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  1. Hi Lewis, am a Ghanaian lives in Zurich Switzerland and been a fan for over 20yrs of F1 but never been able to attend a live race which has always been my wish. Life hasn’t been soo good to me to be able to save some money for such an invent due to soo many debts that I have been working over 20yrs in Swiss and still can’t get out of it. Am not here asking for money but just incase if u can favor me just for 1 Live race as am over 50yrs now before my death. I have never been happy in life and don’t even know what happiness is all about due to financial situation, it wasn’t easy for me asking , and which I never did couse I live in a rich city but never find my way of making myself happy person with just the thought of every morning thought of getting up early to the contruction feld just to earn a little to pay debts over 20 yrs now, it hasn’t been easy to be born as a man. My sincere greetings to u and like to say heads up for ur firth F1 championship title this year 2018, big up urself. Bless

  2. Dropping in to wish you a very happy birthday today Lewis, as well as a successful trophy filled New Year. From me and hubby.

  3. My son Patrick is Graduating from High School June 2017, and off to college.
    He is a huge fan of yours from San Diego California and has attended the Texas races with his Father. When he graduates from college his gift will be to pick a F1 race destination for the family to attend and cheer you on! Any chance on having you sign a photo to him wishing him good luck in his new venture in life?
    Happy Holidays to you and your family

  4. Dear Lewis my partners son is a massive fan of yours and lives and breaths formula one . He is to be 21 on the 1st of January 2017 and wonder if it would be possible for you to sign a photo of yourself to him to mark this occasion. It would make one lads day that extra special.

  5. hello i am carl i live in malaysia i am a big fan of you i am sad that you did not win this years championship i hope mext year you will be very fare a head of other deivers

  6. Hi Lewis.

    A bitter victory this Sunday but you should not feel sad you did everything you could, in relation to unjust orders Mercedes team this Sunday, only one answer.

    “One has not only a legal but moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”..(Martin Luther King)

    We are not robots to program us with unjust orders and interested rules. You were in your right to fight for driver´s title within the legality, in that world of F1 there are no teammates only vultures scavengers waiting to feast the minimum you get down the guard.

    And of course yesterday the “Gestapo officers” who command you to speed up from radio, they stayed portrayed and show it that they have been doing all year, a hard work, favoring their German countryman.

    There is a quote from Bertolt Brecht that I think defines the situation we saw yesterday from the German and his bosses in the last laps to perfection.

    “Nothing more similar a fascist than scared bourgeois” … Bertolt Bretch.

    And coming from Germany as we can imagine the kind of fascists we refer to, nothing new on the horizon, their cowardice carry it in their guts.

    The boy is crying and his “fathers” in the box asking you for the radio that you were more faster.

    Well what failed yesterday in the strategy?

    Strategy was well executed, it must be said that it was a desperate strategy because there was no other options.

    Yesterday Red Bull failed again, not fail their drivers fail again the Austrian team, Ricciardo was anulled with the strategy of two stops and Verstappen was waiting for his partner to attack together Rosberg who had swallowed the hook according to the previous plan, and he had seek protect himself placing third behind Verstappen, but when missing Ricciardo the plan collapsed and only the appearance in scene at the end of Vettel put in trouble your “friend” of the other Mercedes, if Red Bull would have done made the same strategy with his two drivers you would have had more margin of turns to turn the matter.

    I want to congratulate you for being a MAN who has stood before all the dirty tricks that have made you this year, Mercedes has not managed to tame the “wild pony” and your yesterday as Custer sold expensive your skin and until the last bullet defended your honor of world champion.

    Yesterday you were not defeated, for those who do not surrender are never defeated.

    Looking at the headlines and statements of the fascists who run your team, I’m afraid that next year will be worse.

    Do not accept any further humiliation of those Germans, no penalties or dismissals, if they want to fire you use the clause of confidentiality to reach a friendly agreement and to pay you compensation, but staying on that team with everything that has happened this year would not be Advisable, it will be your decision but if I were I would start looking for other options and preferably with destination Italy if possible, do not trust in those nazis or their good words, this is like a marriage once broken the best is divorce, The rest only serves to increase pain on both sides.

    Well I’m going with my music elsewhere.

    Take a good vacation to isolate yourself of pressures and meditate with tranquility on everything that happened this year.

    regards JJ

  7. Have been watching F1 for a couple of seasons due to one of my sons being an absolute fan of Lewis. My comments would be Mercedes are reaping the results of their inability to ‘manage’ their drivers. They have never had the guts to appoint Lewis as their No#1 driver. Although Nico won this title it was somewhat gifted to him on a plate due to the continual engine problems suffered by car #44. Under pressure in races Nico demonstrates he is not and never will be equal or better than Lewis.

    In this last race I think it showed balls for Lewis to race his tactics, he could have gone for the easy win by racing off with an unassailable lead but that win would have been meaningless to him and just as hollow as Nico Championship title win is.

    F1 racing is driver against driver, individuals racing for their own glory within a team although I think Mercedes have lost sight of this. Lewis tried daring tactics to win, he could have jeopardised his own victory but at least he continued to fight to the end to win the Championship.

    Nikki Lauda has already given an interview to BBC Sport saying he thought Lewis didn’t do anything wrong so if Toto punishes him then it just supports the fact that Mercedes F1 management/service team are idiots.

    I think what the F1 Hamilton Fans, and particularly Lewis, demand is for Toto Wolff, Lowe and Lauda to actually come clean and explain why his car was so unreliable all season. It is not a coincidence that the swap of service teams changed things this season. If anything Mercedes owe Lewis a damn good explanation and a huge apology.

    Through the sheer incompetence of them not being able to deliver a reliable car they cost him the Championship title in Malaysia, which Toto Wolff already admitted. 20 sec lead and your car craps out!!??

    Come on Toto, Lowe, Lauda and the rest of MercededF1 now is your time to speak, all teams have a few issues with engines throughout the season, but continually??!! WTF went wrong, you need to take a hard look at yourselves with all the $$ and expertise at your fingertips how can you not get two cars/service teams of equal ability. (A cynic would say Mercedes played into Bernie’s hands by keeping the title win to the last race)

    In closing I have watched post race interviews, instagrams and tweets etc and Lewis Hamilton always conducts himself in a positive professional manner when I’m sure there have been times when he’s itching to tear a strip off someone, especially in Malaysia. On and off the tack he is an excellent role model for any sportsman.

  8. Well done Lewis for standing up to the team, your job is to do the best for you and your Country. In the end of the day you won the race and lost the championship, if Nico didn’t like it, he should have put his balls on the line, and try to overtake you, rather than fall back into the following cars.
    Mercedes should be more grateful, I guess you sold more cars for them than any other person in the world. Don’t give the Germans an inch, you cant trust them, as I am sure you are finding out.
    Lets see what happens next year.

  9. Lewis,

    For some time I have thought of you as a spoilt brat, what I saw yesterday only confirmed it. You are selfish to the point of being rediculous and I hope Mercedes sack you but suspect they will only condone your selfish attitude by retaining you.

    I will certainly not purchase a Mercedes as long as you drive for them.

  10. Lewis Wtf. Why did you do that
    Do you think you r God ?
    You used to be honest .
    Now you? Everyone & everything
    After Kim’s comments
    You are not him .
    Right now I want to be rude
    But it’s not me.
    Only recently you have removed
    Your shades when it’s not working
    For you. Get back to yourself
    Before you go 2 far the other way

  11. Hi Lewis. Congratulations on winning in Abu Dhabi. Your tactics didn’t quite pay off but at least you tried. I guess that had you been in Nico’s position you would have tried a pass?

    Your comments in the Channel 4 interview could have been a little more gracious but I expect you will put that right when reviewing with the team?

    So, all the best for 2017 and hopefully you will be ble to make a better start to the season.

    Best Regards,
    Dennis Harvey.

  12. Lewis amazing drive ,god was watching over you as you gave it your all ,you never won the war but you won’t the battles you should be proud of what you achieved

  13. Lewis you are realy asholl fuck you du bist so unfähr gefahren hättest ja gleich dein Auto über das Ziel tragen können

  14. Hi Lewis

    Hi Lewis.

    After your fantastic race in Brazil the curtain closes in Abu Dabhi and now the warrior is guard their weapons before the fight.

    Complicated weekend for your aspirations, but we should not lose faith.

    Surely you have already planned your strategy for tomorrow, although it is true that will have to improvise depending on how events unfold.

    In the Sun Tzu said:

    “Know your enemy to yourself and in a thousand battles you win”

    And how is your enemy?

    A phrase defines his philosophy, the philosophy of many of the german drivers “Deutschland über alles”, “Germany above all”, so we must be careful to harass the german who we already know how to “remove he the fleas” and also carries 12 points of advantage, there Is a technique of the boxers is that if your rival is smaller, you get away from his fists, take advantage of that you are taller and have the arms more longer to be able to strike blows without your opponent can reach you with his Fists

    The Germans are excellent disciplined workers and they base all their work on the previous planning, but if they have to improvise they usually fail, so if you are able to break his planning you will have half a battle won.

    For example, if I were you, instead of slowing down in a monolithic way to the group, in the first part of the race I would cause changes of pace that do not allow the German to acquire pace and make the race uncomfortable to him, this is if I were Ahead of the German,but if I were by back of him I would attack him steadily without overtaking him so that he would constantly watch over me through his mirrors, the objective to break his previous planning, surprise and create anxiety to him , this would do to soften the “German steak “And the final act of the work when I have to put the knife and the fork would leave it for when neither my opponent nor the team had a capacity for reaction, ie after the last change of tires and for example let to him approach for slow it down and In a braking zone hide his reference of braking and deceive him for thus make him go long in some curve provided that there were more drivers near that could take advantage of this forced error.

    But anyway in a race anything can happen, and whatever we say can always happen something different, anyway is sure to you have already thought of something for the German did not feel comfortable on the track tomorrow.

    Only lose those who feel defeated, but remember that you can not always win and that if you do not become champion you have to accept it with the greatest dignity possible as a good sportsman.

    I leave you with a phrase from someone who died today.

    “If I go out, I arrive, if I come, I go in, if I enter, I will triumph.”

    Once we start the way, only worth the victory.

    And I say goodbye as always with music.

    And may the force be with you tomorrow.

    regards JJ

    sorry traduced by Google

  15. Congratulations for today’s pole. Whatever happens tomorrow you will always be the champion in our hearts.
    Good luck,

  16. Congratulations Lewis for your 60 th pole.

    Tomorrow don´t let yourself be conditioned by Rosberg or listen to him, he is very nervous, you have faith in what you do and don´t look back, that faith will lead you to victory. Make your start and brakes in the place where you must brake in the first corner, don´t be pass braking, no have doubts thinking about for who comes to you from behind.

    If you don´t have a good start don´t get frustrated, keep fighting, the race tomorrow can be very long, you have to be very focused and make the right decisions at the right time.

    “The only fight that is lost is the one that is abandoned” … Ernesto Che Guevara.

    And that know the born and those who are going to born, that you were born to win and not for be defeated.

    And if you had to lose, that be as Custer with his boots on
    and with the front very high.

    Lewis, may the force be with you tomorrow.

    If tomorrow you win remember to kiss the Jesus Christ of your helmet and dedicate the victory to Ayrton Senna, pointing to the sky.

    regards JJ

    sorry traduced by Google.

  17. Hi Lewis,

    Good luck you deserve this champion because of the problem you have had.
    And your team is trying so hard for you not to win which is cheating but God is looking down on you. Because you are a nicer person in the whole team. God bless you and your family no matter happens you are our champion. Xxx

  18. Hi Lewis.

    Well, I’ve been a long time without putting in contact with you and seeing how it is developing the Formula 1 season I’m pretty disappointed ,and also noting the appalling treatment that´s giving at you your team, frankly had not found many motivations to say anything.

