Lewis Hamilton 6th World in Champion 2019

Dominant Lewis Hamilton earned his laps of honour in US Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton warned he was not expecting miracles at the US Grand Prix, where he sought a remarkable sixth Formula One world championship. Divine intervention was of course unnecessary as he duly took the title to stand alone behind only Michael Schumacher as the most successful driver in history. Hamilton has comprehensively proved this season that he owes nothing to fortune or chance but rather is a man performing on a level apart from other mortals.

Hamilton would have dearly like to have sealed his sixth title with a win. Second place proved more than enough and was, appropriately, a fiercely determined drive at the Circuit of the Americas that summed up why the championship was his and deservedly so.

It had been Ferrari who appeared to have the car to beat, yet they foundered and, as they desperately pursued answers to where their pace had gone, Hamilton and Mercedes made hay.


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Congratulations Lewis Hamilton I have always said it that you are the best driver ever since 2007. When I first saw you driving.
My son always looked up to you.

So well done.??????

Francisco Neto
Francisco Neto

Lewis . The best driver, since Senna!!

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