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  1. Hi I have a wish for my dad how is dieting from copd and other illness. My wish is for him to meet you to go to his home and just chat with him about f1 . He has always want to go to watch a race but to ill to go . My dad has always been there for me and been a father figure to my 2 children and one in a million to me . Both my boys would also love to make this wish come true. My dad live in new Romney Kent. If you can’t do this it would mean so much to all that loves him . He was rushed to hospital last night . And was also told that he has pneumonia and heart phalia and sever kidney disease . But with all his illnesses he never miss you pay a race . My name is sabrina. It really would mean so much. Thank you for your time x

  2. Lewis, we are travelling from the Northwest to watch you in the Belgium race with my 9 year old son in two weeks. It’s his first race and I wondered if there was anyway he could get to meet you or receive a signed picture? It’s worth an ask! All the best for your race. Love hopeful Mum Sarah

  3. Hi Mr Hamilton, iv been trying to get your attention now for over year whether is on instagram or twitter or else. ? I am getting married to childhood love in 14 days after being together for 15 years!? I know right! We’ve met in Germany where he was based and I lived. After his Iraq tour his regiment moved back to the Uk thats when he asked me to move to the Uk with him!? Here we are 15 years, a handsome 10 year old boy and a super cute dog later. You might think, what has that got to do with me? Well, my future husband (husband ?) Johnny is a mega fan of yours! Iv been thinking and thinking of what i could give him as a wedding present thats special and that he’ll never forget?! Dont panic, as much as we would love you to be at our wedding, unfortunately we dont have any seats left! ? I know you are a very busy man so i wont ask you to be our special guest at the wedding. However, i was wondering if you could send some sort of message addressed to Johnny that i can show or give him on the day? ? Nothing could beat that gift!!! Plus, I’d be the super wife of the year! ? I’v still got hope that you might respond, we’ve got a couple of days left but time is ticking. ? No pressure or anything! ? Anyhow, i’m rambling on, i really really hope to get some sort of responds from you.
    Thank you and kind regards, soon to be Mrs Gregg ?

  4. Hello Lewis
    Hope your feeling a lot better this Sunday at Hungary…..we will be watching at home….
    Love and best wishes Stephen & Patee x

  5. In the future, you are beating Michael Schumacher’s records to get 8 title championships.

  6. Thank you for all the positive energy that you send out. Your encouragement goes farther on a day to day than you know.

    As a child I had certain goals; serve my country in the military, serve my community as a police officer and have a career in racing, now as an adult I have accomplished 2 out of the 3. Moving on to my next goal…It seems like quite a huge goal but I will not let age, funds, time or distance keep me from my dream of becoming a Formula 1 driver and competing with the best of the best. I have watched your story and you have proven to so many across the world that if you believe, it can be achieved! Steve Harvey says “If you up your ask, God has to up his give.” and I am believing that in asking God for a career in racing. (You have not because you ask not. James 4:2-3). I am putting it out there and I am upping my ask… one day Mr. Lewis, I will be in Formula 1 competing for a Championship against you. Your favorite movie is Cool Runnings, mine is Rocky. You are Apollo Creed, the champion to beat. In the end remember they become close friends through the competition because of the respect for each other. Keep pushing for that 8th championship, it will take a year longer because I will be there defending my first championship. It will be the greatest season ever seen! The only reason I feel this is possible is because of the positive energy you constantly send out and because of your journey to racing. Anything is possible!!!

    Thank you for all the great racing! Best of luck at Paul Ricard Sunday!! Have a safe and successful race!

    See you on track soon!
    George Riordan Jr.

  7. Dear mr Hamilton,
    I think you should open up a go karting academy for children that don’t have the funding. There are a lot of young Children coming from all kind of backgrounds that are less fortunate too do racing as there family’s just don’t have the money too you could open this academy and charge the kids a small fee affordable for these youngsters and I personally think this academy should start of in Stevenage. Please consider this it would be a awesome advantage for both yourself and the less fortunate and could be the next best formula one ?? driver like yourself big love char xxx

  8. Hello Mr. Hamilton,

    Firstly, I think it is amazing how you use your massive platform to speak up for the voiceless and most vulnerable beings in society- the animals. And I want to take this opportunity to thank you.

    I have just finished university with a degree in nutrition and hope to spread the positive vegan message through education, I also take part in peaceful outreaches and more recently taken a direct approach to going into standard practices farms to expose the reality of these industries in the UK. With these factory farming facilities getting bigger it’s upsetting to think of the unnecessary life time of suffering these sentient beings endure. I think now more than ever do we need to be their voice and I admire you for using your platform to do this.

    Whilst abroad in the Netherlands I joined a group called ‘Meat the victims’ we go into factory farms and live stream the truth whilst asking for the media to come in, ‘if they have nothing to hide, let the media inside’ however as we both know these industries have ALOT to hide. We documented horrific LEGAL abuse and suffering, which the public are unaware of as words such as humane, happy egg, laughing cow used in promoting animal products suggests these animals live a life free from pain and suffering. This action was very relevant for us living in the UK as the Netherlands are mass producers of pork and i have recently been into a UK factory farming facility with pigs and there wasn’t a great difference, farrowing crates are still used and practices were the same (taking out teeth, clipping of the tail etc). The farmers in the Netherlands were physically abusive, aggressive and vandalised many cars causing thousands of pounds worth of damage. This has gained mass media attention and the animals are being listened to. These industries need to be more transparent as people are so disconnected and unaware of what they are supporting.

