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  1. Hi, my name is Maame Nimaakoa Antwi from Ghana living here in Saarbrucken Germany with my 3 year old son.lewis l know you might not even read this but you never know., as single mum and coming all the way here to make my life better it’s pretty difficult to enrole my son in a Fumular 1 but just like every mum l want the best for my son.
    My plea is to ask you to help the little one realize his dream of becoming a 2 Ryan started showing interest in cars and he will sleep and bath with cars and now he tells me he doesn’t want to be at the kindergarten. He says he wants to be a rider and l see how he drives his toy’s heart breaking not to be able to help your child but l feel there’s hope and l hope you find it in your heart to enrole him in one of your schools if that is possible.
    Hoping for a reply thank you

  2. I think you are absolutely amazing Lewis. Hopefully you respond. How I would love to meet you and attend a race, unfortunately I don’t have the funds but I like your blackness and keep up your swag you are dope. I watched you burn the breaks out of a Mercedes with David Letterman, how sweet. What an honor and pretty fuckin cool to say you hosed him with champagne. One day I hope that could happen with me lol. Good luck though in all you do. As always God bless and peace and love.

  3. Dear Lewis
    I’m Hayden Evans and Live in South Africa. It has been my dream to meet you and talk to you. You are my inspiration and who I want to be when I grow up. I’m 12 and have watched F1 for 3 years now. And ever since the first race I knew it was you who would be my favourite. I’ve got posters of you on my wall and a F1 collection which has 5 of your cars sitting on top of the highest shelf in my room so no harm comes its way. I would be so ecstatic if you respond

    Thank You

  4. Hey Lewis

    Just a Canadian Ferrari fan here, just gotta say ever since last year you made up my mind for good.
    Without a doubt your the best driver in the world. Bittersweet as it is to see you crush my favorite red cars,
    it’s really a pleasure to watch you race. Good luck for the rest of the season keep crushing it.

  5. Hi there,
    My names caden and I’m about 13. I’ve been watching you race for years now and it’s been really exciting seeing you win all these championships so far. I’m really looking forward to seeing break that record for the most championships won in an f1 drivers career!
    I live in the Bahamas and I’ve been going to a place called educarting. It’s basically a place where they put children in racing teams for a week. It goes on for about two weeks, however this year, I think it’s about three. It starts on July 9th. It’s been going on for years now and they’ve been doing it well. They’ve even been teaching us about some of the history of racing in the Bahamas I was just wondering if you could help it a bit because they’ve been getting better, but they’ve been struggling slightly this year. The government is no longer funding them so things are getting more expensive. Not exactly helpful to their cause.
    If you could possibly come by and help a bit, that would be absolutely fantastic!
    They have a Facebook page so you might be able to find them there. By the way, don’t forget to be the best racer you can whenever you get on track, and make senna and lauda proud doing it 😉

  6. Dear Lewis
    I need your help
    Lewis I’m a big fan of yours and I come and watch u all the time in your grand prixs when I’m older I’m hoping to become an f1 driver
    I race for intrepid racing program
    but my family aren’t able to afford For me to race for much longer
    I know this is a big favor to ask if you but can you please help me in in anyway or form
    I need a new kart and sometimes I repair it myself because my parents arent there to cheer me on and hire a mechanic to check on my kart
    And please give me some tips on how you were so good in karts
    I watch all your videos about you and senna (both of my hero’s)
    And I’ve got loads of books and posters about you both
    And I want to be like you both
    Really fast and really cool

    I’ve won a few races and I’m sometimes on pole as well

    Thank you Lewis

    Go on and win your 5th world championship
    And batter Sebastian Vettel
    You can do this

    Thanks bro

    From George Carter a racer for intrepid racing program

  7. Great drive in Singapore man. But what about Sochi? After the use of a weapon of mass destruction on British soil, invasion of the Ukraine and bombing innocent people in Syria, I hope, this year, you don’t shame us all by shaking that man’s hand.

  8. Complete Senna spirit today. Congrats! This is how I felt today as a Brazilian F1 fan that had the pleasure to testmony his genious. You are a genious from today on. Move on and be simple! Thanks God!!!

  9. Dearest Lewis.
    All my years loving Racing cars since I was teen @ 18 years..I began racing saloons. I am a Malaysian Portuguese. We are a former British CommonWealth Nation. My Dad was a Migrant in the days of British rule ..Pre Japanese Invasion n the Freedom of Malaya with the UK and Allies fighting the Surrender of the Japanese Invasion .. We had the Queen Mother Photo then Queen Elizabeth in Our Home …I was born IN 1950..later Malaya gained Independence we call MERDEKA 31 08.1957.
    In 1964 Our Bapa Malaysia PM took in the East Malaysian states Sabah n Sarawak.
    My years as Roman Catholic served the Medical Fraternity after my Senior Cambridge Graduation.
    I served with our Missionary RC Nuns n the LaxSalle St Johns n more RC Org. Developing many races in Education as well as in Medical Services Assunta Hospital.Queen Elizabeth Hosp.
    Through my racing car years 1969- 1985
    Taking on my own class Saloon racing. I had watch F1 thru the Many World F1 drivers.. the Era of the 50’s 60′ to 70*s Then the New Era F1 to the infamous Who were all Whites Europeans Brazilians Italians French UK. Germans who are Legends …Alan Prost. Aryton Sena Micheal Schumacher God Bless all of them ….Alonso ..The ice man Kimi Raikonen. Coming in 2nd today in the Italian GP. Won by Yours Truly LEWIS HAMILTON who equals MIcheal Legend record F1 victories..02/09/2018*
    Here to ME is the 1st Black Ever Super F1 driver of the F1 history .

    Dearest Lewis Congratulations God Bless n keep U safe to more Championship Victories in F1
    Today U stood on the Podium U touch my Heart to See U make the Sign of the Cross.
    YOU ARE Roman Catholic Our Faith is the Truth the word of God Love n the Passion in Jesus Christ the Messiah. only Mortal without sin the Saviour to all Mankind*s sin. Our path to Salvation into the Kingdom of God Almighty.

    WE WHO BELIEF / BELIEVE IN GOD N IN JESUS BY THE PASSION OF GOD*S WORD LOVE. .AND WE WHO ACT BY THIS WISDOM ONLY RECIEVES BLESSINGS FROM ALL OUR WONDERS DISCOVERIES TALENT SKILLS AND SEE THE ABUNDANCE IN MANKIND WE HAVE SINCE time begining till today We are blessed in Languages Academics Sciences Technologies Inustriies Skills n Talents as WE See in many Arena to this You as F1 Champion UK Black .

    Go and Win More in your Great skills U are the 1st Super F1 black UK Champion.


    Francis Carvalho.
    facebook eitpfitnesssportsimage

  10. Good morning, I have a little request to make. It is my friends birthday in the coming days and he is the biggest Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes fan I have ever know. He owns multiple fan accounts and supports him in every way he can. If possible is it possible to get someone from the F1 team or maybe Lewis to wish him a happy birthday, it would mean the world to him. His name is Abdulelah, pronounced abdool eelahh. Thank so much in advance.

  11. Hi Lew you won’t remember but we often parked next to you and your Dad at B/Park my son is Jordan Hallows who wouldn’t mean anything to you but he did a bit witch I was proud of anyway his son will be 6 next month I would love him to be involved in karting..any suggestions?

  12. Lewis u have been doing well in 2018. Come on you can beat the Ferrari and win the 5th world title. I believe I u.

  13. Hey Lewis I am Your Biggest Fan Ever you are so cool one day i will be like you i already love go karting you are so cool : )

  14. Hi Lewis. My partner and I are big fans of F1 and come to Silverstone every year to support you. We are getting married on 29th July and I wondered if you would send a message to my partner Bernard who is your biggest fan on our wedding day. Thank you. Mel

  15. Dear Lewis Hamilton

    My name is Truman, and I am 16, turning 17 this year.
    If you are wondering why you are you are reading this is because I would like to challenges you to go-kart race. If you interested you will have to come to Namibia and fill the go-kart grand prix championship form. The reason I am challenging you to a race is because I want to become a F1 racer in the near future. And to beat you in a go-kart race is one of my objectives. Ever since I saw you race the grand prix which was last year, I wanted to become a F1 racer.
    My teacher told me that I have to be realistic and think of another career because there is no sleight chance of me becoming a F1 racer. He said there are more then 1 million racers out there in the world wanting to race the grand prix and there are only 22 cars in the grand prix.
    So it is my objective in life to prove my teacher wrong. Because I have a passion of cars and speed.

    Yours sincerely
    Truman Wilson

  16. Oi Lewis!

    Seu sobrinho é um príncipe… e você também. Esqueça o que aconteceu, você tem razão “meninos não usam vestido” as crianças nos surpreende sempre. Fica bem!


  17. Happy birthday, Lewis Hamilton!
    My name is Alex and i am your biggest fan from Romania, altough i am only 9 years old (that’s why i am writing you from my father’s e-mail) .
    I hope you win the next season championship!
    What engine have your 2018 Mercedes-AMG F1 W09 ?
    I would like very much that you win the Austrian GP at Spielberg, because it will be my 1st race in my life.
    I hope to meet you after the race!

    I wish you all the best from Romania!


  18. Hi Hamilton first time I ever sent message to u since I got into the sport I’ve been waiting for this since 2007 now I can say that from day 1 I new how good u are I’ve believed in u so much so I named my firstborn child after u his name is Hamilton and was born 2009 so I Hope that shows u I believed that u would be where u are today never for 1 min did I ever doubt u I hope oneday I can meet u so until that day I would like to say thank u for all the amazing moment u gave me and now my sons 8 he enjoys f1 to I’ll never stop believing in u and here’s to many more years good or bad I will still be your biggest fan Damien

  19. Lewis I would like to say you are the best driver to ever take part in grand prix. I hope you keep it up for many more years to come?, my name is John winchcole and I live in Glasgow I’m 40 years old and I’ve followed you from go carts to the driver you are today. I wish you all the best in becoming a 6 time world champion you are my hero. Best wishes to you and your family. Be safe and take care. Ps, if you could say my name on the TV I would be in my glory I know I’m pushing it so I understand if you can’t thanks for your time…

  20. Hi Mr Hamilton do you have any advice or guidance for a young teenager trying to get into F1 racing as a driver? THANK YOU

  21. Congratulations Lewis for your victory in British gp. Don’t worry you can beat vettel, keep going it. I want be 2nd black f1 driver next to you. Which go kart or race track best for me to be like you in British. Guide me the right race track or go kart that help me to become racer. Thank you. You will become 2017 world champion. Keep going it.

