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June 2008

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  1. Excuse Me Loves!

    Lewis Is Stunning and i absolutly love him hes an expert driver hes Hott and seems to be a nice guy! jesus you’ve gotta love hime i do 🙂


    Hes Awesome !!

    Keep Winnig Lewis :)xxx

  2. I think probably the main reason Hamilton is SO dislikeable is that he’s an uncle Tom and a very smug and self satisfied one at that. This makes him so indifferent to others in really unpleasant way, I think this probably also makes him very unsporting at the same time. When you combine this with his appalling arrogance you have certainly the most dislikable F1 champion we have seen so far!

  3. I seen her leave Puff daddy apartment about 3 months ago. This woman will sleep with anyone to get ahead. Lewis is a next Uncle tom, black man in England what the hell wrong with black women? He also date that racist from big brother. Lewis have lost me as a fan, I don’t supporting any man who wouldn’t date a black woman. I wish him all the best but I am not interested in another uncle tom.

  4. Black woman what is your business with who Lewis decides to date? and how do u know that puff daddy has slept with her? do you know her personally? that is the problem with you pple,you are not his wife,mother,sister,you dont even know him and yet you judging who him and the woman even when you dont know them…don’t know what makes you thinkg you are better than them but keep your hating comments to your sorry self

  5. The woman in pussy cat doll, is one nasty ass woman. Every rapper have had sex with her Puff daddy is one. Lewis I am very disappointed in your choice of woman. I don’t like her and she not goodlooking either she got no talent. She no Beyonce now that a beautiful woman and Bee can sing ashamed she married that Jay Z. A Next thing WHAT WRONG WITH BLACK women? You just a next Tiger Woods a uncle tom. I have lost all interest in you.

  6. Lewis you’re a star, Ignore what certain members of the gutter press are saying as like you said they build you up then try to knock you down.

    You are a talented driver who has years to give to the sport.

    It’s a pity that the FIA show so much favouritism to Ferrari,especially when it comes to race ‘incidents’.

    I’l be cheering you along on Sunday. Good luck !

  7. lol i just saw the site and in as much i understand why pple would report the site i would just say ignore it,the creator obviously doesn’t have a life and who really cares what he thinks of Hamilton? its just another frustrated Hamilton hater that just cant accept the fact that a kid got an opportunity in life and took advantage of it and also alot of pple won’t admit it but they hate Hamilton only because he is black….would pple have hated Button if he was in Hamilton’s position? maybe but definitely not this much,racism is still very much alive sadly.
    i hope Hamilton wins in Silverstone and wins the title as well this yr,that would give the haters something to cry about for a long while.
    f.y.i Kimi had a rough start to the season as well and still won the title so any1 who is writing off Hamilton already is absolutely ignorant to the sport and such pple should just be ignored.

  8. Dear Lewis Fans!

    I have now seen this ‘disgraceful’ website that Kathy and Inge have reported, if you think it is too, please would you report it also.

    There are some sick people in this World!!

    You know who you are, you should be ashamed of yourselves. GET A LIFE!

  9. Dear Kathy,

    Thanks for the information. I saw this website some while ago and it is ridiculous.

    A few minutes ago I reported this site to google.



  11. Dear Lewis,

    Congratulation! You and Nicole are really a very nice and good looking couple! I hope this relationship will lift you up so much that your racing this weekend and the following ones will be successful with 10 points each!!
    You are the best driver on the grid if anybody quotes it different they are only jealous or do not have any clue. It must have been a great day meeting so many celebrities on Nelson Mandela’s birthday party. Denzel Washington is also one of the actors which I would love to meet.

    Just keep this nice memory always in your mind, because these are the key moments always to remember!

    Show all your dearest fans and also the “haters” the same performance like on June 26 (1:19.170) That time was brilliant, Lew! Over 1 second faster as Filipe and Kimi. Great job! Push it the same way in the qualifing!

    God bless you and your wonderful family.

  12. heyah lewis just wishing u luck for this weekend GP know that all your fans r wishing u lots of luck so do not give up no matter what happens u hav to do ur best

  13. Lewis just a few more days now till we go racing again,hope you can tackle this one the same way u tackled the france gp (overtaking one driver at a time and taking it real easy), dont listen to what the useless media say about or talk about who you date or shouldn’t date,hope to see you on pole on saturday,i would be flying all the way frm canada to come watch u race live,Good luck to you and Heikki,he is a good man too i wish both of you all the best

  14. Lewis, clear your mind of the garbage that people with no knowledga tell you. Remember the people who are behind you, like myself and my wife, who only watch Formula1 now to see you race. Yes there will be mistakes, you are only human. Put them behind you and take each race at a time. People told me I was too old for desert rallying at 50, and I raced competively until I was nearly 60. You are the only one who knows what you can acheive.

  15. heeey lewiis
    i luv u and ur da best driver ever
    luff yhuu loadzz
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3

  16. hiiaa lewis
    eva seen you started f1 me 14 and my dad 58 have been whatching every time you are on tv.
    i think your the best and i love your skills it would mean the world to me just to meet you.

    i love you lewis xx
    u rock x =]

  17. Just read “new of world” probobly the press making something out of nothing, but i cannot see any reason why anybody would be throwing fruit and veg at somebody so talented as lewis.
    Hamilton seems to have the drive (excuse the pun) and enthusiasm that is missing in much of british sports stars today who seem to turn up just for the pay packet. If Hamilton is making mistakes from pushing too hard then thats only because he is only ever focused on winning. Does anybody remember Mansell in his early years when his car seemed to self destruct every time he was in the lead? Lewis is the best racer this country has ever produced!

  18. I have some video I took at the test day at Silverstone on June 26th up at the following link:

    . It was cool seeing Lewis, and he is quite personable. Wish he would have signed my shirt, but oh well…

  19. Hi Lewis

    I just want to say that you are a very sexy guy and very good looking. You are a very great driver and i hope you all the best for Silverstone and i hope you win Sorry i mean you will win. I want you to know that i come from South Africa but moved to the UK and i now live in Romford South East of London.


  20. HI Audrey ,yes it was a fantastic day ,i just hope lewis will have a little time in his busy days to read our messages,i still cant believe how close we got to a f.1 superstar he has such a lovely smile and seems to care alot about his fans , YOUR THE GREATEST LEWIS XXX, MY HUSBAND SAID HE WILL KEEP EVERYTHING CROSSED FOR YOU AT SILVERSTONE GOOD LUCK

  21. forget what the papers say me and all your real fans will be at silverstone

    for you ,good luck not that you need it just do your thing

  22. Hi Lewis
    First of all I must say I have been a big fan ever since watching you racing at Castle Combe.You are a role model to all wanna be race drivers and as far as I am concerened quite rightly to.All the best for Silverstone next weekend and the country will be behind you.Keep it focused mate and you will show them all how it done.GOOD LUCK MATE

  23. Tina S, I was standing right behind you at Brooklands with my friend. Do you remember? Wasn’t it amazing? He is the loveliest man in the world. I agree with everything you said and I’m sure if Lewis reads this, he’ll remember who you are.

  24. Dear Lewis

    Just a comment: Please do not let your ‘off-track’ dealings with girlfriends distract you from your job. Love affairs have been the ‘down-fall’ of many people but obviously you’re not expected to be a ‘monk’ but just be careful that it doesn’t distract you! You have ‘women’ falling at your feet and thats understandable! but just be careful, ‘love is blind’ as they say and you know what your no.1 goal is.

    Good luck at Silverstone and i hope you’re looking at the track not a ‘slide-show’ of women when you’re driving!lol!


  25. Dear Lewis ,I wanted to let you know how happy you made me on 28th June at brooklands ,i never thought i would get so close to a star like you ,i had been stood in that one spot waiting to see you since 9am ,i told you that i could not believe that you was there i was so taken aback with suprise i told you i had a calender of you in my living room ,you signed my lewis top my hat and program then held my arm and hand ,i never felt so happy in all my life you are such a fantastic man ,i hope with all my heart i get to meet you close again one day ,i would love to get to the pits but dont know how you get to go there i wish to send you all the luck i can give you to win the british grand prix at silverstone i hope you get my letter lewis all my love tina a new fan since 2007 xxxx


  27. To Kev, your comment is a load of rubbish – didn’t you read my post just before yours where I described just how much respect Lewis has for his fans, you idiot? You sound jealous and misguided. Please go on another site, not this one!

  28. Hi Lewis,

    Your a great driver Lewis but show a little more humility. You still have a lot to learn and sometimes you come over as far to arrogant for a young man in only his second year. Cool it Lewis, respect your fans and be grateful for them.

  29. Dear Lewis, I saw you at Brooklands today – I was in the huge crowd of people outside the McLaren Mercedes marquee, who waited patiently all day just to get a glimpse of you. What a fantastic day – to see you so close up, to see your smiling face as you took so much time for your fans. You signed an autograph card and a cap for me as you went around twice (unscheduled) to meet your fans. That is what they don’t tell you in the papers – how marvellous you make your fans feel as you give them so much of your time. There were so many people at Brooklands today who are mad about you – it was amazing, like meeting a rock star. I read in the News of the World that your Cannes date, Miss Grenada talked about her time with you. I am so disappointed that she decided to slag you off in the press – I supposed Hell hath no fury. It must be very frustrating for you to wonder if you meet a woman, will she tell all in the press. I really didn’t think she would. Despite that, how she describes you as a sweet gentlemanly man, who loves playing games with his brother, sums you up. You seem an innocent, decent, kind soul. How can she expect your apartment in Geneva to be homely when you spend so much time on the road? You are so popular, I think you shouldn’t have anything to do with this woman again, despite her saying you are still in touch. Anyway, loved seeing you today. I don’t want to say anything about Silverstone – don’t want to jinx you, but I’ll be wearing my signed cap to hopefully bring you luck. Lots of love, one of your thousands of devoted fans.

  30. hi we all just wated to say keep doing all the good work u have been doin and we r going to go to silverstone to watch u n plz may u look out 4 our kick ass lewis tops we all lv u soooooooooooooooooo much hope u win at silverstone and we r coming to the after party on sunday after the race we all lv u and what u do mwah xxxxxxxx w/b lol xxx

  31. Hey, Lewis!
    Congratulations for all your achievements so far! It takes something more than talent to finish vice-champion on your first year in F1, and clearly you’ve got it all. I have to tell you that I was impressed by you from the very first time I saw you. I will never forget the day when I first heard you giving an interview: this was when I thought “Yeah, he’s awesome. He’s going to do well…”
    Only I didn’t know how well. Just one point behind the champion… Well, talking of the champion, I should probably mention my devotion to Kimi as a driver -I’ve been his fan for years, it’s difficult to change. But I also love you a lot, and I do support you a fair amount. My father – called Anthony, just like yours 🙂 – is a big fan of yours, as is one of my best friends, and they always praise you.
    I was so disappointed to read about the incidents in Spain earlier this year, and I want you to know that not for a single moment did I think of your colour. When you’re in the car, you’re Lewis Carl Hamilton, the most successful rookie in the history of the sport, and without a single doubt the most impressive driver I’ve seen driving.
    But you need to keep your head cool. I was impressed by your driving skills, no doubt, but when people kept saying how great a person you were and all, I said: “If he keeps being modest and all, he’s going to be big. Much bigger than Michael ever was.” And I believe that.
    You were born to be a champion Lewis. Don’t worry, it will come pretty soon. I have complete faith in you and know you deserve championships much more than most in there. We are right behind you and we love you!
    I will be in Monza in September. It’s my birthday on the day of the race, and what better gift to give to myself than being close to all of you? Just remember that someone who really believes in you is watching from the stands. I will make sure I applaud hard for you, and I also hope I will get the chance to meet you at close quarters, shake your hand, talk to you, get your autograph… It would be such a great honour, honestly.
    Christine. XXX


  33. not long untill silverstone lewis, you know you can do it, you have a great fan base not just in britain but the whole world. would love to see you win at home i’m sure it would be a great feeling for you and give you a great career boost, not that you need it. you are an inspiration to everyone. hope you win the championship this year it would be great, we all know you can do it. GOOD LOOK FOR SILVERSTONE AND THE REST OF THE SEASON.

  34. Well i SHOULD have been at Glastonbury08, didnt get a ticket? even tho perfromed there with the Festival Fire Swingers for 2 years. bit wounded. But came to my Fav site and seen all the LOVE for Lewis and cheered me up a bit…

    Got SilverStone 2 look forward to next week so c’mon Lewis blast em off da Track…just dont over take before corners, dont pit while others in the pit, dont talk to the press or F1 guys… and almost forgot paint the car RED! stewards leave you alone then.

    on a serious note Lewis YOU can Do it..there is no pressure, just be YOU, drive like do and all will be fine.


    and anyone that can’t see that must be BLIND??

    good to see the haters have gone from the site 2


  35. Hi Lewis,

    You are the best driver on the track. Just focus on your driving and never bother giving attention to what the papers say!!!

    Bring the championship home baby !!!!

  36. Lewis!
    Your a fantastic driver for the McLaren team, I’ve supported the team since I was like 5 years old.

    Good luck for the British Grand Prix and the rest of the season.
    Just keep a clear head, keep cool, don’t overdrive and you’ll get through the rest of the season well. I know that Ferrari are a very hard team to beat but obviously Ferraris are the fastest road cars anyway!

    Sorry I can’t make it to the Grand Prix, hopefully next year!

  37. Hi Lew!

    Saw you at Mr Mandelas 90th Birthday! Looking ‘dapper’ as ever!
    Hope you’re not thinking of getting married yet-you’re too young!!!lol!!!
    And when you do-chose a ‘wifey’ type!!! not ………………….!
    Only joking!!!
    Well-this next weekend-SILVERSTONE-here we come!!Lewis Mania!!!

  38. Lewis

    I have the wedding dress i’m just waiting for the groom.
    Please can you tell me which dates you have available? look forward to marrying you.

    Love Maz

  39. Hey Lewis
    Keep up the great driving, you have an amasing skill. Please dont let the detractors get to you. I believe you dont get a fair deal from F1. Your the best driver for years, keep thrilling the fans. You will prove your greatness.

  40. @ Liz Jackson,

    We tried to do it in a rap version, but it wasn’t “real”, and it would have been quite silly.

    Maybe we’ll work out an new/other version.

    Kind regards!

  41. Hi Pepes!

    wanted a comment on his oil painting-well Howie it is very good but i think you make Lewis look older than he is?Just a ‘comment, no insult meant’.

    Like the song but it would of been more ‘Lewis’ in a ‘rap’ version!!!

    Colin Bailey
    Are you trying to freak Lewis out? i dont understand what you are trying to say? are you a ‘Phsycic’ or someting???


  42. Dear Lewis,

    I watched the advert again, and the music was drastically cut, but it warned that the danger is still there and you must examine what they have done and then insist that they do better, they are trying to end it all. You must be completely dominant and demanding that they do as you require. You must convey an inner superior knowledge.

    with all my best regards,


  43. Dear Lewis,I am a great fan of yours and just read about the personalised Number PLate….well If you come over to Malta,you…or anyone on your behalf can get a personalised plate..very cheaply!!! And you can have the full name on it!!!
    Best of luck for the championship this year!!! You deserve it!!!

  44. Heikki eclipses Massa’s time in Silverstone testing…..who says mclaren haven’t got what it takes to give it to the reds,Lewis you and Heikki have got to stick it where it hurts to these ferrari drivers,(nothing personal) just want to see my favourite drivers at the top of the timesheets,Silverstone is your race to loose Lewis i don’t care what pple say about Kimi and his Silverstone history,this is a new race and the moment you guys step into the race track all that history won’t matter anymore.

