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Dear All,

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Also, best wishes to you, all of the fans here, Lewis, his family and his team for 2009! Can not wait for the next GP to start!

Me and my family met Lewis at “Stars & Cars” in Stuttgart last year in November and I had the opportunity talking to him and I gave him a CD-ROM from all the comments on this site which have been made after his World Champion Title win. I told him that this unofficial fan site, thanks to the moderator for this opportunity, is the best one for all his fans all over the world to share their views. He appreciated this present very much and he said to all of you “Thanks for your continuous support”.
He is a very kind person and has a nice personality and all the rubbish what has been said about him being arrogant is not true. He took very much time pleasing a lot of fans in Stuttgart with an autograph. I will never forget that day!

Tomorrow the new MP4-24 will be presented in Woking. I am sure also this new McLaren Mercedes will bring Lewis to the next Championship win!

God bless you,

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  1. Good day! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m absolutely enjoying
    your blog and look forward to new updates.

  2. Well done Lewis…….good seeing you on the top step on the podium, and spraying everybody with champagne.

    Hope that you buy your mom a fresh bottle of champagne to celebrate her bithday, and your well managaged win today!!

  3. @ Big Fan not treated to polemicize,simply are two small detallles to care for and it is precisely these kinds of details what makes you win or lose,you must bet the horse faster the fastest in F1 be puts in front, without traffic as did the leader of RBR not puts Massa or Webber to front puts Vettel or Alonso.Yesterday, Hamilton alluded to carrying more fuel load may be a team error and this is reflected in that there is no a progression in the last round of qualifying.I say it clear as I see it,not be what happens within Mclaren there are many tracks that when you take a look get at this conclusion,if so this,I hope that be repair for next season because frankly I don´t think Lewis is willing to throw more years of his career by not focused work on a leader if you have supremacy in the category such as RBR this year you can afford to make your two drivers fight each other ,but if not this so, it´s stupid you make this because the others don´t play so, in the same manner at the end are the numbers and who wins the championship this year who it pass to the history.


    Hi Lewis

    Congratulation,excellent race Lewis, very focused at work, controlling the distance with Alonso without errors and this is saying to much,you dominated the race from start to finish.You done a click in your head to we seeing a much improved version of Lewis,now you´re going in the right way,dosing it, playing your perfect symphony and like a magician pulling a rabbit from a hat in the most suitable moment,dominated it the strategy in track and drive to the perfection and traction well going out of slow sectors.Although the race has going to favor luck because at the German´s missile has failed it one of its four rockets, very intelligent race and covering the mouth to all those who said:”you don´t have a head to run”.CHSSSS…Silence, speak Lewis the Best on the track!!!.Very nice the dedication to your mother and show it that you are a good son.Well the next race in Brazil See if you can repeat victory ,is a circuit that was Ayrton resisted it also too much.

    The gearbox is broken only two speeds.Senna is nearing of exhaustion he gave it all.

    20 years ago that Ayrton won his last world championship. Tath best you could win that race and dedicated at disappeared idol in 1994.Although this very difficult with the missile that has the German.

    Laugh when you win it’s easy also need to know to laugh at yourself when things go wrong is a way to drop out the pressure.Only a simply reflection for you.

    See you later Lewis.

  4. Hi lewis,
    i am very happy for you,you had a perfect weekend and you make mine even better by winning.I am looking forward to the last race of the season.

  5. I hava a nice idea.
    Lewis “Hamilton” & “Hamilton” watches- collaboration.
    Maybe a future storry.
    Ok, it will bi difficult because a big one presence: TAG HEUER.
    Bravo, for YasMarina and please continue.

  6. Well done Lewis! Great that the team were spot on this weekend.
    Your Abu Dhabi victory today was sweet. Good to see you where you belong 🙂






    Ameliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa God Bless

  8. Beautiful job well done Lewis you have make my sunday most happies one
    and happy birthday to your mum…
    let meet back in brazil have a nice weekend from wolverhampton see you there.

  9. hi Lewis,

    Love you lots and hey well done. Great race, loved to c yo mom there wiv u. Wonderful an keep it up. We re all behind you.
    all the best always.
    Love you xxxx

  10. Now, that’s what I’m talking about! So good to have the winning Lewis back. Thanks for a wonderful race. One more to go.

  11. Hi Lewis
    Its good to see that you back in the fighting spirit!!

    Everyone has problems also don’t keep apologising, don’t let them know anything whenever your are ask your reasons for no having a painted smile, they really do not give a damn, that’s exactly what they want to hear. People strive when other appears to have problems; honestly, you are too decent for the individuals who keep asking you thoughtless questions.
    The last two races are just as important, keep it together you really deserve to end the season on a high note and the ocean is all your enjoy your life!!

  12. @James

    Intersting points, but I don’t know? You could be right? But I think McLaren are the best team for Lewis right now because clearly Ferrari is a no and Red Bull already have a good driver and that. When Alonso was 2 time world champion McLaren didn’t favor him over Lewis who was a rookie so I don’t think they would now?

  13. Im pretty sure you’ll never read this but Hi Lewis,

    Such a shame you didn’t get pole, you and your car were fast enough and you beat the pole time in Q2. I don’t know the stats but I wonder when the last qualifying was when someone set a time faster than pole but didn’t get pole cause it was in Q2? But the good news is your car is as fast if not faster than the Red Bulls at the moment so good job by the team, you can win if you drive your best! Better news is that the Ferrari’s are definitely not as fast as the McLarens or Red Bulls, so Alonso + Massa shouldn’t be near you unless they drive amazingly because your car is better and faster.

    Good luck for the race, hope you don’t have another crash or penalty you’ve had enough all ready this year! Try and keep within DRS distance of Vettel. Please don’t let him win AGAIN haha.

    GOOD LUCK not that you need it 😉

  14. Hi Lewis

    Congratulations for making the best record time in this weekend.

    I don´t understand two things.

    1-Why you kepp a difference of more than half a second with Button in Q1 and Q2 and in Q3 is reduced to 11 mils,being see a logical progression in the time as a function of fuel ballast
    but in Q3 you can´t reduce the time in any of the two attempts,however Button lowers its
    your time in Q3 about 470 milliseconds,is not logical.I review the fuel charge by if there were another “error” on your team.

    2-Why if you were performing better times your team chooses to take Button front with free of traffic and take thee behind him? perhaps in your team doesn´t want to better your records, Button has gone with free track and Vettel has sought the gap to make his lap without traffic,also to have another car in front could have influenced in the two attempts in the first sector of the circuit not getting good time.I supose another “mistake” of Mclaren.

    Since I missing data I leave it on suspicion anything else, the truth is that many mistakes by Mclaren are highly suspect but this is a circumstance that you should assess you that have many more data that an simply viewer like me.

    I hope that tomorrow you can win this race, reminds concentration and seeks to evade problems in the first corner ,if you can pass Vettel and try to get away it, if you see you can´t escape stopper to try to neutralize Vettel´s first brilliant part of race,either attacking or defending,the question is that you arrive with options in the latest laps of race.

    Anyway I think tonight you review the tomorrow race 100 times.Valentino Rossi prefers to go out and have fun at night than staying in bed as that fact does not lets sleep.

    Good night and better race tomorrow Lewis.

  15. Pole would have been wonderful, but you still have all to play for from 2nd position. Wish you the best of races for tomorrow and thanks for an exciting qualification session.

  16. @Lewis Hamiltons Greatest Moments…

    What is clear is that Lewis did not see the light nor the two drivers who were behind of him neither of two, the penalty the stewards recognize that the light was green when seen in the images was red .

    I believe the primary responsibility for this mess was Charlie Whiting not remember any great Prix for over thirty years in which the pit lane is open and the output lights in red,Raikkonen is also that indirectly helps the scrum as it opens to your left to overtake Kubica .I believe Kubica sees the light neared the stop line and Raikkonen sees it at move to your left,Lewis do not see it he is thrown into the hole through which enters Raikkonen, Rosberg that come for back and collides to Lewis also does not see the circumstances and Alonso who comes after have lucky enough to dodge it for little.

    Lewis at get off the car,ask to Kimmi the next “if he had seen the light”,indicating that Hamilton could not see it and also was not notified by the team viaradio of this circumstances.

  17. To insult Lewis Hamilton no need to use foul language,there are intimations and disqualifications concerning the person of Lewis written by another user that remain on the site and that offend many fans of Lewis ,though falling within its right to free expression.
    Anyway, correctly acting by the site administrator the response of some has not been elegantly but has been effective, the target has been met.A donkey there are only two ways to do walk or a carrot on the snout or a stick in the ass,when a thug enter to insult and to wish him worse to Lewis only understands one language hard and clear.
    Congratulations for the elimination of toxic comments.

  18. is wondering what has happened to this site? The disgraceful language is unacceptable. If you don’t like Lewis … fine!
    Don’t come on here with your foul language and pollute this site; if you are angry about something go to your own site and spew that rubbish there.


    someone reply what happened, unless you have only just started F1, but if you’ve watched F1 since Lewis’s 1st race you’ll know so REPLY BACK! 🙂

  20. Poor Souls none of you are into the forfront of motor racing, this is is the only way anyone of you will ever reach, any mountain, as in Thus Spake Zarathursta, Nitzche……Good Bye all, its a blessing to know all of you and may you reach…. all reach the mountain top…In all honesty I love Lewis Hamilton,…….and his persona…you should all look at the survivor series ……bye…bye….pretenders……

  21. wishes people who come on here read the title before making a comment. It is a Lewis Hamilton site, for Lewis fans to express their views. If we wanted someone to come on here to ‘promote’ Button it would have been called a McLaren site.

    I am glad I’m not the only one who has seen the blatant, biased support to Button over Lewis. We, his fans, have discussed this many times on FB. The errors by the team being in Lewis’s garage … however, they have backed the wrong driver because we all know Lewis gets the most out of any car, does his best in all weather conditions and only makes comment about the car to ensure fans that he is doing his best.
    Unlike Button!!!

    And Lewis was one of the first to send condolences to Marco’s family and he would have organised a tribute on his helmet but had already promised that to Bob Marley family. No way was he going to change that. Marco’s family no less/more important than any other.

    However, Lewis, having lost two personal friends in as many weeks, understands the grief of this kind of loss. Lewis haters should not underestimate his contribution to ANY messages sent out.

  22. Today has made the last tribute to Marco Simoncelli in Valencia an emotional farewell by all his colleagues of the bike of all three categories with Kevin Swan riding mount number 58 of Marco Simoncelli.At Kevin good he burst into tears when fireworks emulating sounding salvos of cannon in honor of the young Italian talent.Very nice farewell.

    At the end at race magnificent final laps between Ben Spies and Caisey Stoner and fourth place for Cal Crutchlowwho has won the rookie of the year.Let’s see if friends in the UK are encouraged to promote more to young kids for a motor sport as nice as the bikes, having the
    British riders a great “historical” palm,since a long time.

    Think some idiot has dared to criticize Lewis, Lewis Hamilton has been one of the first to present his condolences on the same day with Glock and Webber Button Montoya.Others like Vettel and Alonso did not be pronouncing until four or five days later.

    Finally After all a racing driver or rider is this a human being who loves racing along whose veins runs gas and which idiom, race or nationality is only a speed.

  23. Strongly agreed with as expressed by BrianW, LH4 F1 and Brutus.
    Good sense of humor friend Brutus well selected your initials.

    In my opinion…The McLaren’s strategy passes precisely to neutralize Lewis Hamilton where he makes a difference with Jenson, in qualyfing ,more clearly seen after summer holidays.

    -Hungary Mclaren absurd Strategy risk when betting on Lewis was came first, the benefited Button.

    – Monza,Lewis pout at the end of Q3,significant when the race the next day the Mclaren number 3 did show a poor performance,probably could be a problem on the tire pressure or a strange lack of power,when Schumacher overtake to Lewis almost takes two cars of difference then as well the press uncovered was observed coordination between the action in the race and the first steward Charlie Whiting who distracted to another steward to let Schumacher was worked to fund,
    the objective Button favored again.

    – Singapore, Lewis is higher in Q1 and Q2 and can not defend his record in Q3 absolute apathy their mechanics,gave the impression that they had no interest in doing their work hastily,Button favored again.

    – Korea, I think Lewis discover the plot ,hence his gestures at the end of Q3 to make the pole.Curiously I intuit that Lewis here stood stiffly to his team of mechanics and so this day the Mclaren worked well.

    – India, in free practice,he was penalized for skipping the yellow flags,Mclaren team does not tell you by radio about this circumstance on track,I think that he saw yellows flags in this moment and lifted his foot but the stewards understand that was not “enough” however, the same circumstance with Button in qualifying here if it was “enough”,curiously once again was observed that the Mclaren number 3 can not continue the pace of the Head of race even Massa had better performance.

    This year’s favorable treatment to Button is so blatant that even a blind would see it.I think the F1 prototype that wants to sell as a media product is Jenson Button gives the impression that Lewis already did it all for them winning in 2008.

    see you later

  24. Further to my comment, I read Lewis Hamilton is saying F. Massa, should patch things up,with him, Mr. Hamilton I feel, there appears to be a greater sense of short sight on your behalf, as F. Massa try speaking to you. I could recall when you won the Monaco Grand Prix. P. Diddy was all around you. I feel you could learn from Fernando in many ways.

    I must say you are a good Formula One Driver and I am hoping history will not show you only won One championship, as it will get more difficult for you.

    I must further say, when you made the tribute to Bob Marley, knowing, very well two motor sports heroes died, further shows many levels of bewilderment, especially to the public. I am of French creole, born in the West Indies Trinidad, same as your father of West Indian Decent, I do respect you as a driver, but not of your persona.

    However I do wish you the very best, and hope to work with you in the near future as my background of is Life Coach and progressive Psychology.

    God Bless and take Care, the very best to Nick your brother

  25. Dear LH for F1

    You should read Krishnamurti, he once said, how can you understands others if you do not truly understand oneself, please read Aaron Beck on mis- adventures of the, organized mind if you can find it…..Also read Karen Horney on Phallus Envy…

    To me Jenson is a far better persona than Lewis Hamilton, my whole family is into motor racing, they build engines for the Winston Cup,nd for drag racing who are you to say and be critical of your true demise….a forum is for honest writings, not to build a foundation on misdirection most people are actullay hypocrites……….. In comparison to Amir Khan what has Lewis Hamilton done for the British public,his father is humble…if you make a deep proclamation,to defend him blindly, then I am wasting my precious thoughts If you really want to help Mr Hamilton’s mind why did Lewis jump onto Jenson interview with the BBC….he needs the spotlight..he yearns but cannot handle it Jenson Button has obtained a deeper sense of balance……and at least through him I am proud to be British….

    His father is truly a great man……….LHforF1 may God bless you and your family…..

  26. yes it´s all right with you MK.

    I think that Lewis this year from all controversial that has had in this season ,of all theirs seem that the most conform to the Rules,the haul with Kobayashi,Lewis has a calculation error, althought the japanese get into the his racing line, but is clear Kobayashi arrived before, I believe that Lewis initially to going down the car had a sensation, but after viewing the video was honest because the performs the same kind of maneuver regularly, maneuver that I’ve criticized because it is often unnecessary and assume many risks for be hunted it,the penalty of Hungary is product of a loss of concentration when Lewis realizes that the team had scored it a goal giving favorable treatment to Button ,while DiResta dodges before Lewis do the spinning top that they wanted he leave the car in the middle of a trace,while it is punishable must be the first time I remember that this is sanctioned.

    Lewis have the reason in Monaco in the two maneuvers nevertheless carries it two penalties and is clear between the state of excitation after the race and the injustice,he was anger.It is absolutely normal, Lewis is not a statue of marble,is a person and has the strong character of a winner,although he constantly tried to hide,Monaco statements I believe are very light ,especially for the little French dictator of the FIA coming out to the media to threaten with a sanction,
    when last year Alonso did in Valencia to Speaking are considerably stronger and Totd not opened his mouth.

    What is the error of Lewis this weekend ,try to approach Felipe…Massa has interpreted this as follows “Lewis is a soft guy” and so he has returned to play it,that already happened to Lewis with Maldonado by apologizing to a guy who has attacked him in the track.

    I’d call at this, complex of Sisyphus…

    “Sisyphus was a king punished by being compelled to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down, and to repeat this throughout eternity.”

    I try to climb the stone once and prevents it from me to roll back down the slope,I will not be climbing the stone eternally ie try to solve the problem once and overwhelming way,but also you will be doomed to be controversial in controversy,Lewis I don´t be you because it has to have remorse,have had them Massa and Maldonado with you?…Lewis if you’re a lamb among wolves devour you,if you are good the rivals will grow on punishment,if you teach your teeth and bite your opponents will going fear at you and dare not dissed,the life as well,crucify him the good and the bad is respected out of fear.

    Well, I say goodbye with music.

    I love so much Pixie

    Lewis May the Force be with you .

  27. I’m getting fed up with the inconsistencies too James and why is it that it’s always Lewis’s fault whether he’s in front or behind. I have to agree with Herbert on this one and in answer to Kiril Varbanov question. Massa wasn’t out to ruin his own race, just Lewis’s. Unfortunately for him it turned out to be the other way around. Massa was hoping Lewis would get the penalty.
    Seems like even the stewards decision are being criticised if they favour Lewis … smacks of discrimination if you ask me. Sometimes it might be better these so-called ‘experts’ just keep quiet. That way THEY don’t get criticised too.
    Lewis is not ALWAYS in the wrong. Sometimes the other driver is. The stewards need to get over Lewis and concentrate on their own jobs.

  28. This morning checking the link kindly made by MK


    I found this comment defending the indefensible in a simplistic way,I go to make an little effort to answer this argument besides going to be quite educational.

    “Kiril Varbanov said on 1st November 2011”

    “I politely disagree.Why would Massa ruin his race intentionally by turning into Hamilton, knowing where he was, if Herbert is right?
    What are the rules in the civil world, on the road? If you hit someone from behind, who gets the ticket?
    Remember Hamilton and Webber in Singapore last year? Similar incident, no drive-trough.
    The real problem is with inconsistent decisions – every time there are different people judging, hence a different decisions.”

    I also politely disagree…is that when I put it so easy is that I can not avoid it,obviously if you get a impact from the rear of your car’s fault may be of another vehicle but this is a simplistic reductionism,in competition if you go ahead and prevents another participant can catch the slipstream doing a “brake test” it is evident that the fault is yours because competition is allowed to facilitate overtaking the rival who wants to advance can pounce on their part back, when using traps to avoid overtaking should has give an exemplary punishment for the driver to has clear that when be crosses the line of sportsmanship will be punished regardless of the team in that is working, by doing this will allow at drivers most talented that developed it on the track and treated to be athletes and gives a show.

    since that you put on the table the Traffic Regulations…

    -if you make an overtaking on a road must reserve a space with the car surpassed when you return back to your lane, if you return to the lane soon you provoke a collision, althought you receives the impact on the back of your car.

    -when you make an overtaking you should be looking first for the rear view mirrors because if another car has begun the maneuvering must give way to another vehicle which has a preference for pure common sense anyway if you start the maneuver provoke a collision and you will be the responsible,although you receive the product of the collision at the rear of your car.

    On the issue of why this move makes Massa…a judge does not asks questions about the meaning of life, simply collates evidence and makes a decision according to law.In a few words the opinion of Felipe Massa is unimportant, events are judged as so way cold and fair.

    When someone does not understand, confusing a similar circumstances that not look anything in Singapore the circumstance is different Hamilton is in front, Webber’s fault.why?

    -one. by the shape of the curve.

    -two. because Webber gets into a dead end or braking or he have to cut the line of Hamilton is going ahead,Webber’s obligation was brake but decides to lengthen their line and gives the classic bunt on the rear wheel of Hamilton´s Mclaren, these maneuvers are widely used in the categories of the engine where the contact is allowed … DTM, Alfa cup,Renault cup, etc … but to my trial should be punished because it is a very dirty way to get rid of a rival.

    One thing that I agree if the inconsistency of the rules there is only one common point usually always was punish to Hamilton.If lewis makes the Massa´s blatant maneuver,expel it of the championship.And I’m not the defense lawyer of Lewis.I defend cleaning sport and common sense,that has long that absent in Formula 1.

  29. Johnny Herbert said: “After looking at it from different camera angles and studying all the data available to us, it was clear that Massa knew where Hamilton was before he chose to turn across him.”

    Herbert said Massa’s decision to ‘open the door’ for Hamilton, before taking his normal racing line for the corner, also influenced their decision:

    “Massa knew where Hamilton was, he opened the door for him by moving wide, and after doing that he still swept across and did not give Hamilton room.

    “That’s why the decision was made to punish him with a drive-through penalty.”

    “I simply stayed on the ideal line, braking on the limit and staying on the part of the track that was rubbered-in. What else could I do?”

    Hertbert, who made the decision with FIA stewards Gert Ennser and Vincenzo Spanno, said: “I know Massa was upset by our decision, but I believe we made the right call.”

    First Mr. Herbert a gentleman, no second needed a set of parameters, it seems that Massa opens the door to later close it,he could never properly perform with Hamilton inside the apex corner,also perfectly that looks are placed in parallel and Felipe elongate the path for cut the line of Lewis ,then never be able to avoid the collision.

    Being an intentional maneuver in order to damage the car of Hamilton from what I have no doubt,Massa is worst low level driver, who does know not defend themselves properly and only knowing cut the trajectories of other rivals and cause accidents, curiously of four or five maneuvers of this type is the first time that he is punished and also be use the more friendly face of the regulation.Besides causing damage to the car of Lewis hurt him in the final classification …finally I wonder if the maneuvers of Singapore and this one in India would not be a Ferrari strategy to protect Alonso on the track.

    That rule of thumb is used to sanctioning the stupidity to bypass some yellow flags with three positions on the grid (a sporty genuine outrage),and a guy who causes a collision intentionally only a drive-trought,you have to do a pilot to be shown the black flag? .. kill someone.

  30. Those who had a dig at us for defending Lewis against Massa last weekend may want to read this.
    Herbert explains Massa’s penalty: “He knew where Hamilton was”

    High time someone came out and does Herbert intimate that Massa ‘intentionally’ drove into Lewis so that LEWIS got a penalty? Coz if he did that backfired as Massa ended up out of the race? I have to say I’ve not heard a lot from Massa about this … wonder if he’s feeling embarrassed and stupid for previous outbursts? You the dangerous danger Massa coz your temper getting the better of you!

  31. Hi lewis

    The regulations are not the words of DC here. Not that a pilot is entitled to overtake, or that another has to be left overtake (this only happens with drivers to lap down), but is forbidden to close at another driver on the edge of the track.To do this, there is a criterion for determining when the pilot is on the inside is entitled to that drawn, and is (if it has not changed recently) when your front wheels are at the height of the rear of which is on the outside.Not that that is on the outside has an obligation to let pass, but in his defense of the position (defense that has all the right) has to make room for the other. Yesterday’s incident is “book” Hamilton had passed the position in which he was entitled to the interior, and Massa could not be closed as it did not make room for Lewis.In my view is clearly intentional ,on this case only corresponds to a black flag disqualifying.

    A year to forget RIP F1.

  32. Hi

    DC says

    ” This won’t be a fashionable view for British fans but, for me, their collision on lap 24 was a racing incident at best. At worst I felt Lewis was more to blame.

    I simply can’t understand how Felipe could have been deemed the guilty party. As drivers we are always taught that the car behind is responsible so to my mind the stewards misinterpreted what happened.”

    Who is within on the curve Mr DC?

    with the mere vision of the image is more than enough to send you an ophthalmologist.

    Now I understand because you were so bad driver, I think it would do a favor by viewers if devoted to retransmit greyhound racing.See you later Mr.Magoo.

    certainly Messrs. McLaren…why Lewis is not informed about the presence of yellow flags on track on Saturday? … another mistake … remember not informed him in Canada in 2008 of red traffic light from the pit lane it was not visible,because he was at an blind angle that allowed only see what when you were on it.

    However with Jenson these details, not fail it.Curious,very curious.

    Messrs. McLaren you don´t know how to fuck at Lewis,all these small details are those who it put in feet of horses.As in 2007 in China why will take a decision as so risky not to change their tires when he had about 30 sec. regarding Raikonnen?…who risk those who come from behind
    and also with a kid of 22 years you put him on the brink on the edge of cliff and only had to blow to fall out of head to the bottom of the ravine.Only for revenge against Alonso and to use to Lewis of battering ram.

    Mclaren has thrown into the trash bin 2007 2010 title and fight in 2011.Enjoy of your second place.Lewis again another mistakes against you.

    You must make a decision.

    Saint Patience Lewis

  33. Hi there,

    I was wondering if you could tell me how you got started in all this racing car business
    As I to want to be a racer just like you.
    You are my number one idol my inspiration.

    Hope all goes well with your car and yourself. Yu know with all the races coming up we
    Can’t have sabastein winning all of them.

    Hope you winnnn

  34. Hi Lewis.
    Now we are all suppose to believe what your team principle says, you are feeling the pressure from your team mate. This man assumes that anyone who watches F1 is stupid. We all know that the only pressure you are under is fighting in and for a team that do not want you to succeed. They’ve proved this every year you have been in the sport. This year, they have blatantly shown that your team mate is their priority. I’m sure you realise this, so Lewis, if there was ever a time to leave, it is now.

    Wherever you go, you will remind everyone that you are a great F1 driver, but we all want you to go somewhere you will have the chance to fight for success. All the top teams will not give you this opportunity (because of various reasons, team mates, politics, team orders, etc.).

    If you go to one of the smaller teams you may have to wait, but you will be assured of another F1 championship victory, as they build the team around you, and the sponsers come pouring in.

    Lewis, we can see that you have not had a fair year this championship, and it’s time to say goodbye to the bad year, and that must include saying goodbye to the ridiculous tricks of a team who is trying to twist your mind, and ruin your confidence.

    The choice is yours. We’re with you anyway. Please make a sensible choice for next year, please!


    The problem of overtaking in F1 is arranged in an easy overriding the rule that says you have to have more than 50% of the car to have preference to overtake this standard is used by the clumsy and cheats with Schumacher,Massa and Maldonado to take advantage of the standard
    for their foul play.I like the rebellious attitude of Lewis of not to surrender to this absolute lack of common sense in that standard.Simply sanctioned the pilot who does not respect the line of his rival would return to races have more than 20 years such as the duel between Arnoux and Villeneuve in the French Grand Prix celebrated in the circuit of Dijon-Prenoix or this other in MotoGP Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo.

    I imagine the trio of “experts” of the BBC, Brundle DC and Sir Jackie Stewart although at the latter already it stoped the feet Ayrton Senna in 1989.Brundle probably would say that Valentino and Jorge were too optimistic when making the overtaking.I do not know if Sir Steward
    product of the age has forgotten how is fought on a racetrack,could also be that playing golf in excess slows to brain cells,could also be the fault of the Scottish weather,the truth is it was a great driver who has knowledge and an ability to convey important,what is not is, if in its era only drivin nothing more than Holly Saints in the circuits.

    The truth is that it is escapes at my understanding.

    thanks @ THEWATCHMANN

  36. Lewis do not let them break you and stay were you are at Mclaren.Play the game do not give in.

    ps why does Lewis’s car change for the grand Prix Mr Whitmarsh we can see you know that a change does take place in the performance between Lewis’s & jenson’s car its like you almost swap set up’s. jenson has no grip in q123 and Lewis has grip & then the opposite in the race its so blatant.

    I just see comments on the bbc site & i don’t believe the hype at all.
    and what you said MR Whitmarsh on bbc forum about lewis having too prove. Too & who must he prove himself because we all have seen the way lewis has been robbed of glory many times.DO you mr whitmarsh think that all that watch cannot see the politics.and the dots are easy too connect with sister teams involved and hold ups on the track. lewis results dont seem crystal clear this season at all.and the spin doctoring is not even good.i could do better.

    i would say 65% of All people who drive a standard car’s in the uk do moves too get up the road quicker & the moves that some people do would compromise the next drivers insurance if the opposition were too make contact E.G.(motorway driving/roundabouts/in heavy traffic)do you not think an experienced standard HGV or Car or motorcyclist can not see the truth of incidents involving Lewis. please please cut the film its so teasing. And i will also say that there has been times of retaliation yes there has been but if you were to take all penalties in most cases after a while the penalty’s have no bearing because you know your being blotted and the lid being screwed shut too stop progress ???

    one more thing. look at the news they say Lewis made contact when it should be massa made contact causing Lewis to pit
    and massa penalty was only a drive through and further more the comments from massa he should be charged with bringing the sport into disrepute.
    To all this is just my opinion and i mean not to upset people or persons if you disagree please say but keep it tidy please.

  37. Well, to start your own remarks

    “Standing next to Felipe Were Each Other and I have spoken to me since hasn’t a long, long time”.

    Honestly this situation will generate you some psychological problems Lewis.I don´t present any special problem for me, as if he is a century without talking to me.If he don´t change his attitude on track with you don´t spend spit.Your not going to F1 Lewis making friends you going to compete, you have to assume the responsibility of being a leader even don´t like but this is the loneliness of command.The F1 is like a herd of wolves if you wish to be the alpha wolf you will have to bite bark and growl.The leader of the herd is the one covering to females, is the first to eat of the piece hunted, no other wolf dares to stick its nose into the dead animal while the alpha is devouring it, failing that he tries wants to receive a warning bite.With scruples is made the same as the actors do with stage fright,leave it locked in the locker room.The actor who tap making bad but he don´t like the role to interpreting will come out on stage shall putting a mask and will make the interpretation with all his talent and in your private life you will remain a wonderful person.

    From yesterday I get your overall race tactically you were doing things right but the result was not good by two things to improve you came out too relaxed, you must find the balance between relax and be calm. Overtaking when done is done, when you has doubts in the overtake you stay in the middle and that’s when you receive the hit.Overtaking is like the kind of kill the bulls, the matador must be introduced your sword into the animal until hilt.This is a job Lewis when you best mastering the work tools ,better the result.

    I say goodbye with music

    See you later Lewis.

  38. Chin up Lewis. Despite the trials and tribulations of this year you are still one of the most talented drivers to grace F1. Obviously you’ll do your best in the last two races but draw a line under this year, take a big deep breath and start a new life in 2012.

    Hopefully McLaren can give you a more competitive car next year so that you won’t have to struggle with the set up and you won’t have so many passing manouevres to make. I can tell you enjoy those occasions, because you are a natural born racer, but not everyone can handle those moments as well as you can.

    I have been interested in F1 since 1967, I am old enough to be your grandfather, and I have seen few to match your ability. So stay calm and come out for 2012 with a new look. Oh and listen to what your Dad says! All the very best for next year from a fan who totally believes in you.

  39. Hi lewis

    Yesterday I discussed Massa,Felipi leaves no room and always causes the incidents, at the Loews hairpin when Lewis tries overtaking Massa changes his trajectory so that only an accident may result.Yesterday he used an old trick to get back at you by the previous incidents where brake Massa could never make the curve, with this reasoning only thwart all subsequent statements,is simply a compulsive liar and a bad companion.

    The images clearly this does not happen in any motor sport ,in MotoGP this ends in crash, no one thinks of crossing the line when another driver is overtaking, the driver who is making the move to advance it is absolutely at the mercy of that closes the door, the only thing it does is take advantage of a poorly written rule 50% of the car inside, this is like when a forward being pulled into the area to deceive the referee, but the sanctioned is Hamilton … for true lords of the FIA because they have much interest you to erase the on-board video in youtube of Lewis Hamilton in Monaco, especially the overtaking to Massa to entry the tunnel, is the best overtaking in Monaco in all its history.

    I concur with Martin Whistmart you have made these statements after the race are inappropriate for a racing driver, you should never apologize,never.The only thing you get is to show your weak points your rivals.

    “On the grid, just before the one minute’s silence, he and I were standing next to each other and I put my arm around him and told him: Have a great race today.I’ve still got great respect. for him.”