    This mass media coverage we gained for the animals would not have been possible without brave activists risking their freedom. Please if you can help in anyway at all towards the cover of the vandalism of these brave activists cars whilst standing up to these cruel industries and being a voice for the voiceless then I know it would be massively appreciated. But if not and you manage to read this message then I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do for the animals. Best wishes.

    Kind regards,


  9. Hi Lewis
    We are huge f1 fans and we watch every Sunday (if we aren’t able to get the the races in person) anyway we are getting married on the 30th of June and I would love to be able to gift my husband something special from the f1 as a surprise during the speeches 🙂 we have all the tracks made up as our table centrepieces and they are fabulous 🙂 also I am saving up to buy tickets for silverstone as it’s the one race we have not been to as of yet and we have followed f1 all over the world in the last 6 years of our relationships through 3 children and illnesses it really does mean the world to us!! Please if you could find the time to send something special to my amazing husband to be (I know you must get thousands of requests a day for this!!) but anything you can do would be incredible and I would be forever grateful!!! Good luck for the rest of the season we will be watching and cheering you on!!
    Ayesha Howarth (soon to be Ross) xxx

  10. Dear Lewis

    What an amazing thing you and your team done for Harry Shaw and his family. It is total devastating news for this Family however you actions have given a brightness of a light that is yet to be extinguished. It shows this world that there are caring creatures out there and recognise the need for others. Please people understand that help can’t be given to everyone, however great recognition should be given for those who are helped. This action you did what with your busy schedule, is such warmth, heartbreaking and so inspiring from yourself, the team, Harry’s Family and Big Harry himself! I wish you all the best, but my heart goes out to Harry and his family!

  11. Dear Lewis
    Just a note to say well done on the Barcelona race .my 2 boys think you and your bulldog are the best x both boys have autism. But formula one is a light in their life x keep up the great racing xx

  12. Dear Lewis,
    We are a family of 3 We have a beautiful 6years old boy who is a huge fan of yours.He got one of your cap which he adores and wears all the time.Last year we went to Silverstone Classic which he loved so much He want to be a racecar driver since he learnt to speak which was about 1.5 ? he waching F1almost every Sunday We know you will be back at Silverstone soon but unfortunately we can not afford to buy a ticket for that event this year so we cant get autograph there but our son would be so happy and over the moon if you’d send him a signed picture of you.He would take that picture to school with him and tell everyone how much he loves you and tou are the inspiration for him to be the biggest F1driver of the World He starts gokarting soon he as determined ?
    Thank you very much
    (I would attache a picture of our son in the hat if i could for you to see how adorable he is:)

  13. As a huge fan I would love to be able to surprise my partner on our wedding day on the 5th of June 2019 with best wishes from Lewis. We got engaged at Silverstone a few years ago and have finally got round to the Wedding!! We saw Lewis win last year and hope to be there this year also. Hope someone can help with this. Fingers crossed

  14. Hi Lewis, a masive well done for this year. I’m not sure if you will get to read this but nothing tried nothing gained. I’m about to leave the military after 24 years and have been fortunate to have met my fiance and her 10 year old son, who will become my stepson and loves to sit down and watch F1 with me. He loves gokarting and I have now started to get him lessons. Would it be possible for a signed photo or something like that for his wall. Many thanks


  15. Thank you so very much for supporting animal welfare – not only are you a magnificent World Champion but you are also a magnificent Champion for all the animals used by the food industry who endure horrendous lives full of suffering. Thank you again for speaking up for them. I long for the day when everybody is vegan or at least vegetarian and it will come, eventually.

  16. Lewis Hamilton you are a true legend to the sport you’ve managed your tyres brilliantly this year, well done. The best of luck for next year really enjoy watching you race maybe I will get to watch you at silverstone next year, hope you get to read this

  17. Mercedes tribute to ‘exceptional’ Lewis Hamilton after F1 constructors’ title win

    The Mercedes team principal, Toto Wolff, has said that without Lewis Hamilton they would not have enjoyed the remarkable success that culminated in a record-equalling fifth constructors’ championship at the Brazilian Grand Prix. Hamilton’s win at Interlagos, having already secured his fifth drivers’ title, ensured Mercedes continued its complete dominance as a manufacturer, unbeaten since the turbo-hybrid era began in 2014.


    Mr Lewis Hamilton, you are an amazing all round man. Faultless. My daughter and i keep an eye on you especially at the Mexican cat Sanctuary.

    I visit the Caribbean/Jamaica 4 times a yr and they love you there. Amazing, you have broken through a barrier for black people in sports, public eye and in there general lives.

    You need to take some credit for your BIG achievements and you have become a man and like what you said on Sunday you took a stepped back and decided to check your self and become better not only in your job but as son, friend, so on. You have done that. Not that you had to make much changes. lol

    Michael Schumacher was my all round driver, he got involved in all aspects of the F1. He made sure he got technical, i didn’t think there would be anyone in my life time who could be held in that astem but here you are. Superman. A bit like MJ, not so sure that can be achieved by anyone though.?