  45. Lewis, my Grandma always used to say this to me. “What’s for you, won’t go by you”

    You and the team are doing an amazing job, keep up the good work. Good luck at Silverstone. I’ll be there.

    You can do it. stay focused.

  46. Yo man!!!!

    Whats up?? II am from Holland and have been following you since you came in the formula 1. What can i say?? You are the best driver in the field but first that eyebrown guy is nothing for you, he is just trieng to fuck you up. Second the media is fishing for screw ups, so keep
    your head up man. Just listen a bit to 2 pac music and everything will be ok. And one good advise: Dont read the papers or watch the news concerning f1. at the end of the year then you got plenty of time.
    Good luck to you and your father. and there are still 10 races to go so buckle up and kick some ass.

  47. Hi Champ (Lewis!)

    I 2nd wot Victor and Catz has ju said.

    Zoop! Zoop!


  48. Yeah Lewis…paint the Car Red, FIA leave you alone then 🙂 but honestly do they think that the penalties are going to STOP you? i dont think so.. and like Victor said can’t wait for the Mclaren 1-2 🙂 that WILL be wicked!


  49. Lewis what can i say? FIA seems to have out done themselves again,and pple also think ferrari are favourites in Silverstone haha i guess they didnt see ur pace in france despite the fact that you guys where the heaviest cars among the top ten,show those ferraris what you guys are made of,you and Heikki can beat Massa and Kimi,i know it and i cant wait for mclaren 1-2 finish…oh Lewis do me a favour,after quali in Silverstone can you and your team mate make sure you guys drive off road if you see a car coming cuz you guys get penalized even when you dont impede another driver….they can’t stop you Lewis.
    you guys can also paint the car red,maybe the stewards might be decieved that its a ferrari lol ohh and dont even listen to the stupid british media,they are all idiots,you don’t have to talk to them if you dont want to and if you ask me i would say you should ignore all of them even if they start singing ur glory again,and hey who says you can’t be cocky if you want to? honestly that’s what i like about you,you let every1 know that you aren’t here for games at all and am sure your fellow drivers respect you,isnt that what is most important? ignore the hating fans and ignore the press and focus on racing,we are still contenders and can still win the title….good luck in two weeks

  50. Dear Louis,

    I have seen a TV advert that displayed a plastic model of your car.
    The music, which always tells the truth, said, that there was a fault in the design of your car that could be fatal in a ‘head-on crash’ with a barrier etc.
    The fault is in the steering I believe, please check what will happen, before it does, and correct it.

    All my sincere best wishes,

    Colin Bailey

  51. Lot of love out there Lewis 🙂 like the peeps say, dont worry bout the press or the haters. You are a True Champion…well i think so… and i DONT think you are arrogant?? allways seem quite modest really.

    Good luck at SilverStone…Not that YOU need it.


  52. Lewis, I am 65 in July and have always been a fan of F1. I have seen some of the greats race each other. When I saw you in GP2 I knew you were a racer and not someone who only overtakes on a pit stop. I was really pleased when you started in F1 and as young as you are, you showed the world you were a racer like your hero. Take NO NOTICE of what the papers say about you! They are the most two faced group of people you will every have to meet, that’s ofcourse apart from Max Mosley. The stewards were unfairly hard on you with your pass at Magny Course, but it looks like Ron and you will be the (moving) target and the FIA or (Max Mosley plc) have you both in his sights. Don’t forget you are young and people don’t like that fact, BUT don’t let them get to you. You proved last year you can be world champion. This year for sure! Bob

  53. Hi Lewis

    I am a great fan of yours but you have to start taking my advice and stop being so arrogant.I have watched your interviews after a race and seriously Lewis you sound extremely arrogant when you win and you never thank God.Maybe you must start thanking him and praising him even if you lose and even if you win but you have to start as he is the one that has gotten you to where you are.I know and have faith that you will win this year but you will have to stop being arrogant and cocky because trust me everything you have will get wings and fly away(proverbs).So start winning those races for God my son….you can do it….kindest regards Tammy

  54. Hello Carl,
    keep up with the hard work and always remember that God is ur strength and with u at all times. I wish u the best of lucks and be rest assured that u will definetely make it

  55. dear lewis,all things in life don’t go the way we want.if a happy incident happens we have to rejoice.your draw back in MAGNYCOURS may be effecting on many of the fans in in many ways.Your faithful supporters might find it disappointing.. And the goons who hate you might be over the moon in delight have great faith in you. Give your best and don’t mind criticism.wishing you loads and loads of luck.

  56. Hi Lewis,
    Regardless of the outcome of the grand prix de France because you have fought to the end and you are never abandoned. I believe that this moment on s’acharne upon you giving you penalties galore. I think they feel in danger. They are afraid of you and your talent then the only solution they have found is to penalize you for reasons not valid. It is unfair, especially t’occupes did not press because their job is to destabilize you. Puise your strength in your fans like me. In any case, thank you for your kindness and your availability at Magny Course. The grand prix will remain engraved in my memory.
    Valérie de France (girl of the flag Sunday at the entrance to the circuit, you remember me …)
    Sorry I don’t speak engish very well i utilised google

  57. Dear Lewis,

    Forget about the press. They are only doing it for money. You made a clear statement. Well done! The built you up to the top and they tear you down to the bottom. This is their job. Just leave them they only wait for your reaction! You made a clear statement after the race. Well done!

    We have watched your race again and you were the only driver together with Heikki who had the most overtaking jobs during the race. Even you had this wrong decided “Drive-Through-Penalty” you made it to position 10 after your 2 (3) stops. This was a very great job, Lewis. If this penalty would not have thrown you back on the track you would have made it on the podium together with Heikki. You have the fastest car and best package at the moment and it is so much fun watching you driving!
    There are still 9 races in front of you and you still have the chance for the title. Just keep yourself cool and just concentrate on your races and leave all other things aside. 90 points, Lewis, are yours!
    Show them all in Silverstone that the man in the track is LEWIS HAMILTON! We are all proud of you. Your fans will never let you down!

    God bless you and your family.

  58. I think Lewis is the best thing to come out of UK for motor sport since Nigel Mansell.

    The British press should be supporting him, not condenming him !! If they think it is that easy, then they should try driving an F1 car around a circuit at the speeds he does. Let’s see how they cope.

    Lewis, forget these people. They are not worth it. I know you will bounce back.

    Although the press may not be behind you, the British public most certainly are.

  59. dear lewis you must be very proud your fan base is of high calibre! some peoples are loving you very much it must be a warm feeling knowing so many care for you so much. it is shame your race in france was not so good but lewis you need to stay calm and not be so agressive, like the lady who posts all the time on your site she too gets very angry all of the time is no good for karma and only good karma bring you good results. you bad karma with alonso last season it was bringing u a very bad result in the world champions, maybe if you have good karma you will do better no? and angry lady maybe you gets some good karma too? wud help with the blood pressures. keep smiling :@)

  60. Lewis it is the first time I am visiting this website. It is really awesome to be able to send you a message.

    You have set high standards for youreslf and since it is only your second season competing at the highest level, you must rely that you are allowe d to falter at times. Just do not let it become a habit. I know the late Ayrton Senna is your idol. Your driving style reminds me so much of the former 3 time word champion.

    The 2008 season is far from over and at least 4 drivers can drive away with the title. Your can only focus on your own performance and your teamates. I also think Heilki is a good foil for you, so as a team you can out perform the rest.

    Good Luck.

  61. Did anyone hear Alexander Wurz being interviewed, when he spoke about drivers mistakes?. Wurz said that no driver is stupid, they all have so much to think about whilst driving, with many buttons to attend to, as well as many other things drivers have to look out for, he added that included the pit lane too. He very pointedly looked at the camera to the ‘TV’ audience when he said that; he should know, he was a driver! By his interview, he exonerated any driver, & that includes Lewis!

  62. Hi Madelaine!

    You are right, I am no longer going to defend Lewis’ corner because these people actually just need to be ignored.They are not worth it. It makes me angry when i read there rude and vile comments but now i shall leave it up to ‘admin’ to chose to delete these ‘haters’.
    Thanks for the advice!!:)

  63. Liz,

    Don’t even bother commenting on the derogitory comments regarding Lewis, think of the pleasure these jerks get out of winding you up.
    In so far as the media are concerned, history repeats itself, remember Damon; how when he won, the press thought he was wonderful, but if he didn’t he was pilloried by the press. Do other countries do this to their F1 drivers? Methinks not, it seems to be only The UK that knocks it’s own.

  64. Isn’t it strange how small things have big consequences: Lewis is leading the Canadian by about 9 secs when out comes the safety car ( was it needed??) which allows other drivers to catch up, just at the wrong time when lewis needs to pit. He comes out of the pits with just one thing on his mind – getting back his lead. The rest is history.

  65. Lewis, bad luck this weekend! I agree that the penalty was harsh and that the stewards are extremely biased against you. Why didn’t they penalise Ferrari’s Kimi for driving with a broken exhaust – that is so dangerous. The Lweis haters hould be blocked form this site – i still don’t understand why they even levae messages??? Jealousy makes you nasty. Leave Lewis alone!!! Every move of Lewis is scrutinised and taken out of context by the media! Lewis, good luck for Silverstone!

  66. lewisisatwat-
    I cannot believe you, you moron! At least i’m not ashamed to put my name down and I want YOUR address, my family would like to meet you!
    I am going to write in FULL, PLAIN, ENGLISH just for you because I guess you’re old because otherwise you would know how young people write in ‘text message’ style so you can keep your dictionary and put it where the Sun doesn’t shine!
    This is the last posting to you-anonymous twat and you are so deluded if you think you have more knowledge than Ron Dennis.
    You need to see a shrink!(sorry in proper English-)a Psychiatrist by the tone of your posts.
    Last request again, your address and who you are or are you one of those people who ‘anonymously’ goes about the web posting your abusive, angry personality disorder anywhere you can!

  67. so lewis could of easily won eh..and ron dennis dont know what he is on about??? think lewisisatwat is a bit a of a TWATHIMSELF and rather sad at the end of the day, can’t be even a bit original?? – unless you say something derogatory??? ron thieving dennis???? this site is unbelievable. what a bunch of blind, one sided, bigoted group these so called lewis fans are??? what a load of crap from a SAD TWAT with a name of a 12yr old…HELLO LEWIS HAMILTON FAN SITE!!!!!! that you are NOT one why dont you take a run n jump..
    Bet enough peepz would rather know where you live..then again maybe not you sad little man.. we got your views and you welcome to them, dont mean theyre right anymore than our view..but a least we here for the right reasons…unlike you..FAN SITE you plick!

  68. Dear Lewis,

    You drove really well today, and made amazing overtaking moves. If it wasn’t for the drive-through penalty we might have seen a podium finish today :/ Inge Douglas has a point in her comment, that hole in Kimi’s car looked pretty serious..

    Lewis Hamilton: “That’s what they do: they build you up and then they break you down, but they can’t break me. There’s a lot of crap coming out in the papers. I’m here to race, and I don’t want all this stuff. But I’m very strong mentally, and my belief in my own ability is stronger than ever and there’s nothing that can break me.” – Keep it up Lewis you know and we know that you can do it!!

    Wish you all the success in Silverstone! Hope you win in your hometown! 🙂


    The moderator is probly as sick as we are of pepal writing nasty, pathetic comments on here as i am defending Lewis!!
    I’m sure Lewis does read this website and ‘Lord Knows’ what he must think when he’s probly looking to his fans for support and inspiration.
    Haters are ‘losers in life’ so ‘allow’ dem (if u get me x)
    Until the next race…. Life goes on!……

  70. To all the bigoted, nasty, thick, sad and just plain ignorant Lewis-haters who dare to post on his FAN site, why don’t you go to one of many Lewis-hating sites? Why don’t you leave us alone you racist, pieces of crap? You know if you post on the Lewis hating sites, you will be posting to similar pond life, and maybe you want a bit of intelligent debate. Well we don’t want you on here. I don’t like Alonso but I wouldn’t bother posting on his fan site because I am not a deranged moron.

    BTW, please see this excerpt from Planet F-1, a respected F1 site that has all the facts at its fingertips. It seems that they think that Lewis was unfairly penalised for doing what Massa and Vettel have done in the past and which were praised, not penalised. Please read, if you are able to:

    “FIA Credibility
    In Canada Lewis Hamilton was rightly penalised for his pitlane accident – at the same grand prix Sebsatian Vettel was only able to stop Heikki Kovalainen overtaking him by repeatedly cutting the apex on the last chicane. He wasn’t penalised.

    In France, Lewis Hamilton overtook Vettel but could only do so by making the pass then running over the Imola chicane. He too got an advantage from cutting the chicane and was rightly penalised. So if Lewis in France, why not Vettel in Canada?

    In qualifying (Q1) Heikki Kovalainen tried to get out of the way of Mark Webber who was on a timed lap, but did it too late. Webber didn’t lose out, yet Kovalainen was penalised and demoted five places down the grid. Also in qualifying, we were riding on board with Sebastien Bourdais on a timed lap when we came across a Ferrari heading towards the Adelaide hairpin. The Ferrari didn’t move out of the way and Bourdais had to go off the racing line and round him. So how come that is not worthy of a penalty?

    The inconsistent application of the rules makes F1’s race stewards a laughing stock.

    Come to think of it, Felipe Massa’s glorious overtaking move on Kovalainen and Barrichello at the Casino hairpin in Canada was only possible by cutting the apex with two wheels on the grass on the inside of the kerbs. What about that then…? He didn’t just cut the apex, he cut the grass on the apex.”

    Do you see now or are you so blinded by racial hate that you cannot read facts?

    Now just bog off!

  71. Oh and anuva ting ‘REALF1FAN!’

    u said that ‘Mark Blundell’ said Lewis shud do his talking on the track ay?
    What about when ‘Mark Blundell’ makes classic comments that are ‘politically incorrect’ when in Canada he referred to the track repairers as ‘a bunch of pikeys’!!!
    and if u want to go into detail, anuva commentator said about ‘Kubica’ when he won Montreal that ‘he aint no Brad Pitt but hes a good driver!!!’
    What a fo-par!!
    Shouldnt the commentators be more careful what they say??
    Murray Walker was famous for ‘putting his foot in it!’ so to sum up:
    Actions speak louder than words so when Lewis wins the 2008 Championship, i will remind u on this very website!!!

  72. hey Moderator 🙂 i dont think some of these peeps should be able to leave stupid and Rank messages bout Lewis, and Liz jackson is doing a great job of telling them about it 2.. what the hell are these peeps doin here its a site for fans! NOT these STUPID DUMB ASS – real f1 fan – brian hill – lewisisatwat HATERS.

    Lewis move was FAIR the FIA Wasnt…so these HATERS have more knowledge than Ron Dennis??? i dont think so…

    Lewis YOU will prove the HATERS wrong and WIN the TITLE the FIA dont want you to have?!

    Still a good run and you are still a force to be reckoned with GOOD drivin!

    Haters PLEASE go away, Get A life! and DONT watch F1.. the sport dont need idiots like YOU, and enough work at the FIA by the sounds of it.

    Racist! Rude People!