    You can see how you paid it.

    see you later,Lewis.

  40. Hi Lewis,

    Gosh it must be difficult dealing with that spineless fool Massa, but keep those spirits up; and as for Maclaren are there any depths to which they will not sink to aid Butt and disadvantage you? The answer is no.

    The FIA like far too many in positions of authority on this planet are insane, arrogant and care nothing for justice. It’s in our face though the media continue to pretend otherwise. How pathetic it all is.

    But forget them, it is how we respond to these situations that reveal who we are – and for me you will always be number one.

  41. Lewis. Leave McClaren!!! You do the business in qualifying only to have your car set-up tampered with for the race. While the exact opposite for Button. Why else would you not be able to compete with the front runners today? McClaren is why you have not won anymore championships. They have too many rats in the kitchen. Am I wrong???

  42. as I believe it are a bit Low spirits
    for all personal and professional problems I dedicate this song.

    “Many rivers to cross
    But I can’t seem to find my way over
    Wandering I am lost
    As I travel along the white cliffs of dover

    Many rivers to cross
    And it’s only my will that keeps me alive
    I’ve been licked, washed up for years
    And I merely survive because of my pride

    And this lonliness won’t leave me alone
    It’s such a drag to be on your own
    My woman left me and she didn’t say why
    Well, I guess I’ll have to cry”

    life every time I hit
    I got up again
    even more strongly.
    Life is so unjust
    many times
    but not even can
    nor should we
    look back

    You will rise a star again Lewis.

  43. Lewis
    We were there Monco 2008 Tabac corner, with our union jack draped over the railings. We had saved up my best mate and I, F1 our dream, you hit the armco in front of us, our hearts sank, no chance now. You came out of the pits and ground out lap after lap in the wet as we willed you on to a win, you stopped on our corner at the end of the race to give us the thumbs up, then went on to a world championship. Thanks for making our dream day and giving us bragging rights on the train on our way back to our hotel in Nice.
    Come out next season Lewis and grind it out again !! you can do it best of luck mate !

  44. Well after all that’s gone on Massa is a fool.Just why would Massa not wish too finish this season in tidy sports man like manor & behaviour a clean race??? He does what he likes because of his backing pure and simple.Come on someone tell me. cut me some slack here. How would it have been if it was Lewis??? How harsh would have been the penalty with all that’s gone on in motor sport just lately.

    Dear Lewis
    you are fresh and have a way that some people just wish too disrupt and you are doing all the right things.

    As for pretenders they will reveal them self. all the P.R. are going on like the public can not see them even when sugar is pored on what certain drivers do or did during the P.R. tactics indeed.


  45. Hi Lewis

    Lewis By the way I liked the customization you have cast in your helmet with the image of Bob Marley although I like more funkee or R & B but it was very nice.

    Well Lewis ,today another race disaster.

    What was the problem today, lack of engine power, it is curious that yesterday you were in all laps more faster than Button and today it cost you keep up with the head of the race.Or is apathy Lewis?…perhaps discouraged you’ve started well, saving the initial problems, however we were leaving much distance to Felipe the Dirty, it is also clear that Felipe the scoundrel today he has hunted at you,as hunted schumacher at the Holy One of Damon in Adelaide,is exactly the same play…F1 world exalts the rascals as Massa and reviled as the saints as Hill.You must read my previous comment pseudonym Jorge-October 10, 2011 at 10:56 pm …in which I make referred of how to defend against a rival dirty using your own car as a shield, today you have saved this problem and Massa would have learned the lesson… not only copy defensive maneuvers there are that dominate close combat.Today’s race to forget endless boredom.The celebration of with laughs and champagne in the podium honestly needless,current F1 has no class or ethics, a respect for one minute and four little words at the press conference and we stayed well.

    Thanks for put up at me, Lewis.

  46. Today Massa merited a black flag…Why?

    same same same

    Mission Impossible Theme, Sir Jackie Stewart curiously gave the reason in this maneuver at Prost as was ahead, it could decide where to draw although it already has a blunt object in his path ,Mr. Steward if Senna’s car was superseded by a granite rock had closed the path Alain Prost,certainly not, right?…Keke Rosberg, “Alain is the cleanest driver of formula 1. Always has been. To be honest,I think we reached a time when he was not ready to be fucked by Senna again – and thus closed the door. it is easy to say that I had never done anything like that – because he did fatal! ”

    Special dedicate to DC – BRUNDLE – SIR STEWARD…Congratulations for being so asses.

  47. Lewis, You are without doubt the BEST driver in F1 no one can drive a car round a track like you can. Vettel has had the advantage because that Red Bull was quick from the start of the season. But I am sure Meclaren will be strong in 2012. As for Massa, he needs to get a life! He is not even worthy of being in F1, he’s a LOSER!. Mate chin up and ONE LOVE!

  48. Sorry forgot to sign last message… We love you here at home and we wish you all the best and remember be humble like you were in 2007 and 2008, before you met those people from accross the pond and soon you will see that you are destined for great achievements. When you are ready you need a good girl that stands by you (with an oriental mind preferably).
    Love Charlie and Family…
    One Love my young brother should be Jodia the one that took care of you when you had your accident.
    God Bless

  49. Hi Lewis. Don’t try to talk to Massa at least for the time being. The way I see it, he hasn’t got a ride next year and therefore his future seems obscure. Yourself u’ve been down for the reasons we all know and unfortunately at the moment the sum of negative energies is acting like magnet between you two. Also look at Jenson he is on his best due to the energy coming from those close to his heart, specially Jessica oriental girls have that effect on a relationship. I wish you were still with Miss Jodia Ma. As she would be able to sooth you. Please, please, ditch your manager he is taking you nowhere career wise you might get money out of it. But this cannot buy you prestige.





  51. Sorry to see you out of luck again; you are not a 7th place driver. Hope to see you in front again as you are the most talented of the drivers out there and that includes Seb.

  52. Hi Lewis,
    Dont worry about Massa, he’s got a problem in his garage, so instead of sorting out his issues with his team, he is taking it out on you for some strange reason. Do not mind him, js keep racing. He got punished anywys today, how embarrasing that he was actually looking for you and actually went for you, just to take you out. Massa is a sad and bitter person, js leave him.
    Love you, we re all behing you!!

  53. Hi Lewis,

    You did not take no.7 OR p7 as they call it because of the incident with Massa, its because the settings on your car were not the same as yesterday, so you had no pace. Incident with Massa or not you were not going anywhere with that duck you were sitting on today.
    I hope sometime soon you will be in a good car so that you can pform best as as we know you do.
    Love you !!!!

  54. Hi Lewis,

    Love you Lewis.
    Wherever you will go, we will follow. Car you were driving today was like a duck sitting on water.
    All the best.

  55. Hi Lewis

    Well, you look very serious Lewis, is true that when a breakup is not a good time. Anyway,I see very focused on your work and doing things good,on the theme of the stewards, it usual check with a magnifying glass everything you do,the loss of three positions on the grid I think a barbarity but others in the same circumstances don´t receive a sanction,and this conditioned you to some extent your race but unfortunately no remedy, so that going to the practicality.

    Tomorrow the same recipe, calm, concentration, use your instincts, avoid problems and unnecessary bumps at the start.The races not win the fastest,those win the most intelligent, the driver who thinks on the race has an advantage over other rivals,a race is won by the driver who makes the total laps in the shortest time.

    Ferraris probably tomorrow at the start are very strong if Alonso gets ahead of Vettel may clog it,if Massa overtake at you don´t get nervous, your race pace is higher,let it to stabilize the situation in the race,below attempts to lose as little time as possible in overtake but in an intelligent way,if you harass another driver too much and he is defend well makes you lose too much time,if he believe can escaped,you may use as a hare,so you viewing his mistakes and the zones he puts it easy,in the slow sectors Leave a little space,that allows you to make the curve or chicane with a higher step speed,as will put you in his slipstream on the straight.The question of all this, is wasting little time as possible in traveling back from behind.

    The Senna trick in the chicanes or bends most slower is not to rush the braking, he braking before and added the engine brake in the first part of slow corner or slow chicane he does with the most traction,Senna besides was used too much braking the distributor,this latter beside the engine braking,helped him to lead the car more easily to the vertex of the corner in the first part a curve or chicane in the second part use the extra revolutions to get out to the straight with higher speed than their rivals advantage this gave in to a one lap and in extreme conditions.

    The masterpiece of Senna

    He don´t need TCS and DRS.All the drivers that compete with him in that day we had understeer but Senna had always a slight oversteer,you can watch all your videos this was his personal stamp which made him diferent, his nephew Bruno has that same style probably learned as a child racing with his uncle to the karts.

    Senna had a Tracking Control System in your head, in his hands and on your feet,Senna was used the reduction while countersteer.Jean Alesi was a superb driver only up the foot while countersteer but losing control of his car,the technique of Ayrton was simply wonderful, besides at unbelievable reflexes.

    This techniques will allow you to clear blockages unneeded your front wheels when braking.

    But for the moment, tomorrow you try to do my best.

    Good luck for tomorrow Lewis.

  56. good luck lewis has always ,just read the news about your three place penalty so go for poll and show them our great you are xxxx

  57. HI Lewis

    Well, today has been given the final farewell to Marco Simoncelli, it would be nice if the driver who won the Sunday dedicated his win to the memory of these two comrades who have fallen in recent weeks on the race track.Ayrton Senna had a flag of austria the fateful first of May in the copickt,to dedicate the win to his comrade Ratzenberger died the day before,but instead of this, a German guy celebrated a victory in Imola ,was the most sad and shameful race the history of F1,the excuse of this super selfish guy was that he was unaware Senna’s death … Don´t you know Ratzenberger’s death, Michael? …you will have seven titles but never will be a great champion like Fangio,Senna and Clark, because the great drivers are great people first.

    In a British media I read a comparison Marco and Lewis.It is true they have many similarities but Marco be seemed to Valentino Rossi and Valentino Rossi if he had raced in F1 would look like to Senna,because being different people have many points in common in their character…
    Therefore Lewis feels identified with Senna from child the same way Ayrton that felt identified with Fangio when he met him.

    Fangio say to Senna…”You´re the number One”…and Senna got down the podium it was embraces at the mythical champion and say… “No,You´re the number one,Master”…In this video shows as between Fangio and Senna existed good feeling,the two were equals.Great champions are usually simple, familiar, timid, restrained in words, but phrases often leave very deeply, often have a fine irony that reveals a higher intelligence ,honest with yourself, a strong personality,thoughtful and very technical in the analysis besides being very observant and detailers and tend to be very elegant and gentlemen, but on the race track to becomes in authentic devils for his rivals.

    Senna although it is very pleased with Xuxa but wasn´t comfortable on stage…your thing was to drive.

    With a Valentino Rossi have more things in common than you think, Lewis.In 2006 at the Cheste circuit in Valencia,Valentino was leading at the last race,gets the pole, get easier than imposible and a tremendous experience seven world championship at this moment,however
    he put nervous,let out bad the clutch on his Yamaha sought to recover wasted ground and he goes to the floor,result lost the title when it had easier,increidible.

    That same night at awards of the world championship he declare the following:

    “I have to apologize to my team must not blame anyone,I´m the only guilty.”

    All statement of a great champion.

    This remember what happened at you in Brazil 2007.

    Valentino Rossi is the king of the strategy on track, dominate all the circumstances, is a very aggressive rider but its aggressive dosing, studying at his opponents, check their weaknesses and annihilates his rivals…MaxBiaggi,SeteGibernau and Casey Stoner.

    A big great duel probably the best duel of the History of bikes…Valentino as the Carthaginian general Hannibal, chose the field, the victim, set the trap and won and demoralized to Stoner.
    Stoner is like Vettel a driver of a single scheme he brings what he has planned to do “vini vidi vinci”.Rossi thinks in three dimensions,Stoner wanted to leave,But Rossi said “you stay with me to fight, we’ll see who is the best”.Stoner passed him on the straights,he almost took off the stickers to the Yamaha of Rossi,Valentino is defends to Stoner with very hard overtaking,for the purpose to make him nervous and destabilize Stoner…until Caisey lost your temper and went to the ground. A Total Victory of genius,Valentino Rossi.

    At the end of the grand prize Stoner went to whine before the TV cameras, the overtaking of Rossi were very dangerous, etc, etc…Rossi went to shake hands with Stoner and Caisey began to release his frustration with Valentino,to which Rossi replied giving him a pat on the back and saying with a sly grin as follows.

    “This is a bike racing, kid”

    Stoner did not give a right-in the remainder of the season.

    The same Senna Prost Hockenheim 1991

    you can see the anger of Prost and Senna as called to him whiner with fine irony and a look on his face denoted a sly smile.

    NOte:The defensive maneuver against Webber you used also serves to stop a rival on track, Vettel has the edge with its engine map in the first laps of the race must prevent as escape instead of overtaking block it and leave as hungry Wolves as come behind begins to devour it.If you break their scheme get it out of his wits, as you did with Alonso in Valencia last year.

    Thank you Lewis and good job and luck for this weekend.

  58. Hi Lewis how r things with u. Firstly just wanted to say so sorry about u n nicole. I’m sure thar ur looking forward to racing in India this weekend we’ll be watching u n cheering you on hope it’s all smiles this weekend along with a win all the best chaz xx?

  59. I ´m going been make a tribute to the who died in MotoGP the rider Marco Simoncelli.

    Marco Simoncelli A warrior of the old school.

    “Marco Simoncelli was a rider from before.By his physicist, style and character,both on and off the track.In the current motorcycling super professionalised, the Italian was a ‘rare specimen’ which left no one indifferent.In the track, his style was very extreme,exaggerated both in braking-his specialty-as overtaking. Impulsive and brave,too often,excessive his ardor made him commit a few errors,which aroused the antipathy of some of its rivals.In this season, Casey Stoner, Jorge Lorenzo, Andrea Dovizioso and Dani Pedrosa it had accused of driving dangerously, and was sanctioned by the collision with the Spanish Honda at Le Mans, in which the Catalan broke his collarbone.He defended himself remembering the racing legendary heroes of the 500cc, when the touches between fairings were common, and was considered part of the game.Off the track, called attention to his rock star look,with a huge mane of brown curls,and his brash to the press, he never refused cameras or microphones,or bit his tongue in his opinions.The strength he exhibited on the bike it becoming in sympathy and kindness beyond, where Marco was always attentive to his fans, friends of the jokes and chatty with anyone who wanted to make conversation. Simoncelli was often at the center of controversy, yeah (always sporting events), but was liked in the paddock for his affable nature.Winner of 12 major awards (two in 125cc and 250cc 12), and quart champion in 2008, Marco Simoncelli was one of the values on the rise in MotoGP. Official status in Honda, despite running for a satellite team, Gresini, ‘Supersic’ had achieved two pole positions and as many podiums, the last, last week in Australia-this season. And along with American Ben Spies was the only one able to stand up occasionally to ‘Fantastic Four’: Stoner, Lorenzo, Pedrosa and Rossi, with which it had a close friendship,since they are of the same area of Italy (the Adriatic coast) and often was training together.Marco Simoncelli died at the age of 24, on the same circuit, Sepang, where he was crowned 250cc World Champion in 2008, leaving shocked the motorcycle world, and Italy without a relay promising to the Great Valentino Rossi.”…source : ABC – Spain.

    A great which unfortunately has fallen by the wayside.All great champions share these same features simple and friendly off the track,fighters and genial rebels to exhaustion on the track Gilles Villeneuve ,Ayrton Senna,Giacomo Agostini ,Angel Nieto and Valentino Rossi, riders in the history there are a very good riders,but too few great champions,we are known for their personality by his sincerity and his courage.

    Rest in Peace

    Great Marco.

  60. Another blackday for motor sport today in Malaysia ,has turned tragedy to shake our souls.
    The talented young Italian Marco Simoncelli has died at the age of 24,following the accident suffered in the second lap of the MotoGP race,to the lose control of his Honda and being hit by Edwards and Rossi which nothing have been able done to avoid the collision.

    Today, the race direction has done the right thing by suspends the race,this is an example of ethics which was lost, giving priority the interest on the life and feelings of people,was embarrassing to see how when a driver died on the track the race is continued as if nothing had happened, the highest respect a driver who dies in the race is suspend the race.

    My deepest condolences to his family ,friends and colleagues and especially his fellow the great champion Valentino Rossi with which it had a great friendship.

    Rest in Peace Marco.

  61. Hi Lewis

    Today it meet 20 years of obtaining of the third championship of Ayrton Senna.

    My tribute.

    Great Ayrton…throughout your sporting life many media dropped you into hell, you often branded as dirty,when your sin alone was be a hard guy and elegant driver in race, that only competed to win.1st May 1994 he went to meet with the creator,that day, when he open his Bible at random, like to before each race,read the following: “Today I will you make a great present today will be with me in the kingdom of heaven”, for the Lord will take it away from us to get and do it immortal,as in the hearts of many who followed your career sporting it will never die.

    Ayrton Senna da Silva. The greatest driver ever known.

    When it comes to talking about Ayrton Senna driving to perfection,there not a driver wich had a so great control about the car as him,probably many of his secrets would die with him at Imola.
    According to his karting spanish professor “Senna had exceptional control over his car in wet conditions at the corners get down two speeds and was ascending one,this gave him a superiority over his rivals” ,was outstanding in wet conditions using engine braking with intelligence endow what a great ability in the wet.Watching his drawn is observed a slight oversteer and short very characteristic,and not only in wet also made him in dry,is possible that one of his secrets were exceptional control over the engine brake? and that qualifying might be that the secret of your domain to a turn.Is only reflection aloud any more but due to my scientific capacity I would have liked to experience.

    Imagination is the mother of science.

    The Best tribute for Ayrton ,a magnific musical clip about his sport life.

    P. S. You know which is the best secret,the secret that´s not said, think you understand me,only one can be a master.

    Thank You


  63. @ Isaac.I would get bard from this site if i told you how i would sort a person like you.watchman has been nice too you as fare as i can see. i could not be. just calm your last E2u

  64. Hi Lewis

    Simply a magnific show of magnific great drivin.
    smiles your fans need it.To bad weather,good face
    Although it be a difficult time.After the storm comes the calm.
    Do not worry that life throws at the end of each one in place.


  65. I really it being would have a extremely keen at the automaton of RBR alias German Monster,to that constantly your team will be covering defects that have it and has see very observable.
    However, at Martin Brundle seems most interesting the changes in tires like a first-class duel on the track,at this ex-driver also would have a extremely keen to shut it your big mouth.They really have put together a good business about Lewis Hamilton´s theme,it was Saying the TV format is very clear…the good, the bad and the ugly.

  66. In this case the bad is Brundle,The good is DC And the ugly role is assigned to Lewis and all that is out of this script and worth no comment.Really clear his strategy Mr Brundle.When Lewis does something good has minimize it.When there is a set of race as exaggerate the maximum and always being guilty the same.This strategy will making to Ayrton Senna in 1989 and 1990 in this case the Ugly was Ayrton and the holy man Prost.This race will happen in a few years to be a mythical duel for watching . High Class Driving of Lewis.

  67. 2nd part

    Fangio it was unlike you a one of the three best great drivers in the history …Fangio,Clark and Senna. Fangio said about Senna:

    “It is the only driver by who deserves to turning on the TV a weekend ,to see a race.”

    This sentence could be applied to perfection at this time to Lewis Hamilton.

    Although Mr. Brundle like more see a robot mounted on a race car ,like to spinning on a carousel.around around …very bored.Although Mr. Brundle like more see a german robot mounted on a race car ,like to spinning going around in a carousel.

    I with your talent,to Vettel would make him absolutely crazy making him all sorts of mischief to destabilize and annul it sportily is more I know a great driver that destabilize two world champions and a runner-up in various season in another motor´s discipline.

    Wonderfull present for all really F1 fans.

    thank you.

  68. First thank you for the step you’ve taken quality … Gilles Villeneuve was a great driver and is a real myth for Italian tifossi ,but when you do a comparison Gilles with Senna,watch a at an early stage of their driving, but unfortunately his disappearance at Zolder in 1982 will remove the championship a great pilot, but Gilles and Lewis as defend by attacking has a many incidents which inhibit track to score more regularly.Gilles was a stair behind Aryton ,this is obvious.

    And I think that may be different reasons I think the drivers of new wedge are unduly influenced by the virtual tools, which have a positive side and a negative side.

    First the positive part, improvement of the various elements control of the car ,improved to take control over the steering wheel and pedals.
    But otherwise the negative, a form of arise the racing in the wrong way, there is no feeling on the machine and then as all the machines is the simple execution of a program that evaluates and implements performance parameters without hesitation.But it is imposible simulate everything, particularly the value of the pilot and the doubts that are generated to overtake if don´t see hollow, however the sofware don´t doubt to overtake,simply executed a program.

    That’s why it’s beneficial to practice in the car, which is really puts you in three real dimensions of a race.

  69. Dear Mr/Miss/Mrs Isaac i do believe your showing more about your self and your getting a bit too deep with your comments towards myself. As for your family that’s your look out & i do not wish too know about them. we all have family and never play the sorrow card. you keep that card for some one else its sad the way you come out with that.we all lose friends & family along the way and it should help you too stride on.I no longer wish too engage with you or you spineless ways. It was fun but enough is enough.
    PS reply if you wish I will not join in or play your games.But i do wish you all the best Isaac.

  70. @ Isaac. how do you feel now. do you feel better.go on let it all out you lovely person keep up the bad work.I am glad you have found me too air out how you feel and i hope you have a McDonald’s for your breakfast lunch and dinner i hope and plead that you do.

    PS too all on this site i am very sorry if i have caused
    any upset and all of the upset is meant for Isaac thank you.
    And i might
    also add word too mother Isaac that should help more shoptalk from you Istwat I mean Isaac. Sorry for the spelling mistake and my bad English i am very sorry for this.

  71. Has anyone noticed that Lewis seemed very down beat this past weekend? I hope it’s nothing major. I’m suprised that he still managed to drive well during the race.

    With so many rumours curculating… I’m not really interested in any of them… just hope the our guy is doing well.

    You are the reason I (and millions of others) enjoy watching the best motor racing sport!!!

    Let’s win the next 3… don’t stop pushing till the end!

  72. A wonderful show of skill and going 110% with the set up that you had. I do believe dear sir and scholar that the drive does deserves a BIG WELL DONE.I’m sure it feels good and so you should.

  73. wish there was a like button. Well said James. Our thoughts and prayers with Dan Wheldon and his family and friends.

  74. Day of mourning for motorsport with the death of driver Dan Wheldon.

    British driver, 33, he lost control of his car on lap 13, he flew over others until he landed in the fence and burst into flames. Wheldon was immediately transferred by helicopter to University Medical Center where he died, leaving a wife and two children.

    Condolences to his wife, his children and family, friends and colleagues.

    from here Rest In Peace Dan.

  75. Lewis Yesterday you will making magic on the race.

    Role on 2012, Lewis is incredibly mentally strong, it doesn’t matter how he comes across to the media or what other people thing about him, how many other drivers could defend the way he did today against a faster car, to me thats what makes a champion, and proving all his critics wrong by sticking his motor on pole, what he has learnt this season will show next season, and we’ll all be right behind him.

    Yesterday you send silence so many people,today many media have silenced your great career.Yesterday’s race is for fans of Formula 1 of exquisite taste.

    Enjoy Lewis is a big triumph.RBR had to send Webber to marking you on track.They did not trust that you could pressing his blond German boy.

    Double triumph.

    Keep it up.

    Thanks Lewis

  76. I saw this race with age that you have now.A true masterpiece of genius of Sao Paulo.Although defense is relatively easy in Monaco.Senna had his tires in the canvas.Mansell had the best car of the time a real missile,his tires were new and was the most aggressive driver, if he had to spend above it ,he was doing so.Senna that day put Mansell in place.The career you’ve done today, was moved into the history of F1.How hard you criticize will never be able take away the talent you have.But you never lose feet off the ground.The objectives are obtained with humility at work.Thanks Lewis for the gift you have you done today for fans and the sport.

    Lewis Thank you very much.

    P.S: read it in reverse

  77. Today I’ll give you the NEXT sentence of Ayrton.

    “Compete to win”

    Today you really started to compete and you should follow this line,working on your weaknesses, you will be invincible.Ayrton explained in one of his documentaries how important it is keep you updated.Senna was not born a genius in wet conditions.Senna Work that skill , who don´t dominate at first until become the master of the wet weather.An example of overcoming for the work.This is one of his greatest contributions to his philosophy to compete.

  78. Congratulations Lewis, today you carried at me to the racing´s time machine.Magnificent your race if Ayrton Senna was living today, would rise from his seat and give you a great standing ovation.Today I’ve been enjoying your driving, you have mastered the art of legal defensive blocking by anticipicion that yesteryear dominated another era pilots.simply fantastic race.I if it were you would be very proud of work done.In the last three races you has been done a clear evolution in how you interpret the score of the F1, now you’re no longer a solo to become the Director of your own orchestra and playing a wonderful symphony to perfection.

  79. Good race Lewis … you did us proud as usual. Keep it up to end of season and you never know … Button may yet be third or fourth. Just hope the team still with you . Lots going on there behind the scenes. Button keeps letting things ‘slip out’ more fool him coz he’s not gonna be Mr. Popular before end of season at this rate.
    Not that I liked him before tbh. Now I detest his arrogance.
    Forza Lewis.




  81. Lewis. A very good return to the podium. Well done! SB’s car is why he won and not you. However, you proved again that you are on top of defending and reclaiming your position, when it matters. I like you’re new stance of letting your driving skills do the talking instead of feeling that you have to answer useless questions from a biased media. Looking forward to seeing you back on top of the podium. Great driving today!

  82. Lewis. The Korean pole lap is the only way to answer your critics and jealous peers. Well done! As you said and we also know, this could have happened so many times this year (if it wasn’t for your team ruining your chances), anyway, we all want to see you do the business in the race. So, we pray the hand of the Almighty is with you, as we can see, you’re already focussed for the job.

  83. hi Lewis, I wanted to say that stars always shine even when obscured by the clouds.
    YOU are a super star so keep on shining thru the clouds 🙂

    Here is a quote I use myself often when others are trying to get me down:-

    “Those that mind do not matter
    Those that matter do not mind.”

    we all know you give 100% everytime you race & that is all we can ask for.
    I love watching you racing.
    You are exciting & passionate.
    Do not allow others envy to discourage you.
    & keep beaming that beautiful smile of yours out to us your fans.

    Smiling at you hugs xxx

  84. well done lew! ace on you getting pole. but you were right to stay calm as tomorrow is the race and hope you can get the win as well. try to keep focussed on the job at hand and remember to be patient if necessary.

    also keep in mind that this season is just part of a learning curve and you have a long future ahead to get it all together. every great driver had not so great years. still watch button and his trying to build a team around him. come back strong. good luck tomorrow. lots of love from leicester

  85. Hi Lewis,

    You re simply the best. Noone currently matches your skill.
    We love you. My family and our connections love you.
    God loves you. You will be bigger than wot pple think, nomatter wot. No one can take yo blessing fm you. If point a fails, God will use point b.

    love you alwys.

  86. Lewis, the onboard view of your pole winning lap was a thing of sheer beauty to watch. Congratulations Lewis on a job well done, and good luck in the race. Looking forward in seeing you on the top step of the podium tomorrow, with a big smile on your face!

  87. Hi Lewis.

    Lewis Bravo, excellent qualifying, today you’ve been great.This year you were the first win a race to Red Bull , when there was a great distance between two cars and now you´ve been the first to removed a pole to RBR.You has closed a mouth at all, at your teammate, at your team and all those who wanted to hurt you.

    simply brilliant.

    And besides with dignity and personality like you are, a great champion.

    But you should not sleep tomorrow, concentration, head cold, hard work, shrewdness,cunning, intelligence and faith in Jesus, forget Button the best of the slaps is the indifference.

    Great Job and me if I tell you ,with enthusiasm and joy for your victory.

    “If you have God on your side, everything becomes clear.”…Ayrton Senna Da Silva.

    Good Luck Lewis tomorrow and God be with you

  88. Dear Lewis,
    Don’t be dejected or downbeat, you have so much still to offer. Be grateful for the position you find yourself in. Have faith in those around you, they have your best interests at heart. Forgive those that have wronged you, revenge & anger are not a good diet to go to work on.
    Take the positives from your season of which there are many & build on them. Take the negatives from this season & think about them no more.
    You will become a very worthy champion again… We have faith in you & it has wained not one jot. Enjoy the rest of the season & relax. In life there are always critics…… We have a saying where I come from….. Those that can do it, go out & do it… Those that can’t just talk about it. You my friend fit very snugly into the first category… Now off you go, don’t sulk & I’ll see you on the top step again next year !!!!









  90. Lewis Lewis Lewis! I hate to see u like this ur face says it all I once heard someone say that when u reach rock bottom there’s only one place left to go n that’s UP! Ur spirits have been dampened a little but ur going to be ok. Ur just so good at what u do that u bring excitement n contravercy to F1 so the other drivers n FIA r just trying to distract u. Use all the negative comments n accusations to strengthen u. Now this weekend in Korea I want u to claim back some of that greatness that u always show. So win win win! From a true friend that’s looking out for u. Chaz xxx

  91. Hi Lewis,
    Great qualification drive for the Korean F1 race. It’s was nice to see that things went well for you & that you finish on pole. Dispite Vettel winning the 2011 Drivers Championship, you are the best F1 driver around & your team need to give you the 101% you give; I heard you speak about going through some personal issues, I say keep the faith & keep smiling. All the best for tomorrow, go get em…

  92. At Juridical level, Spa 2008 is a real shame.


    – At init Raikkonen and Alonso jumped the first chicane, winning four places and are not punished.


    – In the duel Lewis and Kimmi, the latter cut the chicane without having won the position,in this case the two pilots had to maintain your line drawn, if Hamilton won the position on outside in the first variant of the chicane Kimi should have been defended on outside in the second corner of the chicane but Kimi cuts the trajectory Lewis in the same forcing it to step outside the boundaries of the circuit, force majeure is specified in the rules of competition, I never would have had to let pass, in this circumstance should have been penalized Raikkonen, Lewis before the doubt scrupulously complies with the regulations, but it is applied retroactively changing the rules of the sanction after the fact, simply shameful.

    This is my opinion to respect MK.

    But in terms of what he became Formula 1 after Senna’s death,we realize that there is a Formula 1 before 94 and another F1 later.

    Gilles Villeneuve vs René Arnoux Dijon-Prenois 1979.

    Considered the best duel in history of F1.This is sport in its purest ,first class show.If you look at the driving of Gilles sees many similarities with Lewis, so Lewis is right when he thinks he is a pilot of another era.

    However, and because we have Schumacher at news again, we see the differences between competing cleanly or as seen in this video,Schumy dedicated to push out of the loop to rivals. I suppose as in this day Whiting had a problem with your eye glasses or maybe he did a magic trick teach to the third steward a rabbit and not the traps Schumacher on the track.

    Schumacher vs Hill – Belgian GP Spa 1995.

    The night of the sport.

    This is one of the reasons for overtaking are an extinct species.

    However, the television storyteller ,compares Sennna with those of Schumacher.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Senna was the master of the legal blocks, he don´t giving any option at rivals,he blocked perfectly in the corners,then them slow down playing with the gear shift,what towards the opponent coming up behind faster, hollow out your engine brake late, by being Senna in front
    he ascended marches before with more traction out of the corner,and gaining meters to prevent your opponent is put in your slipstream on the straight and well as a never ending story, the current pilots the only one that I see that makes these defensive legal maneuvers is Alonso as seen in this last race with Vettel or well this year in Montmelo at init.

    These defensive maneuvers are what Lewis has neglected and should make a major effort to add to your toolbox, it’s so good in their attack maneuvers he has neglected the defense, and this if you want to be a complete driver you have to improve,when I see Lewis and Petrov in Australia against the straight performing zig-zags, I have very clear that the ability to anticipation have it and you´re very quickly when you have to solve problems, you have to be more self-critical with yourself, this defect is seen from your start in karting,in F1 it is also important to defend well, Senna was a master attacking and defending well.

    of Schumy only say is simply a man who has seven world titles.