    I think your cycle in Mercedes is already ending and I believe you should think about it and I think you’ve entered the descending part of your sports cycle with this team as you step before in Mclaren team, this year is very similar to 2010 where you’ve had to suffer exchange your team workgroup with the other team driver and other bad things after the summer break, thinking that in 2010 still you was able to get end of the season ahead of J.Button it gives me hope that it is still possible to be champion in this year, so keep fighting until the end.

    It is crucial that you win at Interlagos, but according to my observation should improve your performance on the back of the Brazilian circuit that is the zone of the circuit that climbing up to the finishing straight, for to come out with more speed on the main straight, because in that area since 2012 is where I see you have more problems because the main straight is the clearest area for overtaking and if you do not come with enough traction and speed you become easy prey to be overtaken by other rivals, so that balances the set-up of your car to lose some maneuverability in initial corners area for you gain more speed on the principal straight of Interlagos, I think that in this way you could get your first win in the Brazilian GP in Formula 1,this only is a opinion, the expert is you.

    I leave you as always with music and hoping that you will not again be sabotaged more for your team, and as said Ross Brawn “Lauda and Wolff are unreliable”, so that for many beautiful words that them tell at you, remember that “the words are gone with the wind”,you don´t trust them and never give you up.

    And speaking of sabotage,there is a very effective way to engine seizure that leaves no trace, and is introducing brake fluid or gas-oil, preferably the first of these liquids directly into the combustion chambers after air filter in intake manifolds or mixing with the engine oil but this second option is usually less effective, it I says by those who say it is not feasible to sabotage an internal combustion engine, I still think that there is “someone” who does not want you win and and certainly not is someone spiritual, are too many breakdowns and too many coincidences. Agatha Chrisite said three signs obtain a test, well I leave you with the music and I no longer bother you more and hopefully let´s have a miracle for these last two races and cheaters already pay for their “crimes”, and as the Bible says “those that live by the sword, die by the sword” and even though you lose, always with a smile, you have to lose with the same dignity with which it wining.


    PS: sorry traduced at english by Google.

  19. Good win for you today, I’m pleased you are in a better place at this time and it is showing what we know that you are a great driver and deserve to be up there with the best.
    The Championship is not over, keep doing what you do best and trust to others having less good fortune than you and maybe, just maybe, the Crown will be yours again.
    Good luck.
    Bernard Morris.

  20. Good Evening Mr Hamilton
    This is a strange request but would it be possible to have an old tyre its not to sell on just a keepsake as my partner got me into following you and your wonderful journey.
    Good luck for the future a real gentleman. Well Done and Follow your dream

  21. High Lewis I met you about 6 years ago with my grandson at rye house u took time out too talk to all the kids we watch all the races it been inspiring for all of us

  22. Dear Mr Hamilton, Watching you just before the Japanese GP, I am compelled to offer some help for you.
    I have to say that a few years back I was not a fan!
    Now, when I say that my method of help would be through
    using Shaman techniques, this may have you say to yourself “oh another crank”!
    If so please ignore this message.
    However, if you feel that I can help, just ask me, that is my only condition. I have to be asked to carry out this work.
    I believe, having said all of that, you will win your 4th Championship this year!
    I have “seen” this.
    I qualify this by saying that it will be extremely close, perhaps only by 1 point!
    We do not need to meet, I would carry out my “Garden Work” and send you a report.
    Obviously I would have to have send this to a confidential e-mail, certainly not to an open forum like this.
    Sent with sincerity, best, Iain.

  23. Hi Lewis, well fought to-day but you ought not to have put yourself in that position. You have had some bad luck ths year but also some really bad starts. Congratulations on what you have done so far. Now all you can do is to keep doing your best, which is to say you have to do much better in the last 4 races and hope for a bit of luck in addition. We’re still with you, so let’s see you do it for your faithful fans.

  24. Disappointed for you today, with such a disastrous start.
    Whats going on with you and your starts, you have to do better if you want to get closer to Nico’, you have equal cars so there are no excuses. Time to get your head down and stop the funny stuff and show you are better than walking out on the press and if you lose a race show a little humiliation, not stand sulking in the corner, there is no reason to throw the toys out of the pram.
    I look forward to the remaining races and you turning in some great drives so show us what you do best on the track and go for it, I, WE. NEED YOU TO DO IT??

  25. Dear Lewis, I feel for you but remember God works in mysterious ways and while you are not feeling good at the moment your time will come. Embrace the bad with the good and hold your head high.. The championship is not over yet and your belief should not waver. Have a blessed day and peace be with you. Go in god’s name. A true fan .

  26. Hi Lewis
    You are doing fine bud keep you feet firm on the ground and your head soring through new technologies, always evaluate new ideas and listen to your gut too.
    I’m a machine tool service engineer for more years I care to mention, I wish I had done more with my hobby pro karts. But I do love being the under dog at times and punish those who are ready to ignore you. Always remember the basics like more corners than straights listen to your finger tips and seat, remember those walks and talks with your family members who by chance mentioned something obvious but you had forgot. Technologies are great and take us to new places in the future so rapidly. I still enjoy the track walks and talks with my son now and still fined in those moments things that work that I ignored when I raced.
    Calm when calm is needed, smooth always. Look at others slow areas. You do not need to lead always nice but shows your hand to often. apply pressure and then capitalise and enjoy the moment, Remember

  27. Hi Lewis Hamilton. Now I am a little old at 53 years old, but I still keeping watching over you since you became a Mclaren driver for 2007. I always was pround of you specially because you came from a mixed-race black and white parents, so do I.
    I am an English public teacher and have not enough money to go there to give you a great hug and kiss you as if you were my son because I have you in my heart ever since.
    God bless you always and your beloved beautiful family.

    Upon so much love,

    Teacher John the Baptist from Brazil.

    Please, be in touch to me by
    Mobil phone (Whatsapp) (5535) 99121299

  28. My Son-in-law, James Downard, is a an F1 fan and avid follower of Lewis Hamilton, so much so that he named our new grandson James ‘Lewis Hamilton’ Downard.
    Walter Montgomery

  29. Hi there

    I wonder if you can help
    I have a piece of art by the same artist that did the Ayrton Senna picture that Lewis presented to Ayrton’s family
    My picture is of Jimi Hendrix which I know Lewis is a fan of
    I used to work with the artist (Ian Berry) and bought this off him a few years ago as one of his first pieces, I can get Ian to provide provenance for this
    Anyway I’m trying to sell it and wondered if Lewis would be interested as I know he is a fan of both subject and artist
    Hope to hear from you soon

    Kind regards

    Scott Harper

  30. Good win for you today Lewis and as July 10th it was a relatively easy win for you but again a win is a win and I am hoping you continue keeping the points ahead of Nico, and I know you have to take some backward steps when you come back after the mid term break, but keep being positive and I am hopeful of another world championship for you.
    Best wishes to you and come back refreshed and positive after the mid term break.
    Bernie Morris.

  31. Good evening Mr Lewis Hamilton,
    You are an inspiration to my partner and it would be a blessing if he could meet you for a special birthday of his,

  32. Good win in tricky conditions, just shows that winning
    Poll is as good stead for winning the race,
    Fantastic graphics on the helmet perhaps a decent
    Picture of could be shown please,

  33. Hi Lewis, another good win for you today albeit relatively easy, but hey a win is a win and now you have reduced the deficit to Nico so much and maybe more if he gets penalised, but that is not the way to win but rules are rules, and I’m sure if it was you who had been called over the radio and given instructions he would be calling for the rule book to enforced.
    So, continued success and good luck for the forthcoming races and another World Championship.

  34. Hi Lewis.
    Maybe a bit of a long shot…but my son jack Williams is a huge fan of yours.
    He has been racing karts now since the age of 7. He is now 13yrs and is competing in the super prix weekend at Shenington to win the Eplate. He is top of the championship so far in iame cadet. It would be a dream come true if he could get to meet you.

    Many thanks

    Mrs s Williams.

  35. Lewis,
    Meu nome é Robson, tenho 60 anos e nao falo ingles.
    Gostaria de um dia poder estar frente a frente com voce para te dar um abraço e dizer que sou muito seu Fa.
    Passei a torcer por voce, quando vc declarou que seu ídolo é AYRTON SENNA. Entao passei a observar o seu estilo de pilotagem e recuperei o interresse pela F1 que andava meio sem graça para nós brasileiros. Hoje 03/07/2016, vc me fez relembrar o nosso querido SENNA, ao vencer de forma espetacular o GP da Austria, após uma ultrapassagem espetacular na última volta.
    Eu acompanho a F1 desde os tempos de SENNA, mas nunca vi um piloto ter que lutar contra os adversários e contra a sua própria equipe, que de forma inexplicável sempre está beneficiando o seu ^companheiro^ de equipe. Está escancarado que a Mercedes quer dar o campeonato para o Rosberg, mas
    com certeza vc vai vencer a todos, basta manter o foco e usar a experiencia acumulada. Basta o campeonato que a Maclarem tirou de voce em nao trocar seus pneus no GP da CHINA. O ano passado a Mercedes tirou uma vitória certa sua em Monaco, após uma batida de Verstapem e te chamaram para trocar pneus sem a menor necessidade e nao chamaram o Rosberg, dando a vitória ao alemao, fiquei revoltado. Hoje a Mercedes voltou a te prejudicar na última troca de pneus, colocando pneus super macios no carro de Rosberg e MACIOS no seu carro, para que vc nao tivesse condiçoes de ultrapassá-lo.
    Mas, como disse SENNA, e foi exatamente o que vc fez.
    Torço por voce como se fosse um filho meu, inclusive peço aos Deuses para que te protejam de qualquer infortúnio.
    Espero estar no GP do Brasil em novembro deste ano, para assistir a mais um SHOW seu e comemorar-mos o TETRA.
    VOCE tem milhares de torcedores aqui no Brasil.
    Esteja sempre com Deus (GOD) e continue sempre aguerrido, mas sempre agindo de forma correta.

  36. Hi Lewis
    This may be a big ask
    My so Liam Stevens has a brain tumour for 2 years and is now in America having proton treatment if you could send him one message on his face book page it would mean so much to him.
    He was in Monaco with the starlight charity and met you and hasn’t stopped talking about it.
    You can follow his story on face book under
    Liam’s Army
    Please take 5 minutes to have a look and if you can just put a post on his page to wish him well .
    Many thanks and good luck in the coming races
    Stuart Liam’s dad

  37. Get the job done this weekend Lewis. Once again show us F1 fans how a true racer approaches a new and challenging track. I suppose that’s what splits the pack between those drivers that simply choose to drive and those that race. I speak for all F1 fans and thank you for sticking to your roots in Formula 1 and remaining an out and out racer. Good luck to you and the whole of your team throughout this weekend and the rest of the year.


  38. Hello Lewis,

    I must say I really enjoy ur racing, and I just wanna congratulate you on all ur success in every race, it feels good to watch you as your dreams come true right before the eyes of the whole wide world, congratulations again.

    I am Oni Olumide, am a Nigerian, am 33 years old, an accounting graduate, and also vast in computers, but I have not been able to have a job yet, and I face a possible eviction frm my house soon, pls Lewis I just need your financial assistance as the economy in Nigeria is down, Lewis my dream is to leave this country sumday to UK or US to have a job to do or to even work for you, pls Lewis help me to make my dream come true.

    My hero.


  39. Hi Lewis,
    Congratulations on winning in Monaco. Some say you were lucky but, given everything that has happened this year, you were due some good luck.

