Lewis Hamilton Bahrain Results

Kimi Raikkonen came to Bahrain second in the title race, but leaves it the leader. He knows how to win a world championship. Felipe Massa has put points on the board and gained some confidence with a flag-to-flag victory.

The BMW boys, Robert Kubica and Nick Heidfeld, are happy because the team are making progress. Heidfeld is second in the championship and Kubica secured a second successive podium finish off the back of his first pole position.

The only unhappy person is Hamilton, who lost his world championship lead and endured a pretty dreadful race. He has three weeks to think about it, to work a few things out and to come back in Spain in better shape.

His performance in Bahrain was the worst we have seen from him in a grand prix car. We all knew that it would happen at some point, that there would be a blip. By his own high standards this was not the Hamilton we have come to know and respect.

The error count was high. He had an accident on Friday after putting his McLaren on the kerb. The car could not be salvaged so that put him on the back foot a little. In the race he had to carry a car which was damaged in his scuffle with Fernando Alonso.

Hamilton can afford to drop a race, but he cannot afford many more. He now has Massa back in contention. He has had his blowout races and is back ready to put points on the board.

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