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Boa sorte neste ano!!

Farhan Maleq
Dear Lewis Hamilton, I’m a sixteen year old Muslim, Sabahan and Malaysian boy living and schooling in Pitas, Sabah, Malaysia. I like to watch F1 since I’m a kid, as all races are fantastic! Then, I can’t wait to have my go kart, because I want to be an F1 racer to represent my beautiful (but unheard and untold) state of Sabah and patriot country, Malaysia! Not only that, I’m also your craziest fan since I’ve witnessed your 50th ‘state’ win in the USA (since that USA have 50 states) on 24th October 2016, as I used to hate you… Read more »

Dear Lewis,

I am a ten year old Sri Lankan boy living and schooling in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. I watch all the F1 races and my all family great fan of yours. I cannot wait for F1 to come to Again Abu Dhabi You Know My dream I need to have picture with you. I hope I will Try to visit next year Pit lane work. “Lewis” Any way I will Wish you to have 2017 world championship.
God Bless you.


klaba audrey

bonjour lewis je suis une grande fan de vous et j aimerai recevoir un autogrphe merci d avance voici mes coordonees MELLE KLABA AUDREY 6 RUE CHARLES GOUNOD 62138 BILLY BERCLAU FRANCE

Adrian blake

Congrats Hammy I believe in you man. I also see you on an mv Agusto, seriously can i have it..I really would prefer yours but if not I am in fort Lauderdale, spread the love man and tell me which dealer I can go to to collect one. Just email me. Thx

Noor Cabir

Hello Mr Hamilton , im from Africa , Mozambique

Already championship 2015 😉 Cheers


I am a ten year old Zulu boy living and schooling in Johannesburg, South Africa. I watch all the F1 races and am a great fan of yours. I cannot wait for F1 to come to Cape Town. I am starting my go-karting soon.
Keep well


hi lewis, i have just watched the GP and it was a remarkable victory, i have one question: where could i get your autograph?

i would love to have your autograph…

Hi Lewis, I really hope this finds you personally if not I hope it is passed on for you to read. Firstly may I congratulate you on last season’s, i thank God for his good works in your life. However, i have request to make, my Name is Emmanuel Chinedu, i come from Nigeria West Africa, I have a talent in driving and i have a dream to become motor sports driver because i love motor sports and i have been watching you and motor sports since i was a kid, i have no one to help me to get… Read more »
With years ago i didn’t like him when Michael Schumaker was still alive on the races, i was his fan till i was young and i hoped that this new team Mercedes 100% will remotivate him at recome but it wasn’t so. Now when he is paralized i feel like a part of me is not interested about F1……..I will tell you that in those times i have never lost a race of M.S. and my fother loved him too, we are from roumania and i think that here are lots of fans of motorsports but this is our faith………The… Read more »
my name is eyarz and im 22, i have a son that’s 2 years old, but he’s not very well and his condition is terminal, i got inot my financial crisis when i was 18 and started getting things by finance from loans catalouges from things like little woods, and a few other cataolouges, and know i am in debt by £9000, i did intend on paying all the money i owed back my father use to help with my finances but I lost my father last year, but because of my son being ill and having lots of trips… Read more »
Mark Webb
Hi Lewis, I really hope this finds you personaly if not I hope it is passed on for you to read. Firstly may I congratulate you on last season’s championship win, there was never a doubt in my mind that you would secure the title and it was so good to see an English driver take the crown again, we the English supports are very proud of what you have achieved. I hope your preparations for this year’s season is going well ? I am confident you will retain the championship title this year as I am sure you are… Read more »
charlie carnegie
Hi Louis I am hoping to become a racing engineer and I am planning on going to Silverstone racing mechanic collage and after that I am not sure where to go. I am mad about cars and racing. In particular F1 I know a lot of people say this but you my favorite out of all the drivers. I have been watching F1 since I was 6 years old and I am now 16 and I have not given up on my dream so I was just wandering if you or any of you’re mechanics could give me some advice… Read more »

lewis you are dedicated to my heart and always make me smile:) from Joshua aged 11. I have been a big fan since the age of 3 thanks to my Grandad 🙂 One of my dreams have been to meat you because you are my biggest inspiration you have given me the confidence to do things that I didn’t realise I could do thank you so much.


All I have to say is to thank u indeed not only for your unbelievable race but also for ur 2nd world championship you draw a smile on your fans face we have been supporting u all over the season and always will be encouraging u thank u very much (we win and lose together)


Greetings to u hero! Just one thing I want to remember u be caution as much as u can from the spy (nico) and even the team don’t please push so hard upon ur car. Because our patients could not go as sand storm we have been behind u since the beginning, no doubt u deserve this 2nd title,and we deserve our hero become the champion. god bless u and avoid u from obstacles.