    I believe that you would have caught Daniel, if he’d had a normal pit stop, and would most likely have passed him as his tyres went off.

    So now to this week-end. All the very best for Montreal. Hopefully you are going to be free of mechanicals and set a good qualifying time. Whatever happens I know you will do the very best with the cards you are dealt . All the very best, I will be rooting for you as always.

    Best wishes,
    Dennis Harvey

  40. Lewis, I’ve been your fan since you first came into F1 when I could see your potential and I have supported you since then.
    I still am your fan and hope you come back from the problems you have encountered so far this year.
    I am however disappointed in the way you are presenting yourself of late, and I know with your wealth and fame you can well afford to do these things, but I believe you should put these childish things behind you and concentrate on your work and the talent you have got. Your career is but a short one and will soon come to an end and there will still be time for partying after F1.
    So Lewis, I wish all the best for the forthcoming season and I hope you will consider my words and I can look forward to seeing you securing another world championship.

  41. Mr Hamilton my advice to you is to stay in F1 just to make lots and lots of money and free drinks and chicks, just like Colthard and Hill etc you will now stop winning most of the F1 races, because EU has to buckles up after the 4 blood moons and now pending WW3 looming overhead in next 15 years between Gog Magog, and at same time EU wants to break all connection with all 3rd world ethnic nations around the world as it does not have any more spare cash wonga money for free lunch for cuckoo’s babies, and you Mr Hamilton is an inspiration for Black and Middle east folks to swim across the Aegean sea to EU paradise, but in reality EU paradise is now a cash strapped austerity ridden with high unemployment in EU.
    So, please Lewis stay in F1 just to make money and if the journalist ask you why you did not win tell them that you are trying your best but somehow the car is not fast enough on acceleration and the handling need to be worked on, but you have full respect for your engineers who have made the car driveable, but there we are I wish car was bit more reliable as there 100s of engine part that need to be tuned to make a winning car “especially the computer programs that makes the car go faster with full safe control without skidding or locking wheels or irresponsive steering wheel and crashing, and driver can go around bends/turns and still be able to overtake with total ease LOL”. (Lewis: don’t ask me question about this computer aided car handling in detail as the program codes are too complicated for folks who are not acquainted with computer game programming)
    Mr Hamilton, the last thing you want to do due to lethal greed is trying to drive a F1 car that is totally useless ( ie not computer driven XBox1 or PS4) and in mad rush end up doing some serious damage to someone or yourself.

  42. Hi Lewis, it is said that you make your own luck but this year of 2016 has seen your (bad) luck being made for you by others. Hopefully with that wonderful fight back in Sochi your luck has actually changed and it will now be in your own hands.

    It’s going to be a hard fight to catch Nico up but I believe you can do it. At the very least you will show your usual spirit and application in attempting to achieve a fourth world championship success.

    So go get ’em Lewis and may the car be with you.

    Best regards,
    Dennis Harvey

  43. Lewis,

    Family arriving en mass for Barcelona pit walk 12th and really need PMA for this one..and a bit of mechanical luck I suspect… We need this win Lewis to keep us sane… Not sure if you appreciate the stress levels outwith Mercedes but I can assure you that you touch our lives… passion, commitment, eagerness and pure unadulterated talent…you go laddie, we’ll be cheering you on all the way…

  44. Hallo champ!!
    Firstly I want to tell u that I’ve been one of your fans since 2008, when one of my friends told me that new Era begins in F1 a young man shines like stars since that time I follow u, and since that I have been so proud of you because of aggressiveness in driving, character, and your calmness.
    One thing I would like you to know iam Form Africa (sudan) if u hear about it,frankly I wrote this message which fulfill my anger emotions what happens to this season 2016 u let this kid wins 3 trophies. With respect to what bad troubles u face. I wish you wakeup next grandprix and keep us high as always. One thing to put in your mind (we win and lose together) Hero (Lh).

  45. Simply wishing you another successful season and that 4th title in 2016.
    Make us proud again

  46. Well Lewis what can I say….you have bought so much joy to our home its incredible. My husband Damian is a fan of many many words. Your inspiration and calmness and character has bought many a tear to his eyes.

    Now Damian has his 50th birthday on March 8th and as a suprise I have booked 3 day ticket to F1 Silverstone in July. Anything from you would make me the best wife ever… meet you wow…out of this world.
    Please make his birthday extra extra special.

  47. I greet you warmly Lewis 🙂

    I am a mother of 6 year Kuba with Polish, who is your big fan.
    With awe watching every race and qualifying and cry if you’re not the first;-)

    We are constantly talking about you, about what you are best 🙂
    Heis dream is to visit you;-) I thought it was childish fantasies, but he really thinks about it 🙂

    Yesterday I cried when I said that Lewis never know even that is somewhere in the world a boy like him Kuba.

    Because like any mother I love your son very I would like, but you knew that someone like 6 years old Kuba,
    who lives in Poland, Poznan is your fan 🙂

    Please hint me whether and how to ask you for an autograph for my son?

    Ewa mom Kuba

  48. Dear Mr Lewis Hamilton!
    My name is Slava.
    Thank you for a wonderful season and a real race.
    Please tell me how to become a racer after 30 years.We are ready to pass the most difficult path. There is no experience, no money, but there is a character and will to win. Please tell me where to start.

  49. Hey Lewis,
    My name is Stephanie Brady (19) and I am the girlfriend of Tom Rew (21). Tom has been your fan since he was little. I’ve only been with Tom for 2 years but it is hard considering he lives in the UK and I live in Florida USA. My dad went to the NASCAR race yesterday and is a big fan of Jeff Gordon and yourself. He tried to get autographs or a picture but it was impossible. But anyways like I said, Tom is a huge fan. He’s probably the biggest fan you have. He looks up to you and follows every race and has been your supporter since he was little. And I have also grown to be a fan of yours and you have become such a great influence in both of our lives. I want to somehow get a meet and greet for him for his birthday as I know that would mean the world to him. My email is please contact me if you can, I know you have such a busy schedule<3 God Bless 🙂

  50. Hello,

    first I want apologize that my english is bad.

    My name is Radim Majda and I am from Czech Republic. My girlfriend will have birthday and she loves Lewis Hamilton. I want make “birthday video”. I wanna ask you if Lewis Hamilton can do short video with congratulation? Can you ask him please?

    She´s name is Klementina and she will have 20 years.

    For some question contact me please.

    Thanks for answer.
    Have a nice day
    Radim Majda

  51. Hi, Lewis i hope you are doing well.I am seaking for a person who can mentor me to become one of the formula one driver. I am looking forward to hear from you or any other person that will receive my email.My phone number is 0708667025, Email addres

  52. Hi,

    I hope you are doing well.

    I am writing to inquire if you would consider acquiring the Domain Name, LHamilton,COM. I can let it go at a fair price.

    With Best Regards
    Emily Cole

  53. Hi,

    I hope you are doing well.

    I am writing to inquire if you would consider acquiring the Domain Name, LHamilton,COM. I can let it go at a fair price.

    With Best Regards
    Emily Cole
    Indus Domains – Client Services
    US: 855-504-6387 | UK: 870.820.0000
    Skype / Hangouts: indusdomains

    Locations: NYC | Hong Kong | London

  54. Hi Lewis ,Fantastic raceing well done looking for ward to next year racing I have never miss a race watch all the time .image just been told I have lung cancer and had surgary .also chemo to also my wife has just been told she as breast cancer ,she will have chemo to best of look for next years racers I will be watching

  55. Hi Lewis,
    Many congratulations on your latest win and of course clinching your 3rd World drivers championship. Like you my favourite driver was Senna, and previously it was Jim Clark, and I believe you are a worthy successor to these Champions.
    Continued success for the remaining races and I look forward to 2016.
    Best wishes, Bernie Morris.

  56. Congrats Lewis! Yet another WDC. There will be more to come.

    In 2005 I said you would be the best British F1 driver of all time. I have never doubted it, despite much ridicule. I had always hoped and been much excited, by the prospect that you could be listed as the GOAT. Still on course so far! 🙂

    btw, do us all a favour and get true legendary status be starting the last 3 races at the back of the grid. Do it for the fans and be remembered like no other forever!

  57. How times have changed. I’m a
    Learning mentor in a school and 9 years ago the boys I worked with aspired to be a f1 race driver like Senna now my boys aspire to be a driver like Lewis Hamilton thankyou Lewis for showing young children to never give up, resilience is the key to success, I often refer to your journey in life to show the kids sometimes your dreams and aspirations can come true. Good Luck for your race this weekend. We win and lose together. Andrea.

  58. Hi Lewis,
    Another easy win for you, but hey a win is a win, and now you are in touching distance of your third World Championship.
    It is a shame about Nicko’ having problems but you have had your share of problems too.
    So good luck at the next race and lets hope you clinch your 3rd World Championship.
    May I ask that you show respect to ours and other National Anthems when they are played.
    Best wishes ,

  59. Hi Lewis i am looking for a mercedes race suit for my son who is turning 6 he absolutely adores you he has cerabal palsy and gets very upset when he cant the things that interest him. It would be a dream come true if he got to meet you is there any uk meet and greets happening anytime soon please get back as he has a birthday coming up soon and we would like to get him the suit as a present

  60. Hi Lewis,
    Congrats on start to season so far. Can I say my 19 year old son follows F1 and there is only ONE driver … His idol, You. Whenever there is a race we get up early and check results ourselves just to gauge what sort of day will be in store for us as dark clouds loom when you aren’t successful! (No pressure) The rest of our family applaude your great success as every win makes live in our house happy, so thanks and long may it continue. Your success = happiness in our house.

    PS. Can you advise what make of dress boots you wore on Graham Norton show and where to buy them.

  61. Hi,

    I know that you probably get this kind of mail often – but I have to ask.
    I have been on the official F1 site to buy my “Lewis Hamilton-crazy” husband an official jacket – but we cannot seem to find the style he likes. I would like to do one better and I am willing to pay for it. This time I would like to get him an autographed shirt/ t-shirt/jacket.

    We both love and enjoy watching F1 and it has be a thrill to see Lewis in the lead for so long.
    Congrats to the team and to Lewis Hamilton.

  62. Another good and well deserved win on Sunday at Monza Lewis.
    Best car, best driver, what more is there to say, just keep the form going and forget the other influences outside the circuits??

  63. Hello Lewis Hamilton!

    My husband of two months has been diagnosed with ALS, a fatal neurodegenerative disease that kills most of its victims in 2-5 years. The good news is that the disease has only spread in his hands. He continues to work and remain active.
    He is your biggest fan, and it has always been his dream to watch a Formula-1 face in person. I know that he would love to see you race, but due to lack of funds (the average cost to families with ALS is about $63,000 just for tending to the disease), we are unable to for this season.
    If you could find it in your heart, I would love to help make his dream come true, in whatever way possible.

    God bless,
    Ashley Harper

  64. Good morning honourable ladies and gentleman of TeamLH

    Hope you are all well.

    My fiancé is an absolutely fan of F1 and of Lewis Hamilton.
    He used to see F1 religiously in Portugal and he still does it since we came to live in the UK.
    I would like to ask you if you could kindly send me an autograph so I could save it and present it to him on our wedding day (3 of April 2016) I am asking you in advance because I understand how busy you all are.
    I know this would mean the world to him and to me too because it would make him so happy and would make the happiest day of our life even more memorable.
    I know you are tremendously busy and might not to be able to do personalised autograph but if it isn’t too much for me to ask could you please just write TO EDUARDO (it’s my fiancé s name).

