le podium Lewis. Magnifique course ! Tu fais taire ce qui ont dit que tu ne savais pas règler ta voiture sans Alonso. Tu es un très bon pilote, je n’en ai jamais douté. Les sifflements du public espagnol sont inacceptables. Je crois que certains ont oublié ce qu’était le sport. Ils t’ont sifflés mais tu es monté sur le podium et Alonso a abandonné.Bravo pour ton calme, tu as repondu à leurs critiques de la plus belle façon qui soit. A bientôt pour la Turquie ! Valérie de France

  29. Well done Lewis – a brilliant podium! You drove brilliantly. Where are the Alonso fans now?

  30. Lewis, I think there is a sabateur in the McLaren garage. But I don’t care about your results – you are head and shoulders above all the other drivers because you are an incredible, beautiful human being. Your fans will love you forever! Yolanda

  31. just floor it 2moz lewis……….You Can Do IT!

    and well done for a good run 2day, looked to me like you and the car felt right, some good sector times 2, anyways nuff said.

  32. Ooooolé Lewis !

    Have you seen to Alonso today?. We can send you a photo.

    Oh no, it’s true. The only thing you need are his settings. Pathetic !

    Don’t forget push speed limit buttom tomorrow !

  33. Well…. I expected Lewis to be the 1st…. but it’s OK. He may be on the podium.
    Good luck for tomorrow.)

    Besides it seems to me that my little brother’s going to be Lewis’s fan-)

  34. Ton équipe et toi avez fait du bon travail aujourd’hui. Vous avez bien progresser. A la télévision, la voiture avait l’air d’être mieux qu’aux essais libres.J’espère avoir raison. C’est vrai que 5 ème sur la grille c’est loin mais vous êtes très près les uns des autres aux performances. Surtout fais attention aux coups bas d’Alonso !
    Allez Lewis, montre nous tout ton talent et fais nous une belle course demain. Surtout, reste calme et concentré et amuse toi, prend du plaisir, ne doute pas, FONCE !
    Valérie de France

  35. Dear Lewis,
    Please take some time to read this i wish you the best of luck for your next season
    From Joshua Brennan

  36. … and one more thing!
    Never pay attention to some crazy ppl blaming You in different thigs and truing to insult You. It’s just the envy.
    You’re young, successful man and a great driver. But of course, You know it Yourself, without my words

  37. Dear Lewis!
    The only reason of my posting this message is that I want to wish You a lot of luck for this year.
    When I saw You for the first time I thought that You’re very sincere & nice guy. And I always have trust in what I feel.
    I would like to be Your fan, but my heart belongs to other driver and I’ll stay Giancarlo’s fan forever. Nevertheless, I support You much and wish You to be the champion.
    I know not much about You but I see that You’re a great driver.
    My best wishes to You, Lewis

  38. Dear Lewis,

    You’re one of THE most talented drivers in F1 history! Please don’t allow two mistakes to hamper your will and enthusiasm, and never mind what critics say. Don’t be too hard on yourself! You preformed excellently in Australia and got a good result in Malaysia. Think of Bahrain as a learning point, and thank God that it happened in the beginning of the season instead of the end, where the points are crucial. You are the best and you know it! Thinking positively will yield positive results 🙂 As you said, you have been through the worst already, so all you have to do is focus and enjoy the ride. We’re with you all the way!

    Wish you all the best in Barcelona!

  39. Its sad to see how racist we white people can be. I am sorry Lewis. I sincerely hope you become champion this year.
    The racist are guys who are seriously jealous that they cannot come close to your achievements with their pink asses. Best wishes.Alex

  40. It is lucky for you that you are of mixed race, cause a few notches the other way would have given you a `big black ass`, incapable of fitting into a small cockpit…..

  41. I do not foresee a championship with your name on it, the reason I say this is because of glimpses into your `character`, that revealed at times of stress a well developed `ego`, capable of distorting your arrogant behaviour into the mistaken belief of being a `maverick`. Your failure to listen to the experience of team members, and the pouting and prancing with a rival teammate, turned a conceivably sure-thing into an absurd nothing.

  42. I have just been reading some of the crap people have been saying about Lewis obviously very jealous of a truly talented driver who has acheived more in one year than they will hope to acheive in a lifetime.