    Go Bless


  19. Hi Lewis my name is Jake I would like to see you I am a massive fan of you and good luck for you at Mexico you can do it the fifth time world championship be carful into turn 1

  20. Hi Lewis just wanted to let u know I think ur amazing I would love to meet u, I think u are and will be for many years the best, all ur hard work shows why u deserve it and why u are the best, keep up the good work

  21. Dear sir Lewis Hamilton

    I have just got married to the most amazing woman in the world, Her name is Abby how works as a canser nurse helping people but she has been very very ill, so we have not been able to go on Honeymoon and how is one of your biggest fan in the world, so it would make me so very happy to make her happy to try and meet you.
    Your biggest fan too
    Chris king

  22. Hi, My husband is a avid grand prix and Lewis Hamilton fan. I t is 60th birthday on November 09th 2018 and it would absolutely make his day if a card arrived from Lewis. I’m having a Lewis Hamilton Mercedes themed cake made for him and I would love to be able to present a card with it. His name is Martin Smith and our address is 29 Birkdale, Bracknell Berks RG12 8ZP. I realise you must get thousands of these requests so understand if nothing forthcoming. Here’s hoping and thank you. Alison Smith x

  23. Hi lewis, I’ve had a private twitter message saying they are you. They’ve sent me pictures and an email address for me to send my details. I would like to know if this is you or a conman trying to get me to disclose my details.
    I’m a massive fan of yours, me and my son watch every practice, qualifying and race.

  24. Good day, 

    I know ypu probably get a lot of this but if you don’t ask you eill never know.

    A dear friend of mine, who is terminally ill with camcer and was given 4 months to live and has somehow gone past those 4 months and is still alive at the moment but these things can change in an instant. He is a big Lewis Hamilton fan and I am desperately trying to get hold of a signed copy of one of the race programmes of signed memorabilia for him before he passes away. We don’t know how long he has left as he has passed his date of r months. 

    I am pretty much begging you to be able to get hold of something somehow. Or even meet him would be a highlight for him to take to the grave eith him.

    Please,  please , please can you help in anyway, shape or form. 

    My contact number is 07528291993. My name is John Menhennett. I can provide you with proof of hos terminal cancer if you wish.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon. 


    John Menhennett 

  25. Hi Lewis, You are my inspiration and you are the best! You have taught me that it’s okay to be different and that nothing is impossible. Great job in Singapore. Always believe in yourself. I am just an 11 year old girl who dreams to be an F1 driver someday. I would never imagine my life without you. Keep up the AMAZING work. “We all have a light inside of us. And that light is greatness. The future is ours.” -Lewis Hamilton #Still We Rise

  26. SALUT LEWIS je suis PATRICK DE LA GUADELOUPE nous plusieurs au pays à suivre dimanche après dimanche tes exploits , nous te félicitons , pour moi c’est une grande fierté d’avoir un caribéen au zénith de cette discipline.
    IL Y A un ami dont le prénom est le même que le tien LEWIS est un supporter fervent .
    Mon fils ainé PILIPPE a fait le déplacement pour te voir et te rencontrer AU CASTELLET , logé à TOULON , pas de navette le dimanche , impossible de venir sur le circuit alors qu’il avait réservé sa place en tribune.
    Par ailleurs j’ai un grand AMI frère , qui fut un grand champion de sport auto au pays , VERSANT RALLYES et courses de côtes sur Peugeot 309 gti qui vit actuellement dans la plus grande île de la caraîbe CUBA, ton fan number one , qui suit tes exploits, te félicites , je lui envoie des messages et nous correspondons ainsi , minute par minute est informé de la progression de la COURSE.
    Pour terminer , nous continuerons à suivre la fin de saison en souhaitant le meilleur le cinquième titre. UNE grande pensée pour ton père, je sais que tu es un croyant QUE DIEU te protèges .
    MERCI pour tout ce que tu fait pour notre peuple, comme on le dirait en kkréyol ; kenbé raid , big fôs , en français , tiens bon , force , MAX, LEWIS , PHILIPPE, SONY et
    INFO : chaîne sur you tube :

  27. Hi Lewis, (If you ever get to view this),
    Keep up the good work that you are doing. Singapore looked easy but I know with the heat and humidity it was anything but. The problem that I have is that you have to keep on winning. If Vettel wins it is a disaster that lasts for days. My 9 year old son Jadon who suffers with Kabuki Syndrome scrunches his hands up together, goes cross eyed and screams before blaming it on your opponents for winning. If you win however he will view it over and over again on his iPad until the next Grand Prix.
    Do you need any more incentive to win. Remember positive mental attitude and I cannot only see you being 5th time world champion, but also passing Michael Schumacher to become 8 times world champion.
    Keep up the good work Lewis.
    Kind Regards
    Jerry Teague

  28. Hi Lewis
    My name is Lee and I’m writing to ask of the possibility of getting you to meet my dad at the 2019 British grand prix. I can understand you have an extremely high volume of people that ask this but the older I get the more I appreciate all my father has done for me and I’m sure you can relate to this in many ways. His dream was always to meet you and get his 44 t shirt signed by you. We are not a well off family and my father puts us all first and I would now like the chance to give something back to this special man. Please could you contact me on best of luck

  29. Hi Lewis I would love the chance to meet You. I am a massive fan and one day I would love to be involved with f1. I am 9 years old and last November I sent a letter for you to the Mercedes garage in brackley.I know you were very busy and you may not have got my letter.I really hope you win the world championship this year

  30. Is there anyway to get a greeting message for a special occasion from lewis have left message on Hamilton team contact but had no response

  31. Hey Lewis!! My school is looking to get interviews with people we idolize and I would like to interview you. It’d be great if you could message me on Twitter @trimusx or my email Thank you!!!

  32. Curitiba/Setembro/2018.

    Oi Lewis
    Segue assim. Estou contando com você, por favor, não me decepcione. Prove que me ama e pague a próxima rodada.
    É isso 2000. Cx. Agência: 3342 op.023. Conta:1037-2.
    Espero pela entrega.