    Thank you ever so much for reading my comment and I hope to hear from you.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Sending my kindest regards,
    Marisa Piedade
    93 Beanfield Avenue
    West Midlands
    CV3 6NY
    United Kingdom

    Sent from my iPhone

  65. Hi,
    I would like to wish you good luck for your upcoming race in SPA Belgium, I have surprised my 2 boys Owen aged 14 & kye aged 6 along with their dad with tickets to the race they will be there thurs-Sunday.
    Both my boys drive karts kye has just moved up to a cadet kart and he is absolutely obsessed with you, when I told him last night he was going to watch you race I thought he was going to pass out ?. He doesn’t even care about the 9 hr drive to get there.
    Anyway I guess my message is the same as everyone’s else’s on here, I’m not going to give you a sad story as to why they deserve to meet you as I don’t believe that emotional blackmail is appropriate but Kye (6yr old) is adamant that he is going to race f1 one day just like you and nothing is going to stop his dream. If you do have time for him to encourage his racing Dream I know it will make him even more determined to follow your footsteps.
    This isn’t me as a mum exaggerating his talent he really has somthing his lap times at different tracks are outstanding for his age we have several race teams keeping their eyes on him for when he turns 8.
    If you can I will be eternally grateful and I know it will encourage both Owen and kye in their racing.
    If not it’s not a problem but I wish good luck in your next race and my boys will be cheering you on from the side.
    All the best
    Donna xx

  66. Hi Lewis

    Im so hoping this message gets to you ! I appreciate you have millions of messages and most probably the same as mine.

    firstly Im Annie, my son Andrew is a fan of you and always has as far back as I can remember him constantly watching you on TV. He will never record a programme he has to see it live, MMmm even misses out on day trips just to see his idle. YOU!!

    we have been to Silverstone a few times as he adores coming to see you and did last year 2014 get a selfie with you to which everyone was shown he was totally over the moon,

    What I am trying to organise a surprise for my son Andy to come and see you in person, he’s had a awful life starting at just 3 months old. His dad who was a nasty bully who nearly killed myself and my son. Fortunately I was cut bruised all over with no lasting affects but mental damage, my poor son was shaken by his dad causing a bleed to the brain causing brain damage, leaving him paritially deaf, epileptic and paralysed and in intensive care and hospital for 6 weeks. Thankfully he pulled through and still here to tell the story. He is now 26 October and does has use of his lims now, still epileptic but controlled with medication and partially death with learning needs. He then got cancer at the age of 16 and spent the most of 2 years in hospital then weekly appointments for another 2 years with having 2 transplants and rejecting his body and 9 years of fighting it, he is now finally clear. All his demons and cares in the world all he ever talks about is meeting you one day.

    I really do hope you could help me in helping him have his dream, were not asking for money or anything like that just a day with you Lewis or maybe an hour or so you would make sure a huge difference on his life, as he doesn’t have many friends

    Many thanks

    Annie Whitehouse

  67. Hello Lewis my farther has supported you since you started he went tobthe grand prix at silverstone 2015 and the last thing he wants to do is meet you pleasebsee. My wish

  68. Hi there Lew – really exciting race – one of the best yet- the most challenging races are the most interesting to watch – hope to be in Belgium to see you win again.

  69. Dear Lewis

    What a fantastic win yesterday – and such an awesome atmosphere. First time at Silverstone and you ticked all the boxes for a dream of mine… to watch you win the British Grand Prix! Well done and so deserved. We’ve been supporting you for years and reckon half our town, Buntingford in Herts, was too… come by some day (it’s not that far from Tewin) and there’s a classic car show in September!!

    So very proud and happy for you… you weren’t the only one tearing up on the last lap…. carry on the good work, maintain your integrity and continue to be the inspiration to your family , friends and fans – we are all behind you!!

    To this year’s championship and beyond!

    Warmest regards
    Cath and Steven

  70. Lewis what a great win Sunday 5th July 2015
    just a point I would like to make why is it most great sports men and woman from the uk when the national anthem plays
    when your on the podium I’ve noticed you stand there playing with your hair most people stand with there hand on there heart !!!! please amend and put your hand on your heart and respect your country please

  71. My boyfriend and I came to see you race this weekend, had a great time Friday and then Saturday watching qualifying. Unfortunately by Sat afternoin I was horrendously ill and my lovely boyfriend brought me home. I feel awful he missed the race he saved so hard for and the after race celebration. Where can I buy authentic signed pictures etc.. And do you have any appearances in Nottinghamshire planned or nearby I can book tickets for? Thank you

  72. Congratulations Lewis for winning the F1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone in wet conditions, I just watched the race live on BBC one and wow it was a spectacular one.

    Good luck with the next races ahead of you in the 2015 season

    I am a really big fan of you and the silver arrows team.????

  73. Dear Lewis and Team Lewis,

    Last year we only found out due to a family bereavement that our 80 year old Aunt has had a secret passion for F1 for many many years. This year my Sister and her husband are taking her to Silverstone. This request comes very late as I know the race is today. If you get an opportunity could you please give a huge shout out to a wonderful woman of 80 who is today standing on the sidelines watching her first F1 race. Unfortunately I cannot be with you all as I live in Dubai….I’m sure you will all have a wonderful day.

  74. Hi Lewis,
    I really hope this finds you personally if not I hope it is passed on for you to read.
    Firstly may I congratulate you on last season’s, i thank God for his good works in your life.

    However, i have request to make, my Name is Emmanuel Chinedu, i come from Nigeria West Africa, I have a talent in driving and i have a dream to become motor sports driver because i love motor sports and i have been watching you and motor sports since i was a kid, i have no one to help me to get more training and to put this my driving skill in good shape and to help me archive my dream, i come from Africa where Talents are not taking care of and no one cares to help talented youths and therefore talents becomes worthless in Africa,

    i still believe that i can find help from good people around the world.

    I’M one of your fans and i hope God can use you to help me develop my driving skill. i hope this letter finds you well in the name of God..I keep on praying for you.

    God bless you

  75. My partner 66 has always loved watching motor racing and thinks your the best. Now I watch it too particularly to see you win ! He has terminal cancer and has lost his hair due to chemo. A cap from you would make his day . Thank you if you can help.
    Address M Purkis Burghley Rueberry Drive Seascale Cumbria CA20 1NY

  76. Lewis

    well done go get them you are the master of Canada.
    Lol we
    Love you.
    You’re the best.????????????

  77. Please do not lose focus you know the goal you have set in mind and with every set back there is a great come back. Chin up and advance to you destiny. Its in you champ soldier on.

  78. Lewis,
    What a monumental mistake your team made yesterday costing you the race and valuable points, and like so many of your fans I could not believe what was happening.
    The person responsible for the decision must also be so ashamed and I can only assume he was thinking that others would be coming in to change tyres following the SC and so brought you in first, and even then the crew seemed to hold you longer than necessary thus costing you the race.
    I think for Nico’ to celebrate as he did was rather unsporting too as his was a hollow victory.
    I do hope you will be able to pick yourself up from this and continue your great form for the rest of the season and I am sure I am speaking for all your fans too.
    B Morris.

  79. Dear Lewis,
    You were robbed of the victory in Monaco, apparently by a wierd mix of events and decisions. My heart bleeds for you but, of course, you can’t now dwell on that loss even after expending so much time and effort.

    So, hopefully you’ll move on to Canada and recover some lost points. There are still twice as many GPs to come as there have been so far. Go get ’em – we’ll be with you all the way in spirit this season again.

    All the very best,
    Dennis Harvey.

  80. dear Lewis , my 18 year old nephew has been diagnosed with lung cancer with a 30percent survival chance . He is struggling with his treatment and a word of encouragement from his hero would help tremendously .
    If you see this and advise how to get his details to you I would be very grateful

  81. Hi Lewis, going great this year!! I will be driving from the UK to Monaco to watch you next week (my 30th birthday present from my girlfriend).
    I plan to propose to her during the weekend (not sure where or when). We are both big fans of yours and i was hoping you can help by suggesting a good place/ venue for the proposal and if it would be possible to shake your hand at some point that would be great too!

  82. Hey Lewis!

    My name is Milan and I am a 21 year old college student in Chicago. I just want to start by saying that you are the man and there isn’t anyone in the world who can compete with you this year, and for many years to come. I am a huge fan and have been following you since your early days at McLaren.

    This summer, my buddies and I are making our way up to Montreal to watch you stand on the peak of the podium in person. This will be the first time any of us will be attending a F1 race, and I cant wait to have an awesome weekend throughout the days and nights with you and my friends. I realize that I am no where close to your only fan that have asked you of the same request, but I have one request of mine that would take a second of your time and would make the rest of the seconds of my life all the better. If you could just spare literally a few second of your life so that I could shake your hand that weekend so I can congratulate you on your success. That way I could cross it off of the top of my bucket list.

    I hope that this E-mail makes it to you at the very least to let you know that you have some loyal fans out there that enjoy going out with your friends, listening to Kendrick, and whipping around in a Mercedes just like you, brother. Good-luck this season Lewis.



  83. Dear Lewis,

    I am planning a ball on Friday 5th June in North Berwick to raise money for Reverse Rett. It is a charity very close to my heart and I wondered if you might be able to help by donating a signed auction prize.

    Eliza, my daughter, will be 4 in May and was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome a month after her 3rd birthday. She was a completely healthy and content little baby and developed normally, until she failed to reach all her milestones as normal. The diagnosis followed almost two years of not really knowing what was wrong, having every test under the sun and worrying about her constantly.

    The news that she has Rett Syndrome devastated us, as the more we read about it, the more we realised how severe and complex her disability would be. She will need our care 24/7 for the rest of her life and will never be able to live even semi-independently. In fact, as it is a regressive disorder, she will get worse as she gets older, losing even more hand function and other abilities.

    Rett Syndrome is a neurological disorder that strikes healthy girls around the time of their first birthday. It is a genetic condition, but it is not inherited and it can happen in any family. It’s a faulty gene that occurs spontaneously in around 1 in 12,000 births.

    Rett Syndrome has taken away Eliza’s ability to talk, to walk and to use her hands. Although she used to be able to say “mama” and “bye bye”, she can’t say any words now and has never said her siblings names. She can’t feed herself and she can’t control her hands well enough to hold a crayon or play with toys.

    Many girls have problems with seizures and this is something that we have to watch out for as she gets older, as well as heart problems, curvature of the spine, breathing irregularities and eating problems. Early death is also common.

    Eliza is unable to tell us when she is hungry, cold, poorly or tired. She has regular screaming episodes, which are characteristic of the disorder – we don’t know why she gets so upset and there is nothing we can do to calm her.

    Her life is full of things no 3 year olds’ life should be – hospital appointments, medical tests, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychologists and disability nurses. While other 3 year olds are going on their first solo play dates and attending swimming classes by themselves, Eliza relies on us for everything.

    Research shows that girls with Rett do not have brain damage. They know and understand much much more than they are able to show, but they are locked in, trapped in a body that cannot obey signals from their brain.

    There is currently no treatment. In 1999 scientists identified the genetic mutation that causes Rett Syndrome and in 2007, they reversed the condition in mice. Scientists believe that it could be curable in Eliza’s lifetime and Reverse Rett is focussed on funding cutting-edge research into a cure.

    So we are planning this ball! There is going to be a meal, a speech from me, a speech from Rachael Bloom, director of Reverse Rett and a speech from Stuart Cobb, a scientist working on a cure. All the tickets sold out in about 3 hours and we have lots of local support from families in the area.