  43. Lewis,

    Fantastic driving. Loved you on top gear! You’re the tiger woods of Formula 1 racing. Not to mention, you’re fine as hell… You got a white southern boy in the US as a fan forever!

  44. lewis não deixe a fama subir-te a cabeça , consentra-se no campeonato . Estás mal, não deixa os da sua raça ficar mal . Deixa os namoricos de lado ,porque as mulheres que estiverem com tigo sera porque es famoso , tenha calma a mulher para ti está para aparecer.

  45. Hi Lewis, just wanted to tell you that since you have same into formula 1 my family and I have become big fans of yours and McLaren. You have had an unlucky couple of races, but things are going to get better. We think you are a fantastic driver and wish you every success for the rest of the season.

  46. Dear Louis, while I respect your driving skills, I must admit that I detest your attitude, I believe you are very arrogant, for no reason. World Champions win championships, give yourself sometime before you start showing off and positioning yourself as a true hero. Easy come easy go, and here you are this year outpaced and outshined by your team-mate. Good luck, but I believe you are going to fade away soon from the sport.

  47. Hey Lewis.

    Things didnt go too well in the last two races but already the papers are talking rubbish saying your getting worse.

    I dont believe them and i know that you can win the championship this year. Forget about any problems and jus do what you do best DRIVE AND WIN. I watch all the races and i think that your an amazing driver and you have a great personality too, as i found out when i met you at your book signing. Im only 15 but love F1 and always have.

    Good Luck next race 🙂


  48. hi lewis i have one Q why u like old womens ? u didn’t get women’s in your age i am really thinking about it let me tell you about me i am young nice looking good heart and cafe ou lait so what you are waiting i will give you what you need i mean just love haha try me something tell me my life is with you forever .u want meet me just ask for God i know one day u will be my men ‘ i am not kidding lewis i hope see you soon your lovely future wife k…..

  49. Karo, what a beautiful thing to say. I agree so much – I will love Lewis and be proud of him forever, whatever he does in the future. I know that he is slandered so much because of his race. With love, A Ludlow.

  50. Lewis ,

    I am proud of you. Focus on what you do best – never mind the critics as none of them achieved what you have achieved in such a short space of time and that in a competive “white male dominated” sports. Your breakthrough should be an eye-opener to other young black people, that discipline and determination are ingredients for success.

    You have talent, the support of your family and Mercedes Mclaren – the right combination to become THE WORLD CHAMPION!

    I always light the candles when you race, praying God be with you all.

    My compliments to your parents for encouraging and nurturing your talent and to Ron Dennis who took your little boy statement, to drive for MM one day, as a personal challence.

    Smile that beautiful smile even if you’re not on the podium and remember: A genius always have to live with slander.

    Good luck.


  51. No entiendo como has podido escribir tus memorias si no te acuerdas de los botones que tienes que pulsar en el volante. Animo, se que eso de aprenderse para que sirven los botones de un volante es muy dificil para una persona como tu, pero al final lo conseguiras, y si no, le dices a tu jefe Ron que te instale un manado a distancia en el coche y que los maneje el.

  52. I am a 45 year old Filipino Engineer working in Italy and I was rooting hard for you to become the first rookie champion of Formula 1 last year. Have lost interest in F1 until you arrived and now following it closely and hoping and praying you win the championship this year and much more . Just one suggestion I see sometimes you have problems during the start of some races last year. I saw a movie once wherein a sprint runner practiced/simulated the start of a race hundreds of times, that he reacted perfectly to the sound of the gun at the actual start of the race. Maybe you can do that also in your simulators. I REALLY hope you win and wil root and pray for you. I have again regained passion for the sport because of you!

  53. I echo Earl Warner – we all love you whatever you do as you have been an inspiration. Keep smiling that lovely smile.

  54. Lewis in this world there are so many haters! so many of us belive in you. You have our support now and in the future, it does not matter to us if you win another race ,all that matters is that you are there trying your best!
    keep smiling and we will keep cherring good luck in all you do,
    from a loyal fan!!

  55. HAHAHA Lewis cant even finish a clean race, in my eyes thats bad driving!

    -too rude
    -too slow
    -slow reflexes
    -multiple wall crashed – hahaha i love seeing you crash m8!
    -multiple hits towards other driver – haha Alonso should have wrecked you!

    Do us all a favor and go back to karting with the kids where you belong!