    Besides being the dirty best boy.

    He is always where you need your skill in cheating.

    PS.Lewis says “he was asleep when Schumy overtake to him”, there was also a huge difference between the two Mercedes, calculated on the 25 or 30 km for Schumacher with DRS enabled.Very curious surely very curious.

    “I continuously go further and further learning about my own limitations, my body limitation, psychological limitations. It’s a way of life for me.”…Ayrton Senna Da Silva.

  93. It that wa the case James, they could have put up the ‘investigation’ notice and dealt with it afterwards. They could have still given Shumacher a penalty in THAT race. Just a load of bull coming from the stewards after a lot of people, including the BBC’s commentators questioned his driving behind Lewis.
    Nothing more or less. They have done that before now and Lewis has been penalised AFTER the race has finished too so they could have done that to Shumacher. It’s all good and well him saying when he got home; well what did they do after they got the info? Nothing. And yet I just need to say Spa ’08!!! Nuff said!

  94. Hi Lewis

    There is much controversy in this week’s for the lance in the race with Massa, to make the biggest snowball add the irony of Mr. Mansell, at who only missing say that Lewis was to visit the eye doctor, if adding the explanatory note of Mclaren at respect, certainly unnecessary as these career lance are commons and the responses of pilots also, including Mr Mansell.

    Authentic blindness of Mr. Whiting?

    “Derek Daly says Michael Schumacher should have been given a penalty for his driving at Monza.The former F1 racer was the drivers’ advisor to the stewards during the Italian Grand Prix.Schumacher was criticised for his moves while racing with Lewis Hamilton.In a statement Daly said: “On lap 20, race director Charlie Whiting asked the stewards to look at an incident between Massa and Trulli at the second chicane.”While looking at the slow motion video of this incident, I missed the Schumacher/Hamilton incident that happened at that moment.”When I looked at it again at home, I believe that Schumacher should have been given a drive-though penalty. He was warned repeatedly and this style of driving is not what you want the future generation of drivers to perfect.”We as stewards probably let Charlie down with this one.”

    Clear element of distracting provoked by the superintendent Whiting,looking elsewhere , coinciding with a deliberate strategy of Mercedes and McLaren Mercedes to block Hamilton on track and avoid that could reach his “teammate”.

    Foul play of course, the correct strategy by Mclaren forward the entry to the pits for Hamilton to overtake Schumacher for strategy,to going out with new tires ,would advance into German, because the pace of Hamilton was superior, however they did intentionally delayed to pit so that Lewis had at front Schumacher again and lost sufficient time to enable a sufficient difference with Button.

    Everyone thinking about this what you want thinking ,me too I have an opinion formed on the superintendent Whiting very clear.Especially after inspecting the trial transcript in Milan about Senna’s accident and the participation of this man in the disappearance of the black boxes of Williams FW16.

    This is the news important and not the bullshit of mirrors, if the veteran pilots were upset that Lewis uses his “tricks” against them, Fuck them, starting with Mansell, you are a hypocrite you have done the same when driving in the F1.Mr Mansell their Leave aside professional his jealousy and matures, that you still a kid.

    I Conclude with a quote from Gerhard Berger about Ayrton Senna.

    “When you saw the yellow helmet in your mirrors you know where you stand”.

    Good luck and I hope you do good business with your career when I finish this season.

    I do not know whether to play at red?

    Frankly it would be a big business.


  95. MK
    I agreed with you totally, but I am pleasant surprised that DC has turned a corner for Lewis. Don’t for get it was DC and Button which dared Lewis to do some stupid activity, and his dad stepped in as said no. DC was always Buttons best friend until of late.
    I will say until the day I die, Lewis is on his own and needs to remember that, jealousy is a terrible thing, they have all knocked him especially this year.

  96. apologies for typos … I’m not typing the whole thing again coz I’d just make different mistakes. I hope you still understand what I’m saying.

  97. Where to start:
    BBKing12million … when I said I didn’t think Button deserved to win the 2009 title simply coz I didn’t like him. I was slated on FB. I got over that … still don’t like the man.
    As for James … We already know Brundle is two-faced. Every time Lewis has a problem you can tell by his gloating … he can’t help it. He just doesn’t want Lewis to do well. When Lewis wanted that pre-grid interview to explain his R.I.P. on his helmet you could tell it was a strained interview. Brundle is a twit … he never won anything of value. Did you also notice how annoyed he was that Vettel got away with that move on Button last Sunday. He kept on about it every opportunity. Get over it Brundle .. Vettel is the fav of the month.
    I have to say though David Coulthard has been one of the voices on Lewis’s side. He has always stuck up for Lewis when he feelts he’s been unfairly portrayed … and that has been on numerous occasions. He will, however, say if Lewis has done wrong. I would listen to DC more than any of the others … he’s never slated him coz everyone else has. It’s not easy doing that when all the others are shouting you down. So I have to say “hats off to DC” for being on Lewis’s side.
    LH 4 F1 … wherever Lewis goes I go no matter which team he’s with coz I KNOW he will get the best out of any car.
    Roll on Korea and I hope Lewis gets on the podium …1st step would be great, but any of them good.
    Forza Lewis!!!!!


    On this link i found out who’s behind

    how can we shut this site once and for all?

    It was seeing his anti-Lewis Hamilton posts censored on a formula one website that spurred Jay Kohler into creating

    Since launching in October 2007, Jay, 35, an American media and marketing manager now living in Europe, has received more than a million hits. “I’m absolutely not obsessed by Lewis, but I am a little bit obsessed with formula one,” he admits. “First I liked him – he was mind-blowingly fast. But during the second half of 2007 his smugness got under my skin. I was trying to voice my opinion at, but they kept censoring my letters and singing his praises when they were absolutely not due. I figured there was a demand for an anti-fan website, so I started one.”

    Jay has since spent around 100 hours on his site, with most stories originating from international news feeds emailed to him by contributors. Surfers can also vote on who’s the most delusional, Lewis or his father.

    “Some people have suggested my site’s funded by another F1 team but that’s not true,” he laughs. “Two thirds of emails I’m sent tell me I suck, the rest are supportive. I have no intention of closing it down as it’s growing so fast. Lewis has already proved that he is, and will be, one of the greatest F1 drivers and will win plenty of races and titles. I just don’t like him, that’s all.”

  99. I’m a simple F1 fan. For a while it seems F1 was just Ferrari and Micheal Shumacher. I liked Mika Hakkinen, and thought Kimi Raikkonen would step into his shoes, but this didn’t happen.

    When you Lewis Hamilton entered F1, we all witnessed what was possible from a great racing driver. Unfortunately for you Lewis, F1 and the media decided to try and limit any further display of your brilliance in the sport. This is why since the Almighty intervened to give you your rightful 2008 title, those in the know have carefully constructed the gradual demise of your chances to achieve another title.

    It is hard to suggest where you can go since you have grown up in motor-racing with McClaren, but now we are understanding how they are obviously helping to ruin your chances.

    I believe, if you went to one of the lower teams and grew with them, you may be given the right opportunity to flourish again and WIN, but maybe you lack patience for this.

    Therefore, I believe you have to think 5 steps ahead of everyone else around you in the sport. This is the only way you will stand a chance of emerging from the current stance they have created for you to exist in.

    You keep mentioning the team (because you are honourable), however, the main reason for your reducing chances this season has been because of the team, and it’s ridiculous decisions. Forcing you to try too hard to compensate for a rubbish hand you’ve been dealt.

    So, play the team game, but play it according to your rules. You’re the driver who is risking your life and reputation for them, so they must LISTEN to you, not the other way ’round.

    You know what you need to win, so they must provide it. Full stop!

    I read that your team mate wants you to stay to provide the continual dream team…..what this means is so that he and the team can continue to learn from you for his and their benefit, whilst you miss out, time and time and time again, until you throw in the towel.

    Everyone who contributes to this site knows that you have been denied 3 further world titles since you entered the sport. How much more are you going to let them take from you? We know you would have been the only rookie to win the title, if it wasn’t for some (spanners in the works)…excuse the pun.

    We know that humans make mistake. We know that you are human. This is not the issue. The issue is, how long will you be trying in a super-human way to combat tactics designed to strip you of your mental grit and determination.

    It’s up to you. Whatever you decide, we’re 100% on your side. All the best for the rest of the season and 2012.

  100. Hi Lewis.

    I will comment about three knowledgeable ex-drivers.Brundle,Coulthard and especially Mansell.

    In tribute in the BBC Top Gear dedicated to Ayrton Senna, Mr. Brundle intentionally critic and dropped form that Ayrton was a dirty driver as a subliminal message.

    I guess the problem of envy is common worldwide.

    The Senna’s maneuver to which you refer is the answer for drivers who have a habit of closing the door later for lack of skill and for being lousy sportmen.

    You Mr.Brundle intentionally obvious the maneuver between Prost and Senna in Suzuka 1989 that was a robbery, in that year to Senna only miss that being accused to killer at Kennedy more or less like Lewis in this year, even drivers performed meetings to criticize Senna´s driving.

    Mr.Brundle and Mr.Coulthard ,what are your merits in Formula 1 to have a say so hypocritical about Lewis Hamilton?

    I replied to you,nothing.

    Now let’s talk about Mansell, the truth is that living at the expense of making statements about other driver is quite unfortunate for someone like that you were world champion.You say that the problem of Lewis is instead peripheral vision, you say “I had excellent control of everything going on in the race track” as true here in this video.

    had you an excellent peripheral vision to see the black flag that had been taught pulling off the circuit if a driver that if it was in the race?.So you saw Senna and decided to taking it out.
    This is the falsehood of this competitiont,when we questioned the words of Lewis,but not the words of Massa or Maldonado or Schumacher or Button or the word of you, friend Mansell.

    Let’s taking off the mask.

    All the drivers when making a punishable action, using the same excuse.

    “I have not seen for the car mirrors.”

    Maldonado in Monaco, Button in Canada, Schumacher in Adelaide 1994, about Massa don´t speak, this guy is directly besides blind fool.

    But when Lewis used the same ruse,it has put in doubt.You must pose a regulatory change to specify that when Lewis don´t see in the car mirrors it would punished but if it is another who says it, don´t would punished.

    You Mr. Mansell was an aggressive driver a lot more aggressive than Lewis which is more refined and elegant driver than you, who are you to criticize Lewis’s aggressiveness when you was worse? .Who are you to criticize Lewis? for saying “I have not car mirrors seen “many times before the stewards you seeked the same excuse.

    If you rather spend more time playing golf than in tune up your car, you would have been more times world champion, and won a title only because his car was so superior to others that if a chimpanzee would have been driving would be champion the world.

    So keep you still living off the media image of Lewis Hamilton.

    God bless Lewis, and keep safe.

  101. Dear Hammy,

    You did your best under the circumstances at Japan!!!

    Life is not sweet for you at the moment and ok I admit it is a bad year for you so…….THE ONLY WAY IS UP….ONWARDS AND UPWARDS…NEXT YEAR WILL FOLLOW AND BAD WILL COME RIGHT.

    GOD BLESS…..AMELIAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  102. @ Issac i am very fit and well. people like you will never stand your ground in the uk thats why she is lost people you turn over & over you dear not say no too your rulers but swear at people like me .you have the manors that are of a flea and you cant accept all that is before you. keep up the bad work . your life is so simple you cant comprehend it you need a master . if you feel strong about some thing i have said then say so with grace. you degenerate pig and system sloth now go back too your to the rock you hide under you bully typist.

  103. @ Issac is that swear word the first English word your parents used when they saw you i wonder??? if you wish too address me then do so but keep it tidy. And i am very apologetic if i sparked a fire in you Issac but you must ask yourself if you are weak & phobic within the way you try to attack. do you even have a spine at all the way you try too attack me from your computer with your print.It does not pain me or faze Issac.but i am sorry too all on this site if i caused any upset but not too you
    I used the word racists yes i did because of the spain f1 fans doing their best too shake up lewis in the past i am a great believer in non labeling of people because of race or breading.i am just a person i have no label i have a name and i was born in the same case as 99.99 people on the planet. i dislike zoo or Shepard & sheep like behavior from people.
    Back too f1 and why i say what i do. well the car was ok through prac123 then it was ok in q1 great in q2 then late in q3 why or how. its a team blunder again have you ever heard of a top team like mclaren with all the clout making these bazaar blunders and it seems to be always on lewis’s watch!!!told too pit and no one there and many more.
    lewis said in the interview im gobsmacked i don’t get it. i had no grip. am i dialing the car in wrong.( me i dont think so Lewis knows his car)he shrugs his shoulders like it was out of his hand in any case??
    When lewis’s gets penalty’s its always harsh and when other driver do the same its brushed off not seen or said too be as critical as when lewis is involved plus the footage of the hands of other drivers involved is not broadcast. all that is shown is Lewis’s demise and blame lies at his feet.

    Lewis is doing very well he has even Changed For his interviews and good for him if the cap fits let them wear it. its a better way for Lewis too switch the manor of his interviews & compose its the right way.
    Lewis stay were you are. your always be a champion and like before you will get your 2nd championship win but don’t rush it.

  104. Lewis I feel everything is happening to you in this year.
    I have a dream,dreamed as you will obtain the championship in the next year, you´re dressed in blue overalls,not know if it premonitory,hopefully the harbinger is fulfilled.

    let’s get to the point.

    this says a Massa the fake.

    “What he says does not matter. I care about what the federation says what the FIA (International Automobile Federation). They have penalized people for much less this year and this time did not,”.

    “This is the second consecutive time after the problem in qualifying and in the last race,” added the Brazilian. “The FIA has to take care of that. They are the only ones who can do it,”

    In my country this is a full-fledged threat.

    I don´t if in England will be understood in the same way as being Hispanic, I has a little advantage,I understand your meaning perfectly,you keep extreme precautions in the track because I have the impression that they have prepared the rope to punish you so hard.Don´t chop the hook.

    In the nature the better specimens adapted to the environment in which they interact will survive,this is compete,in the nature as equal at the races,not only run run and run,not only push push and push,also must jump jump and jump at all the problems and variable circumstances,this also is compete.You must be interact with all these elements ,other drivers,stewards,track status,press etc etc.

    The famous phrase Ayrton Senna “Compete to win”,now assumes a special meaning.

    The philosophy of Ayrton are the next.

    -If competes with an driver which play fair,compiting fair.


    Jean Alesi VS Ayrton Senna US GP Phoenix 1990

    a great duel.

    -If competes which an a driver which playing dirty,compete dirty with him,because I´m the best,until playing hard.

    In this way was neutralized potential rivals creating in doubt in them.Senna was a very clean pilot,never struck first, but always hit back.When they stumbled with Senna knew the situation would be very unpleasant.

    – Never using diplomacy with people who don´t wants understand you,
    don´t want to waste time.Bullies only understand one language,the gunboat diplomacy.

    If you hit forcefully once you being save work to hit 100 times in the same place.

    It´s for this than Massa confuse be educated with be stupid.The words are lost in the ether,the facts remain.

    This is why you must not change anything in your aggressive driving, is a perfect style.Whoever tells you otherwise,only has intended to deceive.Your problem it´s the bad interpretation of concept compete in F1,much of the previous experiences can serve, but another experiences not serve in F1 Lewis.

    If the Formula 1 was an orchestra and you were the director,must properly interpret the partiture.Using the car when necessary, using the talent when necessary,using the ruse when appropriate.Your goal should be to become more complete driver just as was Ayrton.

    You must improve your offensive maneuvers,in making them so many times,it become predictable for a driver as defend at you.

    You play with them as if you were a cat and your opponent were a mouse,to dirty rivals,you don´t approach so much,keeping a distance you to react to unexpected and keeps for a single and overwhelming attack.In the meantime showing to him the car to the left,to the right,so he is feel that your breath near,so gets nervous.You must that make him believe that in some points of the circuit you´re vulnerable so him be entrusting,you playing bluff.

    If after that you can forsee it can closed the door so dirty.You must protected you as if you were a boxer place your hands over your face.

    What is the hardest area in a race car?

    You must avoid impacts on the front axle being he was who hits in his front axle with middle of your car.

    Example :

    A pig and a driver too trustful.

    Schumacher Hill Crash at Adelaide 1994.

    It´s clear that Hill thought that Schumacher was a fair driver. Hill doesn´t take precautions.The more I see this video gives more disgusting.Likely Mansell would say “Surely as a problem of peripheral vision”,is that the “poor Schumy” don´t saw at Damon in his car mirrors.


    Schumacher vs. Villeneuve Jerez 1997.

    The funniest day of my life.

    Jacques Villeneuve if I take countermeasures,the canadian anticipated that Schumacher it was going to clash against his car and straight shot,lengthens the braking,to prevent the German hit to him in the front axle and would harm the direction or the front suspension to the Villeneuve´s car.

    hunter hunted

    Schumy also was punished and make a fool .

    Bravo Jacques.

    So it comes at these undesirables.

    This using only it if necessary.

    Lewis takes care of you.

    And luck on your side.

  105. Hi Lewis,
    Congratulations for doing yet another good job!

    McLaren has clean forgotten; had they not given you a under perform car along with their lack of ability in strategies you would have achieved three world Championship in your first three years
    You joined McLaren under the terms that your father required after they rejected his terms. Is this an opportunity to make you feel uncomfortable now perhaps? It has been one too many years; the team have comprised you.

    There will be a great team waiting to have you when your contract runs out, and hopefully you won’t endure all the garbage you have been given.
    It’s all in the GAME, there are enough of us who knows how the system work!

    Remember you are a phenomenal drive. Jenson was not in a team at the right time, as luck has it, he has been lucky by other people mistakes as well as playing the game.
    I hope you can end the season on a high with a few win and start 2012 on an even higher spirit.

  106. I do not think Lewis has to miss a minute of your time in replying to Felipe who simply to defines himself by his statements as a coward and a crybaby loser.

    Lewis on the track yesterday sends a clear message to Ayrton Senna´s pure style, but I don´t think need translate to Felipe.

    Although I think that Mr. Felipe must have a very small kernel for brain.

    Mr. Totd not act in the case of the obvious provocations of Felipe, this don´t attempt to discredit about your sport?

    Ah ,must be to have two regulations,a regulations for Lewis and another regulation to others.

    Very Democrat, Mr Totd.

    By the way I think we are in 2011 Mr.Totd
    not in 1811.

  107. Too all please listen too what Massa says in his foolish out burst he spills about Lewis success in f1. He says things like” don’t Lewis get it yet he not using his mind he is paying and he cant see that” massa smile’s.There is much more innuendo as massa spills the beans in his latest foolish out burst. listen too massa he will tell you how F1 is run and thats why i say what i say below yo!!!
    I loved F1 because it was fast and the best reap the championship hence the No1 formula team.
    But lately it looks false like WWF and the way Lewis’s out comes happen is a joke. Lewis represents UK HOPE for many and we cant have that now can we!!!let THE banks /war/the government dept/gilt for the starving & the ill lay were it should/ on the deprived its always been policy.

  108. @MK i cant help but know & smell a rat or rats in mclaren when it comes too lewis. i mean i cant remember the last driver that was late for qualle because of fueling its bazaar and there has been many more attributed too hold lewis up in mclaren and else were.And they say its bad luck whatever i’m not having that BS. Do all wish too know when Lewis’s problems really started then i shall tell you all.This is not just about lewis’s race & institutional’s not just about his girl and these so called friends that come too the paddock here and there.But i will say this and you all may laugh or you can look up what i’m saying.Did you know when Lewis made his first million or millions he then moved too a tax free country and made no contributions too certain party’s in the uk it was all over the papers and still pop’s up from time too time it made the system angry and parts of the public also.i believe right now Lewis is being baited and also if you listen too the pundits you will here that a mistake by any other driver is a race incident.& if its Lewis he is too go before the stewards & he must be made too suffer and you may have also noted that if another driver does some thing on too Lewis he may not face penalization at all???.all this helps too bring Lewis far i dont know. it may be till he leaves off his own back. or till mcalaren wish too make him a test driver and keep him out the back!!!(this subject will come up in public soon that or this is a usual path too getting some off the main stage).it all Depends how much the big guns wish too make Lewis PAY!!!
    Look at lewis’s eye’s when miss McKenzie says. its OK Lewis the stewards are not going too take further action he did not even know and was not told till that moment.
    AND a little tip for you Lewis. sit a course in body language the eye’s are windows too the sole its true I&I tell you so.
    I have many things too say.OK if you listens too the pundits they said jenson is a great ambassador for Japan. i said” you what how???” is it because he has a japan girlfriend and he did a helmet that he was going too auction off OK. PS why not donate his own cash?? even his dad said jensons heart is in japan but fell short when he made eye contact with the PR people in the background its watch his actions.let me say this. its all f1 business and is a set. Lewis’s down fall is he thought it was all genuine one on one racing for a championship till know!!!

  109. Hi Lewis,

    It’s realy a challenge to you this year. Just forget about it.

    We want to see you on more podium finishes in 2012. When things are not going in the right way, we want to see you finish with points. That makes championship easiler. 25 or 0 is is too halmful to you.

    I have seen you several times in the Shanghai padock and Stuggart. I would like to see you capture more championships in the future.

    The qualification and final in Japan, the pitting strategy in Hungary, Canada, etc. I don’t believe Mclaren is still your home. Think about Kimi, think about Mika. You don’t want to wait till the last one or two years for your second champion. Think about a new place. You can’t beat Button. He is too good at playing politics than you. Don’t waste your time.

  110. The odds Watchman is very small for that puncture and what we wanted to know on another site was … with all that technology the McLaren Wall didn’t pick it up? Now everyone says Lewis doesn’t look after his tyres, but he has shown that not to be true. Pirelli admitted in one race that his tyres were not good, but it was too late then. An investigation I believe!!!!
    He has to see next year through or people will say he can’t hack it with Button as his team mate. Load of c**p. We all can see the script McLaren are writing … and I for one am not happy, but that’s life. Lewis is a phenomenal driver, but I do not see him as a key member of the McLaren team anymore. I will be glad for Lewis when this season is over.
    Good Luck Lewis for Korea coz you gonna need it with the team you got.
    We know you do your best and I, for one, will always support you.

  111. Hi Lewis,

    My Auntie is a massive fan of yours and even missed the birth of her grandson as she was at Monza watching you!!

    I made the mistake of telling her i was going to ask you to meet her for her 60th birthday (which was last December!) and since then she keeps nagging me telling me she will have another 60th, just so i can try to arrange for you to be at her birthday lol!

    All the best with F1, you have a huge talent!!!
    x x x

  112. Hi Lewis,
    Great job,
    Remains the same that you are, your driving style is spectacular!!!
    You are a great striker and I think Massa takes advantage of these problems, for achieve your moral and destabized for you..
    Remain focused for the next races.
    This strongly period passes quickly and you ll be back very shaped for the next year.
    Bye and good luck

  113. Hi Lewis.

    Define F1 as a sport would say to much.
    The Dirty War inside the track, inside the box,the championship manipulation favoring piracy a few ,have converted this sport in a fraud in which the prevailing policy upon athletes.

    Mclaren’s dirty war is a fact that fans can not ignore.The Lewis Dignity under these circumstances is worthy be emphasize.The behavior of your team is at least miserable with a pilot that has been faithful and the result of his talent brought a title to wooking after many years without success.

    This year the superiority of RBR has hidden the mismanagement of the team championship for McLaren Mercedes.If instead of dealing with the egos of pilot and team owner in a senseless war that has been escalated from Hungary, McLaren would still having options.In my view we would be with Lewis about two poles and five or six races, having the potential of the car in optimum race now is title would not be impossible.The max responsibility for this is Ron Dennis and his lackey Mr. Whistmart.

    Yesterday Lewis had a new “problem” in Q3 with his second set of tires.

    The anger was monumental Hamilton was well aware of the Calvary to which they are submitting.

    When the vehicle goes to enclosed park only can refuel it what makes you come out with the same tires.So start the race on Sunday the same thing it finished in Q3.This has been the trap that prepare Mclaren to Lewis on Saturday and that has conditioned his race.

    The objective leave ahead of Button in a unnatural form again and Mclaren has been playing dirty five times against Lewis since Hungria.The evidence against them.Simply and at same time us load the myth of Lewis’s inferiority in the use of Pirelli.

    First change of tires

    Button – Lap 11.
    Hamilton- lap 8.

    Second change of tires.

    Button – lap 21.
    Hamilton- lap 22.

    Subtracting the second set of tires lasted.

    -Button – 10 laps.
    -Hamilton – 14 laps.

    By having lower pressure in the first set of tires your degradation has been greater, so they was able to stop aseptically Button ahead of Hamilton.And yet Hamilton has retained its tires on the second entry 14 laps, but different means of communication will continue to sell ,that Lewis is a mess keeping their tires.

    Very Machiavellian Mr. Dennis.

    Lewis Hamilton just need to have to check the tire pressure.

    That´s Incredible.

    Good luck and patience you going to be needed.

  114. Hi Lewis,
    There always factors that matters in a particular sport. Those factors can kill or build a sport. Those factors allows the principle of competition (Remember that Competition is the Sport’s Soul)which gives way to limitless options which in turn gives way to amazing abilities which also engage infinite choices which are powered by potential and determination whom also affects an endless list of other factors…… so in short, if you will be governed and limited by factors of mindless critics, jealous people, blind F1 fans, bias clowns, you would be committing the worse crime ever to the spirit of sports and all true passionate lovers of F1.
    The moment Lewis or Alonso or Vettel or Rosenberg or Button is not on pole or is on Pole, then events, in the form of sport factors, start transforming and stretching those probabilities’ dimensions to limitless forms. Then Adrenalin spontaneously ignites in so many F1 fans.
    One great factor in you Lewis the ability to do what others can’t do. All heads up to Lewis Hamilton

  115. lewis well done. its ok we see the script. you done your job and come were you were supposed too.slow puncture whats the odds on that happening straight out of the Tyre blankets ??? well done witte the way it should be ay wink wink your the i say this because the car changed from qual & practice too the race. the pace was different/tyre wear was different/and a slow puncture whats the odds on tell me some 1

  116. Welldone Lewis,you did your best.Congrats to Button.
    I hope you will get the pole some time.It’s complicated to get the best results in this situation.Do not give up.You’ll be fine!!
    God Bless you..Big kiss!

  117. Hi Lewis

    You would seen very angry today with the Judas that have as teammate.

    Calm your anger and focused on not making mistakes in the race tomorrow.

    Revenge is served cold.

    The stewards are watching with magnifying glass all your actions, you don´t make any foolish,you be fairly burned with everything you’re going through this year, we will finish the season and remember that “He who laughs last laughs best”.

    Good luck for today’s race in Japan and the Lord be with you in the right direction and help you overcome the known difficulties, have faith and still struggling and fighting as usual.

  118. Hi Lewis

    There are four drivers on the track, that your objetive it´s will to fuck you.

    Schumacher,Massa,Webber and Maldonado, are using the ram to discredit you.

    Take care of them, you’ll think how to return your foul play.You are an noble sportman but you learn to survive in these circumstances.The personal trainer of Ayrton Senna in his time of Karting said the following :

    “Ayrton was a saint out of the circuits but was a devil within the circuits.”

    Use cunning and mischief to defeat those who do not want to compete against you, only just trying to give hunt you as a fox hunt.

    You must surprise them and turns from prey happens to make you a hunter.Use your intelligence for this.

    Have a nice weekend Lewis.

  119. Hi Lewis.

    The truth Lewis is that making life very difficult in Mclaren.There are a total divorce between your team and you.This blackmail is unacceptable and lack of professionalism of Mclaren is even worse.Mclaren has been set an objective,put his teammate ahead of you in the championship,just for the purpose of humiliate you,besides of prejudice a sporting level that is causing in his prestige.

    I’m not in your shoes Lewis and I not for me to give advice at you.

    It is admire the manliness with which these faced all this crap they want to place on top of you.But in the end to endure so much injustice,you end up exploding.The gesture of your face at the end of qualifying today,says it all.The same semblant that after winning in Turkey in 2010,the same semblant that after qualifying at Monza, etc, etc.

    If I were in your situation under any circumstances was competing for McLaren in the next season, if I had option of settling the relationship at the end of this season I would.

    – First because you are losing precious time in your career and I do not like wasting time.

    – Second for the damage you are doing at the media.

    – Third, it is preferable to grab my gear and go where they appreciate my talent.

    If I don´t couldn´t sign with a top team,for example RBR or Ferrari under conditions equality and respect for my work,I would seek second choices as Mercedes and Williams-Reanult or Lotus-Renault signing a first pilot in the contract clauses and can protect for any temptation to fuck me,If in addition we add the entry of turbo engine, this can change the balance of forces in the current F1.

    But anyway as I’m not your, only is a thinking aloud.

    The decision is yours and it’s complicated but is necessary,so you see it with the pillow and decide what is best for you and for your career.

    Lewis Luck and a hug.

    P.S. Tomorrow you extreme precautions at starting grid ,especially with Felipe Massa don´t get into more trouble, keep a cool head and using the cunning.Learn to control your aggressiveness and focus it on your benefit.

  120. Wonderful to read on this website that the majority of messages are full of support and stretches worldwide.

    Good luck for this week and and remember…..


    Take care and God Bless .

  121. Dear Lwife

    I just want to say we love your driving style.

    Drive like a caffeir racer that you are and may peace be in your feart

  122. Hi Lewis


    Jenson Congratulations for renewal.

    You had to reward a job well done, curiosly Lewis meetings to Horner at Saturday night before the race, curiously Ron Dennis it was in the circuit that day.

    What will be the next “problem” of Lewis?
    An extra set of tires as in Hungary, a very slow car as in Monza or perhaps a lack of interest in refueling as in Singapore,let me guess…a loss power in your engine or pressure will be inadequate tires; who knows, clear as Sister Lewis does not complain, for ethics and dignity, let’s give it wax to dummy.Descartes “I think therefore I am”.

    What reason had Alonso about you ,Ron .At this circumstance dear Ron
    is defined “brazen favor treatment” to Jenson.Rubens Barrichello curiously had to suffer the same hemorrhoids ,in BrawnGP. The names of these hemorrhoids are Jenson,but Rubens had been the champion and not the plugged Button, since Jenson if it were a little more skillfull,
    would facilitate a job to Ron Lewis of foul play inside by his own team,since there is so much difference in favor to Lewis between the two,have to bring the game to extreme more shameful.

    I have the impression that when the season ends Lewis uncover the secret that both know but no one dares to say.

    Where has been your supposed philosophy, friend Ron, Mclaren just only a team like the others,the same dirty tricks that others team.

    Finally a real pity.

    Your calm Lewis, the true fans we are with you.

    Luck to Suzuka.

  123. Hi Lewis

    People will find it hard to accept that you can be so content doing what you want, but that’s just it because they cannot be like you they will always try to break you down.
    Loyal fans will understand, unity is strength, one day you will be passing on your experiences to your children who will no doughty go through the same behaviour from others. People will always give you grief your strength of character is what’s eating them up inside.

    All the very best for this weekend in Japan, your best will always be good enough for us!!!

  124. Hi Lewis,

    Like to see that smile.That’s it get on with your life don’t let them have you in a dark room crying. Show them that they are not affecting you.

    I read somewhere about you not having anyone there for you at races. O Lewis you have all you’ll ever need at your races you have us ‘fans’.I’d prefer someone who is so proud of you as a black man, a champion in a white domain. So proud of you. Someone who is always cheering you on. Wishing you the best.And you have God.Trust me he is all you need.He saw me though some hard times. Think about him and your gift before every race.

    Also wanted to wish you luck for your next race. I know you want to be the best and trust me Vettel can’t touch you in the excitement stakes that’t why they are always talking bout you. So really you are the best.Think carefully about when your gonna overtake, some are obviously gonna make it harder for you than other.