    I hope that you are able to help and look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,

  84. I think you are a fantastic driver and very proud that you are such a fantastic winning British driver. However, I get more and more disgusted that as each year passes you seem to be more unable to stand still or even stand to attention when our National Anthem is played. Why do you have to jiggle about and keep scratching your head? Please take a cue from your competitors who always stand still to our Anthem and indeed their own on the odd occasion that they win. You could also take a cue from any of the 6 Nations rugby teams who respect their and others Anthems. Please don’t let yourself down, I’m proud to be British and I hope that you are; you do after all set an example to others.

  85. Hi Lewis,

    I hope you did not think my comments on Sunday were intended to insult you or denigrate your abilities. They were merely a personal opinion on the day.

    You are a talented driver and a personable young man but you are also current F1 World Champion and BBC Sports Personality of the Year. That qualifies you as a role model for many other people especially for those younger than yourself.

    In this era of celebrities there are many impressionable young folks who mark everything a celebrity does. Unfortunately they often do not have the ability we older ones have, to assess different types of behaviour. This confers on people like you, constantly in the public eye, the need to comport themselves with a high degree of responsibility.

    I am confident you will do very well again in 2015 but I sincerely hope you will make us all proud to have a British F1 Champ. and to be respected for the way he behaves too. That will not be easy to maintain all year but I hope you feel the need to try.

    Best of luck and here’s to Malaysia next.
    Sincere regards,
    Dennis Harvey

  86. Good win for you yesterday Lewis, albeit it was quite easy for you.
    Like most fans here we admire your skills in the car, but like the previous two comments I too consider your attitude during the National Anthem and afterwards rather embarrassing, so I’m hoping you will take these comments in the way they are meant and have more respect for your fellow drivers too?
    I think the lovely Nicole who was there for you when you took the Championship last year should still be with you, she seemed to put a smile on your face?

  87. Great win to-day and a good start to the 2015 season but I have to agree with Sam Webber’s comments. Also, you looked silly wearing that gold necklace afterwards – a bit like a South Central LA drug baron. Don’t do this to yourself, Lewis, you are so much better than that.

    Best of luck and make us all proud again by becoming the 2015 Champion.

    Dennis Harvey

  88. Congratulations on your win today. It would have been even better if you, Lewis, had respected our National Anthem and at least had the manners to stand still whilst it is being played.

    The Germans either side of you did so. Why can’t you? Your antics today reflect badly on both you and the team. Getting too big for your boots, perhaps?

    Sam Webber. CBE.

  89. Dear Lewis
    In our household, we are huge fans. To the extent that at the beginning of 2014, my then 7 year old took up go karting at Red Lodge karting in Suffolk, where he continues to race in the Young Starz Championship. He recently used all his pocket money to purchase a Mercedes Petronas baseball cap with your autograph stitched on the side, and for Christmas he got his first helmet, which he polishes after every race.
    I know you probably get so many requests to meet fans, but it would just be incredible if you could make it happen for Charlie who turns 9 this year. We would happily travel anywhere to have the opportunity.
    We wish you all the success in the new season Lewis 🙂
    Many Thanks

  90. i think lewis hamilton is the biggest cheat ever in f1, his world champion win in 1998 was a disgrace his mate nearly stopped to let him go and how he did not get points deducted because his team was caught cheating which helped his car at the time.LEWIS HAMILTON YOU ARE A DISGRACE. This f1 season i mean the one just finished you are a cry baby Nico did nothing wrong as a driver you are a bully and if you can`t get your way you cry.You CHEAT.

  91. Well done for last years championship.

    With your skill & car we will do it again this year

    all the best

    Regards Phil

  92. Dear friends,

    my name is Venceslav and I’m bulgarian. I’m a huge fan of Mercedes F1 Team. Lewis Hamilton is my favourute race driver
    and for that I’d like to ask you for some help – to send me his signed picture(card) with authentic autograph or to forward my request to him,please..

    I hope it won’t be a problem for you to cooperate and look forward to hear from you soon..

    I wish you a lot of success for the new season and Happy and Prosperous New 2015 Year! !

    Best regards:

    my post address is :

    Venceslav Donchev
    4D, Maria Gabrovska str.
    P.O.Box 6
    5000 Veliko Turnovo

  93. Good Morning Mr Hamilton,

    I am looking into your ‘love’ of Radio Control Cars – I would like some advice / support which would mean a boost of interest in Motorsport Racing via a Radio Control Car entry point.

    I’m am currently looking into partnering up on a Radio Control Car Track, the longest and Fastest track in the UK with the potential to be one of the best racks in Europe. The track will host all scales and types of RC but the key is 1/5th Scale RC.

    Please please, do get in touch – it will mean so much to many people and for the love of Motorsport. It will require about half an hour of your time – which I know is valuable and fully respect this.

    Many thanks

    Steve Metcalfe

  94. Hi Lewis, what can I say… What a joyful moments you bring to me and my 5 yr old daughter ….. you’re such an inspiration… My daughter looks out to you… she plays football and on her arsenal kit… she chose 44. They coach asked her why she chose it. She said because it’s a winning number .. her DS Is full of your pictures.. Thank you so oooo much for your hard work and determination… We pray that one day God will bring a miracle for me and my daughter to meet you… that will be the best day of our life.. We pray for you and your family… keep it up . . Lots of love from Zara-leigh and mercie Enfield xxx

  95. Congratulations Lewis on becoming the 2014 WDC, a championship that you so richly deserve. With all of the roadblocks that you had to face, while not giving up, and fighting back by winning 11 races. Lewis, with your trademark fantastic passing maneuvers, while not losing focus, you truly showed your true spirit, and myself like many of your fans worldwide are overjoyed, that you have secured your 2nd World Driving Championship.

  96. Hi Lewis,

    Congratulations to you and the team for your fantastic win. You had us on the edge of our seats in the household. My husband Michael and my Son Anthony have followed your career and have attended many of your races over the years. One of the special surprises we arranged for an anniversary was to send him to Monaco which he stills talks about.

    My Son bought him the Petronas Tea shirt and cap which he wears with pride. I wondered for his 70th. birthday which is September 2015 could I possibly ask if he could meet with you. My Son Anthony would be accompanying him as they both follow your career and go to the races together when they can.

    Here’s to another successful year in 2015. We will be following great interest.

    With kind regards,

  97. Dear Lewis,

    What can I say in our family were still celebrating this season. well done best Christmas prezzie thank you from the whole family. Best champion
    Ever. Lot’s of love from UK Enfield.

  98. Hello Lewis and many congrats on your great season. Well done. I have a 10year old grandson who never misses a race and cheers you all the way. He has just been diagnosed with cancer, and had his first session of cheomatherapy this week. It seems likely he will lose his hair as treatment progresses so I am being very cheeky I know in asking if there is any chance you could send me one of your caps, it would just make him so happy knowing it was yours. Yours in hope Penny Foord

  99. Hi Lewis

    First, congratulate you on your second world championship.

    How do you feel touching the sky with his fingertips?

    Your work has cost you, has not exactly been a bed of roses, as everyone thinks, there have been many thorns on the road this year.

    But the end was checkmate.

    From the only possible way.

    Smash all your “enemies”.

    In other times it’s seen you very lonely, you were as Gary Cooper in “High Noon,” this Sunday you had push in your side at the breath of all the British people and their institutions with you, so nobody dared to play dirty as happened yore in 2007 and 2008, the rest you had to do your, you had to go out and win and win as great champions, you had to show and not hide, you had to put the gallons of General grab the baton and go teach teeth at your rivals and that would see you as a wolf hungry for victory,is for this that Ayrton Senna said that every year there is a champion but not always a great champion, and that’s the way as you won on Sunday, as a great champion.

    You are now the active driver that more titles given to Mercedes, the disrespect you’ve suffered this year, can not be repeated again, you must forgive but not forget, peoples who forget their history are doomed to repeat it.

    Besides getting back to being champion, you get a record that has neither Alonso or Vettel, you are the first champion of this era that wins two titles in two different teams, the driver who has in that sense the best record is your predecessor in the Mercedes Palmares, Juan Manuel Fangio, who has five championships in four different teams there are currently no driver who has managed to win with more than two teams, now your name is written in golden letters beside the greatest driver of all time that you have to fill of pride, every time someone review the history of Mercedes in Formula 1 will see your name below the Argentine myth and has also played this year’s world championship with the same philosophy of calm serenity professionalism and balance that Argentinean master, today many talk about that you are the most complete driver of the current Formula 1, and it has not lost any of your fighting spirit or your speed.

    I hope you do a tribute to maestro Juan Manuel Fangio your predecessor as champion with Mercedes in Formula 1, the “chueco” has a beautiful museum in the city of Balcarce Argentina.

    This game had to play it until the end and could only win one, congratulations because you won with a masterful checkmate all your opponents.

    In 2014 you have made history by do win the competition philosophy of Ayrton Senna to the competition philosophy of Michael Schumacher.

    and do not forget that humility work perseverance and determination is what has made you to the path of victory, do not deviate from that path and still working in the same line with the same faith and enthusiasm.

    regards J.

  100. So so pleased for you, you so deserved to be World Champion again, I never thought I would ever see a driver as good as Aryton Senna again in my lifetime……But I have, in you! Look forward to the new challenges ahead, here all the way xx

  101. Lewis. Absolutely amazing win. So deserved. I’m in shock however. I appear to have woken to up to the revelation that you do not have the support from our country that you ought to. I thought the entire nation were screaming at the television with my family and I – well they should have been. You are an inspiration.

  102. Congratulations Lewis.
    Had to follow race on BBC text while on a train coming back from Dorset – but seemed like the whole carriage was doing the same!
    Huge cheer went up when you crossed the line. Everyone smiling on a delayed train. The country is proud of your achievement.
    Enjoy the feeling.

  103. Lewis, I may be old but I love F1 and I have been with you every step of the way, every race. Finally! Yes, there is justice! You’re the best driver and deserve to be champion. Good for you! and THANK YOU. I would have been so downhearted if the result had been any different, but now I’m HAPPY! Sooo proud of you. I’m only one of many Brits around the world who are celebrating your double win today.

    See you next year!
    Linda, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada (but raised in Bedford, England).

  104. Very well done and hearty congratulations on your win today and of course another World Championship, I am so pleased for you, and all your family and of course the lovely Nicole.
    You should have secured another World Championship before today, but it was not of your making.
    What a brilliant start today, just what you needed and long overdue, and your brain was at full speed working out the various scenarios when Nico was in trouble and Massa was in a good position to overtake.
    Once again many congratulations on your success, and my best wishes to all your family.
    Kind regards,
    Bernie Morris.

  105. What a year for you! Some of what has happened beggars belief! But in the end you are 2014 World Champion!!

    Well Done Fella.

  106. Well done Lewis. What an emotional roller coaster! I love seeing you celebrate with your dad and brother Nic. Thank you so much for yet another entertaining Championship. Whether you win or loose, you make F1 so exciting and emotional. Now finish off 2014 properly and get engaged. Very well done from all your fans in Birmingham.

  107. Toute mes félicitations de Belgique(Bruxelles),1000 fois mérité quand je vois le travail fournis et le pilotage excellent,on peut applaudir aussi l équipe qui vous entoure!!!
    j ai eu le cœur a 200 km/h jusque la dernière seconde et une larmes a l œil lors du podium .
    Encore milles bravos a toi super Lewis et tchao!!,tchao!! Nico!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Congratulations World Champion 2014! Lewis, amazing race – won with skill determination and courage. You have given us a marvellous season. Thank you. Have a huge celebration with your family and Nicole and give us more of the same next year.
    We love you – a British hero!!

  109. Lewis, you are the best and always have been!
    Best Go Kart driver and now undisputedly our best ever F1 Driver.
    You deserve it all.