  56. Hey Lewis,

    Not being horrible to you m8 but you are far from a good driver let alone a F1 racer… I think you should have taken a few tips off Alonso at Mclaren before making enemies with him! It looked like you got off to a bad start at Bahrain just to annoy the Spaniard??? then you crash into him and ITV blame the 2 time world champion? pfft i really hate ITV for that, probably your thinking the same – you are nothing compared to quick Nick, Jenson, trulli, massa, kimi or even i would favor Rosberg or Piquet for the world championship over you if he had the oppertunities you have had!

    Do me a favor – Practice racing against other and dont be so rude you little boy!



  57. Hey, you should try a few more years on the track…before trying to go for championship…You are endangering others whenever I see you drive on the F1 tracks….besides, you dont have what it takes to be a champion..So grow up, walk your dog a coupla of years and come back…

  58. Hi,forget this race,this weekend,and moveon.It’s only 3 rece.All your fans belive in you,support and pray for you.You don’t disappoint us,we all have bad days.Think about Spanish rece,about win,proof that you are a wonderful driver.

  59. Je comprends ta déception pour Barhein. je le suis aussi car tu nous a habitué aux bons résultats mais tu vois tes vrais fans sont là aussi dans les moments difficiles.Moi, j’ai confiance en toi ! Ne te décourage pas, n’écoute pas les “mauvaises langues” (expression française). Relève la tête tu es un pilote exceptionnel. Les contre performances sont normales.Regarde vers l’avenir et oublie Barhein. Pense à Barcelone ! bienvenue en europe ,tu m’as beaucoup manqué ! Valérie de France

  60. Dear Lewis, Don’t worry love. You had a bad day. We all still love you and admire you, and I still have hope for the next 15 races. You are a beautiful man in every single way, and I hope you do well this year. Even if you don’t, we will always support you. Love Yolanda.

  61. Hi Lewis
    you are a really great driver I am 13
    I support you all the way and so does my family
    good luck

  62. Today wasn’t your day,but i believe you got a potential to be the world champion,i hope everything goes your way.You are amazing to watch.x

  63. Great work Lewis keep it up.

    I don’t care where you live (UK can be a pain sometimes) but don’t forget where you came from. It is completely refreshing and exciting to have a role model that is not high on drugs and sleeping with 10 different women at the same time. Keep yourself clean and out of trouble and do your country proud.
    Keep close to your family, that’s what really counts and enjoy yourself.
    Best of luck!!

  64. Dear Lew,
    Great job in the qualifying today! You will make it tomorrow with your great team.
    God bless.

  65. HI
    I think it’s going to be hard this week-end for the team in Shakir. How will you feel the gap between you and ferrari (1.5).
    IT is unbelivable when we see the ferrari’s monoplace behave. I think your team doesn’t deserve you. You should consider driving for Ferrari one day.
    They won’t mess up all like what Maclaren did last year.
    You know I am frustrated by today ‘s tests and I am realistic, you won’t be able to fill the gap til tomorrow.

    Hi valery, I enjoy your messages.

  66. As-tu fini de me faire une peur bleue? J’èspère que tout va bien pour toi. Tes mécaniciens ont du boulot. Tu avait peur qu’ils s’ennuient? Je rigole bien sûr.
    Cette voiture n’avait pas l’air très stable et le sable n’arrange rien!
    Allez un petit tour chez le masseur pour éviter les courbatures! Bon courage pour demain Valérie de France

  67. GO Lewis!! este es tu año nene!!! dale fuerte al GASSSSSSSS y haz lo k mejor sabes hacer: ganar!!! para mi y para mucha gente ya eres un auténtico campeón!!!! Enhora buena por ser kmo eres y estar dónde estás! disfruta del momento y disfruta con tu trabajo. Nosotros disfrutaremos viéndote y animándote. Gracias lewis!!!Suerte el 6 de abril en Sahkir (GP de Bahrein) y nos vemos pronto en Montmeló!!
    (recuerda k en España tb tienes seguidores!!) anti-alonso!!!