  73. realfan1 and lewisisatwat:

    I dont know who you are but i wouldnt even want to. So RealF1Fan thinks ive got a bedroom full of posters of Lewis and you have ‘extensive knowledge of F1’. Well, i am 40 yrs Old and have been following F1 with my Father since i was 7 yrs old so as far as i’m concerned-YOU have a problem with yourself!

    And Lewisisatwat writer:

    Your title says it all doesnt it M8? YOU dont know what you’re talking about so go and look at yourself-You’re a waste of space 2!

    You can have whateva opinion you want of Lewis Hamilton but your arrogance and way u speak show how ‘ignorant’ you are.

    I rest my case! I, personally have NEVER seen Lewis Hamilton speak anything than politely and conduct himself in a good manner so u have ur opinion and i’ll have mine!

  74. Hi Lewis, just keep doing what your doing, u will be world champion soon, believe in youself and remember how ayrton struggled at first,its a lot to learn!


    Do U know what? I bet E’s got a ‘fitta’ arse than ALL of you!!

    Mind u, i avnt got time now 2 discuss Lewis’s bits!!

    This is a FAN SITE!!

    Good night!!

  76. ok – you ‘imbeciles’ wana row??

    realf1fan, scotty and lewisisatwat:

    Y have you come on the Lewis ‘inspiration site’?? You hate him.
    Y do u hate him? Yes he makes mistakes like anyone but what do you ‘haters’ want him to do? sit in the corner and cry??
    Wot is is with u lot? R U mambers of the BNP??
    When you are a true fan of someone, you know that you support them whateva mistakes they make. Its OK to admit mistakes have been made and Lewis does admit if hes made mistakes but you lot are crazy if you think that he should stay in this country just to pay most of his earnings to the government in taxes.Would you??Ask yourself?
    I dont need ‘feedback’ from Lewis or anything coz i KNOW myself and jealousy doesnt ‘roam’ in me.
    Lewis is representing Great Britain (which also, is it GREAT BRITAIN anymore??)
    If more people kept thare ‘hate’ under control, then the World would be a better place dont u think?
    U can comment anything you like on this site, if the moderator choses not to delete it but Y has Lewis attracted so many ‘enemies’? 4 what?
    U WONT BREAK HIM.So dont even try OK.
    If you cant be proud of him, just go on your ‘idols’ website ay?!


    U sad loser!! so you admit you ‘hate’ Lewis? Who do you like yourself?
    U Rude, arrogant, pathetic person.
    Go and find someting to do wiv ur life.

    Lewis’s Fans Hate U! how bout dat!

  78. Hi Lewis,

    I cannot beleive that the media are still harking on about the pit lane incident last week! It hasn’t been mentioned that you didn’t crash into KR on purpose, yet you are being treated by some, as though you did.
    I haven’t watched F1 since Damon retired, now I watch it again with great interest, thanks for that.

  79. Dear Lewis,

    The race really started off good for you and you took in the first lap already in position 10. You had a very good pace today and the penalty was commented from Nikki Lauda and Marc Surer, who are really experts, as unnessesary, because you had already passed Sebastian. Where is the penalty for Ferrari for this really dangerous broken exhaust pipe which was flipping up and down- and hey isn’t it forbidden do have not secured (vibrating) parts on a car? Just imagine if this exhaust pipe would have hit another driver and it would have injured him badly. Where was the securtiy during the last laps for the other drivers? If Kimi had to come in, his race would be finished, wouldn’t it? Do we have to wait for a tragedy, before they will be treating all teams equally?
    What if you or Heikki would have had such a problem. The FIA race officials would have called you in. Isn’t this a double standard? It is obvious that something is not right and that the FIA is watching your team very intensive and it looks like they are only waiting for a little mistake in order to penalize McLaren Mercedes. What kind of an injustice is that?

    But anyway, we hope to see you bouncing back in Silverstone – your homerace. Take it all as a big learning process in your life and turn this negative vibes into positive energy to show them what kind of a good driver you really are.

    God bless,

  80. Carry on Lewis. You have a lot of people behind you. I’ve never enjoyed watching racing more than I do now.

  81. Dear Lewis

    Please don’t let the press/stewards or anybody knock your confidence. I am convinced that you will come back better and stronger mentally. You can only learn from these bad experiences, so my dear chin up, you don’t have to justify yourself to the press or anyone, only do your best and win races and that would soon shut them up. Anyway, just know you have at least one fan cheering you in your corner. Good luck and God Bless and continue to believe you can be world champion, because I certainly believe you can. Take care, your number 1 fan, Kerlene

  82. Hi Carl (CrazyCatz) 🙂 !

    A big up to u Cuz 2!! U R obviously on the Lewis Support Team!
    Nice 2 meet U! 2 geva we’ll protect Lewis and beat the ‘negative haters’!
    Lewis deserves evryting E achieves!

  83. Alistair:

    yet another person waiting to jump on Lewis’ back-thats a bit dramatic “dismal performance” isnt it?


    Please dont trip as you are walking along as you will be penalised by the “well-fair” (NOT) FIA!! lol!! Wonder wot they’d giv u 4 dat!!!!
    Keep smiling Son 🙂 All da way!!! X

  84. Alistair, on June 22nd, 2008 at 2:02 pm Said:

    Another clear example that Hamilton is still nothing compared to other drivers. Still has to get experience! Another dismal performance for him!

    In reply to this msg –
    Lewis started out 14th and the so called mistake, he had over taken before the bend! even his Boss said the decision was little harsh, i mean c’mon he didnt gain a place after comin off but before. and the Stupid Drive through cost him any chance of a decent standing – he came out of the penalty drive through 17th and finished 10th Not a bad performance really. Lewis is very talented and will WIN this championship because he has got what it takes.

  85. Hey Lewis!
    Bad luck 2day in France but u were up against it from the start and mayB u thought u were bak in ur karts when u done that overtake!!lol!! which was bound 2 get u penalised coz ur Lewis!!!U no the score dare!But ur ‘main man’ Ron knows the score 2 and very rightly protected u.
    Ok, no points 2day but as u know now-u av2 take da ruff wiv da smooth. I’m so glad that u still held ur hed up hi at da end of the race becoz dat is where it shud B at all times. U already have proved wot a driver U R from day 1 so all u need 2 do now is keep it up. And, if u dont-how can we say dat good-looking race and smile shining thru!!!
    MayB U R the most ‘talked’ about driver on and off da track but Hey Lewis-How important dus dat make U and obviously the uva drivers havent got dat much of a personality as U!!Revel in it Lewis!Jus B urself like i can C is cumin thru now and wot dus it matter wot NE1 tinks if u beleve in urself and just do ur best.U hav ur fam, wealth, health and evryting going 4U at 23 yrs old.How brilliant is that ay!Relax and enjoy!
    Cant wait til Silverstone now-home territory!!U still have plenty of time 2 win the Championship and i put ‘all my cards on da table dat u will!’
    Brap!Brap! Lewis! Go forth wiv ur soldiers! (team-4 those hu dont understand me!)
    Bless! XXXXXXX

  86. Lewis,

    I think you would have made it today. However you made a mistake again according to F1 regulations so they say.
    My message to you Lewis, can you please try by all means not to comment negative about the media and what they say about you, they only talk about champions, big people so dont concentrate on that but concentrate on your races.
    2ndly, Please can you try not to do any small mistakes as everyone’s eyes are on you as you can see, you were penalised again, so any slight mistake you make will cost you and your team including us your fans.
    Other people can make mistakes and get away with it, but not you, God knows why, had it been you who pushed Kovalainen like Truli you would have been penalised.
    3rdly, Please dont show your anger or frustrations to the public, because thats all they want to see in your face and have to comment negatively about you. Try to be calm and react behind doors.
    In this world like one footballer said, people like you have to work twice harder than others, smarter, flawless in every way is what they expect of you.
    I still believe in you and hope you will do better next time and all races to come.
    All the best.

  87. lewis
    i have never liked f1 grand pirx intill i have seen u racing your the best i have see on the track and do your best like u do all the time xx

  88. Good luck lewis in the french Grand Prix, ignore the press son, just go and do what you do best and then give the press something to talk anout . GOOD LUCK

    Regards Chris

  89. Dearest Lewis, just do your best. I think you are the best driver out there at the moment. Just keep your head and score points. Good luck for tomorrow. Lots of love.

  90. Raimo,

    Yeah he is colour blind but from now on he wil see them lights as they are as he has always done for the past races he’s been wining, and guess what he will make it to e top b4 u even know it yeah.
    That paper tht wrote that he is colour blind will change soon when he gets to the top. hahahah. lol.
    Go Lewis.

  91. To Raimo:

    I here you are Spanish, no????? poor you!
    You’ll see that Lewis is not ‘colour-blind’ when he wins the Championship 2008!
    Go and support Alonso!!!
    This is LEWIS’ website!

    Buenos dias!!

  92. Dear Raimo,

    I think everybody should stop riding on things which are already history.
    Just for your information Lewis Hamilton scored in 24 races the most points like anybody else. Face it! He is the best driver on the grid.

    Think back on 1999 when Schuhmacher had an accident in Canada and in the same year also in Silverstone due to a stupid overtaking mistake.
    Everybody makes mistakes and I believe you had also done a lot in your life.
    Mistakes are for us to learn from it and to make it better in life and also to give advise to others not to make the same mistakes.

    Lewis is still very young and I think people can not take it that he is the first driver who started in a top team. It was meant for him fullstop!

    Just stop all these stupid critics here on this page, because it is not made for unconstructive nonsense.

    Have a nice day!

  93. Hey Lewis!

    Well done! but u didnt av2 let da Ferraris get Poll 2 say sorry!!!lol!!!
    Seriosly tho-13th insnt too bad is it Lew? 13 is ‘Unlucky’ 4 sum but not U-it will B LUCKY 4U, truss!!U make ur own luck coz U R ‘da chosen 1!’ and whateve appens 2moro in France, i know u’ll do ur best and we cud C someting Brilliant!
    Even if u just get sum points (probly u’ll do betta dan dat!) U av got Silverstone cumin up an i ‘pray’ dis year u’ll win the Championship.
    Today ur looking in ‘peak fitness’ an u dun ur interviews very professional and av regained ur ‘composure’ afta the ‘Canada Gate’!!!lol!
    Da BEST OF LUCK 2MORO! Brap!! Brap!!!

  94. Dear Lewis,

    Well done! You tried your very best and even you made a mistake in the 3rd session, hey, to be third is really good! Do not put too much pressure on you, because everything can be possible tomorrow. In Canada nobody thought that something like this would have happened in the pit lane. So, just believe in yourself and trust in God.

    We will be with you tomorrow on the tele and pray for you and Heikki and of course for all other drivers that nothing serious will happen to anybody.

    Lot’s of love.
    God bless,

  95. Hi Lewis,

    Great job man. You did well. Starting from 13 is not that bad considering the way you drive. You will stil get points i believ.
    Just hangin there. Try your very best tomorrow and get yourself, team and us (your fans) some points. All the best for tomorrow.


  96. Hi Lewis,

    Great job man. You did well. Starting from 13 is not that bad considering the way you drive. You will stil get points i believ.
    Just hangin there. Try your very best tomorrow and get yourself, team and us (your fans) some points. Be cool and calm.
    All the best for tomorrow, make my day and all week pleeeaseee.
    Be blessed


  97. you got 3rd place ha???anyway you are great!!!sorry to hear about the crash.really sad.but anyway you did well.i feel its unfair 4 u to start from 10th.anyway good luck!!!!

  98. Hey John Tocher,

    You really made a good statement. This was what everybody was thinking of, because too many cars were coming in.
    But maybe it had to be like this. Everything in life happens for a reason.
    Everybody seems to forget that this year is the second year for Lewis and the podiums he has achieved until now, nobody had every before! And talking about his mistakes, other drivers made more dramatical ones before. What is the problem?!
    He is still young and very blessed so if he plays his cards good he will make it this year. No doubt!
    I hope that the Ferrari’s will get beaten tomorrow and Alonso, Heikki and Lewis will make it up on the podium.

    Qualification starts soon!

    C ya.

  99. its catz again 🙂 i found this and think this guy is right –

    John Tocher
    June 11th, 2008 at 12:12am

    I’m surprised no has commented about the apparent stupidity of having an open pit lane to enter and a red light at the exit. The race was under the SC and the pit had previously been closed to entry – when the entry was opened, why was the exit kept closed…why wasn’t the pit lane control properly coordinated? Heck, you can’t have F1 cars sitting stopped during the race for any length of time before they overheat brakes, engines etc…or someone hits them…you needed two SCs – one for the track and one for the pitlane!

    My call is poor race control setting up a stupid and avoidable accident.

  100. Hey Guys just watched the 10 oclock news, whats with the penalty against Lewis!? so he smacked into the back of a ferrari in the pit, but its OK for ferrari to hit (AT SPEED)and take Force india out of the race! and no penalty…HMMMM F1 boss’s bein dark if you ask me. well SOD em Lewis get the POLE start 11th finish 1st show em ALL.

    You Can Do It Lewis! this Championship can still be YOURS!


  101. ALONSO P1

    Alonso showing good pace again for Renault

    With track temperatures on the up this afternoon at Magny Cours, Felipe Massa’s morning time of 1:15.306s remained unbeaten this afternoon in the second and final free practice session of the day. That aside, Fernando Alonso and Renault bounced back well from the morning engine failure to set the pace in this session with a lap of 1:15.778s around the 4.411km French Grand Prix circuit.

    Most of the front-runners opted to test both the medium and the softer Bridgestone compound during the session with the fastest times generally coming from the option tyre. Massa underlined his morning pace in the leading Ferrari with the second fastest time overall this afternoon just 0.076s behind Alonso’s R28.

    Kimi Raikkonen was third fastest in the second F2008, just two-tenths off the ultimate pace while Lewis Hamilton survived an off at the ultra-fast Estoril right hander to record the fourth fastest time in his McLaren Mercedes. Hamilton was not alone in going off as the rising track temperature resulted in several moments for many as they explored the limits of grip.

    Sebastian Vettel, an impressive eighth fastest this morning, found a half second gain in his Toro Rosso Ferrari this afternoon to set the fifth fastest time – undoubtedly the standout result of the day.

    Canadian Grand Prix winner Robert Kubica set the sixth best time ahead of Heikki Kovalainen in the second McLaren and BMW Sauber team-mate Nick Heidfeld. Nelson Piquet had a few off-track excursions, but made it into the top ten in the second Renault ahead of David Coulthard in the leading Red Bull Renault.

    Nico Rosberg, who along with Hamilton will take a ten position grid penalty after qualifying tomorrow, was 11th fastest in the leading Williams Toyota. Jarno Trulli was the fastest Toyota runner in 12th ahead of Sebastien Bourdais in the second Toro Rosso, Kazuki Nakajima in the Williams and Timo Glock in the second TF108.

    Mark Webber did not show much pace in his Red Bull RB4 today and was just 16th this afternoon ahead of Honda who are really struggling again for pure speed. Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello were just 17th and 19th with Giancarlo Fisichella splitting the duo in the leading Force India Ferrari. Adrian Sutil brought up the rear of the timesheets in the second VJM01.

    Immediately after this 90-minute session, those cars remaining on track were requested to take part in an FIA safety car test. The idea was to throw a full course yellow as if the safety car had been deployed and request the drivers to press a speed limiting function within five seconds of the command to see if such a rule could be introduced at future Grand Prix. We’ll find out later if it worked…

  102. Well done, Lewis!

    2. in the first free practice. It is a pity I could not watch it live on Tele, but I was checking the live ticker every 2 minutes. Good luck for the 2. free practice. This evening I will watch it on DSF (German sport channel).