  22. Hi Lewis would it be possible for you to send my mum a 90th birthday card as she loves f1 and she loves you and supports you all the way

  23. Hi there

    Its my Godsons Riccardo Sammarco’s 18th Birthday on the 24th June although being Italian he should support Ferrari but he supports u! It would make his day if he could have a birthday signed autograph to give to him on his birthday please!!!

  24. Hi Lewis would it be at all possible to request a signed photo of you? We are raising funds for a local community event in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and we all love you up here so your photo would help us raise much needed funds for our raffle in September 2017.

    Thank you and good luck for the rest of the season

  25. Hi lewis my hubby lives F1 and you. I took him to Silverstine for his 60th this is now his 70th would be amazing if he could meet you. You are his hero and mine too xxx

  26. Hi lewis. My h7sband is 70 this year. I bought us a trip to silvetstone when he was 60. I would really live his 70th to be special by meeting you .

  27. Dear Lewis Hamilton,

    I’m a sixteen year old Muslim, Sabahan and Malaysian boy living and schooling in Pitas, Sabah, Malaysia. I like to watch F1 since I’m a kid, as all races are fantastic! Then, I can’t wait to have my go kart, because I want to be an F1 racer to represent my beautiful (but unheard and untold) state of Sabah and patriot country, Malaysia! Not only that, I’m also your craziest fan since I’ve witnessed your 50th ‘state’ win in the USA (since that USA have 50 states) on 24th October 2016, as I used to hate you in the past! Because, I’m still sensitive on your black skin that time. But, once I learned that all humans can’t insult each other. I want to ask apologies for hating you before and that I used to admire Nico Rosberg, as we share our same birthdate, 27th June (only that Rosberg was born on 1985 while I was born on 2001) and he’s known to be more experienced in racing, as he started his career in motorsports since he was 6 years old! After that, once I learned that Rosberg can only achieve 23 wins (from 2012-2016) and retired after getting his ‘World Championship’ title on last year, I’ve started to realize that you’re my real idol and I promise that I’ll be fast like you as I join F1 with Mercedes AMG Petronas soon!

    Anyways, I’m also wanted to wish you a ‘Happy 32nd Birthday’! I hope that you will be a better driver and leader of Mercedes AMG Petronas, together with your new teammate, Valtteri Bottas of Finland for this year’s ‘2017’ season! And, knowing that today is Saturday, 7 January 2017, I have a special math surprise for you:

    ‘7117’=is the short spelling of today’s date.
    ‘7-1’ and ‘1-7’=I will minus these numbers.
    ’66’=that is the result, but it’s just a beginning.
    ’66-22’=then I will add your old racing number and the result itself will minus this number.
    ’44’=now, this is your new racing number.

    How about the results? You’re feeling shocked? If you say yes, I know this is the reason that you select number ’44’ in your current F1 career!

    Finally, I want to send a special song for you. I hope that you will be entertained and I’m so sorry if this song’s language is Malay. Here it is:

    “Bukan Yang Pertama” (Faizal Tahir, Official Drama Soundtrack of ‘Isteri Tuan Ihsan’, too!):

    (Start Chorus):
    Kau bukan yang pertama, bukan juga kedua!
    Kau hanya yang terkini, terakhir dan selamanya!
    (End Chorus).

    Tunggu, dengar dahulu! Jangan begitu, jam berlalu!
    Mungkin kau juga tahu, cerita lalu tentang diriku!
    Diriku, ceritaku, sewaktu hati bagai batu!
    Kamu juga pasti ada kisahmu dulu!
    Yang dah lalu biar berlalu!
    Tak perlu paranoid, gadis!
    Kau bukan yang pertama, bukan juga kedua!
    Kau hanya yang terkini, terakhir dan selamanya!
    Kau bukan yang pertama, bukan juga kedua!
    Kau hanya yang terkini, terakhir dan selamanya!
    Jangan menilai dulu, jangan terburu, beri waktu!
    Biar aku jadi kamu, jatuhnya ratu dalam hidupku!
    Kerana kini, aku tak mahu menyakiti dan disakiti!
    Kamu juga pasti ada kisahmu dulu!
    Yang dah lalu biar berlalu!
    Tak perlu paranoid, gadis!
    Aku bukan sempurna, kau pun juga sama!
    Aku bukan Romeo, kau bukan Juliet!
    Oh! Oh! No! No!
    Kau bukan pertama!
    Oh! Oh! No! No!
    Bukan yang kedua!
    Ah! Ah! Yeah! Yeah!
    Kamu yang terkini!
    Terakhir dan selamanya!
    Kau bukan yang pertama, bukan juga kedua!
    Kau hanya yang terkini, terakhir dan selamanya!
    Kau bukan yang pertama, bukan juga kedua!
    Kau hanya yang terkini, terakhir dan selamanya!
    (End of Song).

    I have to pen off now! Anyways, I hope that you will always be happy for this year, 2017. We will chat again next time. Good luck for the season!

    Your truly fan,

  28. Dear Lewis,

    I am a ten year old Sri Lankan boy living and schooling in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. I watch all the F1 races and my all family great fan of yours. I cannot wait for F1 to come to Again Abu Dhabi You Know My dream I need to have picture with you. I hope I will Try to visit next year Pit lane work. “Lewis” Any way I will Wish you to have 2017 world championship.
    God Bless you.


  29. bonjour lewis je suis une grande fan de vous et j aimerai recevoir un autogrphe merci d avance voici mes coordonees MELLE KLABA AUDREY 6 RUE CHARLES GOUNOD 62138 BILLY BERCLAU FRANCE

  30. Congrats Hammy I believe in you man. I also see you on an mv Agusto, seriously can i have it..I really would prefer yours but if not I am in fort Lauderdale, spread the love man and tell me which dealer I can go to to collect one. Just email me. Thx

  31. I am a ten year old Zulu boy living and schooling in Johannesburg, South Africa. I watch all the F1 races and am a great fan of yours. I cannot wait for F1 to come to Cape Town. I am starting my go-karting soon.
    Keep well

  32. hi lewis, i have just watched the GP and it was a remarkable victory, i have one question: where could i get your autograph?

    i would love to have your autograph…

  33. Hi Lewis,
    I really hope this finds you personally if not I hope it is passed on for you to read.
    Firstly may I congratulate you on last season’s, i thank God for his good works in your life.

    However, i have request to make, my Name is Emmanuel Chinedu, i come from Nigeria West Africa, I have a talent in driving and i have a dream to become motor sports driver because i love motor sports and i have been watching you and motor sports since i was a kid, i have no one to help me to get more training and to put this my driving skill in good shape and to help me archive my dream, i come from Africa where Talents are not taking care of and no one cares to help talented youths and therefore talents becomes a waste in Africa,

    i still believe that i can find help from good people around the world.

    I’M one of your fans and i hope God can use you to help me develop my driving skill. i hope this letter finds you well in the name of God..I keep on praying for you.

    God bless you

  34. With years ago i didn’t like him when Michael Schumaker was still alive on the races, i was his fan till i was young and i hoped that this new team Mercedes 100% will remotivate him at recome but it wasn’t so. Now when he is paralized i feel like a part of me is not interested about F1……..I will tell you that in those times i have never lost a race of M.S. and my fother loved him too, we are from roumania and i think that here are lots of fans of motorsports but this is our faith………The most important thing i want to tell to LEWIS HAMILTON wich is my new alection for this race is that the team MERCEDES did a big stolen in the favor of a GERMAN , SHAME ON MERCEDES AND SHAME OF THE ROSBERG WHO WAS GLAD LIKE HE SHOULD REALY AND CORECTLY WYN THE RACE, IS A PUSSY GUY AND I SAW HIS REACTIONS EVERY TIME WHEN THIS REAL PILOT WICH IS LEWIS HAMILTON WINED A RACE, HE WAS ANGRY LIKE A STUPID CHILD……Please believe me that Lewis Hamilton was at FERRARI never could happens a thing like that deliberate, if i was in his place i should be gone and not participate at the premium moments for shore, that’s a german reaction not a hore like your CANCELAR WICH KISS THE ASS OF PUTIN………Good luck and please be shore that the futture is unpredicteble.

  35. Hi Lewis, I really hope this finds you personaly if not I hope it is passed on for you to read.
    Firstly may I congratulate you on last season’s championship win, there was never a doubt in my mind that you would secure the title and it was so good to see an English driver take the crown again, we the English supports are very proud of what you have achieved.
    I hope your preparations for this year’s season is going well ? I am confident you will retain the championship title this year as I am sure you are too, myself and my good lady will be as normal sitting on the edge of our seats watching you again this year hoping for a win at every meeting.

    Secondly, Rest assured I am absolutely certain that you possibly have this type of request all the time, I am hoping that this is seen a little differently and I would be very disappointed if its misinterpreted as begging i just thought who better to ask for this type of help than the man himself, if you cannot help me I have no hope LOL.
    The main reason for me contacting you is in the hope that you can help make a little dream happen for my good lady?
    Her name is Nadine, she will be celebrating her 40th birthday this year in July, she is a fantastic, generous, loving , caring person and a great Fiancée as well as a great Mother to our 12 month old son Jenson, she is very giving and NEVER wants anything in return, in fact if she knew I was sending this message she would insist that this is not sent as she is not worthy of what I am asking. She is a huge F1 fan and cannot be pulled away from the TV on Race weekends, however unfortunately due to all kinds of circumstances which are too long to go into she has never managed to attend a race day / race weekend…… I want to try and make that happen this year.
    As it’s a milestone birthday I am looking for something that little bit special and I thought what would be better than attending this year’s Silverstone meeting? that would be a perfect gift for her, but I would like to surprise her with a little more than that, I want to try and get access all areas tickets if possible so she can get as close as possible to the action and of course you drivers, especially yourself, a quick hello or a happy birthday from you personally would be mind blowing for her, or a cheeky kiss on the cheek or even just a wave.(obviously i am conscious that you are extremely busy and focused on race day so i know this is not possible).