  68. Dear Lewis,
    My name is Inge and I am living in Germany (Neuss). Formula 1 was totally boring for me since you came on the scene. As I got to know that a British coloured guy is racing for McLaren I started watching every race together with my family. My husband (he is Jamaican) is also coming from England (Wolverhampton), but he is living here since 24 years. Also our kids (2 boys 14 and 12 years old) and our little daughter (4 years old) are really looking up to you. You are really a prodigy and you are really born to race a formula 1 car. It was sad to watch the GP in China, because this was killing your advantage in points, but anyway maybe it should not be that year to win the championship, but this year you will do it no doubt. There was no driver before who started on F1 and made this kind of job you were doing. Sometimes it looked like you were cruising around the track getting you points just like that and all the others were fighting for their points.

    You have the ability, the right attitude, a lot of humor, the right belief in God and the best team you could have ever joined.

    Stay as you are and don’t let anything bring you down, because you know that the popularity can sometimes kill people. You can be very proud to have such kind of father, because he believed in you since you were very young and he gave you this kind of support to be here today.
    God really blessed you and your family. Don’t forget this ever in your life.

    It is really a pleasure to see you always smiling and your smart answers to the journalists always makes us laugh, because really think about it, some questions are sometimes really stupid.

    Keep on going Lew you will make it from this year on and you will beat all records in F1.

    God bless you and your family. We will keep on praying for you.

  69. Hello Lewis. I am a catholic priest and a big fan of you. Only one thing I wouldn’t miss for watching a race : “Holy Mass”. Otherwise, I am even getting up at impossible hours to watch you and only you on race tracks. In fact, before you joined the sport, F1 was a “terra incognita” for me. Now I am a big fan of F1 because you are there. You make many people proud!You are a role model for many young people especially now when the youth need strong “personality examples”. I always pray that everything goes well for you this year. My dream is that you would one day accept our invitation to come to my parish (in the London area) even for a quick 5 minutes. God is always blessing you. Lambert

  70. Please pass onto lewis

    Hi my name is Josh Doran i am 16 years of age and live in Devon. Since i was about
    5 i have loved Motor Sport and watched it with my Dad every weekend! I have continued to
    have this huge passion for racing all of my life. Because of where i live and as my family
    are not particularly well off i have never had the chance to take up racing. However i try to
    forget about it but i really cant and i feel if i don’t try to get in some how i will always regret it.
    I know most racers start at a very young age but i know i can do it as i am so passionate and willing
    to put 100% effort into it.

    I am really looking for a team to take me on and give me the chance. I just need some training and the chance to
    actually get onto a track and have a go. Although i have never raced i have some driving experience and have done a
    small amount of karting and driving in field etc.

    Thank you for your time and if you can help in any way i would be so grateful.

    Josh Doran

  71. Hi L?wis.I think McLaren is th? b?st command,and you ar? on? of the best drivers.I hope you win your first championship this year,you can do it. From Ukrain? with lov?!

  72. HI Mr.Hamilton!
    Hi i’m Mayu from Singapore!(Im a elementaly student) my dad likes waching F1 races!
    By the way Im going to the Singapore race!
    Looking forward to see you their!

    Best wishes Lewis!


  73. hey, you have my dream job and i really admire how far you have come
    in such little time. your such an inspiration to me.
    listen lets get to the point im sexy and so are you
    your like a hero in my eyes and we should go out 😉
    email me so then you can give me a call lol its worth a try, y not 😉

  74. Don’t worry, you’ve got lots of fans in spain.
    I can say the same in Spanish for the ignorants:
    No te preocupes,que tienes a muchos seguidores en Espana.

  75. hi lewis hamilton
    well wat can i say your first season was mint and your on a track for this season as well so you are doing a good job.

    ps:you are good,wish you the best
    hope you WIN!

    good LUCK !!!



  77. Hi Lewis,
    Me and my 4 yr old son Oliver are such big fans of yours. My son is desperate to get in to karting but no where takes you till the age of 7!! So he’s practicing with his remote control cars and playing racing games on his ds.

    We even woke up at stupid o clock to watch the GP’s and I wouldn’t ever get up that early for nobody unless its to go on hols lol!!

    I’m taking my mum and Oliver 2 Silverstone for a tour on April 12th, really wanted to come watch the British GP but none of my friends are interested in motor racing so haven’t got anyone to come with me!!! But hopefuly next year Iwill be there.

    Your an inspiration to many people, you work very hard so well done Lewis, good luck for the next race.