    But who’s the champion me or you lol. I have faith you’ll do your best I just hate seeing you make silly mistakes, honestly I think some are avoidable, but you are human and it is racing your the only one in that car at the time.

    Don’t worry about other drivers,those ones making it harder for you… jealousy

    Good luck as I said race I’ll be watching and cheering you on. Just do your best.x

    God bless you and fam

  125. I can understand Smedley saying to Massa … hold him up coz that’s what all the drivers would try to do … hold each other up, but the word destroy is so much stronger and more destructive. That’s what is worrying. How can Smedley tell Massa to deliberately ‘take someone’ out of a race?
    Shocking and shame on Ferrari.
    They were both still angry about qualifying but that is not the way to do it imo and then Massa had the cheek to thump Lewis and make that sarcastic comment. Massa … you need to use your mind before you criticise others. I wonder if he was annoyed coz he couldn’t even do that … take Lewis out of the race!

  126. Hello!

    I told you. Shame on F1 Massa’s conversation during last race, Rob Smedley… quote “Hold Hamilton as much as we can. Destroy his race as much as we can. Come on, boy!”)endquote… shame shame shame…Destroy his race ? what a shame…Destroy his race? big shame.

  127. At all the haters on this site f1 is a dangerous sport like most motor sport. motor Gp riders fall off at very hi speeds and still live but yes some do die.please tell me of the last death in f1 besides tv brain washed dumb dumbos. safety is at its best yet. you watch too much tv get real or don’t watch.i bet you all are the type of people that swear at other road users then when you see the people you offend at the lights or traffic jams you lock the door and dare not look at the driver you offended spineless pr..ks people like you make sick. you don’t keep real. you see tv and its the truth.did you also know that seeing the same news all day is a type of brain wash & that if you were told the same thing over and over you believe it.get a grip please. Lewis Hamilton’s history will be documented in full.and what goes on in the back ground & all the things he has been done for and others not. then you can judge ok. like when at a round about and you bump the car in front it is because the car in front had all the time too go and you see the car move. but because you looked to the right and your ready to go you hit it. when the truth is the car in front or the driver hesitated was it you fault ??? the answer is yes but not all the time??? the driver in front would never admit it but you will pay the price.

  128. Hi Lewis,

    I have to ask the question, why do people filled with hatred come onto this site? It really is something to see and hear from them.

    The F1 leadership have revealed themselves for what they are. Massa has once again shown that he is prepared to abandon all pride to hold on to his seat in Ferrari and the media show who they work for and haters – well that truth, balance, justice and humanity are strangers to them. The funny thing is I don’t think their deluded minds can handle such high brow concepts.

    As for Massa employing the divide and rule principle concerning your father – please, its so old hat – is it that those whom he represents are scared, I wonder what of. Amist the noise and Massa tolder tramtrums I smell jealousy, fear and insecurity – fascinating isn’t it.

    Congratulations again for standing up like a real Man in the face of all that… and thank you for showing real character.

  129. My husband and I have watched the incident over several times, and we could see that Lewis was trying to avoid driving over the chicanes,which he knows would damage his car, Massa was just too slow and stubborn to get out of the way.

  130. ps as for massa help him with a charge of bringing the sport into disrepute by being rude and slapping you back even the pundits commented on that. play it the way massa likes too.

  131. Now as for the race Lewis your race was great keep it up push push push. we see the stage that is set and its time to for a curve ball read ahead you must go wide to close the doors. think what the next driver would try to do to hold you in the race and time qualifications
    its time too go too work go like you going to pit the don’t make if fun go go go lion Lewis hamilton

  132. Hi lewis, Josh here you biggest fan ever probably 😀 just wanted to say that you are the best driver on the grid, and i know that the past few races havent gone your way and that massa was in the wrong after the race to do that to you, but just stay calm and you will soon win again (hopefully in japan!) you will soon be world champion one day and people will soon be regreting saying all these things about you. P.s i hope i meet you one day, that would be the best day of my life. Thanks Josh.



  134. Hi Lewis,

    I totally agree with Ray by the way.

    What an incredibly frustrating race, despite the best efforts of some you finished well, congratulations on that fighting spirit.

    I must say my opinion of Masa has gone down even further (before Sunday I didn’t think that possible) with that immature made for TV intrusion. I wonder if that was all his own idea? Somehow I doubt it.

    Someone once said it is not what is done to us but how we respond. That is a mark of character and yours shone through amongst the garbage and the debris.

    Thank you for overcoming and entering F1.

    You are a diamond Lewis.

  135. Hi King Lewis!

    Thank you very much for the race and for what you did after that. I’m proud. On saturday I was mad because Mclaren once again made bad strategy for you and didnt allow you to improve the lap but they did it for JButton what kind of strategy and management is that? what is the purpose? they spoil your race on saturday on behalf of JB once again like they did in Monaco, unfortunately they know you very well. there is a conspiracy against you in F1 and it starts in 2009 because YOU ARE A BIG PHENOMENON I cant remember a world champion in F1 without a good car to defend his 1st title only You. and now they want to force everyone to believe button is better than you thats the purpose. think about it and stay calm, with all respect you need someone who really loves you close to you in every race as your personal manager and I think this person is your father (forgive me about it)I think there is a plane to sabotage your career. KEEP SHINE NO ONE WILL STOP YOU BECAUSE GOD IS BIGGER THAN ALL OF THEM.
    God bless you and keep protecting you.

  136. Hi Lewis
    You did very well yesterday despite your penalty, I believe for a long time there are one rules for you and one for all the other drivers. You have woken everyone up since you entered the sport your brilliancy has kept the cameras focus on you during every race amongst the growing fans. Even thought Vettle is leading the Championship, the cameras and commentators often speculate that you are likely to finish within the top, with your master of over taking, Lewis they all know a GREAT A STAR.
    All your fans know that they are determine to break your, so please listen to us and keep driving how you believe will benefit you.

  137. Forget about Massa, Lewis he’s only there to make up the numbers which was proved when he was ‘asked’ to move over last year to let Alonso pass. He should have told them to stuff it and if Alonso wanted to pass he should have used his skill to overtake him. After all he is a former World Champion! As for the race yesterday I thought you did fanatastic even after 5 visits to the pits! I reckon that with another couple of laps Jenson would have caught and passed Vettel. You and Jensen make a great team, he is in the professorial mode like Alain Prost and you are the out and out seat of the pants driver like the late Ayrton Senna and I mean that with all due respect. Without you F1 would be BORING!!! Keep racing the way you are I love it!

  138. Hey,

    Lewis I started watching F1 a few months ago. F1 was never my thing..I thought I would give it a shot..It was your win and since then I have been hooked completely. It’s exciting mainly because of you. You are a incredible driver. I don’t normally do this posting messages thing but I needed to reach out to you as I feel extemely sorry for you. You are in a very bad place at the moment and it’s because of people. You have made some silly mistakes but the way these people are blowing it up is unbelieveable. I think you have got too high for them and they need to distroy you and they are,your confidence is going little by little. You try to calm down but then you get stuck behind Sch for a silly amount of time just because he knows you don’t want anymore incidents. Sch would have taken you both out rather that let you through and you know that.You did well keeping your mouth shut though..Lewis you need to play them at there own game.They are really looking to bring you down e.g Webber mistakes are sim to yours,he had a incident with Massa no one said nothing. You have a incident.Yes Massa it was a racing incident that messed you both up but look who came out on top.He’s just mad cause his days are done..anyway you get a drive through penalty. Lewis please don’t allow them to bring you down.Jenson is doing a great job for the team, if he’s your friend as you portray allow him to have that shine.But next year comE back harder. You have a God given talent don’t allow devils to kill that.Play the game don’t get into silly spats with other drivers it’s not important.Concentrate and do what you do best
    And you did brill today.From 20th to 5th.Good Show.Well Done.

    God Bless you and your fam.

  139. Lewis your a great driver & F1 needs the likes of you vettel/button/alonso etc to make the sport more exciting, you’ve added an element of excitement NOT agression to F1 which is appreciated by many. Previously I’d sit alone & watch F1 now I struggle to find a chair between my two teenage daughters & my missus. I’m sure you would agree that this hasn’t been your best season & you think probably think the whole F1 world is against you – do what you do best & stay focused & it will come good.
    Glad to see you didn’t rise to massa’s rant, he a jealous muppet. I personally think that massa is not good enough to drive for ferrari, maybe he should consider a lesser team that way he can concentrate on the important things like pedestrians, traffic lights & speed cameras whilst driving.

  140. Hey beautiful,

    I cant stop thinking about what happend today i just wanna give you a big hug. who the hell does Massa think he is, he just doesnt like the fact that your 10,0000 times better than he is and that you finished in front of him SUCK THAT MASSA! 😀 I’ll love an support you forever Lewis, keep your head high because the fans who love you know that you will never give up. Keep smiling Lewis it might sound hard but do it for everyone who loves you. All the best in the next race keep doing what you do best NEVER EVER CHANGE THE WAY YOU DRIVE JUST BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE DONT LIKE IT TOUGH THAT WHAT I SAY. Your you and no one will ever change that!!!!
    Loveyou lots Dee 🙂 xxx <3

  141. OH MAN!




    Best Wishes always,

    Take care and good luck for the next race…Ameliaaaaaaaaa

  142. Glad that race over with. Well done Lewis … would have loved to have given you lots of hugs after the Massa incident. Everyone but the stewards saw it as a racing incident and EJ thought worse had gone unpunished on the track. That’s life. Move on to next race coz they can’t keep a great driver down.

  143. Hi Lewis,

    Good luck for Sunday’s race.

    On a sour note I’m getting real tired of Red bull, it would be great to be spared Vettle finger this weekend.

    Anyway I digress, will be watching of course.

    Good luck.

  144. Hey Lewis

    @dee648 from twitter here 😀

    Just wishing you all the best tomorrow, lets see the fighty lewis back this weekend

    Loveyou!!!! x 😉

  145. Hi Lewis Just a quick question How much money did you earn last year.Just asking need it for school reoport .Thankyou x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x

  146. Yo Lewis! @LewisArmy from twitter here. was made just for you and have over 1,600 followers thanks for your tweets hopefully you can follow the Army, we all support you,

    ‘Its NOT over till its ALL over’

  147. Hey Lewis, I’m amazed that the stewards DON’T have a word with YOU, when following Schumacher, who was ahead of you following the Racing Line, you began just going from one side to the other…..and then complaining to your Pit Crew that you are being held up! You’ve done this “Complaining” before and had your Team ‘mate’ penalised BACK 6-places, when MacLaren actually HAD a 1-2 on the start grid. All because you could NOT accept a DOUBLE World Champion in the same Team as you, even though he had been the ONE driver to put an end to Michael Schumacher winning Everything.
    Racing is racing, you can NOT expect to be in a TOP car from the start of your F1 career, and then just have Blue Flags shown to those in front of you.
    Had it not been for Piquets engine failure in the last race of GP2, you would NOT even have been GP2 Champion!
    So count your Blessings, and stop going from ‘side to side’ then complaining.
    Also a season or two back you overtook Phillepe Massa, with no intention or ability to make the chicane. As you passed him you damaged his front suspension/steering with you right rear wheel, and went STRAIGHT OVER’ the chicane, and received NO PENALTY. This was wrong, and should have been a drive through at minimum! As the resulting damage put an END to Phillepe’s race completely!

  148. Lewis you said all the right things.As for your race well the FIA make them self look very fair as always in your cases????.and Eddie j very swift too close down colthard’s litte out burst about know wonder lewis feels victimized in the after pundit chat on the race results and eddie very swift too sweep it under the carpet wow how tactful.But Lewis your drive was still a win because you were fastest car plus you have to drive against every car on the track as they all do there best too stop you from being in the in the running for the championships even those who are not in the top 5 do there up most too trip you.If you tried too pull the move button did on Michael it would been a crash. why i say that is because if you look at the video Michael drives on top of the corner too let button pass even tho he did not have too move because he had the race line on that bend but as we all know he would rather hinder you or if you try a hot move right your car off and be assured and know that you lewis Hamilton would be in front of the stewards and held for a hard charge and help you too kill your sole in f1 and in the public eye as a formula 1 driver. im sorry too say but thats what i see in the race even the team told you box in the past and not been there wots that???.for those who dont get what im saying. f1 is not just a race the drivers set an average time at points in the track & at curtain zones and as you can see lewis was held until there was no way he could fight for a podium finish. after the time had lapsed lewis was released by Mr brawn telling his driver too make room.(ps jenson’s pal)its true. and engine provider too mclaren you tell me how you would tell your main dealer were to get off!!!plus Ross may wish too help a driver team leader cause at mclaren!!!and the red team also have big say so rights in f1 too if you know your f1 history!!!If you ask me lewis is getting a sort of telling off for being exuberant and confederate in his own right.Lewis is a top driver and has been robbed of victory in this case and in the past its plain too see.and WHY BECAUSE LEWIS IS YOUNG GIFTED AND ….k sing it if you know the song. and lewis is a beacon that all doors are open when you have a dream too adhere too & with love and drive from family of pride we can all do it.i appeal to the FIA to be fair please because your making f1 look staged. and i dare say Michael is a Cheat and the monza stewards too and thats not the only time you bunch have turn a blank on other cases where lewis was not blameworthy. SHAME ON F1.Is lewis’s part in f1 is too say look were multy cultural “here” it sad too see and he is not going to leave because he has more zeal than f1 will ever know.Push lewis push one love a true f1 proper British gladiator who does not need gift triumphs thats why he is the layman’s Chapion

  149. Hello Lewis!

    Congratulation! because you showed maturity I am proud because of that We all know why you didnt win in italy. Shumi dicided do not let you pass that was his mission and you were there calm than ever, I was nervous I think all people who love you were nervous and you were calm, waiting and trying avoid accident, Shumi let Button pass easily without any resistance at the first attack unbelieveble! and after that He closed the door. stay on this way without loosing what you are LEWIS HAMILTON THE FASTEST MAN IN F1. QUOTE.” We would want you to keep driving like you have always done. Its what you are, its what you know and most importantly, the only way you will prove the best (that you are) in this sport – drive like LEWIS HAMILTON the winner”

    I know you are super sensitive this is good but you have to control it and I think this is the key for you ’cause you have the skill, the talent, the passion and after all YOU ARE YOUNG.


  150. Lewis make a stand you’re in the right, you are not being treated equally, Mclaren are not on your side, you always seem to get the worst strategy compared to button, button only wins races by team strategy.

  151. Hi MK don’t worry, I’ll still be carrying on as you say, doing whatever I wish, and yes… are right…..I absolutely have been critical of Lewis on this very site, especially regarding his driving at Monza in 2009, and 2010.
    In 2009 he should have slowed down on the last lap to ensure a 3rd place finish, and a spot on the podium.
    In 2010, there was no need on his part to try, and rush passing Massa by having his nose inside Felipe at the second chicane. The on-board from Lewis’s car clearly show that a disaster was about to happen, and… did. That move on Felipe may have cost Lewis the championship!

    Yesterday’s race MK, showed me that Lewis still has that fighting spirit, and also some patience in his fight with Schumacher, which was very encouraging for me to see.

    Have a nice day….MK!

  152. hello sataday im goin to the town park with holly and erin on the wasters and twisters and lots of adlet ones we think were tingers and were 6 we have a lagh

  153. Hey Lewis,

    First of all, congratulations on your finish 4th – despite all the conspiracies to keep you away from that.

    We all KNOW exactly how you feel (and we feel it along with you). You are clearly a victim of hate. But you know what? Its all because you are GOOD!

    One thing I would not like to see though: its you compromising on your driving way. Once you succumb to these wankers, then you might as well stop driving F1.

    We would want you to keep driving like you have always done. Its what you are, its what you know and most importantly, the only way you will prove the best (that you are) in this sport – drive like LEWIS HAMILTON the winner!

    Learn from all these and grow into it is my advice.

    One love.

  154. Your time will come young man keep ur head calm. U did well to stay out of trouble and finish the race today with some good ponts. All the best for the next race. U are a megga star and no question about that. Cant wait to see u on top o the podium lewis. So. Eeme

  155. C’è un deficiente qui che ha bisogno di andare a prendere il suo stesso consiglio. Sicuramente ha sotto la sua pelle hahahhaha
    Lewis si è una stella.

  156. PS FROM Ameliaaaaaaaa

    I do not like the interviewer Lee Mackenzie I think she likes to draw you out and to get negative responses, almost wanting you to say bad things.


  157. Dear Hammy
    Firstly Monza 2011 was very exciting especially with Schummy!!!!
    You did your best but I dont think you have a decent enough car for whatever reason…what is it with the gurney on the DRS FLAP ?? Did it compromise your drive??

    Also I am fed up with all the negatives that you constantly keep getting.

    I did not like the fact that Jenson says ” I am the team leader” I have not heard you state that you are the team leader…I was not aware there had to be one.

    Let us remember that it was not so very long ago that Jenson before he became champion was accused of being a playboy and needed to knuckle down and concentrate on racing. I am not saying that you are like this I think the opposite I think you work extremely hard and are entitled to a private life just like the rest of us.

    Also Jenson has been in F1 for I think it is 11 years.. so it took him long enough to win it. Plus he has had the time to settle into F1, take his time and many years to reflect on his errors and improve. Maturity is a great thing and hindsight.


    Take care and God Bless .

  158. Hi,

    Well done for finishing. You could not have done anything more with a car that was not pulling. During practice, it pulls jus for McLaren to know how good they are. Using you for their benefit of course, the team!!. Then when they know that it is good, your car for some reason stops perfoming when racing.
    Hey, keep your cool. Till you move to a better team in terms of management, fairness please do not talk to Lee Mckenzie. Sir Alex F. was not penalised for not entertaning irritating media. It will not kill you saying you do not want to talk. And certainly you wil not be the last to say no chit chat. Even Michael SCHU, never gave them time, only when he wants to talk otherwise he just walks off.
    So please sit down with your dad, map your future, pros an cons. Your father has your interests at heart. So plan with your dad. EVERYONE else is selfish and do not mind hurting your career for their benefit. So hey move on. Those who love you will alwys be behing you.

    love you xx

  159. Hi Lewis,

    You do not worry abt staff happening around you. Sometimes life can be a b with an itch. But my wish and desire is that you leave McLAREN NOW. Start all over again with a different team. This is your chance, i bet you know what I am taking about right?? This is your chance to do so.
    Please do not stay with this organisation any longer. They clearly do not love you like before. So why stick with them. IF they have not been loyal to you, why should you be loyal to them? Be loyal to yourself. This career is short and you need to make hay while the sun shines.
    And when you leave this team, I hope you go to people who appreciate you and are willing to work with you.
    So good luck from me for the future. Please leave McLaren!!!!

  160. Nothing wrong with friends sticking up for each other especially when not asked to do so. That’s what friends are for. Arthur, you carry on doing whatever you wish; some people are just jealous coz they don’t have the same support.

    It’s also funny how some people are hypocrites. Criticising others for supporting comments and ‘sticking their noses in’, but then doing exactly the same thing themselves. Shouldn’t be a surprise … what can you expect from an ignorant, belligerent, cantankerous person. Not much more I suppose.

    Forza Lewis spero che oggi e una bella giornata per te!

  161. @Arthur,
    Correct me if I’m wrong please, but haven’t you been critical of Lewis? As I in the past? Obviously, these are older posts, but still I’m sure you’ve made valid points on here before now stating Lewis’ errors. Maybe I dreamed them!!!!

  162. Great job today, Lewis! I wish you do the best time this sunday too 😉 And I hope to watch you running in Abu Dhabi GP. I hope to be there if I win a promo that gives a trip fpr 2 to Abu Dhabi GP. if you are interested, all info is here: . We only have to make a video showing how crazy we are for F1 with a visual or auditive reference to the advertiser brand. My video is already there!

  163. Elaine,
    Surely we should be able to post on here without being abused and insulted? Isn’t this site all about opinions?
    However, I take your comment on board and tbh I’m of the opinon if you have to resort to foul language to make your point you obviously do not have a valid argument.

  164. Wishes Lewis all the best for the Italian GP and future ones. No matter what, the majority of people on this site will support you.
    Everyone who is a regular on here will know that I not only defend Lewis, but see his faults too, they must have missed those ones. lol
    Good Luck Lewis
    We know you are the best and will always make us proud.

  165. Hey Dickhead or is it…..freedom…whatever. Lewis will be around for a long time, and it seems as though he’s driving you out of you rabid f**king mind, which is…GOOD. So freedom, just get use to it, and try not to put your foot through yout tv, when Lewis eventually wins another WDC……because he will…..DUMBASS!!!!

  166. Hi Lewis

    At this weekend, remember the following…

    In Monza win the car,does not win the talent of the pilot,is a circuit with little difficulty,thats equal to your rivals,makes a good set-up and not get hung up on not having ever won at Monza,Lewis uses the car, you should mark you the objective of completing all remaining races.Be patient and not rush.

    Good luck for this weekend.

  167. just regrettable, I don´t know which one of two is responsible …

    at first user “Freedom” you can be heat the mouth in a moment but never the keys of the keyboard, their foul language is incompatible with a forum of opinion.

    the other user “MK” ,the first rule “Don´t feed the troll”.

  168. I´m from opinion that we shouldn´t fall into the error of be lamenting about everything and everyone,I being think comes out of the problems with error verifying,fighting and struggling.

    Lewis Hamilton is going through a difficult time of his sport career and this it creates doubts which are reflected many times on the race.It is as if you were walking through the field and fell into a deep hole and people stand in the edge looking at down and saying Lewis have had very bad luck, others by pulling a handkerchief to dry the tears, I am of the opinion of throwing a rope and that his ability comes out,praise weaken,while displays of affection are important,so are other views that might help, the fans are here to support you.

    I think Lewis should not worry about problems that have no solution,the F1 has long been in a deplorable state,it is unacceptable for a referee to take political decisions, but this has been doing for a long time,remember Senna vs Prost in Suzuka 1989, the haul in Adelaide,Hill vs Schumacher 1994,the two arbitrators to favor the offender and damaging to the sportman.

    And what about which way the regulations are manipulated to favor different teams at the expense of others, simply to favor the business even at the cost of smashing sport.

    This championship to forget the passing maneuver has been reduced to ridiculous with a monstrosity called DRS is a lack of respect for the drivers and Lewis Hamilton´s case of this very gifted for that and it works on the track,matching lower-level pilots,the Pirelli tires,another joke,as pilots is sad to see the level and quality of Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton are overwhelmed on track,when their tires go into stress and finally the fictitious superiority of Vettel and Red Bull have led to the fans who really likes F1 will have stolen the sport.Last year we had five drivers battling for the title this year a cakewalk for RBR.

    I think Lewis has to make decisions about your sporting career for the next year,in my opinion should reedit the pair JoRamirez Ayrton Senna,for their image and their rights can have a good professional,but I think you need a sports consultant,must be a former experienced driver,if he has been champion of the world better,although it may be the antithesis of yourself in order to evaluate the defects,to open other points of view with you and bring their expertise to add it to yours in analyzing all problems,and why I say this because seeing the bad management that are making it on your team,I do not deserve any confidence when it comes to which the driver initiate a maturation in the way to visioning the championship.

    The statements to press of many personages against you, should not affect nothing,have a great personality,unplugged all this and focused in your driving.

    I hope we make a gift to the fans by comeback to win.

    Sorry for not speaking English very well my language is Portuguese.

    Muito obrigado

    Que Deus ficar com você.

  169. Freedom,
    You need to learn to respect other people’s views without resorting to insulting them. The minute you do your argument is invalid. If all you can come up with are those rude insulting words you need to grow up.
    I am entitled to see things my way and just because YOU don’t agree with it doesn’t give you the right to throw insults my way. In case you can’t read this is a Lewis Hamilton site. It is obviously you do not like the man and is just here to cause trouble. I suggest you move on. Your ignorance astounds me and you judging me is a joke too. You don’t know me, you don’t know what I’m thinking so get off this site you poor excuse of a person.
    People like you hide behind these site; causing trouble.
    However, it is clear that you also twist things to suit you too. Get lost! Go look elsewhere for trouble. You’re not welcome on this site.

  170. The last news AutoBild
    “Helmut Marko calls Hamilton “crash kid”.”

    Lewis already know the answer,you know how to shut all these,
    comeback to win , all they do is exchange oxygen with CO2,since if that they are afraid you,but in order that spend salivary.

  171. I came back to F1 coz of the same reason Lilian and agree F1 was getting boring. I don’t remember Shumacher getting all this stick and imo he was even more dangerous. Seems like everyone loves to have a go at Lewis.
    It annoys me when they keep saying the sport needs Lewis; well if it does leave him alone to get on with racing instead of hampering his style all the time.
    It’s like they say one thing, but mean something completely different; can’t have it both ways.
    If it carries on like this I can see Lewis turning his back on the sport. I know I would. What’s the point of hitting your head against a brick wall every race weekend. There’s more to life then that kind of stress imo.

  172. well mk i agree with your interpretation hon its so easy for others to get on the bandwagon to diss lewis and he really doesnt deserve such treatment from fans or the stewards it has been a rough season and it was set in motion by mclaren in monaco due to stupid strategies and not letting lewis out soon enough in q3 he could and would have won that race the car had the race pace and from then (the frustration set in )and i for one couldnt blame him. monaco was a fiasco and mclaren were at fault and it all snowballed from there (obviously lewis drove the car and takes some of the blame ) but he did not deserve the slating he got in the papers his style of driving is brilliant and exciting to watch and he was the reason i started watching f1 again cos he was awesome and f1 was getting pretty goddamn boring before he came on the scene. he is the only driver to have been in contention for the title since he started in f1 so that just goes to show you the calibre of the guy he never gives up he is passionate and contraversy will always follow him but they will not break his spirit !! he is the best out there at overtaking and has mde huindreds of passes without incident please remember that and i for one love to watch him xx

  173. Lilian,
    Having been told on numerous occasions that it was Lewis’s fault in Canada I applied that same theory for the Spa incident. Seems like some people didn’t like it. As I said below it seems as if no matter where Lewis is in front or behind … he gets the blame.
    I also maintain I can interpret incidents that will differ to others although quite a few people agree with me on both these incidents.
    What I object to is being called names because I’ve included their interpretation of previous incidents to current ones.

  174. in canada lewiss was behind jenson and it was obvious that he had seen lewis but wasnt going to let him pass him but lewis got the blame for that incident (as usual) but jenson was the golden boy yet again and capitalise on lewis misfotune just as he did in spa lol. koby was behind lewis and caused the incident but he never got penalised. lewis was behind massa and massa squeezes him out but lewis got the penalty !! i think that is the point mk was trying to make freedom , the stewards are not consistent in handing out the punishments except when it comes to lewis!! he cant say it without getting into trouble but we can and dont get me wrong, if i thought lewis was out of order i was be the first to say so !! But i am not blind and i really believe they are trying to break his spirit but they dont know him too well cos he will be more determined than ever to go out there and win!! Good luck in Monza ledwis cos we are 100% behind you hon and show all the doubters and idiots out there juast what a gfreat racer can do!! Easy to win races from the front with a great car vettel still hasnt shown me he is a racer so come on lets have a freat race in monza with lewis first and jenson second lol xx

  175. Freedom I don’t need your insults either. I am entitled to interpret incidents how I see fit and if you are looking for an argument I suggest you go elsewhere. As for blind obedience what business is it of yours? Reality check? I recommend you get one.

  176. and so does half the world Freedom. It seems no matter where Lewis is whether at the front or behind he seems to get the blame.
    The way I see it is this … Button was moving to the left to keep Lewis behind him and ended up putting him in the wall. Lewis was passing Kobayashi who turned into him. Even the commentators said that. That’s the difference between the two incidents as far as I’m concerned.
    You, and the stewards can’t have it both ways either. Either Lewis was to blame in Canada being behind or he was to blame in Spa being in front. Are you saying both incidents were Lewis’s fault?
    If you listen to the commentary you will hear them all saying Kobayashi turned into Lewis as Lewis was trying to get to the racing line. He was doing that so that he could go around the corner and if you look behind Kobayashi there is a car doing just that.
    If Kobayashi hadn’t turned in both cars would have continued on their way.

  177. Dear Lewis,

    I am a 17 years old from portland oregon, in the United states. I have been incredibly fascinated with driving ever since ive ever driven. I’ve been following you and read about you past and present and i just want to let you know i am really like what you do and what you have accomplished! I want to be a racer, test driver, because i love driving, cars and i would like to know what i can do right now to be headed in the right direction. I am not the richest here so its hard for me and my family. It would mean so much if i could get some good feedback in what i should do!

  178. sir hamilton i pray day and night for you BUT major problem you are facing is BAD LUCK…
    sir i have three effective ways for you to remove this bad luck please READ..

    1. sir improve your relations with your father anthony hamilton as much as you can as when he will pray for you heavens will love you more and luck will shine like stars..

    2. sir go to church meet some father close your eyes and pray from GOD with true heart and you will see the results..

    3.. remain as humble as you are now this will improve it to… sir no one can defeat you in racing you are the best driver in f1 history but this bad luck is getting you badly do some thing about it we all love you

  179. Lewis has two main problems,first being a exceptional driver,second being a black man,the mediocre can´t consent to you to succeed,this is called envy and racism.

    On that day,a grandson of slaves crushed the Arian ego.

    Never give up.

    Don´t let the problems you have in your team being moved into your driving,you must keep a cool head.They are achieving their objective that is to let yourself ridiculed week after week,you must focus on the remainder of the season to do your best and not renew the contract,the enemy is in your home,or you or Whistmart,if you don´t feel loved in Mclaren ,go away where there know how to value your talents.I’m a supporter of McLaren from the 80th and I’m ashamed it unprofessional of your director, Mr. Dennis should take action on the matter and make a decision before the situation is getting out of hand, but given their inability as in Hungary 2007 when Fernando Alonso left one questioned his authority,I fear the worst.

    God bless, and keep safe.

  180. Dear Lewis with all due respect please remember this. how many people in the paddock in the in the stewards in the FIA in the media and closer? wish too see you as a contender? every move you do has to be clean and sweet because we all have seen wot penalization’s you have had and others do not get so we have to change how we move because know matter what its put on you & its blatant they twist & turn it onto you and its wrong we have seen it.we see drivers pull there dicey moves so it looks questionable and they have an angle too fight there case with the stewards.i believe that they do there best to hamper your Challenge for the championship the proof is in video. some how they stick it too you??? when all them other drivers turn in on you the inside driver and cant take it because you checkmate them on bends and they would rather hit you because they cant take it that you got the run on them plus you will pay a high price in the end always???we must keep the same style but some how change?? i say this because its time when other drivers try a
    dicey moves its even more lets say colorful and expose them!!! march on Lewis never fade

  181. Hi Lewis.

    Frankly you can´t say that luck is with you, a Kobayashi mistake has wrecked your career and it have away the few options for the championship.

    Don´t understand why Kobayashi wasn´t punished,in the same race by a similar action Bruno Senna was punished with a drive-throught.

    You shouldn’t apology by facts which wasn´t your responsibility,never.

    You don´t have eyes in the back of his head.

    It´s impossible which you can it measure the distance with absolute precision,just looking through the driving mirror,the driver behind you can´t never across into the line of his car,that besides you being ahead …is it the world upside down?

    I saw you quite disappointed and sad ,on the news conference,it´s normal,is a very hard blow not only the coup against the guardrail but also the psychological blow, but as you’re a strong person with a personality very warmly received,must extract the good from the bad, now the title anxiety disappears, the reality is that with so many mistakes themselves and others is very difficult to win from the moment the pressure that you yourself have been adding has to disappear,you will drive more “relaxed”.

    Knowing that you´re the most talented driver in the championship, should we not ask why another failure? since which the mistakes of others can´t do anything to avoid it you must asked which are mine mistakes , ask yourself why your performance was so good in 2007 until China from this point and despite the 2008 title accumulate more errors per season ,which almost in all of 2007.