    I am obviously aware that I can obtain tickets for this year’s meeting at Silverstone and I am happy to pay for tickets no problem at all, however the access all areas tickets I cannot seem to find and I suspect they are either way out of my budget or almost out of reach to normal race followers or ear marked for VIPs, Unfortunately for me I am not the wealthiest of people and I strongly suspect I would not be able to afford such tickets if and when they are released for sale, I guess they are like Willy Wonka’s golden tickets in the F1 world?.
    This is where you may be able to help me achieve this surprise, do you or your team have such allocated tickets which you would exchange for a charity donation of your choosing, I don’t want them for free I am happy to pay for them (if i can afford them that is) it doesn’t have to be 2 tickets, she could attend on her own, however she would rather have company while at the circuit.
    I understand you possibly have limitations with what you can give away or auction and I would not see you in a different light if you were unable to help, we will still follow your progress this year the same as any other but you could help this year be that little more special for her.
    We are both normal working class people with a family who pay our way through life like many others in this world but these golden tickets as it were seem to be a little out of reach.

    Lewis……….. is this something you can help me make happen ? you will be remembered for generations for your contribution to British racing I would love for you to help create an extra special memory for Nadine to also remember you by and to cherish for helping her have a fantastic unforgettable Birthday Surprise.
    May I also add that I have never done anything like this before with regards to approaching world famous people for help but I don’t know how else I can make this happen?.
    I look forward to your response with huge anticipation and hopefully a very excited Nadine come July

  36. Hi Louis
    I am hoping to become a racing engineer and I am planning on going to Silverstone racing mechanic collage and after that I am not sure where to go. I am mad about cars and racing. In particular F1 I know a lot of people say this but you my favorite out of all the drivers. I have been watching F1 since I was 6 years old and I am now 16 and I have not given up on my dream so I was just wandering if you or any of you’re mechanics could give me some advice on the best route in to F1 and I know that the hours are long and it is hard work and that everything has to be perfect however I wont give up but I am not sure on where to go after collage and I would appreciate it if someone could give me some advice on the best route.

    I look forward to hearing from you or one of your engineers soon
    keep going and win the season and if this does get through to you tell Jenson that he has to come second haha

  37. lewis you are dedicated to my heart and always make me smile:) from Joshua aged 11. I have been a big fan since the age of 3 thanks to my Grandad 🙂 One of my dreams have been to meat you because you are my biggest inspiration you have given me the confidence to do things that I didn’t realise I could do thank you so much.

  38. All I have to say is to thank u indeed not only for your unbelievable race but also for ur 2nd world championship you draw a smile on your fans face we have been supporting u all over the season and always will be encouraging u thank u very much (we win and lose together)

  39. Greetings to u hero! Just one thing I want to remember u be caution as much as u can from the spy (nico) and even the team don’t please push so hard upon ur car. Because our patients could not go as sand storm we have been behind u since the beginning, no doubt u deserve this 2nd title,and we deserve our hero become the champion. god bless u and avoid u from obstacles.

  40. Greetings to u hero! Always did what we expected from u. My comment over and over again keep pushing hard as much as you can and be strict on relation with nico and the team because people don’t trust foxes to hold their hens. God bless you champion.

  41. Hello, could someone please tell me how to ask for an autograph, signed by Lewis?

    It wouldn’t even be for me, it would be for my girlfriends mum, 71 years old and not missing a single race on TV!
    Even getting up in the middle of the night for a qualifying…

    Do I need to send a return envelope, stamps, to whom?

    Thank you for a reply!!!

  42. First of all congratulations! Will done and nice race in Singapore this what we are expected from u my advise on the coming races. we know you are gentleman especially on comments of performance( the car is good, the team has will done job and etc..) however don’t be kind especially with your team mate nico and never trust the team till the last breath of this season keep pushing as hard as u can hero. Billions of fans behind u hope u read this

  43. Greetings to you champion! Will done qualifying please do your best tomorrow. And don’t forget billions of fans behind you

  44. Fantastico at Monza 2014,

    Well Done. I knew you could do it.

    Fab, exciting, loved it !!!!!!!

    Onwards and upwards.

    Love and Peace


  45. Mr Hamilton
    I dont know if you read these or not.
    I am a sixty year old engineer
    love motor racing.
    I can take one look at your brakes and tell you whether you have made the right choice.
    on the subject if Nico hitting you
    grow up lad you can drive a car DO IT and stop whining
    Best regards
    Les Trickett

  46. So badly and worthlessly champion! just fuck him on track and fuck the team meetings and orders. And do what he did for you leave them after season because it become so boring you can’t overwhelm crew of spies and orders. We can not even swallow as a fans

  47. Mr Lewis Hamilton, I’m a huge fan of you, and your work.
    I have a real passion for cars and driving, and I was wondering if you cold give me any tips and pointers in the right direction in helping me with my dream of becoming a professional racer car driver?
    I’m interested in most motor sports, besides drag racing.
    Thanks 🙂

  48. Greetings to u hero! As u prove to your team ur excellence we know as fans the championship has one driver who deserve it this is you. However there is no guarantee what team will do against your car so please complete the season with them and leave Mercedes seek for other good team ( ferrari, redbud)

  49. Hi lewis! Hope this message reaching u. We as ur fans see obviously what happening to u, no doubt it is by intervention of someone, you are our hero so please leave this unfaithful team. U are still young so no fear u will get 5 at least championships. Cool down hero

  50. Hi lewis! Wish u from bottom of my heart win this year championship. So please be focus and no doubt u will defeat nico at Germany showing him unless bad luck at the beginning of this season he was nothing before.

  51. Congratulation championship! no doubt you deserve it and no doubt you will take it wish u the best. Please request( talk to the team to be fair we in developing countries observe what they doing)

  52. Hi Lewis
    Just another fan saying how brilliant you are. As for your relationship with Nicole – not so brilliant at the moment!! Sorry. Perhaps it’s time to marry the lady – you certainly don’t want to lose her I am sure – just do it. Jennyxx

  53. i would like to meet you in person i am a young fan of you i watch all your races and some tickets to the britain grand prix.

  54. Dear Lewis,

    I am a young scottish teenager who has been go karting around the globe for six years. First at the Dubai Autodrome where I won my first race, then after five years of being in the middle east, I moved to Germany where my dad and my I located a track near to us. Around the third or fourth time racing there, I was 60 seconds in front of the guy in second, and when I finished the race, the man in charge of the circuit told me that I was the second fastest person ever to go round. I have a real passion for racing, and you have been an inspiration to me, just like Ayrton Senna was to you. I watched the Top Gear episode of you racing the famous F1 car raced by Ayrton Senna himself, and when you stepped into the car, it looked so much like the first time I sat in a kart back when I was eight.
    My whole family has been supporting me racing right from the start, and have been trying to find a sponsor just like when Mclaren gave you an opportunity. All I need is one opportunity to prove to you that I am a serious and talented racer that will win every race that he is shown.

    Clark Sinclair

  55. Hallo Lewis,

    sorry because I write in German, but my english is not so good.

    Das mit den schnell abbauenden Reifen geht mir einfach nicht aus dem Kopf. Seit Saisonbeginn beschäftigt mich das ständig. Von Anfang an gehen mir die Seitenkästen bei eurem Auto nicht mehr aus dem Sinn, deshalb musste ich jetzt einfach einmal diese email schreiben. Ich bin Formel 1 – Fan seit meiner Kindheit und fahre sehr viel im Rennsimulator bei mir zu Hause. Nebenbei ist auch Modellflug seit 20 Jahren ein Hobby von mir, durch das mir das mit den Seitenkästen erst auffiel. Bei den Seitenkästen vom Mclaren konnte ich ein Flächenprofil erkennen, natürlich verkehrt rum im Gegensatz zu einem Flugzeug, also Abtrieb statt Auftrieb. Bei eurem Auto passt das nach „meinem Gefühl“ überhaupt nicht, ganz besonders der Knick oben.
    Mir kommt es so vor, als ob sich das ganze Chassis verkrampft an den Reifen festhält.
    Für mich sind die Seitenkästen bei einem Formel 1 Auto wie die Flügel bei einem Flugzeug. Das umgekehrte Flächenprofil wäre für mich logisch, kann aber auch völliger Quatsch sein, was solls. Ich musste das einfach loswerden, dann brauche ich mir nicht mehr ständig Gedanken darüber zu machen.
    Wenn nur ein paar Prozent meiner Theorie richtig sein würden, wäre ich sehr froh darüber.

    Ich bin ein absoluter Fan von dir, deshalb nervt mich das Reifenproblem.
    Du bist heuer nicht langsamer geworden, sondern Nico ist einfach extrem schnell.

    Rene Zeiner

  56. Dear friends, all I have left after retirement from the Serbian airforce is a set of flight equipment with markings of units in which I flew. Due to the difficult economic situation the only way out of crisis is the sale of this collection or finding a job for the Mig-21 pilot. If you are interested in purchasing this kit, offers you a look at the face book page: air gadget (pilot flight equipment).
    All articles are my property. Please feel free to leave a comment or mail contact, or send SMS to 00381643440967. If you have a job for me, please contact me!
    I live with my family in Belgrade, Serbia, and all items can be presented and show at the Embassy of your country or in my apartment.

    Best Regards

    Armin Prusac
    Belgrade, Serbia

  57. Attaboy Lewis!

    Just watched you win the Canadian Grand Prix, you drove a fantastic race, and recovering from your 2nd pit stop, pushing the way you did…. Very admirable my friend, pat on the back to you, a very deserving win!

    I’ve been a fan of yours since you’ve joined the ranks of F1 in 2007, and watched you back in your GP2 days. I was at the 2010 race and was at the base of the podium when you won the race that year….