    Amy 25
    West Yorkshire

  78. Salut Lewis, tu as fait une belle course ce matin et quel départ ! malgré un déclassement douteux sur la grille ( encore un coup bas d’Alonso) et ton problème au ravitaillement, tu remporte une très belle 5ème place.Tu ne t’ai pas laissé découragé, Bravo ! Les points intermédiaires sont très important aussi. En plus, il faut laissé gagner un peu les autres sinon ils vont se décourager ! bisous tu vas me manquer pendant 2 semaines. Repose-toi bien après cet éprouvant grand prix et reviens nous en pleine forme pour la revanche à Barhein. Valérie de FRANCE

  79. well done today..to finish 5th is no disgrace starting from 9th and getting stuck behind weber, plus a really bad pit stop…man you did bloody well..are you senna recaranatio…you drove with guts ,determination, made me proud, i may be in my late 40s but you inspire me, great race today..if you did not have the 20 second delay you might have finished first…no presure on the winner today…you are threat to the team in read…happy easter


  80. What a mess !
    Tomorrow in the grid seing bottom Alonso’s car, your natural place Lewis.

    ¡Don’t forget push speed limit buttom tomorrow !

  81. Lewis CATALUNYA está contigo!!! Go Lewis!!!! Campeon en Se pang: Lewis, heiki y kubika!!!! suerte xato!!!!

  82. Buenas…… muy cansado estoy ya de ke los medios de comunicación de España no sepan diferenciar entre un piloto de la casa y un gran piloto cómo es Lewis. No por ser español, es el mejor, los hay ke se lo rifan!!!jajjaa!!
    No os déis cuenta ke la tv os come la olla? no os dáis cuénta de k estáis apollando aun pioto español ke ni tan solo se siente español?
    No os sentís marionetas? es más…..nádie, reitero NADIE ha logrado lo k Lewis el año pasado…ya le hubiése gustado a Alonso dejar perder el mundiar el 1er año ke korrió en l máxima comprtición, Es más la mayoría no sabe ni k año Alonso subió ni kon k ekipo….si hubiése sido tan buéno ya lo hubiéra fichado un buén ekipo, cómo es el caso de nuestro kierido Lewis!!!! Este es tu año nene, por fín habrá justícia en Mc laren. Ah!! ke sepáis ke no comparto mucho las ideas de Ron pero aun y así respeto su trabajo. Antes ke ser campeón se ha de ser persona, y de lo ke paca más Alonso es de presumir de o segundo, cuándo aún no tiene ni idea de ser lo primero. Força Barça y Força Lewis!!!!!!

  83. Hi Lewis, congrats on your brilliant start to the 2008 season. Hope to see at # one by the end of the season. The name Hamilton was great in motor racing,back in the 1950s. Duncan Hamilton was a great character, and driver. He drove amongst other types, works jaguars at Le-Manns.
    I once read a book about his career, it was very interesting. I am sure that there will be an interesting book about your racing days, having seen aspects of your career, from the days when ch5 tv showed you on the regular karting programes . Good luck.


  84. Lewis u need one women in your life ..but that’s not Ylissa.. ha ha she is dreaming i wish God gives you the nice one even if she don’t have money u need poor girl who have a big heart Lewis don’t look those crazy girls if u wanna be happy in your life. u got evrything so …. take care i wish to meat you one day in Lausanne or geneva to take a Picture with u that’s all i need .i hope see you soon …bless you

  85. hi Lewis i was so happy for you last time when u won i hope u will make me happy all the championship ..and forget about spanish people they are just jealous and rasiste that’s not sport dsipline u will show them who you are i am not talking about all spansh people they are not all the same there is one think i can do for u ,,,i will pray for u still my last day God bless u and your familly .sorry about my ENG .

  86. hi lewis hamilton
    i hope u the best of the season 08 . i been supporting u slicen the started of 07 i goin to silverstone i had really gd time last year with my big brother andwer who is now a dad he got 7 week’s left i cant w8t to be uncle anyhoo gd luck with the season we be supporting ya all the time where eve u finish we still behide ya
    best of luck
    Chris Mutton

  87. Ylissa, you are not alone in having romantic dreams about Lewis. He is so gorgeous, handsome and sexy. What a guy. I hope he wipes the floor with the competition, especially the vile Alonso!

  88. Hi, Lewis!

    I love you so much!! You are very special for me. I would like kiss your sweet lips!!!

    You are the ONE.

    O my god, i think that i´m losing my head for you.