    I will keep my fingers crossed that you will be up in the top of the top 5 on Sunday.
    Everything is possible! You have the pace, the car and the team to do it.

    Watch out for curve 5 and try to get the best time in the second sector, because Felipe is very fast there!

    Bless you.
    Love, Inge

  103. D. Taylor:

    You must be soooooooooo perfect aren’t you? Never made a mistake in your life?
    At least you didnt use foul language.
    Lewis is that much of a ‘twit’ that he’s probably had more success and made more money in his young life than you’ll ever have. ai ly?
    Ooo theres so many ‘green-eyed’ monsters out there!! tru say!!

  104. Dear A,

    Thanks for sharing these news on this side. I also saw it a few minutes ago.
    I thought it would come out like this, because I never really thought that he is such kind of wasting-money- guy. This was only a rumour. But on the other hand it shows again how these reporters and newspapers are sick in their heads using any kind of rubbish to make money. Poor people.

    Lewis is a great driver and will teach everybody who think that he only had fortune last year wrong.


  105. Dear Lewis Fans – this is a quote from the press conference in France today. It shows how many lies are propagated against Lewis in order to stir up hatred and bashing. None of the other drivers have to put up with this. It really pains me.

    “Q. I have been asked to ask you a question about a number plate. Have you bought LEW15?

    LH: No. Absolutely no interest. That sounds about the worst number plate I’ve ever heard of. I’m not stupid enough to spend a couple of hundred grand on a bloody number plate. I wouldn’t spend a hundred pounds on a number plate. A number plate’s a number plate. It doesn’t mean nothing to me. I just heard about it today. It was the first I’d heard about it.

  106. Hi Lewis!

    I really hope you do read these messages! Saw the video of you arriving in France! Dodgy plane lol! and you carry your own luggage!!!
    You are such a down-to-earth guy!
    You look tired though so i hope you are getting enough sleep!
    The pressures on you are immense but press forward knowing that sooooooooooo many people truly adore you out here and the ‘haters’ will always be there in life. Turn the negatives into positives and you will continue to do well because the good always win in the end.

    Go Lewis!! Go Lewis!! and get some rest inbetween if you can!!
    Bless! Hold it!!

  107. Yo Lewis, Get Your Game Plan on man, you GOT what it takes, And no-one can take that away from you! youre the best, was the best last year 2 geezer, thats why alonso spat his dummy out. Just relax, take it easy and VICTORY will be yours GOOD LUCK! – not that you need it.



  108. hello!
    i like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    very very very very very very……….. 100000000000X much
    you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and don’t forget ,you are the best………….

  109. No matter what anyones say, Lewis will show them he is the best. I am so confident that he will end up on the podium this weekend. Lewis, ignore the haters and go for glory. You are the best!!!!

  110. Dear Lewis,

    Very good and honest interview. Nuff respect! We can see and feel the pressure which is on your shoulder at the moment. So many people are trying to put you down, but sometimes in life it is like this, but you will overcome this situation, because you have a great family and a great team behind you ( Norbert was saying so many nice things this week). Not everybody is out there who loves you, but Lew, you have some very dear and loving fans all around the world and we all believe in you!

    Good luck again for France! See you back up on the podium in Silverstone!

    Lot’s of love,

  111. hey guys big up for lewis hope things go well for the next round
    (just watch out for those traffic light lights) DOH!

  112. I saw that video, Liz, he’s so sweet. I think he looks a bit down what with his old “friend” Kubica having a pop at him as well as the foul Alonso and even Bernie Ecclestone. Talk about ganging up on the poor lad. I so want him to win now, even more than before. Go Lewis!

  113. Lewis Fans!

    Watch the link that admin has just put on where Lewis is interviewed!

    Isnt he just GORGEOUS!!!!!and Soooooooo Polite!!

    Thanks Admin!!!

  114. OI HAMILTON, ESTOU EXTREMAMENTE FELIZ em mandar está mensagem para vc.Adoro sua performa-se como piloto,( LEMBRA O AYRTON SENNA), E TE ACHO INCRIVÉL… SERÁ O dia MAIS FELIZ da minha vida quando puder ter uma resposta sua … Um dia vc irá descobrir o quanto serei importante em sua vida! KISS! Madalena Souza.Recife-PE/ BRASIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. Hey Lewis your the best ive allways wanted to meet you but never got the chance your an insperation in my life I follw what you do so If you see this please write back

  116. To Victor:
    Hi! my frend! glad 2 hear ur positive posting on the site!Welcome!
    Another true Lewis fan!
    Come on fans!
    BIG UP 4 LEWIS!!!!

  117. Emilio! Emilio! R U sure your name isnt really Fernando?
    or are u his spokesman!!

    I didnt mention Lewis’ colour in reply to ur post so ‘wrong’ agen!!!

    Yes Lewis is a good talker aswell as driver because he has a ‘personality’ and speaks good English!#

    What else can you criticize him on? Go on, lets av a laugh!

  118. To LIz

    I will not take about color because have never mention the color you are the one that use that excuse

    If you dont like my coment dont read it

    Lewis is not a bad driver but talk more than driving

  119. Lewis you remind me of a nascar driver Kyle Busch,pple seem to hate him just becuz he has an opportunity to win a championship and he is going of it,they call him a knob,arrogant,wish for his early retirement,but he feeds off the negative energy and always wins in style even when he is booed and thrown beer cans at on the race track,i hope you can start doing that,show this pple what Hamilton is made off cuz they havent seen it yet,i am looking foward to a stellar performance this weekend,something similar to what happened in gp2 in turkey,you can do it….and as for emilio why does it bother you how lewis wants to spend his money?? he earned every penny he made so if he decides he wants to spend a million on tyre wheel nuts then you have no right to abuse him cuz of that cuz its his money that he made frm his job not money given to him by you,and you arent his parents either so who told you that you have a say in how he spends his money???

  120. Hi Lewis forget about what happened in Montreal and come back and win the WDC! Show the grid in france what you can do from 11th place!
    You have thw whole country rooting fo you. GO LEWIS!

  121. Dear Liz,
    Sorry, for using the inspirational side from Lewis, but you are a very nice person and I would love to get in contact with you personally.
    My E-Mail addess is:

    Have a nice day!


  122. Hey Liz,

    You are really making me laugh again. Your comments are so great and they really do “hit the nail right on the head”. But what do you expect, Liz. A lot of Spanish people have a big problem with “black” sports men. Watch out the Spanish football league. Thierry Henry, Eto’o or some others I just can not remember were called N***** and the fans were chanting like monkeys every time they had the ball. Some left the stadium, because it was too much for them to bear. I think I saw this spot on British Tele. Title in you tube is “Beautiful Game Turned Ugly: Racism in Europe’s Soccer Arenas”. Normally all “black” football players should leave Spain and they will have a problem. I think the slavery back in the days is still in their heads. Poor people, because if they would have studied the “black” history properly they would feel ashamed. Judging people because of their color does not make sense at all. If someone do somebody wrong that is a point were you can get angry, but because of the color????

    To Emilio:
    Emilio, you really do not know history.
    Judging people because of their color does not make sense at all. If someone do somebody wrong that is a point were you can get angry, but because of the color????

    If it was a “white” driver who would have spent $400.000 for a plate they would never say anything about it, but all what Lewis is doing will be reported. He earned it so he can do whatever he wants to do with it. Others wear a chain for this amount of money. What’s the problem, Emilio?
    Would you have said the same if Alonso would have done all what Lewis was doing?

    If Lewis would have given you the money as a present he would be your best friend now.

    Jealousy and pride are the biggest sins here on earth and these two are the reason for so many bad things what happened and will still happen. It started with Kain and Abel and look what we have today here on earth. Wars because of what?…

    Listen to 2Pac’s song “Changes” this is all what I can say about this matter.
    Stop writing this nonsense. This page is for constructive critic and support not for destructive and negative comments. Go on Alonso’s fan page and write him a nice letter to support him, if you are his fan.
    Have a nice day!
    (El racismo es una forma de discriminación de las personas recurriendo a motivos raciales, tono de piel, de tal modo que unas se consideran superiores a otras. El racismo tiene como fin intencional o como resultado, la disminución o anulación de los derechos humanos de las personas discriminadas.1 Apareció en Europa en el siglo XIX con el fin de justificar la supremacía de una supuesta “raza blanca” sobre el resto de la Humanidad)

  123. Oh and Emilio:

    You mention Bernie Ecclestons comments. He is the Grand Prix owner and how deep do you think his pockets are lined out of running the whole competition. The more ‘excitement’ the more money in his pocket!
    He is basically a ‘promoter’ (salesman) and he cant have Lewis taking all the attention can he now because it might affect his ticket sales if theres not a lot of ‘controversy’ going on between the drivers!
    Buenos Noches Emilio!

  124. To: Emilio

    You are SO rude and ignorant and the way you worship ‘Alonso’, you must be Spanish!
    You obviously have a ‘hatred’ for Lewis, so why do you keep coming on this site writing ‘jealousy fuelled’ comments about him?
    Is it not Lewis’ perogative how he spends his money?Who drives and earns his money?
    And, for your information, if you knew more about Lewis you would know that he is backing an initiative to get more people into Motorsport.
    You ‘haters’ can just not accept that Lewis came on as a ‘rookie’ (i dont like the word myself) and just blew everyone away with how much of a ‘World Class’ driver he has been in the F1 and ‘Alonso’ showed how ‘immature’ he was by stamping his feet because he didnt get the attention he thought he should have by being No.1 in the McLaren team.That probably cost him his job. What charity does ‘Alonso’ do, could you enlighten me?
    In F1 you will only get to no.1 if you are worth your price so I am that confident that Lewis Hamilton will go down in history as one of the best F1 drivers in history and win many championships.McLaren wont let him go because they know how good he is too.
    Sorry to disappoint you ‘Emilio’ but Lewis is here to stay whether you or anyone else doesnt like it!!

  125. Allez LEWIS ! A bientôt à la sortie de l’hotel ! Si tu vois une folle qui s’agite dans tous les sens dans la tribune C (face aux stand) ce sera moins. J’ai bien l’intention de t’encourager de toutes mes forces. Vite à Magny cours. Valérie de FRANCE

  126. Hi Lewis, I have two ten year old sons who dreams to be like you , they watch you everytime you take the circuit , and even wants me to rename them like you . You are a true inspiration to young kids and especially kids in Guyana , which is in south america. I love you ,and God will continue to bless you . Take every negative word hurldle towards you and make it a positive .

  127. What a dick

    Lewis Hamilton has reportedly spent an eye-watering nearly $400,000 for a personalised number-plate. The British formula one driver is now the flamboyant owner of the plate ‘LEW 1S’, which he will attach to his black 4×4 Mercedes-Benz for use in Switzerland, his adopted tax-haven home.

    The plate was formerly owned by property tycoon Bob Lewis, who bought it last year for less than $100,000.

    “A friend said he had been reluctant to part with the plate but (Hamilton’s) offer had been too good to refuse,” the British newspaper Daily Telegraph revealed.

    In contrast, Hamilton’s track rival Nick Heidfeld has vowed to pledge some of his earnings to a worthy cause.

    “I am lucky to have quite a lot of money and I would like to be able to give some of it away,” the German told ITV.

    Heidfeld, who drives for BMW-Sauber, said he is considering pledging some money towards an invention that would clean water for underprivileged people.

  128. Bernie full of Alonso and Kubica
    Two drivers better than Hamilton – Ecclestone

    Err… Hamilton beat Alonso in the same car in ‘07…

    At least two of Lewis Hamilton’s key rivals would beat the 23-year-old British driver in the same car.

    That is the belief of F1 Chief Executive Bernie Ecclestone, who told The Times newspaper that he ranks former double world champion Fernando Alonso as the best current driver on the grid.

    “If he was still in a McLaren he would be showing Lewis the way home – I don’t think there is any doubt about that,” Ecclestone, 77, said.

    Bernie said he sympathised with Alonso, who moved back to Renault this year, after he fell out so spectacularly with McLaren as rookie Hamilton’s team-mate in 2007.

    “I never asked the guy – I’m going to ask him one day – whether he was told (by McLaren) he was number one.

    “Because if he didn’t ask and he wasn’t told, he would have assumed he was.

    Having a guy that’s never been in a F1 car in the team with him, he’d expect to be number one wouldn’t he?”

    “And that’s what the problem was. When he found out, although he should have been number one, of course he wasn’t,” Ecclestone added.

    The F1 CEO also rates Robert Kubica, the Canadian Grand Prix winner and new championship leader, very highly.

    “If you saw him in a McLaren or a Ferrari, I think I’d put my money on him blowing away Hamilton,” Ecclestone said

  129. Lewis u are the best thing to happen to f1,and i know you won’t let what happened to you in canada get to you,i keep wondering what strategy you would have in france but one thing i know is that the team would once again do a good job,just take it easy out there and don’t try to rush passing every1 before the first corner if it looks risky,we all from rooting for you till brazil and can’t wait till you are crowned 2008 World Champion.

    p.s you have a damn good team mate together you guys would deal with those ferrari’s and bmw’s and whoever else wants to join the party it don’t matter who is driving them

  130. hi
    i watch all your races and i think your an amazing driver
    it doesnot mater what others say and dont belive them becuse its probably not ture and i9m your bigest fan

  131. Hi Liz,

    Same to you! We (my husband and my 3 children) are going to go to the free practice on Nürburgring, Germany next year in July and hopefully we can meet him there. My daughter is already trying to better her English in order to speak to him.
    Anyway, have a nice time in Silverstone! This will be the race for Lewis to start the podium session again without stopping.

    We all pray for you, Lewis! God is able, don’t forget and just keep trusting him. He is the one who gave you these excellent driving skills!

    God bless,

  132. Hi Inge!
    I love reading your postings and i can see you love Lewis as much as we do!
    My Son is going to a practice day at Silverstone (Fri 4th July) for his 21st Birthday. Tickets sold out for big race.
    We really hope he gets to meet Lewis and maybe get an autograph or something. Will let everyone know how it goes!
    GO LEWIS!!!!!

  133. Hi Lewis + fellow fans!
    Roll on the next race! We’ve discussed all we can now and just cant wait to see what you ‘pull out the bag’ this time Lewis!
    Good Luck in France!
    We’re all ‘rooting’ for you!
    Bless! and show them what your made of!

  134. Dear Charles,

    The FIA should have thought about that. Like in Malysia (for Lewis and Heikki after qualifying) they should have given a penalty for 5 places in order to get the rule fairly done for both. Lewis will be the one with the bigger disadvantage, but wasn’t everything what was done in 2007 + 2008 always against McLaren and especially Lewis? Normally Kimi should have got also a penalty for his bump into Adrian for the race in Montreal. Ferrari always got free from these kind of penalties. From my point of view all teams should be treated equally and fair, but as long as one special person in the FIA is still pulling the strings this will be not so easy.

    Anyway, Good luck for Lewis. Silverstone is the next milestone and in his home race Lewis will show everybody why he is entitled to be the world champion 2008!

    We love you all, Lewis.

  135. Hi Charles Webster:

    Valid comment Sir! you are dead right. The 10 grid place punishment is not fair due to the fact that Lewis is obviously the best driver! No insult to Rosberg meant.