    “LEWIS LEWIS LEWIS!” (I’m sure you can recall the events, as you were riding sky high fist pumping with Jenson.)

    Congrats Lewis, wishing you the best for the rest of your sesaon, here’s hoping you keep that points lead!

    All the best to McLaren and yourself,

    Ian Jolicoeur

  58. Dear Lewis. I am a racing driver (58 y.0ld) and I know that you are the best since Ayrton Senna. You drive so fantasticly as he done. Iam a Brazilian guy,and here in my country exists lots of fanatic fans that knows that you will be the 2012 F1’s Champion. GOD bless you and never forget Jesus loves you!

  59. Hey lewis , just wanted to tell that your mine and boyfriends (joe)faviourate driver :), he has watched you regilously since the start of your career. His birthday is coming up and i couldnt think of better present than a signed photo of you. How can i get one for him ?

    sincerly bethany vanoorschot from uk south yorkshire

  60. Hi Lewis,
    every championship is a event where I am watching only with the hope that you will win it.
    I want that you know that you have the FORCE, SPEED and the HEART.
    So just DO IT…..CHAMPION 2012.

    I admire you, because you are realy the best. DONT MAKE MISTAKES, BUT STAY ON MAXIMUM LIMIT.
    There is nothing more important for you except to fascinate us with your extreme driving.

    I hope you will read this and think about what you can you can achieve.

  61. Bonjours Monsieur Lewis, vous êtes pour moi, le plus fort au volant d’une Formule 1
    Même si ça ne se passe pas toujours comme vous le souhaiter,mai gardé confiance, je suis français dans le département de la Réunion ,je suis fan de vous et de votre équipe, mais avant tout de votre façon de piloter, je me permet de vous dire que je suis tes fier de vous et de votre, petite ressemblance avec le président des et as unis, sans manqué de respect a vos parent ,vous lui ressemblé, ça c’est mon avis perssonel
    tes longue carrière a vous et ,d’autres titres de champion du monde
    cordialement bonnet remi, 52 rue du prof henry la pierre apt n 45 97450 saint louis reunion

  62. Hey Lewis,
    Every time F1 is on at stupid hours me, my mum and my little sis get up just to watch you we love you so much.
    It would make my day if on the 11th of April you could send me a birthday tweet ” @XXckm95XX ”
    That would just make my day especially on the day I turn 17.
    thanks Lewis
    Will be watching you on free practice 13th April and on the races on the 14th and 15th!!

  63. Wish all of the best this 2012! WE BELIEVE in YOU..Don’t let haters bring you down and bad times upset you…remember you are a WDC CHAMPION! Keep it focuses on track and just be yourself! Fans of all over the world got you covered! COME ON! :-9 .-)

  64. Hi Hamilton and your managers, congratulation for your completing 2011, and looking for 2012 at Maclaren team.
    Ups and down is part and parcel of everyone’s life including myself. You have been a wonderful sportman, your charisma, how you welcomed Jonson Batton at Macralen when he joined.You have done your part, now is the time to concentrate on your development as international driver. Today I have been very upset by Maclaren team playing double standard between you and Jensen. After reading that the team have given Jenson no.3 as official no at his car next year and they have given you no.4, this is very bad, may be they have consulted Chinese astrologer.

    If they can do this to you means they are smiling tigers, or wolf.
    Speak to your father about this, your a young nice guy, why are they doing all these to you after you have served them well for so long? Why are they still believing in colonial racist behavior? Don’t they realize that the time for playing racist games is over? I am very troubled by their insincerity. Hope you will take this seriously.

  65. Hi Lewis!
    Just wanted to tell ya: Well, even that other companies produce Energy drinks instead of cars, they still have the better drivers AND the better cars!

    Solong looser 😉

    Just kiddin, but I really think YOUR time is over. Just stop that driving, will you?

  66. Hey you all I thought i should return for the last time

    Jenson is a far better ambassador than Lewis, it was a stroke of bad luck for Mr. Vettel at Abdu Dabi
    and yes Jenson out qualified your favourite, Lewis…

    All lewis wants is hype…going out with….star model……

    Lewis you are a poor relation type of person

  67. Yo Lewis,

    Congratulations on winning the Abu Dhabi Race, Brilliant drive.
    You Know you’ve still got it… sorry to hear that you & Nicole have parted ways, I think you both made a nice pair however, don’t let it get you down & just keep smiling coz if she was truly the woman for you you’d still be together.

    Good luck for the Brazilian Grand Prix, the 2012 season & the future.
    Your the Man.

    Ps. I hope you don’t mind my mentioning matters in your personal life.

  68. Dear Lewis

    I feel I should further make another comment, your father is truly a great person, look at Paul Di Riesta, of the Formula One Indian Team your father is managing him very well, I hear Simon Fuller is managing you,is this working for you, When you came onto the Formula One scene, your father had such deep moral and ethics, Lewis my whole family are into motor racing, in Trinidad (W.I)we use to bulid the 454 V8 engines and even built engines for the Winston Cup in America, thus I have been around great drivers. Now when I look at Formula One, all I see is Jenson Button and the great S. Vettel as well as mark Webber, these really are true and noble characters of the sport………………

  69. Dear Lewis,

    I used to be a great fan of yours, I really enjoyed, to look at Formula One, for the past year, I observed things are not flowing the way it should with you, I am perturbed, as to your reasoning of dedicating Bob Marley on your racing helmet, it is goood to bring recogination, to artist such as Bob Marley, but the greater picture seems to have missed you, it was of memory of two great racing heroes, I am British and proud to be British, when your father managed you, you seemed to be well balanced, you stated you will like to be multiple F1 champ, to be this it must first comes from within. I never liked Vettle, but I must say, Vettle is of outstanding character, I have swayed towards him and moved away from you, as Vettle is truly a great champ and I hope he continues. Also hats of Jenson, he truly is of sound mind and of great character. The media is not wrong Lewis, you truly needs to find your alchemical self once more, before the talent God has given you disappers. Take care Lewis and be safe……….. Massa is a good man you cannot expect him to bow to your wishes and timing when you feel like it…..

    Krishnamurti once said how can you truly understand others if you do not truly understand oneself.

  70. Hi Lewis

    Congrats on a great pole lap in Korea, great to see you back where you belong!

    What I have to say is quite simple. I have supported you since Australia 2007 and was aware of you since your appearences on Blue Peter! I get some ‘stick’ for supporting you but there are good reasons why you are my favourite F1 driver:

    Nobody can make an F1 car dance around a track like you can.

    You are a born racer, nobody charges like you and nobody overtakes with the same flair and bravery.

    You don’t accept second place, your desire to win is absolute.

    We all go through tough spells in life but its true what they say ‘what does’nt kill you makes you stronger’. You have a strong family and Im sure that whatever is troubling you can be overcome.

    Take time to evaluate between now and the 2012 season, apply what you’ve learned this year – it will make you stronger in every area. If what Mclaren say is true and the 2012 car will be the equal of Red Bull; and if you are firing on all cylinders (I have faith!) then you will be very difficult to beat.

    In the mean time when asked why do I support Lewis Hamilton I will start my response in the same way I always do… “He’s British and when he’s on it no one can touch him!”

    Good luck and all the best!

  71. Hey Lewis,

    I just want to say how much of a big fan I am of you and you should not let the difficulties of this season weigh you down. You’ve got the capabilities to bounce back and shine as one of the best racing drivers of our generation. Remember, history only favours the brave.

    Just focus mate and you’ll be fine. If you don’t win this time, dust yourself up and try again. That’s what we do and that’s what motivates us. Never give up and never give in. You’ve still got so many world championship wins in you. Don’t throw it away by letting all the negativity get to you, it’s part of being at the top.

    I wish you all the best pal, and I’ll still be cheering for you no matter what!

    C’mon Lewis, you can do it!!!!


  72. Hi, Lewis, my message to you is CHEER UP,FOCUS ON,CONCERNTRATE and forget about all those things happening and unneccesary attacks.Youve already made the history and you gonna make it once again whether they like it or not.The Bible let us understand that Christians dont move by sight but rather by FAITH.Believed me next year by this time, you already crowned up,IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME. More messages to come.Stay blessed! New friend, Deac. Ramsford. A Ghanaian residing in Italy.

  73. Lewis,

    I despise Jenson Button, he is a driver of little control and that was clearly proved when he viciously kamikazed into your beautifully driven car at Montreal. Button is a disgrace to Mclaren, England and above all Formula One. I wish very much so that you thorouly destory him in the overall standings. If I were you I would say I will leave Mclaren unless Button goes. Then we will see the villain of the sport back at the back of the grid where he belongs. That is all.

    From I hate Jenson Button with a passion.

  74. Hi mate

    I have got one of your watches by TAG but I cannot keep up with the battery cost would you like to buy it back mate

    I hope we win many races and you are very time world champion.
    My dream is to be your teammate at McLaren and MAYBE DRIVE YOUR CAR FORMULA 1 IN 2008, WHICH you win several races and won the world title.
    I aspire to be a great driver like you.
    I SEE ALL SAINTS DAY YOUR BEST RACE, and have not tired of doing it repetitive.


  76. Good day bredda. I’m from the Philippines, a big fan of yours and mclaren. I heard you love music so i’m wonderin’ if i could get your email so i can send you some of my ragga remixes. my email add is good luck to your next races bredda, hope you could win most of them and fight for the wdc. Reespek an Jah bless.

  77. My dear friend
    First of all, your emails, I am very excited, I have always very concerned about your
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    Here, once again you send me your blessing, I wish you happy every day, every day, I will always
    Concern you, look forward to your show better results, at a convenient time, to send some pictures left me as a souvenir signed it?
    I expect
    My Address:
    800 xiejia road, jiangbei
    315032 ningbo, zhejiang

  78. Lewis, Hi! I don’t know if you read this board, but I just saw your photography session piece on the F1 qualifying program, and figured I’d boldly ask if you might take a look at this wish-list?
    If you feel ok with helping me obtain the camera and a lens or something, or even the whole list, of course whatever you’re happy to help me with I’d be very grateful indeed. 🙂 Sorry for the, ‘begging letter’, style of this, but if you don’t ask, most times you don’t get.
    Thank you!
    Good luck tomorrow for the British Grand Prix 2011 – we want you to win! Let’s get Vettel off the podium! 🙂

    Kind regards, Kris.