  89. Lewis,

    With all the pressure you had last winter, i think you`ve shown yourself a true professional and real man.
    It would have been easy to get all worked up over all that was going on but you remained calm.
    Congratulations on your win last sunday, it was a pleasure to see win.
    Be proud off what you have accomplished so far.
    You are an inspiration to lots of people.

    Good luck and stay the gentleman that you are.

    LEWIS RULES !!!!

    greetings from a fan.

  90. hamilton is the best!!! don’t pay attention to spanish people , most of them are stupid and racist . They don’t know a danm about F1. Keep going Hamilton, we all love you!!!


  91. hi lewis you are amazing and i really want your autograph so please can i have it as you are the best driver ever . And what a good win in melbourne i am so glad for you as you were getting a lot of stick for not winning last season. But i bet you will do it this season for the autograph will you send it to me at 22 cedar avenue ashton preston lancs pr21st thank you. come on lewis yesssssssssss

  92. Perfect start Lewis..wicked!! Your gonna go all the way this year. All ready got my silverstone tickets.. see you there!!
    Loved it 2 years ago when you put 1 of you gp2 cometiters off the track, through the polystirene hordings 3 abreast going through the esses at silverstone.. I knew we had somthing special on our hands..

  93. Hi Lewis…

    Best of luck in 2008, I came to Shanghai last year to watch you race… looking forward to seeing you again later this year. Dina x

  94. Well done today Lewis, however can you please tell me why your dad always gets in on the interviews and takes as much of the limelight as he can? Last season even your brother got his face on the telly as often as possible.
    I realise your dad is your manager but we don’t see other driver’s managers being interviewed at every opportunity!

  95. Why do people have to go on about being “black”? I come from Africa, spoke Zulu before I spoke English and today speak 4 African Languages. Am I now “black” too?
    Lewis is a genius who has worked very, very hard wth an amazing father to help and nurture him, lets leave it at that please.

  96. Simply a message to say that your amazing and you will be and pretty much already are the next Schuy.

    Oh and well done in oz today!!!! 🙂

  97. “Uno de España, on March 15th, 2008 at 7:53 pm Said:

    Este tipo se cree dios. Y no es mas que un aficionado. Si en McLaren no hubiran dejado de lado a Alonso ya veriamos donde estaba el negraco de mierda este”

    What a pathetic and miserable person you are, shame on you! Racism and rascist remarks are ot of place in any sport, so instead of posting this junk, go get an education!
    Not Lewis and his goals and achievements are “mierda”, but your attitude!
    He doesn’t think he is god, and he shows no signs of arrogance and superiority, so back off and grow up! Your stupid, ignorant remarks do nothing except create a bad reputation for Spain.
    It’s better to be a “aficionado” rather than an “idiota ignorante” Cheers Buddy, and hasta luego!

    Lewis- keep up the good work – you are an idol and role-model for many and people around the world are proud of you and adore you!

  98. Hamilton meus parabens,voce troxe de volta na formula1 a alegria e a emoção.
    Voce se´ra mais piloto do que o Senna.
    Voce não foi campeão em 2007 por uma incrivel falta de sorte ou trição da equipe
    Continue assim humilde e amigo de seus colegas,não deixe o orgulho e a vaidade tomar conta de voce
    Voce será o maior piloto de formula 1 um de todos os tempos,superará Senna,Piquet,Prost, Micael,e tantos outros
    Um abraço
    Eng. Evandro Branco

  99. ¡ Don’t forget push speed limit button next race !
    Thank you because without you and Ron we would never had lost the championship.

    About some english fans : set a thief to catch a thief. Here we say : The thief thinks all people are as he is.

    It’s only the beginning ………

  100. Je n’ai jamais douté de ton succès.. You’re so fantastic. A lot of thanks for all goods days.
    Depuis quelques années, j’avais abandonné la F1. Tu m’as rendu l’envie de la suivre à nouveau. Fonce, je crois en toi..

  101. Félicitations pour cette formidable victoire ! Merci de nous avoir donné “an another day in a paradise”.
    Vivement la Malaisie !

  102. I am disgusted at the messages left by some Spanish people, they cannot call themselves f1 fans. Lewis has shown what a great DRIVER is capable of, and what a true sportsman is, it’s such a shame that they think sportsmanship is being vindictive, miserable and arrogant.