  136. I love you Lewis. Cannot stop thinking about you. You are beautiful and talented and gifted and wonderful. Do not give up. You can do it. Don’t let the racists and criticisers get you down.

  137. Both Hamilton and rosberg were penalized 10 places.
    If Rosberg qualifies 14th. in pracitice of 22 starters & therefore has to start 22nd. he would only lose 8 places, whereas Hamilton is expected to qualify in the top 5 which would mean that he could be penalised the full 10 places. So please someone, tell me how my scenarion aove would work fairly for both drivers ?

  138. Hi Lewis!!
    You are still the best I have seen in my live.I think you can make it to the top!!Ceep your had up.You can do it.
    You are so beautyfull, and you have a warm personality, that is what people like abouth you.You stay calm all the time at any race.You’re brilliant…Love ya..
    Kiss from Holland.

  139. Fuck all the racist people.
    I hate racism.
    Lewis Has done extremely well to get into F1 from his background and it is a achievement for him and his family.
    Therefor i think no one should be putting him down.
    The incident in the pit lane was an accident. If you need the definition of an ACCIDENT go here Its quite hard to stop with no abs at about 52MPH.
    St shut the fuck up all u evil bastards and get off this site.
    Hope you win Lewis and the best of luck.

  140. Lewis hold your head up high you are the beloved. You make me very proud the way you hold yourself. I believe you can win in France and Britain. I wish you all the best. PEACE AND LOVE ALWAY. When you are great you are going to getting many people that are jealous of you. You are God bless loved around the world. you don’t have a hateful bone in your body so peace and love my brother alway.

    From Brazil

  141. LH i am from RIO DE JANEIRO BRAZIL (i am sorry if a wrote someting wrong) since i new 2 thing:

    1 you are “nigga” i am nigga too (i now what is racism)
    2 u are fan of AYRTON SENNA

    i became your fan!!
    i new too you love soccer here we have a soccer team named BOTAFOGO the same team of a player caled GARRRINCHA


    Botafogo and you play a drive BEALTFULL butt haven’t champ……


    butt in this YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT!!



    i hope GOD BLESS you so much!

  142. To Inge, beautiful post. Lewis inspires such love in people. I wanted to hug him after Montreal. He is so beautful, he makes people obsessed with him, like I am proud to admit I am. I too have read his book and got the DVD ‘Life in the Fast Lane’. I’ve also read Mark Hughes’ biography, which is excellent.

    I’m going to see him at the Brooklands Festival this year, 28th and 29th June and I really hope I can get close to him and give him a card with my personal best wishes for him.

    We love you Lewis.

  143. To all the „real“ Lewis Fans,

    I think it is time to go back to the basics why this opportunity was given for us to write our views, encouraging words and express out dearest support to Lewis instead of discussing back and forth with people who only want to insult and talk bad about a person they really do not know personally.
    The first time I saw Lewis on the grid I knew he is the driver which was needed in F1, because it was getting really boring on the track. His podium sessions brought everytime a smile on everybody’s face and you had the feeling just to jump through the TV and give him a hug. Nearly everybody went crazy over him and the media pushed him as the new rising superstar. Everything got a little bit cloudy after the “spying scandal” came to light, but I still believe it was something very fishy what was going on and after reading the hearing documentation I truly believe that it all was a set up against McLaren. But I do not want to go to deep, because it does not have anything to do with the personality of Lewis at all. I think if you read his book and watch the DVD “Life in the fast lane” you can get the inside of all what his talent is about. He is a prodigy and it was already in the early years meant for him driving one day for McLaren. He and his family truly believed in it and the day came. He was at the right time at the right place and he himself as an 8 year old boy knew already what he wanted, because he strongly wanted to drive for McLaren and wanted to drive one day in F1. Last year he had a great season and I think if the team would have played the game between Fernando and Lewis better and gave clear ranking inside the team the outcome would have been much better at the end. Don’t forget Fernando was the world champion, but was really not treated as one. Of course I had a different view last year, because I thought that Lewis should win the championship and the record (1. “black” driver in F1 and 1. rookie who won a championship title in the history of F1) for his team. And after Monaco things started getting a little bit too hot between both of them.
    This might have been something he never experienced in his life, but it made him stronger and he never let anything pulling him down. This shows what a strong character he has and that his family is giving him the strength every time when it was needed and keeps him on the ground. Imagine how easily you can get on the wrong track by letting other people taking control of your life. His father Anthony was there from the beginning and without his recognition that his son has a talent for driving Lewis would not be here today. Anthony was always there for his son. Every father who is managing his son and is also technical into this sport will be there. Some people might think that Anthony has nothing to do in the box of McLaren, but he is his manager and he is welcomed there. If it would be my or a son from anybody else in this world the father will also be right in the near. Why should anybody criticize this?
    I can only say “Nuff respect, Lewis!” you are the fastest driver in F1 at the moment and the way you are driving is fantastic!!! We dearly love you!
    My little daughter (she will be 5 in September) is crazy about him from day one. After Bahrain this year she said to me: “Mummy, please call Lewis, I want to hug and comfort him! I am so sorry for not scoring points!” His appearance brings so much joy to everybody who is not biased and only see his talent and the person he is (well educated, good manners -> he is nearly the only one who shake hands with his team, very handsome, very good focus on his job…)
    Like my daughter says “Hammy, you are my sweetheart!”
    Let us all ignore these stupid comments from the others and let’s keep on by giving positive and constructive comments and these people will go away if there will be no response at all. They will get bored quick.

    Thanks to all the true fans!

    God bless you all,

  144. Dear Liz,

    I full agree with you. What you are saying makes complete sense. There is way too much attention on Lewis comapred to the other drivers. I fully agree that if the same thing happened to any other driver, then there would not have been so much of an outroar. It boils down to jealousy. Lewis is only in his second year at F1 and has made such an impact and some people cannot handle it and intepret it as him being arrogant. He has a lot to be proud of and yet he keeps a cool head and takes the critisicm and looks at the bigger picture. Immediately after the Canadian Grand Prix, he apologised to Kimi for ruining his race, what more does he want??? I think that Kimi is actually the arrogant one and not Lewis.

    Lewis will prove all these critics wrong!!!

  145. To: Galadan

    BRAVO to ‘African American Lady’ she knows what she’s talking about-You dont!

    In your comments you say that if that had been on a normal Road, they would have locked you up and thrown away the key!!
    Firstly, it is an F1 RACE TRACK! things are done at extreme, split second speed.
    Secondly, i have personally had someone on a Road go into the back of me at 60mph and i was stationary waiting to turn right! All i got told by the Police was ‘accidents happen!’ they arent done on purpose!! As a result i am injured for life but the man that went in the back of me was no ‘Lewis Hamilton’ so what was he doing?
    Furthermore, why do you have to bring Lewis’ Father into it?
    Lewis has only done what he has to do to bring him in line with how the other F1 drivers live.What is he supposed to do?Does any one question Alonsos or Kimis ‘private life’?
    I sense a jealousy in your voice about the success Lewis has had and the money it brings.
    Why cant people just say ‘fair play’ to the lad and admit he is ‘Phenomonal’!
    Why does he have to play the ‘goody two shoes’ and be watched and VILIFIED for every comment he makes. Probably coz he is soooooo popular everyone wants to know HIS business. I dont see as much media attention on all the other drivers, probably what they dont like either.
    Lewis made a mistake in Montreal and has been punished, i too agree harshly but he will just ‘get over it’ and move on to his next race.
    So should everyone else!

  146. Dear African American Lady,

    Do indicate which part of the of my comments indicate that I am racist? I did not type in capital letters to shout at him. I am telling him what he did that does not fit his image. I don’t pass judgement on him as a person, just the actions. I am providing constructive comments so that he can learn form his mistakes and be a better champion we can be all proud of.

  147. Please just go away and don’t come back Lewis never ask or want your support Galadan,

    If you like Jenson Button, good on you go post on his website or blog. We are here to celebrate and talk about LEWIS HAMILTON. We Lewis fans are not INTERESTED IN Jenson Button. Lewis don’t need your SUPPORT GO GIVE IT TO JENSON AND PLEASE DON’T COME BACK YOU ARE NOT WELCOME. I don’t know Lewis or Jenson either do you, how stupid and foolish are your comments. Lewis is a well behaved young man. No one is asking you to love or support Lewis. Your dislike for Lewis is his skin color. I remember when racist use to be so much more honest tell the true. I love to see F1 come back to the USA.

  148. Dear Hamilton,

    Your comment that the 10 grid penalty is harsh was regrettable. I have nothing against your race as I have many friends from different racial background. Last year I thought you were a good candidate for a World Championship. I also like your rag to riches story. I felt sympathetic for you when you did not win the championship last year.

    However, your flipflop reasons for living away from Britain, some of your dad’s and your comments did seems to show that fame and fortune is getting to your head. What you did in Montreal, crashing into cars that are standing still at a red light would get you fined, thrown into jail and your driving license revoked if it occur on the roads. You dad’s antics that crashed the porsche did not help your family’s image.

    At this moment, I would rather Jenson Button win rather than you, to be honest, as Jenson seems to be a better person. (Note: Not because of his colour!)

    I wish I can support you not as a british or as a rag to riches success story, but someone who is a REAL good person that deserve the World Champion.

    Please learn from your mistake and show me that you are the deserving champion that I should support.

    All the best

  149. Oi Lewis, mais que uma simples torcedora sou alguém que te admira muito. Talvez vc não lêia está mensagem de imediato, mas um dia vc irá descubrir o quanto serei IMPORTANTE EM SUA VIDA.Kiss, MADALENA DO BRASIL.RECIFE/PE.

  150. Hi Lewis,
    I admire you you car your team and your driving.
    I think you will go on to be better that all the champions ( Jackie Stewart )
    I hope more than anything you win the championship this year.
    Go Lewis!!!!
    Karting and F1 rules!

  151. To; Emilio
    I would guess you are Spanish? Typical rude comments again from you!
    Y dont u drown like the Spanish Armada!
    Lewis is British and we will defend him 2 the end!
    Go away!

  152. To the moderator!

    I think you should delete again 4 messages. Some people might not be able to learn.

    Maybe you should install a blocker – like a “pop-up blocker”.
    If somebody is writing any special from you chosen keywords (I mean insulting ones) these messages will automatically deleted.
    Maybe there is a possibility, because it is getting too much now.

    Thanks and have a nice day!

    To all the haters again,

    If you want to talk rubbish than please go to a life talk show and meet your likes face to face.
    Normally the Spanish people are Catholics and go to church, isn’t it, and if not your parents do. I think you heart already a lot of times “Judge not that you be not judged! (Mathew 7:1)
    I think if you made mistakes in life you found it also very insulting if anybody would ride on it in a very harsh way, isn’t it? So keep cool and stop this nonsense.


  153. Emilio, what are you even doing on this site. Go away please.

    Lewis Hamilton all the way!!!

  154. hey lewis me and my family think your great we will support u all the way ! no matter what ignore the haterz there jelous! best of luck 2 the future and good luck in your next race !
    WE will be supporting you , your the best f1 driver thats ever hit the track in my eyes !


  155. hey lewis me and my family think your great we will support u all the way ! no matter what ignore the haterz there jelous! best of luck 2 the future and good luck in your next race !
    WE will be supporting you


  156. The funny thing is monkeys comes in every colors, white black red etc, but the monkies in Spain are WHITE. I love being black wouldn’t changed it for the world. As I record the Spanish painted their face black their didn’t have any masks. Because of this incident the spanish are looked on as being ignorant and backward. I think, the spanish shouldn’t have 2 Grand Prix either for such a vile racist country. Anyway it’s seem that the racist have gone amen.


    Liz Jackson, on June 11th, 2008 at 12:01 pm Said:
    Hi to my new friends- Inge, A and Toni!
    You are all sensible people and understand the ‘race’ issue that blatently cannot be ignored.
    Remember at the Spanish Grand Prix when those ‘morons’ were in the crowd with ‘monkey’ masks and banners saying ‘Hamilton go home!’
    Tell me that is not racist and if it had been against any other driver there would have been ‘uproar’ and something done about it. Bet Lewis didnt get an apology for that!!
    Anyway, Inge is right-the only way to beat the ‘racists’ are by Lewis showing the World how brilliant he is on the track and hopefully by winning. That will hurt the ‘haters’ the most.

  157. Dear Lewis,

    I hope you do not see the comments about racism in a wrong light, because it was not meant for all the fans here as the main matter for all what is happening, but sometimes it opens your eyes for some others aspects which you might not have seen before.
    My family is supporting you since day one you started in the McLaren team and checked out your background. I read your book and watched the DVD “Life in the fast lane” and I came to the conclusion that you are the best driver since Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher on the grid at the moment. Some people might think you should never ever make mistakes, of course nobody want to make mistakes, but they do happen and sometimes in a situation where they really are not needed. You are not superman and you are not a machine which is running a program without any mistake.
    I assume that Ayrton and Michael also made their mistakes and learnt from them to be later on the best drivers on the grid. There is nobody in this world you never ever made a mistake. The outcome of a mistake is mostly the best for your own experience and growth into your life. Now you are aware of nearly everything what can happen on the track and you can set up your focus on what makes you to this phenomenal driver.
    Let your talent drive this great McLaren car and show everybody on the track who Lewis Hamilton really is. Like in GP2 where you started far back and finished the race – oh I can’t remember exactly –second (?) or first (?). (Keep that in mind for Magny Cours)

    This is the only way to prove everybody out there wrong in all what they say. You have a strong family behind you and this is the most important thing in the world. Your dad is such a nice and supporting person and he will never ever miss out anything to give you advice in.

    There are still 11 races in front of you. Get the most points for yourself!! ?

    You will make it this year, Lewis. Just keep on pushing and improving in everything and you will be the World Champion 2008.
    Your first dream as a little boy was driving for McLaren…you got their support, your second dream was driving in Formula 1 … now you are in your second year with the team you dreamed of and the third dream was winning the Championship … last year you nearly got it, but this year this dream will come true.

    Stay as you are and stay true to yourself.

    God is watching over you and is blessing you. Just keep on praying. God is able!

    Love, Inge

  158. Hi Lewis,
    Just to let you know that we love you, we are so proud of you, and always praying for you. It was such unfortunate that your race ended up in a crash – simple advice following sunday’s crash, whenever you loose your place try to stay calm.

    My main purpose of writing to you is to encourage you to spend more time in prayer and bible reading instead of parting,such that by the time you get into that car to start your race you are fully confident that God is on your side. If God is on your side no-one and i mean no-one will be against you; and you will be amazed by your racing results.
    If you take it on board, together with our prayers, and your teams’ effort (God is able) even in France you will be on the podiium though it appears impossible.
    Lewis give it a try and let me know how you will feel after finishing France race.
    God bless

  159. Hi Lewis,
    I just wanted to say I love you so much! You are one of the best F1 drivers we have ever had, it dosen’t matter what other people think all us on here think you are great! I would say “keep it up” but there is no point-you already are “keeping it up”!! Love you!

    Sammy xxx

  160. Hi Lewi,

    I just want to say that you are doing a great job. Never mind the criticism and just do what you are good at – winning. My husband and i are very big fans and wish you all the best on your next race. You must remember that you are the only Blk person on F1 and they (you know who) HATE that, they will do anything in their power to make your life a living HELL. But know that GOD is on your side and no one can touch or bring you down that easily.

    I would really love to see you race live one day by GOD’s grace.