  79. hey louis
    i know you probably get loads of messages like this but please could you send me a piece of your car
    you are my hero
    love u louis

  80. I no i have just sent you a message but im so eager to either here, speak or even SEE YOU like I said my race no. is 32 and im in comer cadet at rye house kart track im currently 3rd out of 18-20 drivers so i no my stuff… umm anyway you probly no this but the post code to the track is EN11 0EH.
    The race days are on the first Sundays of every month i practise on fridays (If im good at school then they let me off) so ya. I will be over the moon if you could come over and help me with my jets and carbs to sort them out plz. Trouble is if someone sees you then loads of people will rush over to get your autograph beacuse your so great, so try somin so they dont see you plz.
    I will try to win all my races for you and do the best tht i can and mybe race against you.
    wish you well plus good luck

  81. To Lewis, hi im only 13 but a big big fan of yours.
    I go karting im now no. 32 in comer cadet at rye house kart track like the track you used to go to + I was NO.44 also like you (I belive.)
    I love playing guiter dont no much tho but ya.
    Wish for you to come watch me or please leave email at my email adress (
    Anyway good luck with the rest of the formula 1 season 2011 + go kick vettles ars.

  82. Dear Lewis Hamilton, you have a fa Brazilian carterinha. In 2008, I was so happy with his victory. You ended up with Alonso and Galvao Bueno. The nasty …..
    Success-Success – Success in 2011

  83. DearLewis Hamilton, It is because of you that I as 70 yr old have become a fan of Formular one racing. I admired your good sportsmanship, your competitive nature and fearlessness. My ambition is to be able one day befor I pass this mortal coil to see you race in person at a track. Your response to reporters about your thoughts regarding Lorenzo has shown that you are a gentleman and reticence is your forte. God Bless you and good luck for 2011. Regards Helen. xx

  84. Lewis is my favouite Driver and i think he talent is like Wow i,m a huge fan and always will…… keep up the good work and good luck 4 the furture i,ll be behide you all the way.

  85. Already yesterday Leiws should get the first starting position! But as the Polish proverb says: what is delayed, it will not run away! Patience, hard work and talent brings a reward in the form of victory and satisfaction with the outcome goal. Very pleased me today, an exciting race in which Lewis suffered his phenomenal victory. Congratulations and good luck in Italy.

  86. Szabó Krisztina azt mondja:
    July 3, 2010 at 4:50 pm Július 3, 2010-on 04:50

    Szia Lewis!Sajnos nem tudok angolul,de nagyon remélem,s?t szeretném ha megkapnád ezt az üzenetet!Egyszer?en fantasztikus pilótának tartalak!!Nem tudom elképzelni,hogy ne te nyerd meg a világbajnokságot.Nem hagynék ki egyetlen egy F1 futamot sem,és soha egy pillanatra sem hagynálak cserben,vagy pártolnék máshova!Imádom ahogy versenyzel,fantasztikus,a mentalitásod,a kitartásod,a rámen?séged!így kell,csak így lehet!Kérlek maradj mindig ilyen!!Rajongód vagyok,és egy percre sem gondolom,hogy csalódást okoznál,mert Te vagy a legjobb,és nem csak idén,mindig is Te voltál!Más tészta,hogy tavaly nem Te nyertél,de ez nem is számít már,akkor is megérdemled,hogy büszke legyek Rád,mert bár lehet hogy mások nem így látják,Én mindig hittem,és hinni is fogok benned,mert látom a tehetséget,és tudom hogy élni is fogsz vele!Maradj még nagyon sokáig a F1.ben,mert Te teszed élvezetessé számomra az egészet!Idén nem is kérdés hogy megnyered,Én tudom!És maradj ilyen optimista!!Ha csak fele annyira bízol magadban,mint Én benned,még legalább 4x világbajnok leszel,meglátod!Én szurkolok Neked,teljes szívemb?l,mert megérdemled!!SOK SIKERT!!Puszi!!Krisztina )) MERT MEGÉRDEMLED LEWIS!ÉN TUDOM!!

  87. Bonjour Lewis
    Je voudrais simplement te dire que je t’admire beaucoup
    Je suis camerounais. Et pour être honnête 80% des camerounais ne savent ce que c’est que la Formule 1. Moi si. Je regarde ce sport depuis 2008, année de ton sacre, avec le fameux grand prix du Brésil où la bataille entre toi et Félipe était epoustouflante jusqu’au bout.
    J’espère que tu viendras au cameroun un jour. Tes racines sont en Afrique

  88. I could see on your face it wasn’t the win that you wanted! but a win is win! so many times you’ve been so close but yet so far. However you know this sport is about swing and roundabouts. the points are there for you to proceed up the ladder. Wishing you all the best for the rest of the season and the championship. and dedicating the win for your Dad’s 50th was excellent choice of gift. amongst the other which you will give. Maximum respect to Anthony for believing in you as a champion from the very start.

  89. Hi, Lewis!
    I wanted to write my poems, written to you, it’s five of them – 4 about 4 races passed and 1 – after the article, that I have read about Bernie’s attitude to you.
    But I can not translate them in english… Sorry))…
    They are written in russian, maybe you would find somebody, who can translate, or just explane the meaning of them. I can say, also, that you are a wonderful racing driver, I always support you and hope that you will conquer yet many champion titles!
    So, here are my first poem, about BAHRAIN GRAND PRIX (just written after that)
    ????? – ?????? ????????,
    ????? ??????? ???????.
    ??? ?? ????? ? ??, ??? ??
    ????? ????? ???????!

    ?? ???????? ????? ????,
    ???????? ??? ???, ? ????.
    ?????? ????? ?? ?????,
    ?? “?????????? ??????”!

    ???????! ??? ??? ??????!
    ??????????? ????? ???????,
    ??????? ??, ?? ? ?????
    ???? ?????? ??????????!

    ? ?? ?????? – ?? ??????
    ????? ??????, ??-??????!
    ?????, ?????, ???? ??????!
    ??????, ? ?? ????????!

    Next one about AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX
    ???, ??????, ? ???? ?? ?????,
    ?? ???????? ???????!
    ????? – ?????? ?? ??????,
    ? ? ??????? – ??? ????????!

    ?? ? ???, ??? ???????
    ????????? ?? ?????
    ?? ?? ??????! ??? ??????
    ?? ??????? ??? ??????!

    ????????? ???? ??????
    ?????? ?????? – ????? ??,
    ? ????? ??????: “? ???????!…”
    ???????? ???? ?????…

    ??????????? ?? ?????,
    ?????? – ???? ??????? ????!
    ? ??????? ?? ???????,
    ???? ???? ??????? ?????!

    ? ???, ?? ??????? ??????:
    ??????????? ??? ?????,
    ?????? ?? ? ???, ?? ??? ?? –
    ?????????? – ???? ?????…

    ???? ??????, ??? ????????,
    ?????? ?? ???????.
    ???? ?????????. ???????????????
    ???? ????? ?? ???????!

    ???????????? ??? ???????,
    ???????????????, ??????!
    ??????? ???? ???????,
    ????? ?? ????! ?????!

    ??? ?? ???????, ??? ?? ???? ??????????,
    ? ????? ??? ????? ??? ????? ??????.
    ?? ?????? ? ???? ??????????? ????????? ?????????
    ? ? ????? ???? ????? ????????? ? ???????? ???????.

    ????? ?????? ? ?????????? ? ?????? ? ??????? ????
    ??? ??? ????? ???? ? ????? ?????????,
    ??? ?????, ???????, ???? ? ???? ? “?????????”,
    ???? ?? ??????? ??????????, ?? ??????.

    ?? ????? ???-?????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ????????? ???????????
    ????, ???????? ?? ???????? ??????
    ??, ???-?? ????? ?????? ??????????,
    ??? ????? ?????? ????? “???????” ?????…

    ? ????? ????? ? ?????? ?? ???????
    ??????? ????? ?? ???????? ????????!
    ??????? ?? “????? ????????? ??? ??????” –
    ?? ???? ??? ????? ??????? ?? ? ??????!

    ? ?????? ??? – ??????, ??? ??????, ? ????? ??????,
    ????? ?? ????? ??? ??? ???????,
    ?, ??? ??????, – ??? ?????? ???? ???????,
    ??? ? ????? ???? ?????? ???????!

    ? ?? ???? ???? ???????? ? “???????”,
    ??? ??? ??????? ?????? – ??? ???!
    ????? ?? ? ?????? ?? ??????
    ? ????? ?????? ? ?????? – ?? ???/?? ??????? ????!!!


    ? ???? ???????? ???????
    ?????? ????? ????????,
    ? ??????? ?????? ??????
    ? ???? ???????? ?????????

    ??? ????? ?????, ? ??????
    ?? ?????? ? ???????
    ? ?????? ????????? ????,
    ???? ??????? ????????!

    ????? ???? ?????? ?????,
    ?????? ?? ???? ???!
    ????? ???????????, ?????? –
    ????? ??? ????????!

    ???????? ????????? ???????,
    ???? ??? ??? ?????? ??????!
    ???? ??? ?????? ?????????,
    ?????? ???? ??????? ????!

    ??????? ????? ????????,
    ??? ?????? – ??? ? ????,
    ? ? ????? – ??????????????
    ??????? ????? ???!

    ??? ?, ????????? ??? ?? ???
    ????? ????? ????????,
    ???????????, ???? ?? ?????
    ??? ? ????? ?????? ??????!

    ?? ??? ?????: ??? ????????,
    ?????, ?????, ???????, ????…
    ??? ????? ???????? ???????
    ????? ?? ??? ??? ???!

    ????? ? “??” ??, ???? ?????
    ? ??? ?? ???? ?????????!
    ?????? ??????? ??????????
    ???? “??????” ????????.

    ?? “???????” ????????
    ??? ?????? ? ?????????,
    ??? ???????: ? ??? ?????
    ????? ?? ?????????!