  103. have good race lewis i got it live on tv pal no good me going to bed
    as i would sleep so i up

  104. Este tipo se cree dios. Y no es mas que un aficionado. Si en McLaren no hubiran dejado de lado a Alonso ya veriamos donde estaba el negraco de mierda este

  105. Here are best wishes to you, great Lewis – an idol for many young people anywhere. You represent a small, well motivated group of popular world citizens, who perform in a charismatic, smooth, honest, hard working way and therefor are the true heroes of our times. Along with (hopefully president) Barack Obama you furthermore bring mile stones of pride and hope to people of your color and earn respect and admiration by many others, unfortunately prejudice and hate as well from the ones who still live in the dark ages. Beside your talent and great personality your appearance is stunning – no wonder women of all ages are fascinated and dream of you. (I am a 65 year old grandma and started watching Formula 1, just because of you! – smile). Our cosmopolitan family in the U.S., Hungary, Austria and Germany stands behind you!

  106. Hi Lewis, You are my hero!
    Great luck for your first championship this year…

    Carlos Sasso
    President, Panama Hamilton’s gay fan club
    ced, 8-224-1691
    Panama Rep, Panama.

  107. well lewis hamilton has to be the best driver ive always watched grand prixx since i was little but ive never realy been intrested in it until i found out thast lewis hamilton was driving for mclaren , i have been to the british g.p 4 times now i went last year for lewis first british race, i have to say i was very hyper and happy that he came first in qualifying it was the best atmosphere every but when he didnt come 1st on the race it was awful but he stil did great always i saw him at the after party. and omg i had the best view got there realy early at the front and it wasso close i could see the spots on his face wel no i couldnt but yer u no wt i mean. any ways if lewis reads this haha i wil be there supporting u all the way at british g.p and watching u on tv hope u win the championship this year…

  108. Je voulais te souhaiter bonne chance pour le championnat car je sais que malheureusement que le talent ne suffit pas et qu’il faut toujours un peu de chance pour éviter les incidents mécaniques. Je te souhaite beaucoup de joies, de victoires et de podiums. Je suis de tout coeur avec toi.Continue de t’amuser et de prendre du plaisir car c’est ça ta plus grande force. Je serai devant ma télévision à chaque grand prix (même à 5 heure du matin) pour t’encourager de toutes mes forces.
    Surtout ne te laisse pas destabiliser par certaines paroles des médias ou de pilotes. S’ils les disent s’est qu’ils ont peur de toi et de ton talent. Ils sont jaloux. La meilleure façon de leur répondre s’est de gagner !
    Valerie de FRANCE

  109. Hi lewis i´m brazilian, i´m not speak verry well but i know well your future,
    you will be the next hero of the world like my hero Senna, i want see you on top with your heart of the warrior, have the best year of your life in 2008 winner…. please send your signature for me

  110. The people of the Caribbean/West Indies living in Australia, but in particular, those of us in Melbourne/Victoria, The CaribOz Family, are so proud of you. You are an inspiration to all of us and especially the youngsters in our Community who are encouraged to aim high, to persevere and to do their best in their chosen fields. We admire your talents, your determination and your personality.We love you and send you every good wish for your best result in Melbourne 2008.

  111. I just want to tell you Lewis that you have huge funs here in Bosnia. We cannot do much to help you in anything but you are in our minds every time you get in your McLaren 🙂 . I wish you best, be strong …… becouse we are here for YOU!!

  112. So many Sports heros left UK because of Taxes,I did not hear anybody screaming back then. Remember the Spanish Fans at the world cup with the BANANA SKINS on the field,and ALANZO saying you brought it on yourself? Brother DRIVE,BROTHER DRIVE.They still dont know how to handle you. GLOCK now thinks he is as good as you ,poor fool.

  113. Hi Lewis how are you i just want to tell you that i like everything you do and I encourage you.
    And your are so cute really would you marry me ?even if i am far yes I am from Senegal.Brief i wish you the best.I hope you will read this little not.

  114. Hi Lewis how are you i just want to tell you that i like everything you do and Iencourage you.
    And your are so cute really would you marry me ?even if i am far yes I am from Senegal.Brief i wish you the best.I hope you will read this little not.

  115. Hey there,

    This may be seen as a bit of a cheeky request, but I’m sure being the person that you are it is not an unusual one. My Dad will soon be turning 50 and I would love to get him a gift that knocks him off his socks. No, I dont mean an F1 car! A signed photograph of yourself could be something he would treasure.