    Love J,

  161. There is one thing I know ,Lew you will be celebrated as the F1 championship winner, no matter what people say or do, com’on man just keep winning and don’t look back.
    More grace to your able.

  162. The racism is a gun that many people shoot when they have no more arguments to defend and the fury come out. This is stupid if you stop to consider: who is really white, black, yelow or red?. There are only a few people of pure race in the world (maybe). We are the mix of different races and cultures without any doubt. I look like a perfect white man but I know my black forefathers and surely that people of racist coments don’t belong to one and unique race.
    I think someday Lewis will be F1 worldchampion but not this year, he is unripe. Fernando Alonso is the greatest in the grill right now.

    Best wishes for all.

  163. As I wrote before Lewis made a stupid mistake. Things like that happen under pressure. The second mistake he made was to critisize the rules. Just apologize and get on with it. He quite rightly as a fierce competitor said on the F! Live site that it will not deter him from performing well in France. Great, good for you and good luck.
    To the folks here that ride the racist wagon, I think that you are embaressing Lewis with that crap. He is a great human being.
    Those who say that race is the issue, grow up and enter the real world. People are tired of the racist tune. If you are white that is what you are and be proud of it. If tiy are black, that is what you are and be proud of it. If you are mixed race, that is what you are and be proud of it. Let us live in harmony and drop the chips off of our shoulders.

  164. Lewis, you are one hell of a guy, a fantastic driver,manners that would put half of the country to shame, to say nothing of your fabulous looks.
    You have a wonderful family, I will never forget the look of pure joy from both your father and delightful brother when you won at Monarco, what a win that was. When you feel sad about the incident at Montreal just cast your mind back to Monarco. You are a true gentleman and I wish you all the luck in the world with your future races. Love you lots Lewis, keep safe out there driving that awsome machine XXX
    one of your oldest fans

  165. Just wanted to say Lewis is the greatest and an inspiration to al the talented dedicated children (and their families!) To be signed by McLaren in the way he did was amazing and I hope he fulfills all they thought he would. Lewis u will be champion one day, people forget that he was a rookie last ear and is still only 23, he has plenty of years of driving ahead, so will gain much better experience in dealing under pressure!!!
    But hey, everyone makes mistakes and if ur gonna take anyone out glad it was the Ferrari’s! (just wish it had been Alonso too!!!! he really is arrogant!) But at least prayers were answered with him.
    Nice to see fellow Brit on the podium ast week though!!!

  166. My comments were not inspired by race but rather behaviour. Disliking someone’s behaviour has nothing to do with disliking their race. Why is it that some darker skinned people cannot separate the two?

    I come from a country where the black and white debate is really non-existant and as an outsider looking in I find that the race issue tends to be more a black one than a white. This is only an observation from someone unaffected and not even thinking race at all but it certainly seems to be the case here.

    When it’s all said and done there are several races among the F1 drivers – why should Lewis’ attract so much attention?

  167. Today, I have had to delete 20 very nasty messages aimed at the colour of Lewis. It was unprovoked. Some of the fans have seen a few. Starting this site has been a real eye opener for me on how malicious people can be for absolutely no real reason. I am not white or black, starting this site was really about the circumstances and the challenges that Lewis Hamilton and his dad were in and how they have overcome it to be at the top of the game. It is meant to be an inspirational site. I would have started this site if Lewis was white, yellow or green. How Lewis keeps his cool and handles his racing wins, looses or incidents is his prevogative.
    Please, if you have something nasty and racist to say, keep it to yourself and let the fans enjoy the site and indulge in Lewis Hamilton.

  168. hey guys, just calm down a little with the race issue. not everyone’s racist and i don’t think it’s right certain people on this site accuse most of the other drivers of being racist bullies.
    the only ones who make hamilton’s race an issue are the ones that can’t stop going on about racist oppression. just all calm down, yeah.

  169. Lewis is good, thats for sure, but in the moment he see someone is going to take his place in the race, he turns nervous and… MISTAKE. For me is an excellent rockie, not a complete driver yet. Besides, he’s arrogant and a little dirty.
    Perhaps, someday i’ll be a Lewis Hamilton fan, not today. I choose Alonso, Kubica, Kimmi or Nakkajima but not Lewis.
    Anyway my respects to you.

  170. Dear Lewis

    You may be feeling a bit down about Sunday’s result … but look mate – what about me? I came all the way to Canada for my 40th birthday treat (Friday) and bought the t-shirt and hat sat in the blazing sun and watched you run to pole in the closing seconds on Saturday, Sunday I watched from the first corner grandstand as everyone went through cleanly and you were well ahead until Sutil hit the wall. Then you ran into the back of Kimi! Given the choice between BMW and Ferrari to hit then of course Ferrari every time but … what can I say – you should have won to give me the birthday pressie I really wanted!

    Seriously – it was an excellent race – not the result we all hoped for but good for Kubica – and bless him after last year he deserved it. I think the FIA are being extremely harsh – if they are now handing out penalties for mistakes then why didn’t Kimi get one for using ‘alternative breaking methods’ in Monaco?

    I am sure you don’t need me to tell you that you have to put it bhind you and get on with it – there is plenty of chance yet in the championships and we are routing for you


  171. Lewis Hamilton, you are so handsome and talented. I know you will win 08 WDC, you are a true gentleman with such grace and class. Just keep focus and you will win the 08 WDC only 4 point between you.

  172. Lewis is currently the best driver in F1 and that why Kimi is bad mouthing him. Lewis will win 90 points still to be claimed. Lewis is still in Second place. 4 points, knowing Lewis he may even get some points in france

  173. Lewis is currently the best driver in F1 and that why Kimi is bad mouthing him. Lewis will win 90 points still to be claimed. Lewis is still in Second place. 4 points, knowing Lewis he may even get some points in france

  174. To all the vile nasty racist leave and don’t come back. Lewis did apology unlike Kimi he being punish and we all know that Mad-Max is a vile racist.

    To the moderator,

    Can’t you instill a blocking system?

    If you are racist don’t come here and post your crap, we Lewis fans don’t want to hear

  175. Hi to my new friends- Inge, A and Toni!
    You are all sensible people and understand the ‘race’ issue that blatently cannot be ignored.
    Remember at the Spanish Grand Prix when those ‘morons’ were in the crowd with ‘monkey’ masks and banners saying ‘Hamilton go home!’
    Tell me that is not racist and if it had been against any other driver there would have been ‘uproar’ and something done about it. Bet Lewis didnt get an apology for that!!
    Anyway, Inge is right-the only way to beat the ‘racists’ are by Lewis showing the World how brilliant he is on the track and hopefully by winning. That will hurt the ‘haters’ the most.

  176. Hi Lewis,

    Even if u get to read some nasty messages, remember to just ignore and focus. What people dont realise is if one is favoured and meant to be at the top, you will make it to the top despite all and i blv you are favoured and meant to be at the top. All e best and hope u win an score points for all the races to come so that we can party again like u say it yeah. Yes it was a mistake but remember you are not the first driver to make a mistake an certainly not the last. Life goes on!! and racing goes on for you to win. People dont realise that nobody had a meeting with God to choose what colour they should be or what kind of parents we shld have. So this race thing must js be dropped. if you re favoured you are favoured. So go do the job an get it done well so pple wont have anything to say. Your fans we are all behind you big time, black, white, yellow or whatever colour.
    good luck yeah

  177. To Inge

    You know exactly what the score is. I am mixed-race (Jamaican mother, English father) and I totally know that the reason Lewis is castigated is because he is black (yes, if you are mixed-race, you are seen as black NOT white). All those on here who go on that race has nothing to do with it know absolutely nothing because they have not had to live in a black skin and they do not have black/mixed-race children. It is a shame that you have to be in that situation in order to understand – maybe if people were able to be more intelligent and empathise, the world would be a better place. The hoo-hah that has gone on on the forums and the press about Lewis’ mistake has been blown way out of proportion. Can you imagine if Lewis had done what Alonso had done to Heidfeld in Monaco – he would have been hung drawn and quartered. If a white driver makes a mistake, there is a little comment. if Lewis makes a mistake, he is vilified, criticised and treated like little short of a murderer. It is so OBVIOUS it is due to the colour of his skin. Those who can’t see it are just in denial or stupid or don’t understand about racism.

    I hope Lewis wins more than ever because of what he has to go through. I’m really not keen on most of the drivers except his friends Nico, Adrian and Massa seems pleasant. The rest look like racist bullies who think their sh** don’t stink.

    Lewis, you have many people, black and white, who love you because they know how fabulous you are and how much of an inspiration you are. Everyone who has ever met you think you and your family are the nicest people in sport. I met you briefly at your book-signing and will never ever forget it. I hope to see you at Brooklands too. Please don’t forget your “roots” – I’m so glad you have Miss Grenada and Nicole Scherzinger on your arm – you’re not stupid. Win and win again to show these racists.

    Thanks to all on here with their messages of support and love. It makes my day to see others think like me.

    Bless you Lewis.

  178. To Liz,

    I like your comments and I also dislike these jealous people talking rubbish about Lewis.

    I am 42 years old, married to a Jamaican and have 3 children. We are living in Germany. I know exactly what you are talking about. You have to experience this in order to understand.

    A black person is not welcomed nowhere if he has better education, better manners, is good looking or is having skills what a “white” person does not have. Jealousy is the key why these people behave like this. They do not have any problem with the other drivers there if they make any mistake and I can imagine that nobody wrote on Kimi’s website any insulting comment about his bump into Adrian. This was okay, but if Kimi was a “black” man it would have looked much more different and he would have got a penalty for the next race. The measurement in this world is different when it comes to “blacks” or “mixed race” people.
    This world is still a racist world and will never get better, because there will always be people who rate others because of the color of their skin. Lewis is the first F1 driver in the F1 history who is “black” and has a “God-given-talent” for driving and there are a lot of people, also in F1, who do not like this.
    It is not his fault that the media in England was crazy about him and made him to the superstar, because he himself would never ever ask for this kind of publicity.
    He is still young and has to learn from this.
    The only way to teach these people wrong is to be the best on the track and to speed away from them like in Monaco and like in Montreal (the first 15 laps).

    He will show them all in France. I am sure of that.

    Have a nice day, Liz and watch out for the training in Spain which will start today.

    Love, Inge

  179. To the jealous “Lewis haters”,

    Stop writing these stupid comments.
    Even if you dislike the McLaren team and it’s drivers this is not a reason to visit a fan page from Lewis and start spitting poison.
    A true fan of F1 is not giving such kind of comments. I think all the McLaren fans will never visit Kimi’s or Robert’s website and write these insulting and bad comments.
    I think you are all not grown up yet and need a little bit of self control and education how to behave in life.

    To the moderator,

    I think it is not easy for you to go through all of the comments every day in order to get rid off the insulting and “bad language” ones.
    I hope you will delete them and give them the same advice what you gave to “The Stig” last month.

    Thanks a lot for giving the true fans the opportunity on this side to give good and constructive comments.

    Have a nice day!

  180. To: Amanda May
    I thought the ‘admin’ for this site asked people not to swear, particularly because children may look at this site. What kind of person are you calling Lewis an ‘arrogant b*****d.
    You rude person! who is the arrogant one?
    To: Emilio
    Your comments arent funny just pathetic making out Lewis is some kind of retard!
    Where did you lot come from?Are you being paid by the other teams to put your comments on this site!!

  181. u r a warrior.may god be with u on the road to become the champion, u deserve to be and become one of the greats. wish u the best .

  182. Hello ! I’m french and I can make mistakes !

    Good luck Lewis everyone is with you !
    Thamk you for having provided the show in Monaco !
    I hope you win the championship !

    Louis, the futur champion ( maybe ) !

    Ps: meet me if you have the times please ???

  183. We know this is a fansite for Lewis, but …

    We love the whole rags to riches story and think his Dad is truly a great role model for Lewis and applaud him for all the sacrifices that he has made to create opportunity! So could everyone GIVE THIS RACIAL NONSENCE A REST NOW!!!! It’s getting boring! Lewis must take his hidings like a man. His fans using the racial approach are making it worse for him! Since when does it go about being black or white … I thought this was F1 Driving! A TRUE champion is colour blind! (Just take a lesson from Tiger Woods!)

    Hamilton is arrogant and must still grow up! He is most certainly ungracious in defeat! The interview regarding the pit lane incident underlined how cocky he really is! I bet Lewis made Alonso’s life a real misery and absolute hell while they were partners!

    The high life and loads of cash cannot buy class or make you a TRUE sportsman – the difference between a real champion and an absolute rookie.

    Can’t wait for Ferrari, or Alonso for that matter, to teach him a lesson in driving!

    GO KIMI and MASSA!!!!!

  184. I am not A Lewis fan or a Kimi fan, I am an F1 fan. When Kimi nailed Sutil from behind at Monaco he lost control of his car going over a bump. Hardly failing to adhere to a red light or failing to stick to the rules, hence calling it a racing incedent. As for Lewis nailing Kimi, the red lights are for all the dirvers to adhere to, If that light was green, why did Kimi and Robert stop at it. I know that people make mistakes. Lewis made one here but is unfortunately not man enough to admid it. Don’t blame the rules Lewis they are there for every driver not just for you. You made a mistake and now you are penalised. Last year Massa was disqualified for not stopping at the red light. Fortunately he did not have anybody ahead of him that did stop.

  185. Hi Friends of Lewis Again!
    Thats better-the sites coming back to the ‘real’ people of this World and the true Lewis Fans.
    Constructive ‘criticism’ is OK but down right rudeness and ‘hate’ is not acceptable.
    I feel too that Lewis is being ‘targeted’-by who i’m not sure but someone out there does not want him to win. Too many incidents have happened.Perhaps Lewis is learning to ‘watch his back’ in the ‘cut-throat’ business of the rich-Formula 1?
    Lewis you have shown your ‘resolve’ against all your setbacks and various ‘insults’ from the jealous crowd so I know you are strong and that is what is going to make you fight and succeed and win the 2008 F1 GP!

  186. “Smoke Me a Kipper”

    Well if you DON’T LIKE LEWIS WHY ARE YOU HERE? Actually the lights changed several times. If you don’t like Lewis Hamilton don’t post here THIS IS FOR LEWIS FANS. GET A LIFE AND DON’T COME BACK HERE YOU LOSER LOWLIFE.

  187. I think there some racial bullying going on towards Lewis in F1. Mass is the only driver nice to Lewis, I have notice this to.

  188. Iain Timms, on June 9th, 2008 at 1:03 pm Said:
    Dear Lewis, Having watched up to your bump in the Canadian GP when they panned from a low level camera in the pit lane. I saw a green light changing to a flashing red as you approached and were passing the camera take a look at thefilm archive. I believe they failed in changing those lights in time to prevent what occured.
    Good luck best wishes Iain.


    Lewis can and will win.

  189. Hey Lewis,

    You the man you will prove that you are a Champion. You can do it, most of your fans blv in you. Despite being called a Briton Bully, your fans knw tht you are not a bully actually u being bullied. How many times have u smiled at the pdm an some people on with you gave you cold shouldrs except for lovely Fillipe Massa who is always smiling.
    We will alwys be behind you. All the best with coming races.

  190. Proud of you Lewis, still 90 points to be collected. Lewis can and will still win the WCD. I hate Kimi the man is a two face DIDN’T HE TAKE OUT FORCE INDIA DRIVE NOTHING WAS DONE TO HIM EITHER. HE SHOULD JUST SHUT UP. KIMI CAN’T HANDLE LEWIS ON THE TRACK.