    You should reduce to the minimum expression the loss of concentration what in your case are often harmful, it is clear that you’re a genius driver but like all genius are prone to be scatterbrained, don´t trust anyone, not everyone is good,follows the example of your idol Ayrton was aware of all the little details,you are an leader and must be the leader of your team, don´t let anyone has mistaken by you.You drive the car, you’re the one who best knows what you need at each time in strategy, in set-up etc,etc.

    Don´t let anyone manipulate you, make your point of view prevail.You have a great personality, use it.

    About stewards (Mr.Whiting and Co. there is the watchdog of Ecclestone)
    you don´t be interested in so and so, because you’re not blond, nor are tall and neither is German.

    So you isn´t the prototype of pure Aryan race who likes to Bernie for his virtual seven-times champion, I think now Ecclestone is working hard to make another “prototype”, which has almost two titles and whatever he does have never is punished, don´t worry about this set of jealous morons, you do your thing, run and demostrate to yourself that you´re the best, when you make a good job with the satisfaction of having done it right makes, is the best of the rewards,with or without win. Summarizing enjoy your job.
    And remember that you have many people globally not only in Britain
    who want and support you and it want to see win, so race to race and the good job you will return again to the top of the podium.

    Luck and lifts your spirits, you’re the best, find balance in your career, return to your roots and back again to win.

    Sorry for the extensive comment. Only is my opinion.

  182. Hi Lewis!
    I have not much to say I couldn’t watch the race because all the Tv channel were passing the final African basketball championship.
    I am sad very very sad I think you have to look around yourself and make some decisions this is not good for you and for us do not throw away the talent you have, if you are not feeling good inside your time make a decision it will be a big pity but formula 1 needs your talent racing and finishing races, I am too bad today. you are much better than button and you should have double point ahead button like Alonso against Massa and it is not happen I don’t know why, you had one of the best driver as partner Alonso and you beat him. where are you Lewis? where are you?
    just think you are the best but you have to show this wining titles and for winning you have to start and end races.
    God bless you

  183. Hi Lewis!
    I have not much to say I couldn’t watch the race because all the Tv channel were passing the final African basketball championship.
    I am sad very very sad I think you have to look around yourself and make some decisions this is not good for you and for us do not throw away the talent you have, if you are not feeling good inside your time make a decision it will a big pity but formula 1 needs your talent racing and finishing races, I am too bad today. you are much better than button and you should have double point ahead button like Alonso against Massa and it is not happen I don’t know why, you had one of the best driver as partner Alonso and you beat him. where are you Lewis? where are you?
    just think you are the best but you have to show this wining titles and for winning you have to start and end races.
    God bless you

  184. Hi Lewis,We all know that Ayrton is your hero,but you’re just as talented a driver without having to copy some of his ways!!Just keep it clean mate,and score the points!Top man for taking all the blame though.

  185. Lewis … Just wishes you wouldn’t take the blame for everything. You do your fans an injustice imo and I don’t know why you did it.
    It was at worst Kobayashi’s fault at best 50/50 not wholly yours.
    DC and Whitmarsh (for a change) defended you so don’t keep beating yourself up.
    As for Lauda … he needs to keep quiet. The reason Lewis was moving to the left was because if he didn’t he wouldn’t have been able to make that corner. If you look there was a queue of cars on the racing line exactly where Lewis was going. So Lauda … think before you speak and we get it … you don’t like Lewis. I could go on why, but will get hammered for my views.
    Lewis … chin up, Monza two weeks time let’s see how much damage you can do there or how many infringements the stewards can pick up against you. Truly p****d off tbh.
    No wonder you were thinking of leaving the sport. Mind you you have a point to prove … for now. Eventually you will leave and I, for one, won’t blame you if it carries on like this.
    They keep going on how important you are to the sport … so why do they treat you like this?

  186. Hello Lewis,

    it just wasnt your weekend to be. I cant believe you had to share the blame for the incident with Maldonado and Kobayashi in my opinion Kobayashi hit you from behind, the incident with Maldonado was pathetic from his side. Your thousand times better than any of them Lewis you really are. Your tweets really brought me to tears “Apologies to Kamui and to my team. The team deserves better from me. Best wishes, Lewis”.
    Lewis your bloody amazing dont ever forget that, keep your chin up and stay positive, your fans are 100% behind you. You are being too hard on yourself as usual. 😉 You’ll always be the best, don’t ever ever change! I dont know what else to say i love you lots, and im so thrilled you came away unhurt.
    All the best in Monza im with you all the way just as everyone else. You know the stewards aren’t going to let up on you so try to give them no cause for giving you criticism, i know that sounds easy sitting here back home but i know you will try your best as usual. DONT BLAME YOURSELF EVER!! Your amazing Lewis, the best driver F1 will ever have. No one will be able to be the driver you are, and i hope so much you drive for many many years to come 😀
    (i’ll support you forever)
    God bless best wishes Dee x

  187. what next lewis? are you going to quit? you are not at fault on saturday. you were not at fault today! the love i have for you is the same i have for koboyashi. today, koboyashi was at fault. the incident today was a deja vu (montreal – 1st). the first time you were to blame. today, were you to blame as well? no! surely the first time but not this second time. there is so much negativity thrown at you! be strong and courageous. accepting this as your fault proves to me that you are beginning to lose interest in F1. If you are the lewis hamilton that i know before there is no way you would be caught napping at the start of today’s race neither would koboyashi be able to crash into you today (2nd nap). be strong and courageous. also, find time to pray. love ya.

  188. This could not be hapening..that’s all I thought..
    It’s sadly to lose points this way..nothing could be much worser than this..finely..your team mate was running forward..but it could’v been you..Luckely you were physically okay..Lewi ..All the best in the next race..Please B allert..You are a good man!All the fans here got your bag!Have a good rest this week..Sweet kis!

  189. Hi Lewis. I cannot believe you had to share the blame for the incident with Maldonado and all the playbacks show that Kobayashi hit you from behind your line of vision. You are 10 times the drivers that either of them is, so please put it behind you and set sights on Monza. You know the stewards aren’t going to give you any leeway so try to give them no cause for criticism. Difficult in the hurly burly of the game but you can do it. All the very best for the rest of the season.

  190. dear lewis

    i am wrtieing to say what have done today i am been watching today all the way thought now is happen i can.nt belive it today and i hope you are okey with bang in your car i know you did.nt see the car you left broke the wing on it. i hope you will win next time you go raceing on the 11th september i hope you will win this one this time and i will be watching you and please win and be carefull next time from MISS J LAWES

  191. HI HAMMY.





  192. HI LEWIS,
    Sorry, just not yo week i guess.
    We will lose points today, you being at the top an constructors. Hope Jeson finishes so that we do not lose much on constructors. You will get points in the next race. It is not a nice thing to be out of race when you need points badly.

    Well what can I say except that I am so sad that you have lost crucial points today. The racing was interesting as most cars re up to the game now, most cars are very competitive today so with you in the mix was going to be so much fun for me. Anyway, I will watch still though my heart is aching badly.

    Take care xxx

  193. Can’t believe you get into trouble too regarding the Maldonado move. No wonder you feel the stewards are unfair. I would too, but you must put this behind you Lewis and let your driving do the talking.
    Even with a damaged car you did great … now for that top step on the podium.
    Always proud of you
    Keep smiling and
    Good luck for today

  194. Cant believe Lewis has been repimanded for the Maldonado incident,everytime its Lewis in front of the Stewards,while others just walk away?We want the racing determination this great driver has to carry on,dont keep trying to discredit him.Frank Williams, its time to dispatch this so called driver, think banger racing is his forte.


  196. It´s Maldonado, the most dirty driver on the Formula 1?…with this angelical face wich he have,simply only is an poor man .

  197. Well Done Lewis you are the Man Maldonado should be banned for that move on you. Good luck for the race, you will do it.

  198. Hi Lewis,

    Fantastic, amazing job..despite the situation..woohoow!unbelieveble..
    Hope to c you win the challenge for tomorrow dear!
    Let’s upgrade the engine!

    Love ya.(kiss)
    Bless you!

  199. Well done Lewis. With a damaged car, you still got yourself a good place.
    Well done. Hope you win the race tomorrow. All the best xxx

  200. Hey Lewis,

    Well, your talent, is making some people go crazy on the track. Hope you win this race. Go Lewis!!!

    Wow, how dare Maldonado. How dare he does that to an F1 car.
    You have a problem with Lewis, sort it out of the track. That is unacceptable behaviour. IF MALDONADO CAN NOT TAKE THE HEAT, PACK YOUR POTS AND GO HOME MALDONADO!!!


  201. Hey Lewis,

    The Golden weekend has finally come. Been such a long wait and now your back wohooo :D. I want too wish you all the best for this weekend,cant wait for the thrills and spills you’ll give us fans. Please dont give us the heart attack of last year when you went into the gravel, my heart stopped no surprises this year please ;. Your the best Lewis and i know you’ll work ya bum off too entertain us fans and score some great points for you and the team. All the best, with you each step of the way
    Lovee you lots nd support you always
    Dee x

  202. I wish you all the best for Spa and the rest of the season. Hummm am not impressed Mansell is the ex-driver for Spa so watch your step and I hope Brundle has been practicing taking that gloating tone from his voice when you make a mistake or something happens to you.
    Good luck and can’t wait to see you race again.

  203. Good luck on next weekend and may the force be with you.
    The truth is has feel to be really bad about not being the best British driver of all times,it say for Mr Mansell.I think so we know it which is the main problem of envious.

    Lewis greetings from Spain, here you also have many followers.

    Lewis the Best

  204. Hey Lewis, good luck, and be careful this weekend at Spa, because Nigel Mansell will be returning as the driver steward for this race. Mansell’s recent comments regarding you clearly show a bias, and clear antipathy against you….so be very careful!!!

    Looking forward to watching you spraying and drenching everybody with champagne, from the top step on the podium this weekend.


  206. Hey golden boy hope you ok
    and your family cant wait for spa
    go and get your pole and win it MR FORMULA 1
    GOOOOOD luck go go go ham go HAM.
    you are theee best drive in F1 don’t forget that.

  207. Hi Lewis

    Don´t trust never in Jenson.

    with friends like that, who needs enemies?

    The opinion of your teammate.

    Button: “In McLaren no team orders’

    ha ha.

    Jenson as always displaying his egalitarianism … there a driver who already experienced in his flesh the duplicity of this man with two faces, Jacques Villeneuve … “Jenson Button is a playboy´s .The worst teammate who can have .”… Button a man who loves politics within the box and that uses it intelligently to achieve their objectives, including to make suck up to the boss to reach their goals, that if, in an elegant way like a real British “snake charmer” increasingly reminds me more a Victorian gentleman, not a bad word not a good deed… Jacques Villeneuve certainly has an eye for human relationships …so I was amused when was rumored that Jenson would sit on the place of Massa, then Alonso may God be with you.

    Have a happy holiday Lewis.

    PS: Take out the tiger inside you and show that you´re the best inside and outside of racing track.

  208. Hi!

    You were robbed on sunday you’ve proven to be the best. There is no doubts “your team delibrately let you down in favor of Button once again. unfortunatelly You are fighting against 23 racer + Mr.Martin Whitermash + stewards… hard life.
    stay calm just think and make decision.keep walking you will get there.congratulation McLaren the cars are fast.
    I steel believe.
    God bless you

  209. Whistmart you´ve should working in collecting trash bins, because
    you´re an incompetent of first class, because you thrown all the options to win the world champioship to trash this year,in last race.

    Now we start to talk about equality between your drivers.

    What for? … to make second … the first loser … ridiculous … from 1999 to 2008 with Lewis Hamilton ,McLaren had not won anything … with this Policy of false equality, will not win anything never.

    Lewis, you must have much patience with so much incompetent, inside in your team.

  210. Have you heard about the promotion that gives a trip for two persons to go to Emirates and watch Abu Dabu Grand Prix? To participate, we just have to make a video or a photo showing how crazy we are for this sport with a visual or auditive reference to the advertiser brand. If you are interested, all information are here: . I´ll try!

  211. Hi Lewis

    Dont understand how all the mistakes of his team always fall systematically against him, a great race and the error of someone on your team has thrown away, if we add the mistake in Q3 in Monaco, mistakes in the changes wheel, I have the impression that his team does not respect you, in addition to the bullying of the stewards, often unfairly penalizing their actions on the track and arbitrarily and if you keep a clear focus, since the same action or other drivers are worse without saying the usual sanction tagline “race incident” seems to be two poles of measurement in function of who commits the offense … basically you should impose his opinion in his race to the crew chief and if necessary give a blow at the table, is not normal for a professional team level of Mclaren, commits these gross errors without anyone being responsible for his errors … Senna would not let anyone steal your wallet and you must by do the same.

    PS: Sorry for my bad English is not my native language,I´m a Lewis Hamilton´s spanish supporter.

    Lewis sincerely luck for the rest of the year and see if we see you win again.

  212. I have say first of all comiserations for today’s race. It is my opinion that your team delibrately let you down in favor of Butt, again. I thought it was pathetic and reflects totally the world in which we live. I love how you handle what must be a very stressful situation, with composure and sophistication. You really are an inspiration.

    As for Didigermany what are you on man – if you wish to spout hatred do it elsewhere. I have to wonder at the mentality of some of these haters – you need to lie down Didigermany, try putting ice on that neck of yours.

    Have a good break Lewis – and I want you to know we your fans will always have your back.

  213. PS Don’t even think about ‘I let the team down’ … no you didn’t you NEVER let the team down. The incidents are called racing incidents. A lot of the drivers spun out including Alonso. They would all have done what you did to maintain position. You served the penalty end of.
    Keep up the fantastic, exciting racing, and thank you for making the sport so much more exciting.

  214. Well done Lewis.
    You fought a good race. There are always people who see things differently, but that’s life.
    Have a great break and I know you will come back fighting and taking the challenge to Vettel.
    Second half of season gonna be a good one.
    Love you and the way you race … keep it up.

  215. dear Lewis
    I writeing to say that i under stand that is very wet and dangers and sliping but what have you done this time you have let yourself down but never mind maybe next race you go back up to number 1 in augsut i hope you push yourself up again in the next race i will be watching you. but the team in the garage works really hard to get the car right and you works hard yourself and you have been fanatic out there and you are the best driveer in the whole world and please keep number one for the next race and please keep it up and puch harder next time you go raceing and ALL THE BEST from miss Lawes

  216. Hello Lewis,

    Congratulations on today’s race. Amazing first half, you brought home some points thats the main thing. In my opinion you were still the best man of the day, you didnt let anyone down, you tried your best out there you made some decisions that didnt pay off today but hay thats life and racing. You made some brilliant passes and well done for a fair fight with Jenson I know you will come back fighting as always thats what makes you the best. I was well moved by your interview with lee, you showed great sportmanship and respect for your fellow drivers. You make mee proud to be British Lewis. I was proud too see you congratulate Jenson again on his second win you have great team spirit and Mclaren should be proud too have you cuz there’s no one like you out there Lewis you make F1 entertaining.I hope you have a fab holiday and come back fighting on and upwards to Spa cant wait
    Love you lots Dee x

  217. Hamilton
    You are just aTHUG! You coulkd have killed a collegue.
    You should be banned for minumum one race. S***BRUTISH THUG!

  218. Congratulations Lewis !!
    You are the best today for me. it s easy for us to say this but keep calm and you ll be the winner to Spa
    Have a happy holiday

  219. Dear Hammy,

    Did your best for Hungary and got some points which is the main thing. The competition are watching you like hawks and yes they fear you so,……………………..ONWARDS AND UPWARDS THE FIGHT IS STILL ON, TAKE EACH RACE IN YOUR STRIDE AND WHO KNOWS??

    Have a happy holiday and rest.

    Bless you and yours



  221. Well my Champ you never lost too me you proved over and over through the race you came home 4th well done true grit Lewis that’s what you race in all cases.At least you shown sportsmanship and you can take it when the next man has the run on you and you did nothing funky to flunk the next man like many have done onto you. well done lion Lewis Hamilton.I am a bit vex on the drive through because you were the leader at the time of the race. if you caused a place loss or collision then i may have understood the stewards but they did help your loss once again sorry its true.YOUR 2nd 3rd 4th 5th CHAMPIONSHIP will come.You are flushing controversy with every race even Alonso is riding high on your game & jenson too. Believe me you have set a new style and standard in F1 for all drivers and its going too be bigger than you could ever believe and you did this THE Hamilton family.I am proud of in the future if you start a f1 team i want inn that’s a yes i would invest in a Hamilton foundation to bring extraordinary new style drivers to the grid.i would love to be apart of that.I will be Watching bye for now.

  222. Am happy you can still show a smile!! keep cool an calm. and i loved your response.

    love you to bits. xxx

  223. Hi Lewis,

    You done your very best. strategy, your team is lousy at strategies when it comes to you. This is a fact and my opinion.
    How dd they expect you to open a gap between you and Button when his tyres were quicker than yours honestly????
    However you done good still. we hope to win next time.

    Love you. dont let this get you down. you drove yo heart out still, as usual. You re stil the best driver out there because you alwys work hard to win yours while others are given races to win on the plate! xxx

    My verdict, your team ruined your race!! whoever is incharge and final say on pit calls never wants you on podium!! audit races from beggining of the year….????? I could go on and on and on. However everything has an end!! so if there is conspiracy, it will come to an end, sooner or later!!!

  224. Mr. Hamilton!
    Since they changed midseason the configuration of the cars because of you, there is a chance for you. This happend. because you are BLACK and BRUTISH.You are not a sportsman, you are the typical arrogant blooddy stupid BRUT.ed Bull
    Thgis whole thing is a farce. You and ypour stupid MaClaren Guys tested the new regulations already in the winter. Red Bull did not.
    Its always the same with the BRUTISH. If they can compete they start moaning and than gthings will be changed into their direction. F*****Bruts

  225. All the best for today’s race. Hope it’s a good one before the break.
    I know you will do your best for your fans.
    Forza Lewis!

  226. Hey Lewis,

    well done. that is how we do it!! destroy the track tomorrow again man. I can not wait, oh i can not wait.
    Hope you win this one too. I trust God, you will win it!!
    All the best tomorrows. Remember you can win it. You are the best!!xxx

  227. Hey Lewis just congratulating you on your fabulous victory at germany and wish u the best of luck. Just keep calm and you will hopfully be on top of da podium

  228. Hello Lewis,

    Really not liking the new F1 decision about BBC and Sky sports. I cant imagine not having F1 and youu in my life. I havent got sky sports and now im not going to be able to watch F1. Ever since you came into the sport ive watched every single bit, I use to hate this sport my mom always watched it and she’s always supported our team but then you came along and now i cant stop, im litrally in love with it and believe mee no one can stop mee watching it, i always make the most noise ahhhaaa. It really isnt fair too the fans who havent got sky sports ! But hay ive got 10 more races of you handsome and im going to make the most of it, please make it special as you always do
    Good luck with the rest of the season will post again soon loves ya Dee x

  229. Yes.ssss you right Hammy we your fans were sick
    and tied of other drivers anthems which goes on and
    on for three minites when come to british driver is less
    than one min not fair.
    What happened to equal oppotunity in F1.
    Can’t wait to see you driving.xxxxxx good luck handsome

  230. I was so pleased to hear you complain about the measly version of the National Anthem. Not only do they only play a few seconds of it, you are a British Driver driving a British car. If you were driving a Ferrari we would get a clip of our Anthem and then 5 minutes of the Italian! They should play it twice or at the very least let’s have a full version of what is after all only the first verse. Maybe if it were Land of Hope & Glory or Rule Britannia we’d get more. Keep up the good work.

  231. Hey Lewis

    We were over the moon, a lot of noise was made in our house – fantastic race, sooo pleased when you passed both Webber and of course Alonso!

    I agree the podium moment is far too short, we want to relish the time with you as it seems to take forever for them to find you to speak to us afterwards, and this time especially as you our British Champion won for Britain!!!!!

    Keep on doing what you’re doing as that is what has got you where you are – well done Lewis.


  232. Hi Lewis!

    Fantastic, wonderful and exciting, that was a real victory of a world champion and not that a use to watch in this season very good race LH I couldn’t believe Congratulation.
    keep walking keep pushing you’ll get there I still believe.

    God bless you

  233. Sorry Lewis, but our Anthem is so dreary, uninspired and repetative that be thankful they only play the one verse. Even the composer Mr Elgar wanted to bin the manuscript

  234. Lewis, what an absolute stunning performance on your part all weekend, and especially during the race. I was on the edge of my chair when you took the lead, and didn’t calmn down until you took the checkered flag for the win. This race IMHO is up their with your unforgetable Silverstone and Spa wins in 2008.

    Good luck Lewis this weekend in Hungary, and I’m looking forward to seeing you again on the top step on the podium, gulping down alot of champagne, and spraying your teammate who will receive the team trophy.

  235. Dear LEWIS


    Great job and very marvellous race 
    We want the same to hungary
    good luck for sunday

  236. Yo Lewis,
    It’s good to see you back On Track, Congratulations on your German Grand Prix Win. You drove Like a true Champ, Sweet Dive. Keep Smiling.
    My $$$ on you winning the 2011 Championship.

    All Di Best… M.I

  237. Lewis that was ace you thee best.
    keep it up those moves were AMAZING
    you are the F1.

  238. Dear Lewis

    Well, what can I say?! Well done, marvellous drive and you’re right back where you should be on the top step of the podium. Best wishes to you, Jensen and the whole team for the rest of season.


  239. What can I add to those below? Nothing.
    Well done Lewis you surprised everyone and I think you surprised yourself.
    It was even more special coz of the unexpected speed of the car but then you should give yourself credit too.
    You drove a brilliant race always in control. It helped that everything went right today including strats and pit stops. Well done to the whole team for getting everything right on this fantastic weekend.
    Again … thank you for a brilliant weekend of racing and more of the same for rest of season please.

  240. Brilliant result today. More like that plase. You turned a lousy weekend into a very good one. Keep it up . Congrats to the team who did a stirling job.

  241. OH my days Lewis you are the best driver on this race and you have shown it today for thoses who forgot.what a fantastic race ,great overtaking on Alonso and Webber man. my wife and I were standing up and sitting down all the way through the race because it was so exciting to see.You make F1 a sport not to miss.Congratulationnnnnnnnn whooooooooooooooooooooo well done well done
    God Bless you .

  242. Well done Lewis, that was sensational, thrilling and an amazing drive. You are the best driver in f1 and showed it today. Have watched the highlights more than a dozen times already. Good luck in Hungary.

  243. Lewis,

    OMG ! Congratulations what a fantastic race. What a sensational drive, fabulous overtaking Lewis great move on Alonso. You made my weekend you really have i cant stop smiling soo proud of you what more can i say lost for words AMAZING !!. You and the team deserve this win, keep you head focused and keep winning those races. NUMBER ONE thats what we like to see keep it up. Onwards and upwards. We stoped vettel wohooooo (we didnt see that finger at last such a pain). I love and support you always Dee
    PS Best of luck next week 😀 x

  244. la verdad sos letal, por eso ganastes la carrera. el no está, pero sigue buscando el sí…..saludos

  245. Hippie Lewis!
    What more can we say you did more than good today so overwhelm to see you putting your driving style back into performance today. Three cheers for LEWIS HIP, HIP, HIP, HIP,HORRAY!!!!!

    McLaren Please keep up the improvements and strategies.

  246. GERMANY 2011





    GOD BLESS. Best of British for Hungary


  247. dear Lewis hamilton

    i am deaf here i am writeing to say congraulate today and please keep number 1 for next sunday and please keep it do.nt go down up i am watching formula one and your team really works hard and well done
    from miss j LAWES

  248. Oh Lewis,

    What a sensational drive, fabulous overtaking. I enjoyed every second of that – well done, you and your team deserved it.


  249. Hooooooora Yes yes yes…
    Well done mate you deserve it well done
    we just love you God Bless

  250. Hey Lewis,

    Wow what a drive.Man you destroyed the track. Thts awesome. I am so so happy for you. Good, well done well done. that is driving man, you re so good.

  251. Hey Lewis,

    What a Sensational lap well done. Good luck tomorrow hope you win, the very best of luck with you all the way

    Love Dee x

  252. Hi Lewis!

    I’m a biggest fan of yours! I hope you win at this time and I think you will.
    Good luck tomorrow!
    Love you job a lot!

  253. Hey Lewis,

    Well done, well done again.
    That was a good lap for real. Wow, make sure you destroy the track tomorrow and win this race Lewis.
    I am so happy. I cn not wait for the race tomorrows. Good! GOOD!
    Love you man, xxx.

  254. Hey Lewis,

    You are doing ok so far. Good luck and hope that you win this race. If you can, do yo best to win this race Lewis.
    Wish you the best and watching you rock that car is one of the best things ever.
    Now let me watch you and see wot happens by the end of this qualifying.

    C you soon. xxx


  256. Hi
    Lewis you’re thee best driver ever your over taking
    are the best good luck in germany.
    cant wait to watch you u are the one i and my family want to
    watch your’re the FORMULA 1.
    that move on massa in silverstone was ACE.
    XXX from LONDON and london loves you alot.

  257. Hey dear Lewis..What’s up?
    I’m so excited to see the race Live at Germany this weekend..(3th time)
    Hope to see you win the challenge and of course hopefully I can get an autographe of yo and J.Button..
    Good luck to you,Button and the team as well.
    Much Love!

  258. If it wasn’t for Lewis, F1 would be dull. He makes the most overtaking moves, he has a never say die attitude, he never stops pushing. There is not a driver on the grid who can perform like Lewis.

  259. Speaking of people ramming into people.
    You appeared to miss out when Lewis Smashed into the back of Kimi at Montreal.

  260. hi there,we can to see you race at silverstone atfer alot of saving but as my wife became ill on sunday morning and i had to get here home we didnt get to see you live,and as she i a great fan of yours i hope you can say hi to here.i know that will make here happy. many thanks

  261. Hey Lewis: you are my number one driver, whenever you have a DNF I don’t even bother watching the rest of the race.

    Just want to say I wish you had a better car because I know the rest of the drivers fear you, especially Masa lol. Anyway don’t change your driving style for no one, just dont put your car into a thight gap. Hey I’m Grenadian man good luck for the rest of the season and beyond.


  262. hahahahahahhaahah …. just had to laugh at Dennis. Lewis would never deliberately crash into anyone. He wants to win, not go around crashing into people and by definition Button closed the door on Lewis resulting in that incident. Lewis had nowhere else to go except the wall. And as Brundle pointed out numerous times, Button was looking in his mirrors and knew where Lewis was. I would say even Button was shocked when he realised Lewis’s race was over coz of him!!! You can draw your own conclusions.
    However, as you appear to have forgotten the many other incidents of which Arthur has kindly reminded you of I won’t bother. Maybe that’s why Trulli keeps quiet!!! (lol)
    As for the drivers complaining about rain … I have to interpret that as them being a bunch of whoozes. The only one wanting to go and race in the rain in Lewis. THAT to me shows his ability to race in the rain … a true sportman wanting to entertain the crowds. And before you say it … yes many fans do want to see racing in the rain, that’s what adds to the excitement as you don’t know whats going to happen. Even the commentators don’t like races that start with a safety car. However, the safety car IS deployed if conditions are toooooo bad, Whiting is not a moron.
    If you don’t like the ‘danger’ aspect of the sport Dennis then I strongly recommend you go find a more ‘safe’ sport to watch and leave the thrill and excitement to those who love it … including the drivers who know how to drive in those conditions.No I don’t want to see anyone badly injured or killed, but the FIA etc know the limitations. As Mr. Stirling said. If the sport becomes too safe – he wouldn’t want to be in it anymore.
    And finally … as the saying goes … if you can’t stand the heat – get out of the kitchen! Couldn’t have put it better myself.

  263. Dennnis you said, ” my definition of driving into someone is Lewis hitting Button when coming from behind, my eyes are are good as anyone. I haven’t seen anyone yet drive INTO some one behind them unless they are reversing. “…….Then you must have missed:

    Vettel crashing into the back of Webber at Japan in 2008

    Raikkonen crashing into the back of Sutil at Monaco in 2008

    Rosberg crashing into the back of Hamilton at Canada in 2008

    Vettel crashing into Kubica at Australia in 2009

    Vettel crashing into Button at Spa in 2010

    Dennis maybe your eyes aren’t as good as you feel, and maybe you need to have them checked out.

  264. correction to the previous post

    Lewis is well recognized for his passing attempt, and sometimes he will make mistakes, but his passing talent in which he has, and one that I hope he never loses.

  265. Hey Dennis, danger is a reality of motorsport, but only a complete moron would ever want to see danger become a primary or major ingredient in F1. Most true fans applaud the advances that have been made for the drivers on the track, and the fans watching in the grandstands.

    Lewis is well recognized for his passing attempts, and sometimes even he will make mistakes, a talent in which he has, and one that I hope he never loses. People like yourself always like to point to Hamilton’s so-called dangerous driving, but remain strangely quite when true dangerous driving are conducted by others. An excellent example was Michael Schumacher in an attempt to prevent Rubens Barrichello from passing him at Hungary in 2010, deliberately pushed Rubens towards the pitwall was…..dangerous.
    Jarno Trulli at Singapore in 2008 spun coming out of the final corner, and decided to drive back up the track to enter the pit, rather than complete a new lap was…..dangerous. Lewis has never…..never, driven in such a dangerous manner, as both Schumacher and Trulli had demonstrated, because if he had, people like yourself would have been howling from the rooftops calling for Lewis to be banned from the sport……such hypocrisy.

  266. Dennis I think you’ll find that was Kimi he drove into … Canadian GP if I recall correctly. I was replying to your implication that Vettel hadn’t done anything wrong. I’m sure we could ALL come up with examples of drivers making their mistakes and taking others out.
    I don’t recall Lewis driving into his own team mate though … this year’s Canadian GP we would forever disagree on, I’m sure (lol). I definitely have my personal views on that one and it doesn’t make me comfortable and it’s not Lewis I’m uncomfortable about either.(lol)
    I think Shumacher has made more ‘dangerous’ moves than anyone else inc him ‘parking his car’ on the grid to stop anyone else beating his time. THAT is not very sportmanship.
    However, I think of something I heard Stirling Moss say just recently in a Murray Walker programme. He said that a lot of drivers like the ‘danger’ element and he said if the sport becomes ‘too safe’ he wouldn’t become an F1 driver today. In other words … he relished the danger element; something I think all F1 drivers do too. Speed and danger are their ‘thing’ imo. Without that the sport is nothing. Unless I misinterpreted that.

  267. Hi Lewis my name is jack and I am 14 years old I was just wondering if I could get a few signed pics of you If you can do that I would be very grateful It was a good race at silverstone and I think you should have win and what a brilliant overtake on the last corner against the Ferrari I gave always wanted to be a part if the mclaren team like doing anything what was available you have a great car and a great team

    Ps. Good race I like your driving enthusiasm

  268. Hi Hammy,

    Loved Silverstone, shame about fuel issue but fab race anyway and exciting for the fans.

    Quote from Eddie Jordan that he loves your ” SPIRIT, PASSION and SPEED”
    Well done and good luck for Germany.