Greetings to u hero! Always did what we expected from u. My comment over and over again keep pushing hard as much as you can and be strict on relation with nico and the team because people don’t trust foxes to hold their hens. God bless you champion.


Hello, could someone please tell me how to ask for an autograph, signed by Lewis?

It wouldn’t even be for me, it would be for my girlfriends mum, 71 years old and not missing a single race on TV!
Even getting up in the middle of the night for a qualifying…

Do I need to send a return envelope, stamps, to whom?

Thank you for a reply!!!


First of all congratulations! Will done and nice race in Singapore this what we are expected from u my advise on the coming races. we know you are gentleman especially on comments of performance( the car is good, the team has will done job and etc..) however don’t be kind especially with your team mate nico and never trust the team till the last breath of this season keep pushing as hard as u can hero. Billions of fans behind u hope u read this


Greetings to you champion! Will done qualifying please do your best tomorrow. And don’t forget billions of fans behind you


Fantastico at Monza 2014,

Well Done. I knew you could do it.

Fab, exciting, loved it !!!!!!!

Onwards and upwards.

Love and Peace


Les Trickett

Mr Hamilton
I dont know if you read these or not.
I am a sixty year old engineer
love motor racing.
I can take one look at your brakes and tell you whether you have made the right choice.
on the subject if Nico hitting you
grow up lad you can drive a car DO IT and stop whining
Best regards
Les Trickett


So badly and worthlessly champion! just fuck him on track and fuck the team meetings and orders. And do what he did for you leave them after season because it become so boring you can’t overwhelm crew of spies and orders. We can not even swallow as a fans

Bokamoso Motlohi

Mr Lewis Hamilton, I’m a huge fan of you, and your work.
I have a real passion for cars and driving, and I was wondering if you cold give me any tips and pointers in the right direction in helping me with my dream of becoming a professional racer car driver?
I’m interested in most motor sports, besides drag racing.
Thanks 🙂

G. Thomas



Greetings to u hero! As u prove to your team ur excellence we know as fans the championship has one driver who deserve it this is you. However there is no guarantee what team will do against your car so please complete the season with them and leave Mercedes seek for other good team ( ferrari, redbud)


Hi Lewis,

As we all know you love your two bulldogs!, i wondered if you would take the time to have a look at our new website Barry’s bites, we are in the process of trying to send you some treats too



Hi lewis! Hope this message reaching u. We as ur fans see obviously what happening to u, no doubt it is by intervention of someone, you are our hero so please leave this unfaithful team. U are still young so no fear u will get 5 at least championships. Cool down hero


Hi lewis! Wish u from bottom of my heart win this year championship. So please be focus and no doubt u will defeat nico at Germany showing him unless bad luck at the beginning of this season he was nothing before.


Congratulation championship! no doubt you deserve it and no doubt you will take it wish u the best. Please request( talk to the team to be fair we in developing countries observe what they doing)


Hey Lewis ,,,
Hope u win this year
Hw can i contact on ur phone

jenny shepherd

Hi Lewis
Just another fan saying how brilliant you are. As for your relationship with Nicole – not so brilliant at the moment!! Sorry. Perhaps it’s time to marry the lady – you certainly don’t want to lose her I am sure – just do it. Jennyxx


i am very sad i have never ever got to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i would like to meet you in person i am a young fan of you i watch all your races and some tickets to the britain grand prix.

Clark Sinclair
Dear Lewis, I am a young scottish teenager who has been go karting around the globe for six years. First at the Dubai Autodrome where I won my first race, then after five years of being in the middle east, I moved to Germany where my dad and my I located a track near to us. Around the third or fourth time racing there, I was 60 seconds in front of the guy in second, and when I finished the race, the man in charge of the circuit told me that I was the second fastest person ever to go… Read more »