    Kelli F. Veiga

  33. hi, im a massive fan lewis but this may be a strange request, i sell petronas oil, 2 of my customers have official lights outside the business ive sold the dream to a customer and asked the petronas rep to forward the paperwork, they sent the wrong paperwork and officially we dont provide these outdoor lights anymore i cannot believe the headache this has caused ive tried all options within my own company and have been asked not to contact there reps anymore, they never mentioned you tho 🙂 can you pull any strings to have the official sign made with the garage details on it and shipped to them to make my life simple again 1 call or email from yourself i know would do the trick! ps great win this weekend

  34. Lewis, this is just to say thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been in hospital since Saturday morning and did not know how quali or the race had gone in Germany. Having just watched the race on catch up tv it has been the greatest pick me up and boost I could have had; so happy you won. Love you, from one of you greatest octogenarian fans.

  35. As I’m writing this email to you I’m already emotional.. I’m writing to you on my auntie who is possibly the Ultimate Lewis Hamilton fan.. she has suffered so much in her life. 14 years she had a brain aneurysm, few years later diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma 2 years ago with Parkinson’s and now recently the lymphoma is now back.. since all this she has shown us as a family how such a stronger women she is and doesn’t let things get her down..
    I don’t think in all the time she has been ill she has missed a single TV show race or anything that has anything to do with Lewis.. even in her home she has paper clippings of articles.. she stays up to watch qualifiers or watch races no matter what time day or night.
    I don’t know what I’m really asking for.. I suppose really the best thing ever would be for her to meet him and make all her dreams come true.. but even a letter or signed photo especially for her would be amazing..
    My auntie really is my world she’s a beautiful person and such a fighter and I’d love to see her smile again because she’s happy and not because she’s putting on a front because of what she has been going through.. if I can make her last month’s/ years bearable for her just by this it would truly mean the world to her. .
    I don’t wanna sound like I’m begging far from it and I’m sure there are so many people like me wanting to make their loved ones happy.. but I really would love you to even consider it and get back in touch. I just wanna make her smile again .. many thanks Danielle

  36. Hi Lewis,
    Fantastic win in Germany! Don’t let the German fans put you off! I’m one of your biggest fans and would really appreciate it if you could find some time to email me. My email is I really love it if I could meet you one day. I am only 13 and really look up to you. Finally, if we meet, I would really love it if you could sign something for me. Whether that be a bit of paper or a full race suit, I would be flattered that you have used your own time to think of me. As I say, I really want to be in contact with you so if you could please return the email using the one provided, I would really be very grateful.
    All the best,
    Your No.1 fan

  37. Well done Lewis what a race. You can win the trophy again. If you can make it I would like to invite you to my wedding. 9 August 2018. You know my cousin Mathew Hammond. He does security for you sometimes. It would be amazing if you could be there.

  38. It would of been good to have seen you thank bottas for keep position as team orders

  39. Hi Lewis i.m one of your biggest fans and at 57 . Old fan aswell .. I. Ve got check of the devil aswell. So here’s my ask if you have a watch that you don’t want need or would like to give away to me .prob no need to say this but it’s been a shit year so far with 3 operations and still having completcations now looking for last op end of July 2018. GOOD LUCK FOR SILVERSTONE …NOTHING BUT BRILLIANT AS ITS GOUNG TO BE 6TH WIN MARK MY WORDS . YOUR THE GREATEST DRIVER EVER INCLUDING SENNA .. DONT EXPECT A REPLY BUT IT WOULD BE NICE . I XSN ONLY DREAM ALLAN G BUTLER ..

  40. Hey Lewis, Well done in Spain. Keep it up. Lets have a fifth World Championship this year. You are the best driver out there, bar none, and I think you have the best car. Hope to see you and Valteri 1st and 2nd many more times.

  41. Lewis, there is no need for you to feel that you did not deserve to win in Baku – apart from that one lock up, I think you didn’t make any errors while everyone else made errors (one might say that even Valtteri should have avoided the debris on track that was visible on a long distance camera). Hence, I for one believe that you very much deserved to win (if Sebastian Vettel had not done that hara-kiri late braking manoeuvre, you would have overtaken him on the track!)… SO, heartiest congratulations and hope this win now releases the true, real Lewis for the rest of the season…

  42. Oi Lewis,
    O acaso pode dar origem a grandes descobertas. O olhar confiante mesmo diante das adversidades. O principal é fazer o carro andar. Para tanto, não basta conhecer a direção é necessário ter um bom equipamento. Sorria!
    Kelli. (17/04/2018) – Brasil

  43. Oi Lewis
    O acaso pode dar origem a grandes descobertas, o olhar confiante mesmo diante das adversidades. O principal motivo é fazer o carro andar, para tanto, não basta conhecer a direção. É necessário ter um bom equipamento. Sorria!
    Kelli. (17/04/2018) – Brasil

  44. Lewis,

    It’s Americo here from Angola. I’m your fan since you move to Mercedes, due to hard work that I see you are taking to achieve your goals and hope that you continue as you inspire many…

    Also, talk to your mechanics to improve the Pit Stop as it is slightly affecting your races, as in the end the clock don’t stop and play it’s role as well.

  45. Oi Lewis

    Não posso ficar indiferente aos últimos acontecimentos. O acaso pode dar origem a grandes descobertas, o olhar confiante mesmo diante das adversidades. O principal é fazer o carro andar, para tanto, não basta conhecer a direção, é necessário ter um bom equipamento. Sorria!