  269. Vettel not put a foot wrong!! Don’t make me laugh. Wasn’t it him who drove straight into his own team mate? And what about Button’s race being over coz Vettel drove straight into him? Wasn’t Vettel known as the Crash Kid last year? There had to be a reason for that accolade! This year he’s been better, but then it’s easy not to crash into anyone if you’re always at the front!!! Imo he’s NOT as exciting to watch as Lewis.
    For all his faults, for me, Lewis is a more exciting driver … you never know what he’s going to do next.
    I agree with the Watchman when he says Lewis coming to the grid has woken up all the other drivers and they now start to turn the sport into a race and not a procession as it used to be.
    Dennis you have your opinion and I respect that but you seem to conveniently forget Vettel has had HIS critics too

  270. Dennis did you know that in are uk the same news and bad press is in front of you all day every day do you know the end result?the system we live in can make you happy sad love and hate people. even cause dislikes you can’t explain.You know i miss Mr M Walker i tell you why and i know you can relate too my comments and i would like to read your feedback as long as we can be civil.Mr walker would question race results be truthful as a layman say it the way it was.i dont think we have that now and i say that because murry really had an even keel for the fair race and i think the comment taters should let the stewards do the stewarding and see what see and what they do and dont see and comment after the race.
    i know you saw what Schumacher did too win his championship.there is so many to mention.its time for zero politics i would love to go back too basics all with the new safety rules what do you think?.turbos with normal lag. slip diff. quick shift gearbox and engine. no computers well f1 FIA ECU one injection pressure only. one mixture only.and the driver calls for tiers on an open com.this will bring back cunning to the sport like lewis and button have shown and webber too.what do you think??then will we see a better championship and who do you think would have the formula team and driver??

  271. I love F1 and i never wish death on no one but this and all motor sport

  272. Hey Dennis, you need to read the post by THEWATCHMANN at least a couple of times, and his excellent thoughts maybe ,just maybe…..sink in!!

  273. To all people this is F1 not football and is a dangerous sport look at MOTO GP they have no roll cage what soever and the do speeds over 130mph rain or shine and the same in the isle of man TT/WTCC/BTCC/all motor sport. this is F1 and if you can not take the danger please do not watch just settle for results please. The drivers know the risks so please if you wish to have no danger please support poker.and when your walking wear pads and a cushion on your bottom and have 999 on speed call in case you have a bump.This is for bad minded press orientated brain wash people in too deep with TV get a life and please get real were are your heads at.THIS IS A CHALLENGE OF MOTOR SPORT TO SEE WHO HAS THE NUMBER ONE FORMULA AND ITS TRUE GLADIATOR SPORT OF MAN AS MAN HAS BEEN SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME.NO COTTON WOOL HERE.IF YOU CANT TAKE THE SPORT DO NOT WATCH.and don’t bad mouth learn the skill and join if you wish to make a change. also listen to what MR N Mansell said.He said the FIA know when drivers try to pull fast ones like when the red car driver chooses to turn in on the inside man even when there is room to turn the car away its all on camera that’s why there is no contest from opposition and i will say Lewis is no a man too hold a grudge when in many races results he could have Lewis turns the other cheek and that’s why he is truly loved you get it now thanks.

  274. Hi Lewis

    You were spectacular on Sunday everyone at Luffield corner; Woodcote and the general spectators, as far as our eyes could see, stood up with cheers and enthusiasm beyond believe, on all of your 52 laps whenever you drove through.

    Best of all was you fighting for 4th place we all wished we were near the Checker Flag to have seen such masterpiece!!


  275. Dennis … do you really think if Lewis was THAT dangerous he wouldn’t have been stopped? Did you not hear the commentators on the BBC saying that he’s the type of driver they need on the grid? Are you seriously telling me that you think the FIA and those that are currently running the business would not have stopped him if he was THAT dangerous?

    When you are driving a car you are more in control than a passanger thinks. I know from experience. When I’m driving I drive my way, when I’m a passenger I used to say brake, watch this watch that, light turning red; but then I realised this was, in fact, more dangerous as I was distracting the driver. When you are in control of a car you know you limitations.

    Lewis IS NOT a dangerous driver. If he was he wouldn’t be getting his superlicence. The Massa/Lewis incident has been noted as a racing incident nothing else and that includes Massa and Domenicali. Are they also wrong? Neither of them have come out and said it was dangerous nor did the fourth steward and anyone else from the TV. They must all be wrong then!!!! In fact you seem to be the only one saying that it was a dangerous move!!!

  276. Hi Lewis, my son Ian has follwed you since he was 4yrs old, he’s now 7, you are his hero and its his dream to become a F1 driver, he has watched every race every season without fail and he will be there to watch you in person in Germany for the first time. He has been through alot the past year and his Dad is in Afghanistan now until October to which he understands the conseqences of what could happen 🙁 So a friend of his Dad will be there with him for the weekend as I have to stay home with my 2yr old daughter 🙁 so we both won’t be there to see his face light up. I know its a long shot but I was wondering if he would be able to shake your hand next weekend, to give him that ‘pick me up’ whilst his dad is away. I understand your a very busy person and the weekedns are mental lol but it would mean so much to him and one day when he’s a famous F1 driver like you (and he will be) he can tell the world what an inspiration you are. Huge thanks Sam Marr x

  277. So you have decided that you will drive the way want until you die?

    That is ok – as long as it only you’re self you kill

    But it does seem that you would prefer to kill some else – either before you or at the same time as you choose to die on the race track

    The people who have made comments on your driving and your mental attitude – are more than very well placed to make their comments – THIS BEING THAT THEY HAVE DONE IT ( this being – in a way you will never achieve) – AND ARE STILL ALIVE AND HAVE NOT CAUSED ANOTHER DRIVER TO DIE?

    But you – in you BOMBASTIC attitude – Thinks I can and will drive dangerously – come what may?

    I was there on Sunday and had paid my money to watch this race – You were totally wrong in the way you finished this race – BELIVE ME I AM MORE THAT CORRECT IN WHAT I SAY

  278. Well done supreme drive.We on the move look what Murray Walker says in the F1 forum in your defense.PS i believe Massa could have turned his car away from you on both counts but he chooses not too what a foolish man there was enough tarmac too do so. And Mr N Mansell said during the race they can see if the next driver turns inn on the inside driver!!! Then Murray says what about Monte??.See lewis the truth always realities it self. In silverstone it was a fair race with only 5% politics from the bull team putting a pause on the faster driver witch is a shame.Now the stewards must be consistent and let the race be a race as they have shown is possible.your an inspiration Lewis for better or worse and who god bless no man curse Lion Lewis Hamilton a champion and pioneer in more ways than One.

  279. Hi Lewis what a fantastic race at Silverstone loved the tussle at the end with massa great performance you did well to come from 10th to 4th well done love chaz xx

  280. Hi Lewis!

    There is no word to explain what you did yestarday, brilhant,excellent, fantastic, wonderful are less than everything you did. I’m very very proud of you and I know lots of people are.

    Keep walking do not change you will be a Legend.

    God bless all

  281. stop whinging hammy, you get paid loads of dosh to take racing to its limits, if you can’t take the heat –get out of the kitchen!!

  282. An absolute brilliant and magnificent performance on your part today…..Mr. Hamilton. To mix it up with the much faster front runners after starting from 10th place in a slower car, is something very few drivers would have been able to accomplish. Lewis unfortunately you missed the podium because of a low fuel situation, but you showed your true spirit and skill by maintaining a 4th place, in the last corner, on the last lap, from a much faster and hard charging Ferrari.


  283. Dear Lewis,
    Congratulation,you made us all proud and you prove once again that you are an exceptional and fantastic driver,we will always be behind you people can criticise you but they will only make you stronger.Shame on Mc laren about the fuel though but overall you are the best.
    God bless u

  284. What can I say? You did us proud Lewis. Well done as expected you gave your all. Shame about the low fuel coz you could have been on the podium with the way you raced. Hopefully, you have silenced your critics … for now (lol)
    Loved the joke about the platinum card for the stewards … you gotta laugh.

  285. hi Lewis,
    Well done well done. Oh wot a race. Wish we had better reporters to cover this sport. There seems to b only one or two good ones. Martin Brundle, Jordan re the only best reporters.
    So we c next race. wish u had enough fuel. U cld hv bn on podium today. But u wl win more to come. Al e best. Love u love u!!! xxx

  286. Hi Lewis,

    I want to say ‘good luck’ for the race and tell you to be your self. I say to hell with all this racist, jealous nonsense, it’s just so boring, oh and predicatable.

    Have a good race Lewis you know we’re with you – always.

  287. All I’m gonna say from 10th. Don’t sweat it out. If that was me I’d just take it easy and see how the race unfolds coz I’d be really fed up with all the mistakes the team have made recently I would wonder why I bothered too.
    Having said all that I know Lewis will give his all and not give up … that’s just the way he is.
    Good luck Lewis coz today IMO you’re gonna need it.

  288. Hey lewis, i know you live on firwalk road, tewin, hertforshire, why did u come 10th in qualifing?

  289. Hi Lewis,
    As far as I’m concerned you are the best. F1 needs more people like you who are real racers and go for the chance to overtake. F1 is now starting to get boring. Too many rules and regulations and getting too complicated. Lets get back to the good days when Nigel Mansell was racing. I wish you all the best and keep doing what you are doing and that is racing.

  290. Yes Lewis,

    Never forget the journey that brought you to where you stand, and there are few people in that industry that want to see you succeed unless their gain is greater than your’s, as large segments in society need to see hero’s that share their skin color in order to reassert those racial/racist stereo-types, and try to remember brother, that there are a lot of people in the ‘real world’ willing you to succeed, (brown-skinned or otherwise). Finally, it is easy to attribute being racist to being white, however racism is a frame of mind, and an infliction on the ignorant, so let it be a noose around their necks, not yours’ as many will speak out for you, as it is apparent the decision makers in F1 are racist, and if they want a definition i’ll face them and go into detail, and I know that if you had said of that racist ‘Alonzo’ what he has said of you in F1 circles they would have made it public in a bid to exclude you. Stay strong brother, we are all with you, and your family. 1 love.

  291. `I think many whom are in F1 are overtly racist, and I only watch to see if Lewis can overcome this apparent evil, Alonso is a racist, and I have never seen so many rules changed as a result of a guy winning an F1 title, and neither in all te years I have watched witnessed such a stringent implementation of the rules clearly targeting a single individual, and needless to say if Lewis had instigated either of the 2 collisions in that race they would have found a way to disqualify him, the first incident was a result of the other driver taking a visably destructive line, and I think Jensen Button’s reaction would have been a more appropriate response to his own driving as I am sure the rules suggest that you mirror then manouvre, but maybe the rules are different when applied by a racist establishment, it is a total joke, and I think Lewis’s, assertion was a fair one, maybe it’s because he is a black guy man who managed to overcome all in what is clearly an industry dominated by white people, and isn’t it interesting that the only view BBC aired was a negative 1, and who asked Lauder anything, it created the illusion that his view is the definitive 1 which on the BBC’s part could also be deemed racist, when is this nasty crap going to die the death it deserves, I think Nazi’s just wear different tags now, and use a different language, but it is clearly worse now than ever. Lewis is ther on merit, not because of who his father is, give the guy his due’s.

  292. Hi Lewis,

    No worries, you stil the best. Hope you get some points tomorrow still.

    so do not writeoff this race. YOu have to keep pushing. Champions dont give up. Still there is a seat elsewhere. A better seat from one of our neighbours. Not redbull, you will know in due course.

    and oh, people will keep talking. I hope someday you can just treat them like Kimmi. Kimmi was the best on keeping pple guessing wot he was upto most of the time.
    love you xxxxx


    While I realise it will be impossible for you to read all these comments, the general thinking from all the contributors on this site is that they care and want you to win with heart and soul.

    So ONWARDS and UPWARDS for SILVERSTONE ( its looking fab by the way) may you score some good points now and for the rest of the season and may all your dreams come true.

    Never change your style we love it, Best of British Luck!

    God Bless

  294. Hi Lewis,

    All I want to say is…GOOD LUCK @ Silverstone this weekend.
    Bring that Power on!
    I understand that it’s not always easy,but keep up the faith!
    Much love!


  296. All I’m gonna say is … Good Luck I know you will give 100% and get the most out of your car.

  297. Hi Lewis,

    All the best tomorrow. Do wot u know best on the track. Will C U THIS WKEEND!! Good luck. Just focus on wot u enjoy doing. Hope we get more points tomorrow if not a win. XXX

  298. Lewis,

    I’m Dutch and live in Holland.
    Can’t say if i’m a fan, don’t know what it means. I back the driver with the most potential, and with whom i got the most in commom ,qua personality,attitude, character. If thats the meaning of a fan , then yes i’m your fan.It seems like the redbull throttle and gearshifting responds a little bit faster then the mercedes (in corners).Can’t it be improved a little? Boost your spirit for the remaining races and let them eat your dust at silverstone!!!


  299. Hi Lewis good luck for Silverstone – you don’t need me to tell you but I will anyway – ignore negative hot air. I had to laugh when I heard what Massa is alleged to have said – I actually forgot he was still racing!

    Good luck again for the race you’re a born racer amongst other things, why on earth would we your fans want you to stop doing the things that made us love you in the first place.

  300. I have followed your career since your appearance in F1, and would like to count myself as one of your most faithful fans. F1 has never been as exciting as when you are on the track, and I hope you can forget any criticisms of your racing style, as to me you are an “all out racer”, which the sport needs so badly. I do hope Mclaren manage to provide you with a truly competitive car, so you can show SV the way home!!! I believe you are the most exciting and fastest driver in the sport today. Good luck on Sunday at Silverstone,

  301. Hi Lewis I can’t believe how quick a year has flown. Last year this time we were at Silverstone supporting you. And it was a fantastic first live race for us. This year we’ll be cheering you on from the sofa but hope this titles yours this weekend at Silverstone. Lots of love chaz xx

  302. Hi Lewis
    Hope your weekend at Silverstone will be as special as it was last year!!
    Cannot wait to see you racing Sunday, love and best wishes for a really good podium place.
    Red Bull may have the cars, but nothing last for every, if not this year who knows McLaren hopefully will have it right for a consecutive amount of years.

  303. Hi Lewis,

    Hope you are ok and have rested enough and ready for this weekend’s showdown.
    I can not wait to watch you!! Go Lewis, Go GO GO Lewis!! Yeah, hope you win this race.
    all the best an love you to bits.

  304. Good luck Hamilton on this week end at silverston,try to forget what happenned on the last races because we will be there supporting you as ever,you are the best driver the world has given us after not wast your time on what people say this is your time and make the most of it.

  305. Brother sometimes the grass can look greener but if you nurture the grass you already have it will become better than ever. everything takes time.Never envy all ways learn its better for the inner man. Now you will be a champion again and it will be at your current team once you build a better foundation. You are part of the sole of you current team & its just the odd few you got to build with in the team and yes the team do need too listen too you over the type of tool you need too win races and how it needs too feel.Its not just maths mclaren.I say stand fast lewis no need to move not yet anyway 2 more seasons at least then if you do go its got to be the red car or brawn. The bull car offer will & can give you sweets but will make you look as you have no gentleman attributes and will not favor you in the long run and i ask you to be cautious.Read ahead its key to the making of how you see it and how some others would like you to be seen!!! the true champion is not always the man who crosses the line first its the man who had to work hard to over come in the season and that was your gift in your last championship and that it will be again. just keep your head and you feet on the ground in the so called plentiful side of life that you live they will eat and drink with you.Have caution .live up & live good young Lion lewis hamilton. from your mate the WATCHMANN.

  306. hello please lewis can you ask why the red flag in Monte Carlo did not stop time in the qualification/crash. and in Canada why they did stop time under a red flag in the unfolding events please look into this.

  307. Dear Lewis,

    Your last race was very good and I wish you good luck for the Silverstone GP. I am a big fan of you since your 1st race. For me, you are the best driver and I hope that McLaren can give you a better car so you can win your Home GP. Dont worry about what happened in Monaco and Montreal, things like that happen and dont worry about the Championship you can still catch Vettel and we as your fans will always support you an believe in you.

    Best wishes for the rest of the season from one of your biggest fans


  308. dear Lewis, you are a great pilot, a nice guy , with a lucky and shinny star above you. it seems to me you are becomming nervous since a copple of races, actually i went to see you at the belgium gp 2010, i had no ticket, i was in the forrest, hidden in the threes with others rich! fans, and your victory this day was absolutely fantastic, after that monza not good, singapor crash with weber… this season china perfect, monaco and montreal, bad luck. i suggest you to evacuate the stress by listening music supertramp: give a little bit of love, jamming, lionel richie…. practising judo or tennis swimming, try to do a little break with tv news, have a nice splif , once, at night! ok by the way i;m french postman , guitarist living in paris, i lived in london for three years, it was great! i count on you focus man! focus! peace

  309. Hey Lewis,
    Keep doing what you are doing, ie no changes in style, on or off track, but keep cool. Team need to deliver a car you can win with, its not there we all know that, not your fault. But when they can, and they will, glory will be yours. Silverstone next race, we are there for you, enjoy the weekend, and please give us some visibility out here in the stands.

  310. Dear Hammy,

    Don’t ever change your driving style, stay the same as you are.

    We the fans love and appreciate all that you strive to do and your commitment to the sport.Please continue to give us great entertainment and thrills and spills.

    Points make prizes so onwards and upwards and hang in there.


  311. Lewis you are an amazing driver and the f1 hasn’t been this exiting for a fair while.
    I Have been a fan of f1 for many years and very rarely miss a race, you bring a new life into the sport and are a joy to watch except when the luck of the dice goes against you.
    Yesterdays race seemed as if you had given up. Please don’t, your drive and passion is what makes you the fantastic driver that you are. We need drivers like yourself who will have a go, the sport had got proccesional that the govening bodies keep making changes to the rules to encourage overtaking when all they need is more drivers like you.
    Please please can we have you back as you were for the future.

  312. Looking forward to silverstone we have been taking our grandaughters aged 6 and 4 for the last 3 years ,this will be there 4th time,
    they walk around in there mclaren race suite and get quite a lot of attension because one is mixed race just like her hero Lewis and the younger one is white and a Jenson fan just like her grandma, we stand them on the santander podium next to the drivers cut out figures , they luv it ,
    well all the best to both mclaren drivers they are the best , the pride of Britain ,
    Make Britain proud and both mclaren drivers knock that finger wagging german off the top 2 steps at least .
    COME ON LEWIS & JENSON WE LUV YOU BOTH from all the wacko jacko’s family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  313. well roots stay on your path & do your not let your intentions out or you may find your intentions may hamper not show your hand.well done today points are all good. you can still win the championship. it can be done you must keep that alive lets go too work lad never be defeatist. dont pass your key to your faith & heart for it will take you to a gray place were all the haters want to see you. all that glitters is not gold remember always. blessings 1 and all.your mate THE WATCHMANN.

  314. Well done LEWIS. You got some points. Just keep focused. love you an all the best next race. xx

  315. Hey Lewis,
    Good Job in Valencia today, fourth was still pretty decent. As much as it breaks my heart to say this i think its pretty much the end of the championship, but i know you will never give up until the very end. i dont know about everyone else but id love to see seb in a slow car and see how everyone phrases him then. I love you to bites Lewis and i hope you keep your head held high. Your an amzing driver and you should never change the way you race, who cares what people say as long as you have the people around who love and support you. I wish you the very best of luck in the next coming races Britain home here we come. You’ll make us proud as you always do
    I’ll be watching
    Best of luck Dee (Biggest fan) x

  316. All the best for today’s race Lewis.
    Know you can do well just keep out of trouble, but don’t change your style either.
    Will be watching!
    Forza Lewis!!!

  317. Hi Lewis,my famous..
    Wishing you all the best.You Bring that POWER on!!
    Cuz I know you can do it well!!
    Please Win..Greetz&kiss

  318. hey Lewis,

    Well done Lewis. Well done. Will be watching you all the way. I hope you win this race tomorrow. good answer, drive the way you drive cos you enjoy it and i do too, nothing wrong with your driving. just get on with it. cheering you all the way Lewis. you re the best. xxxx

  319. Hi Lewis all the best this weekend in Valencia less haste n learn to enjoy the racing a bit more this will help you to be more relaxed n focused see u on the podium all my luv chaz xx

  320. Good luck this weekend Lewis, hope to see you on the podium. Race hard and fair and you will do well, all the best.

  321. Hey Lewis,

    All the best tomorrw on qualy. Hope you get a better grid position tomorrows.

  322. Hi Lewis
    Good Luck for a pleasant weekend!! Please continue doing what you enjoy about racing myself/family and all the other millions of growing fans will always be supporting you!

    Why others cannot see you for what you have achieved in your own style, will always be questionable? Why change the shape of a perfectly form Diamond?
    It would be lovely to see people who feel it unnecessary to comment things that are neither inspiring nor of relevance, are clearly not fans of Lewis. PLEASE MAKE YOUR WAY TO PASTURES NEW.

  323. Hey Adrian, the hypocrisy in your question is quite obvious, and typical of the double standard that Lewis has had to face. Do you think that Jenson Button, David Coulthard and Johnny Herbert, have turned their backs on their country by living now in Monaco…..also what about Sir Jackie Stewart who has lived in Switzerland for over 30 years?

    I’ll bet any amount of money Adrian, that you didn’t have any of these questions for the above mentioned British drivers, but Lewis……well that’s another story!

  324. Adrian

    How can you ask ANYONE to do that? He has chosen to live abroad. He has paid his dues whilst he worked here. Why should he come back to this country? We are the most watched nation in Europe, maybe the world. Why would someone give up their freedom for this? I wouldn’t if I had the choice and you shouldn’t be asking him to do that? It’s none of your business why he lives where he lives. No one asks you to go and live in another part of the UK. Lewis has every right to live where HE chooses not you. Stuff the taxes … I hope you’ve written this to every other person living abroad and esp those who actually live here and avoid paying taxes by claiming all sorts of things including off-shore havens.

  325. Lewis
    Could you possibly justify your tax status to all of us back in the uk. I would have thought that a man in your position does not need to turn his back on his country and would like to help us in our current financial situation. You was educated here, you had access to the NHS as did your family, the police where here to aid and protect, the fire brigade would have turned out should your house catch fire, but now when you are rich and famous you leave and take your money with you instead of paying back for the opportunities given to you by this country. Please reconsider this tax status, i am sure that the inland revenue would accept your money even if you decide not to live over here and i am sure that your popularity with fans would increase.

  326. Hey Lewis,

    I hope you have rested this past week, relaxed an focus on the next race. You re the best thats y you are talkd abt so much in F1 and everywhere. If you were not good they wld not tak about u so much. This means you re the best so far, best entertainer in F1.
    So all the best in the next race. Behind you all the way. GO GO GO GO GO LEWIS!!! XXXX LOVE U MAN! YOU ARE THE BEST.

  327. Lewis, I’m not really a fan of you, but I find it excessive to some people comment on your driving style. I think you’re a real racer who always goes Duft and risk taking, and thus may be more in the f1


  329. Just really want to say to Lewis to keep up his driving style it’s good to see someone who wants to race and not just play safe all the time.

    During Senna’s career he took no prisoners on the track and is is seens as one if not the best F1 driver of all time, he saw a glimmer of a gap and went for it so keep it up. not every F1 fan sees Lewis’s actions as reckless.

    I suppose we are too used to Health and safety in F1 and where I am not advocating that we move away from that I do think that F1 drivers are to mollycoddled now. I for one want to see motor racing with emphasis on the racing.

    Good luck Lewis in Valencia don’t let them grind you down and stick to your own driving style that’s what we love that and your passion.

  330. PS Arthur, I didn’t hear Brundle say that so it must have been some time after coz during the race itself he definitely was smug that Lewis was not out of the race and that he was involved in three incidents by then. Almost as if it proved a point.
    His change of mind shows his inability to be objective. He did exactly the same thing in Monaco when he went for Lewis big time only to rewatch the vidz lots of times to see that, in fact, Lewis was not at fault. He’s just as bad as the newspapers.
    However, the Five Live team got it spot on straight away(Monaco); but then they just commentate on the race and are not biased towards one driver or another so they didn’t have their judgement clouded imo.
    Nonetheless, a lot of people remember what Brundle says the first time or miss his corrections; like I had, and that’s why Lewis is now getting a hard time in the press. They forget, or ignore, the corrections made by the commentators, if they heard them at all; they just remember the bad bits. DC is very good at defending Lewis, I listen to him coz if he thinks Lewis has done something wrong he will say so without making an issue of it.
    I think Haug came out in defence of Lewis coz he didn’t like what he was seeing and hearing. He knows Lewis isn’t like that and good for him for doing that.
    You will never change the boy racer in him. NEVER and I wouldn’t want anyone to either. I love the way he drives, brings excitement to an othrwise dull sport imo.
    (To those who don’t agree with the above – tough – they are my opinions so don’t bother looking for the facts). If you don’t like it … get a life!

  331. Thanks Arthur,
    I knew someone else would back me on the Brundle thing. I watched the race last night … til it was stopped. and I have to say Brundle definitely had a smug note in his voice when Lewis crashed. He was glad. He also went on about the 3 incidents within the short space of time. If you got it listen to it and did you notice he was going on about Lewis and the speeding thing until he found out Button got one too and then it was hardly mentioned!!! I may be biased, but I know what I heard!
    The teams you mentioned Arthur I have already said on FB. They are the top teams and I believe if both Alonso and Lewis knew the score from the beginning ie they are equals in the team they would be a formidable team to beat. I also believe Haug has said many times he would love Lewis in his team! He respects him as a driver and a person.
    People says McLaren are the best team with the fastest car and yet they haven’t turned that into silverware, over the last 10 years. Wonder why?
    I just hope if Lewis has to move teams he makes the right choice; some say the grass is greener on the other side, but sometimes you need to move teams to raise your game.
    Take teaching – you take those skills wherever you go, but if you stay in the same school for years and years and years, you become complacent. You need to move to another school; different teachers, different ideas, different routines. If you are good you rise to the challenge.
    Lewis may need to move teams coz he’s been in McLaren too long. By just doing that he will raise his game.As I put at the end of my post some people just come on here to cause trouble.

  332. David Williams, it looks as if you have race on your mind, and playing the race card……..Lewis never said that his teammate crashed into him….where did you dream that up from?

    Race though is something that Lewis had to deal with, going all the way back to his karting days.

    Listen to what Lewis had to say as a 12 year old, why he wanted to be a F1 driver, and also his response when being questioned about……race.

    Go to You Tube:
    Young Lewis Hamilton on Black Britains-BBC three.

  333. Hi MK, only a completely naive person could think that other teams wouldn’t want Lewis.

    If Fernando left Ferrari,who would be on the top of their list for the Scuderia……Hamilton and Vettel. Stefano Domenicali said that, ” Alonso’s new deal through 2016 does not exclude the possibility of Lewis Hamilton joining the Italian team at that time “.

    If Vettel left Red Bull……Lewis. Last year, Helmut Marko Red Bull’s motorsport advisor said that, the only driver that they feared in the race for 2010 WDC was Lewis Hamilton, and that Lewis is a topic for the team to consider for next season.

    If Michael steps down after his contract with Mercedes ends in 2012, and who would be on the top of their list….Hamilton and Vettel. Lewis has an excelent relationship with Norbert Haug, and Ross Brawn who once had compared Lewis’s drive at Germany in 2008, to Michael’s best.

    The incident regarding Lewis and Jenson coming together in Canada occurred, because Hamilton was so much faster than Jenson exiting the final chicane, and I totally agree with Brundle when he said,

    ” In his collision with Button though, I feel Hamilton is a bit of a wronged man. I don’t agree that it was more Hailton’s fault than Button’s. Jenson clearly knew Lewis was there after he was slow exiting the final chicane-his head tilts twice as he is watching Lewis hard in his mirrors. The incident is 50-50 blame in my view at best. Jenson said post race that he had apologized to Lewis “.

    Don’t worry MK, Lewis will be just…..fine!

  334. Robbin, I simply used Brundle’s comment to show that he also thought the same thing. That’s not siding with him but using him as an example of how people can see things differently. I am also entitled, like the rest of the world, to disagree with him too, not just concerning Lewis, but you wouldn’t know that coz you don’t know me. You are judging me by what you read on this site. A tiny reflection of the whole person.
    If you re-read my comments you will note that I had suggested that Lewis takes his time and that a race wasn’t the first few laps. That imo shows that I am not as you put it ‘ignoring the facts’ and ‘backing his errors’. I just worded it differently.
    I don’t recall ‘praising’ his racing skills last Sunday either. I am not blickered as you seem to suggest and am fully aware of Lewis’s faults; another example of the fact that you really don’t know me.
    However, that wasn’t the point of my comments which you appear to want to make an issue of just to cause an argument.
    and finally … regarding my typing errors, maybe you should spend more time concentrating on your own typing errors; I gave up counting them after 20.

  335. Hi Lewis,

    Take absolutely no notice of the media, their mouth pieces or that kind of mind set, you know from where it stems! F1 would be poorer without you, keep your head up and continue to believe in yourself.


  336. MK I do indeed understand type errors but seeing as you wrote my name three seperate times the same way it was reasonable to think you couldn’t possibly make the same typre error on all of those seperate occations hence mt comments. you dont know me at all so your realisation of my sensibilities are neither here or there. I can however know that Ferrari wouldnt give Lewis a seat while Alonso is with them due to the history between the two. I find it amusing to see you greeing with Brundle over Button when it seems to please your view as opposed to Brundles views on the previous race where you certainly didnt agree with his views over Lewis when it didnt suit your views. again evidence of your bias comments that are simply twisted as opposed to reasoned statements. Lewis is a fantastic driver but you ignore the fact that he is making increasingly poor and dangerous decisions without the previous levelheaded direction of his father manager. your constant backing of his increasingly regular mistakes make no sense, he is increasingly losing his direction and judgement and its simply counter productive to praise as such. until he gets back under a decent manager he will continue in my view to make suchy mistakes. his ego needs to be checked, he needs to lose the increasing number of high profile hanger on friends on race days and focus on good practice and management. this has nothing to do with the skilled aggresive driving which he originally showed, he is now increasingly showing poor judgement on track boardering on desperation and lack of self control. he has shown a very different attitude in the recent two seasons voicing rediculous critisism on other drivers and stewards which is also reflective of a lack of good coaching and management. you may fool yourself by all means but other people see things very diffently based on a long term scrutiny of him as a driver and individual and i refuse to make praise over his recent actions. how does one ever return to good form when people around him praise for the sake of it instead of making justifiable constructive critisism.

  337. Can’t believe all the stick your getting. Ok so you’ve been in a few scrapes in the last few races but so what. Thats what makes you a great racer. As Senna once said when you see a gap and don’t try and take it you are no longer a racing driver.

  338. Robbin,
    With regard to my comments, they are my opinion and I am entitled to express them. Drivers do the daftest of things in the heat of the moment and Button may have just wanted to keep Lewis behind him. Brundle once he saw Button had moved his head seemed to hestitate on his decisionQ!
    As for moving teams … you’re speculating that those team don’t want him. How sure are you? Just because someone says they don’t need or want a person in public doesn’t mean that’s what they are really thinking? Sometimes they like to keep things private until the last minute. Look at how many times managers are given the ‘vote of confidence’ only to be sacked shortly afterwards.

    Ever heard of typos? No … that’s when someone makes a mistake typing it has nothing to do with common courtesy, but a genuine mistake not that you will know what that is. How petty are you? You obviously don’t appreciate the fact that someone can make a genuine mistake! Didn’t realise you could be that sensitive!

  339. Dear Lewis, The first time I saw you racing was at GP2 in Silverstone in 2006. My first comments were: “wow, this guy’s going to change the pack order in F1”. I enjoyed your first season, which may have been your best so far, but believe that the relationship with your co-driver was mismanaged by the then team principal, who perhaps had initially ‘indicated’ or ‘suggested’ to the other driver that he would/should ‘lead’ the team, or that this was interpreted in this way by the other driver. I believe, however, that there is nothing like the spirit of competition between drivers, nevertheless, it takes some tact between both drivers and managers to obtain the best outcome of a situation like this for both the team and driver. I have never disliked any F1 driver and pretty well like all drivers equally. In some respects, Fernando excelled, and in others you surpassed his efforts. However, you are a pure racer and this is very rare in F1 now. Looking at the current state of things, I am wondering if you are putting too much pressure on yourself to succeed or to emulate a great driver. I think you are a great driver and only need to reduce the pressure you are putting on yourself. Then the results will come. Maybe not now, but they will come. Yours, John M.

  340. Hard Luck kiddo! Stick with McLaren they know what they’re doing. They ran with a wet set up during qualifying and it worked. You have an agressive driving style beacuse you want to win at all costs. You are exciting to watch, can’t wait for Valencia!