  110. Many Congratulations Lewis. There aren’t enough superlatives in the dictionary to cover your achievements this year. Your constant faith in your own abilities, the love of your family and your Mercedes Team support all contributed to a fabulous year.

    There were ups and downs, as there have been in other years since 2008, but your ability to focus so fixedly on the main issue has brought you to where you are to-day. We saw that quality in the footage of you playing Scalextric as a child and it’s still there to-day.

    So, once again, many congratulations and here’s looking forward to equal success in 2015 – we’ll be right with you in every race.

    Lots of love from,
    Dennis Harvey.

  111. Lewis had a phenomenal season! Lewis deserved this victory. Bravo! I express my congratulations. Hooray! Lewis – Champion 2014! Mere emotions!

  112. Thank you LEWIS
    You are the Best driver of the world
    Very good job today and this year !!!
    We are very happy to you and your family
    good night and See you soon in Monaco

  113. Hi,Lewis.

    Well, I think the curtain of this world championship closes tomorrow.

    I do not like what I have seen today in qualifying, I think tomorrow Mercedes and Williams have prepared an ambush for you.

    I get the impression that Mercedes has transferred information to Williams so that they improve their performance in this race and sandwiching a Williams between you and the german driver.

    Curiosly you have more problems in the first sector, and curiosly also, Bottas (the sponsored for Wolff), is the fastest in the first sector.

    They are showing their planning transparently,although not be what think,maybe too transparent.Bottas intended interlayer between you and Rosberg,for so thus later, they can tell at world the “B movie” …that you’ve lost because you get nervous, tomorrow you must finish second or first, no there more.

    Although there is another option and as the backdrop for this 2014 be closes, it’s time to reckoning.

    At Ayrton, they left no other choice in 1990, each passing year gives me more disgust this F1, every year I have less motivation to see an F1 race.

    A Vivian Senna in a recent interview he was asked the following questions.

    Q- “What driver today reminds Ayrton Senna?

    A- Lewis, reminds me of Ayrton, because it is a very fast, bold and very determined driver also.

    Q-¿Prima now more the machine than the driver?

    A- Absolutely. Today no matter if the driver is good or not, what commands it are the technological, power, the political game and money. More than ever, more than in the days of Ayrton. ”

    Vivian calls this era of F1 “GERMANIC ERA”.

    I think with few words Viviane says it all.

    If Ayrton had competed at this time probably would not have won titles, nor would the myth it is.

    Anyway, that option I do not like anything, I think we should confront Williams and Bottas before the British media intelligently, just as you did with Maldonado in a race that I warned about the Venezuelan.After that you say on TV “there were people in that grid you did not like anything,” the Venezuelan did not give a clockwise throughout the race.

    I’ve always said that the fans are with you, but I’d like to see more commitment from the British fans with your driver, the only way that fans can help the driver is making noise and denouncing this “theory” in all the means at our disposal to tying hands at tandem “Mercedes-Wolff .

    I make a reflection …. this is not only a world championship between Rosberg and Hamilton is a championship between Germany and UK, how would see the British fans that a British team stole the title to their own country to acomodate to Germany ? .. finally the loses the title is not only Lewis Hamilton, is UK, tomorrow we have to go with the hatchet between the teeth to the circuit and booing Wolff Mercedes and Williams with banners, we must tie their hands to make planning they have in mind can not do it, is the only way we can help Lewis, with passivity and silence they will do what they want, how they are doing now, that they want sabotaging Lewis’s car again and again for that Lewis stay behind the german in qualifying.

    Lewis, tomorrow calm and do what you do, is it a difficult night but we know that it is this, no catches us by surprise, if Rosberg slows the group at the start, go for it, do as Senna, but rather touch withstand, Bottas or another Williams will have more problems with the temperature of your wheels.And you know how where they could produce treta to overtake you,as they pass the first turns dirty game of they will go running out,although a safety-car could close the gap again.I hope that tomorrow this is all just a bad dream and you be the winner of this 2014 .

    and also I hope tomorrow that all UK supporters be with you, but not only in words but also in deeds.

    Good Job tomorrow Lewis.

    regards J.

  114. Lewis you deserve to be a double world champion coz you have earned it. Keep your feet down and let there be no hiccups. I believe that come Sunday evening you will be crowned the winner. go Hamilton go !!!

  115. Hi Lewis ,

    I am big fan since your first year in F1, 2007.

    I had a dream last night, that Massa hits you at the start of the Abu Dhabi GP and end your race, you tried to come back in but was not possible.

    Please watch out from Massa, he is the real danger. Hope it was just a dream. I need you to win the championship no matter what…
    Your crazy Fan


  116. Dear Lewis, wishing you lots of luck and good fortune for the Abu Dhabi GP. Bring the trophy home. Will be very nervous throughout the race until I see that checkered flag and you are either leading or in second place.
    May god bless you and shine a light on you during the race on Sunday.

  117. Dear Lewis, my name is Alex. I wish you with all my heart to win the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi. I’ll keep you for fists. I wait from you only win, and nothing but victory. You’re at it deserves! Good luck!

  118. Remember Lewis you don’t need to win in Abu Dabi just like in 2007 you didn’t need to pass Alonso finishing behind him would have given your first championship in your rookie season. Use minimal wear on engine, tires and brakes to ensure no DNF . I would just follow him at a good save distance and think of the moral impact that it will have on NIco when he can see you in his mirrors and can’t do anything to change outcome.
    Oh and I forgot , as I need to thank you for wining me some cash when I made a bet with a friend when I saw pass Alonso on the outside in Australia. It was my dream in my teens to become an F1 driver after seeing Gille Villeneuve but back in the 70’s in Canada their wasn’t much opportunities.

    P.S. I didn’t like what he (Nico) did at Spa.

  119. When the Lord bless a man, nothing can stop him from been blessed, you ar blessed and now you are a blessing. I thank God for you n ur family. It’s another world champion title for you this year 2014, i believe you will get it and you shall, you are unstoppable to victory. Please let The bell ring for you and Nicole this year or next year. And always pray to God the I AM THAT I AM. May The Lord bless n keep you, lift up his countenance towards you n give you peace. Numbers 6:24 Shalom Lewis. Regards to your Dad.
    Destiny Omoruyi.

  120. Dear Lewis
    I sincerely wish you all the best for your last race
    i hope by Gods Grace you will have your reward
    for you have been so tolerant and pateint throughout
    the season GOOD LUCK

  121. Dear Lewis
    I sincerely wish you Gods Love Blessings and Guidiance for your last rest ;you have been tolerant and patient throughout the season hope you will be rewarded

  122. Hi Lewis,
    First of all I am a huge fan of F1 and yourself, also like you have got two beautiful Bulldogs ( which are my world) I am a volunteer for the Edward Foundation, we rescue, foster and rehome neglected used and abused Bulldogs. As most of the dogs we rescue need attention of a vet the cost of which is enormous, so we do a lot of fund raising events. Would you be prepared to send us anything we could auction at our next event , I am sure we could raise a substantial amount to help these wonderful dogs.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    On behalf of the Edward Foundation
    Reg charity.

  123. Hi my brother. Just to say good luck. . You are a true racer, smart and the winner. . I am with you all the way. No matter what.
    Just remember God is always there. Now just go there and get him..
    I will be watching every move u make.
    All the best. ?????????

  124. Hi Lewis.

    Frankly I was not going to say anything because you’re doing the job very well, more or less you following the script I expected.

    Just missing only two races of the world championship, the goal is clrear ,is be champion, the numbers tell us that with two seconds places you´re champion, but going out to make seconds is to have a high probability of losing, so you have to go out with the mentality to win both races left, but obviously racing with brain.

    Rosberg is trying to provoke you with the latest statements, knowing that Interlagos is a track you want to win and that creates you anxious, frankly, it say Rosberg would give me the same,I would running with the pre-planning that I had, when the german says “he has solved the problems of Austin” basically is saying the opposite, as you will have his car more configured to the pole that for the race, because he does not know to run in other way that leading the race, so it is more likely that at some point in the race down the performance and that will be the moment you have to take for overtake, in response at this pathetic Rosberg statements, you should not change anything in the line of work you’re doing in the last races,the best place to overtake it is grab his slipstream at the main straight and overtake it at the easiest way and not give it option,also be careful with braking at the end of the main straight, especially if the track is wet.

    The secret of Interlagos is only one …. PATIENCE PATIENCE AND PATIENCE. So you need to lurk and wait for your opportunity.

    You must be aware that can also have safety cars and the gap open if you overtake could be reduced to zero, so it is important to decide with clarity the moment to overtake at the german, if this circumstance does not occur, the second place here in Interlagos would put against the ropes Rosberg, whatever happens the championship will be decided in the last race.

    So whatever happens you must keep calm, from the start to the checkered flag.

    In short, you must maintain the intensity, concentration and determination that have you now, but disputing remaining two races with much brainpower and calm, in the last two times you’ve come here to Interlagos you had anxiety and you made errors, if another driver is unfolded, you put easy for you don´t have troubles with him,you give the good side and leaves him space, the race is long, and if it rains here in Interlagos, almost eterna, beam deaf ears at the “psychological games” of Rosberg, only pretend to confuse you, if anyone has an advantage, keeps silent and tries to surprise his opponent, never will reveal at you which is his plan.

    Remember that fans are with you, keep your serenity at all times but also the attention to everything that happens in the racetrack.

    regards J

  125. hi lewis
    I have been watching you from when you started in formula one and you have came up through the ranks I think your driving style is brilliant you are the 2014 formula one world chamion,thankyou lewis scott from ayr scotland

  126. Hi Lewis,
    Many congrats. on your victory in the USA and on achieving the most GP wins by a UK driver.

    Providing the car holds up, I cannot believe you will not be 2014 Champion. As long as you are on pole or P2 you will be in position to win any race. During the last 5 races I have been saying, if I was Nico, I would rather see you in front to begin with because you apply so much pressure just by being a second or so behind.

    So, all the best for the last 2 races and I look forward to watching you driving in your usual concentrated and focused way.

  127. Great job in Austin Lewis, don’t let being the best British driver get in the way of your ultimate gaol this year, as I have said previously keep doing what you do best and let others do the talking.
    Don’t know if you have an agreement with Nico’ about who goes out first in practice, but why is it that he always goes before you and seems to be in prime position for making the best of it and you end up having to compromise with other drivers as you did in final quali’ with Alonso.

  128. Lewis, what can i say? Big RESPECT man.
    I am a big Nigel Mansell fan. You truly deserve to have broken the record as the most successful English Driver for race wins. I hope that your career goes on to be the best British Driver with 4 World Driver Championships. Go for it mate, you deserve it.
    Best Wishes in all you do.

  129. Good luck this weekend Lewis, do what you do best and let others make the mistakes and do the talking, and I believe you will again be Champion? You have missed out with Red Bull being the best car the last few years, this is your year so go get it?

  130. Hi Lewis,
    Good luck and best wishes for the Austin race this weekend. I look forward to it with high expectations that you will win once again, thereby extending your lead. Keep the faith and you will be rewarded. Peace be with you. Remember what is meant for you will not pass you by.

  131. Hamilton

    In Italy you were great in Singapore amazing in Japan that move in turn one blew every one away. And in sochi you shine again sliverstone was greeeeat you know my son wants to be like you. Anyway no matter what happens you are the champion. Not like some who cheat, you don’t.