  46. Lewis, I just wanted to say that I don’t rate you just because you are the fastest drive on the track and the most determined drive i have see, but because of how well you pick yourself up form challenges and defeat, you really are an inspiration, I hope you love every minute on track as I do watching and look forward to some good battles and challenges from the other great divers on th grid #blessed #44
    PS. When you realising your album

  47. Hi lewis , Guilherme here , i’m a huge fan , you re like my ídol, I am a cook but always had this passion for cars and Driving .the first Month after I passed in my drivers license i had an accident, i didnt got hurt bad but it affected the way i drive . i am20 year old from Portugal
    I’m reaching out for you to ask a favor , I am now starting to Build my house and i am not a person with that much Money all i want is like 2 of your used tyres i know then are expensive and i dont know what you use them for after the race but i wanted them to Make some cool stools to put in my livingroom since im a huge fan i would love to decorate it with all types of f1 stuff
    I dont even know if you are reading this but i guess its worth the shot
    Thanks anyways
    Much luck (eventhough you dont need ahhaha) for the next season

  48. Hi Lewis. just watched the Abu Dhabi GP. My husband never misses the Grand Prix and is such a fan of yours. We went to Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last year , as a birthday treat for my husband now 76 from my son who worked there. We were excited to hear from Abu Dhabi that there was a good chance of meeting you there. Unfortunately this did not happen and wonder where we might go to say hello to you. Mrs Maureen Rossiter

  49. Comgratulations Lewis on your hard fought 4th World Championship

    I have been a big fan of yours since you burst on to the scene and but for an engine failure in USA last year it could have been WC No# 5 after leading in Malaysia when your engine blew in 2016, a race you had won up to that point, based on Courage, Skill and fighting spirit you should have won but that’s sport

    I am looking to raise funds for a good friend of mine and UK Soul Singer Kenny Thomas who’s 5 year old daughter Christina has an inoperable brain tumour, read her story here

    If any of your fans reading this please read her story above and anything you can afford to donate would be gratefully received

    Lewis, If you ever need a mansion in Spain please contact me directly and sale proceeds will go towards Christina’s funds

  50. Dear Mr. Lewis Hamilton,

    You’re amazing! My big bro’s a big fan, he’s pretty much a car enthusiast himself. He loved them ever since I can remember and I have seen no one more passionate about cars than he is. He loves driving, racing, and fixing them (and anything else that he can get his hands on.)

    Heck we were all so proud when he won that contest by Michelin for the race in Malaysia.
    I know cars are his passion and it’s what he should be doing. Responsibilities for the family business are holding him down right now but I know he will get to live out his dream and work with cars.

    If there are any words of encouragement you can offer him and push him to keep going after his dreams that would be amazing. I understand you’re busy and you might never read this, but thank you so much for being one of the people that inspires my brother.

    Dani Raz

  51. OI Lewis!

    Veloz e corajoso no GP do Brasil.
    A temporada 2017 vai encerrar… Tetracampeão venha me buscar pra festa!


  52. Oi Lewis!

    Veloz e corajoso no GP do Brasil.
    A temporada 2017 vai encerrar… Tetra campeão venha me buscar pra festa!


  53. Oi Lewis!

    Veloz e corajoso no GP do Brasil.
    A temporada 2017 vai encerrar… Tetra Campeão venha buscar pra festa!
    Boa Semana


  54. Congratulations on yet another massive year!

    I myself am having a massive year! I’ll be 50 this coming Sunday (26th Nov) and would love a birthday tweet from yourself. my twitter handle is @Roll_VT

    It would mean the world to me as I’m a massive fan of yourself and of all things Motorsport…but mainly you. I wish i could drive with the skill and confidence you have! lol!

    Gutted i missed the deadline to enter the Abu Dhabi meet and greet competition…but there’s always the next time.

    Congratulations again

    Irish Gav

  55. Oi Lewis!

    Você foi… Veloz e corajoso. Se cuide!
    Se esta tentando aprender a falar português…continue.


  56. Dear lewis

    I imagine you get all sorts of requests from supporters and fans.

    This situation is some what extremely heart breaking for me as an aunt hence the reason I write this email.

    My nephew Isah is a huge fan and supporter.

    You are such an ins piration for Isah, spuring him into wanting a career in racing.

    Unfortunately on the 4th November Isah was involved in a life changing incident at a firework display. A faulty firework exploded in Isahs hand causing him significant injuries.

    As a result of this accident Isah has lost his right hand index finger, the tips of his fingers and his thumb was remarkably salvaged by some amazing surgeons who worked from 2am until 10am in the morning.

    We were advised that had Isah been of age the option would of simply been to amputate his hand.

    Isah’s hand will never be the same and as a family we have a long emotional journey ahead of us.

    I was hoping that you would take a moment of your time to send Isah your best wishes and more so words of encouragement to not give up.

    As I said previously I know that you may get requests on a daily basis but even a card in the post would mean a great deal to him and I would do any thing to lift his spirits.

    Yours faithfully


  57. Lewis congrats on your 4th world championship. My husband Keverne McShine are such a fan of yours we name our Yorky mic with corgi dog after you his name is “Hammy” short for Hamilton:

  58. Hi Lewis. Just to say I am so proud of you, proud to be British! Huge congratulations on wining your fourth world championship. I have followed you and been a fan since you came into Formula One. You are a truly great driver am deathly you deserve everything you are achieving! Much love and respect. Corinna Whiting

  59. Congratulations on your 4th world title!! Well deserved. Please let us know if you have any meet and greet type sessions at events in the UK. My 12 yr old little boy Is a huge fan and I’d love to be able to attend one of these with him.

  60. Hi Lewis
    I have been an f1 supporter for 45 years but only recently been able to afford going to the circuits. Plenty planned for next year. In all my years of support for f1 you are absolutely the biggest star in f1 and an inspiration to us all.