    ?????? ? ?????? ?? ?????!
    ??????, ?????… (???????!!!)
    ????? ?? ???? ??????
    ?? ?????????? ?????…

    ?????, ????: ? ???? ? ????!
    ??????, ?????? ?? ???!
    ??? ??? ??? ???????.
    ?????, ??????? ??? ???? ???!!!
    (p.s. – I had a birthday at april 18, and I wanted very much you to WIN!!!)

    And the last one after the article ( ) is this:
    ??? ?????? ???? ???????!
    ???? ????? ????????:
    “??????????? ???????????,
    ? ??????? ????????????!”

    ?? ????????? ???? ???????
    ??? ??????????? ????!
    ???????? ??? ??!!!! ??? ?? ????? –
    ??? ??????? ??????-?????!!

    ????????, ????????????
    ?? ????? ????? ??????,
    ????? ?? ? ?????????,
    ?? ????? ? ??? ???????

    ??? ??????? ??????????
    ??? ?????? ?????????!
    ???, ????? – ?????? ? ? ??????!
    ?? ??????? “????” ???????!!!

    So, this is all for now. I hope very much that you have read my message!!
    Thank you for your fantastic job!!!
    And thank you for attention! good luck to you!

  90. hey lewis everyone say’s that there your biggest fan but i am really racing is my life and i want to become a f1 driver like you can i get a few tips from you and congrates on the 1-2 finish in china woke up to watch it, it was a great race for McLaren hope you win the championship and hope i could race against you

    From biggest fan Nyle Khalid 🙂

  91. Lewis,
    The weaving incident in Malaysia – I don’t get it???

    If I understand correctly the rule you were apparently in breach of is that drivers can only move once to defend their position. But it was Petrov who was purposefully hooking a ride on your slipstream so it was him that had moved several times to attempt to defend his position, albeit from behind. there is surely a solid argument that, in fact, you moved several times to attempt to get out of his way.

    The more the other drivers complain, the more you know they resent you being better than them.

    Come on McLaren, this is a slam dunk rebuttal!!!

  92. Ive always said Lewis Hamilton is the best f1 drivers ive ever seen and the way he drove in the last 2 races just reinforces that, damn it was fun to see! im his biggest fan!

  93. hello lewis

    I know everyone says that they are your biggest fan but Really am.
    I am in a bit of a problem and i was wondering if you could give me a tip or two
    you see, my family do not have anymoney because of the credit crunch and i live in ullapool (google map it)and it is miles away from a karting track
    so i quess it isnt you reading this but if you could replie i would be over the moon
    Racing is my life and iwould love a job in racing but nothing seems to be going my way and im geting very desprite
    Im only 12 but like i said racing is my life

    P.S good luck for the rest of the year

  94. Hi Lewis,
    I’ve kept up to date with your formula 1 career progress from the start and think that you’re driving and rate of success is second to none. I watched the Australian qualifying and I noted the problem you had in qualifying, ”where your tires were over inflated”. And watched live coverage of championship, and I am extremely disappointed that you were robbed of the chance of winning. Again it was an issue with tires. I think the evidence speaks for it’s self, they just didn’t want you to overtake your team mate as I am quite sure you would have given your performance on the day.

    Nevertheless, as you stated on the day you drove your heart out, and that for me is the most you could have done given the circumstances.

    In my opinion I think it’s political because again you were robbed of the 2009 championship, maybe your face is not the face they want representing GB.

    All the best for the future, but I would not risk life and limb for a team that does not support me 100%,
    No matter how much I enjoy doing what I do best.

  95. P.S. Your move on Raikonnen in last year’s Spa GP was the best bit of racing I have ever seen – better even than Mansel going round the outside of Senna in Hungary – a great pity that the influence of dark forces outside motor racing caused the officials to make up the rules as they went along.

    Keep believing in yourself


  96. Dear Lewis,
    good as you and Jensen are, everyone needs a tweak to overcome the opposition if only for a race or two. I have an invention which I never patented but could be useful to your team. If you would ask Mclaren to E-mail me I’ll be happy to virtually give it away to help your campaign. The idea is unprotected so I would rely on your honesty to ensure Mclaren treat me right.

    Regards Alan

  97. hi lewis, i’m the biggest f1 fan in the world i saw you at the abu dhabi grand prix i would love to get an autograph from you me and my dad love formula 1 the most in the world, and all we alk about is karting and you, hope you can reply so i can show my dad it would mean the world to me if you reply and if you wanna pop over my adress is 3 thirsk road yarm and i will verse you on f1 and i will batter you cant wait for you in the new season racing against schumacher what a season.
    Hope the best for you i willl always look up to you as my role model 🙂

    From Nyle Khalid xx

  98. Hi Lewis, I did not even know where to start… you are one unique person! I never imagined that there may be such man.You are my dream.I look you and wonder what creature you are… you come from magic world. You are angel…

  99. hi please can i have you auto graph . my house number is 14 sander grove morecambe i am a big fan and my midel name is hamilton .

    menny thanks jordan hamilton bulger

  100. Hey Lewis

    What a qualifying time to get pole! Disappointed about the retirement, but looking forward to more success next year. Keep your head up high and good luck for your training and future.

    P.S. Don’t forget to take some time out to relax….


  101. hi lewis i came to watch you at silverstone and hoped i could get your autograph. please can you send me your autograph.

  102. Hi Lewis

    I hope u win 6th place in the championship and i hope mclaren win 3rd place in the constructers championship!!!!!!!!!

    I hope i will be seeing YOU at mercedes world !!!!!!!!and i hope i get your autograph !!!!!!!

    Please reply

    Rich from England

  103. hey lewis

    my dream is to become a mclaren driver and to partner you in the grand prix in the future pleaz cud you give me some tips pleaz and nice go-kart!

  104. My son looks the spitting image of Lewis Hamilton but as a younger version!!! It’s quite uncanny!

  105. Eres el mejor!!!
    creo que soy de los pocos fans que tienes en España, pero el mas deboto de todos, si pudiese dirigirme una sola vez en persona/directo creo que me quedaría sin palabras
    un saludo y muchas gracias si lo lees

  106. hey lewis.
    i am your BIGGEST FAN, if you could send mi an e-mail i would be sooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. hi lewis

    since the moment i turned about 6 i was looking on the tv and put formula 1 on i didnthave a clue what it was and then you enetred and i really go into it i have a 6ft tall cut out of u n lewis hamilton divet and pictures and newspaers in frames about and i dont want sound big headed but im fink im good at karting and i use by 60 quid a a circuit in essex and i love it just the thrill of winning and like i went to dtm last year but wass too late and am going this sunday and hope to see u an i would like to be 1 of those 2 luck spectators that meet u

  108. Hi Lewis!
    I am 15 and i have recently been tryin to get into karting but my family has no money so i am having a hard time, i dont mean to sound cocky but i am pretty good.. i think, i have placed 8th on the leaderboards at rayleigh karting with a 27.01 an at my first time at brentwood karting i put ina 36.29, which is about 2 seconds off the fastest time ever round there. I have dreamed about racing my whole life, i live in southend/wickford essex england. i have thrown all my pocket money inot my karting, i just need someone like you to get me into a competitive championship, i am currently in the a competition to get myself into the easykart championship next year but i dont think i can win it. please Lewis, you are my only hope, you wont regret it. please…

  109. hi i writting on behalf of my dad he is a masive fan and he has just been told he has cancer and has been given 2 months to live 🙁 i was wondering if you could send him a signed something anything he wouldnt mind what it was as long as it was from you! i really hope you will because that would boost his spirts so much he wants to see u finish ur season but its not looking likely he watch f1 for years and years what ever country what ever time its been on i no you must get this alot but i really would mean the world to him. well anyway thank you and hope so hear from you xxxx

  110. lewis i m doing karting i live in portugal i realy wanted to be like you. i realy want to do karting my dream is meeting you. if i had this dream it will make me push my karting to the future plese reply i know you get thousands of emails but give me your phone number i promise i will not give it to anyone and wont be anoying you i will call you 1 each month if its to much i will do 1 each 3 months if i dont agree i wont be a good karter reply please
    im 11

  111. hi lewis, i was wondering what you think of micheal schumacher making his come back. i am positive that you can beat him in valencia if you dont i wont support you any more. (joke)

  112. Hi lewis

    it is soon my brothers 18th birthday and i wanted to get him an amazing gift to be special i was wondering whether you could send me a signed photograph saying “to daniel happy 18th birthday” i know he would love it because he admires you please!!

    Aleisha x

  113. Lewis,
    You wont believe what you have done to me and my partner Ted; we have followed your successes and falls and this weekend we were glued to the tele as usual. To see you winning withuot a hitch was unbelievable. You have done it “BOY” as we call you. Thank you again for making a middle aged family happy once more. we wish to hear hear from you one day. We never lost hope.
    Keep it up Lewis we all love you.
    Promise to write to us one day.

  114. Dear Lewis,
    I am one of your oldest (in both senses of the word!) followers and fans! My son and I met you and chatted a few times when we were staying at Le Meridien(Monaco)in 2007 & 2008. Sadly we were not able to be in Monaco this year – maybe next year! You might just remember that last year,when you and I (white haired old lady) went up in the lift together I congratulated you on your day’s work and told you I had tried wtiring to your Dad (England address) for a signed photo and had no reply. You were in a great rush that night and told me to get in touch with you on the web! It has taken me till now to find the hope of a way! It might be your PA who attends to these messages – but I DO hope they will pass this message on to you – and PLEASE reply!! Things are beginning to go better for you now this season! Good Luck!Please reply! Jess. (& son Sandy)

  115. Hi lewis
    I am doing a project in my curriculum group at school and would like to ask you some questions. is it possible for you to help me?

    1) how many races are there in a season

    2) what is the names of the teams

    please write back

    Aaron Pike from hemel hempstead

  116. Hi Lewis,just want to give you a bit of support.Its only a matter of time and you will be back on top.All us fans have complete faith in you.You have a great skill in driving so once your car has reached your level you and your car will become as one again.Keep the faith.God bless Steve Creed from Harlow Essex

  117. Hi Dear Lewis,

    I’m stil a big fan of you,and i’m watching each matter what happens in your carrier.
    And that’s why I want to vissit the German GP/F1 this year ..and also to support you and your team. I can’t wait to see you!
    Without no doubt I wil wear my L.H cap and T-shirt on! I’m comming from a warm hopefully it will shine on that day!!(smile)

    Lewis..I still believe in you..and I have a stong feeling that one day you will win again!!
    It’s all abouth faith..Right!!Never give up!!