  132. Hi Lewis,

    What can I say you’ ve been amazing
    All season well done you are a Legend. I can’t stop smiling you winning makes me happy. Go get your crown in dubai you deserve it you have got it. The finest Hamilton, I wish people should stop moaning about your hair because it suits you, and it’s called mahikan you don’t have to look like everyone you different and we love it. Good luck.X can’t wait for the three races. I have been a fan of yours since 2007. Hammertime all way.xx

  133. Hello everyone its been a long time since i been here too read all the comments made on this season so far.

    Well first things first and its a bit gritty…..Nico well well well he is a good driver indeed but if he wins this championship in my eyes he had too cheat too beat Lewis Yes i said it even though the FIA said its legal and Nico has won decisions the people can see through that even Alonso done the same move and got the thumbs up off the track and keep the placement…Nico went in hot on first corner of Russian GP but i got a small bit in me that says that move was not right because if Lewis had tried too engage the battle at the time i am sure it would have been a double DNF…I am so glad Lewis had a chess head on at the start the race and got checkmate on Nico’s foolish Move.Ps The body language from Lewis you can tell he is up against a dirty player for sure and Lewis knows even when his call is right it can fail in the eyes of the FIA.
    Lewis deserves this championship and has show why but we all know the righteous climb.

    WOW Lewis You have raised the bar in f1 for sure.

  134. I can only echo what Dennis Harvey says, keep focussed Lewis and play on other peoples mistakes and I believe you will achieve your ambition to get another Championship.
    Good luck for the last few races.
    Bernie Morris.

  135. Hi Lewis,
    Belated congratulations on winning at Suzuka. It was a difficult week-end in many ways and you did superbly well to add good points.

    Even more masterful was your win at Sochi. Everything augurs well for your Championship bid now but, as we all know, it is by no means a foregone conclusion. So keep that famous focus and concentration of yours and we’ll hope nothing untoward happens to rob you of a well deserved conclusion to the season.

    All the best and go get ’em Lewis.

    Best Regards,
    Dennis Harvey.

  136. Hi Lewis,
    Good luck and my very best wishes to you for the Japanese GP. I will be praying hard that you win this race and all the remaining races thereby clinching the World Championship. My son and I went to Monza last year and although you did not win the race it was a wonderful experience which I will treasure forever.
    Good luck and peace be with you.

  137. my husband thinks you r great, he has followed you for years, it would make his life if u could come to our house and have a coffee with him, even for 5 mins, perhaps a bit longer, i have been through a lot with my health and my husband has been with me all the way, we have been married for 28 years and have to great daughters who love you also, me well im a alonso fan, sorry! well one of us has to be different. we just live a normal life, live in a private village, it would just make it for u to come over to see us! thanks melanie x

  138. Hi Lewis,

    Computer problems delayed this message but belated congratulations on winning the Singapore GP. It was a superb drive and Nico’s DNF did not diminish your achievement.

    Your loyal fans are keeping fingers crossed, now you are a whisker in front, that all will go well for the remaining races. You will, as always, do your best to get the best result you can. So here’s hoping and all the very best of luck to add to your innate ability.

    Best Regards,
    Dennis Harvey.

  139. Well done Lewis on your win last week, back where you should be in the drivers championship. A great drive and the team where right to keep you out till they did, and when you had the new tyres a magnificent drive to catch and pass the others.
    Just keep doing what you do best, keep a low profile let others do the sniping, and we can look forward to you achieving the Championship once again.
    Best wishes, Bernie.

  140. Hi Lewis,
    my brother is a massive fan we are all wanting you to win Drivers championship xxxx
    we will be cheering on for you Lewis for the next 4 races. xx

  141. Dear Mr. Hamilton & Mercedes,

    I am (and have always been) a huge fan of Mercedes. In my mind, they had always held the highest standard for vehicles. Being a major car fan, and loving driving, I started Mr. Hamilton and the Mercedes F1 team very early on. I got all my friends into it, held parties, and even spoke about being excited about watching Mr. Hamilton drive for Mercedes on red carpets.

    Having been someone who came from humble beginnings such as yourself, it took a long time before I could save and afford a Mercedes. Last year I bought and ML 350 . . . ever since then, not only has the vehicle been nothing but problems, but I wasted my savings, and a year of income on repairs, having never kept the vehicle running properly, and now it stopped starting all together.

    Maybe you are not aware Mr. Hamilton, but I am sure this is something the CEO Mr. Steve Cannon is aware of the major problems with the ML series, as there are complaints all over the internet and forums, regarding people being left stranded, there ML being diagnosed over and over and never being fixed>

    Last November, 5 months after I purchased my first Mercedes, I was diagnosed with a rare form of Cancer. Now I have wasted my saving and over a year of income on a vehicle that has never been safe or reliable, and has only bled my finances dry. Myself being the only person I have to rely on, I now have no running vehicle to get to Dr.’s appointments, treatments, and work.

    I am not only disappointment in Mercedes, after seeing and printing, thousands of forums, and complaints regarding the ML series . . . I am heartbroken, having worked for a Mercedes my whole life . . . even having a picture of an SL550 AMG on my wall, as my ultimate goal.

    You are the highest standard, at the top, in my opinion, and should be driving, the highest standard of vehicle. Mercedes should take responsibility for their terrible ML series, and be fair to the people who spent so much and worked so hard, to get (what they thought) was the highest standard in a vehicle.

    P.S. I will continue to speak out against this injustice until Mercedes takes action.

    Jasmine Lowe

  142. Hi Lewis,
    You can make it ! 29 pts and 7 races ….Come on
    We win togheter in Abu Dhabi.
    And dont forget : “You are the Best driver in F1”
    Good luck for the 7 races

  143. Dear Lewis Hamilton

    I don’t know if you even get to see these comments but if you do, you should know that no matter what happens, you will always been my biggest idol! And I will always stand behind your back!

    You are a great inspiration to me and many other people 🙂
    My greatest wish is to meet you and shake your hand 🙂

    Keep your head high because you are faster driver than Nico!
    You are 29 points behind him and there is still seven races yet 🙂 You are the man how can to it

    Let’s see how it ends in Abu Dhabi, I am sure you win again this year!

    God bless you Lewis 🙂

    Best regards

    Your BIGGEST fan Christoffer Leisner

  144. Lewis.Nico should be penalized for turning straight right into your tire,the FIA can penalize everyone but was not an accident he did it on purpose you can tell by the in car camera.he acts like a whiny little baby.just listen to the fans after the race how bad he got booed everyone knows he did it on purpose,so for the rest of the year whip his ass and bring home the championship.your friend in Florida USA.

  145. Hi Lewis,
    I can only echo what Dennis Harvey says in his message.
    Do please continue to do what we know you can do, and I wish you good luck for the remaining races because I believe you are a worthy Champion, and you have many fans rooting for you and hopefully some of the bad luck you have experienced will go elsewhere. I trust the meeting of the team right about this time (1645hrs) will be with you and apportion the blame on this occasion to the right person as they should have in Monaco.
    Best wishes for the rest of the season.

  146. Hi Lewis,

    Commiserations for being denied a race that was all yours for the taking. We all know what happened and who was to blame. Your after race interview was superb and demonstrated your mature approach as well as your sheer professionalism.

    Best of luck for the last 7 races. You’ll need some good fortune from here on in and your loyal fans will be rooting for you. So, with fingers crossed, we wish you all the best. Keep doing your best as it is all you can do now.

    Dennis Harvey

  147. Hi Hammy, I hope you are not worried about tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of it self. In Jessus’ s name. You know you can hammer it down. I am with you all the way.

  148. Lewis

    The pole was there today but as you know you know Lew blew it ! This was evident from your body language and second place is unlikely to make it easy tomorrow so you wil need to pull it off or the points difference will be painful to you and the fans.

    The time to deliver was in the last session where it counts for tomorrow and two mistakes cost you the pole and I believe it was not due to the car. Ie other drivers were also making excuses for their poor results ie hulkenberg and button.
    Cool brakes , wet gloves affecting the feel and grip level which was the same for all so these were lame excuses as was the pulling to the left or right which you mentioned without being sure which it was ! Come on man cut the crap as this is not you ie beaten fair and square so just admit it !

    I am counting on you making amends tomorrow or the title will slip away and you know you must deliver so it’s game on.

  149. Hi Lewis

    Stella job today and awesome pace versus the competition who won’t be contenders for pole so composure is required to repeat this performance

    You have shown all the benefits of the recent break and just need to take it forward for next few races to reap the rewards as the tide has turned in your favour

    The message is clear with the teams full-on support this is the turning point so the effort and focus will pay dividends which is evident from today’s stats which puts in the points seat.

    Regards Andy

  150. Hi I can’t wait for my new sliverstone white cap.. am soon excited about spa.
    I can’t wait and it’s going to be a blessed one. …
    from your No.1 fan

  151. Hi Hammy, you’re an amazing driver I don’t need to tell you that you know it and the whole world know about it. Can you please make more white cups for Silverstone. Please we love you best racer ever good luck in spa.
    It’s Hammer time…….

  152. I have a six year daughter who is mad about F1 and passionate about you. Her dad treated her to silverstone this year and you made her day by winning. We still haven’t heard the last about it.

    We went to church yesterday and she was praying for you.

    On behalf of my daughter good luck for the rest of the season.

  153. Excellent race in Hungary Lewis!

    Just an interesting note from the race, actually picked up by my eight year-old son; Nico Rosberg was allowed to overtake Kevin Magnussen under safety car after the first set of pip-stops on lap 10. It seems like no one saw that; not even the peering eyes of the media, the race director or race stewards. Or didn’t they?

  154. Dear Lewis,
    I hope this reaches you….
    Would Ayrton, have moved over… Would micheal have moved over….
    No.. So why should you…
    You are the best thing that has happened to British Motorsport…
    You are a champion..and champions face adversity and persecution. You will be remembered for what you do on track, and for you that should be going flat out in your own style…
    Hold you head high always…
    Don’t let anyone or any group grind you down…
    Stand your ground.. Your family and fans will always be there for you..
    You can win the title this year…
    Go for it…
    Never give up… You carry so many peoples hopes and dreams with you..

  155. Dear Lewis,

    I thought your progress from back of the grid to podium at the German GP was pretty special but your achievement at the Hungaroring was quite something else. Especially as overtaking is difficult there and this was the second major set back in a week.

    It all goes to show how resilient you are and highlights your ability to focus on the job in hand and make the most of a poor situation.

    With respect to allowing a team mate to pass, in principal, I believe the situation has to be that the one in front has nothing to lose before that should happen. You were on an equal footing and fully deserved to continue as you were.

    All the very best wishes for the rest of the season. Go get ’em young man!

    Dennis Harvey.

  156. I do not have much to say. I think yesterday remained all clear. Now you have fun, goes as far as you can and enjoy every overtaking. In this case depends on whether we see the glass half full or half empty. Let’s look this by the side that you have a great opportunity to make a great race.


    “Ese dia no pude terminar,pero como se la metí a Schumi, como se la metí” Juan Pablo Montoya.

    fans are with you wherever you go.


  157. Hello Lewis,
    simple advice: leave Mercedes at end of the season (you know why) move to McLaren with the new Honda engine and ask to replace current race director there.


  158. Hi Lewis

    The unfortunate events of quali today will once again allow you demonstrate your flair and determination to show your talent in the rebuilt car as we all know it’s game on for the second race in sucession

    The luck will turn in your favour after the break so take it on the chin knowing amends will be made when the tide turns and the team will deliver the ultimate package

    There is no doubt the battle will continue to the end and even if the glass is half full today the champagne will flow freely when you least expect as the future is positive

    The weather could change everything tomorrow and we know who will relish this so bring it on and believe!

  159. Well, I said what I said in the previous review, If you have no guarantees that they will let you compete for the title. Not extend the contract.

    Furthermore, if because of sabotage you are receiving you are not world champion this year, break the current contract with Mercedes and don´t waste another year doing big Rosberg at the expense of your professional prestige.