    Lots of love and stay safe
    Jenny Lee xxx

  61. lewis i can’t believe your the 4th world champion your so talented i was a go karter i started in WTP then i went to IAME cadets and now i have Junior IAME X30

  62. Hi Lewis congrats so far in being the best driver, with your driving skill and got to get it attitude. However I have a request one you have had from millions around the world. What I’m gonna ask you for will mean the world to me and my beloved son. I’ve been following you since your first championship win. My son sits with me every race listening to me screaming at the tv in support of you. His smile wins everyone over a bit like your driving. My son has cerabal palsy, how ever is not as fortunate as your brother. My son can not walk or talk or even eat. He communicates with his smile. We are a mixed heritage family I his mum is Indian and his dad is Jamaican. I and Dhillon’s Dad were together for 23 years but due to unfortunate circumstances me and his dad parted ways and I have been looking after Dhillon ever since along with Dhillon’s younger sister Mya. I gave up my career in fashion and am now a broke stay at home Mum.

    I am also a huge fan of yours I have a framed picture of you which I would love it sighned by you and a black and a white Mercedes hat which I would also like signed. I have multiple sclerosis and find it difficult to manage my son as he is so big now at the age of 10. We was told that Dhillon would not make it past the age of 5. So I am blessed to still have him here today. We are in and out of hospital regularly.

    Ok let me get to the point I want Dhillon to be photographed in your car with you beside him. I will treasure for life.

    As it is Dhillon’s 10th birthday on the 27 of November this year I would love it to happen in Abu Dabi because you would have clinched the championship no doubt as well a double celebration.

    If my son was in good health I would have paid whatever it cost to see you as was paid very well.

    Would you consider us to see you and get the photo? Lewis you are in a league of your own. I’d just like my son to meet the greatest driver of his time. Please please please Lewis we will be forever grateful to you.

  63. Lewis please stand still during the playing of the national anthem. You must be so excited but keeping still and not wearing your hat is a sign of respect. You are terrific and you are respected.

  64. I think Lewis Hamilton is very special. He used to give God the glory and I pray he will continue to give God the glory

  65. Lewis Hamilton is very special andhe used to give God the glory. I would like him to know that I am praying he will continue to give God the glory

  66. Hi Lewis been a fan of yours for many years I know this is not your problem but my dad had chronic leukaemia but now it has developed into acute leukaemia and we’ve just been told that he will only have a few month left my dad is my world am a self employed builder joiner by trade got three Beautiful kids I I need my dad to see them grow up am 31 years old just a normal guy I ride Motocross for a hobby love anything engine I know you probably get this shot all the time but if you could help me it would truly mean the world to me , have you heard the THC kills cancer cells , well it’s true seriously the world is corrupt , there is a clinic in Colorado that gives patience hemp oil and the success rates are really good it’s £9000 for a 90 day corse we’re from England I wanted to know if you could help me out on this matter in exchange I could do work on your property’s or what ever it may be to pay you back , I just need help my head is up my arse am fuking sick many thanks and I look forward to your reply Red x

  67. My name is Dean Campbell i turn fifty five on October twenty six I have supported and believed in Lewis Hamilton since the first time I saw him drive so much August the twenty first I bought my first Mercedes I live in Dayton Tennessee I’m single never been to an F1 race but watch every one just to see Hamilton win I am disabled and can’t afford to stay in Austin for the weekend but I can drive there and back it would be a dream come true to get Lewis Hamilton to sign the glove box in my car

  68. Hello Lewis. We are an English family and have been huge fans of yours since you started in F1. We have read that you may “take the knee” during the national anthem in Austin. Please do not do this. Political statements have no place in sport and I fear you may lose a lot of wonderful fans. It seems to be a problem in America between black activists and law enforcement officers but your joining in the protest will do no good and may do a lot of harm. We don’t see motor racing drivers as black or white but supremely talented athletes. We feel you would be much more dignified to behave as you usually do in front of your very adoring fans of every race and colour. Thank you for listening. Now go and get that World Championship!

  69. My mum and dad are your biggest fan! They’ve travelled to Malaysia to watch your race! Please meet them or give them a shout out! My dads been unwell and has even fainted just trying to get to Kuala Lumpur! It would like be there dream to me you! Their names are Donna and Stephen James! They have done so much for me over the last year and this would be the best way to thank them! We’d all really appreciate it!

  70. Dear Lewis Hamilton , I wonder if u could send me 2 tickets for your race in Monaco nx year ,, they would b for my daughter an her hubby ,,, they won a competition answer lucky enough to meet u in Munich a few years ago there names r Natalie an mark Amos ,,,, they just 2 lovely people with average jobs an not much spare money ,, I could pay u back over the course of the year so I’m not asking for charity an they r not I’ll or dying …. My name is Maggie Coe I’m Natalie’s mum my e.mail is my num is 07852650925 an we live in south water Horsham ,,, I hope this finds its way to u ,,,, they both r yr fans an never miss a race with u in it ,,,, if u read this then thanks for yr time ,,,,, yours faithfull maggie

  71. I’ve been one of your biggest fans in the US but you don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to these NFL players kneeling down visitor Military Hospital even the UK Military Hospital see the veterans their with there arms and legs blown off. It’s a slap in the face to them and anyone in the military who’s defended their country as I said I’ve been one of your biggest fans I quit watching all other forms of racing except for F1 I’ve lived and breathe number 44 the TV ratings for NFL automatically falling and the cable companies offering refunds for anyone who bought the NFL package the same can easily happen to F1 in America I’ll still watch the races in route for you to win but you lost a lot of respect from me and a lot of other Americans with your comment

  72. Hi Lewis, all the best for the 2017 championship and hope you get your fourth title!! Support is right behind you!!

  73. Hi Lewis,me and my dad our massive fans, we never miss a race, we always watch them together, my dad is really poorly right now, he having loads off test done, and it’s very horrible to see him going throw such a difficult time, he has always done so much for all his family and we really would like your help in saying thank you to him, with anything signed from you his hero, if this is one off the last things I get to do for him then it is worth asking for, thank you for always putting a smile on his face, and being the man you are your amazing just like my amazing dad xxxxxx

  74. Hi Lewis, This weekend my 76 old year nearly 77, next month Mother will be routing for you, a lady who has been a fan of yours from the start, constantly updating me on your progress.

