Lewis Hamilton wins his first F1 race of the 2019 season

Lewis Hamilton won his first F1 race of the season. Coming into this race Lewis did say the Ferrari’s are now faster that the Mercedes. This was certainly the case as Charles Le Clerc was leading the race.

Photo Courtesy Sky Sports

However on lap 46 Le Clerc had a problem with his car as there was a drop in power. Lewis then took the lead. Lewis then consoled and congratulated Le Clerc on his 3rd position.


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  1. Hi Lewis I’m a massive fan and I would love to meet you anytime soon but for now I have a massive question what goes on in your head or what do you think about on the starting grid before the race please reply love to hear your answer

  2. Hi Lewis and team……….. i am 67 this year and have traveled around the F1 circuits since i was 15 in those days Sterling Moss Jim Clark Graham Hill,Jackie Stuart Dear James Hunt to

    Nigel Senna, Prost, Damon Shuie Kimy and many more.

    But it is so refreshing to have such a wealth of talent yet recognizes the contribution that the team plays in your success, and how you recognize and applaud the fans at every race.

    Your contribution to this sport is so much more than a superb, fast and exciting driver, I grew up wanting to be a F1 driver it wasn’t to be i simply didn’t have what was needed.

    Yes you will one day move on from F1, and your down to earth, cheeky boy grin will go with you, but i am assured having watched the measure of the man, there are much great things ahead for you.

    It has has been a pleasure to watch you grow up and remain humble, from humble beginnings.

    GET IN THERE LEWIS Its yours for the taking this year

    Oh yes i have to mention, please dont use that scooter around the paddock i will have one of my Ecoriders made in Mercedes colours for you any time you wish and drop it over to the factory…… big boys and their toys…..

  3. Lews Haminton is my nephew and he does not know, but onde day he will get to know anyhow. He is great and I want to see him happy always.
    May God bless you always. I am in Brazil.
    Hugs from JOHN
    Sworn Translator

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