    The two other options are clear.
    -If you like difficult challenges. Ferrari is the best option.
    -If you like the project Mclaren-Honda .Mclaren is the best option.
    Both are good projects.

    In any case you might fool Mercedes, postponing the contract renewal depending of the final outcome of the championship.

    In Hungary you don´t give the race won before starting, on a weekend may pass many things.

    I hope to see you at the pole this weekend, although it will be difficult since that is the strategy of Mercedes, late you in qualifying to neutralize you delaying in race with your pit-stops.

    Hopefully with the breath of fans we can see you in the top the podium.


  160. Hi Lewis.

    First congratulate you for the greatest race you did this last Sunday in Germany.

    Second was absolutely grotesque and surreal the end of race and arbitrary decision of not to pull out the safety car on track, putting at risk engrave track officials and drivers, all for a German win in Germany.

    If you had won this past Sunday you would have entered the annals of the history of this sport as one of the drivers who starred in one of the greatest comebacks in all their history.

    Thanks for making us enjoy this sport.

    I believe that Mercedes has made you a very good deal to extend your driver´s agreement .I with age that you have now , would sign with Mercedes without thinking twice.

    First because the “problems” you are having in the last races would disappear and so you could fight for the world championship title this year and you are very superior to Rosberg.

    Second would be the smart thing, because you will not win anything being confronted with the team the rest of the season.

    Third when you finish your deal with Mercedes even you would have time to sign one or two more deals, Mansell retired with 40 years being F1 champion and then also won the IndyCar.

    Of all forms you would have that be clear that what has happened in this first half of the season should not be repeated and add contractual clauses that allow you to break the contract unilaterally if the team is not competitive.

    F1 today has a huge political burden, you must learn to live with the politics, it is useless to complain, try to get the maximum benefit to there is. I pass you this book.

    The Art of War or the art of politics, or how to properly interact with the vultures that live in this world of F1.This is like learning karate is to defend of the all politicians people that live in the F1 , will study it and use it to beat it.This book is also a version for marketing, so has many more applications than it appears.


  161. Lewis. We will be cheering you all the way to-day. That was a big set back yesterday and we are so pleased you were not badly injured. So you have it all to do at Hockenheim to-day but you have done it before, there are lots of passing places and we believe you will get good points. All the very best for the race.

  162. Hi Lewis.

    Firstly, thank heaven for you have emerged unscathed from the accident yesterday, but probably will have been long hours night due to pain for the multiple bruised.

    Secondly I send you a motivational message to the GP today.

    Rubens never gave up, that victory that year in Hokenheim have worth more than 5 world titles , such races are never forgotten, just like your victory at Silverstone in 2007.

    “when most difficult is the goal, bigger is the reward.”

    Remember, fans are with you.

    Your only bad luck in this year, is that Ross is not longer on that team.


  163. Lewis

    The pit crew will need to be tighter at home this weekend as time and tide wait for no man so lets make it happen with flawless teamwork to improve on past pit stop performance

    No reason to be losing time so more pit crew effort please if you are giving it your all then they must at least equal or exceed the competition times who are are currently quicker on average

    There is room for improvement as evident from the stats so pit stop times this weekend will need to demonstrate we are second to none


  164. I think Lewis should actually do the skydive himself next year and sod it to all the sponsors worrying about insurance, what’s the point in having all the money and fame if you can’t be young and take a risk!

  165. Lewis,
    Congratulations on your Silverstone victory to-day. You made a bad mistake in Q3 – which you won’t make again?

    When I saw your original start – up to 4th immediately – I felt you were going to be the winner to-day. Nico was unlucky but you’ve had your share of bad luck and to-day was your day. For most of the early part of the race I always felt you would win although Nico was in front.

    At the end, I shed a few tears of joy and I think you did too? So onward to Germany – you can do it again. All the best for the rest of the season, Lewis.

  166. Hi Lewis

    I dont know,is happening at you,have a complete distrust with the team but I believe you have sufficient reasons.

    You don´t be distracted in fight with Wolff or team,concentrate only in races. Tomorrow first you must retrieve the philosophy of fight and fight to max without speculate and get out with the hatchet from the first lap, and if you reach Rosberg attacks him mercilessly
    don´t listen team orders from here at the end of the season, you fight the races as if they were the final battle.

    And I would like that the white helmet hide it in a closet and you recover your war colors, yellow, and returned to your authenticates fighting spirit.

    The first time that you wore white helmet in 2012 broke the gearbox, that color brings bad luck you, back to your yellow helmet and gets your strength. Stop to mortify at yourself for mistakes yours and others and stop obsessed with the points. Get out to win without concessions and don´t listen to those who seek to deceive.

    This year unless miracle you don´t win the title,you have it everything against.

    German team >> German car >> German driver >> German CHAMPION.

    Germans are the most nationalistic country in the world. And they have no ethics or principles, for them worth everything to win.

    Get out win and don´t put your enemies easier.Get out and show what you’re made of.

    Your fans are with you and that this force took to you at victory.

    regards James.

  167. hi lewis im one of ur biggest fans ,from sudan wish u win the championship of this year ,and hope the team never repeat it,s boring unfaithful mistakes . sure you are the best .

  168. Hi Lewis.

    Congratulations on your performance in Austria. Your start was spectacular and your progression up the order was very gratifying to your fans. I thought that consolidating second position was the wisest course of action and has kept you essentially in contention. Well done.

    All the best for Silverstone. It would be great if you could pull off the victory.

  169. Hi Lewis,

    I was so disappointed that your mechanical problems put you out of the Montreal GP. I sat thinking – OK maintain station a couple of seconds behind your team mate until 10 to 15 laps from the end and then do a DRS pass. Wishful thinking!

    However, as you’ve said you have been behind before and come back to triumph and your not even half way through the season so it’s still all to play for. On a personal note, Daniel’s win means you only lost 18 (not 25) points to your team mate and so your just one win behind. All the best for the rest of the season – I’ll be watching (and hoping for you) as usual.

    Best Regards,
    Dennis Harvey

  170. Hi Lewis, my name is Charlie Windwood.

    I am 19 years old and currently race karts in the UK in Senior Rotax Max.

    I currently work as a trainee designer in Architectural Engineering, and am on day release at college too studying Civil Engineering.
    Just thought I’d try and contact you to introduce who I am, and what I do as a hobby too.

    One day I would love to have a career in motorsport.

    Good luck in Canada.

    Kind Regards,

    Charlie Windwood

  171. Lewis, while pursuing a pole position at Canada next weekend, let’s make sure that you have enough fuel on board, so as not to have a repeat of your 2010 pole winning performance.

  172. Lewis….Dennis Harvey is offering you imo some very good advice, and it would be in your interest to give them your consideration. I really believe that you will hurt yourself if before and after every race, that you’re still answering questions regarding Monaco. Put an end to this crap before next week’s race at Canada, so that you can concentrate on your pursuit of the 2014 WDC.
    This is a reality that exists today…….Mercedes Benz doesn’t want to see any of their sportsman, acting in front of a worldwide audience, in any way that could considered to be unsportsman like, which is something they cannot afford, and will not tolerate. Lewis, don’t give your detractors the ammunition that they need, to distract you from securing the 2014 WDC.

    Good luck next weekend at Canada Lewis, and I’m looking forward on seeing you on the top step of the podium, with that great smile for the world too see.

  173. Hey Lewis, Big up man! You’re showing them that you ARE the real deal. Always have been and always will be!

    But please take a leaf out of your own book and be positive! That’s all you kept saying when things were good.. ”POSITIVE ENERGY”

    And THAT is all you have to concentrate and you will come through Sir!

    Lewis, you are a true racing driver following in the footsteps of your hero Ayrton Senna!

    I will be rooting for you till the end of the season, but PLEASE keep on smiling – even thru the pain.. Don’t let your opposition see that you hurt as that only helps them.

    The belief in yourself that you have and the positive energy you concentrate on will bring you through by the end of the season!

  174. Lewis, you are an incredible driver, and sometimes in life you will be faced with difficult and underhand people. But rise above, stand tall and don’t give them the satisfaction of letting them see your pain. Take a few lessons from your mate Benedict Cumberpatch in acting so you can put on a good front. You have so much good in your life, a wonderful family,beautiful lady,fantastic career, so make a negative into a positive. Smile and don’t let the mask slip. Keep your enemies close. Enjoy life and win win win!

  175. Dear Lewis,

    I don’t know if you even get to see these comments but here are few words from a Formula 1 fan who is almost 3 times your age.

    I hope you can control any feelings of resentment against Nico right now because you are much the better driver and, I feel, you will win out in the end. You just have to concentrate on achieving your best performances whatever the situation.

    Secondly, you need to totally ignore any comments in the media. Whether you win or lose they are not your friends and are just looking for ways to fan the flames so they can report conflict between you and Nico.

    I feel this is your year so get stuck in, ignore the press and assume Nico will not be doing anything that helps. All the very best for the rest of the season and I look forward to seeing you in the top spot come the end of the year.

  176. Hi Lewis.

    Some time ago it did not come to comment as everything was going well , but today we had the first unfortunate incident in Monaco.

    You don´t must follow the NIco´s game, he´s a loser, as he tries to destabilize you emotionally so your making a mistake, keep calm and tomorrow do the thing with the cold mind, last thing you must is to make a zero in this moment, the next few races are favorable to your driving style, and there is where you’re going to be the return to NIco.

    Here wins which have more endurance.

    Frankly the action of the german are shameful and revolting and the excuses are worse.

    For not think and go out to compete  with warm blood, Gilles Villeneuve died in Zolder.He was as you and Senna, a man with a big heart and great character,you must control your emotions.

    I think there a book that I think you should read is the book of the great warriors and his battle strategies.This book says..

    “Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence
    consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”

    ” the highest form of generalship is to balk the enemy’s plans.”

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”

    The book link:

    for you read it and you apply it in your battles on the racetrack, so complete your training as the mythical warrior you want to be. This book was the bedside book of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Red Army marshals in World War II.

    Because your two weak points are the strategy and your emotions, you must close these two gaps in your armor.

    As you like the music as me, I let a song for take my leave.

    May the Force be with you

    regards James

  177. My man,

    No words can discribe how proud I am for you and how you have managed to restore the little faith I had in you. You are the living prove that those who persist and continue to believe will always be on poll. Keep up as this has been so far the best F1 ever. Lets work hard and the reward will follow. My dream is to one day meet the champ shake hands and have a little of your blessings. Pedro

  178. Dear lewis Hamilton
    I am a really big fan of you and you are defiantly my faverote f1 driver.please could you send me an email back. I always wanted to ask you what has been the most exiting and best point of your career and why. Also i really enjoyed reading one of your autobiographies.

  179. Dear Lewis
    Congratulations on yesterday’s win, fantastic here’s to you winning the championship this year.
    I’m writing to ask if it would be possible to meet you?
    My son Alex is 17 and autistic but is absolutely your no 1 fan closely followed by myself!
    If I could is post some pictures of him in a replica of your racing suit, which he wears to watch you race. He was watching you yesterday & I took loads of photos you’d love. It is his dream to meet you. We’ll be at Silverstone this year at the SRC for the weekend including the Thursday hoping to do the pit walk about.
    Either way best wishes for this year

  180. lewis you are a Legend and the best
    We know that biggest fan me and my family. Good luck with Wdc you deserve it + you one million talented and good sports man don’t come more often. The two wins you have got this year they’re sweet.:-<3

  181. That’s the way to start a season, Lewis. Well done. Now you have the car that really works for you, you will be difficult to beat. I look forward to seeing you realise your full potential in 2014.

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