  341. Dear Hammy,

    So gutted for you after Canada. Unlucky!

    What’s done is done so dust yourself down…………onwards and upwards and never change your style we love you for you, your passion and style.
    It’s not over til it’s over and with two thirds of the season still to go anything is possible.So good luck for Valencia and keep safe.

    Best of luck and God Bless to you, your family and Nicole.


  342. Lewis I know your in a bit of a rutt don’t stop doing what you were born to do and that is real racing like you have been.iv raced against you 6 time at rye house you were always the best driver out there you made it to the top and I take my hat off to you 2 years and ur wold champion youngest ever mclaren are holding you back you need to move to a team with a car that can keep up with you you have a pure passion for the sport don’t lose sight of that it’s never been about the money only about racing despite everything you still number one you just have a crap car your so much quicker than button Sunday’s race is a lesson for you to get in front of him any way best of luck I know you pull it back if your ever about at rye house look me up on Facebook niki Lee and we can have a 1 on 1 lol

  343. Dear Lewis,

    Just keep on giving us (your fans) more of what you do best. I want to see racing and you are the complete package. Most people in F1 and connected to F1 are most probably jealous of you, hence the contrasting, confusing and stupid comments made all round. It is sad to say but some of the drivers will be out to get you (hence their actions). Keep safe and win the championship 2011. Best wishes for you and regards to all your family.

  344. lewis DONT stop being the great sprited driver that ur,,ive followed u in gp2 and all through f1,still 2 this day u make me excited by the way u drive,u have courage,skill,passion and sprit,,,,,
    ppl bad mouth u and slag u off,but id like 2 c them get in a car and drive with heart like u do……like maria says,your dad is there 4 u just like all your true fans r…..LEWIS LIVE THAT DREAM AND DONT STOP…your still number 1 in my at goodwood and the british grand prix

  345. Hi Lewis i have no idea if you will ever read this message but i try,i think you are a great driver and no matter what people say bad about you, you should not be either fustrated or angry you have come a long way and you are where you are because you deserve it.So play your own game, a champion game you will get there a 6 can turn to 9 at any time just shut those people that do not like mouth with your driving and result and be humble as always.
    Also do not forget that your dad is there for you whan he was your manager you have been world champion (never let down a winning team)
    Be bless

  346. Lewis,

    Looks as if the race card was played again….this time your racist team-mate crashed into you because of his racial bias.

    Come on mate, cool down the aggression in your driving and push the damned car like you did the 1st 2 years and get on with it.

  347. MK I see the normal childish comments from you again. Button took him out on purpose, do you even engage your brain before writing, you honestly think Button would actually risk losing his car and chance his position and points to TAKE OUT lewis. your living in a dream world.and you say his apology was worthless! does that mean Lewis’s apology last time was also pointless? as for moving to a different team. what team exactly? certainly not ferrari with Alonso. so who does that leave? red bull I dont think so Lewis wouldn’t be seen as a number 1 driver over Vettel. so the other option available are all lesser performing cars! you’d rather Lewis has no hope of being competetive? again none of your comments have any reasoning behind them. and my name by the way is Robbin not Robbins as you previously stated, it a case of common courtesy to get someones name right.

  348. Hi Lewis!

    I’m wondering if you were there untill the last lap? I missed you very much…that could be your 3rd time to win in Canada, I think all people know about that.I’m so sad but there are still 12 GPs. keep walking, never change, don’t trust in anyone, do your job make diffence, fight and don’t give up. stay away from reporters for a while, don’t say nothing to them and do not accept any interview focus on the these 12 races please.

    I still believe you will be 8 times world champion at least even againt
    all this.
    A big joke “I didnt’t see Lewis”

  349. At least the vid showed that Button did see you coming so his apology is not worth anything. He deliberately took you out coz he knew that was the only way he could achieve anything in that race. I don’t like or trust Button; he’s sly and crafty. He knew excactly what he was doing hence the apology afterwards, esp as Brundle made it clear Button must have seen you coming.
    I’m not sure when we stopped seeing things as racing incidents esp when they involve you, but what about the Alonso/Button incident. They can’t blame you for that.
    However, you do need to remember a race is so many laps, next time wait a little longer.
    There is always the next race, but you need more support in the garage Whitmarsh is not your friend and don’t sign that contract. They will keep you as second driver for sure imo instead of out there trying to win the title.
    Good luck in next race you are gonna need it.

  350. Bonjour Mr L.hamilton
    Just to say I really missed you when I see J.Button over taking thos car to come end win it…
    but any way what happen to the race/track stayed here.
    let move on put your self back together you will be alright…
    Peace and lots of loveee from wolverhampton see you next two week keep cool we still need you in F1.
    God bless

  351. Hey Lew,
    lol, lol, help me laugh mate. So now you are a dangerous driver becos u colided with who??
    After realising those people were wrong, its now classified as racing incidents?, nolonger dangerous driving, lol. man this kills me. lol.
    and who took Sutil out, Di resta, Alonso, Heidfield?? Had you been driving behind doors David Coulthard wld have told us that you did all that and the rest of them. lol!! F1 a big joke!!
    Thanx to Martin Brundle who comments correctly and always tells the truth as it is. At least he helped clear you.
    GOOD LUCK NEXT RACE!! Behind you all the way. Any chance of moving, move out of McLaren i repeat!!

  352. never mind lad we have too look and know and remember.we all see1 and stay on your path champ it will come onelove.

  353. Hi Lewis,

    Oh now its from shouting, ‘WOT IS HE DOING!!’ TO an apology after being told he was obviously wrong. Martin Brundle replayed the scene an also confirmed he saw you coming an decided to take you out.
    So an apoloy an no punishment?? wow. F1 very interesting. lol. wot a joke!!

  354. Hi Lewis,

    I am so glad you decided to stay an watch the race. very interesting isnt? So now who took out who an who is getting the penalty, Alonso or Button?? lol

  355. Lewis, I love you and your driving style/abilility and almost totally agree with what you said in your recent ‘rant’. I believe, though, that you drive/behave much better/more professionally when(a)your dad is your Manager and (b) you are not going out with Nicole – I’m sorry, but I (like many others) really do believe she is not the girl for you and does not have a good influence on you. I will always be one of your biggest fans, but would like to see you return to the ambitious, but polite and considerate young man you once were. Regards, Stephanie.

  356. Hi Lewis,

    Sorry about this incident. Jenson came on to you when you were overtaking him. watch it again. He is an idiot!! Idiota Jeson.
    Good luck next race and if you get an opportunity to leave McLaren, LEAVE!!!
    Love you Lew. You still the best. xxx

  357. Hi Lewis,

    Goodluck today. Hope you win the race. This has alwys been yours. So good luck an hope you win it.
    As much as i love McLaren and Ron Dennis, if doors open to go elsewhere, go.
    Career is madeup of the best opportunities in life. And if you ever go, mantain a good relationship with Ron D.

    Good luck.

  358. Hey Lewis,
    Just wanted too wish you all the best for Canada tomorrow. Im with you all the way, keep your cool and show us how fantastic you are.

    All the best Dee xxx

  359. Hi Lewis
    I’ve been watching F1, mainly on tv since the ’80’s and have always supported McLaren and DC was my hero. I have seen you live at the first Singapore night GP (on our honeymoon) and I just wanted to say what a wonderfully all rounded young man you are, oh and an exceptional driver. Lol! I think you have been treated very badly by the FIA (I understand it has the alleged nickname of Ferrari International Assistance!) and I feel most of the penalties that you have been given probably wouldn’t have been given to a certain Spaniard I’m sure.
    I’ve read your autobiography too which is brilliant. I enjoyed a bit of Karting when I was young but it wasn’t the done thing for a girl to take it seriously!
    All the best Lewis and take heart that all your fans are right behind you.
    God bless. Joanna

  360. Hi Lewis you are a great driver now you have the opportunity to be a Great Human Being by not driving in the Bahrain Grandprix to stand against oppression

    I have sent the following to the King Of Bahrain
    King of Bahrain

    I am writing to express my deep concern at the all-out attack being conducted by your government against the trade union movement in Bahrain. The widespread violence and intimidation against innocent people and the dismissal of thousands of workers due to their participation in peaceful trade union activities are extremely serious violations of international law. These actions by your government are causing tremendous harm to Bahrain’s international reputation and will result in yet further damage to your country’s economy. I appeal to you to end the campaign of anti-union intimidation, and to ensure that the government of Bahrain reinstate all the workers dismissed for union activity and enter genuine dialogue with GFBTU to achieve a democratic solution which fully respects workers’ and other human rights. I wish to assure you of the determination of working people worldwide to support the trade union movement of Bahrain
    regards iqbal

  361. Hi Ham good luck in canada your favourite hope you win and wipe that smile off your hates they are jrsy of you because you’re the best
    driver and they know it a’m glad you said what u said on sunday.
    we know that already but what can we say.
    don’t mind them…..go ham…..go ham……
    can’t wait to see you in canada.

  362. Robbins,
    You obviously do not understand how subtle racism can be. As many who have endured it says; it’s not the ‘in your face’ racism, but the subtle ones. Such as being overlooked for promotion, being given the tasks noone wants to do, the ‘I’m better than you’ attitude.
    Lewis feels he is being targets and that is the important element in any racist action, it’s a matter of perception and how YOU feel about it. You (Robbins) do not have any idea what goes on behind the scenes so you can’t speak on anyones behalf in F1 either.
    Nonetheless, as someone has stated elsewhere … only a naive person would think there is NO racism in F1.
    In your opinion Robbins I’ve not said a sensible thing on here. I don’t have to justify my comments to you as they are MY OPINIONS! I don’t need to be objective, I just need to explain how I SEE IT!!! If you don’t like it … don’t read them.

  363. so according to you Arthur,Lewis and others should speak thier mind and stand up for their convictions if they are 100% right but if they then think their going to get a serious penalty for it back down and say sorry? wheres the sense in that. your explainations have no reasoning other than a poor defense of the original statement. I maintain if he had absolute evidence of racism then his conviction should have stood and that evidence would have backed it up. he had none and he withdrew his remark with an apology. thats fair enough. he had the sence to realise his remarks were unfounded. you and others here however refuse to accept he made a massive mistake and try to explain it away with ever rediculous reasoning. alonso’s apology had nothing to do with racism yet you try again to use other senario’s to somehow make Lewis Hamiltons remarks acceptable. it wasn’t acceptable full stop. at least he realised that or his convictions would have been followed through.

    Mk wake up and smell the coffee. you defense of ever single mistake Lewis Hamilton makes boarders on absolute ignorance. i havent read a sensible objective sentence in any of your posts only blind adoration. admirable admitidly with a child like ignorance.

  364. Hey Robbin, the reason why Lewis didn’t as you say, stick to his decision, and apologized for his statement, is the same reason why Fernando Alonso in 2010 also apologized, and backs down on his atatement that the race at Valencia as being manipulated by the FIA. Both knew they could be charged with bringing the sport into disrepute by the FIA, which carries with it very serious penalties.

  365. when i experienced racism, i wrestled strongly for over a year to find who i was. I am still on the path to completely finding myself. i decided to study racism and behold, i am not surprised when some people here and beyond were quick to jump on you when you stated the obvious. Hence, from personal experience i know where you are coming from. What advise can i give you? I have none. You were born in the UK, you must have wrestled it all your life. It is a shame when people like us are treated as if the colour of our skin is a curse.

    you can kill the body but you cannot kill the spirit. your mate Button is a good guy. listen to him, he will give you a very good advise.

    Now, there are two things i want you to do. i want you to continuously tell the media that you will beat vettel in the canada race. Make it big news. Keep this up till the end of the season.

    Secondly, whenever Button is in front and you cant overtake him, please and please ensure that nobody overtakes you.

    THe winner of this f1 season is either you or Button but you have to work together for this reality to happen.

  366. I thought he was apologising to the drivers. Lewis imo said what he felt and I don’t think he was referring just to Monaco GP. I think it’s going back to other races; he gets hauled up and yet others get away with exactly the same thing. Even Brundle admits it’s not hard to see where Lewis is coming from.
    and have you heard of PR. One thing I’ve noticed about the media is that you have to say things in the right way. A load of crock imo but that’s the game you have to play. Lewis most probably did regret what he said … a lot of people say things in the heat of the moment and you then apologise for the way it came out … not necessarily what was said though.

  367. Lambert,

    being bias you know plenty about i can see, impartiality you lack. you question views that do not match your own simple as that. what makes you the governing body on fairness and being correct. as for people saying what they want when they are aggrieved, that must mean you would totally accept racist comments if someone feels aggrieved enough! and then simply appologise later claiming it was only a joke. I dont think so. defend what ever you feel but it doesn’t make you any more right or wrong than anothers opinion. its a great example to give for young black people, if you feel aggrieved or things are not going your way blame it on racism. there certainly is racism in this life but in my view it didn’t lay with the decisions that led to Lewis Hamilton’s comments and if he did feel that was a certainty then why didn’t he stick to his convictions instead of calling it a joke and appologising for it. i’m sure you will be able to twist it to match your own defense but its still all down to opinion.

  368. Finally, Brundle admitted what the Five Live team knew from the moment it happened … the incidents wasn’t Lewis’s fault.
    Agree with Lambart in a lot of what he said. Brundle doesn’t like Lewis and I think it’s because Lewis is the type of driver Brundle wished he was imo. Brundle always having a dig at Lewis at every opportunity.
    As for the ‘joke’ … high time that came out into the open coz if anyone truly thinks there is no racism in F1 they are deluding themselves. There will always be racism in all walks of life and it’s not just with colour of skin, it’s also nationality.
    Lewis will have a hard time in the Canadian Drivers’ briefing for sure, but he just needs to suck it up, not make a comment and then let his driving on the track do the talking.
    As for Button getting driver of the day for Monaco …. what a joke that’s proven to be for the same reason Lambart said … started 2nd finished 3rd and didn’t have the balls to have a go at the two front runners. We know what Lewis would have done. Don’t we?

  369. Hi Lewis,

    I obviously don’t see you as much as I used to but I’m still following you and wanting you to win. I just had to send you a message because of what happened in Monaco. I’m starting to think people are losing it because the amount of people that think you were in the wrong during that race is driving me mad. To me it was more than obvious that Fileppe turned in on you and also Maldanado should of yielded. Not only were you much faster you also had enough of your car along side him. Anyway mate I hope you don’t stop driving the way you always have done. Winnings the most important thing as you know and do best and I don’t think anyone else is trying as hard as you out there. Lets hope the rest of the season picks up and we can have some victories. The car seems to be better but those Red Bulls just have so much downforce it must be so frustrating sat behind them. Best of luck anyway, hope all the family is well too.

    Russell Parkes

  370. For those who may want to know, especially Lewis’s haters, here is what Senna says about racing:

    “By being a racing driver, you are at risks all the time, by being a racing driver means, you are racing with other people, and if you no longer go for a gap that exists, you’re no longer a racing driver. Because we are competing, and we are competing to win, and the main motivation to all of us is to compete for victory.? Not to come 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th. I race to win, as long as I feel it is possible.”

    So take it or leave it, Lewis is a racing driver and will go for any gap available. The average drivers will either choose to follow the car in front or block overtakers like Massa and Maldonado did, relying on the stewards to bring up their so called penalties, thus questioning the nature of f1 as a racing sport!
    For all of you who keep on criticising Lewis, i challenge you to re-visit your motives. Watch the link

    to first see how many times Maldonado weaved in front of Lewis (which the sterwards should have given a penalty for because he went againt the rules, but obviously they did not) and then him turning into Lewis’s car. on this, even Martin Brundle (BBC) has now admitted (in his latest blog) that it was Maldonado’s fault!
    I would like the BBC to try to be impartial towards our two british drivers, not be biaised againt Lewis, always trying to let him down while praising Jenson even where praise is not due. Yeah, How could Martin brundle dare ask Jenson on the grid if he was the man to finally beat Vettel? do we really need to remind Martin B. that Lewis has done it in style before, namely in China? Also i don’t understand how Jenson was the driver of the day for the BBC when he started 2nd and finished 3rd…?

    Lewis, if u ever read these comments, please ignore the haters. They have always hated you, even before the Monaco event. Keep driving as you do. We love it and F1 would not be the same without you.

    To the haters, check your motives and face yourselves. Lewis may just have said some painful truth for you in the comment/joke he made after the race on Sunday. And by the way, he is free to say whatever he wants, especially if he feels aggrieved by something: Race not an exception. Those who feel offended by what he said may well question themselves and asky why they feel so offended!!!!Learn to be fair and look at the world impartially!!!!!!

    God bless you and can’t wait for Canada.

  371. Unfortunately Steve, it’s not as easy as that. You and I may not see ‘colour’. You and I may not care what colour skin the person is and just look at their attributes, but not everyone is like us. That’s the sad part and until then racism will always be around.
    It’s the first time Lewis has referred to his colour and TBH I wasn’t surprised. It’s how he feels and perceives matters and that’s what counts. Discussing it is the only way it can be eliminated.
    Nonetheless, there will always be people who are racist … unfortunately, it’s just the way of the world and not only against colour, but against other nations too.

  372. Hi Lewis

    What a tumultuous weekend, it never seems to rain; but pours.
    We often question the noticeably amount of punishment and complaints that often seems to be handed down to you by both t stewards and other drivers, whenever you and your car are performing exceptionally well.
    I do believe it is because you are British and you have shocked them all by proving your brilliance, which is proving hard to swallow by some in F1
    We your fans know you will not let it dampen your aspiration for driving keep at it and please!

  373. Hey Hammy,

    Good luck for Canada and please continue to WOW the fans and your supporters!

    *Just a a note I experienced/ witnessed first hand at the Spanish Grand Prix in 2009 the racism and abuse you experienced. Even the black family in front of me in the stand were threatened by the Spanish supporters. It was very uncomfortable.

    Unfortunately it does exist.So onwards and upwards and continue the season with love and blessings and all good wishes from us all.


  374. Arthur you dumbass, obovious is spelt “obvious”. pot and kettle spring to mind you donkey

  375. I was absolutely amazed that such a nice man as Lewis would use the race arguement after the Monaco Grand Prix. Just let me tell you Lewis that I wasn’t much interested in F1 until you came on the scene. I live near Stevenage and when I found out you were “local” I became interested. Now, the first thing I ask is “how’s Lewis doing”. I don’t think about all the others. Previously the image I had of you was a level headed, very determined, extremely gifted, clean cut, good living man who would be so keen to win that he would occasionally take a bigger risk than usual to do that. The last thing anyone thinks of when they hear about you or your lifestyle is “coloured”. I feel that your minders should keep you away from the cameras for a while. Make sure you atone for this by winning in Canada but never ever refer to this thing again. Steve

  376. Need to clarify a point I made below:
    Lots of people tell me they are not prejudices. However, sometimes they do not even realise themselves that the comments they make are deemed ‘racist’.
    Also the fact that a lot of people shy away from these types of discussions for fear of being ‘seen to be racist’ imo shows the underlying problems immediate.
    Why would you be scared of that if you are not? Why can’t grown ups have a discussion about a problem like any other? We don’t shy away from talking about our financial situations, the care home problems, teenagers, so why single racism out for this ‘special’ treatment/concern?
    Just putting it out there folks!!!

  377. It’s easy for people to sit on the sidelines and say that Lewis is not being discriminated because of his colour. How do you know? It’s all a matter of how that person preceives the situation/s they are in and if Lewis feels that he is being discriminated against, he has EVERY right to say it.
    The fact that he may now be reprimanded for his ‘outburst’ is not the way to approach it imo. What should happen is a discussion as to WHY he feels that? That is the only way discrimination is sorted out, not by being punished.
    My concern is why the FIA are prepared to punish him instead of talking to him to put his fears to rest if they are wrong.
    Until you are in his shoes living his life then you cannot judge.
    As I tell people; when you become the foreigner in a company/country and meet prejudices on all levels then you can tell me you’re company or country are not discriminating. And they are not always so overt/ out in the open ones. The worst ones, and many who suffer discrimination will tell you, are the covert, subtle ones!!!

  378. Robbin, it’s obovious that your addled brain cannot comprehend the comparison regarding your contention that, Lewis should be banned for making so-called racist accusations, and mine for Spain being banned from the F1 calendar, for allowing racist insults to be hurled at Lewis……Dumbass!!

  379. I know everyone makes mistakes Lewis, we all say things we dont mean when our feeling run high. i love and support you Lewis. Your a kind and honest person that shows through u saying sorry too all your fans and the guys you upset during the weekend. Im proud to be a fan of yours im 16 years old and ive watched and supported you from the very start. I watch you soo much it sends my family bonkers lol 🙂 good luck in canada as per usual im with you all the way .

    love and support you always dee x

  380. this man has been heckled at f1 meetings called names by Alonso fans how would you feel. it was bound to come out how he felt.lewis is pure talent
    even if he was a back runner he would still race to be at the top

  381. JE VOUS REMERCIE D AVOIR PU M EXPRIMER car SUR LE SITE EUROSPORT J AI ETE desactiver sans jamais avoir eu de mauvais propos il faut lire ce qui ce dit sur certain site pour le croire :FRANCE :liberter egaliter pas pour tous monsieur hamilton tu es et tu resteras un des plus grand car personne ne pourra empecher des idees des choix et des preferances meme sans fondement a pourrir le sport c est bien dommage fan de F1 je vous salut :DEVILS LOGAN

  382. EST T IL NORMAL POUR UN PILOTE QUI NE COURS PAS POUR LE TITRE DE FERMER LES PORTES A UN PILOTE PLUS RAPIDE(schumi) par le passe pas tous le monde sans rapel mais a l epoque flavio. on demande a un pilote de se cracher pour partir en tete voiture incriminer(piquet junior)n y a t il pas des risques pour les pilotes, et toutes les insultes qui on fuger a l encontre d hamilton pourtant espionnage entre eccurie n est pas d aujourdhui et ce n es pas hamilton qui c est rendu chez ferrari. meme alonzo lors d un grand pris sans pouvoir disputer la place a hamilton est calmer par son eccurie et tout cela a la radio pendant la course et lorsque hamilton prends so titre de champion du monde ce qui ont resister jusqu au bout pour gagner une place ont ete traite de complice,je ne parle meme pas insultes sur les forums :DEVILS LOGAN

  383. salut a tous fan de F1: je n ai jamais vu tel acharnement sur un pilote( lewis hamilton) il se bat pourtant pour le titre et vu les performance des monoplaces le seul a maintenir le tchalinge sur la piste sont :les red bulls,les mac larens,et les ferraris(pour les pilotes les plus pres et dans un ordre que je crois etre realiste: vettel,hamilton, ne pretends aucunement pouvoir dire lors du grand prix de monaco qui est fautif je pense que ce role est celui de la FIA maleureusement avec toutes les histoires qu il y a eu aujourdhui je doute . je n accuse personne je ne fait que profiter du spectacle qu es censer proccurer la F1.AUJOURDHUI Comme dans le passe hamilton est encore trainner dans la boue pour un depassement, pourtant avant sont accrochage il y eu dans se meme grand prix un accrochage juste avant et personne n en fait une histoire :DEVILS LOGAN

  384. Arthur you cock, read my mail as it was wrote instead of spewing drivel. My remarks were directly from Lewis Hamiltons mouth, he blamed the stewards and other drivers, none of the stewards or drivers have ever thrown bottles on the track or made racist remarks towards him. neither did I. you have once again brought racist accusations towards on people who are innocent of such. there is no forgiving the people you mentioned and on the same token Lewis Hamilton should know better than to make such unfounded and disgusting remarks where they are certainly not founded. full stop. you sir are as bad as those you preach about using racism as an excuse for any behaviour. I never once heard Martin Luther King tearing down innocent people because he was having a bad day. being BLACK had nothing to do with it. get over your phobia.


  386. I,ve been watching sport in this country all my life . I am ever so proud to watch the first black F1 driver in such an elite sport that because of its very nature eg expense, politics, sponsors, makes it extremely difficult for black drivers to break through. this is the first time that I heard a black man at the height of his profession speak his mind and tell the truth as he sees it.Continiue as you are, be like the boxer who won,t leave it to the judges. GO FOR THE KNOCKOUT EVERY TIME you go out there. Many people in the sport resent your natural ability and true talent and I guarantee you,ll be in front of the stewards again so go for the win every time . Hopefully the car will be up to it.


  388. Lewis, stick to your guns son! They just want F1 to be processional again!! Nothing wrong with your driving style, just shows everybody that you want to win. If you go before the stewards again , just let it wash over you. In one ear out the other.

  389. Some of the messages written here make me wonder about the kind of person who spews hared whilst pretending that it’s not that. Lewis is entitled to his opinion whether some or all of the people share that view or not is irrelevant. And as for I was a fan but now I’m not please who are you trying to fool? Who are these people again I wonder and why do they not have something better to do with their time. You’ve got to feel sorry for them…haven’t you?

  390. Hey Dudugermany….Lewis a Brutish thug….really!! I can only imagine that you are fairly new to F1, or suffer from a very selective memory, by choosing to forget some of the real thuggish antics of Herr Schumacher at Adelaide in 1994, and Jerez in 1997. At both races Herr Schumacher deliberately….deliberately drove into his opponents to avoid being overtaken….now that’s real thuggish behavior on a race track.

    Misjudging an opponent during an attemping passing manuever, and mistakenly hitting them as Lewis did Sunday at Monaco, is quite different from deliberately driving into someone as Herr Schumacher did on many occassions.

    For the latest update on Herr Schumacher latest antics…Go to You Tube and watch Herr Schumacher’s thuggish assault on Rubens Barrichello at the 2010 Hungrian GP, and watch a real thug in action!

  391. Hey robbin, in 2008 do you think that Spain should have been banned and taken off the F1 calendar. I just know that you couldn’t have forgotten Spanish fans at Barcelona chanting, (f**king black or black sh*t) at Lewis during testing….hmmmm?? The only response from Lewis then at that time, was one of disappoinment and saddness.

    Oh…..I nearly forgot again in Spain in 2009, a fan throwing a beer bottle on the track, which Lewis called in on his radio.

    Racial slurs, beer bootle thrown on the track at the only black driver, can only mean one thing, pure and simple…..racism to any reassonable person!

  392. Watched Moneco. Playing the race card was way out of order…confidence is fine but pure arrogance is very unattractive.

  393. was a fan… longer…….as you played the ‘race’ card how sad…..sick…….am shocked you would stoop that low

  394. Lewis, you brought a breath of fresh air to F1 and I enjoy watching you every time you race but try not to let events and reversals like those at Monaco get to you. It’s not worth getting yourself out of shape because others will use your reactions against you later. I believe that now your car is “in the groove” you will have many more successes soon. I have never raced but 30 years of life as a salesman “on the road” taught me one thing above all others. Not everyone has the same amount of skill and anticipation when the traffic is busy and we cannot, as indivduals, rely on the fact that other drivers will react as well and as quickly as we can.
    All the best for Canada, you have usually done well there, and go back to being cool Lewis. Keep up the effort, son, I believe your day will come again.

  395. dear lewis hamilton,
    congratulations on finishing the race at the monaco grand prix on 29/05/11 and picking up some more valuable points. the devil, massa and the FIA deliberately stopped you from qualifying in a good place because they knew that you, lewis would be a threat to vittel. the FIA were still worried about you in 7th position at the start of the race so they invented another farce to punish you even further by letting you start 9th on the grid. during the course of the race you drove beautifully the FIA were still worried that you might still be a threat to vittel so michael shoemacker and massa the devils were told to crash you out of the race. but as you know lewis you are guided by Divine Order just like Jesus Christ and God protected you by making the devils philip massa and michael shoemacca crash out of the race. the only pity is these 2 devils when they crashed out of the race they should have been permanently injured for life and never have been able to race again.
    the race at the monaco grand prix was a complete farce because you practically entered this race without being able to qualify fairly. vittel was in no position to win the race on bad tyres with several laps to go another stunt was pulled off during this race making all of the drivers stop so that vittel can now change his tyres and by the way nobody is allowed to overtake vittel, the paying fans at the monaco grande prix have been completely ripped off they should demand their money back including hotel accomodation and travel expenses not to mention the millions of television viewers around the world that could have been doing better things, they would have been better off watching a classical charlie chaplin film on TV. the FIA and the stewards practically handed this race to vittel on a silver plate. formula 1 is no longer a competitive sport. the stewards are behaving like they are staging an american wrestling match, one big joke.

    the next time lewis you compete on the race track remember you are not only racing against the other racing car drivers you are also racing against the FIA and the racist stewards. don’t worry lewis about the devils because you are protected by Divine Order.

    remember lewis, every race you enter win or lose you will always be a winner.

    i hope your father, your brother and your lovely future wife to be nicole all the best in the future. God bless, The Saint.

  396. dear lewis hamilton,
    congratulations on finishing the race at the monaco grand prix on 29/05/11 and picking up some more valuable points. the devil, massa and the FIA deliberately stopped you from qualifying in a good place because they knew that you, lewis would be a threat to vittel. the FIA were still worried about you in 7th position at the start of the race so they invented another farce to punish you even further by letting you start 9th on the grid. during the course of the race you drove beautifully the FIA were still worried that you might still be a threat to vittel so michael shoemacker and massa the devils were told to crash you out of the race. but as you know lewis you are guided by Divine Order just like Jesus Christ and God protected you by making the devils philip massa and michael shoemacca crash out of the race. the only pity is these 2 devils when they crashed out of the race they should have been permanently injured for life and never have been able to race again.
    the race at the monaco grand prix was a complete farce because you practically entered this race without being able to qualify fairly. vittel was in no position to win the race on bad tyres with several laps to go another stunt was pulled off during this race making all of the drivers stop so that vittel can now change his tyres and by the way nobody is allowed to overtake vittel, the paying fans at the monaco grande prix have been completely ripped off they should demand their money back including hotel accomodation and travel expenses not to mention the millions of television viewers around the world that could have been doing better things, they would have been better off watching a classical charlie chaplin film on TV. the FIA and the stewards practically handed this race to vittel on a silver plate. formula 1 is no longer a competitive sport. the stewards are behaving like they are staging an american wrestling match, one big joke.

    the next time lewis you compete on the race track remember you are not only racing against the other racing car drivers you are also racing against the FIA and the racist stewards. don’t worry lewis about the devils because you are protected by Divine Order.

    remember lewis, every race you enter win or lose you will always be a winner.

    i hope your father, your brother and your lovely future wife to be nicole all the best in the future. God bless, The Saint.

  397. Lewis fans here simply wear blinkers. what a disgusting use of racist accusations simply because things havnt gone his way. Lewis Hamilton should face some race bans for for those remarks. he has stooped as low as you can go. claiming it was said in jest, if one of the other drivers had used the same remark againt Lewis Hamilton they would have been branded racist and faced banning from F1. double standards. you people are sick. he was a poor loser full stop.

  398. Hamilton is a rowdy. In Monaco he kicked two off the track.
    He was lucky not beeing disqualified.
    BAD LOOSER! BRUTISH THUG! And its getting worse the more he is falling behind the youngster Vettel. I already feel sorry for the other drivers.
    If they are in his way the get kicked out>

  399. nice to see someone stand up and say how you feel. this f1 is becoming a joke its just a prossesion of fancy cars . massa is struggling to keep his drive so its obvious from the footage he turned into you when you had the racing line. keep doing what you do best and RACE even if it means being controversial… we are entertained when your on it!!.

  400. You are the greatest racing driver of all and you have a point regarding the stewards, look at your debut to F1 you stewards were all over you and still are, it’s them that should be called to heel. You should have won your debut race, end of.

  401. Hello brother!

    Bravo,Bravo..that was a Champion driving, fighting and overtaking You did your best; you showed your race, your skill and competence; don’t regret what you saied, that’s was what you felt injustice is injustice everybody can see it, all F1 fans must be thankfull because you are there, don’t give up you are making difference that’s the point keep walking dont stop, dont change keep shining.