    Good luck and also to your family!!
    Big kiss/huggs from Holland!!

  118. Hi,
    I’m your huge fan!
    I love F1.
    It was good race.I believe to it, that you will stand on highest degree of dais soon. GO LEWIS! GO MCLAREN!!
    GOOD LUCK FOR ALL 2009 season!

  119. Hey Lewis,

    Congrats to a great race…unfortunately the podium was not possible this time. The middle sector was the problem where you lost a lot of time, but well done, my dear!

    I said to my hubby on Saturday after the qualifying that you will have a good start and you will try to find a space on the right side in order to pull in front…and you did it…after you nearly got Glock we were screaming…you are such a phenomenal racer and I love watching you driving…it is only a pity that the car has not a 100 % performance like last year, but I know that McLaren Mercedes will do everything to improve the little gap to close up to 100 % as quick as possible…and you will be on the podium again…I read what you said to BBC and it really touched my heart… **)

    Thank you for staying in F1…it would not be the same anymore if you leave.

    Lot’s of love to you, your wonderful family & your team

    “But Hamilton has made up his mind. “I definitely have,” he said. “And it’s because of my fans. Regardless of what anyone else says, I’m going to go out there and give it 100% always, there will be times when I don’t do so well. I’m human, you know.
    “But there’ll be times when I rock the socks off it. And I hope you enjoy it, they’re going to continue to support me and I really just want to embrace them and say thank you to all of them. They’ve been fantastic.”

    “My commitment should never be questioned because I’m very committed to the sport and I’m very, very committed to my team,” the 24-year-old said. “I love this team. I have been here for many years. Since I was 10 years old I said this was who I wanted to drive for and I’m driving for them now.
    “We won a world championship together. We just missed a world championship together and there’s going to be many, many more years when we win and lose. We’ll have bad seasons. But the great thing is that we’re a team. It’s very much a family environment.”

  120. hi lewis just like to say good luck in court on wenesday and could i have a signed picture for my dad please he is a big fan off urs my addreess is 242 farely bank hastings east sussex tn35 5qd

  121. Hi Lewis,my two son’s are huge fans of your as are me and their dad.I just wanted to know how you think that racism has impacted on the sport I know what I think on the subject but am interested as to your thoughts.My two boys are mixed race like you and we all were horrified at the treatment you recieved in Spain,my boys were really upset as was I and their dad..I don’t think race comes into it you came from a middle class background and your dad worked hard to give you the life that you have got.I have a lot of respect for both you and your dad and am so proud of you although I don’t know you.Now my boys can know that there is hope for them in this society,regardless of what crap they might face We will always support you no matter what.xxxx

  122. Hi Lewis,
    Im a 13 year old boy from Gateshead,England and i am a huge fan.My dream is to be a Formula 1 driver just like you.I just want to know what you did to get so brilliant at driving.If you dont mind,i want to know how you started,what your dad thought about it and much more its my biggest dream to be a formula 1 driver,i’ve wanted to be one since i was 6 years old…My start was go-karting.(well done on the drivers championship i was supporting you all the way!)
    You were very unlucky in the first 2 races so far good luck with the rest of the season…
    Thank you for taking your time to read this.
    Jamie Robertson.

  123. Dear Lewis,
    I have been following you since you broke into the F1 scene and have been a supporter of you and team McLaren.I remember praying for your victory in last year’s Brazilian Grand Prix and I am happy that you made me believe that god is listening to me 🙂
    I am pained by the last week’s development which denied you a well deserved podium, but as the wise adage goes “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. We all know that it took more than a champion performance from you to clinch that driver’s championship in 2008, especially after what happened towards the end of 2007 season. (I was frustrated not to see you at the top in 2007).But as I said earlier I believe that you are a man of character and you will bounce back from the current difficulties all the more strongly. All our prayers are with you as do the people whom you support with your good work through your charity.
    Wish you and Team McLaren a great year ahead and the years to come.

  124. Hi Lewis,
    My 6 year old nephew is a huge fan of yours. Unfortunately he has recently been diognosed with a brain tumour with a short a life span. I was wondering is there any posibility of him meeting you as this would be his wish come true? I would appreciate it if you could contact me and let me know either way. Thank you in advance for your attention.

  125. LEWIS… TOP TOP driverrrrr…
    im 18 and ive recently passed my ARDS test and since i was born i was in to cars and racing lol… im hopping to start my racing career in single seater racing.. ive been on the renault website were they are offering Formula Renault BARC for beginners …. ive recived an email saying i need £60,000 to start … ANY OTHER WAYS TO GET THERE OR HOW I CAN RAISE MONEY LIKE THAT ???? ??????????????

    many thankss

  126. Hi Lew!First Congratulations!!!!!
    I am from Brasil and I cheer for you win !!!
    I don’t hve the oppurtunity to see Senna, but i’m a big fan of he!
    And now of you! When schumache starts win all, teh F1 turned very boring, but now with you she is magic another time.
    And don’t impor with the racism messages you’re biggest of all them!
    Ah.. sorry for the jokes makes with you here in Brasil i’m ashamed because they.Sorry another time!!!!!
    If possible I like you send me a t-shirt autographer for you! After if its possible I give my adress for you!But if mpossible, don’t worry , you’re the best of the same way
    Good Lucky Lew in the next season!
    Send kisses for Nick and a lot of felicitys for you!!!!!!!!
    I’m cheer for you another time!!!!!

    Ps: sorry for my poor english, I don’t speak english , but I try!

  127. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have unusual request.

    I would like contact Anthony, Lewish father regarding helping Nic with his illness.I am not interested to be famose neither I didn’t contact any star before.
    Please could you pass this to Anthony Hamilton?

    Thank you!

    Kind regards,

    Ladi Babsky

    Lewis, sou brasileiro, adoro assistir as corridas de Formula 1.
    Em primeiro lugar quero te dar os parabens pelo brilhante campeonato, se este ano voce e o campeao foi por merecimento.
    Li na internet que muitas pessoas fizeram manifestos de racismo contra voce. Diante desta situacao nao poderia deixar de me manifestar tambem, so que estou aqui para te pedir para nao desanimar, nao ligue para estes estupidos comentarios, sao pessoas pequenas que nao tem no coracao o espirito esportivo. Diga a seu pai que ele deve se orgulhar de voce e que nao fique irritado com estas demonstracoes de pobreza de espirito esportivo. Voce e um grande piloto, tem muito talento e um futuro brilhante na Formula 1. Gracas a voce e a Felipe Massa eu e milhoes de amantes da Formula 1 tivemos o privilegio de assistir a grandes espetaculos durante as corridas.
    Mais uma vez PARABENS ! ! ! !
    Espero te ver na Formula 1 por muitos e muitos anos dando esse show que voce deu este ano, voce tem uma carreira brilhante pela frente.
    Um grande abraco de seu fan aqui do Brasil. :o)
    Ah, sorry but I don’t speack and white english ! ! !

  129. Dear Lewis!
    My name is Miros?aw Jeznach. I am 30 years old. I am disabled. When I was 13 I have lost my arms and live without them since then. It was an accident caused by electric stream. When it has happened I felt that I do not want to live any more. I though that it will be impossible to live without hands. Eventually I found out that being disabled does not mean that you can not live a good life. Although it was extremely difficult to learn every activity from the beginning I was able to organize my new life. Another difficulty was caused by material status of my family. They were very supportive all the time but they were not able to give me a money I need to make my life easier and to become self-reliant. There was a very good man who wanted to help me. Unfortunately he died suddenly. He paid for my travel to Germany where I visited a clinic which helps people with disabilities. They offer an equipment which is adapted to our needs.
    Since I was in Germany I have been dreaming about my own car. I saw a place where cars which special fittings are manufactured. It is the only thing which I really desire to have. I am not a materialist but in this case car means for me independence and self-reliance which I have not experience for so many years. The only problem is always the same – I do not have enough money to buy such a car, cost of which is about 100 000 PLN (which is about 25 000 €)
    I was really lucky because I have found I job. I work in an office. I have learnt to use my feet to write on computer which is my main instrument of work. I am also writing this letter on my own using my feet. Everything I do I do it with a hope that I will find a good people who are able and willing to help me. I would like to ask you to help me to find people, firms, organization or anyone who could support me.
    I live in a small village and commute every day to work almost 10 kilometers by bus which is not adapted for disabled people. I will do everything to keep my job as I really depend on it. I can earn some money and make ends meet and what is more important I can meet people every day and make my life as normal as possible. I do not want to stay at home on my own.
    With a car my life could be easier for me and my family – loving wife and little baby.
    I am asking for your help. You may also know someone who could support me.

    Your faithfully
    Miros?aw Jeznach

  130. Congratulations, Lewis to you your team, your family! Just give God praise that Timo was not on intermediates.
    We nearly were crying after Sebatian Vettel overtook you and it looked like just losing again this year. But we knew that our prayers would be answered and we can only give God praise. You drove a very disciplined race and this is what counts. Just stay cool and believe that everything can be possible.

    Your first challenge was Monaco – you won it, second was Silverston – you won it and the third was the Drivers Championship and you know what – you won it too! Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Next year you will not leave it until the last race. Please! The whole nation nearly got a heart attack today!

    Great race, Lewis, you deserved everything in your life and Thanks to Anthony who acknowledged your talent when you were small and Thanks to Ron & McLaren Mercedes who made it possible for you to get into the team!

    Lot’s of love from all of us here in Germany!

    God will bless you always!

    Inge & family

  131. bluddi great race number 1 fan i hope one day i get into f1 raceing it would be great i love to race beside you again great race


  133. Well done Lewis, congratulations!

    You gave us all a scare and I have no nails left, but what a great drive!