could lewis pls autograph to me im a big fan of him

Rene Zeiner
Hallo Lewis, sorry because I write in German, but my english is not so good. Das mit den schnell abbauenden Reifen geht mir einfach nicht aus dem Kopf. Seit Saisonbeginn beschäftigt mich das ständig. Von Anfang an gehen mir die Seitenkästen bei eurem Auto nicht mehr aus dem Sinn, deshalb musste ich jetzt einfach einmal diese email schreiben. Ich bin Formel 1 – Fan seit meiner Kindheit und fahre sehr viel im Rennsimulator bei mir zu Hause. Nebenbei ist auch Modellflug seit 20 Jahren ein Hobby von mir, durch das mir das mit den Seitenkästen erst auffiel. Bei den Seitenkästen… Read more »
Armin Prusac
Dear friends, all I have left after retirement from the Serbian airforce is a set of flight equipment with markings of units in which I flew. Due to the difficult economic situation the only way out of crisis is the sale of this collection or finding a job for the Mig-21 pilot. If you are interested in purchasing this kit, offers you a look at the face book page: air gadget (pilot flight equipment). All articles are my property. Please feel free to leave a comment or mail contact, or send SMS to 00381643440967. If you have a job for… Read more »
Ian Jolicoeur
Attaboy Lewis! Just watched you win the Canadian Grand Prix, you drove a fantastic race, and recovering from your 2nd pit stop, pushing the way you did…. Very admirable my friend, pat on the back to you, a very deserving win! I’ve been a fan of yours since you’ve joined the ranks of F1 in 2007, and watched you back in your GP2 days. I was at the 2010 race and was at the base of the podium when you won the race that year…. “LEWIS LEWIS LEWIS!” (I’m sure you can recall the events, as you were riding sky… Read more »
Francisco Regis

Dear Lewis. I am a racing driver (58 y.0ld) and I know that you are the best since Ayrton Senna. You drive so fantasticly as he done. Iam a Brazilian guy,and here in my country exists lots of fanatic fans that knows that you will be the 2012 F1’s Champion. GOD bless you and never forget Jesus loves you!

beth vanoorschot

Hey lewis , just wanted to tell that your mine and boyfriends (joe)faviourate driver :), he has watched you regilously since the start of your career. His birthday is coming up and i couldnt think of better present than a signed photo of you. How can i get one for him ?

sincerly bethany vanoorschot from uk south yorkshire


Hi Lewis,
every championship is a event where I am watching only with the hope that you will win it.
I want that you know that you have the FORCE, SPEED and the HEART.
So just DO IT…..CHAMPION 2012.

I admire you, because you are realy the best. DONT MAKE MISTAKES, BUT STAY ON MAXIMUM LIMIT.
There is nothing more important for you except to fascinate us with your extreme driving.

I hope you will read this and think about what you can you can achieve.


Please help Bahreini people and do not participate in Bahrain Formula 1

Bonjours Monsieur Lewis, vous êtes pour moi, le plus fort au volant d’une Formule 1 Même si ça ne se passe pas toujours comme vous le souhaiter,mai gardé confiance, je suis français dans le département de la Réunion ,je suis fan de vous et de votre équipe, mais avant tout de votre façon de piloter, je me permet de vous dire que je suis tes fier de vous et de votre, petite ressemblance avec le président des et as unis, sans manqué de respect a vos parent ,vous lui ressemblé, ça c’est mon avis perssonel tes longue carrière a vous… Read more »
Chloe Kate

Hey Lewis,
Every time F1 is on at stupid hours me, my mum and my little sis get up just to watch you we love you so much.
It would make my day if on the 11th of April you could send me a birthday tweet ” @XXckm95XX ”
That would just make my day especially on the day I turn 17.
thanks Lewis
Will be watching you on free practice 13th April and on the races on the 14th and 15th!!


Wish all of the best this 2012! WE BELIEVE in YOU..Don’t let haters bring you down and bad times upset you…remember you are a WDC CHAMPION! Keep it focuses on track and just be yourself! Fans of all over the world got you covered! COME ON! :-9 .-)

Hi Hamilton and your managers, congratulation for your completing 2011, and looking for 2012 at Maclaren team. Ups and down is part and parcel of everyone’s life including myself. You have been a wonderful sportman, your charisma, how you welcomed Jonson Batton at Macralen when he joined.You have done your part, now is the time to concentrate on your development as international driver. Today I have been very upset by Maclaren team playing double standard between you and Jensen. After reading that the team have given Jenson no.3 as official no at his car next year and they have given… Read more »

Hi Lewis!
Just wanted to tell ya: Well, even that other companies produce Energy drinks instead of cars, they still have the better drivers AND the better cars!

Solong looser 😉

Just kiddin, but I really think YOUR time is over. Just stop that driving, will you?

Prince A Laveau

Hey you all I thought i should return for the last time

Jenson is a far better ambassador than Lewis, it was a stroke of bad luck for Mr. Vettel at Abdu Dabi
and yes Jenson out qualified your favourite, Lewis…

All lewis wants is hype…going out with….star model……

Lewis you are a poor relation type of person

M Imran

Yo Lewis,

Congratulations on winning the Abu Dhabi Race, Brilliant drive.
You Know you’ve still got it… sorry to hear that you & Nicole have parted ways, I think you both made a nice pair however, don’t let it get you down & just keep smiling coz if she was truly the woman for you you’d still be together.

Good luck for the Brazilian Grand Prix, the 2012 season & the future.
Your the Man.

Ps. I hope you don’t mind my mentioning matters in your personal life.