    Dear Sirs,

    Why is it that Mclaren is boardcasting Lewis strategy on ITV. I believe this cause Lewis to lose the race, because every team knew when he was going to pit. I never seen any team behave like this towards their driver. Now Martin, as just told everyone across the world that Lewis will be fuelled to do a very long stint in the first sector of his french race. Is it that the spanish bank have told you that Lewis shouldn’t win? I don’t think McLaren wanted Lewis to win last year or this year. As a Lewis fan I would appreciate if Martin, stop informing the media about Lewis strategy. What have Lewis done to this man? Is it because Lewis wouldn’t go to court and removed Kimi WDC?. Sir Ron Dennis, need to step in and stop this egoist Martin.

  191. hello lewis. i just wanted to tell you how much i love you. we all do and none of us can live our lives without you.
    you are the greatest person ever to walk the earth. you can win. you are a winner and a champion.

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  193. To Smoke me a Kipper

    This site is a fansite, not somewhere to post stupid, nasty, illogical rubbish. Lewis did apologise and said it was unfortunate that he took himself and Kimi out of the race. When other drivers make stupid mistakes, they don’t get vilified like Lewis. Maybe it’s because Lewis is such a genius behind the wheel that we don’t expect him to make such mistakes. Unfortunately, I think the real reason he gets vilified is because he is a hate figure for some because of his colour and his popularity with celebrities. I hope he wins everything now to show the racists. He is such a charming, lovely man, anyone who can’t see that must be brain-defective or just plain evil.

    Here’s to you Lewis, my wonderful champion.

  194. Dear Lewis,

    I am so sorry, for you scoring no points in Montreal, but mistakes do happen and sometimes they happen in a situation where they are really not needed, but “Keep your head up”.

    If Adrian would have parked his car properly on the green, like every other driver does, if he has to stop this supid safety car session would not have taken place. But anyway, the safety car was really not needed, because the racing line was on the left side and there was no disturbance for the drivers.

    You made a very good start and after 10 laps you were far away from all the others. This advantage would have given you enough time to make your stop and to win the race.

    Normally it was agreed to stop all the unnecessary saftey cars, because of the disadvantage if the pit lane is closed and the drivers have to come in to fill up petrol.
    It looked like that if from somewhere in this F1 organisation it is not welcomed to have a “coloured” world champion. Because this safety car stopped only your race! All the others caught up again and your advantage was gone.

    If it is like this then you should proove these people wrong and should bring out now the new Lewis who will drive like nobody else was driving before and battle them with your God -given- skills and show them on the track that you are the worlchampion of 2008.
    Like the Netherlands scored 3:0 against Italy in the EM yesterday, you will show them as well in a fair manner.

    There are a lot of people who hate you, but this is only jealousy, because you are in a Top team, you are a very handsome guy, you have a good education, you have very good manners and the press is pushing you so much in everything.

    Stay as you are and show them all who Lewis Hamilton really is!

    Leave them all behind in France, even if you will start from position 11. No doubt, with this pace you have at the moment you can overtake a lot of them and if you make a clever stop you can be on the podium again!

    God bless you.

    Love, Inge

  195. Darling Lewis:
    I wish you good luck in the near race in France and success in the championship.

  196. Darling Lewis:
    I wish you good luck in the near race in France and success in the championship.
    TeresinhaDarling Lewis:
    I wish you good luck in the near race in France and success in the championship.

  197. Hi Lewis:
    First let me introduce myself. I am a 44 year old Brazilian who grew up watching F1. I still remember Sir Jackie Stewart passing Emerson Fittipaldi on the grass in 1971… Anyway, I am writing to you and about you. Just as you, I came to absolutely revere Ayrton Senna as the genious he was as a driver and used to love seeing him absolutely skunk the whole field when it rained, which always set apart the real skilled drivers from the rest of the field.
    Despite the fact that Michael Schumi is also a genious and also beat everybody in the rain and became the only 7 time World champion, etc, etc, just as Ayrton you now have the chance to set yourself apart from everybody else, since traction control is now gone, just as it was for the majority of the time during which Ayrton Senna used to do his show. In fact, I think you are the new Ayrton Senna! I have not seen a driver as skilled as you are since the time he was alive. Please do not get discouraged with small mistakes – we all make them. Do you remember how many times Ayrton lost his focus and crashed? Including one time at the entrance to the tunnel in Monaco when he was light years ahead of everyone but would not slow down? It happens to human beings, the species we belong to. But it says nothing of the ability and skills, only of a moment in which we lose our focus. Lewis, you have been blessed with an ability that very few ever had and very few will ever have. You ARE a star in this very difficult and selective field. You ARE the new Ayrton Senna and, just as you grew up admiring him, I bet he is watching over you at this moment and helping you every time you get in the cockpit of a race car. Please do not look back with regret and keep the memory and the lessons learned, but always looking and moving forward. Today YOU ARE the best and the results are just that, the result of the effort and show you are putting for you and all of us, real fans of speed and technique. Full force ahead!!! Whether you win this year, next year, or 13 years in a row, keep doing what you do best: being the best out there, and the results are a matter of time, only a consequence.
    From a big fan from the land of Ayrton,
    Mario Azevedo

  198. To bernard E

    It seems it is very important for you for people to know that …hey you are white. Well , iam also white so that makes the two of us. Very clever is’nt it!
    I dont like nor disike lewis. My favourite driver is nico…but i can see that lewis is a very talented driver. bernard E, white man, your views are not the majority nor the minority opinion….thay are just your views….and while iam at it why did you feel the need to say what your colour is?

  199. To: J
    How dare you call me a ‘muppet’!!i am ill so i have plenty of time to go on my PC and i am not a ‘muppet’ coz i follow Lewis Hamilton like a true ‘Fan’.
    Heres one for you ‘bombacl***t’ How dare you insult me!!
    Good thing i dont know who you are!!
    How do you know whether Lewis doesnt read this site??
    How do you know i dont speak to him personally??
    How do you know i dont know him???
    Well then – Buenos noches!!

  200. Just because this is a Lewis Hamilton fansite doesn`t mean anyone who doesn`t like him aren`t entitled to express their opinions about him!

    I don`t like hamilton because I think he is a bighead with an over inflated ego, and when things don`t go his way, he behaves like a spoilt brat and is ungracious in defeat!

    A great sportsperson will always be gracious in victory and defeat and will always conduct themselves with dignity and integrity when things are going bad and do not resort to cynical cheating to make the ends justify the means and hamilton is well short of being a great sportsman!

    As for the incident in Canada, the whole McLaren team has to take the blame for the initial error of not reminding hamilton of the red lights as Massa was disqualified in 2007 for exiting the pit lane whilst the lights were at red.
    However, Hamilton is at fault for what I view in my opinion, as a cynical manoeuvre at Raikkonen after he realised it was inevitable he was going to hit either Kubica or Raikkonen, had it been Michael Schumacher who was driving and carried out that manoeuvre on another driver, many of you hamilton fans would be accusing him of being a dirty rotten cheat!

    Hamilton`s post race comments also show how immature he is, and lacking in responsibility by not acknowledging his schoolboy error, and the wry grin on his face during his interview show how relieved he was to ruin Raikkonen`s race and stop him from scoring points.

    If Hamilton has adopted the cynical tactics of Michael Schumacher, then he is a very poor and desperate sportsman indeed, and if this is how he becomes champion, then shame on him and shame on anyone who campares hamilton to the likes of Senna, Prost and dare I mention him…Schumacher in the same breath!

    Thankfully Robert Kubica has emerged as the REAL hero of F1, and Kubica is a more than equal driver to hamilton with more integrity, and conducts himself in a manner that would make him a more worthy F1 champion than Hamilton, and I`ll be willing to bet that Kubica would easily beat Hamilton if he was driving a McLaren or a Ferrari!

  201. To: Toni
    at least you are seeing the picture clearly!Sound my friend!
    I just cannot understand the negativity after this one mistake and how can anyone think that you do not have the utmost respect for your Father and Ron Dennis. Why should it matter who you have following you? and what ‘rubbish’ it is distracting you! it probably places more pressure on you but at 23 and so quickly, you have handled becoming famous remarkably well. And, at the end of the day, yes, you couldnt have done it without the ‘team’ but the ‘buck’ stops with you. On the day, you drive the car which takes a hell of a lot of stamina and courage.

    I’m sorry if I keep appearing on this website but i am a committed fan of Lewis and want to defend him!

  202. Lewis

    You will make it. Just play cool. Ron Dennis is a cool dude really. He is always calm despite all. You are a well mannered young man to be honest. very sincere just tht some people fail to recognise it.
    I hope you allow Ron Dennis and your dad to mentor you through out your career. They seem like guys who wld know how to help you deal with pressures of life in this kind of career and lifestyle. Be blessed. I hope you keep getting points even if you dont come out first on most races being 2nd and 3rd is not bad for that will give you good points to get the championship. Thats my wish.

  203. Hi Lewis,

    Me again, why did a safety car come in and yet there was no need for it. The time another car was burning, they did not even bring on a safety car. So what is really goin on?? This race has so much to be explained other than Lewis’ mistake. had this unnecessary safety car not been brought in, all this wld have never happened really. So F1A played a role in this problem. Lewis, work hard on the next races even if you re put under pressure, dont stress, try to relax an chill. U re a champion, calm down, dont allow certain things to stress u, causing panic. next time a safety car is brought in unnecessarily, just chill an try to fight to go on the pdm, not necessarily no.1. What we wan from you is points on every race to get to the top. U will make it.

  204. Lewis, you’re becoming very cocky and arrogant as it was apparent from the interview you gave post the pit lane incident. Celebrity culture, money and the media circus following you around is severely detracting you. Ron Dennis is from the “Old School” and would command some sort of maturity and respect. Just remember who got you there and be greatful or atleast let him know that he’s the boss otherwise him and the team will look elsewhere…….I’m 3 years older than you but we have very similar backgrounds…All I want to say is, you’re a talanted driver but be wary about how others perceive you……

  205. Bernard E
    So, you are white and 36 yrs old-well, for your information i am white and 44 yrs but have a mixed-race Son aged 20 yrs. Thats why i understand what a personal struggle to get to the top for Lewis is not just a ‘race’ issue, which you would not understand in a million years so we wont go into that.
    Also, for your information, of course I know about ‘the Great Ayrton Senna’, my Dad was taking me to Silverstone since I was 7yrs old!!
    You cant live in the past and again, your ‘dislike’ of Lewis Hamilton is quite obvious so why do you write on this site. I would guess also that in you there is an ‘undertone’ of racism to attached to your views.
    I do not wish to start a ‘debate’ with you on this site, I just want to write my positive comments about Lewis Hamilton and I think that you would be ‘outvoted’ when you call P.Diddy rubbish and that Lewis will put his head down and not win another race this season!!You wish!!Lets see ay!!

  206. To: Bernard E
    So, you are white and 36 yrs old-well, for your information i am white and 44 yrs but have a mixed-race Son aged 20 yrs. Thats why i understand what a personal struggle to get to the top for Lewis is not just a ‘race’ issue, which you would not understand in a million years so we wont go into that.
    Also, for your information, of course I know about ‘the Great Ayrton Senna’, my Dad was taking me to Silverstone since I was 7yrs old!!
    You cant live in the past and again, your ‘dislike’ of Lewis Hamilton is quite obvious so why do you write on this site. I would guess also that in you there is an ‘undertone’ of racism to attached to your views.
    I do not wish to start a ‘debate’ with you on this site, I just want to write my positive comments about Lewis Hamilton and I think that you would be ‘outvoted’ when you call P.Diddy rubbish and that Lewis will put his head down and not win another race this season!!You wish!!Lets see ay!!

  207. we were ( me and my wife) supprised about how fast a safetycar can go. you went into the pits from behind the safetycar and then the marshalls claim to say that the safetycar was driving by when all of you came out off the pitstops. Iff that is true you better change cars whit him couse he can do a hole lap in just 40 seconds. We thougt you had the fasted lap?????
    verry sorry that you were not abble to finish the race

  208. Je suis en colère pas contre toi mais contre cette stupide réglementation. Et pour couronner le tout, on te penalise de 10 places au grand prix de France comme si tu n’avais pas été assez sanctionné par ton abandon. Ferrari a du encore se plaindre ! Force india aurait dû faire pareil à Raikkonen à Monaco. Je ne savais que les erreurs d’inattention devaient être punies. En tout cas ce qu’il t’ai arrivé aurait pû arrivé à n’importe quel pilote. L’errreur est humaine. Je serais à Magnycours et même si je sais que ce n’est pas ton GP préféré et que tu pars avec un handicap, je t’encouragerais de toute mes forces. A très vite à la sortie de l’hotel …
    Valérie de FRANCE

  209. lewis is lewis hamilton and not senna! can we please stop confusing that plain simple fact.

  210. Why oh why. did you hit Kimi? you do realise you could of now blown your chances of winning this years world championship.

  211. Hi Lewis

    Just wanted to let you know that mistakes do happen , do not beat yourself about Canada. Mistakes are there to be learnt from. even though the punishment is too harsh, I know that you will be at the podium by the end of the french grand prix because you have a great Spirit and you are a fabulous driver. Good Luck! and by the way I totally agree with Charity

  212. Oh and Bernard E:
    Your comments show you obviously are a ‘Lewis Hater’ so get off the site!
    You obviously havent studied enough on being a fan of Lewis because you would know that he likes ‘hip hop’ music and the likes of P.Diddy but i suppose you dont know who they are!!!!

  213. To: Bernard E
    I take it that you are not BLACK OR YOUNG because you would know exactly what I am saying and so would Lewis! OK-i shall have to write in PLAIN ENGLISH but as you are so rude, i won’t even bother for you because I am an IDIOT!
    Go and learn the terms used by the ‘young ones’ of this society, especially black ones and then you’ll be ‘enlightened’ my friend!

  214. gosh! there are some really lame people out there who all sound so unhappy with their lives!

    lewis you are just so fantabulous! keep up the good work. you are here to stay and make your mark. you’ve achieved so much since you started your career with f1. there will always be player haters, please just switch off from anything said by this species!

    your no1 fan all the way from soweto

  215. Luisito’ve got a bit difficult this second at 4 points and Kubica in france you delayed 10 post, that hurts you can not meet 15 races followed .. good from here ten years is possible


  216. Lewis, we still love you and want you to win this year and every year. It was a mistake that was caused by Raikkonen moving from behind Kubica to the side of him so that he could overtake. The penalty was too severe. They don’t want a black man to win do they?

    Thanks Admin for removing the nasty posts – there are enough F1 forums for these evil people to leave their hate.

    Come on Lewey, you can do it!

  217. Dear Lewis, Having watched up to your bump in the Canadian GP when they panned from a low level camera in the pit lane. I saw a green light changing to a flashing red as you approached and were passing the camera take a look at thefilm archive. I believe they failed in changing those lights in time to prevent what occured.
    Good luck best wishes Iain.

  218. I am glad 2C the moderator has deleted ‘wasteman’ comments on LEWIS’ site coz dem people R jus ‘HATERS’ in life and jealous.
    Brap!Brap! Lewis-wot does the World expect from you?1 little mistake and dey R ready 2 jump.Dis is Y this world is in such a mess-build you up 2 knock u down.Sad but tru.
    Ignore-u know U R da best! i can C U R startin 2 really believe in urself and if people think its ‘arrogance’ den dey R ignorant. U R probly the most polite F1 driver theres eva bin so go forward, U R Strong,Uve already proved that.
    Disapointed that U have bin given a 10 grid placement by the FIA 4 ur nex race in France. I find it ‘jokes’ (Max Mosley) needs a 10 grid replacement i think!!lol!