    Now they have nothing to get at you for thye will have to suck up the fact that you will run as No1 and have the primary pit lane spot!! 🙂

  134. I have never enjoyed watching F1 race as much as I do now that you are part of it – probably because you represent more than just the sport itself but the entire half of the human race. I was there on your first race win – and sorry about the way things turned out in Montreal this year.

    Look at the negative forces within this elite sport directed towards you buy some drivers. Why? Because you are bigger than life, and your message is pure and simple. I don’t expect much love from your competitors for you because you are too quick, so some are too jealous to offer you congrats. You are a minority in every sense. So, let them hate you, but love them back and give them a pet on the shoulder because that only strengthens you – this is your call and there is no better stage than this. Some of us that feel represented by you have fought in many ways for equality but this world is too complex and never ready.

    Alonso? Used to be my favourite at Renault and during first half of last season, but now I only admire his skill, however his heart is dark and poisnous and jealousy is consuming him, much like the majority of folks in Spain when it comes to other races (Recall Thiery Henry’s experience?) – don’t put your trust ever again in anyone outside family and your Team.

    Me and my family, we’ll always offer prayers for your success because you are humble and a role model for our children. Compete fiercely and yet humbly as you always do. If it pleases God, you’ll win the championship this year. Otherwise, remember that attainment of it or lack thereof does not define who you are. Your day will come, you’re doing just fine, and you’ve already done more than enough. I couldn’t ask for more from you. Keep it up now and in the future seasons!

  135. Hi Lewis,
    Why don’t you increase your popularity in yhe US with appearing in one of your girlfrend’s (Nikole) music clips, maybe with your McLaren MP4-23 (without logos),and maybe with some popular rappers like 50 cent and etc.
    Or order to build a chopper for you in US Series “American Chopper”, you can show the Tatle Family (Orange County Choppers) what is all about with a ride in the two-seated McLaren! You have to know Lewis if you are Popular in the US, you are polpular Everywhere! If you do these things you will not only help yourself but F1 as well! Ron D. and Bearne E. will be very pleased that you are the KEY to the so desired american market!
    I only want to know if you red this Lewis, PLEASE let me know, I’m a big fan but I’m not from the “crazy” oppressor type!

  136. Hello lewis nicole (Pussy cat) she is not your real girl she bring u any chance u are loosing evrythng think about it 🙂 u need other nice and cool girl but not this poor singer please come.on lewis no mistake

  137. Lewis. I am so sorry that last week (07.09.08) you were treated like you were. The people around you do not want you to win and it is obviouse that they will try anything to get to you. So I would like to say what ever happens you are 100% in my view. The people of Britain are with you and feel that you can show the other teams and the talent less FIA that you are a real gent and can ride above them. Just focus on your team and do it for them and your DAD. Keep on keeping on mate.
    Chris U-Frost

  138. Hey Lewis,

    Lady luck gives and she takes away, at least it wasn’t as bad as Massa’s. Don’t let it knock you off your stride, the Championship is still yours for the taking.

    good luck in 3 weeks time.

  139. Hi Lewis,
    Good luck in Hungary – Silverstone was awesome and Hockenheim , spectacular ! I know you can make this is your championship year – go for it!
    Love always, Hilary

  140. Dear Lewis,

    The “Hattrick” is yours in Hungary! You are in the lead and nobody will take it away this year! You are the best driver! God will continuously guide you and will never let you down!

    I know you will not forget that!

    Lot’s of love from Germany!

    God bless you,

  141. Hey Lewis

    Great race in Hockenheim there was some fab overtacking there great pass on Massa too. You fully deserve that win. Good luck in the other races to come.

    From Kai in Britain!

  142. Well done Lewis, nice example of an expert at work, pity the team did not do better, All the best for the future, Pete

  143. Dear Lewis,

    I knew you would win it this weekend!
    Hey, that was a pure demonstration of driving skills! God was driving with you today. Your prayers has been answered and will be answered. Don’t forget that!

    Now you showed everybody, especially the”haters” that there is nothing what can distract you from your racing!

    Superb race! Repeat it again in Hockenheim!

    The championship is yours go for it!

    Lot’s of love to you and your family and your team!
    Inge & Family

  144. Hey Lewis,

    This was not so bad today. You are still able to make it tomorrow. The leaders of the championship are starting far behind tomorrow and if you let your talent drive and put away the pressure you will make it. Stay focused and just pray before you go to bed today and tomorrow morning, because the Lord put you where you are today and he will keep you and give you the strength for every situation in your life. You saw today how much your fans love you not only in Silverstone, but all around the world and you are really the most well known driver at the moment.
    We all love you for what kind of person you are, well grounded and with a very nice spirit and a great family behind you.
    God bless you!

  145. Dear Lewis,

    Today I have received your autographs and I wanted to say “Thank you” from all of us (Inge, Deniston, Juanita & Aaliyah). Aaliyah was very excited today, because now she knows that you have received her “mascot”.

    Hope to see you one day personally to have a nice chat.

    God bless you tomorrow on the track and especially on Sunday.

    Lot’s of love from your biggest fans.

  146. Hi Lewis,

    The next tests are in Hockenheim July 8 till 10. If you have some time please try to visit us.

    Your dearest fans!

    The Douglas Family (Denis, Inge, Miles, Dwayne & Aaliyah)

  147. Dear Lewis,

    Forget about the press. They are only doing it for money. You made a clear statement. Well done! They built you up to the top and they tear you down to the bottom. This is their job. Just leave them they only wait for your reaction! You made a clear statement after the race. Well done!

    We have watched your race again and you were the only driver together with Heikki who had the most overtaking jobs during the race. Even you had this wrong decided “Drive-Through-Penalty” you made it to position 10 after your 2 (3) stops. This was a very great job, Lewis. If this penalty would not have thrown you back on the track you would have made it on the podium together with Heikki. You have the fastest car and best package at the moment and it is so much fun watching you driving!
    There are still 9 races in front of you and you still have the chance for the title. Just keep yourself cool and just concentrate on your races and leave all other things aside. 90 points, Lewis, are yours!
    Show them all in Silverstone that the man on the track is LEWIS HAMILTON! We are all proud of you. Your fans will never let you down!

    God bless you and your family.

    PS: If you have the time to visit “YOU TUBE” watch out for (your brilliant race in Monaco) and under “freakboyz94” there are also videos which my husband has dedicated to you.

  148. Dear Lewis,

    Just leave Magny Cours behind you quick – and I know you will do that – and keep on concentrating on your homerace and show them who you really are. There are so many haters on your side and everywhere else who would love to see you losing and waiting for a little mistake, but – hey Lew – these people really don’t know nothing at all and words are nothing.
    You will bounce back in the next races and they will not have anything to laugh anymore.
    Just keep on praying and believing. God gave you this wonderful talent and family and made it possible being in the McLaren Mercedes team.

    Hold your head up high!

    God bless you!

  149. Dear Lewis,

    Well done! You tried your very best and even you made a mistake in the 3rd session, hey, to be third is really good! Do not put too much pressure on you, because everything can be possible tomorrow. In Canada nobody thought that something like this would have happened in the pit lane. So, just believe in yourself and trust in God.

    We will be with you tomorrow on the tele and pray for you and Heikki and of course for all other drivers that nothing serious will happen to anybody.

    Lot’s of love.
    God bless,

  150. Lewis-
    I am your BIGGEST FAN, TRUS! If you could send me an e-mail I would be soooooooooooooo HAPPY!!!
    To speak to you would be even better!!
    My Son (Nyke) is coming to Silverstone Practice on July 4th so if he can get to speak to you in the pits he would be so proud!!!i cant cum 🙁 coz my Son has 2 cum on a mission 4 me coz i’m not well.
    Nykes 21st Birthday is on June 22nd so an autograph or someting would make his day!! and mine!! U R Perfect!! in my eyes.My Son is mixed race and kinda looks like u a bit.
    N E Way-Get a good result in France and fingas crossed, my son can meet u on Siverstone Practice day.
    Bless!! and Hold it!! U KNOW U CAN WIN ALL THE WAY!!XXXXX

  151. Dear Lewis,

    Very good and honest interview. Nuff respect! We can see and feel the pressure which is on your shoulder at the moment. So many people are trying to put you down, but sometimes in life it is like this, but you will overcome this situation, because you have a great family and a great team behind you ( Norbert was saying so many nice things this week). Not everybody is out there who loves you, but Lew, you have some very dear and loving fans all around the world and we all believe in you!

    Good luck again for France! See you back up on the podium in Silverstone!

    Lot’s of love,

  152. Dear Lewis,

    All the best for the next race in France and from Silverstone on we are
    going to celebrate the pole’s and podium’s again for sure. You will make

    Don’t forget GOD is able and he gave you this phenomenal talent and he will be on your side all the time.

    Just keep on praying. We will do the same.

    Lot’s of love.

    God bless you and your family,

  153. hey lewis !!
    me and my family think your great we will suport you all the way no matter what . ignore the haters there obvously jelous of you !
    best of luck to the future i hope everything goes great for you and good luck in your next race . WE will be supporting you !!

  154. Lewis could you please make my dream come true and just e-mail or phone me at least once. PLEASE!!!

  155. I can’t get last year’s Brazilian grad prix out of my mind. Could there be someone in the team sabotaging your car? Hmmm. I am inclined to think so. The championship was yours for the taking, and then suddenly the car. I know you want to leave all that behind you and focus on this year to win, which you must do. But the team must trrow the serach light on itself. Win you must this year.

  156. I adore u Lewis,u mean everything to me,and dont marry Georgina,marry me!!!!!!!
    big kisssssss to you!!!
    AND COME VISIT CROATIA SOMETIMES,IT WOULD BE GREAT,my big dream is to meet you!!
    love you!!!

  157. Just who do you think you are?

    My 5 year old son waited 3 days to meet you in Bahrain – you WERE his hero – not anymore.

    Think really why you lost. You will not always be a hero especially when you forget your supporters.

    I hope next time you are in Bahrain you will make it up to Sami.

  158. Hey Lewis.
    guess you here this alot but you´re really cute:)
    just wanted you to know that.
    would be fun if you answered.!
    sandra from sweden!

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