    I tell you this as she will rise early and go to bed late just to watch you do your best and she lives only down the road from you near Stevenage and I in Spain.

    The very best in

    Man hug from me and a peck on the cheek from my Mum.

  75. Hi Lewis. I need your help please? I’m organising a charity raffle to raise funds for Women-v-Cancer in memory of my late friend Leanne Graver who was a massive fan of yours. Would you be able to donate a signed item in her memory for the raffle please? Any donation would be massively appreciated.

  76. Hello lewis, I know you will never read this and mail but in the meantime I’ll let you know what I know … I’m an Italian girl, I’m trying to find out some topics related to astrology, hand reading, but due to time to devote to work I can not apply myself as I would like .. they will certainly have told you everything or you will be informed I do not know or maybe not but I have little insights or feelings about your personality ..
    To be able to see your career in formula one I should study the lines of the hand well, I can surely miss it, but anyway the feelings that came to me are these: you are a very ambitious person and a bit difficult to understand in the sense that you can not To read good from your eyes I do not see transparency but a river of emotions you’re sure in appearance you still need to support in general your look and penetrating I know you have the ascending scorpion and looking at your natal theme you could also have many Feelings and loud intuitions, do not please anyway, and I apologize if I can, but I also see that from a sexual point of view you are very passionate sensual and I think you know how to do a lot but I do not know if you are … that’s good General I do not know if you have any other links I should still study apologize but I just wanted to describe these little signs that I came to

  77. Well done today Lewis. Inspiring to see such integrity, team spirit, and sportsmanship. Someday, when your biography is written, today’s sacrifice will be one of your defining moments!
    Best wishes in the run for the title.

  78. Excellent result yesterday at the British GP…… many congratulations Lewis… you are amazing xx

  79. Hi Lewis, Really looking forward to seeing you race at Monaco. It was my first ever F1 last year and I decided it had to be Monaco when asked where I would like to go. Sadly the weather was awful but it didn’t dampen our spirits. Proof enough, as we are returning this year. We are there on the Friday to the Sunday and are taking the track/pit walk on the Friday and hope to see you for a photo/autograph. As my partner is unable to come with us this year, due to work commitments, I wouldn’t live it down,… Read more »

  80. I’m disappointed at the result of vettel when he drove in to you on purpose. I still think he should have been banned if he would of done it in England it would be classed as road rage he has got away with it again. I have the upmost respect for you Lewis how calm you were good luck for the British grand prix I will be watching you as usual all the best lindsey Williams from Stoke on trent

  81. Lewis (sir) Hamilton, im a 17 year old boy from India and I love you very much, I’m your biggest fan, I just wanted to see you once in my lifetime, I have sketched images of you which I wanted to show you, I have also taken part in the lucky draw from the official app in which your helmet replica will be given, I wanted that helmet desperately and I want to atleast chat with you please I beg you.

  82. Hi i would love to meet lewis as iv been a huge fan since he started racing in f1 same as my dad who sadly passed away last may and always wanted to meet the legend who is lewis hamilton and im hoping to complete that dream he is the only racer i know who is doen to earth and himself


  84. Vettel blatantly hit you in the back &. Side . He should have at least had five place penalty .
    He claims he did nothing wrong . What a p****k .

  85. Hi Mr. Hamilton I am nine years old and I live in America I am a huge fan of yours me and my dad watch all your races. one day I hope my family has enough money for me to some day do kart racing and hopefully be as good a racer as you are. My dad said next year he is going to try to take us to the race in Texas. I’m going to wear my Lewis Hamilton shirt so you can see me and I’ll bring a pen in case I get to meet you so you can sign it! I hope I see you at the race! I hope you win the rest of the races in the season.

    From : Gavin p.s I love watching you throw your trophies in the air when you get themHi Mr. Hamilton I am nine years old and I live in America I am a huge fan of yours me and my dad watch all your races. one day I hope my family has enough money for me to some day do kart racing and hopefully be as good a racer as you are. My dad said next year he is going to try to take us to the race in Texas. I’m going to wear my Lewis Hamilton shirt so you can see me and I’ll bring a pen in case I get to meet you so you can sign it! I hope I see you at the race! I hope you win the rest of the races in the season.

    From : Gavin p.s I love watching you throw your trophies in the air when you get them

  86. Hi Lewis, so well done for today, pole position in Canada, if I could have given you a Ayrton Senna actual race helmet I would have, so wonderful to see the emotion and look on your face. I admit I cried, what a wonderful gift, enjoy it, and make it pride of place. I would do the same of your helmet. Good luck for tomorrow in the race.

  87. Hi Lewis. How do you manage it? On pole again, after mixed fortunes in practice. My son, Si, was a real F1 fan. He absolutely loved you and followed everything that you did. He died on the 20th March 2016 – the day of the first race of the season – his lack of interest in the race was how I knew that he was really ill and needed to go to hospital. I don’t know why I’m sending this, except I know that you are a good, God-fearing man. Really go for it tomorrow in his memory.