    Mclaren the cars are fast now congratulation, Mr. Martin you are Partial.

  402. Lewis Don’t Change your style. You make formula one worth watching. All the best drivers in history have had your killer instinct don’t forget you have to be dead before they Glorify you.All these pretty boy drivers that are on the scene at present would never have got a ride in the days of Sterling Moss . And what happened to freedom of speech, were talking to the FIA not the bloody Pope. they are a bunch of pilocks anyway. For heavens sake start using Tires that will last for a race. let the best driver win the race ,not a bunch of bloody boffins sat behind computers. F1 is getting worse by the week through Burocracy. And as far as Monaco goes , its not a race anymore its just a glamour show and bonking session for the rich.

  403. Lewis! I totally agree with what you said, I cannot believe that your own team do things which clearly leave us wondering if they really care abt you winning d championship & if they are in it to win it. Cos their quali strategy played into d red bull’s & jenson’s favour. All that said, my dear Lewis we love you, you r the best racing driver

  404. Lewis Hamilton?
    Playing the racist card. Bad sportsmanship! Typical Brutish, bad looser!

  405. Hi Lewis,
    Getting some bad luck mate, but try to keep your cool as people will only see a bad side of you rather than what caused the outburst.Tell the stewards to look at a slowmo of the Massa incident and he obviously turns in on you as his nose hit webbers rear wheel, he would have taken webber out if that was his line.I think the second incident was a bit late though, I race Karts and understand that the gaps dissapear sometimes before you know it.
    Keep up the extrodanary driving.

  406. Oh and why is Button face on this site, I thought it was the Lewis Hamilton site not that other guy.

  407. I agree with Jane Talbot in that the FIA and the shot callers at Maclaren are against you, for me that’s obvious. It’s boringly obvious that they favour Button, dealing with that kind of back stabbing must be very difficult indeed. But I firmly believe that God only gives us what we can handle (I know it sure doesn’t feel that way sometimes)but you can handle it and you will with the kind of composure I wish I had at your age. I believe you are destined to win many more world championships, you can be sure that the FIA and others will use many pathetic tricks to cause you to stumble, but that doesn’t mean it will work. Keep your head up Lewis, I’m looking forward to your next podium.

  408. Hey LH…
    from wolverhampton every day is not a good one sometime you have to take it as it`s comes,dont bother your self to much for one day is not the end of the season keep on doing what you know best.
    we love you mate,also good job to the Mclaren team you guys i doing a good job thankx keep it up till the end see you in canada…


  410. Dear Lewis
    I am am brasilian woman and I wanna say to you that even if you complain aginst racism they will try to press you untill you give up.
    Please dont give up. Play to God or what ever you believe, find ways to get power in your self and when you go there you must remember God loves you and we love you. I keep playing for you.
    Love from and brasilian thats proud of you dont metter what happend!!!

  411. Hello Lewis,

    THANK YOU for this race again. You’re the best driver in the world, whether in terms of speed, character and competitive spirit.

    Formula 1 today is too “clean” and based on security excess, fortunately, there you are. I want you to know that despite the penalties unjustified ans the domination of engineering “red bull”, the true Formula 1 fans are not wrong, you’re the best!!

    Thanks to you the spirit of racing still exists.

    Really thanks Lewis

    Romain, french fan

  412. hello Lewis,

    I totally adore and love the bones of you, but today some of the comments you said went abit too far. We all have our days when we feel nothing goes right but we have to take a step back and calm down. Sitting at home and watching the race i bet mee and all you fans felt mixed emotions. We all know how upset and totally angry you were but that life Lewis it is hard and not everything we want comes to us just at a click of a finger. Please please dont leave F1 you are the best, just take some time to calm down and look at everything you’ve ever achieved, you didnt become an F1 driver just to give it all up. All your fans know how much this sport means to you dont give up now Lewis, hay come cheer up and show us all that big cheesy grin you have.It may feel like your teams letting you down which yes i admit they are but we all make mistakes and we try our absolute best to make them right again. I know you tryed your absolute best today but we didnt see the lewis that all young people/teenagers like me look up too i bet you,ll totally regret some of the things you said 2day nd maybe you should do something about it. Im still with you all the way Lewis, i love and support you always and no matter what that will NEVER change. Keep safe Lewis and stay out of trouble for a couple of days
    Good luck in Canada
    Love and support you forever Dee x

  413. dear lewis,
    soooooooooooooovery sorry,fia are against you and your own team are against you,jenson is their favourite,the team give you bad stratagey and bad pit stops the whole world can see this,i saw this last year and this year,get away from McLaren you will never win another world championship while you stay with are the best and most exciting driver in F1 and a lovely person,I will never watch F1 again if you leave,go to red bull.i am glad you have nicole to comfort are better than all of them.

  414. Brother.they are a big tree but we are a small Axe. now we go through a different thing. we know!! but too beat a path for others you must remain intact.I’m so sorry that you spill your glass but when all is said and done don’t spill no more you hear.One love.they never talk of unjust things that happen to you we all see it but if you store all the things that happen and log it then will be a great story to tell the later generation on the trials that we still feel underlie’s and is bread into people to call us the new name aggressive with is the new political name for certain breeds of people and a spite remains there for some unknown reason.

  415. Hey Lewis,

    Well said and dont regret anything you said. The stupid Lee McKenzie wotever her name is, wanted you to say exactly that. You shld have seen the smile on her face when J. H. asked her about yo interview with her. Gosh.
    Anywys do not take yo words back, if you feel that way, well then people shld just take it exactly the way you have put it. That is how you feel, or you felt that min, or have been feeling fr a very long time and we didnt know or we knew, or have known, but you said how you feel. So life goes on, and you soldier on, focusing on your goal despite all. Life has its challenges its just how we handle them. Hope you handle every challenge with wisdom. You are my best driver, then Vettel, so go on racing. Hope you wil win a race sometime soon. All the best and love you. This was js not yo weekend, relax.

  416. Just seen your interview on the red button with BBC.
    I agree 100% with all you said!!! and Ali G !!!


  417. Dear Hammy,

    OH my God. This was your annus horribilus. So Gutted for you and all the team and really upset for you.

    Please put Monaco behind you….did your best.

    Classic pass on Shummy.

    Take care dont let it play on your mind too much..I know easier said than done.

    Take care, lick your wounds and push on for Canada wher you WILL DO WELL.

    Bless you,


  418. ITS not over soak it up its ok Remember and learn. your well on it. don’t let it get too have the pace now its time to go too work ok ROOTS.YOUR A CHAMPION REMEMBER THAT and deep down they all know what you can do. remember the road you came you came up too be where you are here.bless

  419. Hi Hammy,
    I agree, with one of the comments that nobody seems to be bothered that Massa blocked you on a fab, fast run.( Monaco2011)

    But you know what its not over until its over, it is only the 6th race of the season and anything is possible. We all believe in you an know you give of your best and that is all we ask.

    God bless and keep safe.


  420. Final Word: ‘The race is not for the swift, the battle is not for the strong… time and chance happen to them all’. Ecclesiastes 9:11

  421. I felt that you were cheated yesterday by both Ferrari and the F1 system. Nobody is really talking about how you were affected by Massa slowing you down and the effect of the accident on your Q3. In addition the Stewards have penalised you for cutting the chicane, now you are starting at 9th position.

    Is there a way out, yes! The first key is never to create negative energy within the team. Secondly, do not make this a do or die affair with Vettel, this will give you the inner piece to float across the track. Negative energy is like increased friction to your flow. Lastly, for this race, pray. You will be amazed when you find that inner peace. You need it to win this season whether you car improves or not.

  422. I AM VEX we shafted yet again speechless no extra time i hope there is know scandal i remember the last one!!! VEX until.please for give my mind set right now but it seems unclean how the start of the race has paned out. the session should have been given added time because of your times set in the last session you were in contention for pole i feel a block.and its wrong.

  423. Lewis great race last week well done.we gotta shake up the red car and the bull car man we gotta shake them off. lower the rear of your car leaving the nose high with high down force on the front wing. and because of the off set you will need less rear wing witch will give you more speed also set the rear toe out as much as poss.seems wild try and see.big respect to Nicolas i’m watching out for you in the Clio cup pump it like its hot roots your awesome too. well done too your father and the management.

  424. Hi Lewis what a fantastic performance by yrself at barcelona it was well worth flying out that weekend hope u could see us during the parade (wasn’t it hot ouch) both u n jenson did well vettel should be worried in future races (lol) hope it’s a 1,2, at Monaco all the best luv chaz xx

  425. Hi Lewis good job you doing you’re the best job we love
    you put a smile on our faces all the time.
    keep it up you are the one who make us watch F1 i love sleeping but i don’t mind wake up to watch you driving THE HAMILTON FAMILY ROCK. XXXXXXX

  426. Congratulatin you are Fantastic, the best F1 driver the joy of races excellent drive you were so close so close my God there will be the time that you will win all the races starting in Monaco. just keep walking.

    congratulation for all time Mclaren the cars are getting better.


  427. Hey Lewis,

    what an absolutely fanstastic drive from you today. you gave vettel a run for his money. im soo proud of you as always.we’ve got the best british F1 driver out there and thats you. you are an inspiration to all young people.You should be proud of yourself. Well done again and the best of luck in a weeks time (cant wait)
    im with you all the way i love you

    dee x

  428. Lewis you are the main man, awesome in today’s Spanish Grand Prix
    We know that you can win so why didn’t you do it today
    Good luck for the next race, but we want to see you in the middle of that podium for the next race
    drive safe

  429. Well done Lewis,for coming second in today’s Spanish Grand Prix , but we know that you can do it so let’s see you when the next race. you are an inspiration to all young boys of all nationality but especially black chldren keep up the good work and stay safe
    My family and I love watching you drive, you have turned a very dull sport into an exciting one
    Good Luck for the next race..

  430. Well Done Lewis. A hard fought race. You gave Vettell a run for his money. Second place well deserved and now for top step on the podium.

  431. Come on Lewis I’ve been watching grand prixs for 50 years now and have always favoured the UK even though I’m from South Africa. I retire in July and will be at Silverstone to watch you where I know you will make the best of your capabilities and put the UK back in front and take the title again. All the best for Spain today and knock RedBull back a peg or two. COME ON LEWIS.

  432. Hey Lewis,

    Just wanted to say the very best of luck in spain today. Im with you all the way as usual.

    best of luck love you dee x

  433. Hey Lewis,

    Just wanted to say the very best of luck in spain today. Im with you all the way as usual.

    best of luck love you dee x


  435. All I want to say is Good Luck Lewis.
    I see a lot of people beat me to it LOL.
    Will be watching and supporting you as usual.

  436. Good luck in Spain Lewis, hope you can be back on the podium and back in the title fight. All the best.

  437. Lewis, Just wanted to wish you all the best for the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend. My partner and I are always routing for you. All the best would love to see you on poll, we know you can do it

  438. There is a chord that you must strike Lewis. You must seek harmony of the body, spirit and soul. It would provide you with the peace within. Let every offence against you be forgiven. Let there be no blame from your lips.Seek that peace Bro. You need it for the next race.

  439. Hi Lewis me my partner n friends will be coming to Barcelona this weekend to watch you live in action so were hoping for a win win situation either you or jenson so do us proud n see you there all my luv chaz n co xxx

  440. Keep up the hard work Lewis. It will pay off. Consistency is the key. You are the man! Life is all or nothing, people either love you or hate you. There are more people love you than hate you and those that hate you are only jealous. Always behind you regardless of where you sit on the grid or which team you drive for! for mr Lewis Hamilton is always number 1!
    Your biggest fan!

  441. Well done Lewis,your still second in the WDC,hope the upgrades will be ready and functioning in spain.

  442. its ok roots we still on the right path. a taller 7th gear would have been nice but you came good anyway the car has good direction change from the outset but when the limiter was hit the rebound off was a bit hard compared to the bull car have a look.remember to have fun its important.the pit stop was fine a hot wheel nut or a jam socket happens from time to time.yes a bit hot into the first corner bruv but you got to try thats and button were awesome but i would like to see the passing against the bull cars and the red cars who seem to be on the move to a different state of know your in contention its all good brother keep up the push read ahead think what you would do if you are on pole or in 2 3 4 5 or 6 place. the threat is not always who you need to look out for. a long gear from time to time when cornering for some tidy mechanical grip and use different parts of the tarmac for different slingshots plus you proved in the last race that pole dont mean jack if you play a different ballgame with the boots wink wink.

  443. Hey Lewis,
    well done today. we know you tryed your absolute best as you always do. very fair driving from you and jeson well done. Just one of those races, stay focused and look forward to the next race in spain.
    well done again, you brought some points home which all count
    see you in 2 weeks time best of luck

    love dee x

  444. Wisdom is the key for tomorrow.Wisdom is the key.Wisdom is the key for tomorrow.

  445. Hi Lewis

    Just wanted to say all the best for tomorrow and the very best of luck. Im with you all the way

    dee xxxxxxx

  446. Good luck for this weekend in Turkey Lewis, and hope the McLaren will prove good in the wet conditions.
    Shame it was not on Sunday when Vettle had his car go off the track in practice today.
    I hope it will be another great race on Sunday for you.

  447. Good luck for the weekend.Stay on track and keep flying the flag. will be watching with baited breath and fingers crossed.

  448. Hi Lewis
    It’s surprising my heart pounds when you racing cos it’s doesn’t often happen to me a part when my country play football. I always tell myself that the best team always win it’s why I don’t bother putting myself under pression for any game. The only exception is when you racing and it means that you are always the best.
    Please bring me the trophy again cos YOU CAN DO IT.
    Good luck

  449. fantastic race lewis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can’t wait to see you on the podium.You put a smile on my face again.Good luck on Turkey.

    best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

  450. Dear Lewis,

    I am Emmanuel Johns, 4 years old and I am British but currently live in Istanbul. I am coming to see the Grand Prix here with my Daddy and Grandad in 2 weeks. I am very excited about it. I am a huge fan of yours. Are you going to be doing any events in Istanbul before or after the Grand Prix which I could meet you at?

    Thank you
    Look forward to hearing from you,


  451. Bendle the clue is in the title and you obviously don’t read this often coz there have been times when we have had a go at Lewis on here … Well I have anyways.

  452. Hey rubbish… call this luck…..Watch Lewis give a master class on how to pass, during the 2011 Chinese GP.

    Or go to You Tube: BBC F1 2011-3HN-Martin Brundle’s Chinese Grand Prix analysis- Part 2 of 2.

  453. I reckon hammys a good driver,but i also think this site is run by the libyian information minister..only good stuff about lewis allowed.
    Live in the real world mr moderator..

  454. Hey rubbish, or is it rabble……whatever. Let’s see, Webber in a Red Bull runs down Jenson, and passes him for 3rd place and a podium finish…..Now let’s take a look at Lewis, and what he was able to accomplish in that same race…..Hamilton was able to run down and pass Vettel in a Red Bull for 1st place, and top step on the podium.

    Are you capable of understanding the difference of what happened between Lewis and Jenson yesterday?

  455. Ah was just a lucky victory.
    King jenson will demolish you through the season..
    You will soon sign for the “drinks company”

  456. Leiws, that was awesome, the drive of a champion. Well worth waking up early for. Hope u have more wins for the rest of the season and challenge for the title even if it will be very tough. Good luck mate.

  457. What a fantastic race and a well deserved win.
    The team had us worried in the beginning. What plonker did that to you? Thankfully it didn’t affect your race and the win was even sweeter because Button ended up 4th after his smug interview at the post conference on Saturday.
    May you have quite a few more races like that one.

  458. Lewis what a thrilling race, some simply sensational overtaking. You worked hard and most definitely deserved the win.

    What’s up with Button pulling into the Red Bull Pit? Made me laugh anyway.

    I have to mention poor old Dan and ponder why he chose to bore us with his poisonous words. That venom cannot however take away from what was a brilliant performance from the one and only Lewis Hamilton.


  459. Hello Lewis,
    I am your big fan. So i am from Poland but i love to watch your wins and drivestyle. I know You won’t read this message, because You have a lot of Work, but i want to have contact to You. If You read this, please answer. I am waiting for this. You can change my life 🙂

  460. Dear Moderator,

    Very upset and offended by the racist comments from
    dan says: April 17, 2011 at 8:59 am. Hope it is deleted soon!!


  461. Fantastico Hammy, what a race!!! Back where you belong!!!
    Not ashamed to say that I shed a few tears of joy when you took the chequered flag.

    It was action and pure skill all the way. Well done and thank you for the wonderful entertainment and excitement.


  462. Lewis well done!!!! That was the most exciting race to watch in a long time I think we even woke the neighbours with all the cheering that was a well deserved win. Ur team worked well for u this weekend it’s a shame jenson wasn’t on the podium also but there’s always turkey all the best love chaz xx?

  463. Lewis, Lewis, Lewis what an incredible race and finish you certainly went for what you wanted today, you have hungered for this win since Malaysia!

    Delighted you did it your way and not leaving it to the end, your emotions at the end said it all, my self and family were besides our selves.
    A huge congratulation to the team.

  464. Hey Lewis,

    What an amzaing race absolutely brilliant. Well done you rocked today you are simply the best F1 driver. When u became emotional after the race, me and my family too were brought to tears. Im lost for words and dont know wot else to say apart from whoooooo we did it and im soo proud of you. Well done again 🙂
    i luv ya lots nd will see you in 3 weeks time (cant wait)

    Best wishes dee x

  465. What a great race Lewis!!! My siblings here are absolutely thrilled that u won d race. When u became emotional after the race, we too were moved to tears. All of us here know fully well that FIA authorities have never been fair to you. Thank God you can still show them what a great driver you are irrespective of all their bias. God bless you.

  466. hey Lewis,

    Wot a drive! Man u were on fire. Well done well done.
    Kp focused. Hope u win many more.
    Love u. Very emotional for me aftr e problem detected b4 take off.
    Kp well
    Toni xxxx

  467. whatsup lewis! your official fan page wanted my £65 to talk to you. that is never gonna happen. however, i found this site. i hope and pray that you visit this page and read what real people are saying.

    i’ve got a dangerous advise for you, you can still win the championship this year from vettel or button or alonso… but only one condition stand against you; you will have to be a crazed-angel! yes, you have the car that can win it (don’t dispute this nor be ungrateful). you only have to take the corners faster than you normally do. yes buddy, you will have to go crazy to win it this season. all the love my brother!

  468. Hey Lewis,

    Me and all your fans are behind you every step of the way and we hope you know that. We will rock it 2moz and show them red bulls that britian has the best F1 driver out there. Good luck 2moz im behind you every step

    Keep safe luv ya dee 🙂 x

  469. Hello Hammy,
    Just read in the Telegraph sport section that technical director Paddy Lowe “made it clear that you were to blame for your own downfall by being too aggressive with your tyres during Saturdays qualifing session in Sepang”
    In answer to this we your fans love and admire your driving style which makes you who and what you are!! Perhaps Paddy Lowe as technical director should concentrate more on developing a car that is fast enough to beat the Red Bulls instead of bullshiting you.

    Best of British Luck for China tomorrow we all love and believe in your ability.
    Take care and keep safe always,

    Ameliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa x

  470. Hi Lewis
    Wishing you a much better weekend in Shanghai, things can only get better for you.

    Do wish the team could be more accurate with pit stops timing, which always seem to be a big concern, when things are always going well or could be a benefit.

    I am hoping Vettle’s new calmness will break and he will soon return to his old ways, putting him into a disadvantage situation.
    Keep pushing !

  471. Hey Lewis,

    All the very best for this weekend, will be cheering you on all the way. Dont get to frustrated with the red bulls, just do what you do best be the Lewis Hamilton we all fell inlove with.

    Best of luck fingers crossed 🙂

    love dee x

  472. Hi lewis all the best in china don’t worry about the red bulls use all your expertise and knowledge to be ur very best see you on the podium lots of love chaz xx?

  473. Hi, Well done on the Malaysia Race, it must have felt a lot like everything that could have gone wrong did, heres to hoping thats all the bad luck for the season rolled into one race! Onwards and Upwards for the rest of the season! I actually wanted to say a BIG well done to Nicholas , my little cousin who is 7 years old also has Cerebral Palsey and just had his ligaments loosend for the first time,Nicholas is a huge inspiration and role model to him. Him and my 4 yr old son never misses a F1 race either! My 4yr old son shouts at the TV ‘ GO LEWIS!!GO!!!! I will definitely try taking them to Silverstone one year , it would be the equivalent of going to Disneyland to most kids for them!

  474. Hello Lewis!

    Very Good Job this weekend, congratulation you did you best to give us joy and to help the time BUT… there is some conspiracy…I just want to know why? That pit stop (the second I think) took too long and decided your luck in the race.

  475. Hi Lewis what a race u had today first hiedfield got in ur way n then alonso DID HIT YOU in everyones opinion but stay strong n know that myself n the rest of ur fans r routing for u always to win n do ur best see u in china all my love Charlene ??xxx

  476. Yes lewis well done do not dowel on this race soak it up no prob take it easy we all saw and we always know you always get hit with the most harsh out comes but we will stride on no matter what them try. please do you best too keep your feelings in smile don’t say a word to them PUSH PUSH PUSH. I ASK JAH RASTA FOR BLESSING FOR YOU.YOUR AN INSPIRATION YOUNG MAN KEEP UP THE THE STANDARD AND YOU WILL GET WHATS DUE .AT THE SAME TIME YOU AND JENSON AT ONE ALL.UP YOUR GAME LAD BUT DON’T RUSH!!!DASH SEEDS OF DOUBT.GODSPEED LION LEWIS HAMILTON OF THE HAMILTON nice too see dad were he needs too be and your brother too.

  477. Hey Lewis,

    Wat a race drama after drama but well done you nursed the car home well and the points you bring back all matter so keep up the good work and dont give up because we will win races to come 🙂
    like they say you win some you lose some you’ll be back next week but still well done for today

    Good luck love dee x

  478. wot a race!! Well done cos u finished. Evry point u pick matters. So keep focused. You wil win some races to come. U win some u lse some.
    Still well done!!!!!

  479. Hey Lewis 🙂

    Just wanted to say well done today nearly had the front row didnt we but it doesnt matter because we all know you will make all use fans proud tomorrow. Good luck for the race i’ll be watching as usual best luck

    hugs nd kisses love dee x

  480. Hi Lewis were revved up now the seasons here the car performed better than anticipated in australia so lets hope you have a podium Finnish again in Malaysia this weekend all our love charlene ???

  481. I thoroughly enjoyed the Australian GP. Hope Lewis gets the first podium spot in Malaysia. Glad to see the car was working well.
    Well done Lewis.
    PS Admin I like the new set up … very colourful and easy to read. Thank you.

  482. Hi Dear Lewis,

    How are you doing?

    I’ts been a while since I left a message on the fanmail.
    It’s fine to see the F1 back on telly again.
    I saw the race last weekend.
    Serious..You were terrific..I Loved it!!
    Keep on doing the good work.
    I’m looking forward to the next race!
    Good luck in Malaysia!!

    Much LOVE!Kisses

  483. Dear Mr Hamilton,
    My name is Ben Skillen. I know you must get hundreds of e-mails from fans…. But I am here before you to pose a question. My biggest dream from since I have been 10 is to work along side you in F1 racing. I am curtently in year 9, but soon I will be going into year 10. This will mean that I will be starting work experience. This means that I will be working with people of the job I have choosen for a career, but my career is to be a F1 driver. So I ask you from the bottom of my heart that you. Mr Lewis Hamilton to consider working with me to become the legend driver that you have become. Thank you.

    Yours Faithfully
    Ben Skillen

  484. After watching Melbourne 2011, im super confident that lewis will win the championship again. even before the season started i had my money on lewis and rightly so because the mp4-26 is not a dud like so many people were very quick to point out after pre-season testing. infact, i would go as far to say that it is the most stunning F1 car theres EVER been and in my opinion, the best on the grid. So to Lewis, jenson and all the troops at Mclaren, best of luck boys, the title comes home this year! U.K ALL THE WAY!!!

  485. Hi and congratulations on a great race in Oz.
    Please can you tell me how the car managed to pass scrutiny after the damage (supposed) to the plank?
    Good luck.

  486. Lewis, you really had me sweating when your floor broke, with a probable loss of downforce, but you managed to soldier on with a crippled car and still finish in 2nd place.

    Great job Lewis.

  487. Hello again Hammy.

    Well done for 2nd place in Aussieland!

    Should be an awsome season. Best of luck for the season.

    God bless, and keep safe.

  488. Great drive Lewis, n Jenson. well the car seemed to be a contender(apart from falling apart in places Lol) wish my friend Carol had seen Race(loves F1 n Lewis) but she died 2days b4 the start-will miss her and our chats bout F1. im still playing F1(360) game in 2nd season and driving mclaren with Lewis-great stuff(just hope nxt game a bit more indepth) anyways Great result for Lewis and Team, cant wait for nxt Race.


  489. Hey Lewis,
    Just wanted to congratulate you on an amzaing 2nd place finish today. Amazing drive from u as always and great work from the team. Well done so pleased for you we’re back in the game, this years going to be a good one.

    Well done your the best, best wishes and cant wait till next race in 2 weeks time

    will support you always love dee x

  490. Hello Hamilton! I would like to advise it that the team mount KERS system, Red Bull-there was not ban installing and they were very fast , and I would like to see you on top of the platform at what soon. Good luck.

  491. Lewis, absolute fantastic performance during qualifying today….good luck tomorrow, and looking forward to seeing you on the top step of the podium.

  492. Hi Lewis,

    Well done amazing job today. On the front of the gird well done too u and the team. Got all my fingers crossed for you. Watching u every step of the way hope you win tommorrow good luck

    Best luck fingers crossed

    Love dee x

  493. Lewis, please do not withdraw from public view into your shell just because of a few bad incidents downunder etc. I have not seen a single picture of u since u arrived in oz but seen the rest of the drivers. Always looked forward to seeing photos of u but if u decide to keep a low profile this season it will do more harm than good so please keep being U and enjoy the rest of the f1 lifestyle in and out of the car. Good luck for the season and am confident u will do well.

  494. Expect problems and eat them for breakfast.
    Alfred A. Montapert


    It’s always too early to quit.
    Norman Vincent Peale

    oh and

    Never let the “bar stewards” get you down!

  495. Hi Lewis,
    Hope you have settled in Australia and you will have an excellent start to the season

    It will be a relief to hear that the upgrades are proving good by Saturday.
    Good luck and hope you will achieve more podium position we know you can!!

    Please! Please! Try to bag those points; there is no amount of percentage in the world than can account to you, how much your loyal fans are always behind you!
    Good Luck.

  496. Hey Lewis 🙂

    Just wishing you the best of luck for this weekend in melbourne
    With you every step of the way like always.
    F1’s back whoooo cant wait. The best driver is back with the best sport
    Good luck again 😀

    Love always dee x

  497. Hi lewis,
    I’ve become the biggest F1 fir two years now, it became one of my biggest fantasy to be able to go one of the races n watch it live.. I’ve supported u from the start n always will be, ur an excellent driver n should be the best of this generation… I cant wait to c u driving this sunday.. I am so excited F1 is back
    Love u always

  498. Can’t wait for the Australian GP. Lewis is keen too.
    Wish him luck as always.
    Admins … where’s the like button gone. I love that as you could use it to say … Yes that’s what Ithink!!! lol

  499. Simon, Stirling Moss never won a F1 championship, but their is no question that he is one of best drivers that the sport has ever seen, and a legend in his own time. First of all Jacques Villeneuve never had the talent of Lewis Hamilton. Jacques even when he drove for Williams in1996 and 1997, and piloted the most dominant car at the time, never put in a drive like Lewis did at the 2008 German GP, in which Ross Brawn said that he compared it with some of Michael’s best. Who can ever forget the wet 2008 British GP, when Lewis finished 1 min and 8s ahead of 2nd place. That drive by Lewis has already been placed on the list of one of the best wet weather drives in the current F1 era. Lewis has the potential of having his name listed along with the great names in the sport……..Villeneuve not hardly.

  500. @SImon – Lewis is not an old guy… he still has many racing years left, so even to think that he will only have one world championship is crazy.

    Lewis is the best driver this planet has ever seen… if the car is good enough this year (does not have to be the quickest) He will be champion… there’s no doubt!

    Alonso – Probably the only threat… but we’ve seen what Lewis did in his rookie year against this 2 time WC

    Massa – He really needs a good car to come close as in 2008.

    Shumi – He had his years to shine, would be great to see him fight for wins but doubt he will be champ with such close competitors.

    Rosberg – In lower Formula years the guy in the yellow helmet was always ahead of him

    Vettel – He has the fastest car and struggled to beat his team-mate? I don’t think Webber is that good. The car made them both look good. It would’ve been interesting if Rosberg was his team-mate.

    Webber – Will need a car that’s at least 1 second faster than Hamilton.

    Button – Last year clearly shows who is the faster guy.

    Anyone else? It’s really going to be a tight battle fight this year… Pitty to see Kubica out and that Renault seems very close to the front. Can’t wait for the season to kick-off.

  501. Good Luck Lewis in Australia. Hope your car gets sorted out soon and you win the opening race. I know you have lost your youngest world champion crown to Seb but you need to win the other coverted medal of being the winner the most number of times and beat Schumacher. Really do not want you to go down history as a one time champion like Jacques Villeneuve.

  502. @Arthur – Thanks, I agree on the device after reading up on it.

    Lewis and all the guys seems so calm heading to start of the season. That makes me believe that Mclaren has something big up their sleeve… i hope they catch up quickly though. Mercedes and Renault seems to be very close to the the front.

    Lewis can’t wait to race… and the fans can’t wait to watch him 🙂

  503. I hope lewis had a ball yesterday he seems to have been one of three drivers out on track in the rain. He didn’t do too badly either. If we know Lewis, he can’t wait to start the season too. He just loves driving.
    Can’t wait for the season to start.
    Bring it on!
    C’mon Lewis

  504. Mclaren is to be congratulated for developing such an odd looking device, because it helps to measure the flexing of the front wing………I guarantee that other teams a develoing a similar device.

  505. I agree…

    “thankfully, is not a permanent appendage but part of the team’s measuring apparatus for its latest front wing.”

  506. What do you guys think about the new nose they’re using at the tests?

    Mclaren already have a few differences from the other teams.. this nose is a bit extreme? it looks so funny though lol

    This must definitely raise some eyebrows and a bit of head scratching amongst the other teams or am I missing the reason for it?

    If it makes the car faster… i’ll be very happy!!

  507. Hi Lewis we have followed u eversince u hit the GP scene in 2007.We met u at
    Silverstone in 2009 when Jenson was stealin the headlines but u were the perfect
    Sports man.We think u are awesome man! GOOD LUCK for 2011 lewis Bring the title home.

  508. I have now finished reading Lewis hamiltons book my story. It is a true story of determination and true grit not only from Lewis but his family and team.

    Is there anywhere I can send my book to get the man himself go sign it for me?


  509. In his last test session, Lewis was able to get in at least 100 laps without without any major hiccups, which is a positive sign. Let’s wait and see how the test session at Barcelona goes next week.

  510. Sounds like we are going to be in for a very bumpy ride this season, but as usual Lewis will do his best. I just wish that one year he didn’t have to work so flipping hard at every single race. McLaren need to sort that car out and quick smart imo.
    I know Lewis gives his all and he will continue to give his all as usual.
    Lewis … Good Luck to you … methinks you’re going to need it.

  511. I’ve never been a big fan of formula 1,
    I was brought up around rugby, but I do follow your progress

    And I respect the guts and skill you show on the track,
    And I look forward to seeing you succeed,
    So Good Luck for the new season


  512. I was fearing the news that just came out about the car that doesn’t seem to be where anyone wants it… but we all know that Lewis is on top of his game.

    Let’s hope he has the car to prove it…

    Those mechanics must be working like crazy at the moment, hope all goes well guys 😉

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