    Obviously if this is not possible, then I wonder if you are aware of any stores that I could visit that maybe deal with formula 1 type merchandise? Nothing too tackey.

    I seem to be setting out a bit of a mission here, and if you had read this far I’m impressed.

    Anyway would be fantastic to hear back from you to see what you think.

    Also good luck for this season, you’ll do brilliantly!!

    Elaine Bound

  116. salut lewis
    je te tutoie car j’ai l’age de ton pére pour moi c’est toi qui a remportéle championat 2007 et je pense que pour une raison indépendente de ta volonte tu a ete oblige de perdre

  117. Hey Lewis:) Just wanted to wish you all the best for this coming season! we know you are going to make us proud here in South Africa…Hope you visit us soon…Please kick Alonso’s butt. Show him what a rookie can do:) Love always..

  118. Hi Lewis,

    You go brave and daring as usual. In Grenada we all love you and your family and are proud of your achievements and accomplishments.

    Stay grounded and remember that while the world celebrates with a black man it is only too gleeful when he falls from grace.

    May God bless you and keep you prosperous and bring you back to the Spice Island again

  119. Hi lewis

    I hope you all the best for this new season and keep focusing in what you have to achieve (SCHUMI’s record).
    I am from the archipelago of comoros in the indian ocean.
    I very much enjoyed how you drove last season but unfortunately you lost the championship at the end.
    Don’t pay any attention to what Weber, Montoya, Vilneuve or others may say, do the job only.
    Very soon inchaallah I will have money enough and I will be able to attend all the Grand Prix.
    by by every fan and hope it is going to be a fantastic season for Lewis!

  120. Hi Lewis, I wonder if I am your no.1 fan (don’t compare me to the woman in ‘Misery’ please). I think you are so wonderful and handsome and talented and dedicated. I met you at a book signing, and you were so charming, polite and kind, I nearly fainted. I don’t know if I will be able to watch the first race in Melbourne because I will be so nervous for you. I hope you get your official site up and working so that your real fans can communicate with you and each other. I don’t blame you for quitting the UK – our taxes are used for killing dark skinned people in the East, so why should you contribute to that? You got everything you have now from yourself and your family and the McLaren family. I hope hope hope you win this year. Alonso is an evil **** who will try everything to unnerve you but you are better than him by a million miles. Love APxxx

  121. Lewis-Come clean about the real reason you left the UK, where you got your ‘Big Break’ and loyal support from British fans when you most needed it.
    The real reason is that now you have hit the big money you left for tax reasons,not because you were hounded by paparazzi eh matey?
    Thanks for turning your back on us.

  122. Hi Lewis

    Spain is a great country and you really do have a lot of fans here.

    I have lived here for the last 21 years and been in business here for the last 16 years.

  123. Lewis,

    You are an inspiration to us all and to me personally your drive and determination to succeed has demonstrated that if you believe in yourself. Enough and work hard there are few things that you cannot achieve, its good to see a Black British citizen beating all the odds. I would ignore the terrible thug behaviour of some Spanish fans maybe they thought they were living in 1400 and that you were a moor! I thought you were Catholic! you’d think that would make them more friendly, Who knows when small fry bark nobody listens keep up the good work.

  124. Olá
    Sou fã de sua carreira, sua postura.
    Quero deixar aqui um grande abraço e lhe desejar mais sucessos.


  126. hi lewis good luck in your soon to come race.i just want to say we love here in greanada more than u may ever know and thanks for coming to the spice island of grenada to celebrate our independance hope u will visit again for carnival 2008 may god richliy bless u and keep u safe and i know u will win.i want u to know as a son of grenada we love very much.u go boy keep your family proud and grenada proud the best island in the world.

  127. Mr Keith Kelly LLB (Hons), on February 5th, 2008 at 10:24 pm Said: Hi Lewis, firstly as a black british subject I admire your achievements (so far), do keep up the good work you are an inspiration and great ambassador for each and every one of us. I am devastated that you did not win the drivers world championship in your “rookie” year you thoroughly deserved it, equally, Ferrari did not as much win the world championship as McLaren threw it away!!!. But you will win it, more than once for the UK we are behind you all of the way. Best wishes to you, your father Anthony and Family.

    Keith Kelly (LLB Hons)

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