  88. Hi Lewis,

    Really looking forward to seeing you race at Monaco. It was my first ever F1 last year and I decided it had to be Monaco when asked where I would like to go. Sadly the weather was awful but it didn’t dampen our spirits. Proof enough, as we are returning this year. We are there on the Friday to the Sunday and are taking the track/pit walk on the Friday and hope to see you for a photo/autograph.

    As my partner is unable to come with us this year, due to work commitments, I wouldn’t live it down, if I don’t take him back some kind of special token.

    Excited is an understatement.

    All the very best.

    We will be cheering you on!!

  89. Hi Lewis, what a win today your the husband Andrew is very poorly with lung cancer but still had to watch you today. He’s now got a big smile on his face. Your his number one. He is my number one and am asking you for some contact to him, this will help him fight this horrible disease so he can go on being number one fan. Thank you. Sue England.

  90. Dear Lewis

    I feel rather strange sending this to you. I’m really not the ‘gugu gaga’ type fan.
    The last time I was celebrity struck was when I was about 10 years old and had my room walls plastered with posters of Jean Claude Van Damme.

    This all came back to me when I was gifted with one of your inscribed caps signed on 13 Nov 2015 at the Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace in Sao Paulo Brazil.
    I’ve watched a few of your interviews and more than your racing talent, there’s something about you that I connect with.

    Perhaps, it’s a sense of humbleness, perseverance, determination, a strong will or just a personal value. Perhaps I see myself in you!
    I’m really not one of your crazy fans. All I see in you is YOU, as a decent human being, with everything else stripped away.

    I’m not interested in your signed memorabilia, racing, or your 3 times world champion title. Yes, those are great, but more than that, all I’d like is to connect with is you as a person.
    It would be wonderful to simply sit across a table with you, have a coffee and a straight-forward conversation about life.

    All the best. xxx

    Roshni Morar
    Age: 30-something
    Johannesburg, South Africa
    +27 83 229 8489

  91. Lewis I have meet you before, but my 20 year old autsistic son, is your greatest fan. Plus we were so excited at meeting you, I took photos of him with you but not of myself. I have been bullied and insulted for following you, but nothing in the world would change the fact that I do.
    Even my son have been picked on for following you. He cries when you lose and knew before the commentators did in 2008 you’d won. He adores you. And because of that what was though impossible for him to achieve he has taken on your spirit of NEVER GIVING UP, and after racing karts, is learning to drive

  92. Lewis I have meet you before, but my 20 year old autsistic son, is your greatest fan. Plus we were so excited at meeting you, I took photos of him with you but not of myself. I have been bullied and insulted for following you, but nothing in the world would change the fact that I do.
    Even my son have been picked on for following you. He cries when you lose and knew before the commentators did in 2008 you’d won. He adores you. And because of that what was though impossible for him to achieve he has taken on your spirit of NEVER GIVING UP,

  93. I’ve been fan and team LH since 2013 and i from iraq and after hard time i got my russian visa for GP but i only need lewis signature there and meet him even for second so my only dream come true plz plz plz its my only chance

  94. Hey Lewis, I’m a 15 year old kid living in America, getting my license soon! and I need some advice. I have loved cars my entire life, and driving them even more. Here is the thing I have been toying around with the idea of making a career of racing, Formula One is my dream, it has always been… I have done some karting in the past, non competitive. This is because unfortunately neither me nor my family has the funds to get me into real kart racing. I’m currently studying all the racing material that I can get from books and the internet, I am also avidly watching past races or both Formula One and Formula 3, and super psyched for this season. I am prepared to dump ever bit of money I make into this “career”, as i know it is very expensive, but i am even more dedicated, and this is what I love. However, my motivation is dwindling due to funds and a Guru. So to sum it up I am basically looking for some advice, even if its just a few words, or some inspiration. That would be greatly appreciated. P.S. great preseason, hope you do well this year. sincerely, Luke.

  95. Oii lewis !!
    Gostaria muito de assistir uma corrida sua no autrodomo. Tenho acompanhado pela televisão. Sou uma pessoa simples de poucos recursos. . . Será que um dia vou estar pessolalmente diante de uma campeão… você!
    Quer me ajudar?

    Boa noite!

  96. Oii lewis!!

    Eu gostaria muito de assistir uma corrida sua no autrodomo, tenho acompanhado pela televisão. Sou uma pessoa simples, de poucos recursos… Será que um dia vou estar pessoalmente diante de um campeão.
    Quer me ajudar?
    Boa noite.

  97. Hi Lewis would it be possible for u to sign the inside of my ford escort mk1 rally car

  98. Hi,
    I am organising an event for a little boy that suffers from cerebral palsy in his legs. When we originally started fundraising it was just for a hydro pool to release some of the tension and ease a bit of his daily pain.

    Since then, he has been for an appointment at Alder Hey hospital and his parents have been told that he can have a operation that will loosen his muscles in his legs and ease a lot if not all of his pain. It’s called an SDR Operation but the NHS won’t fund it as in the past it has not always been successful, but has worked for many. The cost of the operation is £20,000.

    We are now all in overdrive to try and raise these funds for Leon and his family to give the 6 year old a better quality of life.

    The family were planning on going to Disneyland this year, as this is the only other thing he is interested in other than Warrington wolves rugby league! Unfortunately due to the large amount of money that needs to be found to pay for his operation this has been pushed to one side. Although I can imagine Leon is upset about this he has took it all in his stride and is excited about the possibility of an operation that could get rid of his pain.

    If you could help in any way please please get in contact either via this email address or my contact number is 07850248911.

    Thankyou for taking the time to read this

    Carl Jones

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