  219. This is a Lewis Hamilton Fan & Inspiration Site. Those that do not support him should not even be visiting this site.

    Lewis, if it weren’t for you, F1 would not even be as exciting as it is now.

    You are the BEST!!!!!

  220. lewis TONI is the most sensible person to send u a message….he said it perfectly…..toni u r great…and lewis remember….GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS…. u never know……neway…keep hanging on…champ

  221. Ladies and Gentleman. This is a fansite and it is read by many kids.
    Please feel free to make your comments (negative or positive) and if Lewis can learn from them, why not. However please have the common sense not to use foul language. I have a full time job, I cannot be checking the site every hour. I have had to delete more than 20 messages today with bad language. Thanks.

  222. hey u guys he’s not perfect but he’s good enough to win this championship. just keep in mind that what happened to him yesterday will just make him show what a ‘born-to-be-a-champion he is’.love him!!!!! he’s the man!!!!

  223. Lewis, you are the most overated driver ever to hit F1, yes you are good, but your not Senna, or even Mansell good. You are at best Coulthard good. Change your attitude, your a little to arrogant, and you refuse to accept that you make can make a mistake. Yesterday in Canada, you saw Kubica and Raikkonen jump you in the pitstop, you saw them stop side by side at the end of the pitlane and you tried to antisipate the lights and drive round the left hand side of Raikkonen, but you couldn’t do it. When interviewed by Louise Goodman on ITV 1, not once did you say sorry, that was my fault. You blamed the team, the lights etc etc, everyone except YOU!

    You got lucky last year to get that close to winning, this year, you will finish at best 3rd in the championship.

  224. Lewis, we have an amazing medical aid called “Discovery”. It offers a very compihensive Optical plan for colour blindness. If you would like, I can forward you their number.

  225. People are being unfair about the accident in Canada – Kimi had one in Monaco and nothing was said – they said it happens – now people are going off at Lewis. It was a mistake thats it. Lets not make a big deal about it

    Charity – Zambia

  226. Hey Lewis

    You are a star despite all. What i want you to know is this is a jney. And you are on your way to the top. So thru each jney you come across difficulties and hey this is just one of them. So many drivers crashed and last race in Monaco, Kimi even caused someone not to finish the race and that was called an accident. They do happen. Just focus on the coming races. You will make it because you have all the qualities of a CHAMPION!!!! Go Lewis get the championship. Your fans are behind you.
    I dont think you are that stupid to risk getting even 6points, It was an accident thts all. All the best in the next races. Be blessed!! To become a Champion you will have to go thru a lot of pain and yesterday was js one of them. No worries because you will make it to the top!!

  227. Lewis Hamilton, I can begin to express what an inspiration you are to me. What happened this weekend what a mistake and these things happen. Even though you will be penalised for the next race, I know that you will still do well because you are amazing. My dream is to see you race live and I will make sure that I do that in my lifetime. All the best, you are a STAR!!!!!

  228. Hello Callum,

    Ref: chassis setup

    Regarding your kart setup I tried mailing you details on this. I wrote much on the subject of car setup in general. However, upon posting you information your e-mail address returned an error.

    Anyway, a good site to learn to setup a car is Virtual RC. If you learn to use their sim you will discover all you need to know about car setup in general.

  229. Hai Lewis..

    May be you should more focus on the race in stead of focus on where’s Raikkonen position, so you could pay attention on the pit lane exit light. You were lucky Raikkonen was friendly enough. It would be differrent if Raikkonen responed like Ayrton Senna or James Hunt, your lips would be full of blood..

  230. Oi Lewis,

    My name is Karoline I am Brazilian and to say wants you that since I knew that you as pilot always I twisted for you and I will continue twisting, to say wants you that now you have that to have much force to surpass this unexpected , and she can count on the affection of its fans who are of the whole world, after all accidents happen. I would like to know if Lewis has an email. One I hug warm of Brazil.

  231. “We’d looked so strong for the whole weekend though, so at least we can leave Montreal confident that we have a package that will enable us to fight for the World Championship from here on in.” – That’s the spirit we want to have Lewis! Today was unfortunate, but what matters is that you do have what it takes to win the championship! I feel sorry for Kimi, but at least he didn’t win any points either, so the gap isn’t that big points wise 🙂

    [P.S. This website is for fans of Lewis Hamilton, why do you bother coming here and commenting if you don’t support him?]

  232. Hey Lewis,

    Don’t Fret Mate Today Wasn’t Your Fault You Obeyed All The Rules And The FIA Are Wrong For Penalising You. Kimi Was Soo Stupid Placing Is Car Like That Just So He Could Get The Jump On Kubica Shame Is On Him Not You. Great Driving All In All. You’ll Win I Believe In You, Hope To Be A Pit Mechanic Soon! Cheers For Bringing Some Pride Back To British Sportsman!

  233. Hey Lewis,

    Dont worry and stress much about the penalty. It must be hard for you as the race driver participating, we just watch you we are not even in your shoes to be really honest to know exactly how you are feeling right now and how this is going to cost you with regards to points.
    But i can only say, be brave just like before, you will do it again and be at the top for i know you are a good driver. Accidents do happen. There is plenty more races to come and you will still prove how good you are. Put today behind you as much painful as it was for you and all your fans, team etc. Everything was perfect fromthe qualifying stages so u know you are good. It was an accident.

  234. hi lewis today was a great race except from the fact you hit kimmi but done everything possible to avoid i am just wondeirn if i coulod ask you a few questions about karting but not to sure if you would email me back.
    You are clearly the best driver on the track.
    i have just staretd karting i have bought a gillard kart and we are havin trouble with trying to keep the backend from sliding every where as soon as i touch the accelarator coming out of corners.Thanks

    P.S. please write back to

  235. Hamilton… what the hell are u thinking today? please give us a present and live the F1, get back to the gokarts…

  236. Hey Lewis,

    You’ve done a lot of people pride by keeping at the top. U’v done well an hey, this is just a mistake like anybody else would.
    Just like you said last time, ‘sorry i hit the wall, i madeup for it, lets go party..” I know and most people who believe in you know that we will be partying again soon. Infact the video shows u tried to avoid hitting Kimi unfurtunatley u were too close to him. Sorry to Kimi.

  237. Oops. Cocky little I’m the Greatest doesn’t see the bright red light or the two large cars in front of him. I particularly like the Schumaker-esque way he then turns into Kimi rather than hit Kubica. Very slippery boy. Also does not have the gall to admit his error – instead reminding us how very very fast he is and what a cake-walk the race was going to be. And Why do we have to see the mouse-like father sculk around the pits all the time. Kimi doesn’t bring his Daddy now does he. GROW UP Lewis.

  238. Hey people!!
    Y is this website strait away full of people puttin Lewis down for a m-i-s-t-a-k-e. Accidents happen-thats Y dey R ACCIDENTS.Do u tink Lewis dun it on purpose? MayB U cannot C da red lites from a low down driving position, didnt another driver hit Lewis 2 so he obviously didnt C dem eitha.
    Lewis did apologise 4 puttin ‘Kimi’ out of da race so wot dus E av2 do-get down on his hands and knees!!
    Each 1 of dem drivers knows wot F1 entails and it isn’t always experience or lack of it Y tings appen in evry race. I suppose Alonso wasnt ‘experienced’ enough 2 prevent his crash 2day?
    Also, each 1 of dose drivers puts their ‘life on the line’ evrytime they race so who R U people to criticize-cud U do it????
    Get off Lewis’ bak!!!! such harsh comments R not justified on an ‘inspiration’ site.

  239. What a big mess, again !!!!!!!

    This is the difference between a champion and absolute beginner.

    Don’t forget this name and this team : ROBERT KUBICA and BMW

    and, of course, TRAFFIC LIGHTS, GREEDY.

  240. Does anybody know how I can get in touch with Lewis. His website does not have any contatct details on it.


  241. how can you say you would have won when kimi was faster he was on the move and he got in front of you in the pit wot you cant get round him so you smash him (its a RED light that means STOP as it normally does)

  242. Hey Lewis,

    We’ve been supporting you through last season and this one because you were a refreshing alternative to the egocentric F1 “stars.” Sorry – No longer. You did screw up hitting Kimi in Montreal at the red light – hey! it happens – but what happened to the honest Lewis who would have admitted he made a mistake? Your TV interview telling us that it didn’t matter in the pit lane; and you were in the lead by 8 seconds; and you didn’t hit a barrier; instead of saying the obvious – “Sorry Kimi I made a mistake” means you’ve just lost 2 supporters.
    I love a rags to riches story, and applaud the tremendous efforts and sacrifices your dad, and yourself have put into getting you where you are today.
    However, I am an optimist, and would love to see a return of the true, genuine man who won our hearts and was a role model for kids who desperately need one, when he first started in F1.


    Robert Procter

  243. ur a bad l00sa! U n0 at a stage i supportd 2 (bt 0bviously i support kimi) bt now i aint! Its people like u dat gve da w0rd s0re l00ser a wh0le new meaning i am trueli sh0ckd myb u need glasses 2 c beta. . . . .:-(

  244. Hi Lewis!
    Bad Luck 2day in Montreal. It really woz jus bad luck. Keep ur spirits hi coz rememba it woz only 2 wks ago in Monaco, Kimi went in da bak of ‘Force India’ – so he knows dese tings appen!
    As ‘Frank Bruno’ wud say “Thats cricket 4U Harry!!!” (perhaps ur 2 yung 2 know Frank Bruno!!!!(Boxing!)Ask ur Dad!!
    I’m glad 2C dat u seem 2B gettin da confidence behind ur achievements 2 date and realizin dat u dont av 2 apologise 4 bein da next F1 driver 2 go down in history as one of the best drivers in the World!!
    Keep goin.
    Jus know that sooooooooo many people out here are 100per cent rootin 4U and we dont get ‘fazed’ by ‘set backs’ – same way u show ur strength.
    Waitin in anticipation 4 ur next race!
    Bless! Safe!

  245. Hi, I jus wna ask u something. . .R U BLIND? U could see that kimi raikonnen was waitn but no need 2 get hm 0ut of the race. . . . .sis 0n u! Im ashamd 2 even say i supp0rted you

  246. superbes qualifications Lewis ! Cela fait plaisir de te revoir à la première position sur la grille. Allez continue dans cette voie, je suis avec toi et au bout j’espère la victoire ! Reste bien concentré et amuse toi ! GO LEWIS !
    Valérie de FRANCE (à très vite à Magny cours)

  247. To Whomever can answer this question…
    What watch are you wearing during the press releases? I imagine it is a TAG, however it is unlike any i have been able to locate on line.
    Just curious…
    Smart racing tomorrow my man!
    All the best!
    Ryan J.

  248. Hola Lewis, Te deseo lo mejor para mañana, espero que ganes te lo mereces, eres un chico muy lindo y talentoso, te admiro mucho y no me pierdo ni una carrera, sólo para verte. Y estoy segura que este año tu vas hacer el Campeón. Suerte!!!!!!! y besos.
    De una linda Venezolana.

  249. Wow! Congratulations on P1!! Hope you have a flying race as you did with your quali 😀 Wish you all the best for tomorrow!! 🙂

  250. Quel plaisir d’être avec toi en caméra embarquée ! tu flirtais avec la limite sans la dépasser, tu frôlais les rails, Vraiment magnifique ! Tu as fait un travail fabuleux aux essais 2. Je te sens très déterminée, rien ne t’arrêtera ! GO LEWIS ! Valérie de FRANCE (vivement dans 15 jours !)

  251. Hello Lewis, I am very proud to see a young man like you, that progress so well into this environment so competitive, keep on the good work the result will be there. I compare your hard work with me not in the same area because for myself I have to fight hard with my healt. Since I when to the Golf war for the liberation of the Koweit I end up in the hospital for 17 months I had to figth to stay alive. What I want to say every good result you have help me to subtain my pain anyway to keeep my mind of it. So enjoy the best job of the world because there are so few that can make it and personne like you that we support carry our dream. Have a nice race in Canada and win it for me.

  252. Hi Lewis

    Good luck for the Canadian Grand Prix, my name is Leo Heap and I am 4 years old and intend to replace you at McLaren when I am old enough!!! As I have great hand to eye coordination and I am looking forward to racing you.

    All the best


  253. Admin- i hope Lewis does see all our words of support!
    N E Way-lets hope so!
    GO LEWIS!!! i know ur gona win agen!!!

  254. Hi Lewis

    I just wanna wish you all the best for the Canadian Grand Prix this coming weekend. Do us all proud and add points to the McLaren points so that they win the Championship this season. I know you will win. Cheers!!!

  255. Hi Lewis

    I am a 18 year old who lives in South Africa. Many of the young boys here look up to you as a F1 driver and most of them would love to engage in the sport but due to financial problems they can’t. It would be more than enough for them if you could perhaps visit South Africa soon and give them a few words of inspiration. I must say that you are their second favourite person in the world, the first being Mr Nelson Mandela. If you have time, PLEASE write me back .Thank you. PS Good luck for the Canadian GP hope you will reign again like you did in Monaco.

  256. Dear Lewis
    I have a 22 year son with learning difficulties who has been a mad F1 fan since he was very young. He knows everything about F1, from teams to drivers, circuits, results and circumstances of almost all the past races and so on. For many years he was a Schumi / Ferrari fan but from last season , he has become super excited and probably your most devoted fan.
    I have been writing letters and sending e-mails to a lot of people involved with F1 over the last number of years trying to arrange a short encounter between my son and one of the drivers/teams. I have never even had a reply to any of my correspondences.
    This year I have managed to purchase tickets for the British grand prix at Silverstone in July. Would you be able to make my son’s dream come true and at the same time making me the happiest dad in the world by arranging a short visit to your garage in the paddock , even it is for a few short minutes.
    Please please please.
    Thank you, Nash

  257. Hi admin, thanks for this brilliant site. I hope Lewis knows about it and realises how much he is loved out there.

    Lewis, you can do it this weekend. I will be crossing everything. You inspire us all. Because of you, Silverstone has sold out quicker than it ever has in history. Love you!

  258. Hi Lewis,
    We run a character development program which is suitable for teenagers and also for parents who want to educate their children in the basic virtues of life.

    It is based on the works of Aristotle the Greek philosopher, (which has been updated with an easy to use 21st century approach.)
    The data can help people from all walks of life, young and old alike, to achieve their goals in life and live a more vituous life.

    Details can be found on our website:

    The information given is free of charge and is designed to provide basic tools on how to raise moral awareness.

    From looking over your site I can see that this might fit in with your idea for a Lewis Halmilton charitable foundation.

    Perhaps we could work together to provide your foundation with a worthwhile cause that is suitable to the public you are appealing to.

    I thought you might find this interesting.

    If you have time please take a look at the site and if you think it is suitable I’d be very pleased to hear back from you.

    Best regards,
    Peter Zimmatore
    Metempiric Foundation
    Tokyo. Japan

  259. Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for leaving all those wonderful messages for Lewis. As requested by many of you, I have been checking the site every couple of hours to make sure there is nothing nasty written and deleting them appropriately.
    On the brighter side, lets keep our fingers crossed for F1 Grand Prix in Canada

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