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jim brabin
Dear Lewis Hamilton, On the 2Oth October 2015 our autistic grandson Dane Gardner will be 21 years old, the reason i am writing this to you is because Dane never misses a F1 race no matter what time of day or night it is on the TV and he allways want’s you to win because your his favorite, so if you could please send him a signed photo or anything it would realy make his day. thank you Jim Brabin. (grandad). if you could send to my address 132 Lord street, Kearsley, Bolton, BL4 8AS, Greater Manchester England.
Hi Lewis really can’t wait for this season to start now,every 1 who goes on this site knows how good U R not just the fastest the best in the world an this year will show all the drivers on the grid jus how good U really R this is were U prove that U R gna b the next aryton senna iv followed U since ur carting days an always new U would b the worlds no 1 I’ve and the move of ur career an ur jus gna get better an better all the best mate lets do… Read more »